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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at 7...snow emergencies declared in two northern kentucky counties. the latest on the winter storm as we look live in maysville.. and the changes you can snow emergencies declared into northern kentucky counties. the latest on the winter storm as we look live in mayfield and the changes you can expect in your weekend forecast. a cincinnati man is being detained, right now in north korea. what we are learning about his so-called hostile actions, and what ohio lawmakers are doing to bring him home.
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with a look at the snow that those in northern kentucky are seeing tonight. >> if you are north of the river, not so much snow that you are seeing out there. meteorologist, jennifer ketchmark leads our snow t onight. >> today it is all about where is the snow? steve raleigh called it the tale of two for forecast prettier seeing just that. but the breakdown we are -- where we are seeing snow at this hour. it's a decent pocket of snow happening right now just north of downtown, as we zoom in you see it heading up to westchester across sharonville, colerain township down to green township, 275 on the west side, this band has narrowly moved over the last hour we can easily see some of those light accumulations up to 1 inch by this point. it's on the light side toward loveland, milford, lebanon finally seeing some snow, lanchester always on that light
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cutting to the west of -- toward burlington as well. elsewhere, be be up to 2 inches of snow, because that's no band moderate snow showers south of hillsboro, widespread snow happening throughout highland county. taken a while to get over we still have widespread snow throughout adams, mason, county, not giving up there for a while. for inches of snow, hillsboro actually just updated to 2.3 inches, th but in general, the lowest amount of the system, as we expected, our cincinnati. amount, but it is to the south and west were we get into the two-5-inch range up to as high as 6 inches in the southwest. there is that literally one i 71 at this hour.
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snow east of town into the south. later on tonight, a lot of this is falling apart. big update of at the 7 o'clock hour, boone, campbell, galveston and carroll counties you have all been dropped from the winter storm warning you are now in a winter weather amounts of separate coming up we will tap into the rest of your weekend forecast. kentucky is under a state of emergency right now, and in a lot of northern kentucky communities you have to take your car off of the streets of the plows can actually get greendale, indiana you need to get your cars off the street as well. levels to snow -- level two mason county kentucky also upgraded to a level two snow emergency. >> snow is been coming down there since noon today.
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the conditions in maysville. >>reporter:as you know we have quite the crew here in maysville, it has been snowing since i've been here since 10:30 a.m. this morning. i want to show you something we have not seen since that time, the road. this is an example of how sick this snow is. i actually want to show you something else. people are throwing snowballs behind me here in the street. this isn't the kind of wet snow that you conform snowballs with but it was like they are having a good time enjoying the snow out here this evening. the judge executive here in mason county has declared a level two snow emergency. if you do not have to be on the roads, don't. city, county and state brokers have been working hard to clear the snow off the streets. it is challenging, because the snow keeps falling and that is when they start the process all over again. >> we do not plan to go home until we are cleaned up and done. if that is monday, tuesday,
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been watching 9 on your side all afternoon. they have been cheering after every single one of my live shots. they are having a good snow day, we are having a lot of fun out here as well. it is important to let you know that snow is dangerous. if you do not have to be out in the snow, again do not be driving because the roads are slick. back to you guys for now. >> tj, i thought they were going to check one out you there. a live look at i 71, 75 and ridgewood road traffic is moving we've seen a lot of moisture on the roads there. no major issues to report at this hour, which is actually really good news, julie. >> that is right news. let's go to 9 on your side john, he continues our line storm that has stayed south of us here in cincinnati. he is live in florence, john, starting to stick?
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wendy mack -- windy. is a park and i were we are set up and it has a pretty decent testing still light stuff, overall, some of the cars and trucks in this parking lot have been out here for a couple of minutes and they are getting a fresh coat of the white stuff as well. on mount zion road, things are more slick than anything else. we have seen some snowplows cruising up and down the way, scouting out the area just to make sure that everything is still good to go. we got here first around 3 o'clock this afternoon, the winds started picking up, then those dark ominous clouds moved into the area. we have seen people hitting the stores, trying to stock up on those last-minute items. some of the folks we talked to, more recently say overall they are little bit underwhelmed. >> it's not really snowing as much as i expected it to. the roads looks like a little bit of rain, that worries me later tonight with ice and s tuff.
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finally starting to stick. some of these conditions still might change, as tj told you if you do not have to be out be. reporting live, john, 9 on your side. >> stay home and watch a movie. we want to remind you about interstate four about one hour. two people were sent to the hospital around for 30 p.m. just after witnesses say they reported that car driving erratically just before a crash. traffic was shutdown in the westbound lane completely down for a while. no word yet on the extent of those injuries. coming up next, and 80 for- year-old is dead and police say her caregivers are to blame. a cincinnati man is detained in north korea, but his family is just finding out about it 20 days later. coming up next, we are learning more about why some say he entered the country in the first place as we go to break, a live luck from northern kentucky at
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side at 7, taking a live look at i 71, 75 and are live at team coverage of the winter weather continues in just a moment. first, a local man is at dispute. being held prisoner in north
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9on your side ashley zilkha reports. >>reporter:it is another case of a us citizen detained in north korea, this time a 2013 wyoming high school graduate. no stranger to the school, he was a homecoming king his senior year, and a standout soccer player. it was a student at the university of virginia was a north korean a -- north korea with a chinese tour group read he was detained on january 2. north korea says he was arrested for committing a hostile act and was acting to bring down the regime, at the us government. he is the second person from southwest ohio to be detained in north korea. jeffrey of miamisburg was over six months and 2014 for leaving a bible in a nightclub. >> in hindsight, i wouldn't recommend it, i would not do it again. i would recommend anybody else doing it >>reporter:right now his family is not commenting. the district is following state department protocol and not talking out of respect for the family.
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department to try to to secure his release. in the past five years alone, a half dozen us citizens have been detained and released by north korea. ashley, 9 on your side two caregivers are facing charges in the death of an 80 for-year-old woman tonight. authorities accuse kimberly -- kimberly taggart and john reed are restraining a woman while she was in their care. court documents a the pair failed to provide the care the woman needed causing her death. taggart and reed both sit in
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9 on your side at 7 is back with a live look at i 74 and i 275 in harrison. traffic moving just fine after this afternoon's snowfall. throughout the week, meteorologist, meteorologist,-- steve raleigh has been dealing with the forecast but he was north of the -- he was right here, snow is very mixed -- minimal. >> deferent -- definite differences there. 9on your side reporter tom mckee is live with a look at the conditions downtown. >>reporter:what we have right now is some flurries going around it would be much more
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but, the forecast of all that snow, the cold temperatures on the fact that many businesses close early today. it really had an impact on the line of businesses around the square. take a look at the skating rink. on a typical friday night there might be three or four times more skaters on that u.s. bank rink. after the holidays it is normally there -- there slow season. across the street at the seafood place, there are lots of customers, but reservations are a bit down due to the weather. >> as far as the overall impact. businesses still booming area and for our restaurant, we do have a lot of walk-in gas from the hotels around here. we do a lot of hotel concierge events and things like that. businesses still pretty good. affected a little bit by the weather but we are still pretty strong. >>reporter:of course, that could have changed had there been to-more inches of snow falling on downtown.
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bit of snow, it is actually quite pretty. tom mckee trying to live in times square. >> it certainly is. thanks a lot, tom. 9on your side reporter j warren is in new richland right now continues our live team coverage. >>reporter:i tell you what, the snow has picked up this hour over the 6 o'clock hour, and it is generally steady since this afternoon, and the cut off. i talked to several people out here in new richland who were at the bettendorf power plant. people who were headed up river notice -- notice nothing up until bettendorf and then they had snow here in new richland and then on towards -- the condition on 52 generally good, i am standing right in the mcdonald's parking lot near richmond, it is well treated however to one may, when traffic moves along it is really down the center of 52. the best part of all of this, i just got the phone with the
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everywhere around the tri-state no accident or slide offs in clermont county. despite the snowfall, which has resumed here. it has been safe on the roads. j warren, 9 on your side >> thanks. we know there was a change, bit of a change what are we expecting moving forward? >> the majority of your snow will continue to fall here around cincinnati, and out to the east. you go out along the ohio river, and there are sizable snow amounts coming in. for inches out in adams county already down on the ground. we certainly have trouble spots, that is what we communicated from the system the south will get the brunt of the storm. let's show you where the snow is coming down. as we headed to this evening, here is your 91st warning doppler, we do have a decent snowbound -- a band band that has set up just north and west of lebanon through the west side of cincinnati right
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this is going to dump some snow on us. then it gets lighter out there. we still have this winter storm warning for the counties and pink. this will go until tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. everyone else is under a winter weather advisory. it also continues in the overnight hours. boone, kenton, and campbell heuer in the winter storm warning but now you have been dropped down for that system. here is that band of snow that we are having issues with in coleraine township, heavier snow there also extends up to liberty, westchester, fairfield and then out along the west side of town even over to the lawrenceburg area. this band of snow could be a little bit more problematic and give you some quick snowfall accumulations out there. mainly out on the west side of town. then, let's shift to the south, seeing se decent burst of snow. i've yet to see a recording down there, send them our way, because you guys have been seeing snow for quite a bit of
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as you stretch out into brown county intermittent areas of light to moderate snow showers, i can hear my printer going off right now which means snow reports are coming in. even finally up to wilmington, it is taking so much of the day for her to get to some of you out there, but it is finally here. there is that west union reporter was talking about 4 inches on the ground there, hillsboro 2.3, georgetown two, aberdeen 2 inches, williamstown 2 inches as well, melia -- a melia 1 inch. i 71 was a cut off of where we would have these heavier to the east southeast, and not as significant to the northwest. n o rthwest. that has definitely been the divider for us today. continuing into this evening, future clouds and radar continued to show best no fall route turns -- returns
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as we get closer to midnight, the coverage starting to pull the places that have been hit terrible road conditions. mark sent this in from cherry fork, low visibility, snow- covered roads, hilly roads at that which we all know how that works. not a lot of fun to drive on those roads. we have lisa lewis who sent and her daughter from manchester, i mean,, it looks like she is enjoying that light snow. there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground. for tonight, yes, the snow continues, mainly throughout this evening in our more eastern spots. dropping to 32 -- 30 degrees out there, barely budging from the mid- 20s we are seeing right now. storm is coming from and end, and are 91st alert day will end at midnight. we will see cause for the morning, but that is just leftover from today's system and that it will move on now. from here, your seven day
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we head into the weekend. we have been stuck earlier this week we had a high of only 15. to get to 30 for on sunday, pretty good. if you did get the snow, it will be really nice conditions for saturday and sunday to get out and do some shoveling. also, salts, very efficient whenever temperatures are like this. throw that down it will melt off that leftover snow and ice. monday in the upper 30s, we will see a system coming here monday night. right now, looks very minor, not a storm system. could bring storm showers on the light side transfer tuesday. a little bit left over on wednesday as well. temperature wise, i do not have any extreme single-digit lows to talk about. i have moderate daytime highs for january levels. we are doing okay. >> as long as we are not in the single digits. i shared a video on my facebook page, you have to go by and see this.
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>> no. t rex shoveling snow. you have to see this video. i just shared it on my facebook page. take a look at it. it is hilarious. >> by the way, thank you for sending in those pictures. that picture you shared of that little boy. >> that is the epitome of winter. that is what we all remember. i am glad parents capture those moments and send them to us. >> we appreciate them sharing. take a look at this video. mobbed by a flock of geese. this is hilarious. if you want to see the video, in its entirety, and here evans reaction log onto facebook and check it out.[laughter] >> we would love to see your pictures and video just send them to us on facebook or
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we want to give you one final look at the forecast. finally seeing some snow north of i 71.
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what you are seeing right now, the snow showers into southwestern part of butler county, that band stretches all the way back over to vivi that is on the west side of cincinnati and of cord widespread snow continues to the south and east where it has been all day long but do not forget to send this in your snowfall total reports, your pictures. you can find me on facebook just search my name, jennifer ketchmark. i will try to get your photos on the news at 11 tonight. at this point, that's what it is all about. >> alright, thanks jennifer. thank you for joining us, that is 9 on your side at 7 on this friday. we will have updates throughout the evening and on latest.
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