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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first on the now -- police update the community on the mystery of a mother found dead in dayton, ohio -- hours after she kidnapped her daughter. daughter.dayton police say *robbery is not suspected as motive in the death of brittany russell. russell.russell was found shot
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an apartment complex wednesday weapons or drugs were members mentioned that russell was a recovering addict.russells sixth month old daughter *haven was found and she wasn't hurt.police say russell didn't have custody of haven but convinced a babysitter to give the girl to her anyway. she then took the child from middletown to dayton.dayton police say they are working with middletown police on the investigation and that right now -- everyone is a person of interest in the case. another streetcar has arrived in cincinnati way into town within the last hour. the nows briana harper is downtown with more on what this next step means for the controversial project. its been a celebration (say something more like "crowds quite the crowd" but calling it a celebration is a stretch. each time a new streetcar rolls into town and this time is no different. a small crowd has already formed to be one of the first to see this arrived today is the third of five that will operate cincinnati. *mostly as-lib* its a project that has been in the works for the past several years. here's file-the viewer doesn't know
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"video from last summer" or whenever it was taken. video from when one of the streetcars had its first on-track test-(give me dates. when was the first one delivered? when was it tested? did it pass the test? how about the second one? what the city calls an important part of the process. 21depedant on a carrocky merz// city of cincinnati spokesperson "they've got to test each car. each car has to go through several hundred hours of testing on the track. there are all sorts of safety testing they have to check the power lines, the tracks before it can be poke for passenger service." elaine moscavitz//cincinnati resident "we can have more access to travel in cincinnati an urban center. more access so you don't have to depend on a car." the city plans to have another streetcar delivered by the end of this month and the fifth and final streetcar should arrive in march. why are these there a reason they're not all all the steeetcrs complete on- track testing passengers are expected to get their chance to hop on-board beginning in september. reporting live briana harper the now cincinnati. if you've been outside today -
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how cold is it?steve raleigh is tracking your 9 first warning forecast. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. highs on friday hit 270f. the weekend will be downright cold! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and sunday morning. and each afternoon will be very cold with a high of 19 on saturday and 22 on sunday. along with the cold, we also need to talk about minor snow chances. northwest winds could bring in a few lake effect snow showers on saturday, but any accumulating snow would be
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and another child has been hit by a car!this is the second just today!the latest happened about an hour ago at finley and vine in over the rhine. we're told the two year old was with her mother and grandmother when she was bumped by a vehicle as they crossed vine.the child has minor injuries but was taken to the hospital. we've seen a lot of people hit by cars in recent's up to *five including that child just hit in otr.and among those victims are two teenagers -- hit in a many days. today -- a 16 year old was hit in mt. healthy.that teen was on their way to school ..and was hit at hamilton avenue and adams road.9 on your side's timyka artist with the talk to do more to keep kids safe. this intersection here at hamilton and adams notorious for accidents and crashes. investigators say people just
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attention17.44.44 i don't let my kids walk to school because of the fact that driver don't pay attention 17.44.46 17.44.46this morning that 16 yo victim was in the crosswalk when a driver turning on adams failed to yield. the people we spoke with say it happens here far too often.children as young as 6 and 7 facing a dangerous walk on their way to school. we also had a chance to sit down w sgt greg nolte fromthe mt. healthy police department. he says council could consider pushing back the time that drivers are allowed to turn on red to 6am instead of 7. but a better more immediate solution would be to have a another crossing guard on duty starting at least at least an hour earlier than they do right now. something the district is now seriously comsidering. we talked w one mom who has seen the dangers here first hand patricia rineair. mom17.45.06 ive seen too many close calls and now that this is the second accident out there is no way i'm going to let them 45.11 45.11victim had some scrapes and scratches. he is ok. the driver was cited for failing o yield in a crosswalk ta in mount healthy for thenow
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so we mentioned the girl hit yesterday in avondale.she is recovering from her injuries from the hit and run at reading road at glenwood. police are still looking for the vehicle and driver because they took off afterward.its a ohio license plates. kentucky 17 near the pendleton- kenton county line is open once again.crews have cleared away what was a deadly crash. crash.that crash involved a semi and pick up truck early this morning.chopper 9- the only local news helicopter to bring you breaking news first was over the scene.falmouth officials say the truck was southbound on 17 when it crossed the center line and hit the semi.that pick up was trapped between the semi and a tree before it caught fire. that driver died. david marquardt//falmouth fire chief 19:27 anytime you have an accident with fatalities its bad, like i said my heart goes out to the victim and his family, as well as the
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accident who tried getting him out of the vehicle kentucky state police are investigating. they have not driver who died. a minor issue today when crews digging downtown hit a gas happened on 34th avenue near minot avenue in oakly.crews from the gas company had it under control quickly so it won't cause any problems for you tonight if you're headed that way. kentucky could soon have two marriage licenses forms -- and the one you get will depend on the gender of the person you marry. there is a proposal to create *two designed for gay couples and the other for straight couples.couples will have to mark down their gender in the paperwork no matter which form they use. if this change goes forward -- the forms will *not include the name of the county clerk who issued the license.this county clerk kim davis was jailed for refusing to issue licenses to same sex couples. there are people against the two form proposal though.they
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*separate but equal claims during the civil rights movement. the city of cleveland is no longer billing the family of tamir rice ... for the use of an ambulance after police shot him. a cleveland officer shot and killed the 12 year old in november 20-14 as he played with a toy pellet gun in a park.recently the city sent rice's mother a 500 dollar bill for the ambulance used to take rice to the hospital.her attorney says the charge amounted to ... the city backtracked. "we have made the determination to withdraw that claim from the probate court. and as the mayor said, we all sincerely apologize to the tamir rice family for any additional pain and suffering that this may have caused them." them."in december ... a grand jury decided not to indict the two responding officers.the rice family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. a plane headed toward phoenix makes an emergency landing at lax.the pilot issued an
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the cockpit just before three this afternoon.the issue was blamed on a mechanical issue. all 137 people on board were fine. former president bill clinton is coming to town on friday. he will campaign for his wife, hillary.he will be at an event in clifton to encourage ohio voters to vote early and vote for his wife.doors open at three.hamilton county democratic officials announced the visit in late can rsvp a spot at wcpo dot com. it's stretched more than a month but a standoff in oregon is now over. over.breaking details as the situation comes to a close -- next on the now! police in washington state are learning how to slow things down in situations like this - instead of using force. what other departments across the country can learn from their
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the justice department's lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri is re- focusing attention on police reform and efforts to re-build trust within the community.
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nationwide are now paying closer attention to their use mcnamara takes us inside a training facility in washington statethat's leading the country in reform. 51:15 nats car pulling looks like a typical day on the joba typical call...51:25 break up the fight but the typical response - is what they're trying to change. dep. joseph winters | king county sheriff's office26:13 it's not your traditional police training. it's not firearms. it's not defensive tactics. what we're trying to help students develop is that one on one personal relationship with the individuals they'll be serving police recruits in washington state learn how to be "guardians" of their tense situations weapons. 32:56 how you doing man? you mind coming out? are you okay?on this mock call suspect has threatened suicide and instead of using forcethe recruit relates to him on a personal level...joel garcia | seattle police recruit 37:47 i've had a relative who did that, you know, and he was a really good friend of mine, you know apart from being family deep, man. it is. bringing up
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progressive program is getting the attention of departments across the country - that send officers here to train. and yes -- there's pushback. veteran officers will be the first to question - if it puts *their lives at risk. russ hicks | police instructor11:13 there are two things they hate are and they hate change. but when you really explain and get down to talking about it i think they understand this is what good police have been doing all along and what police have been doing all along is still important - (nats)- the physical training still just as intense. 7:51 we are teaching people how to fight, how to shoot, all of those hard skills we call the warrior skills. because really it's not warrior-guardian. it's a mix but finding the right balance a balance they believe will save lives in the long run. anne mcnamara | @annemcnamaratv05:00 this program has become such a strong training model that president obama asked the executive director to work on his national policing panel to look at law enforcement in the years to come. in washington state, i'm anne mcnamara, for the now.
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nearly a thousand people were killed by police - just last year. of those 32 were in ohio, 18 in kentucky and 19 in indiana. breaking news this afternoon... after nearly six weeks... the four people who were holed up in that wildlife refuge in oregon... have surrendered. surrendered.the f-b-i tweeting news of the arrests... following hours of negotiations today.earlier this week... the four hold- outs posted videos on their youtube channel... saying they had no plans of leaving.but things changed when the f-b-i surrounded the refuge last night... and they also arrested cliven bundy... the father of the group's leader... as he arrived in portland.the other protestors involved were arrested late last month... police shot and killed one man they say tried to pull a gun.the standoff started to protest how much land the federal government owns.
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live look at the final numbers the markets closing down 256 points.during the day things were even worse at one point -- down more than 400 points. points.and this is video of the big board this morning when it dropped more than 300 points within minutes of opening.slumping oil prices are getting the blame for this day. meantime -- the father of the man who started the occupation in oregon weeks ago has been arrested.cliven bundy was picked up at the airport in portland yesterday by the fbi. according to his facebook page -- he was on his way to the wildlife refuge that has been at the center of this standoff. he was booked into jail and charged with felony conspiracy to impede federal officers ... though that charge is linked to bundy's 20-14 standoff with federal agents in nevada, and
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a fargo police officer shot in the line of duty will die. that's what his doctors say and his family is now at his side. side.33 year old jason moszer was shot after he responded to an active shooter situation last night.the shooter himself called police first and warned them to evacuate nearby homes. over the next few hours that man shot at police from inside his home.he was eventually found dead inside.moszer will be the first fargo police officer killed in the line of duty since 1882. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. highs on friday hit 270f. the weekend will be downright cold! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and sunday morning. and each afternoon will be very cold
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and 22 on sunday. along with the cold, we also need to talk about minor snow chances. northwest winds could bring in a few lake effect snow showers on saturday, but any accumulating snow would be minor and very isolated. this
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we hear a lot about concerns the ocean is rising...nasa created this animation to show what has happened over the last 23 years.its "jason three" mission measures sea level changes from space.where you see orange and red.. it means the water levels have gone up.the blue and white mean the levels have gone down. that's especially true of the gulf stream off the eastern u-s...and off the west coast of the u-s... where despite el nino this year... the waters have been cooling.nasa says
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water levels have increased about six centimeters in the last two decades. some good news in the fight against research giving hope to millions of americans who worry about
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a story that's been developing all week.the coast guard is now inspecting the cruise ship that was caught up in a violent storm off the north carolina coastline.and investigating to try to avoid a repeat of what happened. runs=:02"free at last, free at last!" last!"passengers were elated as they finally arrived back here in new jersey last night... calling the whole experience horrible.the ship was supposed to be in the bahamas right now but as we've been showing you this week... hurricane-force winds rocked the ship for an estimated 12- of the passengers tells us the captain cut off information just hours into the storm. runs=:10asher lipman | cruise ship passenger: "and the seas were getting worse. you could
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the wind. the boat was rocking, it was creaking. and there was a lack of information and it was getting dark." dark."royal caribbean... which owns the cruise ship... says it's revising its policies about avoiding severe weather... and insists the storm was not forecasted to be as bad as it was. there are two unexpected things you can do to try to cut your risk of developing dementia as you get older. newsy's ryan biek breaks down the new research. esearchers have long thought that dementia rates will rise in the future, with some experts predicting the disease could triple by 2050 http://www.nytimes. com/2016/02/11/he alth/education-may- cut-dementia-risk- study-finds.html. but a new study says two things might lower your risk - staying in school and having a healthy heart.researchers in /doi/full/10.1056/ne jmoa1504327?quer y=featured_home#t =articlemethods boston and france examined over 5,000 people during four different time periods, the first starting in 1977 and the last ending in 2008.over the course of the decades studied, the rate of participants who
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and cardiovascular health improved, while the rate of dementia fell.the average age for when dementia was diagnosed also increased, from 80 at the beginning of the study to 85 at the end, and the overall prevalence of the disease dropped by 44 percent. interestingly, the health improvements were only found among those who had high school degrees. there wasn't strong evidence that getting a college education lowered the risk even more, but the study also included relatively few http://www.nytimes. com/2016/02/11/he alth/education-may- cut-dementia-risk- study-finds.html college-educated participants. as for why education seems to lower the risk of dementia, there are a couple theories. one is education creates more connections in the brain. another is it leads to higher incomes, which allows for access to better nutrition. combating the condition could prove less expensive than previously thought, as the enforcement of mandatory high school attendance has gotten stronger over time.the researchers say http://www.nytimes. com/2016/02/11/he cut-dementia-risk- study-finds.html the sheer number of dementia cases will increase for at least a while, though, because much of the "baby boomer" generation hasn't yet reached the average age watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on updates that study took a broad look at patients suffering from all kinds of dementia ... including alzheimer's disease. rates are falling ... the number of people with
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grow.the alzheimer's association estimates there are 210-thousand ohioans with alzheimer's... by 20-25, they expect there will be a quarter million alzheimer's patients in the state.... a 19-percent increase. in kentucky that number was 68-thousand last year ... that's expected to jump by 26 percent in ten years, to 86-thousand. the list of republicans running for president is slowly slimming down.. and many of the drop outs used to be front runners.. why the view from the top is often
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... right now -- crews are unloading the newest street arrived just a little while ago.race street is now closed close from findlay to mcmicken while henry street is closed from elm to race. they'll reopen once the street car has been fully unloaded. it seems hackers are every where these days. days. they have hit the *irs and we are barely a month into tax season! we have carol looking into what happened and you need to know.carol? the agency says it all started when the identity thieves behind the hack got personal information outside the i-r-s. s.they then used malware to try to get electronic filing personal identification numbers for stolen social security numbers.those hackers had more than 460-thousand social security numbers... and were able to get pins for more
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good news is... the i-r-s says this time around... no one's compromised in this hack. but here's what you need to watch out for.if someone uses your social security number to file a tax refund before you do... the i-r-s might think you already filed and got your refund. when you file your return later... you'll get a notice from the i-r-s saying more than one return was filed for should then contact the i-r-s immediately. the government estimates tax fraud scams cost us around 15- million dollars last year. kentucky is among the states taking action to cut down on theft this tax season.but it means a delay in your refund. the state says those without errors in the returns will be waiting about three weeks.and that's if they file will be even longer if you chose paper filing. one way to protect yourself... we told you earlier this week on "the now" about making sure
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on your computer before you file yourself.experts say that's the best way to stay one step ahead. today we learned that two new tenants will be coming to the banks...and could be opening as soon as this summer. 'tervis' will open its second store in ohio at the banks ... the drink ware manufacturer says it will offer a variety of cups and designs ... including bengals and reds themes.and 'burger fi' will open its first southwest ohio restaurant along east freedom way.according to today's press release ... along with burgers, diners can look forward to frozen custard and craft beer at the burger bar chain.both companies are aiming to open by the end of june. if you have a child heading into kindergarten next school year--you might want to listen up! kindergarten registration is underway throughout kenton county schools. its a chance to get your student signed up and enrolled in your elementary school of choice. but first--a series of paperwork and id forms must be completed. its a necessary step some parents say pays off
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been able to participate in art and science and math and so i think that has a great foundation that's already been working on the school curriculum." and theres still time! kindergarten registration will continue from 6 to 730 tonite at all kenton county elementary schools. check out the nows facebook page with a everything you'll need to successfully register. it might have looked nice outside -- we even saw some sunshine at times.but it was cold! skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. highs on friday hit 270f. the weekend will be downright cold! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and sunday morning. and each afternoon will be very cold with a high of 19 on saturday and 22 on sunday. along with the cold, we also need to talk about minor snow chances.
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a few lake effect snow showers on saturday, but any accumulating snow would be minor and very isolated. this is not a widespread event. it may be hard to tell... but the republican field of candidates for president *is* in fact getting smaller.the most recent drop-out, chris christie... was at one time the were several of the candidates who have since dropped out of the race. the now's todd walker is live in washington d-c for us. todd... this marathon race means a front runner one day
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this is amazing, real clear politics crunched the data.. more than half of the republicans who lead the pack at one time are now out of the race.this has been a brutal race.. especially on the g-o-p side.. and it's not over yet. :26-:39donald trump continues to lead the still-too-big field of republican candidates running for president.. it may be hard to remember but there *was* a time when he was not the front runner.. or even considered a serious candidate.. it can be hard to remember because many of the former front runners are now out of the race.four of the 7 candidates who have lead the polls at one time are now out. scott walker, rand paul, mike huckabee.. and most recently chris christie.. who was one of the earliest favorites.. 1:35:19 some of the people who lead in the polls were blips very very early on in the process :25 we're talking 2014 :28 it may have been because people knew who they were people knew who chris christie was :33political experts say this election.. particularly on the republican side is for the history books..1:36:35 i think the volatility is reflected in just the sheer number of competitive candidates :43those candidates have viciously gone after each other.. which can cause shifts in who is the front runner social media does too..1:42:48 when you see this real time pile on not just pundits on
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the republicans debate in south carolina this weekend.. but chances are we won't see any more drop-outs until after its primary next in washington, todd walker for the now. todd... why so much focus on south carolina? it is the last time republicans will be competing in the same state at the same time. once we get into march dozens of states will have their primaries.. so everyone
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following john kasich's second place finish in new hampshire, people around the country are taking a new look at ohio's governor.there is a quiz at wcpo dot com right now that asks how much you know about the ohio governor and these aren't questions about his voting record or political pasts either.for example -- the very first question asks which band kicked kasich off stage during a concert in 1991. you want to put yourself to the test?the insider team posted the quiz online at wcpo dot can go there right now and see how many you get right. in just a few hours the two democratic candidates will square-off in their next debate.and we may see a different side of the candidates as they try to stand out from one another. today hillary clinton picked up the endorsement of the congressional black caucus which experts say could give
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attention shifts to minority voters.after losing in new hampshire she is promising a more aggressive edge.bernie sanders is working to build on his win in new hampshire that victory helping him raise six- million dollars in the last 24-hours.his campaign says that money came from small dollar donors.he's pushing economic unfairness, promising to rein in big business and big banks. the tiger exhibit at a popular is killed. killed.the violent encounter when two animals were
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a standoff standoff with police has just ended near fayetteville. police started looking for a man who they say hit a deputy with his car yesterday in montgomery county. that deputy will be okay. the man they were searching for is michael hall. he is now in poilice custody.
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a tiger is killed by the mate zoo keepers had chosen for her during their first meeting. this is *baha in happier times -- cleaning her cubs three years ago.before the zoo opened wednesday the two tigers were put together and that meeting turned aggressive quickly.zoo keepers used hoses and noise makers to get them apart but it was too late for baha.the tiger exhibit was closed following the attack. do you have the words to tell someone you love them? them?its not as easy as you might think!so we turn to the experts next on the now to
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... it sounds like a hollywood movie script for valentine's day.but this is real life.two people who fell in love during world war two just reunited after 70 years.she was a 17- year-old girl living in london.
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paratrooper for the u-s forces. they fell in love but then he got deployed.after the war ended he sent a letter asking her to join him in the u.s. but she misunderstood and thought he was already married. they didn't talk again until last year when their children reconnected them. no supername: norwood thomas) "you broke my heart"(joyce) "oh i don't believe that for a moment(norwood thomas) "what would you do if i could give you a squeeze?"(joyce) "that would be lovely."" lovely."" he got to give her that squeeze this week.a crowdfunding campaign raised enough money for the two to reunite.they plan to spend valentine's day together. if youre struggling with finding the right words to tell your valentine you care, worry no more. the now's
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18:27- "the cover says all i want and the inside says is exactly what you are. " words of love ..."you're a good man who works hard and loves harder" in a hallmark valentine's day card ...... "so hear i am on valentine's day feeling incredibly lucky" .... you could say melvina young knows them ... by heart.... ..."the one who gets to share my life with you." because she wrote them.1:55- "my sweet spot is deeply romantic stuff... what i call true love." melvina and andrew blackburn are two of hallmark's senior writers... 1:23- "what i consider my sweetspot is sort of close to funny but not quite funny." over the years they've written countless valentine's .... with many of them on the shelves now.3:07- "obviously our personal experience with love and romance and the whole thing comes into it but a big part of this job is empathy. you really have to be able to put yourself in the middle of someone else's relationship in an authentic way so it doesn't feel like you're intruding." standup but what about when their words end and your's begin? what should you write in this blank
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the card?20:20- "the important thing is to say it in a way that feels real for you so that you don't end up sounding corny or trite."9:40- "the best piece of advice i think i could give is stay true to yourself and what you want to say."22:14-nats "holding you every night is my blessing." 10:45- "is there a special name, a special memory, a special experience that's only between the two of you, that you could put in this card that would make this person feel like i am really deeply known by the person that matters the most to me." melvina a lesson in the language of love ... from the people .. who write it.5:36- "how many jobs are there where you get to come in and say today i'm going to focus on love and what it means to people." for the now with love i'm justin wilfon. wilfon. here's a fun fact: the valentine's you'll see on hallmark's shelves right now were actually written a year
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already working on next year's valentine's day cards. okay so you're in an argument this valentine's day or any other day and you end up changing your mind.why is that? researchers at cornell university have been studying this.they looked at two year's of postings on "change my view" an on-line forum designed specifically to argue. they found several things: first, the more people who try to persuade the original poster the more likely they'll change their mind.second... is timing.people who respond first are more likely to get results.they also found if you use words that are different from the poster's... especially ones that are up your chances of winning the argument.the researchers say studying interactive persuasion online can lead to a better
4:49 pm
skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. highs on friday hit 270f. the weekend will be downright cold! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and sunday morning. and each afternoon will be very cold with a high of 19 on saturday and 22 on sunday. along with the cold, we also need to talk about minor snow chances. northwest winds could bring in a few lake effect snow showers on saturday, but any accumulating snow would be minor and very isolated. this
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you can now feel like you're living inside one of the world's most famous paintings. chicago artists just created this exact replica of van gogh's artsy bedroom that you can spend a night in.the painting is on the left... and the room's on the right.the listing is on air b-n-b in a home in a chicago neighborhood. it costs just 10 dollars for the night.we checked... and the room is already sold out for this month.but the art institute of chicago says they'll start accepting requests for march in the last week in february. craig mckee is joining me now with a quick look at what's ahead on 9 on your side.
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kid hit in a crosswalk along hamilton avenue. this time a 16 year old is the citim as the driver fails to yield we're on your side getting concerns for everyone's safety. someone next to you at the grocery store could be armed with a concealed carry permit. the number of people getting them is up over the last year. tonight why many people are choosing to pick up a gun for the first time. plus, concerns over what happens after first time gun owners get their permit tonight on 9 on your side at 6. tanya -- ad lib wrap a fishing trip turns into a fight to surive when two men get stuck in a massive snow storm. storm.why they say they didn't
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texas police have recovered a stolen ambulance, after a woman hopped inside and took off.police say the woman stole the ambulance overnight from a fire station in houston. officers used g-p-s to track the vehicle.when they tried to stop the driver, officials say the woman led them on a low- speed chase.eventually, they were able to take her into custody. ( lt. larry crowson / houston police ) "initially told the officers she was trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend and this was the best vehicle she could find to get away from him. she was
4:56 pm
faces several criminal charges. the wife of a georgia man accused of killing their toddler by 'intentionally' leaving him in a hot car for seven hours ... is asking for a divorce.justin ross harris' wife filed for the split yesterday ... claiming their marriage is "irretrievably broken."harris is charged with murder for the death of 22 month old cooper harris back in 20-14.he's been in jail since then awaiting trial ... which is due to start this coming april.his attorneys say cooper's accident. this story -- is proof about why it is so important to listen to steve raleigh and the rest of the 9 first warning weather team when they outline your forecast. forecast.a canadian ice fisherman is sharing his story after being stranded in a blizzard for more than a day. nelly gonzalez with the story of survival. this is what it looked like throughout most of southern manitoba last sunday.blizzard and whiteout conditions caught many by surprise.(joey halldorsson/ice fisherman)
4:57 pm
waited for an opening. usually a storm will go really bad and then it will slow down. it just never slowed down."joey halldorsson and his brother-in- law, ron berens, have been ice fishing for years.the selkirk men had only planned to be out fishing for a couple of hours, but it quickly turned into a 26-hour nightmare.halldorsson says they were in the ice shack for only about an hour on sunday morning.and this is what it looked like when the winds picked up.(joey halldorsson/ice fisherman) "your mind is your worst enemy because you're telling yourself you're okay we got fuel, truck is still running everything is there but it's that feeling can't just go home."they tried to drive out, but they kept getting stuck in the snow drifts.eventually they couldn't go any further.but they couldn't get a tow truck. they were told the whiteout conditions were too dangerous. that's when they called r- c-m-p for help.halldorsson said an officer on a snowmobile offered to go and get them out,but after
4:58 pm
told police they'd wait it out until the morning.(joey halldorsson/ice fisherman)"we kind of put ourselves there, tough it out..but it's still scary."halldorsson says they had enough fuel and heat to get through the night.(joey halldorsson/ice fisherman) "you try to sleep at night and you hear that cracking in the ice and it's, like, whoa." halldorsson says the next morning the tow truck company finally arrived.r-c-m-p said search and rescue were called but decided it was best to wait out the storm.they say they assess every situation on a case by case basis with the safety of the public and first responders being the priority. halldorsson says his only regret is not checking the weather forecast that morning. morning. the men say when the storm was at its worst they couldn't see more than ten feet in front of them. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. a dog starved.its body tossed in the trash.the two people facing shocking charges - and
4:59 pm
neighbors try to pull a driver to safety from this horrifying crash - but fall short of rescuing the victim. "they did everything they could do" do"hear from residents who say it's the worst crash they've ever seen. did she make contact with her killer?a middletown mother murdered - her baby girl in the car with her.what police are combing through - as they search for who killed brittany russell. a life-saving 8th grader realized another student was choking! 08:46:35 - 08:46:39"pretty much saved a .... cc from dying right here in school" school"where he learned the heimlich manuever - and why teachers nearly stopped him from doing it! 9 on your side at five starts now! they starved a dog for weeks and then it was tossed it into a dumpster like a piece of trash. trash.those are the shocking accusations tonight against two hamilton residents. residents.all new at five - nine on your side's tom mckee
5:00 pm
uncovered - tom? the butler county dog warden got a call last week that a dog was found dead in a cage inside a dumpster off gateway drive.the investigation resulted in animal cruelty charges against a woman named katie schmuck and jacob goodwin. goodwin.the stunning discovery was made inside this dumpster last friday by a woman taking out her trash.the dog was inside this cage, which was stained with feces, urine and small particles of food.the owner originally said she gave the year old miniature pincher/retriever mix to a couple she met at a speedway station, but then changed what happened. "the story that we got now was the dog stopped eating three weeks ago -- they never took it to the vet to find out why. then, she went to stay with her mother for a week and the gentleman was supposed to take care of the dog and in a whole week's time he admitted that he had only been there three times to look after the dog -- and each three times it was just to give it food and water and be out the door again."


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