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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven...a nurse accused in the death of her elderly patient takes a plea deal- two years later. why the so-called crime almost when unoticed. a horrible discovery... the condition a dog was in when he was tossed into a dumpster. we're tracking down answers tonight. plus - when the former police officer now charged with murder will stand trial.this is 9 on your side at seven. a lawrenceburg nurse takes a plea deal in the 2014 death of
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supposed to be caring for. that nurse was once facing decades in prison, but tonight, shes a free woman. 9 on your side's ashley zilka spoke with the dearborn county prosecutor about what led to this decision. kathy hess worked at this care center for almost 20 years. she had a good reputation until one day back in december 2013 when her patient died. the dearborn prosecutor says it was almost ruled a natural deathuntil a witness came forward. in december of 2013- 77 year old dionne scalf died here at woodland hills care center in lawrenceburg. now two years later- her nurse, 60 year old kathy hess- admitted she broke scalf's vertebra while in her care. 01:03 the point was to hold some point of accountability to this lady whose actions resulted in the death of dione scalf. 11 at one point- hess was looking at 20 years in prison. now- she will serve 18 months on non-reporting probation. this week- hess received a three year sentence. dearborn county prosecutor, aaron negangard, agreed to dismiss the original
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resolution. he says the former nurse won't spend any more time behind bars because she already served the past two years in jail or on in-home incarceration. 2:27 it didn't to sending her to prison at this point based on the fact that she was willing to admit to what she had done and basically asked for mercy. 40 according to negangard, scalf was moving slowly in a walker to the bathroom, so she tried to pull the elderly woman in a violent manner which broke her on the toilet unaware of her injury. soon after- she died. 01:33 it was clear she was in a rush and based upon that made the decision that injured dione scalf. 43 scalf's cause of death was almost ruled as natural causes but a visitor in the room had witnessed the entire incident. that person later described what she saw to an officer at a family christmas party. 03:30 had investigators not been on this and she had been cremated earlier, we never would have known. 37 scalf's body was taken for an autopsy instead and the fractured vertebrae was discovered. negangard says hess will never be a caregiver again. 04:01 she had clearly don't it too long and shouldn't be a nurse anymore. 06
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family is satisfied with this resolution. i went to hess's house today and spoke with her briefly. her attorney would not allow her to comment on the case. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. a shocking discovery in a hamilton dumpster -- a starved dog dead inside its own cage. investigators were able to file charges in the case because the dog's collar had the phone number of the owner on it. more on the story from nine on your side's tom mckee in hamilton. "the people that care for animals here in butler county are calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse they've ever seen and tonite two people face criminal charges.hamilton residents charged with animal cruelty allegedly starved dog to death and left it in a dumpsterf dumpsterfan emaciated one year old miniature pincer/retriever mix was found in this cage last friday. friday."it was starved to death and literally once it was deceased it was thrown away in a dumpster just like you would throw away common household garbage."a stunned hali kern found the animal as she took out the trash from her apartment. apartment."i don't know what
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why it passed away. it didn't look at all like it was in good shape. it did not look like it happened overnight." investigators say the dog stopped eating three weeks ago, wasn't taken to a vet, and was left in the care of a friend for a week when the owner went to visit family. family. "in a whole week's time he admitted that he had only been there three times to look after the dog -- and each three times it was just to give it food and water and be out the door again. again.katie schmuck and justin goodwin are charged in the case and the only comment i got when i went to her apartment came from her father, john. john."they feel terrible that the dog died, but it their fault that the dog died? no comment." comment.""both schmuck and goodwin are scheduled to appear on the charges in hamilton municipal court on february 24th. tom mckee, nine on your side, hamilton." a former university of cincinnati officer charged with murder will go to trial in october - more than a year after the shooting death of an unarmed driver. driver.then officer ray
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during a traffic stop in july. the officer had claimed he shot when dubose tried to drive off, dragging him. but video from tensing's body camera later led to a murder charge. tensing has since been fired from the department. his trial is scheduled to begin october 24th. dayton police are trying to figure out what a mother was doing in the hours before she was shot to death. investigators are still looking for any clues into the death of brittany russell. russell was initially wanted in the kidnapping of her daughter, who she took from a middletown daycare tuesday. russell, a former drug addict did not have custody of the baby.the next morning, russel was found dead in her car- her 6-month old was unharmed in the back seat. police say if the car not been running the infant might have frozen to death. "detectives stayed late last night vetting whatever information they had whatever info they had coming in so at this point in the investigation we're looking at going back over mrs. russell's
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hours who she'd talked with who she'd been with." with."police have ruled out robbery as a possible motive. they say no drugs were found in the car. if you know anything that could help - call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. tonight-- pendleton county fire officials are praising the courage of two men who tried saving a man from a burning car this morning. unfortunately- that driver died. police say he was heading south on kentucky 17 in pendleton county- when he crossed the center line and crashed head on into a semi, then hit a tree- and his car went up in flames. people nearby tried rescuing the driver- but fire officials say the flames were too intense. accident.">k-s-p have not yet released the name of the driver who died. as for the
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officials say he is okay.. the hamilton county democratic party is gearing up for a big visit from former president bill clinton. clinton.clinton will hold a *get out the vote rally* at the "clifton cultural arts center" at three tomorrow. doors will open at two. the center is located on clifton avenue. you do need to r-s-v-p if you would like to sign up - log on to " slash seen on nine." we've tweeted out a link to website. and nine on your side will have that event covered for you from what clinton has to say ... your reaction ... and any potential traffic or security issues. and speaking of hillary clinton -- she'll face off against bernie sanders in a democratic debate tonight in milwaukee - hosted by p-b-s. 9 on your side will break down what's true and what's false about what the candidates have to say tonight at eleven.
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for custody of a baby he says is his! where the infant is tonight while his mother sits in jail! and lunchroom save.the quick actions a local student took when he saw a classmate choking!
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a baby born last week by a butler county inmate is now in foster care. tonight we're hearing-- for the first time -- from the man who says *he* is the father of that baby.9 on your side's rose-ann aragon has the story. roe: he is referred to as "jason" now we've chosen not to name him or show his face but he says he and his family are taking this one step at a time. (vo)kinner's lawyer says jason is a family friend of rebekah kinner -- the woman behind bars-- kinner gave birth to a baby boy named wyatt on feburary first-- that baby remains in foster care-- but jason says he's the father and should have custody of the child as soon as possible. (sot)"i am going to establish..try to establish paternity for the's kind of a close...close family matter.. i just want to keep things as private as possible." (cont vo)jason is already a father of two from another marriage-- if the paternity
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be in his care. if not, it would be up to a judge to give the final sign off on who would care for the baby. roe: kinner has given a list of family who she believes should care for the child-- her parents on the top of that list. ra 9 oys. ahead at 7.'s a cold night across the tri-state.but will it warm up for valentine's day weekend? steve is back with the answer... next. and a preview of tonight's scandal... that you won't want to miss.9 on your side at
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! a two year old will be okay after she was hit while crossing vine near findlay in o-t-r this afternoon. police say the girl... her mother and grandmother.. were walking around a metro bus when the girl was hit. its the second time a pedestrian was hit by a car today. the first was at the intersection of adams road and hamilton avenue in mount healthy this morning. a 16 year old girl was hit-- she'll be okay. the driver was cited for failing to yield to a person in a crosswalk. one baby just couldn't wait to be born... her mother gave birth on the interstate, just north of dayton. traffic cameras caught the scene on i-75 this morning -- first responders tried to help the mother in that white van. but the baby wasn't going to wait.little "hannah" came out just about five minutes after the couple pulled dispatchers had to talk the parents through it.
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now -- the baby is out // is the baby ok *cries* good baby, good baby, that's a little girl" girl" firefighters say it was *16* degrees outside when the baby arrived.tonight -- the mother and baby are doing well. a couple of new additions are coming to the banks. - developers announced that "burger-fi" is firing up the will open in the space once occupied by wine guys kitchen. it's next door neighbor will be "tervis" - an insulated drinkware manufacturer.both are expected to open by june.. a talawanda middle school student saves a clasmate from choking in the lunchroom. lunchroom.eight grader michael schwab saw his friend alex ross was choking at lunch and began using the heimlich maneuver. a crowd grew around them and some teachers thought they were fighting.but schwab persisted until the food popped free.still, he's modest
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day.">schwab had gotten certified in c-p-r by his
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scandal is back tonight! millions of us have followed
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olivia, fitz, jake, mellie and the entire cast. a-b-c's lara spencer gets us caught up nats: it's handled((music nats))no one handles a *scandal* -olivia: don't tell me you can't do this. - quite like olivia pope.olivia (drinking out of wine bottle): gladiators are back in business - jake: how does a guy facing a murder charge even get bail? / quinn: by being rich and white. and things are getting complicated save us / olivia: there is no us!when we last saw them at christmas... president fitz narrowly survived an impeachment trial...fitz: i have done nothing wrong!his ex wife mellie became an overnight political sensation...mellie filibustering (about to faint): cocaine use leads to risky sexuality //((nats - disgrunted politicians)) i said quiet ((hammer nats)) olivia's dad came back to the fold...eli pope:i may be the bad guy but the worst guys are out thereand for a brief moment, it looked like the white house may even have a new first lady... but she found out that even the best fairy tales don't always have happy endings...fitz: we tried. / olivia: we where will it all end up? olivia: it doesn't matter. i know. we would tell you but then we'd have to "handle" you - so instead - right now - an unprecedented look behind the scenes on the set of primetime's hottest show... (olivia grabbing popcorn then wine glass)so grab your popcorn, gladiators -olivia (to fitz): sit down!eli pope
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and we put together this great meme for you to share tonight... as you watch t-g-'s of olivia pope... and it says you won't see this pope on sunday! coming up next... next...a true love story ahead of valentines a tragedy brought these two,
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only 9 on your side is bringing you this amazing love story as valentine's day approaches. started in second grade at c-h-c-a for ryan atkins and stephanie perry. she actually wrote then about how she loved learning about god's miracles... especially the one
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2009 her old classmate was in a terrible accident that paralyzed him. she reached out to him... and a friendship grew as the two worked on his blog, flat-on-my-back-dot-com. he proposed last summer and the two are getting married in november. ryan atkins, 15:10 we continue to see how god has redeemed what others look at as a tragedy and others may feel sorry for us but we feel like god has just put us together for a greater purpose. can read more about the couple's blog and
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this thursday.updates on all the day's top stories
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gravitational pull, the list starts now. sleepy. >> and exercise routines that awesome results.


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