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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a man is killed when a driver goes the wrong way on i-71!now -- police are trying to figure out how it happened. it's comforting to know that if he does pass he won't be alone." alone."it's the heartbreaking but true story behind a photo -- now going viral.twins holding hands in the womb even though one won't survive. the weather is warming and pothole season is around the what can you do now to minimize the damage?we have the answer. this is the now cincinnati. first at four -- a deadly head- on crash brought traffic to a standstill on 71 this morning. and police say the woman who caused it admitted to drinking before getting behind the wheel. the the now's briana harper
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this stretch of 71 south was shut down just after 3 a-m .. when a wrong way driver caused a deadly accident. "two cars traveling 55 mph and they hit head-on on the interstate it's going to be a spectacular crash." this was the scene of that crash on i-71 near the dana avenue exit. police say the person responsible is 22-year-old taryn chin. (_you need to attribute this) she's accused of driving the wrong way on 71, while under the influence of alcohol. lt. bruce hoffbaur//cincinnati police dept. "i think an ordinary driver who wouldn't be impaired would quickly realize they're in the road?? place." but for chin it was too late. _ ?? that's a line typically used for someone who dies. plus- it's out of context. cut that line chin's blood alcohol content was nearly two times the legal limit when she crashed head-on into 47- year-old jose arenas' car. the florence man, who worked at cintas, was headed home from his shift early this morning when he was killed instantly. it's a scary thought for other innocent drivers.. that it
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murphy// driver "it can be one of my close friends that it lives of so many that you just don't expect and it's just sad that a drunk driver can be behind all the potential that can happen from that." police are still trying to figure out where chin entered the highway.. and whether drugs were involved. she suffered injuries. officers tell us chin does not have a criminal history.. and has been cooperating. she now faces charges for two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. reporting live, briana harper, the now cincinnati a 120 year old bridge in southeast indiana ... was gone in seconds.this morning demolition crews took down the bridge in cedar hadn't been used since the late 90s ... when structural issues made it 'unsafe'.in fact ... engineers told us the bridge was in 'such' bad shape that they actually had to
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order to bring it down safely. they said they also reached the demo. safety hazard hazard now that the bridge is down ... construction crews will clean up the wreckage in the whitewater river.then they plan to repair the area around on the riverbank. here is something else that's costing kentucky -- the new medicaid commissioner says it will cost the state about 20 percent more this year to run its state health insurance program. overall that's about $3.7 billion over the next two years.former democratic gov. steve beshear expanded kentucky's medicaid program before leaving office.428,000 people ended up signing up far more than state officials expected. early voting for next month's primary election in ohio -- is now underway. underway.those who have already asked for an absentee
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mail today.also board of election offices around ohio opened this morning and hamilton county was no exception.we stopped by and as of noon about 20 people had already cast their ballots. officials say this is just the beginning. 2.40.24 usually we start slow and it ramps up closer to election day. people start to be aware of the primary 2.50 2.50a quick note about the ohio's primary -- it's march 15th -- a week later than usual this can vote in person today through march fourth on weekdays between eight and five.after that -- the b-o-e will stay open late and add saturday hours. still a little cold but most of the snow has melted temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s that afternoon along with partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a few isolated showers late friday night into saturday morning but it's a minor chance at best. saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs
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on sunday as another cold front approaches the area. we will see a better chance for rain on sunday which may limit your chance to get outside at times. one more day until the unofficial start of baseball season!reds pitchers and catchers report to goodyear, arizona 'tomorrow.' this is video from last year's spring training.the full squad arrives on the 23rd.and they'll hit the field for the first game of spring training on march first ... against the for opening day when they take on the phillies at great american ball park ...
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in 46 days. excitement today in over the rhine as the official groundbreaking began for the ziegler park. park.the park will soon be home to things like new basketball courts, a public deep-water swimming pool, recreational field, custom children's playground and a 400 space underground parking garage.a big contribution in memory of mark kantor helped get us to today's announcement. rick kantor, kantor family member & project funder7.52.40 he was always the voice for those never heard. he was about making life not only better but he always waited people to feel like they mattered matteredrenderings of what the park will look like when completed were also unveiled today. we are closely tracking a developing story right now... one that pits your right to privacy... against public says it will not help investigators break into the i-phone... of one of
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killers.a federal judge ordered apple to hack into the cell phone of syed farook... you see him here on the right side of your screen in a surveillance photo with the other suspect... his wife.the two killed fourteen people at a holiday party in december... apple says creating a way to bypass security to access the phone... could jeopardize the security of millions of phones citizens at risk.the f-b-i's tried to unlock the phone on its own for two months... without success. the now's todd walker spoke to a former police investigator who says this case is unprecedented. a law enforcement expert we spoke to says he expects this issue to go all the way to the supreme court.-pkg-4:32 literally the keys to the kingdom may be in that phone :34former las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton says the feds asking apple to crack its own encryption is unprecedented.. he says it shows that apple's security now surpasses what the fbi is capable of getting into..4:04 when the fbi asks for help
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stuff :08 because they have tremendous resources at their disposal :12he says this is the first major case where a court has ordered a company to create new software to hack its own product.. 1:48 this is vital stuff inside this telephone :51 1:52 but then there's so many privacy issues :55apple agreed.. releasing a letter to customers last night saying it has no sympathy for terrorists.. but opposed the order because it has "implications far beyond the legal case at hand."and apple says the feds can't guarantee the program wouldn't be used beyond the current case.3:27 i can't imagine the frustration of the investigators :29apple has five days to appeal this federal las vegas... i'm todd walker for the now. is immigration a bad idea? is it linked to terrorism?it's something that's been pondered a lot this year. year.what wityh images like these in countries in europe. they've been overwhelmed by an estimated million people fleeing syria and that region. now the university of chicago's journal of politics published this reviewed three decades of
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found there is some connection between the instability caused by a refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism.however, there the bigger connection is that immigration benefits economic growth and technological fact, the study says banning immigration may put a country at a disadvantage. a sonogram of twins -- goes what's the story behind the photo? photo?the comfort the photo is giving a family after doctors give it bad news. and you have your new credit card -- the one with the security why can't you use it at most stores?we find
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a cincinnati native who attracted attention when he filmed the music video for walk the moon's "anna sun" ... is putting his distinctive style to work for an international artist. olivia sebastianelli is a british singer signed to warner chapell records ...she came to cincinnati earlier this year to shoot a video with director
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crew. they took over part of an abandoned g-m factory in fairfield ... and recruited students from badin, moeller, and saint xavier schools to act as dancers and extras.the song is called "lighting fires" ... we'll keep an eye out and let you know when the video debuts. oscar night is just little more than a week away -- and if you can't see the show in person -- cincinnati has the next best thing for you!it's the annual hometown hollywood oscar gala hosted by people working cooperatively! this is a look at last year's gala.this year the event is sunday february 28th at the hilton cincinnati netherland downtown.all of the proceeds from the night go to help low income, elderly and disabled homeowners in our community stay in their homes.but organizers promise this fundraiser isn't like most you've ever seen. 11.20 this year's theme is back to black adn white. tribute to the 1920's film.
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characters and flapper era 11.32.23 11.32.23don't worry about missing the oscar telecast either -- it will be shown at the event!you can buy your tickets online at pwc's website.and i'm thrilled to say that craig mckee and i will emcee the event this year. no matter where you are oscar night -- 9 on your side has you can watch the oscars right here! it's news that just breaks your heart -- a kansas expectant mother is told one make it. it.but as emily griffin reports... the family will hold on to a sonogram picture that warmed everyone's heart. :06 - :11brittani mcintire pregnant with twinsian and brittani mcintire didn't plan on having any more kids... much less, twins. (brittani mcintire, pregnant with twins): "we went in for our 6 week sonogram and they just said there's one heartbeat and here's another."from shock, to
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no parent expects. with a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain... one baby wasn't growing like he should. (brittani mcintire, pregnant with twins): "he's only weighing nine ounces and his sister is over two pounds " (butted to) "his only chance of survival would be heart surgery but they wouldn't do heart surgery on because of his brain" at each appointment... it's been more bad news. until tuesday... when the doctors captured this. (brittani mcintire, pregnant with twins): "we didn't really see much, she said there's his hand and there's her hand and it looks like they're holding hands." baby mason, on the left... has his tiny hand wrapped around the finger of growing twin sister madilyn. (brittani mcintire, pregnant with twins): "most twins when she's trying to take pictures and stuff they're kicking each other and hitting each other and she said with out twins it seems like she was very protective over him. "because mason may never get to know his twin or family... this special moment... siblings bonding before birth... is something these parents say is no coincidence. (ian mcintire,
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have a piece of them together that will last forever and it's special to have." (butted to)(brittani mcintire, pregnant with twins): "it's just nice with everything going on i know i'm holding him, i'm carrying him but i just want to be there for him and not knowing and she's the only one who can actually be there and holding onto him through it and so it's comforting to know that if he does pass he won't be alone." something neither baby has ever been.... from the second their hearts began beating. (mos/daughter): "we kiss them to go to bed, we sing them lullabies, we pray for them, (we just love on them huh?) mmmhmm. every moment that we have them." them."
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seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s that afternoon along with partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a few isolated showers late friday night into saturday morning but it's a minor chance at best. saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs will be near 60 degrees before dropping back to the mid 50s on sunday as another cold front approaches the area. we will see a better chance for rain on sunday which may limit
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getting your passport might
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says it will soon add passport services at all of its stores nationwide. nationwide.the company started taking passport-officials photos for customers last year and says its seen an eight- percent increase in passport service-sales last month over january, 2015.because of that demand -- the company is expanding its services.nearly 50-million american passports expire over the next three years. so you have your new chip credit card but you can't seem to use its technology anywhere. why is that?the c-e-o of visa says that of the more than three-quarter-of-a-million places that take visa in the u-s... only 17-percent accept chip cards right now.part of the reason is that the existing credit card readers last at least seven years so there's no rush to replace them.for the stores that have... they don't want to teach cashiers and customers how to use them.many restaurants likely won't use chip technology until later this year because software has to be updated to include handling tips.
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predictions are already coming in for the hottest toys your kids and grandkids will be asking for this holiday season. season.there are three trends according to the experts at the u-s toy industry association.the first one -- drones and robot toys.they'll be drones specifically for children.and robots will teach building. next watch out for more toys that let families bond.that includes more board games, crafts and outdoor games you can do together. number three are toys that let children be a "creator."toys and crafts teach them to cook, design and'll see more things like kits for jewelry making and videography sets. 46:38 this is mildred. this is howard, and this is a picture of their wedding day 77 years ago today. coming up their
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wise words of advice today from a young boy who was hospitalized after eating a medical marijuana cookie.he
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you find on the ground'the eight year old found the cookie near a rock quarry, ate it and then got sick a few hours later.he said things stopped looking real and that's when he knew he needed help. :14 jackson hart / 8: "i seen a wrapper that said 'cookie'. i grabbed it, and it was heavy, and i looked inside and it was a cookie, and i ate it - and it was not a good cookie." cookie.":37 jessica hart / jackson's mom: "my son started saying he wasn't feeling very well - pulling at his face, and saying that he wasn't feeling right." right."the boy's mother says the cookie had two times the amount of marijuana in it recommended for an adulthe is doing okay now after doctors monitored him for more than five hours. a colorado couple is celebrating their 77th wedding anniversary. the now's anne mcnamara asks...what's their secret to staying together all these years? 77 years...21:13 we were married that long?
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unbelievable huh?!this is a picture from the betts' wedding day....not long after they met. 35:28 from what i understand they went over to his friend henry's who she was supposed to have a date with, but she met howard and thats who she ended up with 24:05 looks at him....lotta trouble...laughs...(pans to him over next track)they've been together ever since. mildred is 93...howard...99. 28:06 he'll be 100 in june so he wants to make it that far their son thomas takes care of them at his home. 33:32 it means a lot to me as a son being in a family where parents stay togethergiving them photographs to fill in the blanks that dementia...alzh eimer's...and old age entered into their love story. nats (any of them pointing at pictures)44:50 thats when he was an airplane pilottogether they flip through the years. howard has trouble he touches mildreds arm...always keeping her by his side.35:47 he still
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he cant see and eveyrthing. hes right there for everything she does. he helps her and its fun - it's pretty neat having them here nats48:55 velcro shoes on mildred says the secret to their longevity is... 22:08 not to be under each others feet for years... do your own thing but today...they're all going out to lunch...nats - wheelchair going down ramp50:44 theres whewww! hahahha to celebrate one of the longest marriages in the country. a love that's outlasted 12 presidents...five wars...and today...marks 77 years together. cover sot24:18 cant think that far back!for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. howard and mildred had five children. they are now great-great-grandparents. a new member of the zoo to introduce you to!this is otto the baby potto!he's actually named after longtime zoo supporter otto budig.otto is one of only 16 pottos living in captivity -- seven of which live here in cincinnati.those are cat-sized nocturnal
4:26 pm's unclear otto's gender though because it has a helicopter mother.yep, zoo officials say she won't let them get near otto. warmer weather is on the way -- steve promises -- but that means so is pothole season.but there is a way to better protect your car from those damaging patches of road.the answer -- next! before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal.
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the taco salad meal. zen steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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cincinnati... the now cincinnati is following breaking news.a car
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tahoe terrace in delhi township.take a look at this first photo from 9 on your side viewer rebecca walter.we have a crew heading to the scene to see if anyone is hurt. expect a live update at the top of 9 on your side at 5. as we leave the deep freeze of winter and head towards milder temperatures for spring,that means pothole season is coming too. too.9 on your sides tony mirones tells us what to prepare for and how to prevent your car from being damaged. none of us look forward to pothole season.((nats))sure the road depressions are cumbersome to manuever around, but they can also get expensive if your car finds one.chris miller/aaa bob sumerel "this came off of the customers car, hit a pothole, broke some suspension parts, the suspension parts actually pierced the wall of the wheel and went throught the wheel from the inside."a recent triple-a survey shows an average of 300-bucks are spent for every pothole damaged car. this one was way more expensive.chris miller/aaa bob sumerel "repairs for the
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everything probably 800-1,500, somewhere in there."the key to avoid pothole damage isn't to drive like an obstacle course, instead, make sure your tires are inflated properly. mechanics i spoke with said this is the main reason there's damage to a car at all. don't speed, and keep plenty of distance between you and other trafficcheryl parker/aaa cincinnati "so it's a costly problem so we want to draw attention the problem so the community that law-makers are aware of the costs associated with this."the report suggests that drivers spend more than three-billion dollars a year to fix their car from the road. that's why the city of cincinnati created an app, to help identify where roads need repaired.this helps keep city traffic running smoothly, and hopefully, your car from bottoming out.tony mirones the now cincinnati. cincinnati. here's the deal, we want to help you and other drivers keep a smooth ride.that's why at wcpo dot com you we have information for you to report potholes, and what to do if your car is damaged by one.
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kidnapping a man from a hotel and forcing him to withdraw money from atms.. have been captured. captured.police say charles burnett, junior and emma haumesser used a website to meet the victim then lured him to the quality inn and suites in erlanger on valentines day. thats where they held the victim at gunpoint..forced him into the car.. and then had him withdraw cash at six banks. when the last machine kept the man's debit card -- police say the duo attacked him.burnett and haumesser now face ten to 20 years in jail if convicted. technology is advancing every day and some of that very research fueling that change -- comes from cincinnati. -- senator rob portman was among those at the queen city mobile summit to talk about the future of apps and technology and how small, startup companies in our city can make big business. 10.41.55 think about that this has all happened in the last decade. having kids myself
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in this world they live on mobile devices and they live to tell their father which apps to put on his phone 10.42.23 10.42.23portman said today that it is important to make sure new companies have what they need to thrive here in our city -- because the bottom line is that their success -- means new job opportunities. tonight the republicans running for the white house begin a two-night showdown to try to win over voters. needless to say there's a lot at stake. so that's why we're bringing in 9 on your side anchor carol williams to break it all down. we'll only hear from three of the six remaining candidates tonight. tonight.ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio will be in greenville, south carolina. then tomorrow night it will be jeb bush, ohio's john kasich and donald trump -- all speaking in columbia.they won't debate each other.this will be a town hall-style
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questions from voters... and separately. it's the last national forum before the republican primary in south carolina this's important to note it's a more diverse state compared to iowa and new hampshire.and,in five of the last six elections... the winner of the south carolina primary... went on to win the republican nomination. the most recent poll shows trump leading there right now but his numbers have dropped since the last debate.he's followed by cruz, rubio and behind. the town halls will be online and on c-n-n at 8 p-m eastern tonight and tomorrow.democrats don't vote in south for another week -- february 27-th. that same poll shows right now bernie sanders. the south carolina primary is just three days away.and political experts say its
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real impression of what african-american voters are thinking... since there are many more black voters in south carolina than iowa or new hampshire.according to a new study from wallethub ... than s.c. s.c.ohio's black voters though rank 'second' out of 48 states when it comes to engagement. the study examined things like turnout, population, and representation.we have the best proportional representatio n of black voters in our state legislature.kentucky ranked 24th for black political 11th. turning to weather -- a gray day today but more sunshine is on the way! temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s that afternoon along with partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a few isolated showers late friday night into saturday morning but it's a minor chance at best. saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs will be near 60 degrees before dropping back to the mid 50s on sunday as another cold
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will see a better chance for rain on sunday which may limit your chance to get outside at times. a little boy is hurt at school -- and helped by first responders. he's returing their kindness with a treat of
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a kansas boy is thanking the same troopers who helped him after a serious fall.the
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week in his school gym and was knocked unconscious.his mother arrived just as first responders were loading him into an ambulance.he's doing better and giving back to emergency crews who were at and thank you notes. highway patrol :45 "it will warm your heart and now a days with everything else going on in the world it's pretty neat to have a little kid recognize us." us."the boy and his mother say there isn't enough they can do to show their appreciation to those first responders. a new study finds people in flint, michigan pay the highest rates for water in the nation for something they can't even use. use.the review looked at the 5-hundred largest water systems in the found people in flint paid about 8-hundred-64 dollars a year for water service.that's nearly twice the national average.and about 7-percent of the average household income in flint.the study says a water bill shouldn't be greater than 3-percent. (nats of music) this morning... a mariachi band...
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greeted the pope in mexico city.during his visit, the pope is expected to speak about immigration...and offer prayers for the people who've died trying to cross the border into the united states. it's all part of his 5 day visit to mexico. one of the world's most notorious drug kingpins says being back in prison is turning him into a zombie. zombie.we've told you before about the unprecedented security joaquin "el chapo" guzman is now under in mexico. his lawyer now says he's a victim of physical and mental of the main reasons: sleep deprivation. guards wake him up every two hours at night.his every move is monitored.guard dogs watch him.officials want to make sure he never escapes from prison again.he did break out twice.he and his drug cartel are linked to the murders of thousands of people.he may eventually be extradicted to the united states to face charges here. a developing story right now... take a look at these satellite photos...the u-s... now confirming china has deployed surface-to-air missiles onto
4:41 pm
sea.we've shown you this area before...there's been concern china's building up the islands and reefs here... to create a military stronghold. in a somewhat surprising admission... beijing today said sea and air defenses have been there for years.and says the missile deployment is both appropriate and reasonable. japan calls it unacceptable. six countries in that region all disagree over who owns that territory in the south china sea. it's that time of year when if you have the money -- you start making plans to travel for spring break. break.but a trip doesn't have to break the to save
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... mexico, florida, hawaii - it's that time of year - spring millions of us plan our vacations - many of us will spend too much money during it.the now's candice aviles... looks at the best ways we can stick to our budget... and not get caught up in post-vacation debt. debt. "we're going to mexico, i'm super excited. we're going some place warm especially to get away from this cold."andy verdeyen says his spring break planning came easy.with the help of a travel agent and knowing his budget.andy verdeyen @ 11 - 16 "we have our budget set. i'm going to spend x amount of dollars while i'm down there and as long as i stick to that it will be alright and a good time."t's no secret destination vacations add up fast."the key is to plan and budget. spending a lot of money doesn't relate to having a good time."the president of
4:43 pm
benham - has a few smart ways you can save more.first up - set a daily budget and use cash.brian @ 31-37 "maybe hedge it by an extra 10 percent. so if you have 300 dollars set aside for that day throw in an extra 30 bucks and put that in your pocket because what a lot of people will do is take a credit card and swipe all day long and then they'll spend 600 dollars on a 300 dollar budget day." bannerplan to have that cash on you already so you avoid using atms wherever you go.atm fees can add up fast costing you an extra 50 to 100 dollars a week."another thing when you take a family of 4 or 5 out in some vacation areas you may spend 40 to 50 dollars just on breakfast."so benham says save a few bucks by staying at a hotel with complimentary breakfast.another big money drain can be transportation. taxis add up fast - so take time to research public transportation or use uber or lyft as a cost friendly up, always re- check your purchases.benham says sometimes you can find better deals closer to your vacation."you might find that if the hotel wasn't successful in booking all the rooms they may start discounting and
4:44 pm
within 24 hours to cancel and you can rebook. so that's a great way to minimize some of your costs."for the now, i'm candice aviles. benham also says take advantage of rewards programs. you are probably racking up more points than you think. some companies offer discounts or freebies just for signing if you're a triple-a member, student, senior or a member of the military... you are sometimes eligible for discounts - just ask.planning ahead of time can save you big bucks. if you plan to travel soon listen to this.the f-d-a has new guidelines for keeping the zika virus out of the u-s blood supply.the agency is asking people who recently traveled to affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood.this also applies to everyone who had sexual contact with those travelers.zika is spreading through latin america, central
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temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s that afternoon along with partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a few isolated showers late friday night into saturday morning but it's a minor chance at best. saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs will be near 60 degrees before dropping back to the mid 50s on sunday as another cold front approaches the area. we will see a better chance for rain on sunday which may limit
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it's one of the universe's great mysteries is there extra-terrestrial life somewhere out there?newsy's katie link found is bound and determined to answer that question means moving lots of people to do it. china is really serious about its search for aliens. so serious that it's forcing thousands of people out of their homes in order to build a giant radio's called fast, and it's going up in the southwestern province of guizhou. construction started back in 2011, and experts say the telescope could help researchers finally discover extraterrestrial life
4:48 pm
might not find anything. either way, 9,110 residents are being relocated to "create a sound electromagnetic wave environment." which may be the most unique reason yet for a forced relocation by the chinese government. in years past, the communist party has moved people out of their homes to make way for new dams and infrastructure in the name of helping the environment or boosting the the past, international rights groups have tried to stand up for these people, arguing relocated residents often don't get enough warning or compensation. in the case of the giant alien-searching telescope, residents will be paid 12,000 yuan, or about $1,800 u.s., for their troubles. and maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to say they once lived in the place that first discovered aliens. this video includes images from getty images. we mentioned it earlier in the now cincinnati -- pitchers and
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training *tomorrow.and a big question following the off-season trades is *who are the guys suiting up for the reds this season?weigh in during this week's *caption this contest!right now on the wcpo's facebook page you have the chance to create the top caption for this cartoon.if you don't have your own caption, you can just vote for your favorite by clicking "like" on one that's already there.the winning caption gets a free wcpo insider subscription.good luck! the duchess of cambridge took on another high profile role today ...kate middleton was the guest editor of the huffington post's u-k edition. a crew tranformed a room in kensington palace into a newsroom for kate's stint as editor ...part of why she's stepping into the role is to bring attention to a cause close to her heart ... mental health in children. kate is calling for an end to the taboos surrounding mental health... publishing a blog saying she and prince william will raise their children to their feelings. stephen hull we felt people
4:50 pm
children were being ignored or being forgotten about slightly but people like the duchess talk about this, she has global voice and she can reach people all around the world - 12 secs secsthe duchess also launched a p-s-a in the u-k focusing on her cause.and she did some editor things too ... commissioning a number of blog posts and articles throughout the day. now here's carol with what's coming up, starting at 5. 5. tanya, we are staying on top of that terrible wrong-way accident...and why the driver went in the wrong direction. and reaction has been pouring in, in response to our scripps investigation of the cincinnati va hospital....whic h found our local facility to be one of the "worst performing" va hospitals in the country. i got at least
4:51 pm
facebook page....our jason law will report on other stories from viewers and response from our lawmakers. and if you know someone with autism or a child with autism, you know how parents strive to find the key to help them express themselves. at 530 rose ann aragon has a touching story of a boy who found what gives him joy, and now wants to share it. it.and speaking of spreading joy, our julie o'neill goes back to school, with the surprise patrol, to pass out more free money. tanya -- ad lib wrap he claimed to be a doctor but investigators say that wasn't true. do they know?he's just 18 years old and now he's
4:52 pm
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south dakota is on track to become the first state telling bathrooms they must use. use.state senators approved a bill tuesday that had already passed through the state house. would require public school students to use bathrooms that correspond to their birth-assigned gender -- not the gender they identify with.the same rule would apply to locker rooms and showers. the bill now goes to the governor ... who is expected to sign it.but some transgender rights activists are telling him... "talk to the people you're affecting." :45 - 1:03ashley joubert-gaddis the center for equality(ashley joubert-gaddis, the center for
4:55 pm
daugaard to remember as he stands behind his statement that he has can not recall meeting a transgender person, that these bills are about real people and he responsibility to sit down with some of the people who actually vote for him to hear their voices." the bill still allows transgender students to request what it calls "reasonable accommodation" from their schools.supporters say it matches better with the federal law requiring equality among sexes in public education a 19 year old woman is now accused of attempted murder. murder.police in san diego say she was unhappy about her haircut and tried to shoot her barber. barber.the woman got her hair cut last week.but apparently wasn't happy with it and returned 20 minutes later with a handgun/the handgun was loaded.... but didn`t fire :14 "she walked in a said look what you did to my hair" hair"makenzie harvey prosecutor :37 "its pretty bizarre case .... she`s upset about the
4:56 pm
the barber and pulls the trigger three times.." police say she fired three times but none of the bullets fired.the judge in the case set bail at 750 thousand dollars. his reviews are glowing, proof of just how much his patient's loved him.only problem -- the doctor isn't really a doctor. doctor.he's just 18 years old and now in big trouble. michelle quesada reports. reports.
4:57 pm
certifications. investigators say they worked off a complaint - and found that dr. love-robinson was practicing without a medical license. 19:02:02 i tried to call him and make contact with him and he didn't answer the phone and then the next thing i know somebody is showing me his picture where he's been arrestedmalachai's grandfather still in disbelief about the accusations made against his grandson.19:03:47 do you see him go in his coat every day to work thinking that this is something legit? well once he opened up the office and the practice i felt like it was something legit that he's trying to doto an outsider his alleged practice would appear legit - according to health grades (dot) com - a site where patients can find local doctors -love-robinson's profile says he specializes in naturopathy, psychology and mental health - it also says he's 25 years old. 19:00:29 if he has slipped and did something wrong i just ask everybody pray for him >>
4:58 pm
that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. breaking now - a car rams into a house!we'll tell you where it happened - and if anyone was at home! a deadly wrong-way crash! police say this woman slammed into a man who was trying to make it home from work! 10;23 - 10:26"it appears he was doing everything right. a terrible accident happened." happened."what the suspect admitted to doing before getting on the road.and how often deadly wrong-way crashes happen in ohio. clearing up a mystery. an attorney and radio host charged with driving under the influence.what her radio colleague has to say about what police found in her car. spreading like flu spreading not too far from the tri-state.we're on your side with the signs to watch out for. traces of wood in your parmesan cheese!the lie many companies are telling you. we'll tell you how much wood is in some popular brand names. 9 on your side at five starts
4:59 pm
getting back to that breaking news - a car goes out of control and smashes into a house. house.our crew just pulled up the scene.nine on your sides john genovese is on tahoe terrace. terrace.he's live with new


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