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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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clippers go on a 13-0 run divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. about you inventing it. and isn't that what really matters? so...
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the clippers, doc rivers is trying to get them to trap earlier. so valuable time didn't get wasted. the steal, the near turnover and the prigioni three makes it a one-possession game and steve kerr goes back to his starters. >> they have a foul to give. there's the foul on curry with 4.6 remaining. now golden state will inbound again.
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timeouts remaining. golden state has one timeout left. >> this game was all but over. they were talking about the next step for golden state. the clippers reserves, iguodala looking, looking. inside. the ball is knocked away. picked up by wilcox. wilcox puts it up, won't go, and the game ends! how about that. a final shot could have tied it and force overtime. doc rivers could even smile about it. golden state survives the final couple of minutes. >> good job of active hands and denying the basketball. keep it away from curry, away from thompson. force a turnover. wilcox actually has a chance to send this game into overtime. had open shooters on the wing. >> he should have passed the ball, but what a great run by the clippers.
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state/l.a. clippers game. klay thompson led scores with 32. he's with lisa. >> thank you, mike. klay, what happened? it seemed like this game was over. what happened? >> we got careless with the ball and before you know it they scored 8 points in about 20 seconds. got to learn from it and learn it's a 48-minute game. they're never going to stop fighting. >> you got the win and before the game you told us you could not have another game like last night. so what was different tonight for most of the game? >> the intensity here was special. it's crazy, it's the regular season. it's always fun to play the clippers. electricity in this building got us up and ready for 48 minutes and our turnovers, too. we didn't have 13 turnovers in a quarter like we did last night. >> you did have 30-plus assists tonight. for the 28th time which is a franchise record for you guys, what does that say about your team and all the assists that you had night after night.
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we modelled the offense after sharing the ball. it's contagious when one person moves on and the next guy gets an open shot. it's always going to come back to them. 30 assists is crazy. it's a testament to how unselfish we are. >> a win is a win, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike, back to you. >> lisa, the win makes them 49-5 on the season. much more nba action on espn coming up wednesday. at 8, wizards and bulls. then the sturs and kings. coverage begins at 7:30. wild finish as the warriors hold off the clippers 115-112. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer and director and our wonderful abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching as the warriors defeat the clippers for the third time this season in three games.
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developing now -- a big shakeup tonight in the wake of south carolina's primary. as trump nabs a big win....once heavily favored...jeb bush bows out... he has confirmed he is dropping out of the race. the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my
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meantime it is on to nevada for ohio governor john kasich and the republican caucus there, tuesday.kasich saying tonight he will stay in the race.he didn't expect to do well in south's megan hughes in south carolina tonight looking at what this all means for the once very crowded republican field. hillary clinton and donald trump--now each boast two wins in the race for the white house? (chant: hillary, hillary) clinton sounding confident-and taking swings-- sot clinton we need, we need more than a plan for the big banks. the middle class needs a raise! and we need more jobs! [cheers] south carolina voters cementing--donald trump as the outsider- now firmly on the "inside" track. sot trump: "there's nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful." long lines to vote in both states
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ted cruz and marco rubio-both with strong performances. after another poor showing, an emotional jeb bush called it quits. . sot jeb bush: "tonight, i am suspending my campaign, yeah, yeah. (chokes up, applause)" in nevada--bernie sanders emphasizing that he narrowed a big gap with clinton. sot sanders you know, five weeks ago we were 25 points behind in the polls. sanders remains behind in south carolina.democrats will vote here next saturday. over in nevada -- hillary clinton wins that state's democratic caucus important victory for clinton. it gives her at least 18 of the state's 35 delegates.
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and so grateful for all of my supporters. some doubted us other. :13 :13this not like iowa where we didn't know until the next day who won.bernie sanders has already conceded to clinton. :10 they ran a very aggressive, succesful campaign. and i applaud them for their efforts clinton's win comes the same day this party kicked off clinton's campaign here in cincinnati with the opening of her campaign headquarters and phone bank on kovach drive. speaking today some familiar democrats including former mayor mark mallory and state senator cecil thomas. michele mueller, clinton supporter she not only has good ideas and good plans she's actually implemented those and she can break down those walls in washington and that's the excitement that i have her i believe that she can get it done. done.michele mueller says the next four weeks till the
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furious trying to deliver ohio. supporters of bernie sanders also rallied see them here at cincinnati city hall where their march started and ended. a lot of young people here...pushing what they call a grassroots effort that mike moroski says feels reinvigorating. mike moroski, sanders supporter my thing is i feel like hillary clinton is probably the most qualified candidate for the system we currently have, but quite frankly i think bernie sanders is the best candidate for the system we should have. have.the group, socialist alternative, organized this. we are getting close. the ohio primary is march 15th. the indiana primary is may third, and the kentucky primary is may 17th. also tonight a story you'll see only on nine on your side. a body has been pulled from the little miami river.9 on your side's jay warren confirming for you that crews searched early this evening and are now in the process of
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he joins us live from loveland where that body was found.jay -- what can you tell us? we are standing next to the little miami river along lyons road which is in the area where loveland police and warren county sheriff's deputies were staging directly across the river from where we are we know that emergency personnel were staged at bettyray park and bodley field--neighbors told us there were several police cars at that location--and we learned from dispatch that the scene was cleared around seven o'clock9 on your side called the hamilton county coroner's office which did confirm there is a death report from a scene here in loveland but they referred us to the warren county sheriff's officewarren county dispatch did confirm they had units out here but that is all--i talked to several neighbors none of whom
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did say they saw the heavy police presence earlierso what we know right now is that a body was pulled from the little miami here in loveland but if investigators know who it is they are not saying at this point this is still quite new and i am told more information will likely be released tomorrow including a 911 call from the person who found the body--jay warren 9 on your side loveland turning to weather -- what a fantastic day!a lot of people took advantage and went outside. what a spectacular saturday! record warmth was recorded at the cincinnati/northern kentucky international airport when the mercury hit 72 degrees around 3:17 p.m. that's 28 degrees above our normal high of 44 degrees this time of year. here is your 9 first warning to early sunday rain. clouds increase later tonight and a chance of rain moves in by midnight. right now, the greatest coverage
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daybreak. the heaviest rain will likely impact northern kentucky. rainfall totals of .25" to .75" are possible. rain chances will decrease in coverage by 3p.m. most of this is light rain, but a few pockets of heavier rain are possible south of the ohio river. while we'll remain above normal sunday, it won't be nearly as warm. highs fall into the 50s. an eight year old girl from buffalo is here in cincinnati tonight -- fighting to survive a fire that killed two others
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suffered burns to more than 90 percent of her body in the fire thursday.her mother's husband, dimitrius johnson, carried her out of the fire before going back inside for his three year old son.that boy survived.johnson and an upstairs neighbor died. treasure was flown to shriners hospital in corryville for treatment.and thanks to the organization, wings flights of hope, her mother and grandmother are by her side. joe demarco/wings flights of hope"they were saying on the way out they didn't know whether it was day or night i just feel so bad for them what's going through their mind neither of them have ever flown in a plane before we're dealing with people who have all these emotions." emotions."treasure is currently sedated and faces a host of surgeries.a doctor in buffalo has said she will survive but will have a long recovery. a stolen handgun leads police to the man they think also stole a 12 thousand dollar guitar from a home in north bend.
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records *scott arnold broke into a home on triplecrown while someone was inside and took off with several handguns and a gibson guitar. investigators say arnold had his girlfriend pawn the guitar at a kentucky store.but when police recovered one of the stolen handguns, that led them to arnold.he's now charged with burglary and receiving stolen was set at 60 thousand dollars. the long arm of the law catches up with two men wanted for robbing a udf store on victory parkway.both billy freeman and derius powell... have been in trouble before because they're now charged with the robbery as well has having weapons despite prior convictions.investigators say the men were armed when they held up that udf, february ninth.police say they tracked down the men because they used freeman's vehicle to getaway. today was a nice day to drive with the windows down.but thousands also spent time *indoors checking out the
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cars!this weekend is the cincinnati auto expo at the duke energy convention center. 400 cars from just about every auto maker are on display.and you don't just have to look. there are two different ride and drives too!organizers tell 9 on your side that it's all about appealing to american's long standing love for cars. 10.57.40 we know one third come every year and i think its because americans love cars and they want to see the latest and newest that are available 57.48 57.48the auto expo will be open tomorrow eleven to five. a somber day in washington. supreme court justice antonin scalia is laid to rest. rest. and he's not the only one remembered today.a look at the ceremony for author harper lee - less than 24 hours after her death. and a massive rockslide traps an entire town!no way
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 thousands gathered in the nation's capitol to pay respect to supreme court justice antonin scalia.a funeral mass was held at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception today, one week after scalia was found dead in his hotel of his nine children, the reverend paul scalia, said the mass.longtime friend justice clarence thomas read the first reading. (justice clarence thomas) "hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us." us."scalia's family immediately left for the burial site. president obama did not attend today's ceremonies.instead -- he paid
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scalia's body laid in repose. not even 24 hours after she died -- pulitzer prize winning novelist harper lee was buried today in a private ceremony. ceremony.a few dozen people gathered in her hometown of monroeville, alabama to pay tribute to the mind behind works like "to kill a mockingbird and "go set a watchman.lee's friend -- history professor wayne flynt -- eulogized her with a speech lee requested called "atticus inside ourselves.flynt gave that speech in 2006 to honor lee.after the ceremony lee was buried in the cemetery adjacent to the first united methodist church.that's where her parents and sister are also buried.lee died friday at the age of 89. an entire town in idaho is trapped following *this landslide!as of tonight there is no way in or out of elk city.that means about 250
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nearly 15 tons of rock and dirt slid off a mountain side and onto a major highway.the good news here is that nobody was hurt.but there is no idea how long it will take to clear the highway.there is a county road that passes through elk city but right now 17 miles of it is covered in three foot snow drifts.the u.s. forestry service and bureau of land management had to give the okay to clear it.that work is now underway. what a spectacular saturday! record warmth was recorded at the cincinnati/northern kentucky international airport when the mercury hit 72 degrees around 3:17 p.m.
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normal high of 44 degrees this time of year. here is your 9 first warning to early sunday rain. clouds increase later tonight and a chance of rain moves in by midnight. right now, the greatest coverage appears to be during the morning just prior to daybreak. the heaviest rain will likely impact northern kentucky. rainfall totals of .25" to .75" are possible. rain chances will decrease in coverage by 3p.m. most of this is light rain, but a few pockets of heavier rain are possible south of the ohio river. while we'll remain above normal sunday, it won't be nearly as warm. highs fall
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ken broo is next... xavier has set itself up for a showdown night this coming wednesday night nightand at fifth third arena today....nick lachey looked worried. did he have a reason
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done with the hoyas, the xavier musketeers now wait on the number one team in the country. villanova is coming to the cintas center this wednesday night. second half now. and watch the musketeers move the ball.
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blueitt. he was five of ten and had 13 points. eleven of those in the second half.and edmund sumner was just terrific. the speed through the baseline. sumner was six of nine, made all of his free throws.. xavier was 29-of-31 from the line.and sumner was simply unguardable at times. look at this. xavier shot 54- perecnet from the field for the game.'x' opened the second half on a 15-0 runand xavier goes to 24-3 with a win at georgetown. wednesday night, at the cintas center, it's xavier against number one in the country, villanova and for the moment, uc is off the bubble. but if uc plays the rest of the way, as it did today? the bearcats won't have to worry about making the ncaa tournament. uber bearcats fans, nick lachey soaking it fifth third arena. the bearcats gary clark had himself a game. six of 12, 13-points and eleven rebounds. this was a big bucket by kevin johnson. johnson was off the bench, eight points in 21-playing minutes.freshman jacob evans played well, too.


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