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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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questions turn to answers in the search for an army vet, missing for seven weeks.the reason why a mother believes she is burying her son... and six people die in a string of killings in kalamazoo.what the alleged shooter was doing between kills that earned him some cash! good evening - tonight a mother has some answers seven weeks after her son, an army veteran with p-t-s-d, jumped into the little miami river. river.nine on your side's rose- ann aragon is live where just hours ago those who loved this young man learned of his passing...rose-ann? that's right julie --she says he meant everything to her.
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searched for miles here along the little miami river-- today that search came to an end. "he was just full of light, love...the not knowing was awful"the feeling of *not *knowing if your loved one is still alive. january first, missy hubbard's son aaron berns went missing---that day his brother's home caught fire-- when police went to ask him questions-- he jumped into the little miami river. the 27-year-old was an army veteran-- his mother says he was religious and intelligent-- but he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder26-35 cg (missy hubbard-birth mother)"he wanted to run into the woods and start over with whatever god could provide for him. and that's how forgone his ptsd was." for days crews and dozens of volunteers searched the cold, murky waters-- his mother and brother walking miles--hoping for any signs of life. "along the banks and in kayaks-- the weather permitting we were here. every day. that we could." until now.
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ashore near loveland over the weekend. now - a task no mother ever wants "across the table [i] identified his tatts and markings... a painful moment i know it's our aaron that she'll never forget thought i wanted him found but man that hurt." alongside her tonight-- his brother, friends, fellow army veterans and his adoptive parents-- cg at 1:15-1:22 (connie berns- aaron's adoptive mom)"someonei has to do something to prepare our young men to really face civilian life" -- it is a call for change & a time to remember.(missy "we all love you and i hope i see you soon. cuz i love you so much." that was rose-ann aragon reporting.funeral plans are in the works! after a gorgeous springlike weekend, we start heading back
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meteorologist sherry hughes with a first check of your nine first warning forecast! heavy rain fell over the tri-state this morning (1.57" at cvg) but you wouldn't know it with the sunny and pleasant weather now in progress. skies become partly cloudy this evening and overnight lows will dip into the lower 30s. we'll start monday on a cool and dry note. highs will top out in the mid 40s which is normal for this time of year. as the next storm system gears up to our southwest, tuesday will bring more clouds and slightly warmer air our way before the rain arrives late tuesday night into wednesday. wednesday is your 9 first warning to heavy rain that could produce localized flooding. rain arrives in the tri-state wednesday morning with an area of low pressure to our south pumping in moisture and mild air. as the system moves eastward much colder air will rush in from the northwest. leftover moisture wednesday night will likely produce a few snow showers that could eventually transition to rain as temps rise into the mid 30s thursday afternoon.
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killing spree in kalamazoo michigan like none we've seen... six people dead...and tonight - abc's elizabeth hur has chilling new details surfacing about the rampage of an uber driver. nats up from tonight's vigil) a community in mourning.. offering prayers.. not only for the victims.. but also the alleged gunman.. now in jail.sotjeff hadley, kalamazoo police chief "very relieved that we have someone in custody."(nat) - 911 gfx *shots fired we have one confirmed victim right now*the shooting spree started just after 5:40 saturday evening.. the first - a parking lot where a woman walking to her car was shot several times. the second - four hours later at a car dealership, a father and son killed.the third - outside a cracker barrel restaurant, where 4 people were killed in their cars.. including 60-year-old mary jo nye.. a retired teacher.sot jeff getting kalamazoo county
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have no reason to believe there was more than one individual involved in any of these incidents."the suspect, jason dalton, an uber driver.. taken into custody hours after the final shooting. matt mellen says he was one of dalton's customers saturday afternoon.. the ride? so frightening.. he called 911. sotmatt mellenuber passenger: "we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and when we came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away."in a statement.. the company says "our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime"'s a crime.. not just heartbreaking but baffling for.. police and dalton's neighbors.. sot chad landon, shooter's neighbor: "i've never seen any distress going on or any problems nothing."elizabeth hur on camera: baffling because uber says the 45-year-old passed a background check and police confirm he has no criminal history. we're told he could be in court as early as tomorrow. elizabeth hur,
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he zipped through a red light, ran into a car, then ran right into someone's living room. room.that's the long and short of this scene on gilbert avenue in walnut hills around five this evening. you see a smashed up honda pilot here. police say the driver of a honda accord ran a red light and crashed into that vehicle, then crashed into this apartment building on nassau....the accord making it all the way inside...coming within inches of a woman sitting on the living room couch. cincinnati police minor injuries from what it seems- talking- good spirits. she did go to the hospital though just to be checked out. out.police say the driver of the honda accord also suffered minor injuries...and will likely be cited for running the light. covering democracy 20-16 tonight...governor kasich will try to rebound this week after a weak showing in the south carolina g-o-p presidential primary...kasich heads to virginia tomorrow... for two town hall meetings! meantime.. donald trump is
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bigger win than the polls predicted... he's also getting some criticism after he re-tweeted a message suggesting ted cruz and marco rubio are both ineligible to be both candidates took aim at trump's attack strategy. "this is a pattern. this is a game he plays."butt to"to surround yourself with smart people, that's not enough." enough."the south carolina primary claimed one campaign - jeb bush called it quits. despite finishing last... ben carson is vowing to stay in the race. the fight over funding for planned parenthood in ohio just took another turn. turn.governor john kasich is signing a bill... blocking it from getting state money.the law bans the buckeye state from contracting health services with any group that performs or promotes abortion. planned parenthood is set to lose more than one million dollars in funding. we have new developments tonight in the sexual assault case against bill cosby..the
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last-minute motion, postponing her deposition tomorrow in massachusetts... ... attorneys for seven women who claim bill cosby drugged and raped them several years ago want to question camille cosby about her husband's behaviors.camille cosby argues she had no involvement with the facts or allegations in the case... and her testimony would create an unnecessary media circus... new at 11 - two people will face a hamilton county judge in the morning for charges they stole a u-haul and led police on a 30 minute chase. chase.police say darius loveless and iesha harris beat up a woman driving a u-haul in mount healthy - then took the van!police say the two led them on a 30 minute chase that ended when a hamilton county deputy threw out some stop sticks.they say harris tried running - but was bitten on her backside by a police dog. a middletown family knows well the value of having good neighbors after their
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home.the house on arcadia drive caught fire late last night.neighbors saw the flames coming from the back of the home - but didn't see anyone come running they dashed over and started pounding on bill rainey's door! front"> the house is a complete loss. it took 45 minutes for firefighters just to get it under control. an eight year old badly burned in a new york house fire is getting care tonight from doctors in the tri-state. "treasure brighon" just barely survived this fire early friday morning...she has burns to 90-percent of her body. because of her severe injuries... she came to the tri-state for treatment at shriners hospital.we'll
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and bring you updates on her condition. the man shot early this morning in avondale is expected to survive. survive.police say he was shot somewhere else - and walked to the white castle on reading road to get help.he was shot in the stomach... and was talking with police on his way to u-c medical center. center.police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger.and if you can help - give crime stoppers a call... the number: 352-3040. it would make a lot of healthy people feel out of breath just thinking about it. it.take a look at the effort your own tristate firefighters took today to help fight lung disease. one after another...up the stairs they go... taking part in the "fight for air climb" today at carew tower full gear...delhi, anderson...and firefighters from other departments climbed 45 floors, a total of 804 steps. why?
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can't.">clearly not just firefighters helping put out the problem of lung disease. anyone can take part in the annual raised will fund research for new treatments and cures for lung diseases such as asthma and lung cancer. next at 11...grind the beans beansnew research about real benefits of drinking coffee. we'll explain after the break. plus - file away!consumer reporter john matarese outlines how you may easily send in your tax returns without paying a dime. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 something to help you enjoy
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tomorrow research shows that drinking coffee could cut your chance of liver disease.sciencetists found that having two cups a day cuts your changes of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis by 44-percent! cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. but experts say that coffee will never balance out all the negative affects of excessive alcohol drinking. have you filed your taxes yet? so much talk about how to do it the most cost efficient way...john matarese is on your side tonight with who can actually file for you don't waste your money! why pay for tax filing in 2016, when millions of us file free through the irs website. but its not always so simple ...which is why many people who qualify dont do it.turns out there are still a few catches.-------------------- every year, people pay hundreds of dollars to tax
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they could have done it free of charge through the irs website.just visit, and click on the free file will link you to more than a dozen different companies that will let you file free of charge through their website.the biggest requirement: you must have earn less than 62 dollars in 2015, but since most americans do...that's not a problem for most taxpayers. -----------------------2 secs separator---------------------- but from the doesn't that stink file, three of the catches you may you may still have to pay as much as $30 to file your state return.two: if you choose turbotax -- the #1 program-- the income limit is not 62,0000's just 31 thousand for most people.and 3. free filing from tax act requires you to be under the age of 56. if you are 57, you may say: doesnt that stink?the good news: there are enough options, so you should be able to find another service that will take you. you.will the irs ever make
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everyone?not until a new president throws out the tax code....which probabaly wont happen.but its still worth checking to see if you qualify so you dont waste your money. side. it was simply just a beautiful day to get out...sherry! heavy rain fell over the tri-state this morning (1.57" at cvg) but you wouldn't know it with the sunny and pleasant weather now in progress. skies become partly cloudy this evening and overnight lows will dip into the lower 30s. we'll start monday on a cool and dry note. highs will top out in the mid 40s which is normal for this time of year. as the next storm system gears
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will bring more clouds and slightly warmer air our way before the rain arrives late tuesday night into wednesday. wednesday is your 9 first warning to heavy rain that could produce localized flooding. rain arrives in the tri-state wednesday morning with an area of low pressure to our south pumping in moisture and mild air. as the system moves eastward much colder air will rush in from the northwest. leftover moisture wednesday night will likely produce a few snow showers that could eventually transition to rain as temps rise into the mid 30s thursday
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you have to think john lennon would never "imagine" this. this.a four-inch lock of his hair sells for 35-thousand dollars!!!it's described as
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beatles' hair ever...a hair dresser snipped the hair in 19-67 when lennon starred in the movie: "how i won the war!" rapper "50 cent is heading to court over his pictures on instagram.a bankruptcy judge is demanding he explain a photo of him with stacks of one hundred dollars bills that could easily add up to 50-grand."50 cent" whose real name is curtis jackson filed for bankruptcy last year! coming up next in sports... the photo finish at the daytona 500! 500!and jay bruce is in camp with the reds, talking about his tenuous future with the cincinnati reds. ken broo has
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the start of this year's daytona 500. and the honor of dropping the green flag went to ken griffey junior.
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last year's series champ, kyle busch. didn't get to race in the 2015 500. he was injured chase elliott, on the pole, the youngest daytona 500 polw winnerand two time '500' champ, dale junior.wwe superstar, john cena just before jumping in the pace car. and then, the green flag dropped.didn't take long for chase elliott to feel the pressure. lap four, dale junior seizes the lead.and it got worse for elliot, 15 laps later, he gets 'loose'. and then goes for a spin through the infield. that'll lock up the front end of your ride.lap 56 now. and brian vickers, driving for the injured tony stewart gets loose, too. he goes for a trip...actually, the ride with the most damage belonged to carl edwards, after now the final lap. in the yellow car, matt kenseth has the lead. but denny hamlin comes from fourth to first with a move straight out of dirt track racing. watch hamlin split between kenseth on the outside and
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inside. kenseth is bumped out of the way. it's a duel to the finish between truex and hamlin. and hamlin wins literally by inches. hamlin benefited from a push from kevin harvick. and joe gibbs racing wins its first '500' in 23 years. later, hamlin was thinking big, about the rest of this nascar season. trt doing that."((hamlin: a championship's next on the list for us. i've been so close in my career, i just feel like i've knocked on the door next thing is to knock the dang thing in. so, this is a big start to doing that. )) and look at how close this finish was......hamlin nose to nose with martin truex at the finish line....and winning the daytona 500 by just one, one hundredth of a second. closest finish in daytona 500 history. hard to believe, that this is
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camp with the reds. it's likely to be his last. the reds are rebuilding and bruce may not be around when that job is finally finished. it's a bit of an upset that he's in goodyear. the reds tried to deal bruce in the off season and couldn't. there was a glut of left handed hitting outfielders on the market...and bruce hasn't had a good season since 2013, when he hit 262 and had 30-home runs. but you have to give bruce this: it's obvious the reds would rather not have him during their rebuilding. but he's totally taking the high road. trt as usual for me"((bruce: i'm ready to go. i'm a red until i'm not. so it's business as usual for me)) me)) the guy is taking the high road. he went onto says he knows it's a business. and if the reds think they can make their future brighter than the present and it involves dealing him, he's fine with it. everybody has to be in camp by tuesday. first exhibition game of 2016 is one week from
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former xavier university golfer, jason koke-rack was battling for the northern trust open late today. here, out of the beach on number 16, a par three. setting himself up...for this, a par save to keep the lead at 14-under par. but koke-rack might've been feeling the heat.for off the tee on number seventeen, his shot goes screaming into the trees. amazingly, koke-rack saved par on this hole too. but bubba watson was peaking right about this time. and watson caught him on that same 17thhole when he taps in the birdie putt to move to 15- under and he takes the here was koke-rack on the 18th. if he sinks this he would've tied watson for the lead. but he can't. watson by one for the northern trust
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ah, smell that air. yeah.
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oh, hold on. i gotta stop. why? i gotta get home and wait for the cable company. k, but we just left your house. oh my gosh, great workout. no, this is your house! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to get out of your morning run. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. now you can choose a one-hour arrival window, and our new tech tracker feature will alert you with a text or email with your technician's name and photo
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9 on your side is following breaking news in the west bound lanes of i-275 in montgomery.a person was just hit by a car near the i-71 ramps.police officers from both montgomery and blue ash are's not clear if any lanes are shut down. this is a live traffic camera from near the area.we'll pass along any new information over night on wcpo dot com.and have more when you wake up on good
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this ??.we're always on with breaking news and weather
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coming up tonight on meijer sports of all sorts....are they back off the bubble? and if so, how long will uc be there? and what will it take in their final three games of the season, and the conference tournament to get them in the ncaa tournament?it'll be one of the biggest sports events we've had in town, in years. wednesday night, xavier plays villanova. if it comes down to one last shot....who do you want to take it, and why?the reds are in camp....expecta tions are low, ridiculously low says usa today.....but only '61' wins this season? really? we shall discuss.and with nfl's free agent signing period now just about two weeks away....would you let


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