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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven!back open!brand new information on the crash that killed a man and left so many of you stuck in rush hour traffic for hours... and personal information leaked!the names and home addresses of cincinnati police officers involved in last week's deadly shooting are out for anyone to see.who leaked them - and what this group wants... now on nine on your side at seven!
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275 heading east into ohio from northern kentucky are back open after a deadly crash. nine on your side's john genovese reports on what investigators found inside the car... and the baby thrown 30 feet into air! as we speak we just saw a tow truck arrive. it is now in the process of the tan sedan involved in this crash away from the scene. police say around a hundred yards up eastbound i-275 that car veered off the interstate - eventually ending up where it is. a lieutenant tells me they believe drugs were a factor in this crash - and they found several needles inside the car. a total of 4 people inside that car as this all happened - a man driving, a man in the passenger seat and a woman and 7-month-old boy in the back. witnesses tell police the car was going fast, and at some point started veering from the middle lane off the shoulder, and again, started rolling several times. the driver - woman and baby were thrown from the car. the
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scene. the two others in extremely critical condition now fighting for their lives at the hospital. we're told the front passenger - the 4th person inside the car - was coherent and walking around when police first got here. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. investigators say that baby was strapped into a car seat - but again the force and momentum in this still throwing him from the car. now the eastbound i-275 was down to 1 lane for several hours as investigators were mapping out this scene. so far - the names of the individuals inside that car have not been released. for now - john genovese - 9oys families in colerain township are on edge after getting their cars and homes shot at in the middle of the night! as police look for the people responsible, nine on your side's ashley zilka tells us how one family is coping with the aftermath. there's a no trespassing sign on this porch- but that didn't stop somebody from shooting at this home in the middle of the
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hole by the living room window the glass. the craig family is the latest victim of a crime spree in colerain township. 04:52 my bedroom window that if it was a real bullet you know they could have found mommy dead in the bed. 57police tell 9 on your side over the past two weekends car windows, and occasionally houses, have been hit with a bb or air soft gun. 06:06 it really angers me because i have a 6 year old daughter who should not be afraid to sleep in her room at night because somebody is doing something that they think is funny or it's fun. 17 police are now looking for a white pontiac. the same car michael craig ran into when he went to leave for work around one this morning.00:47 i looked up and the people were pretty much stopped behind my car and was shooting my car and my house. 511:00 i got in my car and went after them. 01 03:31 the dog going crazy, my daughter screaming from my other daughter's room. mommy what is going on. 37craig lost sight of the car- and hurried home. 01:43 i pulled up to the driveway my wife went outside to come and meet me and we had a screen door that was all
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it just shattered. 5314:33 the back of my car. 34but that here is where you can plainly see it went through my window. way across now. this is my bedroom where my wife's head is just on the other side of that window. 12another pellet hit right below his youngest daughter's bedroom window. 10:40 do you think you are brave enough to sleep in your sleep with sissy. 43 43 again police are looking for a white pontiac. they believe it's either a grand am or grand prix. if you have any information, call the colerain police department. reporting live ashley zilka 9 on your side. two cases -- two toy guns -- with very different outcomes. one suspect shot and killed by police -- another shot with a taser and survives.that's the reason an anonymous group is releasing the home addresses of dozens of cincinnati police tonite.nine on your side's tom
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that act cowardly. "the group anonymous anon released dozens and dozens of pages of the names and addresses of cincinnati police officers it says in retaliation for the shooting of paul gaston in cheviot last week." week." cell phone videos showed gaston reaching into his waistband for what turned out to be an airsoft pellet gun. gun. "we're glad that this was caught on tape because it definitely demonstrates that our officers were professional and showed restraint and only used lethal force when necessary." necessary." but, anonymous anon claims gaston shouldn't have died and pointed to this mount healthy case involving christopher laugle. laugle. "is that a real gun? no? don't go for it. hold on. open the door. hey it's fake." fake." when laugle reaches for the gun, he's shot with a taser and survives. chief vince demasi says there's no connection between the two cases. cases. "it's important to get all the facts before making judgements or assertations that really in my mind are absolutely ridiculous here."
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fop president sergeant dan hils says the information release is being taken seriously. seriously. "it serves as a reminder that if you're a policeman, if your a family of a policeman, keep an extra eye out because there are small elements that do not appreciate the police and would look to harm us." us." "if the group hacked into the city's computer system to get those documents, it could be a federal crime punishable by up to a maximum of 10 years in prison. tom mckee, nine on your side, the west end." new now at seven -- our first look at the man arrested today because he *looked like the suspect in a bank robbery. robbery.turns out john white is the suspect in a double shooting last month in winton pumping gas - -- and found a gun they believe was used in that shooting - and a robbery in illinois in 20-12.police are still looking for the man who robbed the u-s bank on ludlow just before 11 this morning.he had a plastic bag over his
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five men are behind bars for drugs, robbery and murder after a major police bust. bust.jerry black was arrested after police found guns, a hundred and fifty pounds of pot and over a hundred and forty thousand dollars in the car he was driving.police say black and five others are responsible for much of last year's violent crime in the city including murder and aggravated robbery.the suspects all had one thing in called f-d-d. "fdd is a conglomorate of raps artists. most of these individuals are rap artists. so they are associated with that particular music company." company."in addition to black, police arrested five other men. they are still looking for a sixth suspect, desmond watson. coming up next at seven... seven...a couple grabs the keys to a u-haul and takes off. what happened today in court - that is keeping this woman behind bars! and a man is sentenced for
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there's still a concern for her safety tonight. you're 9 first warning forecast is next you're watching 9 on your side
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a woman accused of ramming a u-haul van into a police cruiser later showed some aggression in court.... court....10:53:10 - 10:53:15 needs to be bleeped!!!!!"f*** studid, that b***, something f***" f***"police say 24-year-old iesha harris and 23-year-old darius loveless assaulted a woman and stole a rental van in colerain township.police tried to pull the pair over using stop sticks - but officers say harris, who was behind the wheel kept driving, even hitting a police car. harris' bond was set at nearly 500-thousand dollars. loveless is being held on a
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a guilty plea on prostitution charges tonight from the boyfriend of a missing woman. woman.48-year-old eric sexton is being sentenced to nine months is prison for promoting the prostitution of lindsay bogan.sexton reported bogan missing last september and was arrested by middletown police after he admitted to being her pimp.he told middletown police that he last saw her at the intersection of central avenue and baltimore street in middletown getting into a silver dodge durango "i won't be able to go into the details of that investigation at this point she is a missing person she was reported missing by him she according to him she went missing the day before he reported her missing although it is in the media and reported that he observed her getting into the vehicle of presumably a customer." customer."police are still looking for bogan.if you can help - call middletown police
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right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. you're watching 9 on your side at 7! it's oscar week -- and we are very excited about it here at 9 on your side.we want you to be ready today, we're looking at the men vying for the oscar in the category of best male actor.but as brandi hitt tells us many eyes are on leonardo dicaprio... and whether the five-time acting nominee will finally take home the gold statue! nats -- 1 they are hollywood's leading men... nats - (red carpet photographers) // "leo!" ...competing for oscar gold. sot -- eddie redmayne, best actor nominee // "it's a such an extraordinary ride." 1 ((oscar nominations gfx - "best actor")) this year's "best actor" nominees include -- brian cranston... matt damon... leonardo dicaprio... michael fassbender... and eddie redmayne... fresh off his win... last year. sot -- (from ceremony, 2015) // "i am a lucky, lucky man." 3 damon -
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is also an oscar winner... taking home 1998's "best original screenplay"... alongside friend ben affleck. sot -- (from ceremony, 1998) // "all our friends and family... and everyone back in boston watching us tonight!" 4 sot -- matt damon, best actor nominee // "18 years later i think it's... yeah... this is great.. and i'm going to smell the roses." 4 this is fassbender's second nomination -- playing the role of "steve jobs." nats - (from film: "trumbo") // "no. you don't want my name on it..." 2 and "trumbo's" -- bryan cranston -- is up for his first oscar? ever. sot -- bryan cranston, best actor nominee // "i'm delirious about it - i'm really happy about it." 3 nats -- ("the revenant" // bear scene - quick) but this year's favorite is di-caprio... in the brutal drama -- "the revenant." sot -- leonardo dicaprio, best actor nominee // "it's us immersed in this world. it's very rewarding." 3 sot -- lesley messer, abc news digital entertainment editor // "leo is one of those stars... who seems to be nominated every single year... and shockingly has never won." 5 ((ceremony footage - montage)) look -- that's dicaprio in 1994?nominated for "what's eating gilbert grape... then "the aviator"... "blood diamond"... and "the wolf of wall street"... but -- no win. sot -- lesley messer, abc news digital entertainment editor // "that's going to end this year. this is his year." 2 ((on camera tag -- hollywood location)) in fact -- dicaprio has already won countless
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including a golden globe... and sag award. find out if he takes home his first oscar... sunday. brandi hitt -- abc news -- hollywood. the oscars are sunday night here on 9 on your side.chris rock is the host.coverage
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and after the break... break...continuing the fight. how leah still is now helping other kids battling cancer.
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and finally tonight...the daughter of former bengal devon still -- who beat cancer -- is helped pump up a cancer fundraiser.take a look. look."we are *crowd shout* we are *crowd shout* thank you *you're welcome* " "that's leah still -- leading students in a chant at penn state.the two-day dance-a-thon raised nearly *ten million* dollars for pediatric cancer. you'll remember -- leah still was four-years-old when she was diagnosed. she's now
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this monday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next
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you are hired. >> stand out from the crowd. three easy ways to nail that job interview. >> common ways to stab tauj your own success. >> and how your smart phone could be destroying your business deals. >> hello, and welcome to the show. i'm theresa. >> and i'm donna. >> in our newsroom here is


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