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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven... snow is heading our way.will it impact your morning commute.steve has your nine first warning forecast... moments away! plus-- an arrest is made in the murder of a middletown mom who's accused of kidnapping her own daughter.. and a man says he was tied up by his own oxygen cords and robbed.. and you won't believe what the crooks took. this is nine on your side at seven! rain and snow are in the soon will the changover hit the tristate nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh
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another batch of rain is likely this evening. as temperatures begin to cool from west to east, a wintry mix will ensue before snow showers start.wet snow will begin overnight into thursday morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on elevated surfaces like your roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice
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the heavy rain overnight has one lane of columbia parkway shut down as a precaution following a mudslide. one westbound lane is closed near taft. the road is expected to re-open by 6 a-m tomorrow. there is an arrest tonight in the killing of a middletown
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her car with her daughter in the backseat! nine on your side jason law brings us up to speed! (take pkg)dayton investigators said evidence and interviews that led them to 34-year-old brandon carr. investigators say carr was picked up at his home earlier wednesday. tonight he sits in the montgomery county jail tonight charged with murder, the first big break in the death investigation of brittany russell. {56:58 "we were able to locate a second individual that was involved in the homicide of brittany russell. we were able to locate that individual today at 45 south holloway [street? avenue?] without any type of incident. we were able to contact him at the door and take him into custody." {57:18the middletown mother was found shot to death in dayton february 10th.two days investigators here in dayton picked up another man and questioned him.but he has not been charged in connection with the murder of brittany russell. jason law 9 on your
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a middletown man is breaking his silence tonight after police say four people broke into his home and tied him up with the cord of his oxygen tank. tank.65 year old david caldwell says one of the suspects hit him in the head while the others took his television, prescription drugs and several cans of pepsi. it allegedly happened on january 14-th at caldwell's home on elm grove terrace. take a listen to what he told us just minutes ago... 00:49 they pushed the door in. they knocked me over back on my bed. they tied me up with my thing. 03 01:21 i am tied up and she is beating me up over the head with this fake gun. 24 24caldwell says a home health care nurse found him an hour and a half later.all four suspects were indicted today by a butler county grand jury. they are facing robbery, aggravated burglary and two counts of kidnapping. coming up on 9 on your side at 11- hear more from caldwell and
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basketball games don't come much bigger than this -- number five xavier versus number one villanova going on right now at the cintas center. center.students lined up starting at eight this morning for the chance to get seats in the first row of the cheering section right behind the musketeers bench.there was a party atmosphere going on as these students couldn't wait to see xavier knock off villanova to avenge an earlier season loss. "i don't think there's a better environment for basketball than at xavier. we have a lot of dedicated fans and all the students get really excited for it." it." "everybody's been pumped up. we had trash cans outside the cafeteria with the nova starting five and they're trash cans. so everybody's been pumped up for this game big time." time."so-called bracketologis ts say that if xavier plays well the rest of the season, the team might be a number one seed in the ncaa tournament next month. and check this out.. there's a famous face in the bill murray is there at the cintas center now. so how did
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his son luke is on the coaching staff as an assistant coach and recruiter. for more on murray's connection and 9 things you need to know about the muskies this season- head to a man targets a local pharmacy.. but he's not after money or pills.. instead he took rogaine. next police are hoping you can help identify him himand a tree comes down hard on a home in blue ash. where that family was when disaster struck. and the oscars are four days away. how does the academy guarantee there are no spoilers for the winners? we take you behind the scenes for a look at the intense security process later on 9 on your
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tonight- mount healthy police say they're working to identify a man who stole hundreds of dollars worth of rogaine from the walgreens on hamilton avenue. they're now working with several police agencies to identify *this* man. police believe this same man stole
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men and women's rogain from cities across the midwest. mount healty police detective, chris jones, tells 9 on your side- he believes the man is reselling the items online. detective 57:27 we're scratching our head on this, no pun intended i guess, in trying to figure out what, or what is it about the rogaine rogainejones says if you recognize *this* man- you're asked to call your local police department. new information on the murder of an inmate at the lebanon correctional institute. police say luther wade was hit in the head multiple times with a concrete block. started as a fight yesterday afternoon with another inmate. police are questioning a person of interest. interest.luther was serving time for an aggravated burglary charge. a tri-state township fired its police chief after only one year on the job. job.rick combs was appointed chief in december of last year. the board of trustees voted to terminate him - only saying they want change at the top. in a statement - interim township administration steve
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issue saying a levy is needed on the 2016 ballot. next at 7-- a baboon on the loose in cincinnati. that story went viral this morning. was it real.. or just a prank? plus-- behind the scenes at hollywood's most coveted night. the lengths the academy goes to to keep the ballots a secret. and steve is tracking the snow heading our way.will it impact your drive to work or school in the morning - we'll explain... after
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pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. you're watching 9 on your side at 7! "and the oscar goes to..." those five words keep oscar viewers on the edge of their seats every year.but the process of determining who wins an academy award is not an easy task. as brandi hitt shows us, the vote-counting is highly involved and surrounded by intense security. nats -- (ruiz & cullinan on
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best secret-keepers in hollywood. martha ruiz and brian cullinan are set to carry those famous briefcases again... sot -- (from ceremony - burn: 2015 in corner) "the oscar goes to..." 2 ?holding the names of this year's oscar winners. sot -- martha ruiz, pwc tax partner // brandi: "has there ever been a mistake?" martha "no - there hasn't." 2 for 82 years... price-waterhouse-coopers has counted the oscar ballots. nats -- (mailing footage) ((michael puts number over video // 6,261)) six-thousand- two-hundred-61 sent out to voting members this year? on paper and online. sot -- brian cullinan, pwc southern california market managing partner // "we control everything from the time they go out? indicated with security codes... and those come back to us. we then... have those at an undisclosed location." 10 ((animated graphics)) inside that "secret, uncisclosed location"... security is tight. there's a specialized alarm system... biometric locks... and no internet access... where a small team counts all 24 categories -- *by hand.* sot -- martha ruiz, pwc tax partner // "it's up to brian and i to then consolidate everything... make sure we're going through their piles... counting that... then recounting that. we will stuff the envelope... close it... seal it with the red." 8 those 24 "winning" envelopes -- and a duplicate set -- are then
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like this one. ((animated graphics)) both are locked in a safe... until oscar sunday when ruiz and cullinan enter their safe code... and take their briefcase. each - then traveling a *different* route to the oscar red carpet... escorted by l-a-p-d. sot -- brian cullinan, pwc southern california market managing partner // "no matter what happens... at least one of us will get there." 2 sot -- brandi hitt, abc news correspondent // brandi: "do you feel a little bit like 007?" martha: "a little bit." 3 last year -- as a spoof -- they even carried a third briefcase that was used by host -- neil patrick harris. and back stage -- they only hand the envelope to the presenter... seconds before cullinan, pwc southern california market managing partner // brandi: "is this the hardest secret to keep?" brian: "it's a big important secret. the reality is... there's a secret we keep forever and that is -- who got second." 7 brandi hitt -- abc angeles. you can watch the oscars live on nine on your side sunday 7! a lot of people are cleaning up tonight after a round of powerful storms early this mother and her two
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foot tree came crashing down onto their blue ash home around three am. it caused thousands in damage.. but thankfully no one was hurt. another batch of rain is likely this evening. as temperatures begin to cool from west to east, a wintry mix will ensue before snow showers start.wet snow will begin overnight into thursday morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on
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roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice
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a prank by employees at rumpke had some people thinking a baboon was running loose at their recycling plant.this plush monkey apparently showed up in some social media posts, saying a baboon was loose on rumpke's property and the zoo was headed out to tranquize it. management says they are looking into who started the
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animal.">the toy has been locked up in a supervisor's office to hopefully keep future hijinks to a minimum. the reds are in good year arizona for spring training but will it be a good year on the field?ken broo is there with a look at how training camp is going next on 9 on your side
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a blast from reds history past shows up to spring training camp!nine on your side sports anchor ken broo reports on who it is from goodyear, arizona!
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was only for a short time. but it was a good time. lou piniella, is in camp with the reds, the last manager to lead a reds team to a world series win--sot up full((piniella: i look forward to being here a few weeks in the spring. and then, joining the team from time to time during the season))((broo track))piniella proudly wore his 1990 world championship ring today, as he mostly soaked up the first training camp he's been to in awhile.((broo stand up)) piniella says hes had a couple of chancesa to manage since leaving baseball but says he no interest on that side of the game. he says he's here to observe, point things out, maybe help a little with hitting instructing--sot up full((piniella: i guess they said who is this old guy. heh he heh that's in uniform. i've got the right title: senior advisor))((broo track)) and just in case piniella happens to show up in a reds dugout in uniform....highly unlikely...don't expect any encore performance of his infamous base toss--sot up full ((piniella: film doesn't lie.
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see it coming, i usually switch the station. i don't wanna watch it))((broo track)) in goodyear arizona, with the reds, ken broo, nine on your side you can follow ken broo and keenan singleton on facebook and twitter for more reports from spring training camp.
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this wednesday!updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next...
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okay, let's get hitched. the list starts now. not the most glamourous place for a wedding, but why it had to happen 35,000 feet in the air. and what's the deal with women in the workplace. three ways they're becoming the secret weapons of huge companies. >> plus you're doing what at calvin klein? our list of the most bizarre


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