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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it "the right thing to do for veterans and taxpayers. "the agency taking action against two top officials at the hospital here in cincinnati. network director jack hetrick was the v-a's highest ranking official in three states. he submitted his retirement after a v-a deputy secretary in washington proposed he be removed. barbara temeck was the hospital's acting chief of staff.her medical privileges at the v-a hospital have been suspended and she has been reassigned to non- patient care duties. hetrick and temeck were at the center of a scripps washington d-c bureau and nine on your side i-team uncovered questionable management practices and cost cutting at the cincinnati v-a hospital. the four-month investigation followed complaints raised by 34 current and former va employees. you can read the full results of our investigation right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. mt. healthy police are investigating an unusual hit and run.a man smacks his car
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it was being repossessed. 9 on your side's jason law is live tonight with who police are looking for. this man *really* didn't want his car repossessed. according to police he saw his car getting towed in a shopping center off of hamilton avenue, jumped in his car, somehow drove it off the tow truck and right into this white pillar. you can see he knocked a couple of the bricks off. did manage to drive away, but police say he probably won't get far. investigators already lives. "sustained front end damage, rear damage, the vehicle doesn't have a rearview mirror on the passenger side and they left the rear [license] plate at the scene. so we're asking anybody who might see that vehicle that does not have a rear plate and has all that damage to contact crime stoppers." the car is a silver 2002 honda
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sergeant say, call police if you can help out. jason law 9 on your side. we're on your side with a warning now for parents and teenagers in franklin county. police say the driver of this car here - tried to entice teens to get into the car using drugs and alcohol.'s a closer look - it's hard to see, but you can make out the shape of it. it's a new model, black ford with an ohio registration. there have two reports. in one case the driver talked to a teen another, the driver talked to two young boys. if you suspect this driver has been in your neighborhood - call the franklin county sheriff's department. that number of 765-647-4138. texting ... checking emails ... driving on a lack of sleep.
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do it anyway.nine on your side's rose ann aragon talked with drivers about their risky behaviors. she's live with some disturbing findings ...rose-ann? roe:what criag, carol -- it's hard to hear you because i have my radio up-- my gps is chipring at me--looks like someone's calling me--and i'm getting some emails---luckily i'm not trying to driving-- but this is the case for 9 out of every 10 drivers--dealing with at least one of these while trying to stay safe on the roads. nats road"it's kind of scary that the statistic is that high--"aaa says about 90% of drivers admit to risky driving practices including speeding-- drowsy or drugged driving--red- light running--and distracted driving. can you guess the main culprit?"the phone." "phones.""deftinitely my phone (laughs)"they're right--nats: you ready to go?micahel: yeah et's go. michael becuore-- has been teaching driving with aaa for years--the study analyzed 24-hundred drivers did in the last month--nats in car: ""does their head drop to their lap are they turning ot
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pasengers seat?42--percent of drivers say admitted to reading a text or email behind the wheel -- 70 percent say they've taking a call-- (***driver***)"people are always on and it seems like they don't turn off anuything -- they're always connected." but the data shows-- drivers also know -- but don't care-- (***driver 2***)nats: do you think it will change your behavior?man: probably not. nats: half the drivers reported speeding -- 1 in 3-- engaged in drowsy driving and 39% rand red lights.(***driver 3**)"it could happen to anybody. so for people to still ocntinue to practice unsafe habits is just really inconsiderate."and police say there are consequences. (****lt. bruce hoffbauer -cpd traffic unit**) 1:15-1:22 cg "i'ts not it... it's a matter of when...if you take someon's life you could be looking at a vehicular homicide.. and if you seriously injure someone you could be looking at an aggravated vehicular assault." but it's preventable-- the best practice?"it can wait. there is nothing. there's no phone call, no email, no text, no nothing that is more
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the life of those around you." the father of a murdered middletown woman - not holding back.he's speaking out after the arrest of his daugther's suspected killer. 6 - 8"he needs to be put to daughter" brittany russell was murdered in dayton, ohio.her daughter was in the car with her body. her father tells 9 on your side's jay warren, that discovery will haunt him forever. today i spoke to billy russell senior--brittany russell's father--he says he wants the death penalty--for the man police believe shot
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((sot))"that's a brutal crime to unload a gun in somebody's head that's awful."why brittany russell was in dayton and what precipitated her shooting, if police know, they haven't said but the death of his daughter has left russell in a fog of grief ((billy russell/brittany russell's father))"first six days it was rough never answered no calls or anything stayed to melf finance she jumped in there pulled me out of bed and said, 'you got to move on.' and still rough man it's going to haunt me for a long time
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critical evidence wiped away. at five - shocking accusations from tracie hunter's supporters.what they're demanding in this investigation.and where they say the prosecutors made a major error. why they refuse to help. we'll tell you apple's next step in its legal battle with the f-b-i.and response from the
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a shocking claim from supporters of suspended court judge tracie hunter. hunter.about a dozen supporters are demanding an independent investigation into the hamilton county prosecutor's office - claiming it tampered with critical evidence. they claim the state or someone in the juvenile court system wiped a computer clean. they say the computer contained evidence that would have proved her innocence. "when i can be accused falsely of crimes that i did not commit and what orhers
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they did there's a problem." problem."hunter faces six months in jail. she was found guilty on just one count in january of 2014. her supporters are demanding the department of justice gets involved in this case. we have not heard back yet from the prosecutor's office yet about this story. freezing away migraines. migraines.all new at five - new technology offers longer relief.we'll tell you its advantage over normal medications.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 new developments at five -- apple asked a federal judge to reverse her order requiring the company to help the f-b-i hack into an i-phone.the phone belongs to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple argues this one case could force companies like apple to undermine their customers' privacy rights in the future. even the director of the f-b-i has his reservations. "this is the hardest question i've seen in government and it's going to require negotiation and conversation." conversation."director james comey went on to say he does not believe this apple case
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for many people suffering from intense migraine headaches, any relief at all can be life- changing. all new at five - an emerging treatment blocks pain by literally freezing it away. whether it's driving her kids on a vacation, or just helping them with homework, keisha mcqueen is always worried that a migraine headache could devastate their plans. plans. "it's terrible. i get nauseous, just very, very, very intense."after years of powerful medications, keisha is turning to dr. einar ottestadat stanford health care in california.instead of medicating her migraine, he's hoping to freeze the pain away with a device called "io- vera." it works by forcing nitrous oxide into a needle shaped tube. that's ice you're seeing on the tip of it... it... "the frozen water right" instead of just reducing inflammation like you do with an ice pack, the io-vera device actually penetrates the
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cold so intense it deadens the nerves that contribute to migraines. migraines. "and we clearly know these guys are involved in the head pain and in maintaining it, because patients do get better when do these nerve blocks." patients often feel a slight burning sensation when the cold touches the nerve. nerve. "when you feel that, that's actually a great sign. and after about 20 seconds as the nerve gets frozen, the pain usually starts getting better" other methods like botox injections, can also be used to block nerve pain. but the results are all temporary. doctors say the cold may offer longer relief. "at this point, i've been seeing probably six weeks at the lower end, but some of my patients are at four months without recurrence of pain." io-vera was developed in the bay area.the technology was first applied to knee and
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friday's highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and the potential for flurries during the day. temperatures rise quickly this weekend to the upper 40s on saturday and the low-60s on sunday. both days will be dry
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hiding where you'd least expect. expect. a majority of packaged foods contain added sugars. we're on your side with some of the surprises - and how to figure out how much sugar is
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tonight in healthy living - sugar hiding where you'd least expect it - even in nutritious sounding foods. with the help of consumer reports - we're on your side with where the sweet stuff is hiding. whole wheat bread can have almost a teaspoon of sugar in every slice.cheerios- protein has more than four teaspoons of sugar in each serving.mott's original applesauce has six teaspoons. 18-27"the problem with too much added sugar in your diet goes way beyond the calories. it does raise your risk of obesity, but it also raises your risk of heart disease and type two diabetes." one issue is that sugar is listed in grams on food labels. so here's what you need to know: there are four grams of sugar per teaspoon. women should stick to about
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day.guys can eat about eleven teaspoons. should sprouts come with a warning label? label?one food-safety attorney is comparing sprouts to raw milk - saying they're not worth eating because of the risks. he has some reason to be concerned.since 1998, 49 foodborne outbreaks have been linked to sprouts.along with more than 17-hundred illnesses. both kroger and walmart deemed sprouts too dangerous to sell. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. carol... she is 36 weeks pregnant...but tonight - she's homeless. homeless.coming up next at 5-30... we introduce you those who are stepping up and helping this mother-to-be in need. and the new details we are just learning about the eight year old girl brought here with burns to 90-percent of her she's doing after being saved from a deadly house fire. and all new - a tri state man brings his car in for a 14 dollar oil change....then ends
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fifty dollars!consumer repporter john matarese is on your side with a warning for anyone whose car needs an oil change.nine on your side at 5-30 is next! to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy. and now try it like
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here.
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s double. when it comes to infant mortality - hamilton county has one of the worst rates in fact 33-communities the national average. average.9 on your side anchor chris riva introduces us to a group dedicated to battling the problem. the future for cierra pope is living day by day. right now it's a cab ride... no one is sure where it will stop"be safe, text me if you need me." "...okay." that is becuase she is a homeless single mom, who is 36 weeks pregant.riva "as you shut that door, what is your biggest concern?" crystal "that... she'll... not have some where to stay tonight. but she does have access to food, so that is one worry we don't have to worry about tonight."this is the
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mortality in the tri-state and crystal dennard from tri-health ministries is on the front line.crystal dennard "tri-health services "everyday, and there is so many women out here that we do not even touch." chris riva "tri-health ministries is one of five groups working with cradle cincinnati to combat the infant mortality problem in the tri-state. collectively they help about a thousand women each year. they know there is another 3-thousand needing their services." april griffin/tri-health services "my job is to help them have a healthy pregancy, get that baby here and get that baby at least to the first birthday."it is not a simple answer as to why this is hapening in our area. experts know family planning, smoking and making sure kids sleep on backs once they are born are factors.chris riva "another factor is nutrition and the scenerio that plays itself often is a pregant mother who lives more than a mile away from a grocery store. with no transportation - they often head to the corner mart to get their gorceries."crystal dennard


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