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tragedy in the tri-state... a three-year old is shot... the coroner on scene..the new information we're learning. killing cancer... right now.. these local students burning the midnight oil...hoping to change the lives of many children.these clouds are moving out now... we're gonna see sunshine for the weekend... just how high the temperatures go.. in your 9 first warning forecast.9 on your side...starts now breaking on 11 at 11...a three-year-old boy shot in sunman indiana is now dead... and tonight few details about what actually happened. happened.we first brought this to you on nine on your side earlier today. today.the shooting happened at a home on van wedding road. nine on your side's john genovese is at that scene. investigators with the dearborn county sheriff's office have been out here all evening trying to piece this together. we are standing off 'van wedding road' - this is the cloest we can get - but the actual home where this happened is several hundred yards down the driveway.
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clock this afternoon. we saw the coroner leaving the scene a little more than an hour shooting are still scarce tonight. we're told that toddler was shot in the chest by a 357-magnum handgun. deputies could not say whether this was intentional - or somehow an accidental shooting. they say this is still very much an active investigation. throughout the evening - we've seen a crime scene unit arriving here to this property. for every first responder - deputy brian jansen says this is the last call you ever want to get. deputy brian jansen / dearborn county sheriff's department 05:39:26"this is about as worse as it gets - for all emergency personnel - with the sheriffs department, sunman police was on scene, sunman ems, dearborn county coroners office - indiana state police - anybody involved in something like this - its about as bad as it gets" we know a chaplain is also on scene. deputies say their hearts and prayers are with
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will of course keep following this - and bring you the latest tomorrow morning on good morning tri state. for now - john genovese - oys new at 11...a fire at a tri- state fish fry -- that sent three people the hospital. janet middleton sent us this picture -- take a look at the flames.that fire was at saint barbara's church in kenton county.tonight -- we don't know the conditions of three people treated for burns. a family found dead in washington state...tonight -- police think it was a murder- suicide that ended *five* lives. lives.a news helicopter capturing a swat team moving in on the property -- just west of seattle.they say the gunman took his own life in front of police after a three-and-a-half hour standoff. police say he called an officer -- saying he had shot his family.two women and two children died in the killing... tonight it's not clear what his motive was. new at 11... police say the guns used in a deadly workplace rampage in kansas... came from an *ex-girlfriend* of the shooter.cedrick ford
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wounded more than a dozen others yesterday.police say he was served an order of protection tied to an ex- girlfriend shortly before the's not clear if that's the same person who supplied him the guns.that woman is now facing charges. a mystery tonight about mount airy couple -- found dead in their home. home.cincinnati police say both suffered gunshot wounds.a relative requested a welfare check -- that's how police found's not clear how long they've been dead.tonight -- police say they are *not* looking for any suspects. shaping up to be a nice weekend. weekend.steve is in the first warning weather center. high pressure moves into the ohio valley and it ensures that both days are mostly sunny. temperatures improve to 50 on saturday. winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top
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steve -- you'll love this next story.revelers setting a snowman on fire -- in hopes of keeping a snowstorm away!this is an annual event -- ahead of "bockfest cincinnati".they've been doing this since mother nature dumped a lot of snow on the event years ago. "it was going to be the year that bochfest went huge and a snowstorn came and shut us down // and so we thought what can we do and the suggest was made that we burn a snowman to appease that weather gods"
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works... but organizers say there hasn't been a major snowfall since the ritual began.bockfest is next month. the search is on for a new police chief at u-c.two resignations at the top today -- as the department undergoes a full review. review.nine on your side's evan millward has covered this for us all day -he is live on campus with more. this all happened so suddenly today - that the police chief job at u-c hasn't even been posted yet.chief jason goodrich gone - after just a year and a half. sot 2014 goodrich - it's a community responsibility. we have to engage everyone and everyone has to be aware of what's going onthat was then- chief jason goodrich being introduced to the u-c community in 20-14.friday - james whalen/uc public safety director 053722 there were some gaps in management and oversight that were discussed and both chief goodrich and major thornton made the decision to resign and move on. public safety director james
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those so-called gaps friday. identified by exiger - a company brought in to do a top-to-bottom review of u-c public safety.the group has been working just a couple of weeks.naab 3207 this wasn't something that we were expecting very much due to the relationship and the progress that we have.the resignations just the latest in big changes on the clifton campus -- following the july shooting death of sam dubose by former u-c officer ray tensing. tensing was fired and has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.and u-c recently settled with the dubose family. whalen 053812 clearly we will be looking for a candidate that will be very progressive, very forward-thinking, able to implement these recommendations and able to lead a cutting edge agency. goodrich was hired under a similar promise.and brought chief of staff major tim thornton with him from lamar university in 20-14.friday - patrols continued as usual on campus.naab 3410 we want to see that outreach and that connection with our student body and ucpd because we know that's what our community needs to move forward.
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whalen is the acting chief now. and there is no timeline for hiring a new one.but that third party report of all findings is expected in june. live at u-c's clifton campus, em, 9oys. this man - timothy bray -- is accused of performing a sex act on another man without his consent.according to court documents - bray is the victim's caretaker.he is charged with rape and is being held on a one-hundred-thousand dollar bond. donald trump is making stop in the region next week... but skipping over the tri-state. state.the g-o-p frontrunner for the white house has a rally at noon on tuesday in columbus... before heading to louisville for another event. of course tuesday is "super tuesday."interestingly enough -- neither ohio nor kentucky hold primaries that day. it's friday night -- you'd expect teens to stay up late, right?well these teens -- hundreds of them -- aren't going to bed at all!they're part of 12-hour marathon -- to
11:08 pm's happening right now -- ashley zilka is live at the cintas center. it's one of the most inspirational all-nighters i have ever seen. more than 1- thousand students have been on their feet since 7pm. their goal- to knock out childhood cancer. 13:01:46 i was diagnosed in 2014. april 2014. (nats of rocky song)13:02:03 tumors grow on soft tissue and muscle. 05they are some of cincinnati's bravest childhood cancer survivors...tonight is their night.13:02:40 i am currently cancer free and i have been for almost a year now. 44night for the fight benefits cancerfree kids. a cincinnati-based nonprofit that funds pediatric cancer research.12:58:44 even though more kids in this country die from cancer than any other disease, we are doing very little about it and so we decided as a family we would do something about it. 54 for
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school students (nats of screaming)- most of them strangers- will walk dance and play at cintas center.12:59:56 i tell people all the time if you are worried about the future of our country and this next generation, come here because you would be inspired. 01some will even cut their hair for those going through the toughest fight of their life.13:04:43 they need hair and it's just hair to me and i really feel like i can cut it for then. 4613:02:52 i am not much of a cryer but i kind of get teary eyed when i see all these people here for me and the survivors and they want to make a difference so it's really awesome. 04 they're going strong until seven.these students will raise more than 100-thousand dollars from this fundraiser alone. cancerfree kids has donated more than 2 million dollars to cancer research. most of that money going to cincinnati children's hospital. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. she watched her mother fight a bad addiction...and tonight --
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sure other children don't have to do the same thing. julie stockelman was only *40- years-old* when she died.her daughter jordan says she watched her mom battle alcoholism for -- jordan is leading an organization to help addicts and their loved's particularly important now -- as one drug rips apart the tri-state. "heroin is becoming such a problem. addiction in general. bring the community together to help each other. help each other understand the disease. help another person who's going through it whether it be the family or the friend or the addict." the organzation is called "i love you more than you know"... stockelman plans to hold the first event in july. tonight -- an indiana life squad is trying to figure out how to make ends meet...after seeing at least 50-thousand dollars missing. missing.and tonight -- their "person of interest" is a missing man.craig whitham worked twenty-two years for aurora emergency rescue -- and was the treasurer.he went
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heads the life squad company and says the theft will make it hard on everyone, since donations pay most of the bills. "we have a big selection of volunteers -- part-time people, full-time people -- that we rely on for our business. for the paid career people, we always worry about finances. it's a day-to-day struggle for money." money."whitham's family is worried for his safety, since he left home without his cell phone or his wallet.police are asking anyone who's seen whitham to give them a call. still at 11...the marine who urinated on dead taliban fighters -- making headlines again.but this time -- there's no question about the integrity of what he does.hear how he stops a cold-blooded murder. murder. if you got pricked in the arm... it may have paid off. the good news about this year's flu vaccine -- as the nasty illness makes its rounds in parts of the coutry. we are just days away from oscar sunday!our coverage begins sunday at four with the journey to the
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seven.nine on your side at 11 follows the show!and make sure to tweet with us using the hash-tag "oscars." you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 you probably remember seeing this.the image of four marines -- urinating on the bodies of dead taliban soldiers.tonight -- one of those men is credited with breaking up a *murder-for-hire* plot! plot! the suspect?a marine's fiancee -- laura buckingham. joseph chamblin says buckingham repeatedly mentioned wanting to kill her ex-boyfriend -- and father of her chamblin called police. a philadelphia man is tired of thieves stealing copper from his construction site...and he hopes a *note* he left for
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away!here it is... taped up to a wall -- with a 20 dollar bill attached!the note even offers the thief a job!but why leave behind cash? "if they're that desperate to come back again for whatever scraps of copper they can find, i want them to know that the person they're doing this to, wants to help them." them."the owner admits this wasn't his first idea -- but hopes the thief will think twice next time. the kentucky g-o-p presidential caucus is a week from some are concerned about how many people will show up to vote. some people with the ted cruz campaign say the party hasn't done a good job letting people know about the caucus. its the first time in decades one has been held in kentucky. the change was made this time so senator rand paul could also run for re-election at the same time. a historic concert in a historic space...the theme behind a performance in a downtown church.
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formal event in the prince of peace's second-story sanctuary space -- an area that hasn't been used in more than 30 years.but it's open now -- thanks to recent renovations. "it's humbling and a thrill a great thrill to finally be able to use that space in a formal way" way"tonight was also a fundraiser for the church. performing tonight -- students from the c-c-m early music lab. the price of a stamp is *falling*!this was expected though -- the current rate was only a temporary increase. increase.two years ago... u-s-p-s got permission to up the price of a first class stamp to 49 cents.but in april that will end... and stamps will go back to 47 cents.the deal also means a drop in commercial postage prices as well. when you think of "overpaid americans"... c-e-os may come to mind. but *college presidents* may actually be making even more. new research from "the federal
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shows school leaders earn more than 377-thousand dollars a year. that's more than twice the average pay for top business executives. shaping up to weekend. weather summary: skies stay cloudy to mostly cloudy all day long and this will really hold back our temperatures. highs will only reach the mid 30s this afternoon. if you are heading out to a fish fry this evening, bundle up the family. the weekend is looking flat out fantastic! high pressure moves into the ohio valley and it ensures that both days are mostly sunny. temperatures
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winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in
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in tonight's healthy living... it's a peak time for the
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who got the shot.the c-d-c says the vaccine is *nearly* 60 percent effective. effective.that may not sound like *great* chances -- but it's much better than last year... when the vaccine was only *19* percent effective. and doctors say it's not too late to get the flu shot. an important recall parents need to know about.child car seats with harnesses that could loosen. loosen.the company *evenflo* is recalling about 56-thousand seats.'s "three-in-one combination booster seats." they were made between december of 2014 and january of 2016. there are replacement parts you can order. visit slash "seen on nine" for a link to the company's website. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. half the times moved ahead...half of the teams bit the's tournament time in high school baketball ball. ball.and there's a big rig showing off small town team...they'll play for a state title tomrrow. sports
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good evening everyone. friday
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high school all over....teams trying to keep their seasons alive. alive.energized fans....happy to be at the 34th district championship game at dixie-the colonels were at home...hunter meyer and reed bradfield working the pick and roll-up against a pretty fair st henry team...check out adam goetz with this acrobatic move.-but dixie got the ball inside.....the colonels advance with a 77 to 62 victory. the 36th district title was on the line at bellevue...newport and newport central catholic- had a feeling this one would be close...even tho the thoroughbreds won by a lot during the regular season.- newport can shoot the ball a little's tyree bolden former the corner of the gym.-but ben weyer had a nice game for took them overtime..but they beat the wildcats tonight 85 to 79. in ohio boys tournament acton, moeller beat oak hills...mason over middletown and wilmington over fairfield. they've been so close over the past six years....the jac cen del girls have been to the
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the past seven years....and that's where they got stopped- not this year...the lady eagles are over the hump and tomorrow morning in indianpolis they'll be playing for the class one a state championship. there was a big pep rally and sendof for the eagales this afternoon..-and there's even a big semi out front of the school....showing off the girls who will play for the title.... in ohio ....there's a big card of tournament girls basketball on saturday...there are four division one games at harrison...starting at 11...1...3 and five. meanwhile another pivotal game for the uc bearcats...they're at east carolina on saturday. uc has already beaten the
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mick cronin says that makes little difference. and finally, congratulations to the stingers of seven hills school...they are ohio division two swim champions for the second year in a row. matthew marquardt of seven hills won three events. he set two state records in the preliminaries on thursday. the cyclones won tonight...they're home saturday night.nine on your
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hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones.


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