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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> live from the heart of hollywood at the dolby theatre, this is "on the red carpet at the oscars." george: hello everyone in los angeles, around the country and around the world. i'm george pennacchio and welcome to the red carpet leading into the 88th academy awards. let's look at the fashion photography area, where all the stars enter the red carpet and pose for still photographs.
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all around the world. you can also see roshumba williams. and yu tsai posing right now but they're with our team and they need to get a move on and get down to their position on the red carpet. posers, get over here! tell me who you're wearing, roll. roshumba: finally, by carlos ombazo gown made just for me and simon g. jewels. >> she's amazing. dolce & gabbana tucks and louie vuitton shoes. roshumba: and who you -- are you today? george: we'll see you in a little bit.
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when the stars arrive that present we'll have you all -- them all for you first. now we want to show you something that's pretty cool, our time lapse camera. where the red carpet is right now it's normally busy hollywood boulevard but the road gets shut down and bleachers put up for the fans. this year a massive tent has been built over the red carpet. we'll have more on the red carpet in a little bit and on thursday night, you can see there's no tent. the academy decided to take away the rain tent because it is not going to rain on this oscar parade. now time to send it to the other end of this massive red carpet with chris chris -- kristen aldridge. have roshumba williams and yu
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tsai made their way to you yet? kristen: not yet. but wow, what an incredible place to be at the oscars, overlooking the red carpet. balcony. we have a hand held camera that can peer over the ledge and check out the stars below and if you look down there now, there they are, our otrc fashion crew. that's supermodel roshumba williams and celebrity photographer yu tsai. roshumba williams made her mark as a muse for fashion designer yves saint laurent and she was the first african-american woman to be featured in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. yu tsai is one of the most sought-aftercelebrity photographers in the world.
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current to past oscar winners. i have a feeling we are going to have major fun today. we will be talking everything fashion, including some of the trends they expect to see and also getting their candid critique who is totally working the red carpet and who may have missed the mark. george, throwing it back to you. george: thank you so much, kristen. we want to show you something else we have for you. it's an exclusive here, our limo cam on the other side of the security tent. check this out. it's the camera where we get our first look at the stars. it's true, not much is happening just yet but when the stars do arrive the limo camera is going to catch all the action. also, an oscars red carpet first. we've shot the red carpet with a virtual reality 360-degree camera. what? here's albert lawrence to
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>> on the red carpet, a way to redefine the way you look at the red tap the v.r. button and transport yourself.
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don't have a card board viewer? no problem. you can still enjoy the exclusive 360 view. touch or drag your screen or move the device around and we'll see you on the red carpet. george: you have to check it out. it is like being here. go to let's get serious for a moment. there was a big controversy this year. for the second year in a row there's been a lack of diversity, meaning several big stars are not coming to the red campt and they're boycotting the oscars. but the academy has reacted to what it's heard. there's a plan in place to make sweeping changes. over the next several years, the academy hopes to double the ranks of women and minorities and that's by the year 2020. but what if you're an academy web member right now? who would you vote for?
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poll and let's turn it over to marc cota-robles. hi, marc. marc: hi, george. looks amazing out there. i'm enjoying my spot here on the red carpet. here are the five men up for best actor and according to the results of the nationwide poll it is "the revenant" starlin len running away with the oscar at 46% and it would be his first. matt damon's performance in "the martian" coming in second at 18 %. as for the women up for best actress. jennifer lawrence leading the pack. indicate blanchett coming in second at 12%. now, a look at best movies. "the revenant" getting top honors, besting the competition with 24% of the vote.
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here with 17% followed by "mad max: fury road" at 9%. i don't know, if you ask me, all of these categories still a tossup. we'll see how it shakes out. back to you on the red carpet. george: thank you, marc. it looks like there's one thing we are all voting for today and that is the weather. bri winkler, our kabc morning meteorologist is here now with an oscar forecast. bri: what a beautiful day for in glamorous event. we had a tent over the red carpet because it is an el nino year and we thought maybe it was going to wane -- rain. you can see they took the tent down and temperatures should be in the mid 70's when the stars start to arrive. george: we put one of -- another one of our meteorologists, jonathan novack in the stands.
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what's going up up there? jonathan: i have a front row seat at the oscar fan experience. i have fans from all over the world. where are you from? >> greece. >> los angeles. australia. jonathan: we are eagerly anticipating the celebs' arrival and we'll keep you posted. george? george: we also have a red carpet roamer. meet tia mell. tia won a contest that is letting her and her husband come to the oscars. you must be commite. >> this is beyond exciting. this is the most exciting thing in my entire life! george: i've been accused of getting too excited. i can't understand what you're saying.
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george: you tell me what it took to make this all happen. >> it took me, a bunch of phone calls, a bunch of all my stuff and a bag after popcorn. that's all, whoa, nothing! george: how many pictures do you plan to take today? >> thousands upon thousands. i bought a new iphone for the occasion. can we do a selfie? george: if you'd like to look at jonathan's pictures or tia mell's, go to our website. we're going to have everything, including this gorgeous shotful >> that is magic, thank you. george: stay tuned for more magic right here "on the red carpet at the oscars." >> what a beautiful picture. "on the red carpet at the oscars" is just getting started. here's another live look from our exclusive camera of over hollywood boulevard. stay right here with otrc and you won't miss a thing.
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when we come back, highlights from another major red carpets awards show here in los angeles. aerial coverage provided by goodyear. the tires chosen by experts for
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george: welcome back, everyone. before the stars started making their way to hollywood today they went to the beach in santa
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monica last night if the 31st annual independent spirit awards and here is what happened. the newsroom drama "spotlight" was the big winner. taking home best feature, also best director, screen play, and best ensemble. in a year when diversity has become a big issue, abraham attah and idris were awarded for their work in "beasts of no nation." there? kristen: look who finally made it here. you two look so fantastic. welcome. >> thank you. who are you wearing? >> my dress is giovanni and the earrings were custom designed by stephanie summers. >> stunning. >> i'm so excited to get to work who are you excited to see? >> lady gaga. >> lady gaga. >> you never know who's going to
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show up. we'll see. >> you know what i hope who is not showing up to be boring. she's been boring the last few times. >> what about the men? who do you want to see today? >> eddy, eddie redmayne. >> you know, "g.q." magazine has called him the most stylish man alive. eddie making his first oscar appearance in 2013, wearing alexander mcqueen. he accessorized the slim-fit tux with gold studs on his white evening shirt and mcqueen skull slippers. eddie wore mcqueen again last year, this time choosing a midnight blue tux with a midnight black bow tie. this year eddie kicked off awards season wearing a made to order midnight blue jacquard evening jacket from gucci. for the sag awards he went with a well tailored dior tux. but eddie's great style is
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getting rightfully overshadowed this season by his beautiful pregnant wife hannah. at the baftas eddie wore another impeccably tailored tux but hannah was the real stunner in red. we know she a phenomenal actor on the big screen, but what do you think about his fashion? roshumba: he has mastered the red carpet. he is a style star. kristen: do you agree? yu tsai: he always makes his wife as beautiful as him. kristen: we'll have to see if he is our best dressed. stay with us. we are anxiously awaiting for brie, charlotte, cate, saoirse and jennifer the five women up for best actress. when they arrive, george is waiting to welcome them, but our fashion team is ready to dish about whay they are wearing. want to go behind the scenes of the dolby theatre? has your ultimate
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fans choose from four channels that will pull from more than 40 live cameras strategically placed on the carpet and backstage providing the most
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>> the otrc fashion camera is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. the weather could not be more
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dashing duo, roshumba williams and yu tsai taking a stroll down this red carpet and there couldn't be a more perfect host an -- than our own leading man george pennacchio. george: thank you very much. otrc's tina malave is timed up with pop sure -- sugar's allison mcnamara for nonstop fashion fun. what do you have planned? tina: hi, everybody. we're high above the red carpet on the fashion skyway and soon we'll be live at for our mercedes-benz fashion stream show. this is the place for fashion all day. >> absolutely. you guys are invited to join us as the stars arrive. grab a cocktail, pop open your computer log on to kristen, ladies, what are you
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kristen: i think roshumba got distracted by something below on the red carpet. i have a feeling she's looking at some bling, isn't she? roshumba: that's right, kristen, you know me. if it's sparkly and blinging, i am here and i'm here with fashion expert rachel showing us some red carpet jewelry. >> this choker alone is over 70 carats flown from india for tonight. the real showstopper is this diamond necklace. there are only one in a million that qualify so it's only fitting that it costs about $1 million. one actress is going to be wearing that tonight. i can't say who. another amazing diamond trend from simon g. last year we saw a lot of ear
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colors and this is taking it to the next level, diamonds behind the ear. those are about $50,000. of course you have to have great diamond rings. another great look we'll be seeing. roshumba: and for the guys? >> a watch is an amazing way for a guy to show off that style. this is baume and mercier. 18-carat gold. beautiful strap. it's very sophisticated for a man to wear that on the red carpet. roshumba: and he's awfully cute. arm candy. hey, you come with me. >> up next, on the red carpet, a
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george: many nominees are feeling the nervous right about now but once those golden statues are handed out, the la'el party can begin and a lot of them run right upstairs to the schwenkest party of them all. from the eats, to the elixirs and the entertainment 1,600 invited guests are treated to showbiz's biggest bash the oscars' governors ball! cheryl: i really want them to walk into their oscar club and think, wow, we really are
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celebrating the film industry. 1kwr0eu7 -- george: returning this year meal maestro celebrity chef wolfgang puck! he and his team create cuisine to please any palate! wolfgang: this is something totally new here. we are making homemade doughnuts. before we serve them, once they're cooked, we put a little bit of raspberry liquor on here and then we flame them, see? oh! not my eyebrows. george: they'll be serving more than 60 dishes at among all the ingredients, 30 pounds of edible gold dust. and you know what that's for, don't you? the traditional oscar chocolates. to wash down those delicious delicacies the stars look no further than the free-flowing luscious libations mari: we anticipate to open over 2,300 bottles. if we took those corks end to end, they would line the red carpet, the whole length of the red carpet. george: and for hollywood's
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biggest night why not pop the top off a premiere potion? benoit: we decided to create this unique limited edition bottle. you won't be able to buy anywhere in the world. it's just going to be for one night, one night only. george: if that's not elite enough, don't forget the entertainment! >> i have been trying to secure this entertainer for all my life, all my life. so finally, he's available. you'll be the first to know, george. i promise you. george: and that artst taking the stage at the governors ball is trombone shorty and orleans avenue. now look at the food that wolfgang puck will be serving up tonight. lobster, cookies. it's going to be a feast. he's talking away. it's all delicious right here "on the red carpet at the oscars." >> the red carpet is just moments away from officially opening. soon this year's nominees and performers will be arriving.
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>> live from hollywood, this is "on the red carpet at the oscars" with our own stunning stars, george pennacchio, kristen aldridge, roshumba williams and yu tsai. to you, george. george: thank you very much. we're counting down to the 88th annual academy awards. joining me now is my counterpart from wabc tv in new york, sandy kenyon, before we talk, our helicopter has captured some


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