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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 1, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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get social. >> "the list" starts now. >> hey, holly, will you give me a ride to the airport? >> i replied, sure. what am i really saying? messages. >> it is actually creating anxiety, depression. >> social media is ruping your life, without having to logoff. >> our list of three ways to share your life in realtime. >> hello, welcome to the show. >> let's start by counting down the top of "the list." hadley. >> you heard about the big
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but the biggest winners were girl scouts of america. they're at number three. >> what a night at the oscars. and what a night for chris troop. tina as well as charlize theron, joe biden and many, many shelled out to get the goods. all in all, about 16,000 boxes ceremony. making chris not only a great oscar host, but a shoo-in for dad of the year. >> leo, you made $30 million, come on. >> rich and famous, or just regular like us, we all love girl scout cookies. >> thank you very much. >> from chris rock, to rock, paper, scissors, an anti-bullying video that is so uplifting we had to feature it at number two. school is tough enough.
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can be brutal. but this new video from android already with about 100,000 youtube views for standing up for one another. st. elmo's fire. come on, people, it's scissors can be friends, can't we all get along, too? and one thing, a love for all things disney. one thing that bonds all parents, the fact that the theme parks keep raising their prices. that's our number one story of the day. >> i wanted to look my best. >> you may want to look at your pocketbook. because for the first time ever, disney parks now come with seasonal pricing. >> anything i can do to make your stay more magical? >> yeah, you can make it cheaper. your single day tickets could cost you up to 24 bucks more. the cheapest days to go? monday through thursday. so sounds like you're going to
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with excuses to skip school. after you get a raise, of course. now you're caught up and clued in at the top of "the list." >> today we're looking at social media, and how it affects our lives in a theme show we're calling get social. studies say people today are less connected, more depressed and have lower self-esteem. is social media ruining our lives? let's take a look on the lowdown. >> we check in on instagram and group photos on facebook for everyone to see. but now experts say social media has become unhealthy. >> it really is actually creating anxiety, depression, lots of different things that as a psychologist i'm treating and it has to do with their social media use. >> lisa breaks down the negative impact social media can have on our lives. first, it reduces the amount of personal connections we have
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>> it was created to connect all of us together. the reality is, it's making us more disconnected than ever. we're really not spending time face to face with people anymore. >> we're using our smartphones to message more and talk less. >> it's much easier for people. it's really causing a disconnect with people. >> next, it can affect our self-esteem. a recent study out of the uk reported it's common to feel bad after viewing social media because we compare our accomplishments with our online friends. >> it's the latest picture that you're posting, the latest trick that your dog is doing. it's looking for feedback. >> finally, social media can create unhealthy competition. >> what i'm seeing in the younger generation is they're actually forming their life around how they can compete with the other people that they know in their circle that are posting things. so for instance, i've got a client who wants to go hiking only because he wants to have
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the top. not because he really likes hiking. >> the social media blues, disconnect to reconnect. >> take social media with kind of a grain of salt. it's great if you use it part-time and for fun. when it starts to consume your life and gets you in a place you don't feel good about you, take a break. >> social media on the lowdown. >> next on the get social show, texting. it is a great way to communicate. except when you cannot figure out what the heck the person you're communicating with is trying to say. emot i cons, passive/aggressive shorthand, the subtle messages in your texts. it's on the breakdown. >> are there any passive/aggressive text messages that irk you? >> i think something like a one-word answer when you want more than one word.
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with huh means i get that you're trying to be funny, but you failed miserably. >> it's like -- it's kind of like -- >> you can take time to write a million huhs so why not spell out hilarious. >> do you know how long it would take to spell out hilarious? >> next up, sure. now, this one's tricky. sure with an exclamation point is acceptable. sure with a period after the end, not so much. >> will you give me a ride to the airport? >> i reply sure, period, what am i saying? >> not the opportunity to hang out with me on a drive to the airport. >> next on our list of passive/aggressive texts, no worries. >> depends if it's a rastafarian who's writing it. >> no worries. >> no worries. >> that works for me. >> i won't say what i'm really feeling, but i will hold it against you.
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difference between a millennial saying no worries or a gen x saying it. >> we've all used yep. >> yep is an end. it's not asking for a response. if you ask if they had a good day, and they say yep, they're like, we're done talking here. >> last on our list, idk. it translates to, i do know, but i just don't feel like sharing right now. >> is andy back together with bobby? >> idk. that's like, leave me alone. why are you asking me? >> exactly. you do know but you don't want to share. >> or you genuinely don't know. >> let's cheers to better text messages. decoding text messages on the breakdown. >> a way a lot of us are getting social, live streaming. free apps are letting people share their lives with the world in realtime. some are even making money off
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living the dream live on the stream is what's trending. >> three, two, one -- >> and we're live. the newest craze to hit social media, live streaming. it's where you hop on your computer or smartphone and catch a friend, celebrity or random stranger in progress. watch alton brown cooking. go behind the scenes with carson daly daly. or take a bath with ricky gervais. >> i just want to see if it works in the bath. >> watching people live as they go through their day is a lot of fun because you feel like you have exclusive access to the person. you can even ask them questions. >> what's your favorite food? >> my favorite food is sushi. >> how cool is that? >> if you're looking to dip your toe in the live stream, there are a few free apps to get you started. the first one you might have already heard of, facebook. they recently rolled out a live streaming feature for all its futures. previously reserved only for
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settings, the countdown starts and you are live to the world. >> hey. >> when you're done, facebook posts the video directly to your feed. next, we turn to twitter for their live streaming app called periscope. this is similar to facebook but lets you do everything from sending user, to blocking people who ask inappropriate questions. obviously they're not all winners. they've just released the ability to use a go-pro which make your shoots look really cool. >> it lets users earn money. >> this one lets you pick users from one coin which equals 10 cents, up to ten coins, 10 bucks. you could get cash for your curry. >> thanks so much. >> live streaming your life is what's trending. >> hey there, i'm holly morgan. coming up on the viral list. the next big movie is trending all over facebook. >> i needed someone who could dive in and really become barack obama.
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>> it's not real, but it's funny. and later, photo woes. six ways to free up your phone's memory and still keep your selfie life. how many oscars did the social network win?
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before the break, we asked how many oscars the social network won in 2011? out of eight nominations, it won a total of three, including best film editing. and screen play and best original score. >> i believe i deserve some recognition. >> now here's three things you probably didn't know about the film written and produced by aaron thorkin. the winkel box twins were played by one actor. actually, that's partially true. josh pence played one of the brothers where they're together. after filming, they went in and
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number two, the opening six-minute scene between mark zuckerberg and his girlfriend took 99 takes. apparently the director thought it was necessary to get this just right due to thorkin's wordy script. number one, the real mark zuckerberg plans to never see the movie, but ended up going. he said they got his clothing right. no wonder every shirt and sleeve that jesse wears in the film is something zuckerberg has worn. >> welcome back to "the list." i'm holly morgan. since today's show is focusing on social media, the internet will not shut up about leonardo's speech last night. it's not that the guy finally won an oscar, it's how he used his three minutes that tops the viral list. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. >> after a handful of nods and no wins, leonardo dicaprio
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>> making the revannant is about -- >> he won for best actor and used his three minutes to talk about climate change. >> a world that we collectively felt in 2015 is the hottest in recorded history. >> not what the world expected. at least the guy's got a win. >> let's not take this planet for granted. >> trending on facebook, a spoof by funny man jimmy kimmel. >> we've got work to do. >> his sequel to the movie creates big names, like tracy morgan, mike tyson and a.j. simmons. the flick is a huge hit on facebook with nearly 30,000 views. some people actually fell for our last video. it's a must in the viral list. >> you need the right actor to
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>> this trailer for steven spielberg's film called "obama" "obama" -- >> i'll be honest, yeah, i was. it took a while. >> request with over 100,000 shares, facebook seems ready to see obama's -- >> i don't know how he walks around with these ears. >> fake, but funny, on the viral list. >> next on our social media themed show, we post videos on facebook and instagram. then go take pictures on our phones. make sure your social life doesn't fill your phone. what's the deal? >> cheese! my arms are too short. steady. >> we're social creatures. sharing pictures and videos are fun. right up to that moment when --
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of memory. >> kelly has tips for staying social without clogging your phone. for starters, treat it like a computer. once a month. settings. go to safari and at the bottom it says clear history and browsing history. you're good to go. >> procedures are similar on other browsers and for android devices. next, check your settings. >> by turning off auto updates, and by also turning off your location services, which you can do in your settings, you're not only saving your battery life, but saving storage on your cell phone. >> get it off your phone. >> when you take a picture, it will lay down a second copy in your camera roll. >> why use your storage when you can use theirs for free. >> facebook, instagram, google drive, google photos, drop box, so you can delete that hard copy from your cell phone.
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kelly knows this one firsthand. >> i had so many videos and photos of my daughter, by deleting that thread, i had more than a gig on my cell phone. >> instagram became a s media superpower by revolutionizing the way we share photos and videos. now they're changing the way we view entertainment, telling stories in 15 seconds or less on the hit list. no, that's not a trailer for a new movie, but for a show exclusively made for instagram. no need to do that netflix thing where you have to invest countless hours. it's only 15 seconds to binge watch the entire thing. here are three instagram series to keep an eye on. first up, unbound. instagram got exclusive rights to make an instamini series
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tour. inspired by the music and images of the album. next, shield 5 goes beyond the video. the 28-part thriller series not only released a video a day in february, but included photos to give clues on what could be happening. based in london, it follows the aftermath of a jewel heist. and finally, artistically challenged. >> come on, the virus on a shirt. >> this 32-episode comedy series follows a new yorker who takes credit for work that isn't his. >> yes. yes, i did. >> created by nyu film grad, the production team included 25 volunteer crew and 30 actors. of course, many hours to make the tiny short. and it worked. they're currently in development on their second season. >> so nice to meet you. >> bingeing, a fight at a time
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coming up, the addiction. get the social media monkey off your back with this easy three-step guide. you're on "the list." work out at your desk with the ten-minute deskercise. do three reps of 12 each and get
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staying with our social theme, there are over 2 billion social media users in the world. staying connected nonstop with our phones, laptops, texts, e-mails, facebook, instagram, twitter, yes, it can be overwhelming. but we've got tips on how to turn it off so you can tune in. it's on the to-do list. look, google uses a photo.
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chemical dopamine, the same chemical released when you fall in love or are addicted to substances. the jury is still out whether social media addiction is a real thing. but it can waste time and affect our productivity and mess with our brains. neuroscientists still aren't sure exactly what the long-term effects of social media use are. >> i'm not sure what the social media revolution, what kind of impact that's going to have on our brain. >> if you're trying to put down the phone, we've got ways you can detox in three days without losing your mind. day one, unsubscribe to mailing lists and unfollow people who are not your real friends. ooh, i've got to give this a like. it will make you more aware of what's happening in real life. take it from our relationship expert. >> there's a lot of pressure on people these days that they need to have their phone glued to them, or their e-mail. and be in constant contact in
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for day two. get social media rules and stick to them. like tv or video game time with kids. give yourself certain times of the day to check your phone. then set rules for times of the day not to check your phone, like during work. give me one second. i've just got to upload this photo. or at lunch. hilarious. it will boost productivity and improve your real social life. >> we live in an era where everything is about instant gratification. >> which is why on day three, it's time to disable push notifications or delete social apps from your phone all together. it might seem scary. but not hearing -- who knows, you may find yourself living that life everyone keeps talking about. adding more social and less media to your to-do list. coming up, if you are honest on social media. >> in reality, it looks like tons of fun.
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three ways to become a wine expert in just two minutes. >> it fuels the fun. >> toys for grown-ups is what's trending. >> wipeout. >> it's on "the list." we're the show that fits your lifestyle. beyond pop culture, beyond trends, beyond news. get it all from the show that
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tomorrow on the list. the digital age. three ways social media is saving animals in need. plus, grandma was right. our list of healthy soups that heal what ails you. and now here's what's trending up right there on our website, the list >> our get social show. great videos. >> theitle is it's called if you were honest on social media. >> perfect. close. i've taken this selfie over a hundred times to make sure i look as hot as possible. i only take photos of ethnic foods so you know i'm more cultured than you. in reality, i look like tons of fun. let's be best friends. #mom.
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>> that is eugene lee yang, very funny guy. >> and very insightful. kind of like he's in our heads. >> you want to see the entire video and share it with your friends. it's on our website. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- it's a real-life game of cops and robbers, and thanks to a body cam -- >> we can see it all as if we were there. >> while rounding up suspects means danger behind every door. a baby on a ledge in brazil, but this time an adult -- >> carry on. >> the scene that had everyone below holding their breath.


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