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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the calm before the storm.a 9 first warning this morning.the threat of severe weather
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4.07 everything. everything bad. you always think it won't happen to you and this is an eye opener a community is in shock this morning.the shootings at madison high school have sent shockwaves through the small town.9 on your side has been at the scene since the beginning.and in just a few hours... the 14 year old whome polcie say is the shooter, james austin hancock, will face a judge on felony attempted murder charges. chris live at the school.chris?
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been used recently as a temporary location for "turning point church".and on sunday...pastor greg cox told his congregation they needed to be a church at the ready. his message mentioned evil could find them even in madison township.and less than 24 hours later - it did. but that's not even the part that might surprise most of you at home.pastor cox says the church holds worship in the school's theater and sunday school in the cafeteria where the shootings happened weekend -
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things have changed out here. school will look different. the thought process will be different. the community will be different. we talked to the teenagers and the parents afterwards and told them, hey, don't let the kids plug out. "turning point" held a prayer vigil last night - urging prayers for not just the victims and their families, but also for the family of the accused shooter. shooter. that shooter expected to be in juvenile court in a few hours. jordan burgess is there live asking questions about what led him to open fire. that's what everyone wants answers to this morning.. as that 14-year-old suspect prepares for his first court appearanceinvestigators say they have a possible motive but friends seem to be at a loss as to why he would do this. the accused shooter... 14- year-old austin hancock is said to be on the wrestling
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student.we talked to a girl who was sitting with him in the cafeteria.she says someone made a comment about having a problem with another student.. and hancock said do you want me to shoot him.that's when she says he pulled out a gun and started shooting.. before telling her goodbye as he headed toward the door. "he was a really good friend - he came to school happy everyday - i dont know if he had any bullying issues - i didn't know of anyone bullying him - he was cool with everyone, that i knew" hancock expected in court here at 8-30 this morning.the most serious charges against him.. two counts of attempted murder.. and two felonious assault charges.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. now to an update on the shooting victims.we checked this morning on 15-year-old cameron smith and 14-year-old cooper caffery.both are in the hospital, but doing okay. well enough to have visitors who
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spirits.two more students were hurt by flying shrapnel.we know at least one was just grazed.9 on your side talked with the son of a resource officer who was inside the school..kristen swilley has his reaction. at the same time all this was happening in madison... middletown schools were put on soon as that lockdown was lifted a student there confessed to a teacher they had a gun.that student was officials say they will be suspended after a hearing. we're sure many of you are wondering what prompts a student to consider this type of violence.9 on your side talked with a child pyschologist at cincinnati
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hopsital.according to julie bemerer-- school shootings often stem from anger.students who are bullied taking their frustrations out on those they say causethem to feel less than.the typical response-- returning violence for violence without thinking about the long-term effects. just thinking through consequences which is really aren't good at thinking through consequences. that part of their brain has not developed yet to be able to do that." that."pyschologist typically do risk assessments to determine how serious a child is when they make a threat to harm others.experts also say social media plays a factor in exposing children to violence and other negative content prematurely. breaking this morning.two northern kentucky children are safe... after police officers find them walking on the brent spence bridge.officials say they ran away from a nearby children's home and tried to cross the bridge into ohio. they're back at home this
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democracy is super tuesday...the push already happening this morning across the country as
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our coverage of the madison high school shooting continues this morning ...kristen swilley and chris riva are on scene with the latest developments ...we start with
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we are getting a better picture this morning of exactly what happened in the moments surrounding yesterday's shooting. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live from madison this school is closed today to students while the staff meets and tries to figure out how to move forward. yesterday could have turned
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school resource officer not been nearby and the other members of law enforcement not been there to catch the shooter.this morning thomas hall, the son of the madison senior high school resource officer kent hall says his the rest of the taking the shooting hard...but is strong. and thomas, who graduated from madison last year and is a township trustee is just glad things didn't end much worse. thomas hall "you never think it's going to happen to you. you really don't. and i think when i was at the debriefing at the fire house one of the things i said was you don't get trained for situations like this. you get trained and then it just kind of clicks." again, staff members in school today to figure out how to move forward. reporting live...kristen swilley...9 on your side. 9 on your side is committed to bringing you the latest information on the madison school shooting throughout the day.for more head to wcpo dot
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"i'll never allow a con artist to take control of the party the gloves are off on this super tuesday.we hear the comments from "both" sides
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" i'm very proud of all these kids and i want to just thank you law enforcement and
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today is super tuesday... and g-o-p frontrunner donald trump will spent part of his busy day in the buckeye state.he'll be in columbus at noon... and is poised for a history-making election night. today is super tuesday... and g-o-p frontrunner donald trump will spent part of his busy day in the buckeye state.he'll be in columbus at noon... and is poised for a history-making election night. the latest national poll shows trump has the support of 49 percent of g-o-p voters going into super tuesday... with voting in 12 states and more than 16-hundred delegates at stake.but inside the republican party... some are refusing to support trump, even if he does win the nomination. sen marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate"i'll never allow a con artist to
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lincoln and reagan or of the conservative movement." movement."the lone star state is a bright spot for the opposition.trump is polling behind in texas... which is the biggest super tuesday state.texas senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will give him a much-needed win. meanwhile... on the democratic side... hillary clinton is focusing her efforts on republicans instead of rival bernie sanders. sanders.polls say voters in twelve states will hand big wins to clinton as she hopes to solidify her lead.she appeared at a campaign event yesterday and chose to target donald trump *instead* of sanders. hrc i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole (6). sanders is not giving up hope... saying he expects to win many delegates tonight.... even though some of his supporters fear a poor super tuesday showing will make an irreparable dent in his campaign. stay with 9 on your side for continuing coverage of super tuesday.we'll have the results as they come in later tonight
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and we'll have a complete wrap tomorrow morning... right here on good morning tri-state. let get your latest nine
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an almost year long experiment is coming to an end. end.when astronaut scott kelly will finally be back on earth. the purpose behind his trip... and the firt thing he wantgs to do when he lands. and here's what you'll see
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u-s astronaut scott kelly is getting ready to come home today... after almost a year in space. kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko served as test subjects on the international space station... so scientists could study the affects of space travel on the human's all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars.he'll land today in russia... and return to texas on wednesday.he says one of the first things he wants to
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everyone starts running -- the first shot went and then it kind of paused for maybe five seconds and then bang bang bang bang 631 middletown officials working to figure out a motive to the madision school shooting.what we've uncovered this morning. a threat of severe weather is headed to the tri-state later today.jennifer...when is this expected to be in our
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traffic 2350 i've heard a lot some of it was like boyfriend girlfriend drama and then another one was it was a dare to bring a gun to school and show everybody but i dont know the truth 2403 it's a new day at madison high school ...after a school shooting there yesterday will never be the same.chris riva is anchoring our coverage of the aftermath at the school right now ...chris - quite a different scene than when you were out there
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students and parents gathered last night outside middletown high school. an eight grader in the cafeteria when the shooting began is ok...but her grandmother talked with our crews during the vigil...and this is what she told us her
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"she was still kind of shaky and she's letting me know she was okay. she said she kept hearing the shots. at first she didn't think anything of it but then kids starting screaming and then she realized they were being shot
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the suspect was arrested within minutes of the shooting at the school.'s the scene as it was unfolding yesterday morning in middletown... middletown...9 on your side jordan burgess is live outside the juvenile court where austin will be appearing in the next few hours.jordan? right now that suspect is charged as a juvenile.but since he's 14.. and facing felony charges he could be transferred to adult court. those who know austin hancock say he seemed like a normal kid.he was on the wrestling team.friends say he had recently broken up with a girlfriend but aren't sure if that had anything to do with this shooting.we talked to one friend who says he's known
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thought of him as a good student.he watched him pull out a gun.. and he says cock classmates. "the first one, like, the first one is where everyone turned around. then like three seconds later, he shot three more." "he was a normal kid. i played football with him in the fifth grade. he was pretty normal." hancock is expected in court at 8-30 this morning.. reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. we're learning new details this morning about the shooting that left a dayton pastor dead... and what may have led up to it. investigators say the brother of the rev. william b. schooler sued the minister over an inheritance dispute five years ago.daniel schooler
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from the real estate value of the church.a court ruled against his claim.a relative says daniel has a history of mental illness... and shot his nephew in the arm in 2001. police now say there are *two* people of interest in the case of a falmouth woman... who's body was found on sunday. tara turner had been missing since january 31st. her remains were found last night in shag creek near route eight. the kentucky state police are leading the investigation with help from
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attacked at rally for donald trump.the statement this morning from time magazine after one of their reporters
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the obama administration is now reviewing that would expand f-d-a oversight of e- cigarettes... after yet another mysterious explosion. explosion.this car burst into flames after an e-cigarette apparently exploded in naples, florida.authorities say cassandra koziol told police she was smoking a modified e- cigarette when it exploded in her mouth... burning her face and nearly blowing out two teeth. "i had like char // i pushed a button i felt an impact on my face // i saw like sparks fly off onto the passenger side." the government says million of americans smoke e-cigarettes. and so far, more than two dozen fires and explosions
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including this fire at a kentucky gas station when an e-cigarette exploded in a man's pocket. nats of explosion... *beeep* *beeep*a firefighter is recovering this morning after a burning bus exploded at a san francisco gas station. officials say the bus driver pulled into the station after his engine started overheating. it burst into flames... and fire crews evacuated people to a safe position and started dousing the bus in water.the blaze was extinguished about a half-hour after it began. time magazine is responding this morning after one of its photographers got into a fight with a secret service agent at a donald trump rally. rally.hey... *beep* you, *beep* you... what? what?that's time magazine photographer chris morris swearing at the agent.after he refused to go back to the media area... the agent wrestled him to the ground. morris then started kicking the agent before he was tossed out of the event.time says morris has -quote- "expressed remorse" for escalating the
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take a close look at the picture on your screen...those are gun-themed stilettos that caused trouble for a traveler in baltimore!t-s-a agents spotted the shoes and gun- themed bracelets in a carry on bag...while they are real... the t-s-a doesn't allow any replica guns or ammo past checkpoints!since it was too late for her to check the carry on, she had to leave the
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a craving for some tacos leads to two men getting arrested. what they stole to curb that
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2215: mom: i'm glad i'm a praying momma that's what i'm glad about because i was up praying last night over madison and my kids and all
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two men have been arrested after a wild ride in a taco truck.police say they were chasing this stolen taco truck in southern california.. when the suspects lost control.. and sideswiped a school bus carrying nearly 50 children. fortunately, none of them were hurt.the truck then crashed into a propane tanker truck. witnesses say that's when police fired two shots at the men.. but no one was hit.the suspects were taken into custody without incident. even self-driving cars can cause fender-benders. google says one of its self-driving vehicles was at least partially responsible for an accident with a city bus. it's the company's first admission that one of its cars played a part in causing a crash. the bus hit the car after it switched lanes
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was reportedly traveling at less than two miles per hour, the bus about 15 miles per hour. no one was injured. we're just about a month away from opening day...and the *new look* reds will take the field for the first time later this evening in arizona. it's the first day for spring training games in both florida and arizona. the reds and indians will kick off cactus league play in goodyear tuesday afternoon... at three player who's not expected to take the field today... reds center fielder billy hamilton... who's coming
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first warning forecast. showers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with these storm pass. highs reach
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nine pregnant women in the u-s are infected with the zika virus. virus.all were infected by traveling to places where the virus in spreading.another six women contracted the virus through sexual contact. among women ... ...three babies have been microcephaly - that's the birth defect resulting in a small head and abnormal brain development.two women had miscarriages and two had abortions.two women are still pregnant. so far there are no the fetuses. you know those love handles we all complain about from time to time.believe it or not they could help you live longer. apparently cells that contain more fat outlive those that are leaner. researchers say the fat in the cells may help destroy harmful molecules that can cause damage to your d-n-a typically seen in ageing. now don't get too excited.. researchers have yet to test whether these findings apply to human cells.. this has only
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time for change.what one woman has decided to do following her husbands decision to go on
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showers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before falling quickly this afternoon. in today's right-this-minute video, a woman is shocked by a surprise flash mob proposal. stephanie was enjoying a beer on a patio in south carolina when five of her friends and family members suddenly started dancing to bruno mars'
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faces jumped out and danced, and she figured something was up the end of the song, her boyfriend jason popped the question ...of course, she said yes. see all of the day's top videos every weekday on right this minute here on 9 on your side at 10 the accused kalamazoo killer jason dalton claims she saw no signs of trouble before the rampage. attorney for carole dalton told the detroit free press nothing happened.. no financial problems and they were not separated. she filed for divorce last week.. after he was charged with murdering 6 people and attempting to murder 2 others in a random shooting spree. the virginia police rookie killed in the line of duty her first day on the job.. will be laid to rest tomorrow. officer ashley guindon was shot to death and two other officers were wounded saturday after responding to a domestic call. army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is now charged with shooting them. he's also accused of
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being held without bond ... prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. two northern kentucky children are safe this morning.where police officers found them walking in the middle of the night.
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for students and faculty, a day to heal.and for one student, a day in court. 4.07 everything. everything bad. you always think it won't happen to you and this is an eye opener openerlive team coverage from madison as a community moves
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good morning tri-state.i'm kathrine nero. nero.i'm chris riva live in madison, as we follow the latest in a school shooting there that left 4 students injured, and another in police custody.first let's check in with meteorologist jennifer ketchmark. jennifer calls for graphic full at keyshowers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before


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