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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first at four -- the butler county sheriff's office has charged two madison students in the wake of monday's school shooting. shooting.investigators say they knew austin hancock allegedly brought a gun to
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9 on your side butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live for us this afternoon at madison junior and senior high school--jay?? they knew but didn't say anything--that's according to the sheriff and the district and it runs counter to what these kids are taught on a day to day basis today school let out at 2:30 here at the junior and senior high school capping off what has been a week everyone here wants to put behind themthe butler county sheriff richard jones told reporters today that the investigation evolved and that they are still tracking down leadsjones said that parents need to talk to their kids about what is the right thing to do when you see a gun at school and that is to tell someonethe sheriff reminded everyone that the charges could even be more severe if you knew of the shooters intentions and didn't say anythingultimately he said the training that goes on is designed to save lives ((sheriff richard jones/butler county)) :16"they have drills
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tell em and we tell em and we tell em report these things when you see them it's hard for these kids to understand that these bullets have no eyes." the two are charged with failure to report a crime which is a fourth degree receive a summons to butler county juvenile court--madison the two teens were not in do remain students--the district comment further about face--in madison township jay warren for the now cincinnati also today -- the butler county sheriff announced that two other students from edgewood city schools are also in trouble for making threats in the wake of monday's shooting at madison of those students apparently said he was ready for another school shooting.the other allegedly made threats on social media.both were arrested and taken to the butler county juvenile detention center. it's a question we have been
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to police about her newborn baby being inside of her car when it was stolen?even the family of 28 year old na'cole benton isn't sure. sure. comment">but benton's attorney says this case is not what it seems. 9 oys timyka artist joins us with why this story got even more complex. ((timyka on cam))bentons attorney suggesting in court today that the police got it wrong. and that she never told dispatchers her baby was in the car when it was stolen from her hopkins street home. when police responded they say she refused to let them inside before sneaking out the back door with her 18 day old child. then returning some 20 minutes later on a taxi w the child and a friend. two teens were eventually arrested and charged w receiving stolen property after crashing the ford focus near western hills high school. the search for little lamilyn went on for two hours and involved multiple
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family member spoke with me shortly after benton's court appearance ((sot-relative no chyron))185338 she's a good mom she's a very good mom does she know the people who stole the car? no she do not know the people we do not know the people either ((continue vo )) bentons new born and two other children ages 5 and 7 are now in the care of other relatives. ((timyka on cam)) she'll be back in court later this month. her options right now are to pay a 20000 dollar bond or wear an electronic monitoring device timyka artist for the now cincinnati turning to weather -- it still feels like winter.but not for much longer! we should see a few more rays of sunshine this afternoon coming in between the clouds. temperatures are only expected to top out in the low 40s. another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in
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mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is closer to normal for early march. we'll see a bit jump in temperatures as we head into the coming work week. highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s early in the week. but rain will take over later in the week, bringing in the chance for heavy rain and thunderstorms. the double homicide of oj simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman in los angeles decades ago began what was dubbed the trial of a century -- with oj simpson facing murder charges and being found not guilty. now, interest surrounding a new discovery -- potentially a piece of evidence. here's abc's lauren lyster. the oj simpson trial captivated the nation more than 20 years ago the weapon used in the killing of
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friend has remained a mystery to this day. now, a knife surfacing... 9:40:49 nats -- "we the jury foudn the defendant not guilty" the oj simpson trial decades ago...but los angeles police this morning is clearing up a new story going around... sot captain andrew neiman, lapd "regarding an alleged knife that may have been recovered...possibly in connnection to oj simpson case" los angeles police department revealing how they got that knife...within the last month. sot captain andrew neiman, lapd: became aware of an item allegedly recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property, possibly during the demolition. nats demolition that property - oj simpson's old brentwood home... demolished in 1998. police say they're told it was an off- duty or retired police officer working in the area -- there for a movie job -- who claims a construction worker gave him the knife, saying it was found on the estate. nat oj simpson was acquitted of murder charges [ graphic] in the 1994 stabbing deaths of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman in 1997, a *civil* jury found him liable simpson continues to claim he's innoccent...police today saying the double homicide case remans open (could cut for time) nats it was a saga that for many in america began with that 2-hour bronco chase as simpson fled arrest nats now, many t-v viewers reliving the whole trial in a new f-x mini-series, the people versus oj simpson as for what the
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mean... sot dan abrams, chief legal analyst, abc news -- "as a legal matter no matter what this knife turns out to be it won't lead to oj simpson being charged again//it's called double jeopardy tag: that's because of double jeopardy. police emphasizing they are still vetting the story to determine if it is real or made up...examining that knife for all forensics such as dna. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. police are still looking for answers following a cold springs crash that killed a mother and daughter. daughter.police say the driver who hit 30-year-old desirae hensley and her eight-year-old daughter jakyra cundiff crossed the center line of u-s 27 near the lower gap last night.they say drugs are not involved.police say it's too early to know whether that face charges. 10:23 there was no evidence at the scene i saw of drugs. i looked inside the cars and didn't see anything and talking the friends of one of the drivers they said they had no known history of using drugs. police did return to the crash scene today for further investigation.we'll keep you
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three teens are now in big trouble after crashing into an apartment building near wilmington! wilmington!troopers tell us the crash ended on u.s. 22 just before the city line when the driver lost control.he'd been clocked going more than 100 miles per hour!troopers first tried to stop the car after the driver was spotted driving erratically but then troopers figured out the car had been stolen.a 14, 16 and 17 year old now face charges including driving under the influence and receiving stolen property. north college hill police intend to arrest a total of *5* teens- after a large fight at north college hill high scool. police tell 9 on your side the fight started when "words were exchanged" between two teens in the cafeteria. later in the day- the fight continued outside- and police tell us it tripled in size! police were able to break it up. superintendent gary gellert emailed parents about the situationn- reassuring them everything is now under control. he adds they've added extra security at the school for the next few days. gary gellert//superintendent "this one was a little more serious and spilled over into the community, a lot times kids will have a conflict kids
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but this just didn't end" end"gellert says he's also talked to staff- to make sure they're more alert than usual. a missing indiana paramedic has now been charged with theft! theft!craig whitham had been at the center of an investigation after more than 100-thousand dollars was found missing from his employer... the aurora emergency rescue. whitham is still missing.if you have information on his whereabouts - you're asked to call police. before they ever say a word, babies wheels are turning.. and next on the now anchor kathrine nero shows us how bright colors and shapes are at the art museum are helping babies get a head start on education. plus are bookstores making a comeback?a few years after so many stores closed down -- it appears people might just be
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lakota students are making over furniture to give their
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look.check it's part of ikea's dress me up project that started four years ago. it's a way to help art departments that have been forced to make cuts.the store donated dressers, which the students then painted, and auctioned off.all of the proceeds go to lakota's art find out how much the kids raised -- and how you can get your hands on some of these unique designs next time, head to wcpo dot com and check out the story. doctors say babies can distinguish colors, shapes and patterns by 12 weeks old. and not long after that, they just might be able to develop a love for fine art. 9 on your side's kathrine nero shows us how the cincinnati art museum is catering to its youngest patrons. beth moyer/andi's grandmother:35-:44 kathirne nero :45-:53 stephanie mcguffey/isla's mom 1:14-1:22 art lovers come in all shapes ... sizes. and in this case ... ages. the monthly baby tour at the cincinnati art museum caters to little ones from two months to two years. 1:13:17 "moon does it look liek a moon? nooooo..." 1:07:45 it's really a way for babies and their caregivers to connect and feel comfortable
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1:15:52 "bye!!" sara 1:09:29 we want to parents to engage with the child .. jsut as much as much as the child is engaging with the art. 32 tour groups are limited to about ten babies and caregivers ... and each tour has a theme. this month - it's shapes. 1:28:13 when she saw the shapes, she got excited ... she knows triangles, stars, circles ... uh oh!! nero "what you don't see on this tour??? strollers. the whole idea is to get the babies at eye level to the art .. and have their parents talk to them about what they're seeing." 1:15:23 he likes horsies?? there isn't a lot of critiquing here ... as sara points out - babies don't care too much about art history. but they know what they like - and what they don't. 1:10:04 some babies have really strong reaction to a certain work of art and will start flapping their arms ro crying or making relaly loud noises. 14 stephanie mcguffey 1:30:37 it's really cool to expose children to art this young age ... had you been to one of these before ... we had not it was our first visit and i think she really enjoyed it." 46she enjoyed seeing familiar shapes and animals 48 1:10:32 our goal here at the cincinnati art museum is to bring people and art together ... and that means even our
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now cincinnati i'm kathrine nero nero the art museum leads two baby tours the last friday of each month ... they're free, but they fill up fast ... so you're encouraged to register your little rembrandt before you go. weather we should see a few more rays of sunshine this afternoon coming in between the clouds. temperatures are only expected to top out in the low 40s. another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in
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tomorrow. highs top out in the mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is closer to normal for early march. we'll see a bit jump in temperatures as we head into the coming work week. highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s early in the week. but rain will take over later in the week, bringing in the chance for heavy rain and
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have you picked up a good book lately? not too long ago, it seemed like the book was headed toward extinction but that may no longer be the case. 9 on your side anchor carol williams joins us with this news.carol? barnes and noble just announced its opening four new stores, three years after it announced it's closing a third of its outlets. it says
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are improving.and that's a big change for the struggling book retail chain. comparison, it says sales of electronic book devices like its nook readers, dropped by a third in the fourth quarter of last year. and let's not forget that amazon also recently opened a brick and mortar store near u.c. and its first traditional bookstore in seattle. we looked further into this, and found despite our digital age, it seems there's nothing like opening up a real book. even for younger people... and even if it's a text book. one study found a quarter of college students still bought print versions of their text books, even if they were given e-textbooks for free. the study author calls it "astounding." another study done a few years ago found fewer than 10-percent of kids and parents would choose an e-book over print books when reading together. possible reasons? one study suggests readers tend to skim digital screens, get
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attention another suggests something similar - it's harder to get emotionally involved in a story on a digital platform, than in a physical book. and... if you try to fall asleep with a good book, one study found the light emitted by an e-device makes it take ten minutes longer to fall asleep, compared to a real book. it could be time for a good deal... we told you this week sports authority is closing about a third of its stores --- including some right here in ohio near columbus. columbus. the liquidation sales are already underway. but before you automatically assume you're getting a great buy... be forewarned. traditionally, liquidators re- price everything in a store. so before you buy -- you might want to do a little comparison shopping to make sure that the great discount is really what you think it is. lawyers for tom brady and the nfl are back in court -- debating whether the nfl can reinstate brady's four-game suspension.
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last year's deflategate scandal.the league had suspended brady but a new york judge overturned that decision. now a three judge panel will decide if brady will have to serve that suspension afterall. nfl commissioner roger goodell says this case goes beyond brady though. this is an issue of what are our rights in the collective bargaining agreement // we followed them to a t. and we believe that-- the district court got that wrong. wrong. brady says he had nothing to do with deflategate -- that's where game balls were purposely deflated for a patriot's playoff game in 2015. he claims he destroyed his cell phone -- a key nfl argument for the suspension -- because of privacy issues. closing arguments today in the high profile case sports reporter erin andrews brought against marriott hotels and her stalker.the 75 million dollar lawsuit centers on nude videos taken of andrews without her knowledge while she was staying in hotels in nashville and columbus in 2008.
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get the case at any time. he put his life on the line to defend our country -- then his he's out of job. job.the confrontation that has a veteran wondering how he's
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an army veteran is *fired after confronting two shoplifters at the maryland cvs where he worked.joe morici says he did what came naturally. but the company says it's against its policy. policy.sot morici -"my main concern just everyone's safety in the building and i reacted out of instinct." instinct."morici says it started when the men jumped the pharmacy counter demanding money and prescription drugs. he told someone to call 911 then tried to stop the suspects from getting away. :28 sot morici -"as we were almost passing through the isle the one tried to hit me with his screwdriver and i kind of (covered by a ws of the cvs doors, cu on a door) blocked it. met him at the front door because it didn't open and (on camera) that's kind of where the main struggle happened. i ended up disarming the one guy of his screwdriver." :42
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that while the events were unfortunate, the safety and well being of customers and employees must come first. morici says he doesn't know exactly what he'll do next -- but he has applied for a job on the police force. right now, a possible breakthrough to tell you about in the fight against cancer. newsy's melissa prax shows us what doctors have discovered, and what may happen now: new research may have made headway in the fight against cancer by targeting what scientists are calling the disease's "achilles heel." researchers at university college london say they've found a way to find "unique markings" in cancerous tumors that enable the immune system to hone in on the disease.a professor from the institute told the bbc: "this is exciting. now we can prioritize and target tumor antigens that are present in every cell - the achilles heel of these highly complex cancers."tumors can mutate as they get larger. mutations and growth mean they can become too difficult for the immune
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the tumor creates toxins meant to trigger an immune response. if this new method is successful, the patient's immune system could be led to tackle the disease with the help of normal treatments. this idea isn't entirely new, but the target that previous methods aimed for was different.this method would be personalized through dna analysis, which means it would be costly. another dilemma: it hasn't been tested yet. researchers hope to test patients in the coming years. this video includes clips from cancer research uk and cancer research institute and images. newsy on your tv or favorite streaming device. device. right now -- a brand new beer store now open in loveland. loveland.we take you inside the casual pint -- next! "in case you forgot, flint is still dealing with a water crisis. we sit down with one family to go through a day in
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... the weekend is here and its shaping up to not only be a busy one -- but a nice one too! sherry what can you tell us? we should see a few more rays of sunshine this afternoon coming in between the clouds. temperatures are only expected to top out in the low 40s. another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in more rain than anything tomorrow. highs top out in the mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is closer to normal for early march. we'll see a bit jump in temperatures as we head into the coming work week. highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s early in the week. but rain will take over later in the week, bringing in the
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right now --a new craft beer market is hosting its grand opening in loveland. take a look inside 'the casual pint.' pint.' it's the fastest growing franchise in the craft beer industry and offers beer brewed in loveland as well unique flavors from all over the country.the loveland location is the first shop to open outside of tennessee where it was founded in 2011. the grand opening started today at 4 and the first 50 people in the door will get a free growler. 19.00.03 i like the casual atmposhere. i like the
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i like being able to talk about beer and sports with your girlfriend or wife and friends of a pint if you want 19.00.12 19.00.12the casual pint is open 11 to midnight on weekends.. and 11 to ten on weekdays. bock fest is this weekend.this is a live look as preparations get underway for the parade tonight.and if you plan to check out the festivities -- have no fear.the wcpo insider team has you covered. entertainment reporter brian mains takes you on a tour.
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dancing for miracles..uc students are continuing the tradition of the annual dance marathon for charity. but there are some changes this year. organizers are cutting the dance time from 24 hours to only 12.they're hoping the shorter time is less overwhelming for students and will help attract new dancers. starting tomorrow at 11 o clock- studnets will dance for 12 hours straight to
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miracle network at cincinnati's children's hospital. in years past they've raised more than 35- thousand dollars. a-m-c theaters is the now the biggest movie theater chain in the world. the company announced thursday it purchased carmike cinemas. that deal is worth more than one billion dollars. it gives a-m-c more than 600 theater locations in 45-states in the's expected to be completed by the end of the year. kroger's stock took a dramatic hit yesterday.. no thanks to slowing inflation and dropping prices. that's according to the cincinnati based grocery chain. this may sound odd considering kroger's annual profit is up 18-percent, but experts say the hit on wall street was a direct result of kroger falling shy of revenue estimates. to read more about what's in store for kroger on wall street-- head to five months after the city of flint, michigan switched back to a safe drinking water source, hundreds of homes are still testing higher than the e-p-a's safety level for lead.
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being added are starting to help stop corrosion of the city's infrastrucure. work is just now beginning to start replacing lead service pipes. it's believed there are about 8-thousand lines that may need to be changed. but, the record-keeping is apparently so poor the city's not entirely sure which pipes need to go. and, the 58- million dollars pledged by the state to deal with the crisis, does not cover that cost. it's one thing to have to use bottled water for a few days because of a health alert due to contamination. but imagine having to do that for months on end. the now's andy choi went to flint, to see what the day is like for people living this reality. 4.14.53"and it should be so good. stir it up!"something as simple as a batch of lemonade comes at a high cost for tabitha dunson. 4.16.36 grandchild "little more sugar." "a little more sugar? okay" but when the grandkids are visiting good!" but splurge.3.55.59"they give these out so i usually try to
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the kind of rationing the people of flint continue to juggle on a daily basis. 4.06.05"yeah, that's it every drop of bottled water accounted for 4.07.50"you would never think that was loaded with lead wonder exactly what is coming out of that tap.4.08.54choi "would you drink this?""no." choi "would you recommend any guest drink this?""no."choi "even with the filter?""nope." tabitha trusts the tap just enough to bathe and do the laundry. for everything else 3.57.47[nats of bottles] "this is where we stack all the water"a stockpile of donated water keeps life tolerable. 3.45.03"we keep a lot of water since we go to the fire station. we collect water there. the church gives out water. so usually we can go up there and we can get more water."3.48.24"because everybody is doing so much down there to make sure we're not left behind."in the shadows of this crisis, tabitha's biggest concern revolves around flint's youngest generation. 3.51.50 "it's going to be a tough road because we don't know how these kids are gonna react. we don't know how deep they're going to be affected." but despite all this, tabitha has no plans to live anywhere
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the ones who want to stay here, we'll stay here!"call it pride. call it defiance. call it a glass half full. 3.46.42 "we'll be here, flint is home!" a glass that remains in desperate need of clarity. 3.46.44"this is the only place, this is home." in flint, i'm andy choi, for the now. michigan's governor has hired outside attorneys to represent the state in civil cases, and to process records connected to flint's water crisis. crisis. meantime, the next democratic presidential debate will be in flint this sunday, and this topic is expected to be front and center. the teenage girl recovering from last month's tragic shooting spree in kalamazoo, is up and she's walking. take a look at this photo from her family: this is 14-year-old abigail kopf. you'll remember, at one point doctors declared her dead. they were going to donate her organs -- but then she squeezed her mother's hand and started breathing on her own again. she was shot at random in the parking lot of
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four family friends with her were also shot and died. her survival is being called a miracle. doctors say she's making a remarkable recovery despite being shot in the head. her family says she is a strong-willed child. breaking right now -- murder charges in the death of a middletown mother found dead in dayton. dayton.curtis burdette is accused of shooting and killing brittany russell last month.she was found dead inside her car -- parked at an apartment building.her six-month-old child was also in the car -- the child wasn't harmed.another person was previously questioned in her death -- but prosecutors chose charges. imagine never having to clean the bathroom ever again!sounds great right? right?one airplane maker says it may have found a way!the self cleaning restroom --
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right now, there's an effort underway to improve safety when we fly. but there's also concern it's not
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9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese with the debate. the debate over airline safety intensified after the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. 370. we showed you just this week a possible piece of wreckage was found off the coast of africa, nearly two years after it vanished, seemingly without a trace. and that's the issue. we still don't know where that plane ended up. new safety changes include planes in distress automatically having to report their position every minute to help search teams and rescuers. but it would only apply to airplanes built six years from now or later. keep in mind, many planes flying today will be used for 20 years. new airplanes will also be required to have a new way to recover information from the black box and cockpit voice recorders so recovery crews don't have to search underwater. but again, that requirement doesn't kick-in until 2021.
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n-t-s-b says it's long overdue and says more should be done to put this technology into place more quickly. airplane restrooms gross a lot of us out. you never know how many germs are hanging out in there. now boeing is trying to change that with this self-cleaning restroom. the company says the u-v light kills more than 99-percent of germs in just three seconds. the light turns on after someone leaves and cleans the toilet seat, sink and countertops. boeing is testing the technology right now. a janitor goes from singing on the jib to singing on stafe! stafe!3 seconds of nats of singing from julie vo/sot vo/sot more of that amazing talent -- and the video that's made him the viral sensation so many
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this afternoon we are learning the official cause of death of bobbi kristina brown.the late daughter of whitney houston was found unconscious in her bathtub in january 2015. the medical examiner says that bobbi kristina died of immersion in water mixed with drugs in her system.bobbi kristina was in a coma for nearly 7 months before passing away in july. reality t-v star mama june -- the mother of honey boo boo, is still in the hospital after collapsing wednesday. wednesday.the 36-year-old fainted several times in her georgia home and had complained about not feeling well. new today-- family members say the overweight mother had been dieting aggressively and hadn't eaten much ahead of her collapse.doctors are now running tests to find out what's wrong.june revealed last may she lost 45 pounds. you don't know.. til it happens to you. you.lady gaga's powerful performance at the oscars
4:46 pm
survivors of sexual assault. and the 50 survivors who bravely joined her on stage that night now have another common bond with the pop star. star.the group made a pact during rehearsals to get matching tattoos. here's a look at a few of them. the artist behind it says its a symbol that stands for solidarity for survivors of sexual assault. lady gaga's new ink is on her left shoulder. a high school janitor in nebraska takes the stage at the school's orchestra concert.. and now he's a viral sensation. students say roy smith is always wandering the halls singing and putting smiles on their faces-- and when he agreed to perform sam smith's 'a change is gonna come,' they knew it'd be a hit.. what they didn't know was that this performance would soon be seen by millions. take a look: roy smith sings
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this clip was tweeted, then posted to reddit and then picked up by national news outlets. people watching love everything from his voice to his suit. smith says he was humbled to take part. here's a sign of the times..major league baseball is teaming up with snapchat, and turning march 11th into snap chat day. day. now for the first time ever, players will be permitted to use smartphones during games in order to send pictures on the social media app. but that's not all... all... on snapchat day, the m-l-b will also unveil a new model of the snap-bat. here's the old version that debuted during the homerun derby last summer here in cincinnati. organizers say its a way to give fans an inside look at what it's like to participate
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believe it or not spring is around the corner.sherry is tracking a weekend forecast that might even feel like it right? we should see a few more rays of sunshine this afternoon coming in between the clouds. temperatures are only expected to top out in the low 40s. another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in more rain than anything tomorrow. highs top out in the mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is closer to normal for early march. we'll see a bit jump in temperatures as we head into the coming work week. highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s early in the week. but rain will take over later in the week, bringing in the chance for heavy rain and
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when we think about the depths of the ocean, we often think of it as a dark and quiet abyss. researchers have found - that's surprisingly not the case. take a listen: runs=:10(ambient ocean noise - whale, ship propeller, earthquake that sounds like jet engine) engine) what you hear are things like whale calls, earthquakes, and even ship propellers. these are images from a team of scientists from noaa, oregon state university, and the u.s. coast guard. they recorded these sounds from the bottom of the mariana trench - the deepest part of the ocean at seven miles below the surface. researchers say they didn't expect that surface noise would travel so far underwater. 9 on your side at 5 is coming up - craig mckee is here now
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first - you've heard the story about the mother accused of lying to police saying her infant was in her stolen car. while she's denied saying that - we've obtained the 9- 1-1 call where she says something different. we'll play it for you coming up at 5. then a tragedy in cold spring! a mother and daughter dead after a head on crash. tonight the mother of the young woman killed has a message. you'll hear what she has to say only on 9 on your side at 6. tanya -- ad lib wrap who will get the republican nomination? is it even someone who is running right now? i'm todd walker. the talk of a brokered convention
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election.. so plenty can and will happen between now and then.for the now, i'm todd walker. despite the name calling and talk of a brokered
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candidates last night said they *would* support whoever the republican nominee is. republicans will hold their first ever caucus tomorrow.the caucus was initially set up to help senator rand paul run for both the presidency and senate at the same time.that was before he dropped out of the presidential race.and because this is the first caucus for kentuckians, there's growing confusion about how it happens... and where to go. 111045 - we're doing the best we can to get the word out, but we're continuing to hear people don't know about it. it's on a different day. it's on a saturday as opposed to a tuesday so there's all kinds of wild cards there. the g-o-p caucus is tomorrow from ten until four.there is one caucus site in each of kentucky's counties.the presidential race is the only thing on the ballot.the regular kentucky primary is on the books for may 17-th.that's for all other g-o-p races and all democratic races... including president. and remember wcpo insider political reporter amanda
4:58 pm
michigan next week following ohio governor john kasich and his campaign.. which he says is not over until at least ohio voters weigh in on march 15th. we'll have more from amanda and her exclusive coverage from michigain beginning monday right here on the now cincinnati. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. they saw the gun but never spoke up!two more students charged in the school shooting in madison township. 9 - 15"it's hard for these kids to understand that these bullets have no eyes." the lesson learned from not coming forward. a mother and daughter killed in a head-on crash ... leaving heartbroken. waiting for us all" all"and the latest into the kentucky crash. is she flip-flopping her story? police say a mother lied about
4:59 pm
9-1-1 calls reveal what she really told police. possible evidence surfacing decades later!what has o-j simpson back in the headlines? and why police say a new discovery could be bogus. 9 on your side at five starts now! we start with breaking news in the murder of a middletown mother. mother.prosecutors in dayon, ohio approved charges against a man accused of killing brittany russell. russell.37-year-old curtis burdette is facing several counts including murder and felonious assault.he's already in jail - for an unrelated drug charge. charge.russell was found shot to death inside a car in dayton in mid-february.her six-month-old daughter was also in the vehicle but was unharmed.nine on your side is digging into these new charges. we'll bring you new information as it becomes available. turning now to new developments in the madison township school shooting. two students charged for knowing a fellow student had a gun - but not saying a word.
5:00 pm
sheriff's office says students are told over and over again - if you see something - say something. something.if they had - monday's shooting might not have happened. happened.9 on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live with the charges these teens are facing - jay? the two teens are each charged with failing to report a crime which is a fourth degree misdemeanor--the butler county sheriff said that as the week has gone on the investigation evolved and this new information came to light-- school let out here at madison junior and senior high school this afternoon ending a week that no one will be able to forgettoday sheriff richard jones through the investigation detectives learned that two teens knew that austin hancock had a gun on monday but didn't say anything--((sheriff richard jones/butler county))"i stress to you the people that are listening to this today we're not going to put up with it. the schools are not going to put up with it. your kids will be kicked out of school."now whether that is in the works or not the district won't


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