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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a 13 week old puppy is now recovering after her owners say she was attacked by another dog and those owners park rangers are trying to find them.nine on your side's rose-ann aragon with details on this vicious attack. "we were just disgusted by the way these people acted. no sympathy. they offered zero help." allison cole and her fiancee brad sweeney were walking their 13 week old
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park-- moe is a basset hound shar pei mix-- "these people stopped us and they were like oh my god your dog is so cute what kind is it? so we stopped. so our dog sat and their dog sat and they kind of came toward each other and kind of came toward each other like sniffing and with in seconds the dog attached itself on her mussel." the couple watched in horror-- "the dog locked on to her face--and then as the dog moves she's in his mouth moving. -- so it just kept ripping..this went on for 30 seconds. finally i had to literally punch the dog in it's face bad it finally release ours." the side of moe's face would bleed--but what shocked them the most wasn't the attack-- it was the other owners' response-- "the husband immediately took the dog back and we said-- the first thing (sweeney) said was we need your contact info. i mean i was sobbing. and they (other owners) said, 'no, you don't. dogs will be dogs. you just need to take her it's just a little scratch. they say the owners didn' cooperate so--they rushed moe to the
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than 5 hours she'd be released.--we were there. ""100% recovery. she'll obviously have a battle scar, which saddens us but she'll be strong. but they are still searching for the family that they say walked away. "they wouldn't tell us their name--and we wanted their contact information to make sure their dog was healthy but they refused." in just a few hours, 27-year- old ryan brehm will be sentenced.he is the man charged with inducing panic' ...after a new year's even standoff in norwood. that standoff even shut down part of norwood avenue.he is
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the charges stem from an incident on pine street -- where a swat team spent three hours negotiating with brehm. officers arrived at the home after brehm was overheard on a 9-1-1 call -- threatening to "shoot everyone."after police arrested brehm .. they searched the home ... where they say they found a shotgun, hand gun, and an a-k 47-style assault rifle. also headed to court today. lata-wanda short.police say she shot a man in the face with a b-b gun...over the weekend.she's charged with felonious assault .it's not clear what led to the scene that injured the man. happening this week...michigan 's primary.and preparing for the people's vote...last night the democratic presidential candidates took the stage to debate the hottest topic in the state now. now.that's flint's water crisis.hillary clinton and bernie sanders fielded questions on how they would handle the crisis, and how flint residents can regain their trust in elected officials.
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to be triple checked to regain your trust. trust. if local government does not have the resources, if state government for whatever reason refuses to should not be poisoned, poisoned,moments after the debate wrapped bernie sanders was declared the winner of the democratic caucuses in maine. this was his third win of the weekend. michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow.the state has 147 democratic delegates. on the republican front.marco rubio easily wins the puerto rican vote.the florida senator picked up all 23-delegates from the u-s territory.he won 70 percent of the vote of the island.this is the second win for rubio, who also won minnesota on super tuesday. :02 if all we have is the same people vote again , we are gonna lose again. we have to grow this party not by changing our principles, but by taking our principles to people that normally don't vote for us.:10 the victory is expected to give him a much-needed boost
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race.he's currently trailing frontrunner donald trump and texas senator ted cruz. flowers at the ronald reagan presidential library... just one of many memorials this morning for nancy reagan. the former first lady left a legacy that few can forget... after passing away yesterday at the age of 94.nancy was known for the great love she and ronald reagan shared over more than five decades of marriage.she's also remembered for bringing some hollywood glamour to the white house... and for her crusade against youth substance abuse.when president reagan revealed he was suffering from alzheimer's disease... nancy became his caretaker and an advocate for alzheimer's research. in a statememt... president obama and the first lady are remembering nancy for her tireless work against alzheimer's... calling her a "voice on behalf of millions." millions."and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell remembered nancy and ronald's perseverance through that difficult time in their lives. there's much more reaction later this morning on good morning america... following good morning tri-state.
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today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph. traffic forget about andre the giant... former wrestling star hulk hogan is entering the ring with his toughest opponent.the *100-million* dollar lawsuit on the line. freak accident...a kentucky man... killed in the middle of the night by a falling tree.
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some important information you need to know if you're driving into downtown this morning. freedom way will be closed between race and rosa parks in just about 30 minutes.crews will be pouring concrete at the addition... parking will be banned and sidewalks will be's expected to wrap up at about 11-30 this morning. opening statements are
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in former pro-wrestler hulk hogan's 100-million-dollar 'gawker.' 'gawker' published 41-seconds from one of hogan's sex tapes in 2012.hogan is suing for invasion of privacy... saying the company ignored a cease and desist order.but gawker claims since hogan is a public figure... the sex tape is newsworthy.coming up later this morning on g-m-a... a-b-c news legal expert dan abrams will give us his insights on the case. more than 100-thousand dollars worth of drugs... heading to the tri-state... is now in the hands of ohio state troopers. troopers.troopers found 60- pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop in preble county. this is a photo of the bust. bust.drug-sniffing dogs picked up on the scent.frederick coleman... an arizona man... is now facing charges for carrying all that pot. a kentucky family is mourning the loss of a friend... after a tree crashed into their mobile home. home.the accident happened in martin county... near the border with west virginia. police say the tree toppled
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crushing the home and trapping five people inside.three people inside managed to escape by crawling out the windows.firefighters managed to free an elderly woman.but another man... 57-year-old larry whitt... couldn't be saved. wmax fullexpect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph. winning you back...fewer of you are buying new smartphones...the secret weapon that apple is hoping will get you back in the shopping mood. two tickets... two winners.a pair of family members celebrating after double powerball wins.why one of these brothers may have a case
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everyone has a smartphone. the devices are everywhere... and that's one of the reasons smartphones sales are down for the first time.consumer reporter john matarese shows us what phone makers are doing now to get *you* to buy one. if you are like a growing number of people, your smartphone is probably starting to get old!for the first time since smartphones were invented, sales are down sharply this year.there's a reason for it... but manufacturers are now hoping to bring you back. -----------------remember the frenzy each fall when a new iphone came out? out?the crowds have been smaller the past two years....and smartphone sales the last quarter are down 6% nationwide.two reasons according to cnn: one: most of us have smartphones now...and two: carriers no longer offer subsidized new phones for $199.but apple hopes to restoke the excitement this septmeber....when it releases the new iphone 7.forbes says it will have wireless earbuds, and you'll also have the
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the size of the old iphone 4. ---------------2 secs separator -------------but from the doesnt that stink file...the fact you cannot yet buy a cheap smartphone in the us. doesnt that stink?customers in india, china, and other devloping countries now have the option of basic smartphones for 25 dollars or less!the best we can do are low end android phones for around 100 dollars. dollars.without subsidized smartphones.... customers are learning they are really carrying a miniature laptop computer with take good care of yours, so you dont waste your 9 on your side. those smartphones are fueling the popularity over a new way to catch a ride.but folks in cincinnati are finding "ubers" seem to be disappearing. disappearing. a spokesperson for the rideshare company says they're growing in cincinnati...but some tri- state uber drivers disagree. many say it's because they're making less... another says some drivers only pick up fares when it's busy. and a shortage of drivers can
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more.w-c-p-o insiders can read why that is -- and what other rideshare companies are doing to get business. there's a new top dog... or at least, a top rabbit... at the box office. office.disney's "zootopia" exceeded expectations... opening with 73-point-seven million to top the passed "frozen" for disney animation's biggest three-day debut ever."london has fallen" debuted at number two with 21-point-seven million. "deadpool" fell to third place with 16-point-four million. a pennsylvania judge is celebrating a big win this morning.he won the 291 million dollar poweball jackpot.but he's celebrating with his brother.his brother also played and won.he won 7 dollars.the judge had just returned from a florida vacation when he bought the winning ticket.he told lottery officials he's going back and
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cincinnati's "bockfest" has come to a close.yesterday was the finaly day of the annual event. event.and this year... organizers added a new twist... the "bock-lympics". they say it's a fun and family- friendly way to end the three-day celebration. "we like to grow and add unique things each year so bock-lympics was new this year, again just a nother fun way to engage" engage"and the festival is a boost for local businesses. every year "bock fest" brings thousands of dollars to the queen city. something a little tastier this is national cereal day.modern day cereal can be traced back to turn of the century... when the kellog brothers unveiled their "corn flakes."today... 49-percent of all americans start their day with a bowl of cereal.every year... more than two-point-sevent billion boxes are sold.that's enough to wrap around the
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time now for traffic and weather together... together... tuesday night, lows will fall only into the low 50s. wednesday, expect another warm day with highs in the low 70s. some spots may be warmer. winds will gust over 20 mph. an isolated shower or storm is possible. better rain chances arrive thursday as a cold front pushes towards the tri- state. highs will cool into the 60s, but still stay well above average for this time of
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punching their ticket...the tri-state may have not one... but *two* teams on the rod to the final four...the quality win last night that has u-c celebrating. burglars backing it up...the big weapon they used... to steal *other* weapons at one
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up
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50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph. u-c... hoping a big win will help get it off the bubble and into the n-c-a-a tournament. tournament.u-c took the floor last night on senior day against s-m-u.the bearcats were up seven at the half. despite shooting just 29-and a half percent from the field in this game. .. including just one three-pointer... u-c comes out on top 61-to-54. ((cronin: we hve the same record as duke. memphis is really good and houston may go to the tournament. how we can be in a league with that many
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question )) )) u-c's next game is this friday in orlando at the american against uconn. if you're looking for work this morning... triple-a is asking for help. help.the company is holding a job fair this afternoon... ahead of the busy spring and summer months.they're looking for emergency roadside technicians for its roadside rescue qualify... you must be at least 23 years and have a high school diploma or equivalent... and a good driving record.the job fair will take place at the triple-a fleet garage on west court street today... between two and six. california police are looking for suspects in a gun store burglary that was caught on camera. police say the thieves rammed their car into the northern california store on saturday. at least four people then walked in and stole a number
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impact from the vehicle hitting the building disabled the store's security system. the suspects took off in a 1990's honda accord... that's believed to have some damage to its back. you can call this video a lesson on how *not* to drive. this is video of a illinios driver crashing into a "checker's" restaurant.she tries to back out... but wound up hitting the building twice and knocking down a pole.the teen who recorded this video was taking a break... during his driver's ed class.police say the driver of that minivan was drunk. president jimmy carter has announced he no longer needs to be treated for cancer. cancer.he shared the exciting news while teaching sunday school class yesterday.a carter center spokeswoman said he will continue to be scanned and resume treatment if it's needed.the 39th president was declared cancer-free in
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form of melanoma that had spread to his liver and brain. candidate forum... and there's no shortage of them...the crowded field competing for john boewhner's old seat... and how you can decide for yourself. pastor shot in front of his own church.the speech he gave... and how it could play
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sorting out the local candidates.more than a dozen people are throwing their hat in the ring...the position they are campaigning for and where they're holding a forum tonight. 3:15 we are ... you'll know why we need to invest in mental health3:24 just one of the things the two democratic candidates seemed to agree on during last night's debate.what else they
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good morning, tri-state, i'm kathrine nero. nero.and i'm chris riva...9 first warning meterologist jason adams is in for jennifer ketchmark ...a nice weekend...but an even nicer week ... ... expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph. a couple was taking advantage


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