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where they're holding a forum tonight. 3:15 we are ... you'll know why we need to invest in mental health3:24 just one of the things the two democratic candidates seemed to agree on during last night's debate.what else they say needs to be addressed. good morning, tri-state, i'm kathrine nero. nero.and i'm chris riva...9 first warning meterologist jason adams is in for jennifer ketchmark ...a nice weekend...but an even nicer week ... ... expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up
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lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph.
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a couple was taking advantage of the nice weekend weekend weather...when their 13 week old puppy was attacked..and the couple says the owners of the other dog just stood there and watched! brad sweeney and his fiancee
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their new puppy "moe" at sharon woods park sunday afternoon....but shortly after they got there -- they say a family with its own dog asked to see moe. within seconds the other dog bit the puppy in the face. the couple says the family did nothing as the dog ripped the right side of the puppy's mouth. "the husband immediately took the dog back and we said--first this he said was we need your contact information. i mean i was sobbing and they said, 'no you don't.' and the dad said dogs will be dogs. you just need to take her. it's just like a little scratch." scratch."they say the woman, man and teenager did not give their contact info and left. the couple filed a report with the hamilton county park rangers. they say they saw someone shoot video the incident but they don't know who they are. hamilton county park rangers would like to see that video and are asking anyone with information to call them at 513-521-3980. developing now.north korea is threatening nuclear strikes on the united states and south
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jong un claiming it's in reaction to the start of joint u.s. and south korean military drills. the drills start this morning and run through the end of april. u.s. officials say the drills are necessary given pyongyang's recent behavior. we'll continue to watch this developing story and bring you the latest. as the nation's eyes turn to ohio for its upcoming presidential primaries next week...another race here locally is being overshadowed .. but will likely have an impact for years to come.we're talking about the race to fill the seat of retired house speaker john boehner.jordan burgess is live with what could help cut through the confusion of the contest. it would be hard to even do a straw poll on this race. you've got 17 candidates. 15 are don't have to draw straws to see them. all the republican candidates will be here tonight. they're taking part in a forum here at the parrish auditorium on the miami university hamilton campus at 6:30. this is from a forum a few weeks ago.candidates the 8th
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seat for nearly 25 whoever wins is hoping to long time. voters will actually be for the republican march 15. one vote for who special election to finish term. and one vote for who the general election and that starts next year. never know. the winner of the special democrat and candidate in the june 7th special election and will face those same candidates in november. reporting live jordan burgess. 9 on your side. michigan's primary is this week.last night the democratic debated once again. the candidates discussed
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clinton and bernie sanders fielded questions on how they would handle the crisis, and how flint residents can regain their trust in elected officials. everything that is done has to be triple checked to regain your trust. trust. if local government does not have the resources, if state government for whatever reason refuses to act, children in america should not be poisoned, poisoned,moments after the debate wrapped bernie sanders was declared the winner of the democratic caucuses in maine. this was his third win of the weekend. michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow.the state has 147 democratic delegates. on the republican front.marco rubio easily wins the puerto rican vote. vote.the florida senator picked up all 23-delegates from the u-s territory.he won 70 percent of the vote of the island.this is the second win for rubio, who also won minnesota on super tuesday. he's currently trailing frontrunner donald trump and
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:02 if all we have is the same people vote again , we are gonna lose again. we have to grow this party not by changing our principles, but by taking our principles to vote for us.:10 the victory is expected to give him a much-needed boost in the republican presidential race. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph. i can't believe that someone would even think of doing something like this to him." him." this morning police looking into a pastor being shot. rumors that it could becconnected to his support of a presidential candidate. the days of a catching an uber in the queen city seem to be disappearing.the way the
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an idaho pastor is recovering this morning after being shot multiple times in the parking lot of his own church.. witnesses say pastor tim remington was starting to drive away when he was attacked yesterday.members held a prayer service last night. "he's introducing the bible and jesus christ to so many lost souls around here that it's just, i can't believe that someone would even think of doing something like this to him." him."republican presidential candidate ted cruz had a rally on saturday.pastor remington
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cruz..authorities are not sure if that is connected to the shooting.police are hoping surveillance video from the church leads them to the person responsible. president jimmy carter has announced he no longer needs to be treated for cancer. cancer.he shared the news while teaching sunday school yesterday.a carter center spokeswoman said he will continue to be scanned and resume treatment if needed.the 39th president was declared cancer-free in december.he had an aggressive form of melanoma that had spread to his liver and brain. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in gust up to 20 mph. caught on camera.the cincinnati man claiming a police officer targeted him...and how many times the
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 6 on 9 on your side!" the breaking news just into the live alert center this morning... the coast guard is suspending its search for a cruise ship passenger who reportedly fell 100-feet into the water!crews say the odds are slim: david mossman survived the fall from royal caribbean's navigator of the seas friday night. have you seen this video??? because one point two million people have.that's how many hits charles "chris" harrell's video has on youtube and facebook this morning.we showed you friday -harrell started shooting video when he says a cincinnati police officer started to harrass him in over the rhine.the story is now all over national media. this video - from february - also launched an internal police investigation ..the
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officer baron osterman started following harrell after crossed on a "don't walk" sign..he got a ticket for jaywalking ...and was also charged with possession of marijuana.harrell beleives his treatment was inapporpriate ... f-o-p president sergeant dan hils tells 9 on your side he didn't see anything the officer did wrong. see the full video ... and read more about the backgrounds of the officer and harrell - on a difference in opinions in the queen city when it comes to the success and failure of "uber". "uber". a spokesperson for the rideshare company says they're growing in cincinnati...but some tri-state uber drivers disagree.many say it's because they're making less monday... another says some drivers only pick up fares when it's busy. and a shortage of drivers can mean *riders* end up paying more.w-c-p-o insiders can read why that is -- and what other rideshare companies are doing to get business now on wcpo
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time now for traffic and weather together... tuesday night, lows will fall only into the low 50s. wednesday, expect another warm day with highs in the low 70s. some spots may be warmer. winds will gust over 20 mph. an isolated shower or storm is possible. better rain chances arrive thursday as a cold state. highs will cool into the 60s, but still stay well year. no traffic issues,
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after 18 years in the nfl... bengals quarterback peyton manning is retiring. retiring.he told the team official today. today.there's a news conference scheduled for 1 p-m our time.the broncos congratulated manning for his -- quote -- "magnificent 18- year nfl career." the five-time m-v-p is one of only two quarterbacks to beat every team in the nfl.brett favre is the other. and he's retiring with several n-f-l records under his belt. belt. a family that wins together- sticks together.the brothers that both get to hold one of
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph.wmax full a pennsylvania judge is
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morning.he won the 291 million dollar poweball jackpot. jackpot.but he's celebrating with his brother.his brother also played and won.he won 7 dollars.the judge had just returned from a florida vacation when he bought the winning ticket.he told lottery officials he's going back and taking his family. prices at the pump.gas prices are on the rise again this morning in the tri-state.the lowest prices we found sticking around - for you on your morning commute. a history of problems battle and a scathing new report. we'll tell you who's saying one airline's safety is
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this customer is running today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. the cutoff time. really? with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? a deposit! you go, girl! deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington,
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before you board your next flight...the mechanics union wants to make sure you're safe. the airline at the center of the latest investigation. here's a live look from skycam 9.we're expecting some warmer weather this week.we'll tell you just how warm it will get..just ahead. good morning tri-state.i'm chris riva. riva.and i'm kathrine nero. it's monday, march 7th.the weekend was nice..and the work week is looking to be warmer.
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warning meterologist, jason adams in for jennifer ketchmark. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with highs in the mid-60s. an isolated shower is possible. winds will gust up to 20 mph at times. tonight, lows will stay warm, around 50. tuesday, it gets even warmer with highs expected in the low to mid-70s. winds will gust up to 20 mph.
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trouble for an airline...alread y having issues. we're learning the mechanic's union could go public with new safety concerns about allegiant airlines today. 9 on your side's kristen
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with what they claim is wrong with some planes. their planes fly in and out of cvg every day.... and we know of no problems here. but union members say allegiant airlines is doing nothing to fix repeated safety violations. the airline says true. while we dont know exactly what the teamsters aviation mechanic's report will contain there have been recently as saturday. thats when a aborted in fort wayne because of smoke in the less than a month ago, another petersburg florida had to make an emergency because of an electrical smell in the despite those complaints...and the report expected today..allegianpilots union is making false accusations in the middle of contract and that its planes are safe. they call the teamsters irresponsible adding their maintenance program goes beyond faa recommendati but the union says the company's record speaks for itself. there have been nearly landings, and other safety months. live at cvg...kristen
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a landmark at c-v-g will finally start coming down this summer. summer.airport officials say the demolition of concourse "c" will start in just a few months.the concourse was permanently closed back in had been planning to lease the concourse through 20-25... but those plans changed as part of its new deal with the airport.the demolition work will take about a year to complete... and the space will be used for airplane parking. this morning... flags are flying at half staff at the nation's memory of nancy reagan... one of this country's most memorable first ladies... she died this weekend from heart at age 94. 94.her stepson michael tweeted his mother "is where she has always wanted to be, with her ronnie." outside the ronald reagan presidential library in california... people are leaving flowers as reaction
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sot - arnold schwarzenegger, former governor of california "she was one of the greatest extraordinary human being." her funeral is now being planned at the reagan presidential library.former presidents and other heads of state will be invited ... she'll be laid to rest next to her husband. in a statememt... president obama and the first lady are remembering nancy for her advocacy of alzheimer's illness that later in life. life.and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell remembered nancy and ronald's perseverance through that difficult time in their lives. there's much more reaction later this morning on good morning america... following good morning tri-state. the 2016 presidential race is coming to ohio.we've learned this morning that g-o-p presidential front runner donald trump will hold a rally this saturday in cleveland. cleveland.two other candidates are visiting the buckeye state this week.hillary clinton is making a stop in cleveland tuesday.and governor kasich is the keynote speaker at a gathering of republicans in sharonville thisweekend. kasich has received an
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schwarzenegger.he joined kasich at a rally in columbus, ohio yesterday..schwarzenegger snapchat. (arnold schwarzenegger/ fmr gov. of california) "i want john kasich to be the next nominee of the republicans and also to be the next president of the united states. here he is."(gov john kasich/ (r) presidential candidate) "thanks arnold, love you man!" man!"as far as we know...this is the first high-profile endorsement made on the popular app.hopefully this bodes well for the governor. ohio's primary is planned for march 15-th. you're feeling some pain at the pump this morning... morning...the average price for a gallon of gas in cincinnati is one dollar and 90 cents.that's up about nine cents from last week.we're also paying more than other parts of the country.the national average is one-dollar and 84 cents.that's a jump of seven cents in the past two weeks.for the lowest gas prices you can always head to our website and click on the
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u-c... hoping a big win will help get it off the bubble and into the n-c-a-a tournament. tournament.u-c took the floor last night on senior day against s-m-u.the bearcats were up seven at the half. despite shooting just 29-and a half percent from the field in this game. .. including just one three-pointer... u-c comes out on top 61-to-54. ((cronin: we hve the same record as duke. memphis is really good and houston may go to the tournament. how we can be in a league with that many good teams is mind boggling to me. if that answers you question )) ))u-c's next game is this friday in orlando at the american conference
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hulk hogan is headed to court this much he's demanding from the website gawker,...and why it says the tape used was newsworthy. a deadly storm system headed for the west coast.the system that's already being blamed for devastation and what's predicted in the next few
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opening statements are expected in just a few hours in former pro-wrestler hulk hogan's 100-million-dollar trial against news website 'gawker.' 'gawker' published 41-seconds from one of hogan's sex tapes in 2012.hogan is suing for invasion of privacy... saying the company ignored a cease and desist order.but gawker claims since hogan is a public figure... the sex tape is newsworthy.coming up later this morning on g-m-a... a-b-c news legal expert dan abrams will give us his insights on the case. a new round of potentially deadly storms are on the way to the west coast this morning. the storms... fueled by el nino... triggered deadly flooding across the state.near sacramento... one woman died after her car got stuck trying to drive through through
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los angeles rescued homeless victims... trapped in rushing waters. here at home and new at 6...perfect north is suspending operations this's a live look from their snow cams...with no snow in our is not booming. wmax full "i was hoping for a smoothie."
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more than he bargained for... and it's going viral this morning.the hands-on lesson
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 6 on 9 on your side!" if you're looking for work this morning... triple-a is asking for help. help.the company is holding a job fair this afternoon... ahead of the busy spring and summer months.they're looking for emergency roadside technicians for its roadside rescue qualify... you must be at least 23 years and have a high school diploma or equivalent... and a good
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will take place at the triple-a fleet garage on west court street today... between two and six. a kentucky family is mourning the loss of a friend... after a tree crashed into their mobile home. home.the accident happened in martin county... near the border with west virginia. police say the tree toppled over early saturday morning... crushing the home and trapping five people inside.three people inside managed to escape by crawling out the windows.firefighters managed to free an elderly woman.but another man... 57-year-old larry whitt... couldn't be saved. california police are looking for suspects in a gun store burglary that was caught on camera. police say the thieves rammed their car into the northern california store on saturday. at least four people then walked in and stole a number of guns.authorities say the impact from the vehicle hitting the building disabled the store's security system. the suspects took off in a 1990's honda accord... that's believed to have some damage to its back. there's a new top dog... or at
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office.disney's "zootopia" exceeded expectations... opening with 73-point-seven million to top the passed "frozen" for disney animation's biggest three-day debut ever."london has fallen" debuted at number two with 21-point-seven million. "deadpool" fell to third place with 16-point-four million. it may be nice this week... but it's never too early to prepare your family for severe weather. weather.join us tonight for a nine first warning weather special: "ahead of the storm!" the nine first warning weather team has reports aimed at keeping you and your family save if severe weather strikes. nine on your side! trying his hand at another career?flavor flav the rapper predicting the weather...
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:44-not bad not bad1:02 bad1:02 he then goes on to let people know that he's not a "real" weather if someone at home "might" not have know... time now for traffic and
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you know, it's gonna chop me up and kill me. me.the terrifying moments a man survived and what he's trying to do now to make sure no one else ever has to go through what he did. and before you board your next flight...the airline that is being investigated.what union members are expected to say
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america
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create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. we're learning about a crazy
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man was sucked into a massive intake pipe from a nuclear plant!christopher le cun says he was scuba diving with a friend near saint lucie...when the pipe suddenly pulled him in ...he went missing for five minutes ... his friends thought he had died ...and he was also fearing the worst. (christopher le cun, sucked into intake pipe): you know, it's gonna chop me up and kill me. i contemplated you know, do i just pull the regulator out of my mouth and just die. i started thinking about my family." family."he's now suing the power company because he says the pipe was not properly marked.but company officials say he by-passed a warning buoy ...even crazier -- this has happened before!in 19-89 ... a diver describes going through the same five minutes of terror. a new round of issues for allegiant airlines.we're learning the mechanic's union could go public with new airline today. the teamsters aviation mechanics's report is expected to be a scathing review of allegiant... right after a
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wayne because of smoke in the cabin. less than a month ago, another flight from st. petersburg florida had to make an emergency landing because of an electrical smell in the cabin. allegiant says the pilots union is making false accusations in the middle of contract negotiations and that its planes are safe. 9 on your side "will" be following up on this story. new this morning.grants are up for grabs in ohio to help improve relationships between communities and police.. the ohio office of criminal justice services says local and state governments can apply for up to $30-thousand dollars... the money would go to programs helping police and communities improve, enhance or create stronger connections. this morning, 27-year-old ryan brehm will be sentenced.he is charged with inducing panic' ...after a new year's even standoff in norwood. the standoff shut down part of norwood avenue.he is also charged with domestic violence. the initial incident started on pine street -- the swat team spent three hours negotiating with brehm. during a 9-1-1 call brehm was threatening to "shoot everyone."police eventually arrested brehm andthey say
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including an a-k 47-style assault rifle in his home. the happiest place on earth might not be the cleanest. cleanest.take a look at this video of a disney world employee mopping the floors of a restaurant at the resort..but then using the same mop to clean the tables.a guest of the resort took the video...and showed it to the manager.he says he was comped the cost of his hotel, but continued to email disney. disney officials say the woman in the video is not a cast member, but works for a third-party vendor and she is no longer welcome on disney property. it's a unique new fitness trend in florida that might need to catch on in the queen ... and beer!! beer!!more than two dozen people grabbed their yoga mats and beer mugs ...getting in a workout in florida over the weekend...but after burning calories they were rewarded with some craft beer.the brewery hosts these sessions every first sunday of the month for a beer
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this is new video of the lengths animal experts went to save an angry can see the big cat snarling at mark ekins after it got stuck in a bobcat trap on a utah mountain. he didn't have any tranquilizer he used a snare to stop the cougar from attacking him while a co- worker unhooked it.the animal settled down... and both men slowly backed away unharmed. there are now high-tech cameras in animal enclosures so snap-happy animals can takes photos of themselves. los angeles zoo officials have teamed up with google.the cameras, equipped with motion sensors, automatically take a photo when an animal comes within a certain range of the lens. the project is inspired
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animation studios film "zootopia," a website has debuted this shows how people with dyslexia might see an article article they lost...but one lucky basketball fan is still thrilled with the outcome of last night's memphis grizzlies game. game.ok... this may be the ugliest looking half-court shot you'll ever see.but somehow... the two-handed over- your-head heave goes in.he takes a victory lap before he's mobbed by the mascot.this fan's reward for his halftime
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now let's get another check of the roads. has your nine first warning traffic. trafficdrive times here's a live look outside this morning... here is another look at your forecast. ( gives 7-day forecast) that's good morning tri-state for this monday, march 7th.
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good morning america - is next. next.and you can keep nine on
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od morning america." have a great day. good morning, america. celebrating nancy reagan. the former first lady lady who redefined the role and never waiver in her love for the president our love is here to stay >> behind the scenes force for one of the most popular presidents ever. fiercely loyal, always by his side. >> everything is about him. >> a crusader for causes close to her house. the tributes pouring in this morning, as her daughter speaks out. and after paying their respects, hillary clinton and


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