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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  March 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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now at seven...the race to fill the congressional seat left open by john boeher is on! a look at the 14 republican hopefuls vying for the former speaker's job. and at this hour - there's a desperate search for a missing mother and her son.the fears authorities have tonight about the man possibly traveling with them. and could we reach 70 degrees? steve outlines our chances for some warm weather.. and rain. when it could happen, coming up on nine on your side at seven.
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hopefuls... out to win the congressional seat once held by former speaker john boehner are trying to gain support election. nine on your side's rose-ann aragon is at the candidate forum at miami university's hamilton campus tonight. roe: the focus tonight is on policy and specific plans. now it's tricky with 14 candidates and how this will work, some questions will be directed to all candidates and others will be directed to groups of candidates -- the overall goal -- getting the information to the voters before the march primary. pkgboehner is out -- and his 8th congressional seat -- is open-- "voters are interested in specific plans-- what are you planning on doing when you go to washington. this district has been represented by the same person for 25 years so this represents a major change for 8th district." 17 candidates are vying for the spot - tonight the spotlight will be on the 14 of the 15 republican candidates--in a free forum at the parrish auditorium. "w're hoping for a pretty lively discussion on policy and so a lot of the
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specifically what they want to do once they're in office... (mos)"""" (moderator)"we'll talk about taxes, we'll talk about immigration, we'll talk about--we're on a college campus--campus affordability and the us role in the world" also the role of what it means to represent the 8th congressional district -- all in time for the march primary. "on the ballot this time we have two races one for the remains of representative boehner's term and then also at the same time voters will be choosing the primary candidates for the next term of congress." roe: the winner of next week's primary will move on to the general special election in june, where they will face off against the
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challengers. reporting ra 9 oys. continuing our coverage tonight in democracy 20-16. presidential hopeful and ohio governor john kasich is making plans to speak to tri-staters. he is the keynote speaker at the northeast hamilton county republican club's pancake's this saturday at the sharonville convention center. center.fellow republican hopeful donald trump is scheduled to be in dayton later that day.trump's office says he will host a rally at the dayton international airport. the republican field in the race for the white house is down to four candidates hoping to gain ohio's 66 delegates in next week's primary. trump and cruz who are leading, are both calling on marco rubio to drop out of the race. kasich says that if he doesn't win ohio - it's likely he will end his campaign. but right now kasich is going strong in michigan ahead of tomorrow's primary there. wcpo dot com has a reporter there following kasich volunteers
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out amanda seitz's reporting on our website.. and tomorrow on the now cincinnati. and on the other side of the aisle...former secretary of state, hillary clinton is making two stops in the buckeye state-- both in cleveland. no word on when or if her challenger, bernie sanders has plans to to campaign in ohio. and tonight.. politicians and americans alike are all remembering the life of former first lady nancy reagan. reagan.reagan lost her battle to congestive heart over the weekend in her los angeles home.plans are in the works for a private funeral at the reagan presidential library on friday.following friday's services - she will be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan in simi valley, california. nancy reagan was 94 years old. police say he supplied the heroin that killed a man last fall. now that suspected dealer is charged with involuntary manslaughter. 25-year-old "vance morgan" is facing a slew of charges after police say he contributed to
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october. the charges are the result of a four month long investigation by the hamilton county heroin task force. is.">morgan is also charged with four counts of aggravated trafficking and corrupting another with drugs. the pending shutdown of an incinerator used to burn human waste won't mean trucking the material from the east end to lower price hill. hill. the incinerator at the little miami plant on eastern avenue is going out of service march 21st since it doesn't meet clean air guidelines. there had been fears that would mean trucking the sludge to the mill creek plant in lower price hill. however, the m-s-d director says that's not an option. plans are going forward for little miami.
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that the solution that is the anaerobic digester is both cheaper than a incinerator, but also cheaper in the long run as compable to having trucks doing the back and forth. so, there is the envionmental impact of having trucks on the road that not too many people want." want."for the time being, the waste will be trucked to a rumpke landfill for disposal. disposal. police need your help finding a south lebanon woman and her son. son.kallie carnes and her young son, grant, were last seen on wednesday. investigators say carnes left a note for her mother saying that she was leaving.her mother say carnes' phone is off... and her facebook page is deactivated.authorities are concerned the pair is with a man named josh craft, who has a history of alleged assault-- and has been ordered to stay away from the pair. kallie carnes is believed to be traveling in a 2001 white buick lesabre with ohio plates gmk-5233.if you have any
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tonight newport police are in the process of obtaining surveillance video from a mcdonalds parking lot- after an online sale went bad. bad.police say it happened last friday at this mcdonalds on monmouth street. they tell nine on your side a man was selling a laptop to another man. they agreed to meet in the parking lot. when the buyer showed up- he took the laptop and ran. officers say the seller- fired his gun - chased the man - and then fired four more shots. no one was hit and the buyer got away. we spoke with a witness- who says he's never seen anthing like this. jeff jarboe//witness33:37 door">no word yet on whether the man who fired shots will be charged. . still a lot more to come tonight... tonight...including the high bond set for the man accused of killing a middletown mom. what we're learning tonight - after the break. plus - the trio accused of beating a man on fountain
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deal they just made... and whether they'll go to jail for the brutal beating. you're watching nine on your
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bond is set at one million dollars for the man accused of killing a middletown mom.
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judge in montgomery county today.he was charged late friday in the death of brittany russell.she was found dead inside her car near dayton on february tenth. tenth.the montgomery county prosecutor will present the case to a grand jury in the coming weeks. there's closure tonight to the july fourth beating of a man on fountain square.raeshaun hand, steven montgomery, and darnell spicer all agreed to a plea deal today. today.they faced felonious assault and aggravated riot charges in the beating of christopher part of the deal- the men will spend 6 years in prison. tonight we have new information in the shooting at madison high school. school.the school says that later this week... there will be two forums for students and parents.the meetings are aimed at making sure kids are feeling okay about returning to the classroom.they are planned for wednesday and thursday week ago... police say austin hancock opened fire in the school's cafeteria.four people were hurt... and are all expected to recover. and when we come back...
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pro wrestler hulk hogan says he is the victim... as he takes on the website that posted his sex details from inside the courtroom, coming up next. and steve is tracking your nine first warning forecast. just how warm we could get -- when we come back. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand
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mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt
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and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. a tank holding ten snakes caught fire inside a mount airy apartment.firefighters say the fire started this morning at a complex on
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firefighters were able to save all of the snakes.but the man living there will have to find a new place to go because his apartment has a no pet policy. tennis star maria sharapova admits to failing a drug test at the australian open! sharapova says that she was taking "meldonium."it's used to treat heart and chest issues.she has been taking it for the last decade! but it was banned at the start of this year... sharapova last took on serena williams in january at the australian open! she says she hopes to future. sports reporter erin andrews wins her court battle against marriott hotels! hotels!a jury decided the hotel was negligent in releasing her room information to her stalker... allowing him to take out her door's peephole and insert a camera. video of her undressing inside her hotel room was posted on the internet.she was seeking 75-million dollars in damages... and was awarded 55 million. another high profile trial is
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courtroom. hulk hogan is taking the stand in his one hundred million dollar lawsuit against the website that released part of his sex tape. carson chambers reports on why the former wrestler says he is a victim. hogan "i was depressed. it was like a low point in my life when bubba said come over to the house, let's talk... i felt like those people cared for me. i bottomed out... it just happened." 1cart hulk hogan... on the stand... talking sex tape... and public humiliation. #13 @ 33.35- 34.18/////////hogan "bubba gave me a condom... my gut was telling me... bubba you're not filming this are you? i'm your best friend... froze me in my tracks." 2cart hogan tells jurors he had no idea... a camera a private bedroom... as he had sex with his then best friend-- bubba the love sponge's-- wife. and when he got word-- 'gawker' posted the sex tape... in 20-12... he lost it. #14 @ 07.18- /////hogan "i was
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the news just hit me.... bubba @ 07.53- /////hogan "my hands started shaking violently..." 3cart hogan is suing the site... founded by brit nick denton... for $100-million... but 'gawker's attorneys say the sex tape posting... wasn't lucrative. that web revenue posts for that month... total... were less than $100- thousand dollars. #7 @ 27.28- .34////////mike berry.gawker attorney -- "gawker did not make any money directly from this post." 5cart jurors will have to decide... if 'gawker' violated hogan's right to privacy. 'gawker' maintains... the site... aims to tell the truth... this time... about hogan... who for decades... painted himself as the all america hero. 8 @ 03.48- .53/////mike berry.gawker attorney "mr. denton will tell you he wants the public to have the truth-- the simple, unvarnished truth." one of the best, is calling it - quarterback peyton manning made the decision to leave the game. game.manning's decision to retire comes after leading the
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win last month.he played 18 seasons in the n-f-l, 14 of which were with the indianapolis colts and the remaining four for the broncos. manning thanked his family as well as his former teammates and coaches for making his football career one to remember. will.">manning is often referred to as one of the greatest passing quarterbacks of all time.. and now holds
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and julie... please join us next for ahead of the storm. it's a nine first warning weather special.our entire team of meteorologists have reports on el nino... and how it could impact our storm
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look back at some of the historic storms that many of you lived through...ahead of the storm - a nine first warning weather special... airs next at 7-30. nine on your side is following breaking news in northern kentucky.twitter follower chris calo sent us this picture of a fire in independence.crews say a house on cody road is on fire.nine on your side has a crew on the way.we'll bring you the latest information on wcpo dot com and tonight at 11.we'll be
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tonight on the bachelor-- women tell all-- it's sure to be another explosive night. season outcast olivia returns to defend her bizarre behavior.. and caila, who was eliminated last week, is back to confront ben for the first time since he broke her heart. tune in at 8 to find out what caila says about her chances of becomming the next bachelorette. and at the end
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ben-- who's apparently defending his decision to tell two women he loves them. be sure to tweet along with me tonight at 8. jimmy kimmel is hosting this year's primetime emmy awards! the show airs this september... on nine on your will honor the best of the best in's not the king of late night's first remember he hosted the award show in 20-12. tonight - we know how much money university of cincinnati students raised during this weekend's dance marathon. marathon.the theme for this year was half the time and double the miracles.organizers say that 40-thousand dollars was collected during the 12 hour is going to benefit kids at cincinnati's children's
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this monday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next
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severe weather can start at any time, putting you and your family at risk. >> it was that quick. >> i have just never seen anything like it. >> from tornadoes to floods and


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