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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt0w scammers flood craigslist with bogus rental posts -- don't fall for their tricks! the fake listings... crook's tactics... and ways you can protect yourself.sot: "that bike - that was part of me" a wounded veteran's motorcycle is stolen -- right out of the driveway! the reason it's especially devastating. 9 on your side starts...after
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this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. deposit hours that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington, one of money magazine's best banks in america. new on 11 at 11.. a wounded warrior's prize custom harley home. "i know i wasn't on it and whoever was on it wasn't supposed to be on it regardless, so i went ahead and called 911." brandon bailey is a purple
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the design of that stolen bike reflects the sacrifice he made for our country. now.. police need your help to find it. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live in florence with more .john. brandon bailey has truly seen it all. he served three tours overseas making a miracle recovery. he says this bike was his release and tonight he can't understand who would do this. 15:53:31"the ied blast ended up putting the truck that i was in on top of me"his hip crushed.with too many broken bones to count. at first - doctors were sure 'brandon bailey' would die of infection. 15:51:25"to kinda give you an idea my mother spent 362 nights in a hospital with me in a 2-year period that kind of wounded"but he beat the odds - and so much more. 15:51:33"never thought that i would ever get back on bike again - they told me i'd never walk" the marine gunnery surgeant was injured in afghanistan - during his 3rd deployment in 2009. after recovery and retirement
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davidson to california to be customized "he hand painted a purple heart medal on the front - left side of the tank - kinda if i was wearing my dress blue uniforms where my purple heart would be positioned" then sunday night- during dinner at his parents' house in florence--"the house kind of rattled - and it startled me because i know what it was but it was like, why is that happening" barely visible on surveillance camera- the purp trying once and getting spooked. then a second time - riding off with the bike 15:56:31"that's my release - you get a lot of guys that deploy that see things they shouldn't see, they do things they shouldn't have to do - thats my release" for a guy who put his country above his own life-this - he tells us - hurts to the core 15:52:24"possessions are great - but that bike - that was part of me. and i just can't wrap my head around why someone would want to do that" based on what it takes to start that bike-brandon thinks the thief has experience
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any information on this - florence police are asking you to give them a call. john genovese 9oys now on 11 at 11... a new poll shows a very tight race between donald trump and governor john kasich in ohio... just a week before the ohio primary.the public policy survey gives trump 38 percent to kasich's 35 percent... easily within the margin of error. ted cruz gets 15 five percent. democratic and republican primaries will be held tomorrow in michigan and mississippi. republicans also have a primary in hawaii. all the candidates spent today campaigning for last minute votes. a poll by our scripps station in detroit gives hillary clinton and donald trump the lead in their respective races. but.. kasich is hoping for a surprise win in michigan. "kasich: i think we have momentum and we see all these national polls, we'll do better than what they're
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of them were taken before, long time ago, i think we're going to have a good day here." "trump: "one of the polls just came out and a number of them have just come out i am beating hillary clinton quite easily. thank you. (cheering) (cheering)that scripps poll shows ted cruz in second place.. and rubio a very close third in michigan. another big announcement in the race tonight.. former new york mayor michael bloomberg says he will not run for president. he had hinted weeks ago that he might join the fray. but tonight bloomberg says he fears a third party candidacy could increase the odds donald trump or ted cruz end up in the white house. intense debate in a race much closer to home... who will take former house speaker john boehner's seat in congress? 14 republicans who want the job lined-up tonight to face-off over who would be best for the eighth congressional district. nine on our side's rose-ann aragon was there as each tried to make their case. rose-ann. tonight was about digging
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to hear specific plans--- what will these candidates do once they get into office? 14 candidates -- one stage-- and dozens of people waiting to hear what these candidates had to offer"there was a lot of good questions asked and the candidates gave a lot of good answers and it's going to be tough choosing."13 questions from these moderators in an hour and a half-- questions form the community and other crafted by a committee--the goal-- substance."it was a good opportunity to get beyond what you hear in 30 sec ads. it tends to be negative. it tends to be kind of nasty. very positive discussion of policy."taxes, immigration, the us role in the middle east and much more-- once question abotu gun control and safety, specifically citing the madison school shooting. each candidate had the same amount of time answer-- otherwise-- "the bell. it was a bit
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one candidate chose not to answer a question."i pass."in many said they got what they needed."you actually got to see and hear each candidates point of view.""prior to this i only heard of 3 of the candidates, but i liked the ones i hadn't heard from." because this district is very republican... whoever wins the g-o-p primary will be heavily favored to win in to hear more about what each candidate had to say about specific issues-- you can look at our website or our mobile app later this evening. reporting live ra 9 oys. tonight we know former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest on friday. she will be buried next to her late husband president ronald reagan at his presidential museum in simi valley, california. the service will be private. but she will lay in repose wednesday and thursday for
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respects. nancy reagan died sunday. she was 94 years old. ohio governor john kasich today ordered flags at public buildings in the state be honor. the jury in erin andrews peeping tom case delivers a series of guilty verdicts and a whopping award for andrews. judge: what amount of damages, if any, do you award the plaintiff, erin andrews? 55 million. correct? juror: yes yeserin andrews didn't flinch when the award was announced in a nashville courtroom. her stalker.. michael barrett... and the owner of the hotel.. were ordered to both pay a part of the award. andrews says the hotel made it easy for barrett to follow her and take video of her getting out of the shower. barrett pled guilty to stalking in 2010 and served 27 months in prison. tonight the desperate search continues for a missing mom and her young son from south lebanon. kallie carnes and her 22 month old son, grant, were last seen on wednesday. investigators say carnes left
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that she was leaving.her mother says carnes' phone is off... and her facebook page is deactivated.authorities are concerned the two are with josh craft.he was accused of assaulting the boy.. and was ordered to say away from them. police think kallie carnes may be traveling in a 2001 white buick lesabre with ohio plates gmk-5233.if you have any information - call police. new on 11 at 11... a fire in independence could be seen for miles.. as you can see from the picture posted on twitter. the fire was on cody road east of independence station road. we're told a pile of old tires was burning. no reports of any injuries or what started the fire. will the clouds tonight bring more rain? rain?for the answer to that... we turn to nine first warning chief meterologist steve raleigh. steve. tuesday, highs are climbing into the low to mid 70s! we'll
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clouds tuesday, with gusty south winds. winds could gust over 20 mph at times.wednesday into thursday, a cold front will start to move closer to us from out west. an isolated shower or storm is possible wednesday, but better rain chances move in thursday. police say he supplied the heroin that killed a tri-state man. now that suspected dealer is charged in the man's death. 25-year-old "vance morgan" is accused of involuntary manslaughter... along with aggravated trafficking and
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police say he contributed to the death of "casey fewell" in october. the charges follow a four month long investigation by the hamilton county heroin task force. roof collapse.the fate of the people inside.. and the other severe weather hitting the west coast tonight. he's one dancing with the stars contestant many bengal fans won't be cheering for. what the steelers antonio brown hopes he can achieve on the ballroom dance floor. facebook and the n-f-l. the possible deal that could change how you watch football. and.. who else wants in on the pact. renters beware. john matarese has a new warning about ads on craigslist. the study that shows how many of those ads are fake. you're watching nine on your
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 for years california struggled with not enough rain. now this... a downpour so heavy it caused a roof to collapse in san jose. but the men and women working inside that building were able to get out.. unharmed. elsewhere in the golden state.. more rain. in ventura... north of los angeles ... storms were so strong they set off car alarms. and drivers say roads were slick. elsewhere.. snow was the problem.some drivers putting on chains for an extra measure of safety. a tanker filled with liquid nitrogen flipped today in pennsylvania.. forcing evacuations. evacuations.normally.. nitrogen isn't a danger because the gas is inert... it doesn't react with anything. but.. when its in liquid form... firefighters say it can explode when its in a pressurized vehicle. crews near pittsburgh eventually righted the truck and reopened the road.
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superbowl. but pittsburgh steeler antonio brown apparently wants the glitterbowl trophy. the wide receiver will compete on the next season of "dancing with the stars."brown says he hopes to move with good posture.many bengals fans remember brown for something far less graceful. brown took a hit from vontaze burfect in steelers - bengals playoff game back in january.and yes, it was the penalty on that hit, and subsequent actions that put the steelers in position to kick a field goal and beat the will begin sooner than you think. facebook wants a piece of the n-f-l action. a top facebook executive tells variety the social network is in talks games. the package would be anchored by "thursday night football." other companies that want to get in on the deal include amazon and verizon. even if it doesn't get the rights to the
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other exclusive content from the n-f-l... such as locker room interviews. a big shake up within the little miami school district tonight. next year- all pre-school and kindergarten students will attend salem township elementary.first and second graders will either attend hamilton - maineville or harlan - butlerville. the district says it's grown by six hundred students in the last three years. it pays to be wary of many ads on craigslist. john matarese has warned us about that many times before. but now.. he has new information that especially affects renters. here's john's report... so you don't waste your money. is anyone in your family looking for a place to live this spring?if they are renting, they're probably checking craigslist.but if so...beware!----------a study by new york university found that craigslists computers catch less than half of fraudulent rental listings. we're talking about the scam where someone reposts a legitimate rental ad, to get you to send deposit money to a scammer.
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analyzed 2 million rental listings....and claim that almost 30 thousand were fraudulatne.but it says craigslist caught only 47 percent of them: more than half remained on the site to lure renters. renters.craigslists says it has sophisitcated programs to find and delete bogus rental listings....but the study found that can take a few days....more than enought time for a scammer to get his money.bottom line: never wire a rental deposit to an out of town landlord who says he cant meet you in you dont waste your money. i'm john matarese 9 on your side. weather summary: tuesday, highs are climbing into the low to mid 70s! we'll see a little more sun than
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south winds. winds could gust over 20 mph at times.wednesday into thursday, a cold front will start to move closer to us from out west. an isolated shower or storm is possible wednesday, but better rain
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tonight in healthy living.more companies in the u-s are no longer offering paid sick leave. a new report finds that a third of full-time workers don't get medical leave. now.. a report from the centers for disease control says that can affect your health. researchers found people without paid medical leave were three times less more likely to delay going to a doctor when they are ill. they were also three times more likely not to go to a doctor at all. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with
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coming up, peyton sails into the sunset, a battle for the right to go to the kentucky sweet 16 16and the most popular cincinnati bengal on the free agent market isn't marvin's him.speaking of
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peyton manning fought back the tears today. but he says he's completely at comfort with his decision to retire from the nfl. will he miss it? sure. trt :15outcue:...absolutely, absolutely i will"((manning: "when someone thoroughly exhausts an experience, they can't help but revere it. i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it. absolutely. absolutely, i will." )) this on a day when the free
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noon today, teams have been talking to agents of players not under contract. and if you believe the buzz, the bengals may be hit hard. the parade out of cincinnati may start with adam jones. reportedly the dolphins are clearing cap space in order to sign him. but the cowboys, raiders the browns...and the baltimore ravens reportedly want a shot at signing jones. and up in minnesota, former bengals defensive coordinator, mike zimmer, who's now the vikings head coach reportedly may lead a personal raid on the bengals roster.zimmer wants to talk with jones, safeties george iloka and linebacker vinny rey. and this is no shocker: the browns want to talk with both marvin jones and mohammad sanu. on twitter, former bengal andrew hawkins reached out to both in an effort to recruit both. of course, ex- bengals offensive coordinator,
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out in arizona, against a split squad of los angeles angels, the reds picked up an 8-5 win.starting pitcher, cody reed tossed three scoreless innings.and joey votto hit his first home run of the spring. 9th regional boys final tonight on the nku campus. newcath against cov cath. and the thorobreads brennan hall had it dialed in early.cov cath had won 17 in a row, a streak that started when it beat the 'breads in january. aiden ruthsatz for the colonels here.but it wasn't all easy sailing for ruthsatz. newcath's ben wyer with the rejection.but cov cath has a deep team. weyer's next block attempt winds up with the colonels andy flood.but stand by for this: newcath won this game, 52-47 and now heads to the sweet 16 at rupp. now this would be something. joe lunardi, the bracket expert at espn, has uc as a ten seed, playing seven seed
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ncaa's. lunardi also has seed indiana-purdue, fort wayne.lunardi's bracket, has uc and xavier playing each other, 'if' both win their first round st. louis.first up, conference tournaments. xavier leaves tomorrow for the big east conference tournament in new york city. trt :10outcue:...yeah, it's incredible."((mack: it's a really cool experience for our guys. new york city, i mean it's obviously electric. there's gazillion of people walking around. the focus is on the tournament. so i mean, yeah, it's incredible.)) to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this...
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in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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keep a hamburger together. on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. to the hamburger harmony of
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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