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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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is charged with felonious assault of a juvenile victim. and her loved ones are demanding answers.i don't think any child should have to go through this..esepcially a child of her man or woman should put her hands on a child."and while this 16-year-old is in a coma-- lynch says she's not giving up. "she needs people pulling for her. people need to keep praying...and hold out until justice is served."roe: i spoke with her mother on the phone she says the family is hanging in there--they did not want to go on camera. police say they are still investigating what happened. ra 9 oys.
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the phone she says the family is hanging in there--they did not want to go on camera. police say they are still investigating what happened. reporting live ra 9 oys. this is a story nine on your side doesn't want to see repeated...if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence or needs help getting out of dangerous situation... we have resources on our website... w-c-p-o-dot- com. two middletown parents -- convicted of endangering their to jail. -- a judge decided to hold off on three-month jail sentences for anthony and katina gevedon.the judge wants the parents to undergo counseling instead. instead.police say their house on tytus avenue was in deplorable conditions... floors were covered with cat feces.... and officers found cockroaches and gnats.the couple's children ranged in age from five months to 15 years old. one big announcement in wilmington *could* mean a big rebuild of the town's economy.
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air cargo network within wilmington's air park.its part of an agreement between the e- commerce giant and the local aviation hub to lease 20 airplanes that will help support amazon's domestic deliveries.the partnership *could* mean more jobs and bigger business for wilmington and surrounding clinton county. "we really would like to see wilmington make a come back and it may be slow even with amazon coming to town but you know we're hopeful" hopeful"back in 2008 thousands of jobs were cut throughout the area when d-h-l express chose to relocate to northern kentucky.this latest agreement between amazon and the air transit services group is a five to seven year deal. tonight -- a big honor for a woman who paved the way for race relations in cincinnati. council approved "marian spencer way". it will change the name of the 100 block of walnut -- between theodore berry way and second street at the banks.spencer was the first african-american female elected to city council
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mayor.and councilman wendell young says spencer has played a big role in his life since he was little. "when i was a small child and couldn't attend coney island my parents said colored children weren't welcome and marian spencer was one of many demonstraors for the sole purpose of making that place accessable to everyone, regardless of race creed or color" color"the city still has to change the name of that section of walnut street... it's expected to be done soon. tonight -- stiffer charges for two carrollton parents -- accused in connection to the death of their four-day-old child. child.lisa payton and jarod martin are now indicted for murder. murder.last august the two were investigated and charged with criminal abuse.kentucky state police say further investigation led to the murder charges.
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ohio's primary election --- but nearly 200-thousand folks in the buckeye state have already made up their mind! mind!and that's on top of even more absentee ballots that have been sent out -- but haven't been ohio -- *any* registered voter can request a ballot for early voting without giving a reason. it appears the death penalty in the commonwealth won't be going away anytime soon. soon.a bill aimed at abolishing capital punishment was defeated the kentucky couldn't get enough votes to pass out of a house committee.but opponents of the death penalty say even discussion about the idea is progress in their campaign to end the practice. it's an effort to get homeless tri-state folks to a safe place... and eventually to a permanent home.and it's coming in the form of a federal grant. grant.the u-s department of housing and urban development is revewing nearly 15 million dollars of funding for more than a dozen tri-state groups. that's a relief for the city -- and families who are struggling to get by. "if we hadn't got that funding
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would have lost housing or at best housing would have been very unstable" unstable"but the city is still waiting on approval for another nearly five million dollars.that funding will help establish new programs... organizers aren't sure if they'll get the money. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. off the hook...two northern kentucky officers no longer facing charges -- for busing a man states away!why they say it happened. her mother says she was lured into violence...a northern ohio teen getting repeatedly punched -- caught on camera. what police are saying about this unsettling video.
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ticketmaster not ticketmaster? when it's a lookalike ticket selling website!one tri state woman's story, and warning to all concert goers coming up. you're watching 9 on your side
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a northern ohio mother
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teenager seriously injured in a fight -- her mother says she was lured into the violent scene. this video is raising eyebrows - it's from a town north of see the girl in the grey shirt attacked by another person -- they exchange punches.and police say a short time later other girls join in on the beating. the teen who was attacked was left with a ruptured spleen and fractured ribs.police have charged three teens in connection with that fight. two carrollton police officers are no longer facing misconduct allegations. allegations.a carroll county jury acquitted carrollton chief of police mike willhoite and officer ron dickow of all charges.the two were accused of defying a judge's orders when they put a mentally challenged inmate on a bus to florida instead of taking him to eastern state hospital.the officers blame the mess-up on a misunderstanding. two officers seen in this video -- showing a student being slapped and kicked -- are facing charges tonight.
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baltimore.police say anthony spence is the officer who slapped the 16-year-old... he's charged with child abuse. the other officer seen the video faces misdemeanor charges.but tonight -- it's still not clear what led to this startling scene. the ohio state highway patrol is teaming up with troopers in five other states to get drugs and illegal weapons out of our neighborhoods. three days -- police across six states made nearly two-hundred drug arrests -- and three weapons arrests.that effort was earlier this month. troopers in kentucky and indiana also took part in making those arrests. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. sot: "this site came up... i mean it looked official. i mean, i thought i was on the ticketmaster site."this woman got swindled by a ticketmaster copycat. before your next ticket purchase, a warning
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don't waste your money. confirmed found in florida! a mother and son missing for days are now safe... the sheriff's next steps and the new information just coming in to our're
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost
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10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. thinking of buying tickets to
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rivervend or us bank arena? before you do, consumer reporter john matarese has a warning about look a like websites looking for your money!but first, a fake email from your... boss? john? julie.... when an email from your boss, or department head, shows up in your mailbox.... you tend to pay attention! attention!but cnn is warning about a new email phishing scam...involving emails that appear to come from your supervisor.they ask you to log into the company system, and forward a copy of your most recent w-2 form.don't do it! it's a scam to get personal info. if it seems prices at the drugstore are getting higher are correct! correct!a new report from aarp finds that prescritpion drug prices have doubled in the past 7 years!from antiboitics to blood thinners and cholesterol medicine, it says prices have been going up 20 percent a year in many cases. talk to your pharmacist about
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is it ticketmaster.....or not? a tri state woman buying tickets to an upcoming concert at us bank arena just ended up paying much more than she expected.we're on your side with what you need to watch for. quick: what website is this? that's easy, it's ticketmaster. what website is this? looks like ticketmaster too....especially if it's on your phone, where belinda johnson found it. it."when the site came up it looked official, so i thought i was on the ticketmaster site." site." so belinda went ahead and bought tickets to see maroon 5 in cinicnnati this fall.only problem, the site she had landed on, thorugh a google search, wasn't really ticketmaster at all! all!"i googled ticketmaster and a company came up called master tickets." what she thought was ticketmaster was master tickets dot center.the 80 dollar tickets on the official site were 147 each on the lookalike site!
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percent more for these tickets!"master ticket, according to the better business bureau has been around for only 6 months, and already has 4 complaints.its location, according to the bbb: a post office box in a ups store in new york city. city."i dont understand how people can get away with this!" but master ticket is a third party ticket seller, and is perfectly legal.unfortunately, for people like belinda, it's a case of buyer other sites peddling paul mcartney seats and theater have to be very careful where you're buying from these days. master ticket has not yet responded to my email inquiry...and our calls were answered with all operators are busy.finally, on you'll find new you win wednesday freebies....incly uidng st pattys day freebies and deals, so you dont waste
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tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow, we'll see mostly cloudy skies and a higher risk for rain. the best rain chance will be after 10 a.m. and last into the night. highs as a result of the clouds and showers will be cooler in the
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a 15-foot sculpture -- gone! baltimore police trying to solve the mystery of missing artwork.who it belonged to -- and why detectives can't figure out who's responsible. "he has a lot of different diganoses" diganoses"a seven year old born addicted to heroin proves he's a fighter. new at six... the contest his family hopes will help him have something so many children can take for granted. and here's what you'll see
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dozens of pieces of art --
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looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars in scupltures -- that have seemed to just vanish! vanish!all of the art was commissioned for baltimore city schools.and this isn't one big heist -- the artwork has slowly gone missing over time.the inspector general is afraid some of it was scrapped or was all publicly funded... but leaders say it's not just about accountability. "this is an opportunity to expand our work beyond the professionals and really influence the youngsters that see the work everyday" everyday"the inspector general asked police to investigate some of the more expensive pieces -- but police say they haven't had any luck developing leads. fears of norovirus at a restaurant chain a massachusetts health board closes down a chipotle. of the employees at a northeast massachusetts location tested positive for the illness.two other workers have "suspected cases"... none of those sick employees showed
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all of their restaurants last month for a national meeting on food safety -- because of four recent illness scares nationwide. a missing local mom and toddler are found in florida. florida.we broke the story for you on nine on your side. and now we're getting new information on it for you. tanya o'rourke joins us with that from the newsroom. tanya. kallie carnes and her son grant were missing for nearly a week before they were found. found.coming up at six... where in florida they were found... and how police tracked them down. plus what police are telling us right now about whether any charges could be filed. donald trump... john kasich.. and the battle for votes in ohio. the new polls showing where things stand right now.. and what people here want to
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track: missing mother and child found. police confirming the breaking news nine on your side brought you last night.what's next for the family. track: battleground ohio.sot:"i haven't decided yet." "his stand on that has been kind of wishy washy to me."track: the ohio primary is around the corner. what voters want to hear before going to the polls. track: born addicted to heroin.. facing a lifetime of struggle. sot: "he wants to fit in like every other kid."track: his family's bid to help him do just that. you're watching
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now at six... a missing mother and her toddler son are found in florida. nine on your side broke the news for you at 11 last night. kallie carnes and her 22 month old- grant- vanished- on march second. they were last seen at their home in lebanon. now a week later... the two are in the gainesville area in north - central florida. how long they've been there -- and where they were in-between cincinnati and florida has not been revealed. family and friends hadn't heard anything- until now. 9 on your side's t.j. parker is live in warren county with the update- t.j.? there's relief tonight- after warren county sheriff deputies found out this afternoon the two were found- safe- today- in alauchua county florida- by the sheriff's department there. kallie carnes- and her 22- month old baby- grant- were found around two- this afternoon- by alauhchua county florida sheriff deputies- one week after they vanished from
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going off of tips- warren county sheriff deputies sent the florida authorities a teletype message with a possible address where kallie and her baby may be. they were taken into custody. family and friends were concerned when kallie disappeared without telling anyone on march second. they weren't sure where she was or where she was going, until just recently. kallie's mother posted this on facebook, yesterday. "just got a call from my daughter kallie carnes. she is in florida with her father. she is not with josh craft. thank the lord her and grant both r safe and sound."deputies tell 9 on your side kallie was possibly traveling with joshua craft. he plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault on grant. craft- was not with them when they were found. yesterday- a warren county judge awarded emergency custody of the boy to his father- josh wells. warren county deputies are in the process of fulfilling that order. right now- kallie and her baby


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