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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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negangard/dearborn county breaking into the home affects the people who live in that home very deeply a lot of people have a very difficult time feeling safe in their home again there's an unsettled mess with that they carry with them for a long time and sometimes years." these are pictures taken by investigators from state regional and local departments from spent more than 100 hours of surveillance when police got the search warrant, they found all kinds of jewelry, power tools, and more than 30 guns. the prosecutor says it was all going to be sold to get drugs aaron negangard/dearborn county prosecutorthe drug problem is increased especially especially in our area especially with regard to heroin drug in the drug alex have to find a way to make money to fund their habit." tony mirones/ rwitter: @tmironeswcpo"police say, more charges should be coming because the investigation isn't finished tony mirones 9 on your side dearborn county." in the race for the white house...ohio governor john kasich is bringing his
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he is hosting a rally that is underway right now in moraine... just south of dayton.the governor is expected to take the stage at any we've reported - john kasich leads ohio in the latest fox news poll.he is neck and neck with donald trump - ahead of next tuesday's primary!hear from john kasich - coming up on nine on your side at seven. donald trump will be in dayton saturday for a rally at ten a-m.. and then downtown at the duke energy convention center sunday at noon. bill clinton will be campaigning for hillary clinton in cincinnati tomorrow.nine on your side will cover those for you. bernie sanders, marco rubio, and ted cruz don't have any events tri-state. the tri-state's heroin crisis may trigger another deadly health disaster. disaster.according to the u-s centers for disease control - ohio, kentucky, and indiana are vulnerable to an aids outbreak.the c-d-c mapped more than 200 counties most at risk
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sharing needles.the map shows a large concentration of counties in our area as vulnerable to the disease. wcpo insiders can take a closer look at what the c-d-c report means for our region. log-on and find out at one of the biggest things first responders are battling is the heroin epidemic. and a-b-c world news tonight anchor david muir takes an extensive look at just how large of a problem it really is... 2:14-2:47
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that 20-20 special report: breaking point, heroin in america airs tonight at 10 p-m right here on nine on your side! and stay with us after that 20-20 special. special.because tonight at 11 - i'll introduce you to an indiana teacher whose son died because of an overdose.and now he's on a mission to teach his students about the deadly effects of heroin.and how they can stay away from special report - tonight at 11, on nine on your side. a brand new apartment complex aims to make sure cincinnati veterans have homes. homes.the grand opening for the parkway apartments was held this morning.a total of 34 units will be used to provide safe and affordabe housing for those who have served our country.the city of cincinnati partnered up with the "talbert house." to make this happen. coming together to support a project like this is exactly a way to act locally on a national problem. problem.the apartments are located in the university heights area -- in close proximity to the v-aand other resources.
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fans of high school basketball, as the girls' sweet sixteen tournament comes to northern kentucky for the first time ever. ever.two local teams made it to the championships and as our scott wegener tells us, the fans are as excited as the players. ((pep band))it's a frenzy of firsts."i'm so excited!"the first time since 2003 campbell county has a team in the sweet sixteen.((nat ))the first time also for the lady bulldogs of holmes high school since 2002. ((nat))and the first time **ever** the tournament has been played in northern kentucky. "i'm absolutely excited."brian clos isn't sure who's more excited; the players or the parents."this is a great opportunity. the community's been wonderful standing behind us.""it's a real big excitement for us because we've made it this year, and then we have a big fan base."the fans poured into nku's bb&t arena wearing
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this dog."-rooting for their favorite players, even if they weren't exactly dressed."i got a girl friend, number 15 that's on my back.""i'm a bulldog, baby,""he's just showing pride, showing pride." "gotta do the love work. once a bulldog, always a bulldog." ((nat basket))that pride roared from the stands as the campbell county camels and the holmes bulldogs took to the court against their respective rivals."it's been so much fun for us parents. they're very close, they spend a ton of time together."and win or lose, this convergence of firsts is an experience these young women will no doubt remember for a lifetime. "that's the perfect opportunity. the first trip to state for this group, to be able to do it here in northern kentucky--to represent. it almost like we're playing on our own home court."scott wegener, nine on your side, northern kentucky university. we'll tell you how both teams sports at 6-30. tomorrow some of the best young spellers in the tri-state will compete in the scripps regional spelling bee!
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hosting the competition tomorrow live from cincinnati hills christian can watch all 119 spellers go head to head live on wcpo dot com starting at nine a-m.the winner from the ohio region, as well as the kentucky and indiana region will go on to the scripps national spelling bee in may. next at 5-30. 5-30.deadly flood waters continue to rise in the southeast -- putting even more people at risk.we'll see when these people will finally catch a break. and a kentucky apartment fire forces people to jump out windows to save their lives. i'm john matarese.the recent uber fare cut sounds like a great deal for passengers.but i'll tell you why tri state drivers say it's not, and why you could end up actually paying more! you're watching 9 on your side
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people in the southeast are still not getting a break from a deadly slow moving storm. storm.the entire state of louisiana is now under an emergency declaration, as heavy rains pummel the southeast for another far -- four people have been killed in this flooding.flood waters are just washing parts of the road away in some areas. "we looked down & part of this concrete was all gone. it was
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down.up to 14 inches of rain have fallen in some areas - another one to three inches may still be on the way. an apartment fire in clark county, kentucky took the lives of three people and injured six others. man was seriously injured in the overnight fire when he jumped from a second story window to escape the flames.another person says he made it out..just as the ceiling started collapsing on him.firefighters are still trying to figure out how that fire started. dan carroll is live in chopper nine the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first. first."the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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your nine first warning forecast is coming up. sot: "right now in's 3.6...that's the surge"new rules for rideshare apps puts drivers -- and passengers -- in a cost crunch. john matarese is on your side with the new pricing so you don't waste your money. sot: "how many people could have a history like this and be working in your home and not know about it."a couple hires a contractor and weeks later discover he's a sex offender! when hiring handymen... the first thing to do to keep your family safe. you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. the recent uber fare cut sounds like a great deal for passengers. passengers.but consumer reporter john matarese tells us why local uber drivers say you could end up actually paying more!but first....could those new time warner boxes soon be free? john? craig, i've been reporting on those new time warner cable mini boxes.they will be required on every tv in your home starting next month. month.but tonight the fcc is
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those boxes free of charge! time warner plans to charge 3 dolalrs a month per box starting next year.but the fcc doesn't want that. every week, we are hearing about more problems with water systems around the country, due to lead and metals in old pipes.if youre concerned you can do some things to help your family. family."most houses across the coutnryhave hard water, and over the long term it can be damaging to pipes add applinces. therefore a water softener can be a good investment in the long run." run."our partners at the consumer guide angies list if you worry about hard water leaching metals out of your homes older pipes, there are two things you can purchase a water softener.or two -- use brita or pur water filter picthers, a much cheaper option. good news and bad news if you ever use uber to get around. the good: fares are down this year.the bad: those low fares
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which means there may be fewer of them on the road in the coming months. vicky zwissler became an uber driver last earn some extra cash. cash."a friend of mine from high school was doing it, so i thought it would be a lot of fun to give it a shot."her little job was soon making big money.but when uber slashed fares up to 25%in january, her earnings got slashed too. too. "i was averaging about $500 a week in my spare time, and literally instantly that went to $375."another unhappy driver -- who did not want his name used -- showed me his recent fares, as low as $1.94! vicki says bar time at night, when fares go up, is now the only way she makes good money."driving during peak and surge hours would be the only time to see significant earnings. if you are a passenger, this recent rate cut sounds like great
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drivers say not necessariy, if this leads to fewer uber cars out on the road.--------------- vicky says many drivers are cutting their hours. hours."they are talking to me doing itat all anymore, or they have cut their time signifacntly at all."and with fewer cars, you have to wait longer, and fares can then go up.uber has released a statement saying "seasonality affects every business and ours is no exceition. when demand goes down in the winter, lower prices mean more business for our drivers." vicky though says she's not seeing that... that..."no, not at all."and says on weekdays now she may be parked...because it's not worth her time. uber typically raises fares in april or may...though it wont comment on this years plans.on read my full report on time warner cables new mini boxes....and the questions many people have about you dont waste your money. turning now to your weekend forecast! forecast!nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with what's in
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our friday evening will stay pleasant, but cloudy as we are set for wet weather this weekend. i don't expect any showers this evening as temperatures stay in the 50s before falling into the mid
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coming up on 9 on your side at 5:30...a brave skater takes a frightening fall and it's all caught on camera. "my speech is really better." better."amazing accomplishmen t. a local woman who suffered
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most famous mountains... prepares for a new challenge this weekend. that's all new at six. american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i
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we are back with a live look
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campaign rally.his wife has just taken the stage in moraine ohio...that is just south of dayton.governor kasich is expected to speak at any moment.he will be in sharonville in the morning. hear from governor john kasich coming up on nine on your side at seven. a texas teen's close call with death is going viral after it was caught on camera. camera.a friend ofthis 18-year-old was wearing a go-pro when he flew off an el paso cliff. amazingly - the long-boarder did not break any bones.he just had some minor injuries.despite the terrifying fall - he doesn't plan on quitting this risky hobby.but it has been a learning experience. what ever you can do to be safe and what ever you can do to not stop doing what you love, it's definitely worth it to keep doing doing the teens says he won't be able to skate for another two
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there's one thing presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle can agree on.... oreos being made in america. america.donald trump, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders are speaking out against a move by the maker of oreos.the owners of the famous cookie plan to cut 600 jobs at a chicago factory.many of those jobs would move to a campaign speech - trump said he'll"never eat another oreo again" if the move happens. new at six.. the shock when a woman discovers her contractor is a convicted sex offender. "how many people could have a history like this and be working in your home and not know about it?" it?"and that's not the only problem... why that fact can so easily be kept secret. what you need to know to keep this from happening to your family. trouble spot for heroin. the i-team has reported on the shopping center where addicts often shoot up. now.. nine on your side goes back.. to find out if the work to stop that
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track: shabby work.. and a more freightening discovery. sot: it makes me sick.track: a contractor turns out to be a sex offender. nine is on your side with how to protect your
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parking lot. has the hard work to put the brakes on a pit-stop for shooting-up worked?the i-team investigates. track: its the steepest climb she's ever faced. sot:" it seems like i'm doing better and better. "track: the local woman who suffered stroke on mount kilamanjaro now gets ready for the mini marathon. you're watching nine on your side. it went from bad to scary in just seconds. a local woman discovered the contractor who's been working in her home is a convicted sex offender. on top of that.. the work was botched. nine on your side's rose-ann aragon finds out why the woman wasn't told about the man's past. the contractor said he was done with the job-- well --i'm standing in a bathroom which this family doesn't use-- and i show you why-- for one-- it's missing a drawer here-- and you can't open the others--as for the tub--if you tried to turn on the water-- that water will end up on their basement floor--but that's not all--pkgnats: this
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primernats: this is still not attached the mast s is even worse.nats: see how unfinished this is? ..and the list goes on.(carrie wilson)"it infuriates me...he claimed to be a high end contractor." carrie wilson is a first time homebuyer--"this was the house that we had wanted. i fell in love with this house years ago. it reminded me of my grandma's house."it was a dream turned to nightmare--the man said we was a high end contractor. with a bank loan they paid about 5 thousand dollars upfront--after months of dissatisfaction--she fired him... but the nightmare would continue-- he was a sex offender. "so she pulled his picture up on the sex offender registry. there's his face--habiltual offender-14 yr old girls and under."she was horrified. it was a topic that hit too close to home. he ex-husband is in prison."my children's father who i had to report was also a sex offender."this contractor was approved by the bank-"it makes


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