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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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artimis camera.we're told the back up goes for at least a mile in the eastbound lanes of i-275.we're working on learning more information and will bring you live updates as we learn them. now to democracy 20-16...ohio voters finally getting their is a decisive primary - with big prizes for presidential candidates. 18:23:00- 18:23:05"all the controversy .. cc more motivated to vote in the primary" anger--disgust and resolve just some of the emotions voters tell us they are feeling as they head to the polls. polls.we've seen in recent weeks how heated campaign rallies can be. tonight we have team coverage of democracy 20-16.our evan millward is following john kasich's campaign near cleveland, ohio.tom mckee is
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first - jay warren joins us with the mood of the voters ... jay? it's all a matter of perspective like every electorate you can't paint it with one brush stroke and that's the same today--clearly there is a wave of anti- establishment anger--on both sides but a quiet determination on the part of voters to have their voice heard. our first stop today was in bond hill at st. aloysius where we caught a handful of voters choosing their candidates and sending their votes off to be countedamong the voters was annie pearl abernathy who said she felt her vote today was an extremely important one((annie pearl abernathy/bond hill))"i felt that this was very important and that as many people that can should come in and vote today for the president and it is really a devastating thing that is going on today in the whole world needs to come together and pray on once accord." ((everett rucker/st. bernard)) "we have some people with some extreme political views that
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going to send the country into a downward spin we must make certain that we make the most beneficial decision for the common good of all."and while many might agree with that sentiment not everyone can agree on how to do itthese fairfield township voters were at the butler county board of elections casting their ballots--the crowd was more conservative but not everyone here spoke with the same voice ((janet hartman/fairfield township))"there's a lot of angry people out there are you angry? yes, i am. what are you angry about? i'm angry that the country is weaker than it used to be i'm angry that we've had a bad president and i want that to change."but while others want to see a change in direction they see the anger and cringe--diane kobos says she was depressed voting today((diane kobos/fairfield township)) "it's a sad state of affairs so i think sad and worried and hoping that people in this country will wake up." the polls close at seven thirty and based on the
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emotions won out in ohio today--jay warren 9 on your side fairfield township thousands headed to hamilton county polls to cast ballots in this presidential primary. but did technical issues in november? nine on your side's tom mckee is live with how the board of elections prevented tom? right now, ________ hamilton county voters have cast their ballots in person. and, changes in training on the e-pool books and updated equipment have kept the lines moving quickly and voters in and out of the pools. pools. we checked polls here in anderson township, bond hiill, college hill and west price hiill and the story was the same. few problems and not much for the 116 troubleshoote rs to do. last fall 10,000 voter names were left out of
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everyone knew how to use them. that's not the case this time. "first of all, it's not everybody's first experience with the new equipment -- the e-poll books. secondly, we've overcome the problem with what was programmed, or not programmed, into the system last time. all of that has been corrected." corrected." "we redoubled our efforts on training. we learned a lot of the lessons from rolling these out the firtst time and we're hoping that those problems are behind us. we're seeing really no major problems. you just minor things you see in every election." election." another change was monday night poll worker meetings and they began their morning a half-hour earlier than normal to check and double check equipment. of course, a smooth election now can mean a seamless presidential election in the fall with ohio expected to be in the national spotlight. coming up new
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what poll workers and voters think of the changes made. tom mckee, nine on your side, walnut hills. it's the pivotal moment for the ohio governor john kasich. kasich.9 on your side's evan millward is live near cleveland where kasich will hear the results this evening. he has the governor's reaction to seeing his name on the ballot today - evan? this is clearly a buckeye battle between trump and kasich -- the governor indicated he may drop out of the race if he doesn't win here tonight - - but he isn't addressing his toughest opponent today.governor kasich voted this morning in columbus and told cameras there that he
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his day.depending on the poll you look at, he's in a dead-heat with trump here in ohio - tied at 38 percent according to quinnpiac university.the two couldn't be running more different campaigns - something the governor alluded to at the polls this morning. 20-35(15 seconds)"you know attention and success can be very, very dangerous if its not handled the right way and time, make sure that i'm handling it the right way which is to be appreciative of the opportunity." in the last few weeks - both kasich's campaign and the super pac supporting him have been throwing resources at his home six - i'll break down some brand new
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strategy and talk to those behind with the kasich campaign in berea, ohio, em, 9oys. donald trump could crush two white house rivals with wins in ohio and florida.victories in both states could widdle the republican race down to a two-man race with ted cruz. remember voters in five states including ohio go to the polls today. there are also primaries in florida, illinois, north carolina, and missouri. hundreds of delegates at stake. on the democratic side -- the two candidates spent the day in different states: hillary clinton campaigned in north illionis. remember there is still time to vote.polls in ohio will stay open until 7:30.if you have any of those last minute questions - where to vote? what other issues are on the ballot? we're on your side with the answers to every question.find them on the
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and stay with nine on your side for those primary election results as they roll in.we'll be on air for a full hour staring at seven o'clock. and join myself and tanya o'rourke for a live facebook chat on the nine on your side facebook page starting at ten tonight. we'll be sharing results - and what they mean for you here in the tri-state. get a full wrap tonight on 9 on your side at eleven. a tri-state professor - arrested for child porn. next at five - where he taught, and what led the f-b-i to his front door. a little ink prevents the common cold.the new study that touts a brand new benefit to getting a tattoo. following breaking news right now...a car has crashed into the ohio river after going off the combs hehl bridge.chopper 9 - the only local helicopter bringing you breaking news first - is over that scene right now.rescue crews are in the water. and there is a
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we're told the car was coming into ohio from kentucky on east bound i-275.we'll keep you updated on the rescue
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following breaking news right now...a car has crashed into the ohio river after going off the combs hehl bridge.chopper
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bringing you breaking news first - is over that scene right now.rescue crews are in the water. and there is a huge backup on the bridge.we're told the car was coming into ohio from kentucky on east bound i-275.we'll keep you updated on the rescue effort and the
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rethinking ink. at five - tattoos keeping you from getting the common cold.the new research - and the risks still associated with tattoos.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 all new at five - a university of cincinnati professor arrested- after the f-b-i says he was in possession of child pornography. 9 on your side's t.j. parker has been working this story- today- he joins us live from u- c with what he's found out- t.j.? well the f-b-i arrested 60- year old holt parker- this morning- at his home in clifton. parker has been working here at u-c since 1991. f-b-i agents tell me holt is being charged with distribution and receiving
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destruction of property to prevent seizure. he was arrested by f-b-i- agents and officers from the violent crimes against children task force. holt has already made his initial appearance in federal court- this afternoon. i spoke with some students on campus- today- who say it's a little unnerving to hear of a professor being charged with having child pornography. the university released a statement, today, in part saying: " the university takes these charges very seriously and is cooperating fully with authorities. per university policy, parker has been suspended from his position, barred from university property, and is to have no contact with students." there will be a detention hearing for holt- tomorrow. coming up at six- i'll go more into holt's position here at u-c. live in clifton, t.j.
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tonight, a cold front arrives and will bring another round of showers. a few thunderstorms are possible as well. the timing looks to be between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. wednesday. a few showers or storms tonight. there's a small chance that one or two storms could turn strong to severe. right now, the greatest threat is expected to
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the tri-state. state.we are staying on top of breaking news off the combs heil bridge. a car fell into the ohio river
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275 near coney island.rescue boats are on the scene.there is no report on the number of occupants in the car or how it fell off the bridge.traffic is backed up to i-471.we are staying on top of this breaking news for you.stay
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all new at five - a new way to think about ink. them or hate them - a lot of people have matter where you stand - new research shows tattoos may actually improve your health.
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according to the american journal of human biology...researchers at the university of alabama found getting multiple tattoos can response. "at first i thought i thought it was funny, but it kinda makes senselike building muscles"that's actually a good way to explain it. if you continue to stress your body over and first, you'll feel sore...but eventually the body will adjust...and you'll get stronger. stronger. "so looking at a little bit of a boost response is not uncommon premise behind it is the immune response, you have to have it to get those dyes to stay in place."dr. sherly zajodowicz (zad-o-witz) is a biology professor.she has to do with "immuno-globulin-a." that's the body's first defense against common d the stress hormone cortisol. turns out, the first-time you get ink...your immuno- globulin levels drop much lower than those who've experienced multiple tats. so
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your parents accept your tattoos? "no...but the more information and facts i have people start to accept them." so while tattoos can help prevent the common cold - we're on your side with the serious risks to consider.... consider....according to the mayo clinic tattoos can cause allergic reactions, skin infections and bloodborne diseases like hepatitis c - if the equipment is contaminated with infected blood. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. coming u p at 5:30... we'll have the latest on the car that went off a brigde into the ohio river. river.chopper nine is the only
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first at five-30.. the breaking news we've been covering for on the ohio river.. a car flies into the water after an accident on the combs- hehl bridge. nine on your side broke this for you on "the now" at 4. rescue crews are on the scene. its not clear how many people were in the vehicle. julie dolan joins is in studio now with some perspective on where this is happening and the impact on traffic. tanya, this google map shows the 275 loop around the city. the combs hehl bridge is down here -- crossing right over the ohio river.let's zoom in now-- and show you why you'll want to avoid this area. traffic is backed up on 275-- passed northern kentucky university and to the double a. it's also backed up--- on 471 causing congestion for drivers trying to get home tonight


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