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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- fall freeze. a taste of winter in mid october. up to nine inches of snow in some areas. and the coldest temperatures in months. we're tracking it all. a new battle brewing in the race for the white house. donald trump versus jeb bush. at odds over september 11th. and who is to blame for those attacks? the back and forth playing out in a series of interviews and campaign videos. survival story. two people walking away from this fiery airplane crash. >> it was so fast. >> so fast. >> it just happened too quick. >> detailing the quick thinking that kept them alive in an
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and "star wars, the force awakens" where you'll see the first full trailer today and when you can buy tickets. everyone. for millions of people in october morning, it sure feels arrived. >> yes, as frost and freeze advisories stretch to the deep south. up upstate new york is is covered in snow. >> the fans at week end football games shivered in the stands. in buffalo for the bills-ben gals game, they bundled up. how long will it last? here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: it's beginning to look a lot like wichbter. just last week, near syracuse, new york. this is what it looked like. a week later, this. >> i woke up this morning and i
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>> reporter: it may be october. but the coldest air mass of the season has gotten to the east. awe cross upstate new york, a blast of winter bringing dangerous conditions. more than 50 accidents in syracuse blamed, in part, on icy roads. snow collecting on this backyard deck. nine inches so far. another backyard buried under the snow. kids aren't come plain complaining. >> i have not seen snow this early in a long time. >> reporter: in upper michigan, grand rapids, just plain cold. temps in the mid 30s didn't stop the runners sflp . >> this is great weather to run in. >> reporter: forecasters say bespite the chilly temps and snow already falling in parts of the country, a first frost like this is not unusual. these cold temps will lirng today. lit warm up later this week. get ready to ditch the cold
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weather gear. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> ditch them? i never broke them out. >> it's freezing in here in the studio. >> we didn't expect it to be this cold this early. there's also extreme waefrt in the southwest. phoenix pummeled by large, damaging hail. >> between the size of a quarter and a golf ball. the hailstorm kicked up the water in this swimming pool here. it looks like snow covered the lawn. >> on radar, you see the storms moving through arizona and the rockies. downpours expected today in the pacific northwest from seattle to portland. now to the race for the white house heating you will with a bitter war of words between two candidates. >> donald trump and jeb bush sounding off about 9/11. it's "your voice, your vote." more from devin dwyer. >> reporter: it's a feud few
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>> jeb said, we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the the world trade sipter just fell down. >> reporter: jeb bush fired back in a new campaign video and on tv. >> it looks like he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president, not boning up on the issues. >> reporter: last week, trump suggested that george w bush might be to blame for the takes. >> say what you want. the world trade center came down while he was in office. >> hold on, you can't blame him. >> mr. trump talks about things apprentice." >> reporter: on the democratic side, all eyes remain on vice president joe biden. >> it may be the graets honor i have ever received in my public life. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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>> i'm not in any way suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> reporter: a decision that could come in the next few days. devin guyer, abc news, washington. turning our focus overseas. another week end of bloodshed. tensions continue to escalate. a palestinian attacker opened fire at a bus stop, killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten other people before being shot and killed. and israel put up a 15-foot-high wall separating jewish and arab nations. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with leaders from both sides later this week. and in syria, a top al qaeda commander was killed in a drone strike. he was the head of a cell that plotted attacks in the u.s. and europe.
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he was also involved in the group's finances. the landmark and controversial nuclear deal with iran is in effect. it could be months before the sanctions are lifted. iran has to prove to international inspectors that it's serious about cutting back on the nuclear program. minnesota town is mourning a sheriff's deputy killed with his own gun when a hospitalized suspect grabbed it. the suspect got out of his hospital bed and struggled with the deputy before shooting him. hospital security officers tased the patient. he later died. police say the suspect was not under arrest at the time and was not handcuffed. former nba star lamar odom is said to be improving at a las vegas hospital this morning. he's been there since being found unconscious last tuesday at a brothel. a family member told us last night he was doing very well.
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on friday, reportedly speaking with family and gave a thumbs up. the results of toxicology tests are still pending. president obama planning an historic trip next year. he'll visit laos. in 2012, hillary clinton became the first u.s. secretary of state to pay a visit since 1955. president obama has increasingly directed his foreign policies to countries in asia. a big change coming to the use of personal drones. and a wear alert stopping a kidnapping. an offseason gig for alex rodriguez. his first day on the job and it doesn't go as planned.
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today, the government is announcing a plan to have people register their drones. a task force will be implemented to run the registry program. an estimated 500,000 drones are already in the air. the skies about to get buzzier. the massive air bag recall is still growing. general motors is recalling about 400 in vehicles. it's a small number. the first to include 2015 gm models. certain buicks, cad lax, chevy malibus have air backs that could explode when deployed.
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this after the 23 million vehicles already recalled. amazon is suing more than 1,000 people for posting fake reviews on its website. the company is targeting people who sell reviews on the website amazon pseudoover websites in april for the same thing. most of them are shut down. it was a weekend for "goose bumps" at the box office. the family friendly flick beat all the competition{ taking in $23.5 million. that was just $2 million ahead of "the martian." "bridge of spies" in third. remains. reemerging. fans. another dominating performance by the mets. playoff highlights from espn.
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eliquis right for me. pask your doctor if it's right for you. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. this is a look at spectators at a houston air show. they watch as a sky diver fell to earth, unable to steer because of high wind. three others were supposed to jump with him. the stunt was called off after he had already taken a leap. now for a look at morning road conditions. caution from the southwest up through the rockies. wet roads possible from
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minnesota to michigan and south florida as well. if you're flying, airport delays in salt lake city and miami. a killer remains on the loose this morning after a deadly shooting in ft. myers, florida, a t a t a zombie themed celebration. >> 20,000 people had gathered for the event. no word on a possible motive. a texas teenage sir the sixth high school football play 16-year-old cameron matthews was a junior in high school. during a football game friday night, he told teammates he felt dizzy and then collapse tonight sidelines. he was air-lifted to the hospital where he died on saturday. the exact cause of his death is not yet known. mourners returned to the stadium for a vigil friday night. a couple from texas is telling their harrowing story of survival exclusively to abc news. as they narrowly escaped a fiery
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they were coming in for a langing lang landing in their small plane. they were able to deploy a huge parachute it covers the whole aircraft. >> i was trying to control it. next moment, i saw the line. i realized, i wept up to grab the handle for the parachute, but, my wife had already pulled it. parachute definitely saved our lives. >> wow. the parachute caught on power lines and preventing the the airplane from making contact. the couple, by the way, can't wait to get back in the air with a new plane, equipped with a parachute of course. more from in exclusive sbrir on "good morning america" today. in california, a little girl is safe and back with her family thanks to an observant school employ year. teacher's aide sandra ferguson single-handedly foiled a kidnapping when she spotted a former student in a car with a strange man.
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the 11-year-old looking scared. she plokd the man in with her car. got the girl out, and called police. >> it was kind of like a superwoman power thing. it was like, wow, i can't believe i did that. >> i'll buy that superer woman power thing. the 51-year-old man was arrested on attempted kidnapping charges. the girl was not hurt. just in time for halloween. a ghostly sight, you might say, as a mexican rez viewer. a 16th century church submerged for years has reappear papd lack of rain has drawn the water level down more than 80 feet. it's believed the the church was abandoned when a devastating plague swept through. the last time the water was so low, people could walk inside. absolutely freaky. well, now some sports. the american league championship series resumes tonight in toronto. the blue jays trail the royals, 2-0. >> and in new york last night,
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game two of the national league championship series. jimmy kimmel threw the ceremonial first pitch. we get details on the game and some football from our guys at espn. john buccigross. john anderson. a new week is upon us. chilly over the weekend. the sports continued. >> we have game two of the nlcs. >> played outdoors? >> or patriots-colts. what do you think? football? you like the football? >> let's find out together. >> there's the greatest living american, tom brady. the indy folkses were creative. oh, tommy hit rob gronkowski. his 60th. 60 time he's got on the spike like that. pats up 27-21. would not trail again. legarrette blount. season. that one for a touchdown.
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the patriots won, 34-27. >> the first of his career. i'll shut up and do my own highlights. daniel murphy grew up in florida. however, he doesn't mind hitting in the cold weather. he homers again. he's hoermd in four straight games in this post season for the mets. he's the greatest hitter in the world right now. >> yep. >> gets the mets off to a good start. they go on to win, they beat the cubs. they're up 2-0 in the nlcs. plus the next three games will be played in chicago. those fans will be loud. they could win three in a row. it's happened before. also, the heat beat the hawks in a preseason game. that's what we got. >> thanks to the johns. alex rodriguez is joins fox's post baseball coverage. after been introduced on the the nfl pregame show, he proceeded to throw a pass that broke a monitor. >> he was a high school quarterback and got a scholarship offer from the
4:20 am
he tweeted, i'll try not to break anything else. >> let's hope. >> how is this for treating an injured player. this happened at a soccer game in greece. >> the stretcher bearer drops, twice on their own field. they get to the side. a trainer from the player's team seems to say that something is wrong. they don't want to hear. it was a tough day. it's just rough to watch. >> can we give them a red flag, a red card? >> yeah, you're right. up knicks in "the pulse." eddie murphy's return. telling his first joke on stage in nearly three decades. and terrifying crash.
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starting with what really was a big night for eddie murphy, accepting the nation's top award for humor. >> he was honored at the kennedy center with the mark twain he did something he's not done standup. he surprised the crowd with an impersonation of bill cosby. >> a change of heart from murphy since turning down the chance to do cosby for the 40th anniversary special of "saturday night lye." there was no bride or groom at the recent wedding reception. >> this is cool. the family booked a reception at a high-end hotel. days before the groom called it off. >> boy, did this have a price tag. $35,000 nonrefundable. instead of letting the reception go to waist, they ditched the
4:24 am
of a homeless shelter to join the meal. the hype machine is cranking up ahead of the new "star wars" movie. >> the official theater poster was released. featured prominently were the likeses of han solo, princess leia, and chewbacca. luke skywalker nowhere to be seen. >> "star wars" is from our parent company, disney. a death defying ride for a mountain bike competitor. he just set off on a qualifying round in utah when he lost control and tumbled down the side of a cliff. >> his helmet camera recorded what he saw as he fell. he got back up and got back on the bike and finished the run. he didn't qualify for the final round.
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our top stories this morning, donald trump and jeb bush going at it again. this time, trump claiming 9/11 may not have happened had he been president. challenging bush's claim that his brother kept the country safe. and bush firing back with a new video. more violence in israel. a palestinian attacker killed an israeli soldier and wounded ten people. and israel hastily erected a wall between jewish and arab nations. up to nine inches of snow on the ground along parts of the great lakes this morning. temperatures in most of the east will be below average. a warmup on the way. rain in the pacific northwest. we move on to an amazing
4:28 am
an army veteran in illinois recovering at home following his heroic intervention against a knife-wielding assailant. >> he says some military training from a decade ago helped him. >> units to the library. >> reporter: at a public library in illinois, a violent attack by a man wielding at least two hunting knives. >> they do have the knives. he has cut another person who has a pretty good hand injury. >> reporter: 19-year-old dustin brown allegedly stormed into a room and said, i'm going the kill some people. 75-year-old james vernon was teaching a chess class. >> i thought first this is a really bad halloween prank. then i realized this was the real thing. >> reporter: he put himself between the would-be attacker and the 16 kids. >> i gave them the cue, they got the cue and got up and ran out. they were gone.
4:29 am
>> reporter: the children ages 7 to 13, all escaped unharmed. mom sandy rossi got out, too. >> kids were afraid. i was afraid. >> reporter: voernen was all alone. the attacker turned on him. >> he went overhand. i blocked with the left hand. >> reporter: brown is now charged with attempted murder. he was already facing 2count of child pornography. >> i thought maybe i could persuade him to just give up the whole idea and -- that wasn't to be. >> reporter: vernon's happened was slashed in the attack. he's expected to make a full recovery. at church -- >> take a moment, please. >> reporter: the congress regrags greeted him as a hero. david wright, abc news, new york. >> a hero as he should be greeted. >> way to go vernon. his 76th birthday next week. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a fantastic start of the


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