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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 1, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: right now the navy believes it's found the wreckage of the missing "el faro" cargo ship. the steps they're taking today to confirm the find. frank: isis militants are now claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly plane crash in egypt. why there are major questions about what really happened. danielle: starting the day with some showers but it's going to clear and warm up. we may even hit record highs by the end of week. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: a good morning to you. so glad you're with us. if you forgot to change your clocks last night, it is 5:00. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. it's also sunday, november 1. but the calendar still works the
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same today. we're now joined by meteorologist danielle vollmar with a look at our forecast. danielle: this morning waking up to a couple of hit-or-miss showers around the region. most of these not actually point. but there are a couple of showers up through newburyport near cape ann, also back through southern new hampshire. some of these near manchester, keene, are actually making it to the ground. there's more out in western mass. this is all associated with a disturbance that's pushing through right at this point. now it's going to quickly clear out. so as we go through the day, we're going to dry out and actually see breaks of sunshine by the later half of the day. this morning, it is mild though in the upper 40's in boston. already in the mid 50's on nantucket. mid 40's in worcester. so you can see that temperatures are only going to go up as we go through the afternoon. especially with a southwest wind. by lunchtime warming up into the upper 50's. low 60's through the afternoon with some breaks of sunshine.
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temperatures regionally. mid 50's in worcester. 60 degrees nashua. 61 boston and lower 60's on parts of the south shore and the cape and islands. as you take a look, warm temperatures down to the south and west. already 60 degrees in little rock. this is that warmer air that is also headed in our direction. so we'll talk about just how warm we get through the workweek and the timeline for our next batch of showers ahead. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. we're following breaking news overnight. new this morning flames spark inside a townhouse complex in danvers. you can see the fire shooting through the roof. firefighters worked to put out the fire quickly. everyone made it out safely, but two dogs are unaccounted for. frank: right now navy searchers say they have located the wreckage of the missing cargo the teams made the discovery near the ship's last known the "el faro" disappeared during the fury of hurricane joaquin
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last month. 33 crew members were on board the ship; three with ties to massachusetts. newscenter 5's pam cross tells us today an unmanned, remote-operated sub will be sent 15,000 feet down to the wreckage. pam: the wreckage of the "el faro" believed to be 15,000 feet down. a search teamworking for the navy on saturday using sonar equipment detected what experts think is the cargo ship, saying if so, it's in an upright position and in one piece. the "el faro" disappeared october 1 during hurricane joaquin. it was off the coast of the bahamas. three people linked to massachusetts were aboard. mayor yet wright, a crew member from the south coast whose mom said she lived for the sea. winthrop native keith risen was a mass maritime graduate. he was first engineer on the "el faro." (bell tolling) just last week relatives held a memorial for jeffrey mathias. the kingston native was an
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there were 33 people on board the container ship when it left the port of jacksonville headed for puerto rico. if the vessel is confirmed to be the "el faro," searchers will try and recover the voyage data recorder. weeks. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. claiming responsibility for a deadly airliner crash in the egyptian dessert. 224 people killed on a russia metrojet. at this hour, no indication of what brought the plane down. recovered, and russia denies the claims by isis. as richard cantu reports, there is no dispute about the scale of the human tragedy. reporter: the russian passenger jet went down here in this remote region of egypt's sign a peninsula after some 20 minutes in the air. there were no survivors among the 224 passengers and crew aboard. all but three were russian. egypt's prime minister visited the crash site. responders searched for remains and ambulances transported
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bodies to the morgue. the chartered flight was operated by metro jet, an airline based in moscow. it took off from this airport in the resort city of sharm petersburg. according to an egypt official as it was reaching 30,000 feet the pilot radioed the aircraft was having technical problems and wanted to land and vanished from radar shortly after. in paint petersburg, grief and disbelief as relatives learned their loved ones were lost. "i'm waiting for the person i love," said one. "i couldn't find the flight anywhere on the screen." the black boxes have been recovered archie jipt's prime minister is fromsing an investigation into how this tragedy unfolded. richard kantu, abc news, new york. antoinette: there is no evidence to support the isis claim of downing the jetliner. two major airlines, germany's lufthansa and air france, aren't taking chances. both announced they would immediately stop flying over
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safety reasons. frank: only on 5. a plane makes an emergency landing at beverly airport. experiencing issues with its landing gear saturday. it touched down safely on the grass. the incident is under investigation. in fitchburg. it broke out at a three-story residence on granite street everyone inside was able to get out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in holliston are searching for the suspects who stole three it happened friday night at "pick a pup" on concord street. the alarm system sounded; but when police arrived, the suspects were gone. public's help. on facebook he asked people to keep an eye out on sites like craigslist for the pups. anyone with information is asked to contact police. the somerville teen once accused sports camp is now suing the
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city. the case against galileo mondol was dropped in april. prosecutors had claimed the 19-year-old took part in a hazing ritual back in 2013 while at the camp in the berkshires. mondol denied the accusations. his lawsuit against the city alleges several leaders, including mayor joe curtatone, engaged in a witch hunt to have him charged. he's seeking $1 million. antoinette: new concerns this morning about the rapid growth of casino gambling here in the northeast. the hollywood casino in bangor, maine, got off to a great start but is now demanding a property tax cut break now that business has slowed down. casino observers here in massachusetts tell "the globe" they expect a similar situation could happen here if the plainridge park casino continues to see a decline in its revenue. right now, plainridge pays about $1.5 million a year in local property taxes and has not asked for a tax reduction. frank: massachusetts is getting two new courts specifically aimed at helping military
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veterans in legal trouble. veterans treatment courts will start hearing cases in holyoke and lawrence this week. the courts only deal with veterans charged with misdemeanor and minor felony charges who pleaded guilty. under the voluntary program, instead of going to jail, the veterans enter a heavily supervised program where they substance abuse and mental health issues. antoinette: new research finds during the warm weather months, friday afternoons are the busiest on the "t." the study looked at data from buses from may to august. it found mondays typically have the most on-time buses, and friday afternoons often have much lower on-time rates. the analysts wrote that bostonians starting their weekends early in the summer months could help explain the delays. the mbta tells "the globe" work is being done to improve service every day, not only on fridays. frank: the new york city marathon is today, and more than 22 runners will take part in honor of martin richard, the youngest victim of the marathon attack.
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team m-r-8 has raised more than $60,000 while training for the marathon. $10,000 over its original goal. team m-r-8 was formed in 2014 to help marathon runners raise money to advance the charity's mission by funding education, athletics, and community activities. we all remember last year's brutal winter-- a nightmare for many homeowners. antoinette: ahead this morning protect your home this time around. frank: a true halloween nightmare in new york. the chaotic scene as a car crashes into a group of trick-or-treaters. heavy rain, flooding, and tornados hitting texas this weekend, claiming the lives of two more people. how survivors are trying to recover. danielle: we're starting out with rain here this morning but it's going to clear up. it will be a warm start to your november. my forecast for the week ahead
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frank: it's 5:12. now to the severe weather in texas. been confirmed dead in severe flooding. two more bodies were recovered in houston yesterday. this as another band of strong
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storms and heavy rain moved in, leading to more flooding. that system also brought three tornados, which damaged homes and buildings. residents say they've never seen anything like it. >> total devastation. it's a mess. people who have been life-long residents here have never seen anything like this before with the destruction. frank: in houston alone, first responders made more than 130 water rescues yesterday. there have been multiple reports of flooding inside homes and businesses. antoinette: after last year's painful and historic winter, getting ready this year is a big priority for a lot of people. and this morning we're putting the focus on your home. where to start? newscenter 5's emily riemer had a local handyman show us the spots to check now. >> first of all, the leaves are on the ground. get them out of the gutters. emily: and while you're up there, check for any loose shingles or damage to the roof. larry luddecke says you also want to make sure your attic is properly vented. larry: if the attic is cool, you'll have less ice dams because the heat of the house isn't melting the bottom of the
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snow. emily: many people learned about those ice dams the hard way last winter with so much snow, so often. consider buying a roof rake now before they sell out, and use it often once the snow starts. >> as soon as you can. the way the snow came last year, great if you could use it in between snows. emily: next, check all your windows are down and the upper screen is locked. it's about making the window nice and tight. emily: keep out the cold? >> keep out the cold, bingo. emily: if you use your fireplace often, consider getting it professionally cleaned before that first fire. and also have a pro come check your heating system. maintenance now could save you hundreds later. antoinette: that was emily riemer reporting. she also learned this is also a great time to check all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. test them, vacuum out any dust, and replace the batteries as needed. can i say that was a special
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request to do that story after moving into the house for the first time. i'm like wait, shoveling snow. raking leaves. danielle: you have to do all that yourself. i'll help you out. you know that. you won't be shoveling snow any time soon. we could be at record highs by the end of this week. rain is coming this morning and we need rain. we are looking at a medium risk of rain today. at least through the morning hours. notice on local live radar, they're starting to pop up especially in southern new hampshire. as well as western mass. this batch is coming from basically just to the west of portsmouth. you'll be raining very quickly soon. manchester seeing some rain to greenfield. this goes all the way back on this.
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pittsfield and all the way towards springfield. all of this is traveling to the east very quickly. there is a little bit of a line heen behind this in central new york. it's associated with this area of low pressure. it's an upper-level low and a cold front. so all this is going to come sweeping through as we go through the afternoon so the future cast looks like this. we're going to get through that one batch of rain and then by 8:00 this line will make it into western mass. notice as it comes across the state it kind of falls apart. the best chances for any showers additionally are really i think north and west of the mass pike. really southern new hampshire, southern vermont getting in on some of this action. as we head through the afternoon, notice the clouds start to thin out just a touch. we will then see breaks of sunshine. that's going to lead to our temperatures becoming more mild through the afternoon. in terms of how much rainfall we've seen, only 2/100ths of an inch in orange. 3/100ths up in concord. that's what we're expecting. not much in the way of rain. we'll take any of the rain we
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can get because as we finish the month of october out, you notice we're down over 7.5 inches for the year in boston. for the month down over two inches so we could really use that rain. so here's what it looks like for the next couple of days. hit-or-miss showers early today. we're warming up. we're drying out this week. and by thursday and friday, we could be near record high temperatures. so we're talking about very warm conditions. the other thing, you know we have that extra hour of sleep. well, that sun is going to set very early and rise even earlier this morning. in fact, it's coming at 6:17 this morning and then eventually it starts to build up and it becomes later as we get towards january and february. temperatures this morning in the upper 40's, low 50's. for today, we'll warm into the mid 50's in worcester and the low to mid 60's along the south shore, the cape. so it's a mild afternoon. it's a mostly cloudy afternoon but will be some breaks of sunshine. it does not like a washout in terms of the showers. tonight we fall back into the
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40's an we are clear out. for tomorrow we do it all over again. with light winds, temperatures should warm up once again into the low 60's and upper 50's. so it's another mild day on tap. in fact, we're mild up until tuesday and wednesday. the reason why, jetstream is really lifting to the north of us. that's taking back the cold canadian air and pushing it back into canada where it belongs so we're warm tuesday. we're even warmer wednesday. by thursday and friday look at that. we're talking temperatures in the low 70's. it could be near record highs. antoinette and frank. antoinette: we like that, danielle. thank you. time right now is 5:18. stories we're following right now. frank: at least nine people are dead in an violent attack at a hotel in somalia. police say islamic extremists attacked the hotel in the capital of mogadishu. a suicide bomber detonated a car with explosives at the gate, and then gunmen on foot opened fire. al-shabab, the islamic extremist rebels waging an insurgency against somalia's weak u.n.- backed government, claimed responsibility for the attack. antoinette: tragedy in new york city this halloween: three
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people were killed when an out-of-control car slammed into a group of trick-or-treaters. one of the victims was a ten-year-old girl. several people were also hurt including a three-year-old girl. this happened just before 5:00 last night in the morris park neighborhood of the bronx. police believe the driver hit another car before it lost control and jumped the curb plowing into the crowd. so far, no charges have been filed. frank: a recall for some honda drivers this morning. the automaker is recalling some of its 2016 cr-v's. at issue? a problem with takata air bags that could rupture. honda says only 30 of the s.u.v.'s were sold before dealers were told to stop sales. takata air bag problems have affected about 19 million cars made by a dozen different manufacturers. antoinette: health departments on the west coast are investigating ecoli cases linked to chipotle restaurants. at least 22 people in the portland, oregon, area and in
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the popular mexican food chain. several of them had to be hospitalized. chipotle confirms six restaurants are involved. all were immediately shut down. chipotle is now working with health officials to find the cause. frank: american pharoah goes out a winner. the triple crown champ won the breeders' cup on saturday. the race his final one before retirement. fans stood 20-deep all along the rail, cheering and snapping cell phone photos of the superstar horse. american pharoah won nine of his 11 career starts, including the first sweep of the kentucky derby, preakness, and belmont in 37 years this spring. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: good morning, everyone. how far have the bruins come? well, at the abyss of the seasoning-opening three-game losing streak they lost to tampa bay 6-3. last night they beat tampa 3-1. so they've come at least that far. the bruins win their fourth in a row and extend their streak to seven games.
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play and a quick turn-around shot. his second ties the game at one. smile, everyone. still tied in the third conley with the bruins on a 5 on 3 with only 12 seconds. that's enough time. score! the bruins on their way to staying undefeated on the road 5-0. brad marchand does the honors with the empty netter. the b's win 3-1 home against dallas on tuesday. meanwhile we have the celtics at afternoon. mike lynch will have those highlights for you tonight at 6:00 on newscenter 5. that is sports. have a great day. antoinette: your new england patriots definitely the scariest team in the nfl this season. so, of course, they got into the halloween spirit. julian edelman embraced his inner bill belichick, posting this photo on social media. a few days earlier he treated us all to his best impression of the coach. >> he'll say stuff like, you
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know, i've been here for 30 years. i've seen a thing or two. (laughing) frank: but what about the real bill belichick? he spent the holiday on nantucket with this guy, maybe the next tom brady. the q.b. got into the halloween spirit. brady posted this picture on his facebook account of himself with a "gunslinger" mustache with the words "every great costume starts with a mustache." later in the day he posted this pic with is family. tom and gisele are sporting the "unreal candy" masks, the same ones brady wore when he went into whole foods and hid surprises in 50 halloween buckets. daughter vivien is dressed up as nemo; son benjamin, the incredible hulk. that? those are good masks. those unreal candy masks. frank: do you think somebody else has their kids? it's a risk to send kids trick or treating. speaking of trick or treating, hall mean may be over but many
5:22 am
the spooky holiday in salem. antoinette: tens of thousands spent halloween in the witch city. the measures police put in place to keep everyone safe. frank: and we're enjoying some of your halloween pictures this morning. check out this little guy enjoying halloween in salem. his grandfather sent us this photo. thanks for sharing. antoinette: and a live look outside over the city this morning. hope you remembered to change those clocks. if you didn't, it's 5:23. 49 degrees outside. we're back with more of new
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i thought southern new hampshire university was only online. p amazing campus, r the community was just p i really feel like this is my family. r friends that i know p i have everything i need to r there's always something happening here. p everybody really loves what they're doing here.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. tracking a couple showers out there this morning. they should be quickly moving out of here though so by afternoon we'll actually see some breaks of sunshine although it is mostly cloudy day. we really do welcome the rain because as we finish out the month of october, we're down over 7.5 inches for the year. for the month we are down over two inches. in terms of the month of october temperaturewise though, we've been milder than normal and that's going to continue into this workweek. in fact by tuesday we're in the mid 60's. we should be running in the mid 50's 679 antoinette. antoinette: thank you, danielle. thousands celebrated halloween in salem this weekend. it is the witch city's signature holiday. children and adults took part in the fun. of course, everyone was in costume. >> we're going ape.
5:25 am
halloween capital of the world. reporter: what are you dressed up as this year? >> a vampire. reporter: are you a scary vampire or a nice vampire. >> a nice vampire. >> everyone in costume having fun. antoinette: i love the nice and scary vampires. first responders were in on the action making sure everyone had a good but safe time. police set up towers to stay ahead of any potential problems. they say they made few arrests. looks like a good time. a lot of kids. lots of candy this morning. frank: i'm jealous. i wish i were there. looks like a good time. coming up, a small town rallies around a little girl fighting cancer. antoinette: we'll show you how ady's army is joining the battle. frank: too much housework keeping you away from working out? the simple ways to combine them, saving time and turning chores into fun. antoinette: and a live look outside this morning. 5:27. 49 degrees. we will have an earlier sunrise after you change those clocks
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last night. we're back with more of new england's "eyeopener" right
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: we're kicking off the month of november with some warm weather. we may even hit record highs by the end of the week. antoinette: a small town mourning a young life lost. the fatal crash that killed a high school senior. frank: donald trump rallying for reform. the plan he's proposing to overhaul the department of veteran affairs. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader.
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"eyeopener." frank: good morning. it's 8:30-- i'm thrown off by the time change. antoinette: that's like three hours off. frank: it's 5:30. i promise you it's 5:30, no matter what your clock says. i'm frank holland. i hope you had a great halloween. good morning. antoinette: and i'm antoinette along with danielle. danielle: it's like trick or treat. you're tricking me right now. it is not 8:30. antoinette: it's sunday and most people can sleep in. danielle: hopefully you're enjoying that extra hour of sleep but that sun is coming up sooner than you think. we get earlier sunrises. antoinette: but there's a trade-off. danielle: earlier sunsets. the sun will set at 4:38 today. okay. let's talk about what's happening this morning. if you are up with us and stepping outside the door, there could be a couple of showers depending on where you live. it's very hit or miss. spotty at best and very light. not everyone is going to see them. don't worry about ruining any of your outdoor plans.
5:29 am
you can do whatever you need to do but we do have a couple of showers now and heavier ones near portsmouth back through manchester all the way to green field. and then western mass seeing some of the showers moving towards springfield. if they hold together, worcester, you would be up next for this. there's another batch actually back through central new york. this is associated with an upper-level low so it will spin this moisture at us through the morning hours into early afternoon. but once we get past lunchtime, you'll see things dry out. actually by 8:00 if you notice on the future cast here, we're clouded over but most of us not really seeing rain at that point. then as we head towards 10:00, another batch of showers could make their way into southern vermont. maybe southern new hampshire. best bet i think for the showers is going to be in southern new hampshire and southern vermont today. and then through the afternoon, we actually start to clear out a bit. we should see some breaks of sunshine. already this morning, we're starting in the mid 40's and low 50's. as we go through the next 12 hours, say, in worcester county,
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notice temperatures will warm up into the mid 50's. we will see the clouds start to clear out just a touch with some breaks of sunshine but a major warm-up is coming. we'll talk about when we could see in the 70's in the seven-day forecast ahead. frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. new this morning investigators are working to determine what sparked this fire overnight at a townhouse complex in danvers. you can see the flames shooting through the roof. firefighters worked to put out the fire quickly. everyone made it out safely, but two dogs are unaccounted for. damage is extensive. antoinette: navy searchers say they have located the wreckage of the missing cargo ship "el faro." the teams made the discovery near the ship's last known location. 33 crewmembers were on board when it sank last month; three frank: a group associated with isis is claiming responsibility for the downing of a russian airliner in egypt.
5:31 am
all 224 people on board were killed. russian investigators say the isis claims are not credible, but the crash cause is not known. several airlines have decided to stop using that airspace until more is known. antoinette: shock and sadness in a small massachusetts town. a high school senior full of promise killed in a car crash. 17-year-old madeline lamson of medway was many things-- a daughter, an athlete, and a friend. frank: she lost her life last night in franklin in a single-car crash. our reid lamberty reports on a community now in mourning. reid: roadside sorrow melts into tears as classmates of a teenager killed here last night leave behind flowers at the scarred base of this tree. madeline lamson was alone when the car she was driving violently smashed into the tree just before midnight. >> there was a big, big boom. i looked out the window. there was a big fire over there. reid: witnesses tried to pull the 17-year-old from her car, but the resulting fire pushed them back. just a few miles away, a steady stream of students flowed in and out of medway high school speaking with grief counselors. school principal tim mccarron
5:32 am
says in this building of about 800 students, maddie stood out. principal: one thing maddie was excellent at was making individuals feel good, laugh, share in her joy. we need to find that as we move together. reid: maddie was a three-sport student athlete, captain of both the field hockey and hockey teams. the school spent the morning meeting with her field hockey teammates who were preparing for next week's state tournament without their goalie. maureen brodeur: i don't think there would be a person in this school, a freshman, that just came upon this year that would not know maddie. reid: well loved and well known. maureen brodeur: she was the light of the school. i believe truly that there are people like that. i think she brought it every day. reid: the cause of the deadly crash remains under investigation. there do not appear to be any skid marks leading up to the tree. but exactly what happened in the moments leading up to the crash are unclear. in franklin, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: the placement of a sign becomes a point of controversy in concord.
5:33 am
that says "black lives matter." town leaders insist that the removal had nothing to do with the sign's content. holding the "black lives matter" sign, they were asked to move from in front of their concord home. the cole family taking a stand. johnny cole: both our kids are kids of color. an african-american daughter and a latino son. they obviously matter a whole lot to us. we just want to bring awareness. frank: this demonstration getting a positive response, but not everyone so supportive. johnny cole: the sign was here in front of our fence. frank: the coles originally put that sign in the public right of way. an attorney representing an anonymous concord resident contacted the town to complain that having that "black lives matter" sign here violated the town by-laws. chris whelan, town manager: in concord, of course, we value free speech. it's very important to us, but we also want to make sure our historic and rural character is protected. todd cole: i think they were upset about the message and the sign. frank: town manager chris whelan says his office has no position on the message. chris whelan: we're trying to be fair and completely content neutral. frank: but the town has strict laws on signs in the public right of way.
5:34 am
only remain for 14 days. contractor signs must go after the work is completed. for-sale signs permitted until the property is sold. chris whelan: the by-law makes very clear that a sign in the public right of way has restrictions on it. five feet away on private property, there would be no restrictions at all. frank: the coles moved their sign, but the educators hope people still pay attention for the sake of our country and their kids. johnny cole: it is very personal for us for sure. todd cole: we're trying to send a message that it's important for our family and that we would love discussions to be had around the dinner table every night about these matters. antoinette: commitment 2016, and there is debate drama on the campaign trail right now. as the republican contenders jockey for position, the way questions for the next debate will be handled has become a major issue. back on the trail and venting their frustration. rand paul: here's what frustrates me. gov. chris christie: all they did was ask us about fantasy
5:35 am
sen. ted cruz: how about we stop letting left wing liberals moderate republican debates. donald trump: i'm supposed to be catering to the press? to hell with the press. antoinette: republican candidates for president still airing their anger over the last debate unsatisfied by the questions and the moderators. now they are demanding changes for future face-offs. jonathan karl: we're on the verge of chaos. they don't agree. donald trump wants shorter debates. that's all he wants. ben carson wants fewer debates. the other candidates want more debates. antoinette: today representatives from all the campaigns are set to meet and discuss strategy. leading the charge-- dr. ben carson. ben carson: debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates what it's turned into is a gotcha.
5:36 am
antoinette: so far, the time of sunday's big meet-up is out but the location still a mystery. >> thank you. antoinette: on the democratic side of the trail, candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders focusing other early voting states. clinton even having some halloween fun meeting a mini dopple ganger during her rally in south carolina. in new hampshire rival bernie sanders had to take his rally outside after the crowd became too large. both parties vying to keep the campaigns on message. the republican campaigns don't have much time. their next debate less than two weeks away. frank: donald trump has unveiled his plan to reform the department of veteran affairs. trump laid his proposal out while speaking to veterans and active service members in norfolk, virginia, on saturday. he promised to create a more modern and lower-cost v.a. that would rein in bureaucracy and cut down wait times. trump also pledged that, under his presidency, veterans would be able to use their i.d. card to get care immediately at any private provider that accepts medicare. trump: they can choose better or
5:37 am
doctor and facility of their choice. and i will tell you it will cost us less money. frank: trump says his plan would put the v.a.'s health care centers in competition with private health care providers. boston making lots of money with less regulation. on this morning's "on the record," mayor marty walsh says he's still cautious about corralling fast-growing companies like uber, draft kings, and air b.n.b. >> we probably have to through a different lens. we can't look through the old lens. we can't be discouraging businesses from starting. antoinette: walsh also answers our halloween pop quiz and walks away with his favorite candy. watch o.t.r. this morning at 11:00. on the way this morning, the fight for ady. frank: a new hampshire community coming together to support a seven-year-old battling leukemia. adyson has a major challenge ahead of her but we'll shown you how family and friends are helping her along the way.
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antoinette: getting a health benefit out of tackling the laundry and unloading the dishwasher. time-saving tips to turn
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frank: a little girl named ady is bravely fighting cancer right now at boston's children's hospital. and back home in hooksett, new hampshire, she has an army of supporters. the community has rallied around ady and her family. antoinette: newscenter 5's babb hol ran explains once you meet her, you will know why. bob: search-year-old ady has a long road ahead of her but she's not alone. she has the support of her loving family, friends and the hook set community as she battles leukemia. >> it's surreal with the spoarlt people-- friends of friends that we have never even met outpouring of support. bob: ady was diagnosed last week and is now receiving treatment at boston's children hospital where she's been cheering on her favorite football team. >> go, tom brady. bob: she is a second grader. her aunt says she's energetic, full of life and love spending time with her little sister avery. >> she's the friendliest little girl in the world and the
5:42 am
reporter: she's also a soccer player. ady was supposed to finish season saturday but treatment is keeping her off the field for now. her teammates and parents are supporting her and raising awareness. they all signed a banner which will be brought to her hospital bed. adya is feeling the love. her family has been posting updates and videos to the facebook page "fight for ady." >> thank you for your love and support. i hope i can come back soon. i miss you and i love you. bye. reporter: ady's supporters call themselves ady's army. they're raising money to help expenses. we know there will be lots of recruits. bob halloran, wcvb, newscenter 5. forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: this morning you're waking up to a couple of showers out there. they're very hit or miss. them. they're also quick moving. want to show you where they are right now. near portsmouth a good downpour ongoing at this point back through manchester, through
5:43 am
nashua, greenfield, concord, new hampshire. you're seeing some rain. also back through western mass in springfield now. this is very light in nature but altogether though worcester county, you will be up next for a couple of showers and there is more back towards the west over central new york. it's associated with an upper-level low and a cold front so this energy is going to swing through the morning hours meaning that we could see more chances for showers, say, around 8:00 in western mass, southern vermont. but notice by 10:00 most of these staying well to the north and beginning to fizzle out by lunchtime. and then watch the cloud cover. it begins to thin out just a touch through the afternoon. so i do think we will see some sunshine by, say, 1:00 or 2:00. it will be mostly cloudy. partly sunny type of day though. in fact, in terms of the rain we've seen about 2/100ths of an inch in orange. 3/100ths of an inch so far if concord. that is what we're expecting. not much. we will welcome any rain we will see because we're still under a
5:44 am
you see in that tan color down over 7.5 inches now for the year in boston. down over six inches in worcester. so we're looking for the rain. unfortunately though this week after today is very dry. but also mild. that's the big story the temperatures are going to trend on the way up. so much so that by tuesday we're in the mid 60's. believe it or not by thursday we could be in the 70's, near record highs. here is why. you can see in the last 24 hours our temperatures have already bumped up about 10-20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we're starting in the 40's in worcester, upper 40's boston. low 50's already on the cape and mid 50's on nantucket. so that's the mild air that is already in place. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures should warm into the low to even mid 60's along the south shore, lower 60's along the north shore southern 60's upper 50's. tonight with clear skies the winds beginning to calm down, temperatures will drop back into the 40's through the merrimack valley.
5:45 am
40's also in worcester. then tomorrow light winds, lots of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures pretty much in the low 60's for highs. still a mild day. we should be running around 56 degrees for this time of year. we're going to keep it all the way through the workweek. it's also very dry. we are watching a storm system that will stay well to the south of us as it gets to monday night into tuesday. as we get towards thursday do want to talk about thursday because the day where we could be close to record high temperatures. the record is actually 73 in worcester. 799 in boston set back in 1994. not necessarily we'll break the record in boston but we could get close in worcester. on friday there may be a chance of some showers coming friday night into early saturday. what that will do is turn temperatures cooler by next weekend. antoinette and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. time right now is 5:48. more top stories right now. antoinette: a gunman shoots and kills three people in downtown colorado springs. police say the gunman was marching down a street carrying
5:46 am
several weapons when he opened fire saturday morning. officers quickly responded and got into a gunfight with the suspect. he was killed. no word this morning on a motive. frank: the navy has honored a marine killed in the line of duty. on saturday, the new destroyer, the u.s.s. rafael peralta was christened in maine. sergeant peralta was killed in 2004 when he covered a live grenade with his own body during fallujah. he was posthumously awarded the navy cross for saving the lives of his fellow service members. success for rescuers in southern california. they managed to free a humpback whale entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line. the giant whale was first spotted on friday. rescuers spent two days cutting away about 100 feet of rope and buoys, possibly from a lobster trap. the whale still has some line in its mouth, but it didn't appear to be in distress as it swam away. antoinette: howt work and working out. two things a lot of us don't have time for or don't want to make time for. but newscenter 5's erika
5:47 am
timeand even have some fun. >> let's do one plate at a time. we'll squat down. erika: where most people see a kitchen, lee nor sees a home gym. the key to working out is getting your heart rate up. that doesn't only happen at a high-priced fitness center. >> i like to think of myself as someone who is deep in chase. erika: next time you put off your workout because you have so much to do at home, consider doing both at the same time. >> let's say you're waiting for something to come out of the microwave, add squats. erika: she recommends changing into gym clothes, setting up a timer and maybe create a housework play list. >> be the best dancer when you're alone in your home. erika: and the best basketball player in the basement. >> you're squatting down each, tossing articles into the washer one at a time burns more calories than cramming in one big pile. >> you want to get really exciting about it? you can add a jump to this as well. you can do like a basketball
5:48 am
like slam dunk into your washing machine. any time you're adding jumping, that's really getting your heart rate up. erika: whatever you do with your left side, you should always do with your right. >> raking, shoveling, i'll count to ten and i'll do ten pulls and i'm thinking about pulling using my arm muscles, using my abdominal muscles and then i make sure i switch and do ten the other way so i'm not creating muscle imbanses. erika: use the stairs between chores. >> take one extra minute and run up and do one thing and run down. do the next thing and run down. that will increase your heart rate pretty quick ee. >> at the dishwasher. >> you could make this into something that lasts one or two minutes longer by doing one thing at a time instead of stacking them all up and putting them away. the quicker you move, the more your heart rate is going to elevate. erika: she cautions if it hurts don't do it. check with your doctor or a physical therapist if you're concerned about specific exercises. erika tarantal, wcvb, newscenter 5.
5:49 am
antoinette: it looks like a lot of work. overachieving there, man. that's all i've got to say. frank: one at a time laundry. antoinette: one at a time. this weekend we are visiting mexico. frank: what antoinette is mexico, maine. up next what's unique about the town with the misleading name. antoinette: we are checking out some of your halloween pics this morning. look at these two brothers, a sumo wrestler and a hot dog from woburn. those guys look a little familiar here. maybe kids of one of our producers? frank: possibly. antoinette: thank you for sharing all your photos with us. frank: and a live look outside in the city of boston. 5:52. stay with u hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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pcan i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? v medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. t at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. p if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. danielle: welcome bac k. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. this morning there's a couple of hit-or-miss showers out there. western mass is seeing some showers. this is associated with an upper-level low that's pushing through. it should be out of here by lunchtime. really not everyone is going to see the rain. in fact, by afternoon we'll see breaks of sunshine. those breaks will lead to temperatures into the low to mid 60's. now one thing i want to remind you. you have an extra hour of sleep so the sun is setting tonight at 4:38. by december 7, it's setting at 4:11. now looking back at october, we
5:51 am
just finished out the month. the warmest day was actually on the 12th at 76 degrees. the coldest was on the 19th at 31 degrees. so we are down still over 7.5 inches for the year so we will take whatever rain we can get this morning. antoinette and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. "chronicle" takes us to mexico this sunday-- mexico, maine, that is. antoinette: who knew there was a place? j.c. monahan takes us there and teaches us about the town's history. jc: it's time to saddle up and head south of the border, canadian border, that is. >> i'm very proud of being from mexico. when people ask me where i'm from and i say mexico. jc: we find cheryl briggs a state rep from mexico at the town offices. >> the reason for naming the town mexico is obscure. one account has it that inspiration was derived from the valiant mexican spirit in their deeds of gaining independence from spain. jc: briggs tells us there's not
5:52 am
a whole lot of mexican in today's mexico. indeed, a quick look around confirms this paper mill town is no margueritaville. but briggs refers us to a colleague down the hall. >> just amazes me that no one has capitalized on the name of the town and associates that with a restaurant or something to do with mexico. jc: the town manager likes to keep a few festive touches in his office. other than that, he says the speedy gonzalez logo on the police cars is as close as mexico gets to any mexican flavor. >> it amazes me that there's not even a taco bell in town. antoinette: tomorrow on "chronicle," the colors of fall look their best in vermont where j.c. monahan takes a bike tour. plus, ferrying across the border, an animal kingdom. and apples? really? vermont's champlain valley. main streets and back roads
5:53 am
tomorrow on "chronicle." ahead this morning, puppies stolen from a kennel in hollis ton. frank: how the owners says you can help him locate the pups. antoinette: we are continuing to follow developments overseas where a russian jet crashed yesterday killing everyone on board. where the investigation stands and who is now claiming responsibility. 5:58. just a few minutes. stay with us. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra.
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