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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it's monday, november 2. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now. an everett football star stabbed on his way home. the teen's injuries this morning after he risked his life to save a friend. emily: a local islamic center targeted by vandals. the message they left behind. and what leaders fear will come next. randy: a royal ending to the world series. the late comeback for kansas city in their 12-inning victory. emily: a late night for those fans. an early morning, i guess, for those fans. kind of mild this morning. cindy: boston sitting at 54 degrees. not a lot of wind out there this morning either. you can see that we do have a little bit of cloudiness right
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these are high, thin clouds streaming off an area of moisture down near the carolinas. this is actually not going to be able to make it on in. high pressure will dominate our weather today so we are looking at a dry day with a little bit more cloud cover south of boston here. but partly to mostly sunny skies. some of the suburbs down in the 40's this morning, even a few 30's but notice how we come up through the 50's by 8:00 a.m. in the lower 50's. lunchtime temperatures near 60 degrees. i do think we'll sneak in to the lower 60's for high temperature today's with a fair amount of sunshine. it's a nice start to the week, but wait until you see what's coming. 70 degrees making a comeback here later this week. more on that ahead. let's get you out to the roads this morning. olessa: good morning, everyone. it's a quiet start here behind me on the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. problem free. let's net over to the maps and and the rest of that ride. that overnight construction is in place. 93 south approaching the zakim. on the expressway from mass avenue to storrow drive that's a northbound project. more construction northbound granite avenue to freeport street and once again by furnace
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construction 95 north at 128. the ramps affected. if you're traveling the pike both dereks by newton corner. one last construction zone this one on 128 southbound from route 3 down to route 2 and we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. randy randy: right now a high school football star is in critical condition after he was stabbed on the street. the attack coming just hours after he scored the winning touchdown in a huge game. emily: the eye's sera congi is live in everett with what we know at this hour. sera: this morning, that everett high football standout is in the hospital with stab wounds. school officials say 16-year-old marvens fedna was stabbed in the back and hand just hours after scoring the winning touchdown on saturday. the stunning upset over top-seeded st. john's prep capping an outstanding game for the junior. later that night, walking home from a party, the school superintendent said he saw someone being attacked by a group and stebbed in.
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the coach telling "the herald," quote, "when he tried to help the person, the attackers turned on him. we're just all praying and optimistic that he'll make a full recovery." the superintendent says right now fedna is doing okay but he is in critical but stable condition. fedna was with other everett teammates at the time. no other players were hurt. the district attorney's office will only say that this is an active investigation. live this morning at everett high school, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. announcer: the 1-2 again. the royals are the world champions. emily: breaking overnight. the kansas city royals have won the world series. they beat the new york mets in a 12-inning game 5 that went past midnight. the royals, pouring it on in the 12th scoring five runs, after the mets kept them at zero for nine innings. 7-2 the final. this is the royals' second world
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since 1985. randy: it's 4:33 on this monday morning. the state lottery commissioner is meeting today to discuss the future of fantasy sports in massachusetts. sites like draftkings and fanduel are under fire for so-called "insider trading." state lottery leaders also want to know if the sites should be regulated. earlier this month, state treasurer deborah goldberg said fantasy sites could be hurting lottery revenue. emily: right now police are trying to capture these vandals caught on camera defacing an islamic center. the eye's todd kazakiewich is live in burlington with the clues officers want you to see. todd? todd: good morning, emily. the video in addition to the graffiti you see on the islamic center here behind me. spray painted in big letters, usa. the islamic center installed security cameras who years ago when the building was spray painted.
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the suspects and their car. police say they sprayed u.s.a. on all four sides of the building and its entrance sign early sunday morning. the center president says he fears what more could happen. >> i am concerned about safety of the people. what would be the next? what will they do next? and how can we prevent it? todd: police are now looking for three men who were driving a white ford crown victoria. we will bring you new information as we get it. reporting live in burlington, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new overnight the bodies of those killed in a plane crash over the egyptian desert have arrived in russia. that's as investigators find out more about what took the plane down. the eye's erika tarantal joins us with what they've learned. erika: aviation experts say it looks more and more like an attack from inside the plane. they say the plane broke up at high altitude on its way to st. petersburg, scattering debris
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over five miles. and killing all 224 people on board. isis has claimed responsibility for the disaster, but group doesn't have the weapons to do it. still many say an external threat is probably what caused the wreck. >> the probability is here with an in-flight break-up that something caused that, something on the order of a bomb or an incendiary explosion of some erika: weather was not an issue at the time of the crash. corrosion or a fire on board, are also possibilities. the flight recorders will likely play a key role in determining exactly what happened. emily. emily: erika, thank you. the wreckage of this missing cargo ship may have been found. the navy is sending unmanned subs down 15,000 feet to get a closer look at what could be the "el faro." that ship went down during hurricane joaquin. now the mother of one of those onboard hopes the discovery will lead to answers. mariette wright was one of three crew members with ties to massachusetts. if the wreckage is that of "el
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found-- it could give some insight into her final actions. the ship was sinking if she had escape. or some way to save everybody on there. that's how she was. emily: the ship will not be brought to the surface; but if remains are found, the navy will try to recover them. randy: a ferry that runs between maine and nova scotia will no longer operate. a federal judge in maine ordered marshals to seize the boat, over $200,000 in unpaid debt. portland pilots, which provides services to the ferry, says it hasn't been paid since mid-august. that's just a day after the nova scotia government said it was booting nova star in favor of another company.
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a spokesman for nova star says it will fulfill its obligations in the next few weeks. this week the largest release of federal prisoners is expected to begin. all of those inmates had drug sentences reduced under new federal guidelines allowing them to get out of prison early. 6,000 prisoners will be released nationwide. that includes 93 inmates here in massachusetts. about half of those people were convicted of heroin offenses. puppies stolen from a holliston kennel. emily: why the owner believes they know who did it. caught on camera, an uber driver attacked. the argument that started it. and how the driver stopped it. cindy: we have got a beautiful outlook coming up for the week ahead. when we move toward record high temperatures in the 70's. randy: a mini "baby boom" could be headed our way. the effect last winter is having
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randy: a south boston elderly housing complex is evacuated after fire breaks out on the 4th floor. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation last night. a firefighter was also transported for a hand injury. investigators say careless disposal of smoking materials caused the fire. emily: three puppies stolen from a kennel in holliston have yet to be found. but the kennel owners tell us they might know who took them. the yellow lab and two boxers were taken from the pick-a-pup kennel on friday night. police responded when the alarm went off, but no one noticed the dogs were missing until the next morning. the kennel owner says three people came in asking specifically about those puppies just hours before they disappeared. >> there was nothing unusual
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it's certainly possible that that was what happened, that those were the people involved. emily: the puppies do still need shots and certain food, so the owner hopes they'll be taken care of. the dogs are microchipped, which will likely make them easier to find. 4:42 this morning. changes may be coming to the presidential debate stage. randy: the demands from some republican candidates for future debates. the halloween spirit sticking around for some. the clown terrorizing florida communities. and why he says he's actually
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randy: it has, of course, been nine months since the bay state was buried in snow, forcing people to stay home. emily: now, some ambulance companies are getting ready for the arrival of so-called "blizzard babies." little finn here is part of the mini "baby boom" some are expecting. he was born on wednesday in the ambulance outside his parents' house. mom and dad say they just couldn't make it to the hospital. and they're not alone. brewster ambulance says they've had five such calls in just the last two weeks. >> here are some of the positives coming out of that storm. i think there will be more of those to come. they'll stick to two kids regardless of what happens this winter. kids. that's it. cindy: keep shoveling. 110.6 inches of snow. we were buried for several weeks there. there was no melting at all. the snowiest winter on record last season. here we are with the brand new month of november.
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snow in the month of november. look at the climatology for the month of november. on average we do get just over an inch of snow. on the first day of the month our average is in the mid 50's. by the end of the month on average we are down in the mid 40's but anything but average this week. look at the forecast high temperatures today across the country. you see those 70's from chicago back to kansas city. that is some of the warmth that will be working in our direction. so we've got a warm week ahead. near record highs here by the end of the week. all the while our mainly dry weather pattern does continue. now there is some rain on the eastern seaboard down from norfolk back to raleigh. direction. it's having little success in doing so. we are seeing high, thin clouds especially from the pike on south ward. high pressure building in from the north will keep this rain away today. we are looking at dry weather today and actually a fair a.m. of sunshine. we've got a little bit more cloudiness from the pike on south ward. notice we are running in the lower 50's. boston 54.
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and west where the skies are clearer, it is a little bit colder for you. down to 35 in orange. we're running in the mid 40's back toward keene. so some thin cloudiness around this morning. by 8:00 a.m. most spots running in the lower 50's. by your lunch hour today, we'll call it mostly sunny as again just thin cloudiness around. should be right around 60 degrees with a west-northwesterly wind today at 10 miles an hour. the sunsets at 4:37 you're going to be heading home probably in the dark with temperatures in the mid 50's. lauren to boston to marshfield, 61 hyannis and near 60 up through the hilly terrain in worcester county. you can see some of that high, thin cloudiness around. kind of here and there throughout the day. the trend will be for us to clear it on out tonight. we will drop back a little bit colder by tomorrow morning. these are your low temperatures tonight. lots of 30's north and west of town. mid 40's boston. mid 40's down on the cape as well. high pressure begins to shift eastward tomorrow. what that will do is allow a subtle shift in the wind to the southwest.
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that will start to open up the door to let some of that warmer air move on in. so we're talking about high temperatures in the lower 60's today. by tomorrow, high temperatures coming up into the mid 60's and keep in mind that average high temperature for us this time of year is only about 57 so we're looking at readings a good 5-10 degrees above the average coming up tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. a little bit of a sea breeze taking hold on wednesday so mid 60's once again over the interior but near 60 at the coast. we head towards thursday and friday and these will be our warmest days this week. we're going to be up near record highs. the record high for worcester is in the lower 70's. i think we'll get close to 70 and the record high for boston is in the upper 70's. i think we're looking at lower 70's. we might not beat the records but still lower 70's on thursday. near record highs again on friday but on friday more clouds around. maybe a spot shower in the morning and then the trend for temperatures is down here especially by the end of the weekend looking for highs by sunday only around 50 which is really not too far from average
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but after being in the lower 70's thursday and friday it's going to feel chilly. olessa: unbelievable. i think we're all very happy. cindy: pretty good looking search-day out of the gate for the month of november. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far a quiet start on the roads this morning. a live look at the pike here. eastbound moves away by allston/brighton. construction is what you will bump into. that is about it. let's check the rest of the ride. there's that roadwork 93 southbound approaching the zakim bridge. also on the expressway as you head towards storrow drive and then once again over by freeport street. there's also construction on the ramps by furnace brook and the same story 95 northbound by 128. some roadwork in place by newton corner. both sides of the pike. if you're traveling north of town, 128 southbound construction from route 3 down to route 2. we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. randy: thank you. commitment 2016. republicans are calling for changes in the debate format. representatives for some of the g.o.p. candidates, including donald trump and ben carson,
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debates. last week's debate, hosted by cnbc, was largely criticized for the moderators' choice of questions and who they were directed to. changes to the format will be discussed with broadcast sponsors. >> the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public school and then college where the work of his life began: fighting injustice and inequality. randy: that's the first t.v. ad for white house hopeful bernie sanders. the democrat is running the spot in new hampshire and iowa. the sanders camp is spending more than $2 million to run the ad over the next 10 days. rival hillary clinton has been running ads in key states for several months. emily: pope francis is planning a long-awaited trip to mexico. he will arrive on february 12 to the heavily roman catholic country. francis is expected to address violence in mexico and well as migration. some mexican officials are hoping the pope will tour the border with the u.s. randy: economic headlines this morning. wireless carrier sprint is
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cutting jobs. more details are expected tomorrow when the company releases its second quarter results. but a spokesperson says the carrier needs to cut expenses by as much as $2.5 billion. that means some of sprint's 31,000 employees will be laid off. the company posted a $20 million loss in the first quarter. emily: asian stocks are mostly lower today following lackluster economic data from the u.s. and china. u.s. stocks are down ahead of the start of november trading. shares fell on friday with the dow dropping 92 points to 17,663. stories trending on the eyeopener this morning. randy: it's national novel writing month. every november, writers are challenged to put together at least 50,000 words by midnight on the 30. this year, 30,000 people have signed up to take part. novels written during previous contests include bestsellers "water for elephants" and "the night circus." emily: a michigan woman achieves
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list. getting her high-school diploma. margaret bekema is 97 years old. she was forced to drop out in 1932 to take care of her younger siblings. last week, her high school presented her with an honorary diploma. she said she was so stunned and happy, she didn't know how to thank them. randy: halloween is over, but a florida community is still dealing with scary characters. wrinkles the clown became a sensation when people started posting photos of him online. he's hired to scare people and was even paid to hide under a bed once. wrinkles says he isn't really scary though. he says just wants to have fun. emily: have fun if they're crying in fear. no, thank you. randy: if he jumps out from under your bed, i don't know if it's that much fun. an impressive marathon runner completes a life-long goal. emily: the accomplishment the 73-year-old achieved in new england. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, shed that stress and be more productive all day long.
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just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to
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go." a high school football star is fighting for his life in everett after he was stabbed. randy: marvens fedna was walking with a group of friends saturday night when someone attacked them. fedna stepped in to help his friend and was stabbed. for 124 yards and a touchdown, to help everett beat st. john's prep. he was taken to mass general last night listed in critical condition. emily: grief counselors will be morning, as students deal with the death of classmate. 17-year-old maddie lamson was killed in a single-car crash late friday night. flowers now mark the scene of the tragedy in neighboring
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franklin. her car crashed into a tree and caught fire. lamson was a senior at medway high. randy: a north reading homeowner will not face charges after leaving cough syrup out for trick-or-treaters. police say it was bad judgment but not criminal. the cough syrup was left on halloween night at a home on olde farm lane. police interviewed the person who left it there and determined they were not trying to hurt anyone. emily: investigators are trying to figure out what caused this fire on williams street in danvers. all of the people who lived there managed to get out but two dogs were killed in that fire. two neighboring condo units also badly damaged. flames engulf a fishing boat in north falmouth. four people were picked up by the coast guard after the 36-foot "good grief" ran aground sunday morning. one person suffered minor injuries. firefighters used foam to keep flames from spreading to other boats. randy: biologists at the new england aquarium say an
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800-pound leatherback sea turtle, found floating off the coast of woods hole saturday, died because it got tangled in marine gear. experts examined the animal's body yesterday and found abrasions on its neck and flipper. they say turtles often get caught in lines attached to lobster traps and can't get emily: a brutal beating caught on camera in a california uber. this happened friday night after the driver says he stopped to let the man out when the passenger became aggressive. that's when the man attacks. the driver sprayed him with pepper spray to stop the assault. that passenger was later arrested. randy: fred thompson, a former us senator who was also a well-known film and tv actor, has died. thompson became well known for his role on "law & order" before he was elected to the u.s. senate from tennessee. he briefly ran for president in 2008. in a statement, thompson's family says he died after a battle with lymphona. he was 73 years old.
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emily: a marathon runner from las vegas crosses a milestone in new hampshire. 73-year-old john maultsby finished his 50th marathon yesterday. he wanted to run one in every state and completed his mission in manchester. it took him 13 years to reach his goal. he's run seven marathons this year, alone. stephen! randy: good for john and in his 70's. cindy: i feel like a schlub. randy: you ran to the build inning morning. good for you, cindy. cindy: running through the studio at rapid pace. hey, 47 degrees as you're heading out the door in worcester. 55 in boston. not bad at all. a few cool pockets far to the north and we have. overall above average temperatures coming our way today. november 2 average high is about 56 for us. we should sneak into the lower 60's today but the overall trend with the jetstream, it is bubbling north ward. that is going to allow milder than average temperatures to be
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with us this week. temperatures are going to be running about 10 degrees or more above the average. by late this week, we may sneak into the lower 70's so a warm start to the month of november. we've got high pressure protecting us this morning from some rain that is moving through the carolinas. this will not bother us today. looking at high, thin cloudiness especially south of town but overall it is a mostly sunny day with temperatures sneaking up in most locations into the lower 60's. you can see down from new york to d.c. mid to upper 60's there but the real warmth, that is out in the nation's mid section. look at the high today. chicago 71. we're talking about readings in the low to mid 70's through the midwest as well. that's the warmth that is heading our way. check out your search-day forecast. lower 60's today. mid 60's tomorrow. and wednesday. a little bit cooler at the coastline. it's thursday into friday that we are talking about near record high temperatures. by friday, the records actually in the lower 70's. there's a shot that thursday and especially friday we can be pretty close to these record highs.
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enjoy it.
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