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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 2, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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enjoy it. weekend. we'll break it all down for you right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: violence following victory. the confrontation that has a high school quarterback in critical condition and the hunt emily: vandals target an islamic center in burlington. the key piece of evidence that could help police make a quick arrest with your help. the kansas city royals are world series champions this morning. the late-night runs bringing home a title on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye. a new way to relieve stress during the work day. the lunch break offer at a boston hospital and the three steps you can take to ease tension on the job. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. they look so serene there.
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here we go on monday. a little serenity. cindy: mother nature for us is feeling pretty calm and a little bit warmer than average. randy: great. cindy: not a bad start to the month of november heading out the door this morning. close to the coastline notice there are 50's in beverly. 55 in boston. worcester is in the mid 40's but as you head north of worcester to places like fitchburg and orange, a little bit cooler for you. mid to upper 30's. south of town, lots of lower 50's from plymouth to new bedford out to the cape as well. we do have a little pit more high, thin cloudiness as you can see from along the pike on south ward. these clouds are streaming off an area of rain that is trying to lift north ward but it's running into high pressure so it really won't have any luck in doing that today. we're looking at a dry day with some of those high, thin clouds around especially south of boston throughout the day. by lunchtime we're coming up to around that 60-degree mark today. winds light out of the west-northwest 10 miles an hour. and we're talking about a high today in the lower 60's from the merrimack valley through boston down toward the cape.
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out through the worcester hills. not a bad start here. a brand new month, a brand new week. let's get you out to the roads. good morning. olessa: good morning, everyone. either. a live look outside at the pike. by allston/brighton that's eastbound moving away. let's get over to the maps and check out the rest of that ride. all the construction in the final stages now 93 south at that time zakim. also on the expressway. mass avenue up to storrow drive and construction clearing over freeport street and the same story here by furnace brook. also picking up that roadwork 95 northbound as you travel over by 128. and then again along the pike by newton corner. the final stages of construction 128 south from route 3 down to route 2. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy randy: right now a high school football star is in critical condition after being stabbed on the street. the attack coming just hours after he scored the winning touchdown in a huge game. emily: the eye's sera congi is live in everett with what we know at this hour. ssera: emily and randy, the high school junior is in critical but stable condition.
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stepping into a fight. the school superintendent says this all happened saturday after a big game for everett high. 16-year-old marvens fedna scored the wins touchdown. later that night he was walking home from a weighter with a group when someone attacked one of them. fedna tried to help and was stabbed in the back and hand. the superintendent says fedna is doing okay. no other boys were hurt. attacker. the team's coach tells the herald that they are all praying and optimistic that fedna will have a full recovery. live in everett this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. right now police are trying to capture these vandals caught on camera defacing an islamic center. the eye's todd kazakiewich is live in burlington with the clues officers want you to see. todd? todd: good morning, emily. those clues include the video in addition to the graffiti you see on the islamic center here behind me.
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usa. this morning police are calling it a hate crime. it's not the first time this place of worship has been the islamic center installed when the building was spray-painted. this time we get a clear look at the suspects and their car. police say they sprayed u.s.a. on all four sides of the building and its entrance sign the center president says he fears what more could happen. >> i am concerned about safety of the people. what will be the next? what will they do next? and and how can we prevent it? todd: police are now looking for three men who were driving a white ford crown victoria. we will bring you new information as we get it. reporting live in burlington, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: an airline manager is talking about a key theory about a plane crash in egypt.
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developments. erika: overnight the bodies of those killed in that crash over the egyptian desert arrived home in russia. the somber moment coming as investigators learn more about what took down the plane en route to st. petersburg. aviation experts say it broke up at high altitude scattering its debris over six miles. isis has claimed responsibility for the disaster, but intelligence leaders say the group doesn't have the weapons to do it. still many say an external threat is probably what took down the plane. >> the probability is here with an in-flight break-up that something caused that, something on the order of a bomb or an incendiary explosion of some sort on the airplane. erika: weather was not an issue at the time of the tragedy. structural failure, such as corrosion or a fire on board, are also possibilities. all 224 people on board were killed. randy? randy: five minutes after 5:00. the wreckage of this missing cargo ship may have been found. the navy is sending unmanned subs down 15,000 feet to get a closer look at what could be the "el faro." that ship went down during hurricane joaquin. now the mother of one of those
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onboard hopes the discovery will lead to answers. mariette wright was one of three crew members with ties to massachusetts. if the wreckage is that of "el faro"-- and the data recorder is found-- it could give some insight into her final actions. >> i wonder when she knew the ship was sinking, if she had tried to figure out some way to escape or some way to save everybody on there because that's how she was. randy: the ship will not be brought to the surface; but if remains are found, the navy will try to recover them. emily: a ferry that runs between maine and nova scotia will no longer operate. a federal judge in maine ordered marshals to seize the boat, over $200,000 in unpaid debt. portland pilots, which provides services to the ferry, says it
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mid-august. that's just a day after the nova scotia government said it was booting nova star in favor of another company. a spokesman for nova star says it will fulfill its obligations in the next few weeks. this week the largest release of federal prisoners is expected to all of those inmates had their drug sentences reduced under new federal guidelines allowing them to get out of prison early. 6,000 prisoners will be released nationwide. that includes 93 inmates here in massachusetts. about half of those people were convicted of heroin offenses. >> the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public school and then college where the work of his life began: fighting-- randy: that's the first t.v. ad for white house hopeful bernie sanders. the democrat is running the spot in new hampshire and iowa. the sanders camp is spending more than $2 million to run the ad over the next 10 days. rival hillary clinton has been running ads in key states for several months.
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commitment 2016. republicans are calling for changes in the debate format. representatives for some of the g.o.p. candidates, including donald trump and ben carson, gathered last night to work on reshaping their party's primary debates. last week's debate, hosted by cnbc, was largely criticized for the moderators' choice of questions and who they were directed to. changes to the format will be discussed with broadcast sponsors. emily: the state lottery commissioner is meeting today to discuss the future of fantasy sports in massachusetts. sites like draftkings and fanduel are under fire for so-called "insider trading." state lottery leaders also want to know if the sites should be regulated. earlier this month, state treasurer deborah goldberg said fantasy sites could be hurting lottery revenue. breaking overnight. the kansas city royals are the new world series champions. announcer: the 1-2 again.
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emily: they beat the new york mets in a 12-inning game 5 that went past midnight. the royals pouring it on in the 12th scoring five runs after the mets kept them at zero for 9 innings. 7-2 the final. this is the royals' second world series championship and first since 1985. randy: a warning to parents after cough syrup is handed out to trick-or-treaters. emily: what police are saying about the case this morning. an uber passenger turns violent when the driver tells him to get out. the confrontation captured on camera. randy: new this morning. a boston hospital offering employees a new way to relieve stress. the three things you can get out of it, too. cindy? cindy: the forecast is looking great all week long. our chance of getting close to record highs on the way here by the end of the week coming up. first though take a look at the temperatures as you head out the door this morning. boston right now in the mid 50's but it is a little bit cooler.
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: the nurses and staff in
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women's recorded this wake-up call at 6:55 a.m. emily: and we know they work clock, so a special good morning record your own eyeopener wake-up call. and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: emily, monday is probably not your favorite day. unreal. cindy: take your pick. monday, tuesday, wednesday. olessa: thursday. emily: she's already chosen she decided. cindy: we have a nice start to the brand new month of november. you typically do see pretty big november. by the end of the month our average highs are in the mid 40's and on average we do see more than an inch of snow in boston in the month of november but not this week. no, the story is a warm one. forecast highs today across the country. i want you to focus in here on the midwest. chicago back to kansas city. see those lower 70's. they're going to be here by the end of the week so we're talking about a warm week ahead. near record warmth here thursday into friday.
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overall it's a mainly dry pattern for us once again. there is some rain here down through the carolinas looking up toward virginia, but it's not moving north north ward. from the pike on south ward, high pressure protecting us and holding owl this rain at bay. we're looking at dry weather today. starting out with our coldest temperatures where we have the clearest skies here to the north. orange 35, lawrence 49. and worcester 47 degrees right now. boston is is in the mid 50's along the coastline. beverly 50 degrees. lots of lower 50's. plymouth down to the cape. we'll see some of that thin cloudiness this morning. temperatures on average coming up into the low 50's by 8:00 this morning. by lunchtime, you're going to be out and about. should be around 60 degrees with just some of that thin cloudiness around but overall it's mostly sunny. keep in mind now that we're back 4:37. if you're going to be driving home at 5:00 p.m. likely it will be dark with temperatures in the mid 50's. temperatures happening this afternoon in the lower 60's boston up through the merrimack
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valley out to the cape. upper 50's into the worcester hills today. here you see on future cast some of the high, thin cloudiness around and the trend will be for us to clear it on out overnight. it will be cooler tonight than stepping out this morning. just a few 30's to the north and west of town. overnight. we'll be in the mid 40's all the way down to the cape as well. high pressure begins to slide eastward tomorrow so that's going to begin that wind shift around to the southwest. so the temperatures do come up a little bit starting tomorrow. lower 60's today. mid 60's coming up tomorrow with lots of sunshine. in boston. average high this time of year is 56. so we're a good ten degrees above the average tomorrow. temperatures very similar on wednesday although a sea breeze may make it cooler at the coastline. thursday in friday we'll be temperatures. on thursday i think we're brighter but the record highs are the low 70's worcester. upper 70's in boston.
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in the lower 70's but we may not achieve those record highs on thursday. records a little bit lower in the lower 70's on friday so we do have a shot. notice there will be more clouds around on friday and maybe a shower around in the morning. then eventually the party is over at least for the warm temperatures by the end of next weekend. we're back down to around 50 degrees which is going to seem really cold after being in the 70's but average high is 56. not the 30's and 20's. olessa: we will take it. thank you, cindy. so far a quiet start on the roadways. a live look at the expressway. there it is by the south bay mall. northbound side head to go the bottom of the screen. so far it's a quiet start in both directions. let's get to the maps. of our way. 9 south. roadwork picked up by the zakim bridge also on the expressway northbound by furnace brook and by storrow. all the construction 95 north at 128 also cleared nice and early. we have roadwork to pike by neult oncorners. the roadwork is cleared away on 1278, route 3 down to route 2. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule.
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that's your morning traffic. >> get out of my car or i will call the police. emily: an attack on an uber driver caught on camera in california. it happened around 8:00 friday night just when that driver was about to end his shift. edward caban says the attack happened once he cancelled the ride because the passenger was getting aggressive. and he claims things were rocky from the start saying the suspect, benjamin golden, was drunk when he picked him up. >> we get driving. he's fading in and out of consciousness. he's tumbling around in the back seat refusing to put on a seat belt. emily: caban eventually pepper-sprayed golden to make him stop. golden is charged with public intoxication and assault on a cab driver. randy: police in north reading say a homeowner exercised bad judgment by putting out cough syrup for trick or treaters. but they say that person did not do anything criminal. police got reports about the syrup being left for kids trick or treating near olde farm lane.
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the person inside, and determined there was no intent to hurt anyone. still if you know your kids were in that neighborhood, check their candy bags. chipotle is being linked to an e. coli outbreak in washington state and oregon. as of friday 19 people were sick, but experts think that number will go up. seventeen of those people had eaten at the burrito chain before they developed the infection. the cause is still under investigation. all chipotles in both states voluntarily shut down. asian stocks are mostly lower today following lackluster economic data from the u.s. and china. u.s. stocks are down ahead of the start of november trading. shares fell on friday with the dow dropping 92 points to 17,663. emily: sprint is cutting jobs. more details are expected tomorrow when the wireless carrier releases its
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carrier needs to cut expenses by as much as $2.5 billion. that means some of sprint's 31,000 employees will be laid off. the company posted a $20 million loss in the first quarter. new this morning. the work day can be full of big meeting to never-ending deadlines. but calming your nerves could be just a lunch break away. one boston hospital is showing staffers how. >> so we'll begin by checking in emily: it's lunch time at mass general and on their breaks, these staffers are taking the word literally-- breaking from their routine-- >> we'll start by releasing tension. emily: --using meditation to relax. and rena chudnofsky with the benson henry institute say it has major benefits beyond this session. rena: it's improving employee retention, managerial effectiveness. people are more creative. you're able to problem solve. emily: you can try it, too. first, remind yourself to breathe. rena: if you are in a business
5:19 am
meeting, the reminder to just pause and exhale before you make a decision can be really helpful. emily: second, know that every little bit counts. rena: every time you turn on your computer, you're going through the rebooting process, it's turning on. that could be a perfect time for you to do some breathing. emily: and lastly, if breathing isn't for you, try something else. rena: you can also elicit the relaxation response with a word or phrase or part of a prayer. maybe on the exhale you focus on letting go and you just repeat that to yourself over and over emily: the more you try this, the easier it gets to quickly slip into a relaxed state. it's like muscle memory for exercise. and the benefit for you-- less stress throughout the day. randy: i really believe in the breathing part. emily: we talk about that. randy: i have used it to sort of winter. emily: you'll hear us breathing. just us meditating. randy: that could be unusual but this is really unusual. he might look creepy but a
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about fun. emily: we'll introduce you to winkles in eyepoppers. erika? erika: new at 5:30, a long road to recovery for a dog left for dead in new hampshire. why caretakers believe she was abandoned. football players giving a teammate a moment to shine under the friday night lights. the big play he and his family will remember forever. sera: an everett high school football star is in the hospital this morning after a violent attack. coming up in our next half-hour, the message from his football players have rings. boxers have belts. actors have gold statues. but, what about everyone else? shouldn't they have
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>> we're here with out of the darkness walk of the boston chapter to raise awareness about suicide prevention and save lives. good morning, "eyeopener." randy: thank you david and the many who came out for the out of the darkness walk for suicide prevention on saturday. it was great to see so many people and raise about $300,000 for the cause to help other people. emily: fantastic. and the weather looked good, cindy. cindy: no complaints about the weather over the weekend or the week ahead. we're starting out with 30's and 40's in the suburbs. low 50's in boston now. look where we're headed over the next 12 hours. above the average. average high now about 56 degrees. we will sneak into the lower
5:22 am
60's today in many areas. mostly sunny skies. you will notice some high, thin cloudiness to the south. even milder tomorrow as we jump into the mid 60's and that's where we stay. on wednesday it will be just a little bit cooler along the coastline. randy: this is the finale of last night's fireworks show in worcester commemorating the official opening of the ken burns memorial bridge. the $110 million project was just completed after three years of construction. it connects worcester and shrewsbury over route 9. emily: 5:25. time for eyepoppers. what do you have, olessa? that doesn't mean wrinkles the clown can't haunt your dreams. >> people pay me to go scare their friends-- bar mitzvahs and whatnot. people pay me to dance at their parties.
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olessa: the florida-based clown became a sensation when people started posting photos of him online. he was even hired to hide under a bed once. wrinkles says he isn't really scary though. he says just wants to have fun. i'm going to send him to your house. emily: please, no. i'll send him right back to you. olessa: thank you. and a michigan woman achieves an item at the top of her bucket list-- getting her high school diploma. margaret bekema is 97 years old. she was forced to drop out in 1932 to take care of her younger siblings. last week, her high school presented her with an honorary diploma. she said she was so stunned and happy, she didn't know how to thank them. i mean, it's wonderful. emily: that was really sweet. randy: geico taking a different route in the fight against insurance fraud. the cases in massachusetts adding up to large legal fees for local chiropractors and physical therapists. puppies stolen from a holliston kennel. the hope that they'll be found soon and why the owners believe they know who took them. catch holiday-cookie cheer
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leah: she was so perfect! every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. r brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." a local football star critically injured off the field. sera: how a good deed may be to blame for a stabbing right after a huge game. new overnight. a grim task after a deadly plane crash. and the new theories behind this airline tragedy are rasing new fears. randy: a place of worship defaced. police calling it a hate crime. the big clue that may lead to arrests. emily: abandoned and close to
5:27 am
death. >> another hour and she would have been gone. emily: the lucky break that's giving this brave pup a second chance. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:30 on this monday morning. taking a live look here at the southeast expressway. a lot of company at this morning at this early hour. the good news though is it's going to be light fairly soon. i'm okay with that. good morning. i'm emory leemer. randy: and i'm randy price. hopefully you're at 5:0 this morning. if you didn't set your clocks. cindy: you know at 4:37 this afternoon when it's getting dark outside. that's not the good part about this but it's a mild monday overall. the kids will need a light jacket at the bus stop this morning. many of the suburbs down in the 40's. by the time they're getting off the bus look at that. we're up in the lower 60's today. starting out with 55 in boston. 50 in beverly.
5:28 am
you can see the 40's back through the merrimack valley. you head into northern worcester county. mid and upper 30's. fitchburg 38. orange 35. worcester you're at 47 and south of town lots of lower 50's here from plymouth, new bedford out to the cape. we do have high, thin cloudiness especially south of boston this morning. these clouds are streaming off this area of rain down toward the carolinas. this is not going to be able to lift in our direction as high pressure is kind of ploking it from doing so. we're going to stay dry today and just see a little bit of that thin cloudiness from time to time. by lunchtime temperatures up around 60 degrees with a light west-northwesterly wind. we should sneak into the lower 60's saugus up to lowell where it's 63. 63 your high today in framingham as well. upper 50's through the higher elevations in worcester county but notice shrewsbury 61 for a high this afternoon. 63 brockton. bridgewater 64. we'll sneak into the lower 60's on cape cod as well. keep com mind an average high this time of year is is 56. we're running above average in terms of the temperature today. looks like we have above average
5:29 am
volume out the roads this morning as well. how are we looking. olessa: starting to build early. a live look outside at the expressway. there's the northbound side. you can see those delays already picking up. let's get over to the maps. now the rest of the area looks fairly quiet. all the construction now out of your way. if you're traveling south 95 still looking good this morning. 24 and route 3 out of weymouth as well. no major concerns athrong the pike or route 9 just yet. if you're heading southbound 9 a little bit of volume out of methuen. so far so good as you travel down toward the leverett connector. trains and buses running on schedule. emily. emily: breaking overnight, the first bodies started arriving home in russia this morning. isis claims to have downed the plane but some experts doubt they have the capability.
5:30 am
looking for these men wanted in what they're calling a "hate crime." was spray-painted with graffiti they installed security cameras when the building was vandalized two years ago. is in critical condition. the eye's sera congi is in field that landed him in the hospital. emily: that everett high school junior is in the hospital this morning with stab wounds. school officials say 16-year-old back and hand just hours after scoring the winning touchdown on saturday. the stunning upset over top-seeded st. john's prep capping an outstanding game for the junior. later that night, walking home from a party, his coach says he saw someone being attacked by a group and stepped in. the coach telling "the herald," the person, the attackers turned on him. we're just all praying and optimistic that he'll make a full recovery." fedna was with other everett teammates at the time.
5:31 am
investigation. live in everett this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: grief counselors will be at medway high school this morning as students deal with the death of classmate. 17-year-old maddie lamson was killed in a single-car crash late friday night. flowers now mark the site of the tragedy in neighboring franklin. lamson was a senior at medway high and played several sports. her car crashed into a tree and caught fire. emily: a pit bull has a long recovery ahead of her after she was found starving near railroad tracks in claremont, new hampshire. suggesting this is a case of animal abuse. erika: the dog, named hope, is now in the care of a shelter owner. she says hope's condition was 19 years, and there's no way it happened overnight. the pit bull was found last week by someone out walking their dog. 27 pounds, about half of what she should weigh. shelter owner cathy sullivan
5:32 am
says that means someone abandoned her since hope would not have been able to get there on her own. >> her condition when she was found, there's no way she walked there. the vet said probably another hour, she would've been gone. erika: sullivan estimates hope is between one and four years old and says she'll need extra care for a long time. the "lost my way" animal shelter is accepting donations for her care. emily: the search is on for three puppies stolen from a kennel in holliston. and the kennel owners tell us they might know who took them. the yellow lab and two boxers were taken from the pick-a-pup kennel on friday night. police responded when the alarm went off, but no one noticed the dogs were missing until the next morning. the kennel owner says three people came in asking specifically about those puppies just hours before they disappeared. >> there was nothing unusual about them at the time so we didn't think anything of it, but it's certainly possible that that was what happened, that
5:33 am
those were the people involved. need shots and certain food, so the owner hopes they'll be taken care of. the dogs are microchipped, so that will likely make them easier to find. randy: a mini "baby boom" could be headed our way. emily: the effect last winter is having right now. a large sea turtle found dead. what marine biologists believe randy: and ahead in news to go, a touchdown moment one teen will never forget. the teammates rallying behind
5:34 am
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welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at the zakim bridge and the leverett connector which already is starting to pick up those rush-hour delays. you can see that volume building. luckily no accidents to report. all the overnight construction is now out of the way. so it's a fairly quiet start. cindy, are we start to go see a little bit of sunlight. cindy: you know, you can see right there a little bit of light on the horizon. sun up officially now that we're back in standard time 6:18 this morning but it sets at 4:37. so that's the trade-off, i suppose. it will be a mostly sunny day. just high, thin cloudiness around. we'll sneak up into the lower 60's today. mid 60's tomorrow. and look at that. the low 70's here by the end of the week. emily. emily: looks good. thank you, cindy. it's been nine months since the bay state was buried in snow forcing people to stay home. now some ambulance companies are getting ready for the arrival of so-called "blizzard babies." little finn here is part of the mini "baby boom" some are expecting. he was born on wednesday in the ambulance outside his parents'
5:37 am
house. couldn't make it to the hospital. and they're not alone. brewster ambulance says they've had five such calls in just the last two weeks. >> here are some of the positives coming out of that storm. i think there will be more of emily: finn's mom and dad say they'll stick to two kids regardless of what happens this winter. randy: ahead in news to go, mayor marty walsh with a new message for those hoping to bring indy car racing to boston. also geico taking local treatment centers to court. the strategy against insurance fraud. hundreds of people running for pete frates. the big show of support in beverly, and the plans for a new tribute to the former boston college baseball star. city cam at this hour showing you the sunrise to come earlier this morning. monday morning.
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emily: 5:4 this morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in everett where high school football player. todd's in burlington with a hate crime at the islamic center. possible causes of a deadly plane crash in egypt. forecast. cindy: you've got it. the start of november is going to be a mild one. average high this time of year is 56. we're going to be above that not just today but for the next several days as well. keep in mind now that we're back
5:40 am
to standard time the sun is up at 6:18. it does set at 4:37 this afternoon. you can see mid 50's in boston right now. lower 50's on the cape. but you head north and west of town, it is a little bit cooler. 49 in lawrence. 47 in worcester. and just 38 out the door this morning in fitchburg. here is the set-up this week with the jetstream. it will be running well to the north. that's why we're talking about above-average temperatures by about 10 degree or more in terms of the afternoon high temperatures. we'll be flirting with records in the low 70's here by the end of the week. in the meantime you can see a little bit of high, thin cloudiness streaming north ward. we have high pressure protecting us from a storm down to our south. although the rain is not going to be moving in, there will be thin cloudiness here this morning right through the afternoon as temperatures come up by lunchtime. right around 60 degrees backing off by 5:00 down into the mid 50's looking for a high doo of 61 boston. 62 in marshfield. a little bit cooler with upper 50's out through the worcester hills. there you see some of that high, thin cloudiness around this afternoon into tonight. but overall we'll call it mostly
5:41 am
back up into the mid 60's tomorrow. that's where we stay on wednesday with a good amount of sunshine here through the middle of the week. let's get you out to the roads right few and see how we're looking out there. olessa: a live look at the zakim bridge behind me. the leverett connector still a bit more volume here if you're heading into boston. let's get over to the maps now. the rest of the area looks fairly quiet. 24 starting to build volume out of brockton as well. 95 look okay this morning. and route 3 a little stop-and-go into the braintree split. once you get there, it's almost 20 min its the expressway into boston. the pike still looks okay this morning. 15 minutes or so, 495 to 128. 93 south a little delay out of methuen into andover and then once again approaching spot pond. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: a high school football player is in critical condition this morning. he was stabbed on the street after a big win. live in everett with what police know right now. sera: the high school junior was hurt when he stepped into a fight when someone was under attack.
5:42 am
16-year-old marvens fedna just finished a great game on saturday in which he scored the winning touchdown. the school superintendent says that night he was walking home from a party with a group when someone came under attack. fedna tried to help and was stabbed in the back and hand. he's currently at mass general in critical but stable condition. at this point no word on any arrests. live in morning in everett, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. todd: this morning police here in burlington are looking for the suspect who defaced the islamic cnter. this morning police are calling and it's not the first time this place of worship has been targeted. the islamic center installed security cameras two years ago when the building was spray-painted. this time we get a clear look at the suspects and their car. police are looking for three men who are driving a white ford crown vic. reporting live in burlington,
5:43 am
newscenter 5. erika: russian authorities say the black boxes are in good condition. this is airline officials reject the theory of a technical problem blaming a mechanical impact saying the plane lost speed rapidly before breaking up in midair. the majority of bodies recovered are now home in st. petersburg. all but five of the 224 people killed were russian. the debris was scattered over in six square miles. isis claimed responsibility but russian officials dismissed that claim. experts say it's possible a bomb was detonated on the plane, a on-board fire or structural failure also possibilities. ecialg a tarn tell, wcvb, newscenter 5. announcer: the royals 2015 world champions. randy: breaking overnight. the kansas city royals win the world series. they beat the new york mets in a 12-inning game 5 that went past
5:44 am
the royals pouring it on in the 12th scoring five runs after the mets kept them at zero for nine innings. 7-2 the final. this is the royals' second world series championship and first since 1985. emily: the wreckage of this missing cargo ship may have been found. the navy is sending unmanned subs down 15,000 feet to get a closer look at what could be the "el faro." that ship went down during hurricane joaquin. it will not be brought to the surface; but if human remains are found, the navy will try to recover them. randy: fred thompson, a former well-known film and tv actor, has died. thompson became well known for his role on "law & order" before he represented tennessee in the senate. he also ran for president in 2008. in a statement, thompson's family says he died after a battle with lymphona. he was 73 years old. emily: a new hampshire woman who pleaded guilty to killing one of her kids still has parental rights to another. unique gould is serving time for the beating death of her two-year-old son.
5:45 am
sentencing. on friday a state lawmaker proposed a bill to end parental convicted of manslaughter or murder of another child. randy: a unique police program in gloucester is catching on in other states. the angel program fast-tracks heroin addicts into treatment rather than jail. it also assigns a volunteer to work with them. departments in nine states are now looking into the program. gloucester says larceny and shoplifting are down possibly as a result of angel. emily: northeastern university is going international. today the school will announce plans for a satellite campus in toronto. it would offer graduate programs for working professionals. northeastern has three other satellite campuses in seattle, charlotte, and silicon valley. randy: a south boston elderly housing complex is evacuated after fire breaks out on the 4th floor. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation last night. a firefighter was also transported for a hand injury. investigators say careless
5:46 am
disposal of smoking materials caused the fire. flames engulf a fishing boat in north falmouth. four people were picked up by the coast guard after the 36-foot "good grief" ran aground sunday morning. one person suffered minor injuries. firefighters used foam to keep flames from spreading to other boats. emily: the city of boston is getting tough on indycar promoters ahead of a labor day the grand prix of boston is supposed to happen in september 2016. on friday, "the herald" obtained an email showing the mayor wants indycar to finalize deals with state agencies in the next two weeks. mayor walsh has signed a deal with indycar that could put taxpayers on the hook for security and road improvements. >> the son of a polish immigrant tenement. he went to public school and then college where the work of his life began, fighting injustice and inequality.
5:47 am
randy: the sanders camp is spending more than $2 million to run the ad over the next 10 days. rival hillary clinton has been running ads in key states for several months now. local lawsuits have geico accused of avoiding medical claims from clinics in lower-income communities. "the globe" reports the insurer has sued local chiropractors and physical therapists claiming they forced them into legal battles. most of those cases end up settling with the practices promising to stop accepting geico clients. it's meant to protect the company from fraud. the lawsuit strategy has been used in dorchester, roxbury, lawrence, brockton, and fall river. emily: pope francis is planning a long-awaited trip to mexico. he will arrive on february 12 to the heavily roman catholic country. francis is expected to address violence in mexico as well as migration. some mexican officials are hoping the pope will tour the border with the u.s. randy: safety experts voicing their concern after a new study
5:48 am
finds that children in rear-facing car seats can hit their heads during rear-end crashes. experts saying they're worried parents from keeping their kids in the safest rear-facing position. parents should not be digs couraged. infaints and young toddlers are still five times safer riding backwards. aquarium say an 800-pound leatherback sea turtle, found hole saturday, died because it got tangled in marine gear. experts examined the animal's body yesterday and found abrasions on its neck and flipper. they say turtles often get caught in lines attached to buoys, moorings, and other lobster traps and can't get free. emily: a marathon runner from las vegas crosses a milestone in new hampshire. 73-year-old john maultsby finished his 50th marathon yesterday. he wanted to run one in every state and completed his mission in manchester. it took him 13 years to reach
5:49 am
year alone. randy: supporters line up bright and early for the first annual pete frates 5k. the "run walk and wheel" took place at lynch park in beverly yesterday. proceeds will help build a new all-access playground in frates's name. frates is the beverly man whose battle against a.l.s. helped inspire the ice bucket challenge. emily: quite a crowd there. randy: an unforgettable moment in rochester, new hampshire. emily: a spaulding high school student makes it into the end zone for the first time. teagan house has muscular dystrophy, confined to a wheel chair. but on the team's final football game of the season, he hit the field after watching every game his team blocked opponents and helped teagan into the end zone for a touchdown. his mom says it's special for the whole team. >> i keep thanking these boys. these boys keep turning it around and saying, no, no, no,
5:50 am
you don't know how much he's impacted our lives. emily: teagan's teammates and his coach say it's a moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives. randy: special for everybody involved. this is pretty special too. city cam. cindy: there you go. back to standard time. we get the early sunsets, but the sun is up now,ality least getting close to the horizon. morning. it's getting brighter out there. what a start in boston. 55 degrees right now. lots of 50's showing up from marshfield, plymouth down to the cape. 51 in new bedford as well. it is cooler north and west of boston. 40's from nashua to lawrence. you can see beverly at 50 degrees but look at orange and fitchburg down in the 30's now. 47 out the door in worcester. we've got high, thin cloudiness kind of streaming on in. where we've had more clouds through the overnight hours in southeastern massachusetts, it's milder. but all this rain from norfolk back to raleigh trying to lift in our direction bug it's running into high pressure. the rain never gets in but we'll be in and out of some of that high, thin cloudiness throughout
5:51 am
partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures coming up settling to around 60 degrees at lunchtime today with highs sneaking into the lower 60's. above average for this time of year. typical highs about 56 in early november. looking for a high of 58 in worcester today and 61 in boston. settling back down into the 30's tonight our northwestern suburbs. mid 40's in town. we'll keep it in the 40's on cape cod tonight as well. look what happens to this high tomorrow. it starts that shift to the east. what that does is it brings around more of a southwesterly wind. that begins an even warmer trend. into the mid 60's for tomorrow and wednesday. and then we'll warm it up even more. into the lower 70's here by thursday into friday. look at this on friday. record highs for the day are in lower 70's so we'll be flirting with record high temperatures coming up on friday. a fair amount of clouds around on friday. could be a spot shower in the morning hours. but really it's the weekend, yeah, that we see the temperatures settling back down. 60's on saturday. reality returns.
5:52 am
we're back to 50 degrees by sunday. setly a warm week ahead. let's get you out to the roads. we'll have the solar glare in the next half an hour. olessa: it's been a while. a live lookate at the pike by allston/brighton eastbound moving away. we're start to go see the delays starting to pick up: travel times for you as you head south, 24 building volume out of brockton. also delays on route 3 from weymouth into braintree. expressway 15-20 braintree to boston. pike eastbound still only about 15. 495 to 128. 93 southbound building volume out of methuen down to dascomb road. looking okay through wilmington. that volume picks up near concord street down to spot pond. the trains and buses still running on dead you'll. emily: commitment 2016. g.o.p. candidates demanding changes ahead of their next debate. randy: the meeting aimed at reforming the format. an uber driver talking about this violent attack. the blows to the head from a passenger and the charges that man faces this morning. emily: shed that stress and be more productive all day long. new this morning.
5:53 am
the lunch break secret some local workers know that could help you too. and at 5:56, good morning to our friends in worcester there. what a gorgeous start to the day. we have not seen skies like this at this hour in quite some time. that's what daylight saving will do for us. another hour of the "eyeopener" is still ahead.
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