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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 2, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news. midair mystery. new details this morning on the passenger jet that fell apar more than 30 fourks feet in the air. the airline says moments ago, the crash was not caused bay investigate ors sifting through the wreckage. searching for answers. deadly storms slam the south. reported tornadoes touching down overnight. a weekend of relentless downpours. this rv swept away. apart. this surveillance camera capturing some of the destruction. millions on alert this morning for more flooding.
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leah remini's new interview. >> it almost makes me -- um -- want to cry. >> on her break from scientology, her life now, and what she has to say to katie holmes, only on "gma." and the kansas city royals are the kings of baseball. >> the royals, 2015 world champions! drought. knocking off the mets with victory. why this was is extra sweet for the star pitcher and the team. >> all: good morning, america, from your 2015 world series champions, the kansas city royals. we do say good morning, america. the players still had the goggles for the champagne. >> a great party. royals. comeback kings. beating the mets in game five to win their first world series since 1985.
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york sports fans. >> yes, it was. >> the mets lose ppg and who dat, the sanlts, with the wild game. >> the royals would not be denied. >> they were trailing going into the ninth. >> proving that last year was no fluke. we begin with the mysterious plane crash. the wreckage in egypt's s inai desert. they'll ruling out plane failure. pilot error. they're not ruling out terrorism. >> reporter: the executives of the airline, metro jet gave a press conference a short time ago saying this plane, an air bus 31 was in mechanically good shape. saying the causes could only be due to external forces. early this morning, plane landing in russia's st. petersburg.
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carrying many of the bodies of the 224 who died in the crash. the airliner, strewn across desert. the airline insisting there was nong wrong with the plane. russia's top aviation official saying it's too early to know. first. was it a bomb or was it structural failure? >> reporter: the flight took off from sharm el sheikh on saturday. smiling families posting photos. over the next 20 minutes, the plane rose to 31,000 feet. then, data shows it climbed and descended quickly several times. contact was lost. no distress call. an isis-linked group claimed responsibility.
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intelligence officials say they don't have the missiles to shoot down a plane that high. and the ex-wife of the co-pilot told russian tv hat he regularly complained about the status of the aircraft. back in st. petersburg this morning, anguished families, like these parents of a 29-year-old who died, now going to the morgue to try to identify loved ones. russia says the recovery efforts at the crash site will end today. the black boxes have been recovered. they're in good shape. we're told they've been sent to cairo for analysis. the best hope for shedding light on to how this tragedy unfolded. >> thank you, alex. we bring in steve ganyard. you heard in alex's report, external forces. what do you think snrnlgts at this point, we can't rule anything out. for ar airplane to come apart many midair for no good reason is why this is such a mystery. there are a couple of things we
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can look at. perhaps a bomb. or perhaps it was some unknown structural failure where the airplane came apart. right now, we don't have evidence that points us one way or the other. >> you heard from alexeiing saying the black boxes. it's more the pattern of the wreckage they're looking at? >> we talked about this in the past. we're saying let's find the black box. this airplane came apart instantaneously. there may not be data on the black boxes to help us. they'll shift to the debris on the desert floor. the real answers will be there on what the wreckage shows us. >> hopefully so, tooef steve. thank you. now to the wild weather across the south.
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20 tornadoes reported. major flash floods left a trail of destruction. clayton sandell is in la port, texas. good morning. you, george. they're picking up the pieces in this neighborhood this morning. you can see this house has nearly all of the roof torn off by the this or the nato. about 70 homes damaged here. that's just the start. nonstop week end rains, up to three inches an hour. >> we were scared. the water was up and up. >> reporter: closing roads. swallowing cars and rvs. six people killed. >> i was holding a tree. the tree flipped over. it hit me. i don't remember nothing after that. i woke up. i was floating. >> reporter: jeremy hernandez lost his older brother when their car was overtaken by rushing flood waters. cary was stuck in a tree for four hours, calling our abc station to beg for help. >> i'm up in a tree.
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i'm about 20 feet up. i can go up higher if i need to. >> reporter: the houston area slammed with more than a foot of rain in 4 hours. tricks. six tornadoes touching down saturday. these homes ripped apart by a twister packing 115-mile-per-hour winds. sflit was freaky. >> reporter: troy says he and his family are lucky their home wasn't destroyed by this security camera. there. >> reporter: for thousands of residents in south and central texas, it's time to clean up. the deadly weather system is moving east. this morning, toward alabama, florida, and georgia. and it's not just homes that are damaged. it's schools, too. some in such bad shape that classes here this morning are canceled. zee. >> thank you, clayton. it was a difficult week end. not just there in texas.
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texas to georgia of flash flooding and 20 reported tornadoes. at least nine of them confirmed. that storm moving to the east this morning from the florida panhandle up through montgomery, atlanta, spartans burg, south carolina. that's where the heaviest rain will fall. this rain, three-plus inches, compare nothing compared to what fell in washington state. i'll have more on california coming up. thank you. president. the backlash this morning over last week's republican debate. the candidates concerned about the questions and the amount of time they have to answer them. their representatives met last night to come up with new guidelines. tom llamas is here with that. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the complaints range from the types of dressing rooms to the number of candidates on stage. they didn't aagree with everything. one campaign says there was universal frustration.
7:09 am
this morning, campaign chaos. some of the republicans running for president are teaming up to try to change the upcoming debates. representatives from nearly all of the republican candidates meeting overnight behind closed doors following last week's highly criticized debate that prompted responses like this. >> we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. can we stop? >> the last debate was a farce. i think there's general agreement. something needs to be done about it. >> reporter: dr. ben carson wants one debate per month. calling for, less gotcha questions and more substance. >> don't you want to hear what they have to say and have that challenged by a free press? >> there's a place and time for that. but as far as i'm concerned, these debates are to highlight the differences in philosophy between the candidates. >> reporter: some of the other major kptds asking for major
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>> if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don't get to moderate a republican primary debate. >> reporter: now, the republican national committee, which was not invited to meeting last night, said it is appointing debates. it's unclear if the candidates will listen to this person since they want to call the shots. >> let's bring in the chair of the rnc, ryan previs. the campaign seems to have taken if matter in their own hands. one said, the major question is if the rnc should be involved at all. have you lost control of the debate process? >> look, there's 14 campaigns and to you know, it takes a few people to create a narrative. no. we're involved. we're in control. we're setting the clal dar.
7:11 am
in fact, if what happens from last night -- goes forward, think it's exactly where we want to be. >> the campaigns will send a list of demands to the debate sponsors. including three. each candidate gets 30 seconds for opening and closing statements. equal number of questions for each candidate and approval of debate graphics. do you expect other changes? or is that it? >> no not on the scheduling. not on the contracting. the ability to sanction or desanction a debate is with the rnc. we have the leverage in order to make that happen. >> you don't have to run that by the candidates? >> when -- we have already set the calendar. the calendar is set. and so we're going to work through the calendar. but, what we're going to make sure that we do is communicate with the candidates. listen to the candidates. make sure when there is
7:12 am
we're going to fight for what the candidates want. when you have 14 candidates, part of what last night was the candidates getting together to focus on what they can agree on. when we started this process, we wanted to do a few things. set a reasonable calendar. we didn't want 23 debates. we wanted some say on who the moderators were. we did all that. >> what about the in nbc debate? you said it was suspended. donald trump won't participate if they continue to partner with telemundo? >> that's yet to be seen. we'll communicate with nbc. talk to the candidates. we'll do what we need to do. what happened at the cnbc debate was a debacle. it's clear. i've been vocal about that. it wasn't what was promised. it wasn't what was delivered. they should be more involved if the formatting.
7:13 am
i'm happy about that. >> mr. chairman, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, george. >> we're going to have to see what happens on the last question. donald trump says he'll boycott that debate if telemundo is involved. he'll be here live tomorrow. now we turn to a deadly halloween shooting rampage. man walking through a colorado neighborhood killing three people before he was killed in a kayna whitworth has the story. >> shots fired. possible shooting in progress. >> reporter: a normally quiet neighborhood transformed into a crime scene. three people were gunned down bhan who may have lived in the neighborhood. police still searching for a motive. two women and a yet to be morning. all the victims were shot in less than 30 minutes. it all started before 9:00 a.m.
7:14 am
saturday. the first victim was man riding his bike. 24-year-old ryan white was awoken by shots. >> i didn't believe they were gunshots at first. >> reporter: matt said he saw the shooter walking down the street. >> two guns. he's walking calmly, like he's walking a dog. >> reporter: abshire follows the gunman. in just a few blocks, he came across a horrifying scene. >> a came upon a bench. a lady was shot. i put pressure on the wound. another lady shot in the jaw. >> reporter: police caught up with the shooter here. in a barrage of bullets, the suspect was killed. police seen searching for more evidence. >> we're all hurting tonight. >> reporter: overnight, the community of colorado springs gathering by candle light to remember the victims. so authorities say the autopsies will be done today. and they're planning a news conference tomorrow to release
7:15 am
the name of the the third victim and the suspect. robin? >> we're thinking of that community. thank you, kayna. amy has the morning's other top stories. including earthquakes shaking up arizona overnight. >> the first hit black canyon city around 9:00. two larger quakes around midnight. the strongest was a 4.2 magnitude. no injuries reported. an explosion that leveled a home near detroit could be felt three miles away. one man in critical condition. the residents had been reportedly trying to start their furnace. a monster typhoon. the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane is affecting yemen. fierce winds have destroyed more than 100 homes in the area. a one-time presidential candidate whose career took him
7:16 am
former senator fred thompson has died. he appeared in at least 20 films and stard in "law & order." he was 73. a foggy day in london hardly newsworthy. far from typical. for the second straight day, the city encased in fog. the view shows there is no escaping it. heathrow airport. >> what are they doing flying in that? >> i don't know. i don't know. they landed safely, though, thank goodness. >> thank you, amy. that wild end to the world
7:17 am
we're back at 7:17 with the exciting end of the world series. the royals finishing off the mets in five games. t.j. hol. s has the story. >> the royals, 2015 world champions! >> reporter: the 30-year wait is over. the kansas royals clinch the first world series title since 1985. >> that's a shot into the gap in left center! and the royals have ploun it open in the 12th. >> reporter: they did it with another dramatic late inning comeback that left the mets' players stunned. >> inning over. >> reporter: behind a dominant pitching performance by matt harvey, the mets held the lead. when coaches wanted to take
7:18 am
you can see him firing out back. the crowd screams to keep him in. >> the stadium here. >> reporter: that decision proved costly. >> that's in the air to left. back, over his head. >> reporter: he allowed one rur to score. the royals tied it, 2-2rks on a gutsy base-running play by eric hosmer, sending the game to extra innings. a whopping five runs scored in the 12th, 7-2. the win poignant for royals pitcher, edinson volquez, whose father died the day he pitched game one. >> i'm pretty sure my dad would be proud of me. >> reporter: the series full of dramatic moments. from lights out in game one to the end of murphy's hitting streak. >> murphy boots it. >> reporter: to his game four error, one of the worth you'll see in the world series ever, say some. now, the royals' comeback win.
7:19 am
well, the royals won after winning three games in the world series after being down by runs in the eighth inning of later. led some to say last night, only the royals would be losing going into the ninth thinking, we got them right where we want them. >> thank you, t.j. much more ahead. leah remini on her break from scientology and her message for former church member katie holmes. >> because i know now she did what she did leaving in the way that she did because she had to protect her daughter, which, in way, connects us now.
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to see these pictures out of portland, oregon, over the weekend. more than a half foot cindy: 54 degrees in boston right now but it is colder north and west of town. we are watching high thin clouds streaming offering to our south.
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>> this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. >> and everett high school football star is fighting for his life after he was stabbed. marvin' s at the -- marvens fedna was walking with a group of friends when he intervened in a fight. meeting to discuss the future of fantasy sports in the commonwealth. massachusetts lottery leaders think sites like drafting zen fan dual could be hurting the lottery revenue. cindy: we are starting out in the low 50' s in boston the 40' s on the north shore. lower 50' s near plymouth down to the cape.
7:27 am
high cloud streaming off area of rain not moving in but we will see filtered sunshine throughout the day. near 60 by lunchtime. lower 60' s today. mid-sixties tomorrow and it looks like we will be near record highs in the low 70' s toward the end of the week. randy: watching that commute. olessa : a crash cleared by 495 and also by 128 and still heavy connector -- heavy delays to the connector. the pike is about 4495 to 128 and heavy volume northbound. the expressway, 30 to 35, buses on schedule. randy: we are back before the
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welcome back to "gma." there you see the 2006 wedding between tom cruise and katie holmes. that was the event that sparked leah remini's eventual break from the church. a wrenching process. remini coming up. also right now, investigators on the ground if egypt this morning, trying to figure out what caused the passenger jet to fall apart more than 30,000 feet in the air. the airline saying plane failure and pilot error is not to blame. something that they call external forces took down the jet. a sign of the times. surprising new study. or is it?
7:30 am
nearly all kids turned age of 4 have used a phone or other mobile device. most of them started before the 1st birthday. >> what are they waiting, if ing ing for, robin? the fallout after the wild play of the miami-duke football game. >> eight lateral passes. the refs in a whole lot of trouble. that's ahead. we're going to begin with leah remini and her very public break with scientology. the exclusive on "20/20" the other night brought interest on her book. you sat down with her over the weekend. she did not hold back. >> that's right. leah told dan harris about her 30-ree relationship with scientology. a religion she and her sister were introduced do by their mother as children. after years of slowly questioning scientology, the
7:31 am
beginning of the end happened at the star-studded wedding of tom cruise to katie holmes. she was upset to find that a number of guests had filed what scientologists filed knowledge reports, complaining about her behavior before and at the wedding. >> can you read me key lines? >> it starts with, i was displayed by the behavior of leah remini. the behavior as a guest and friend was upsetting. >> i sat down with leah remini for her reaction to all of it. the church of scientology has abc news. i'm going the read part of the latest one. the full statement son to website. that. thank you for plugging. >> her repeated ethical lapses and callous treatment of others led to a review, which resulted in her being expelled.
7:32 am
that. >> were you expelled? >> that's like saying, i broke me. i don't know when that happened. i didn't get the memo that i was expelled. if that's what makes them feel good, i was there, like i said, for over three decades pip don't know when these lapses occurred. but again, not a shing endorsement of an organization who says they have thenses a to man kind and certainly, i was there skeeking ing seeking health. i don't know what else to say about that. okay. >> you write a lot about tom cruise. >> mm-hmm. >> what is his role in the church? >> well, that's unclear. um -- but -- my experience, and there seems to be a lot of power there. that i couldn't subscribe to, as well, if i'm at dinner, we're going to dinner together, you're not going to write an internal
7:33 am
church report on me that you thought i got a little -- you know, tipsy at your dinner party. and then, have to deal with that financially within your church. and be taken off of a spiritual path, so to speak, to deal with how you're interacting with this particular person. and so, the power seemed to be enormous. it was my experience. >> were you, i mean, i can't imagine that. being with someone in a social setting and being, were you afraid of what you said or didn't say or how you acted? were you worried about getting written up? >> constantly. that, again, there's policy in the church that requires parishioners to write each other up. i was guilty of this. what it does is it doesn't allow you to have the relationship
7:34 am
with the person -- you have become a person who can't deal with your husband directly, your wife directly, your own child directly. and the church becomes your parent in that way. and then, my role is pushed out. >> cruise's ex-wife katie holmes issued a statement we saw in friday's special. she said, i regret having upset leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future. you're smiling. >> yes. i'm smiling because it almost makes me -- um -- want to cry. it makes me emotional because -- um -- at the time, that katie and this particular crew were writing reports, it caused me a lot of time and pain and my family. being reprogrammed. so, at the time, i was -- um -- fighting with her, i guess, for
7:35 am
a lack of a better word, within the church. and now i know, really, what she was going through. because at the time, i was thinking of myself. and my family and what we were going through. and although painful, i had no idea she was going probably through a lot more. anding looing back now and seeing her and suri, um -- out there in the world and her being able to be with her daughter, and live her life is -- you know, i'm touched by it. i'm touched by it. because i know now she did what she did, leaving in the way that she did, because she had to protect her daughter, which, in a way, connects us now. and because -- >> because part of what you did was to protect your daughter. >> right. because i didn't want my daught to choose the church, ultimately, which is what i felt i would be raising was that. you choose your church.
7:36 am
religions. >> i bet there's a lot you would like to say to katie. >> yes, yes. it's because we both left at the we're able to have this kind of grace towards each other. human. >> really, really powerful. and emotional. just so raw. coming up, we asked her more. the biggest difference between her life now and then. and whether or not she's still religious. you can read all about it in her book, "troublemaker." which is out tomorrow. >> such revealing interview. thank you, amy. coming you, a new headline on kids and car seats. how the rear-facing seats could put kids at risk. zblmplg and up next, the chipotle health alert. more than 20 people sick. our dr. richard besser, as you can see, standing by.
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text1 plain we're back now with the serious health scare involving chipotle. the fast food chain closing dozens of restaurants. neal karlinsky has the story for us. >> reporter: this morning, doors are indefinitely closed at more than 40 chipotle restaurants. the popular mexican food chain taking the step after an e. coli outbreak sickens more than 20 people. some hospitalized. would-be patrons greeted with this message. fyi, we're closed due to a supply chain issue. today, officials fear those nums will go up. >> we know that people can still become ill. the incubation period can be up to ten days. >> reporter: over the weekend, three people in portland and 19 outside seattle got sick. eight had to be hospitalized. >> it feels like your guts are being ripped out.
7:41 am
>> reporter: when questioned, most, not all, victims said they ate at chipotle. cause. >> reporter: even though chipotle can't be directly linked to the outbreak, they said they immediately and voluntarily shuttered all 43 locations in washington and oregon. out of 1700 restaurants nationwide. saying in a a statement, the safety and well being of our customers is always the highest priority. even though the vast majority of the restaurants have no reported problems. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> our thanks to neal. dr. richard bess sir here with more. what are investigators looking for? >> you federal, state, and locals jumping on this. they'll do a number of studies. test the food from the restaurants. can they find the e. coli? does it match the e. coli from the patients? they'll give everyone who was sick a questionnaire and mane ewe been they'll tick off
7:42 am
everything they ate. they'll give the same questionnaire to the people there at the same time and see if there is a difference in the foods. often that can tell you the moeking gun. >> what foods may be the suspect? >> when i did this, it was almost always ground beef. there have been outbreaks from lettuce, from sprouts. from salsa. you have tomatoes, onions, parsley, cilantro. sometimes, you can say it was the salsa. not the key ingredient. you want to go back to the farm and prevent this from happening in the future. coming up, the game-changing play by the him hurricanes. leading to a fire storm, wouldn't you say, jesse snrnlgts i would say so. the play that won the hur dans game. now the refs are being flagged.
7:43 am
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sage test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plai back now with "the speed feed." and a miracle football play that captivated the nation. duke players couldn't touch miami. during the kick return. final seconds of the game. should the touchdown have count
7:46 am
snd ed? >> the hurricanes pulling off a 1 in a million play involving eight lateral passes. now, the acc calling foul over what appears to be a string of bloup calls. >> ball still alive. >> the pigskin touching eight sets of happeneds. the ball making its way to defensive back elder making an incredible dash into the end zone. >> 40 yard line, no plaque shirts between the goal line! can you believe what you just saw! >> we never practiced it. playmakers. and we made a play. alive. >> reporter: referees reviewing the touchdown. touchdown. >> reporter: this morning, not everyone is celebrating. the acc suspending the game's officials for two games. finding a series of errors during the final play. most notably that replay officials should have ruled mark walton down.
7:47 am
despite the controversy, miami's victory cannot be overturned. >> it's a miracle! >> reporter: the hurricanes' response, just this tweet. >> that'll do it. >> important to know duke head coach david cutcliffe has asked that the ncaa be able to overturn results in the future after the game is done. >> the refs suspended. you think something else would happen. >> i can't remember the last time i have heard refs being suspended. we have had some wild finishes. >> i'm going the lateral to the desk. >> we were wondering. are they going to change the rule? if it's been proven that it's that bad. >> all right. when we come bang, at the top of the hour, we have more of the new interview with leah remini, life after scientology and whether or not she's still religious. also, a new series, "snooze solutions." you'll want to tune into this.
7:48 am
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back here on "gma." the pictures out of texas. just amazing. some of the rapids there showing up in wood creek, texas.
7:52 am
andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. cc1 test message
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7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. troublemaker. lee ra remini in an abc news exclusive interview takes us inside her years as a scientologist. >> sitting, talking to you, i would be secretly thinking, how can i get her in the church? >> you had an agenda. >> right. i felt i always had some kind of agenda. >> what she's telling her daughter. how she's moving forward. no sleep nation. millions of americans suffering from not snoozing enough. how your body is going into overdrive when you don't get enough sleep. how do get back to being healthy? starting this morning. it's like rain
7:55 am
been 0 years since "jagged little pill" exploded into the zit zeitgeist. you live, your learn. as we say -- >> good morning, america. and we are looking forward to hearing from alanis morissette. she's here performing. we have to give a shoutout to royals fans. the new york city marathon runners. wow. night long. and also this half hour, parents hand off phones and tablets to little ones. it's a way to keep them buzzy. new research out this morning about how much exposure kids are getting and how young they're starting. a lot more on that.
7:56 am
>> before they're even 1 year. >> in utero. >> and carry underwood singing dolly parton's hit, "9 to 5." i go one on one with carrie. we count down. you're going to nashville for the cmas. we have the countdown specials. the wompbl crossover performances. we'll give you a taste. let's start with amy and the morning rundown. the big story nps you do e tails on the russian jet that 224 people on board. the bodies of many of the victims arrive in russia this morning. the airline claims there was nothing wrong with the plane when it broke apart 30,000 feet in the air. today, metrojet executives deny their plane or pilots had anything to do with the crash. experts have said it's possible
7:57 am
russian officials say it's too recovered. analysis. a major cleanup effort is under way in texas and the deep south. 20 tornadoes along the gulf coast. destroying homes. flipping rvs. up to four inches an hour triggered flash flooding. the republican karntd candidates trying to gain control over the format of the debates. they agreed on mandatory and closing statements. and donald trump will be here live this studio tomorrow to talk to george about his campaign and his new book, "crippled america." new questions about the safety of children in car seets. children in rear-facing car
7:58 am
injuries in rear end crashes. rear-facing car seats are still the safest. they say the seats could be made more safe by tethering them so they don't rock backwards on impact. an eye-opening report on the amount of time young children are spending in front of electronic devices and tv. a small study found nearly all children under the age of 4 had been exposed to mobile devices. most began using them before the age of 1. and by age 4, a whopping three-quarters of those children had their own mobile devices. half of them also had their own television. finally, among the 50,000 runners at the new york marathon this week end, there was a merry band from abc news run farg good cause. yours truly led our relay team. each of us tackling one to three miles. deb roberts rallied for the final leg. she crosses the finish line in central park.
7:59 am
swru ju change, jonathan karl, mara schiavocampo joining us. we ran to benefit team for kids. we had barbara and james there as well. we want to give a team mvp to jon karl who kept running after his stint was finished. >> good for him. >> i ended at three. >> good job. great, great job. we're all looking down. >> we went out and watched. >> we were there this support. >> way to go, mara, doing it pregnant. i can't imagine. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." more of our exclusive interview with leah remini. she's telling all about her inside years as a scientologist. what she's telling her daughter about that time now as well. a new health alert. this one hurts us. hits close to home. the real risks of not getting enough sleep. what kit do to your body. it's not pretty.
8:00 am
opened up to robin about the two big loves of her life. and why dolly part season her ins separation. all that and so much more coming up live on "gma" dpam, here in ood morning america" here in times square. [ doorbell rings ] r [ male announcer ] don't you wish everything r could put itself away like reflex? only from moen. buy it for looks. buy it for life. rushing to work all those years from time in the service... to different jobs...
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8:02 am
liberty mutual insurance. coming up next, the secrets of inside out. and why pride may be irritated and maybe envious. we're just happy that we have alanis morissette here. celebrating 20 years of "jagged little pill." and she's performing live. come back. >> it will be awesome.
8:03 am
you bleed you learn you scream hey marc. how you feeling? don' t ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. r i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i' m going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it' s pretty close to my eye. i don' t know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can
8:04 am
country road take me home to the place i belong west virginia mountain mama take me home brad paisley covering john denver's "country roads." you saw john denver up there. he opened that field. he was the singer there. it's a big, big crossover hit. all part of our special brad, one of the hosts for the cma awards along with carrie underwood. we'll spend time with her ahead. >> that song just takes me right back. i love that song. cannot wait. first now, we have more with leah remini. the star speaking out on why she broke with the church of
8:05 am
and in her new book, troublemaker, surviving hollywood and scientology, out tomorrow. remini opened up about what her life is like now after leaving the church. what's the ig best change? where you are now in your life and how you live life? now versus then? >> i was very judgmental while i was in the organization. i thought he had all the answers. i thought we were doing amazing things for the world. and, um -- that's what we were told. that's what we believed. and all sign toll cientologists believe their occurring man's ills. seeing people, not judges them, because they might think faith. um, that i'm not secretly sitting there thinking, i can help her if she would come into the organization with me.
8:06 am
be secretly thinking, how can i get her in the church. >> you had an agenda? >> right. >> are you religious now in any way? >> i was always religious. i was baptized as a catholic. i got my daughter bapzed as a catholic. my husband is. yes, i'm reconnecting with my faith. and, um, it's been a beautiful thing. and i want that for my daughter. i want her to have a place to go where she feels safe. and she feels loved. and she's sending that love out to the world. >> is there anything you miss about the church? life. um -- my family has dedicated their life. i look at -- that time spent and the relationships that we lost. and what we thought we were doing. it was hard. >> what was good about it? >> there are a lot of good things about it.
8:07 am
religion or organized religion. it's an all in or all out proposition. it helped me in my life. but you can't take some of it and leave the rest. you have to be all in. once you get over the initial, i don't have any scientology friends left, your life becomes about being celebatory. >> there's a freedom. >> not everybody is guest us. it's not all about conspiracy. it's not us against them. what i gained from it is amazing. why i can't 100% sit here and don't want to sit here and bash it. because it gave me a lot. >> what's the takeaway for people? what do quu want them to take away from reading your book? >> though i was in this church for most of my life, there was a lot of positive that happened. i want people to know it's never
8:08 am
>> and that's such a theme in her book. that cow can, at any moment in your life, change things. she was lucky to have the support of her farmly. not everyone is as lucky. every one of her family members left with her. her hukd, sister, mother. >> sometimes that doesn't happen. >> they've got each other. she says that's everything opinion . >> george, over to you. snooze solutions. millions don't get enough sleep. that can have impact on your health. becky worry starts us off. >> most of us do not get enough sleep. have sleep deprivation a huge problem. >> reporter: we're a sleep-deprived nation. those suffering the most, the 15 million americans who work late night or early morning shift work. working these hours is so bad that shift work has been listed
8:09 am
>> lack of sleep can lead to an increase risk of cardiovascular disease. diabetes, and weight gain. >> reporter: when you're sleep deprive deprived, your body thinks there is something wrong. the body consumed lean muscle mass. spl shift workers eat during the nighttime, the body is not as well able to cope with the food and not to process it in the right way. >> to show this. i head to a lab here in san francisco. i'm here for a glue cose test. i've had eight hours of sleep. hi body converts the sugar into fuel that it can use right away. my level only goes up about 6%. well within my body's ability to
8:10 am
in a study where sleep was restricted, understandly lost efficiency by 21% from one night's bad sleep. over time, this increases diabetes risk. >> it's unnatural for your body to be up and awake and eating during the nighttime. >> reporter: while dr. sheer recommends shift workers eat meals during regular daytime hours, the reality for those working the graveyard shift, exhaustion and possible weight gain may be all in a night's work. >> let's get more from dr. jen ashton. weight. how does sleep deprivation affect metabolism? >> there's an overall activation in the brain. it makes us seek out stuff like this. high fat, hue sugar, highly palatable foods. two key players.
8:11 am
the first one, xwrks hrelin. our brain makes more ghrelin. don't try this at home. it becomes more of an implans at home with ghrelin. this drives us to eat. leptin tells us, whoa, i've had enough. i'm not hungry. this sets up a perfect storm for gaining weight. >> a lot of adverse affects on our immune system. >> it sends the mess edgers all over the body that we're activated, on alert. key players are increased. they've been associated with an increased rick of cardiovascular disease. >> irritability.
8:12 am
they have effects on their learning. >> i'm like, check, check, check. >> reduced academic performance. and mood disorders. >> we'll talk all week long about sleep disorders. what can we tell viewers now? >> first step. commit to make sleep a priority. it's not a luxury. it's of par with diet and fitness. control the environment. make sure it's cool and the light is down. then target the mind-body connection. >> and put the devices down. >> thank you, jen. this crew loves it when we talk about sleep. remember sleep, amy. remember that thing they call sleep? we're revving up. country's biggest night with our big special countdown to the cma awards. hits. stars.
8:13 am
underwood told me about her new music and her idol. i might sound bad sometimes i need a smoke break >> reporter: smoke break, a song off her all bum. one of the songs about the two great loves of her life. her husband, nhl star mike fisher. and their 8-month-old son, isaiah. can't wait for people to hear the last track. inspired that track. >> yeah, they did. >> tell us about it. >> it's called what i never knew i always wanted. that sums it up. both of them. the men in my life. i never really pictured myself getting married. kind of took a more laidback approach to the whole thing. and, now i couldn't imagine my life without either one of them. >> reporter: tonight, for our
8:14 am
special, carrie will perform dolly parton's song, "9 to 5." for service and devotion >> reporter: must be fun to perform. >> it. a loft fast words and notes. if been singing this song for years. i feel like i spent the beginning part of it trying to emulate dolly. and realizing it was impossible. we put our own, i don't know, groove, on to it. >> reporter: for carrie, dolly parton has always been her idol. spl she's tiny. but she's larger than life. she's got in air about her. she's dolly. like, all the time. everywhere. that's just who she is. i imagine her, i'm like, does she, like, sit around her house in sweat pants and no makeup on? i decided, no, she doesn't. she's got her heels on. full makeup. she's dolly all the time. because that's just her. >> you have that idea.
8:15 am
i had the privilege of introducing her at the grand oel opry. you heard brad paisley. lady a. a duet, darius rucker and brett. and justin timberlake joins chris stapleton. they'll be performing wednesday night. the morning of the cma awards. tim mcgraw, an embarrassment of riches. time. i'm so excited. >> all starts tonight with our countdown to the cmaa wards. hits. 10:00 p.m. eastern. i hope you'll join us. let's go outside to ginger. >> look who i found. my new friend matt. he's got new hardware. how was the race? >> the race was amazing. new york is great. >> i agree.
8:16 am
these clouds are great. look at this picture. out of brekenridge, colorado. they're called wave clouds. take that with you to the water cooler. i know you'll be talking about it. it has to do with the wind. the windy conditions continue. cindy: good morning, we have a mild start, 54 degrees in boston with filtered sunshine. wanting some high, and clouds. this was the to our south. we' ll he filtered sunshine over the course of the day. we're loving new york and loving the crowd out here this
8:17 am
we want to love some "pop." let's get to it. >> i'm loving the changes in the studio. this couch has george and i a little too leaning back just a little bit. >> george is falling asleep. >> let's adjust it. love the color. lover everything that everybody's doing. >> a couple of minor weeks to. we tweaks. let's get to it. fans of "inside out" know it takes place in the mind of a little girl named riley as told by five emotions. now, it can be revealed, those emotions had to compete with roles with a ring of others. producers were considering irritation, pride, envy, greed, despair, even schadenfreude. >> schadenfreude. >> that would have been hilarious.
8:18 am
in a 40-something world, i get it. director pete doctor said when they began research on the film, they learned scientists' theories vary on how many emotions humans have. the five chosen were with perfect to tell is the story of the little girl. george, you were correct. it does leave the door open to a sequel. considering the first film made $355 million. that sparks an emotion in the movie company. it's called pure joy. >> we saw it again this week end. it's so good. >> i would like to try out for schadenfreude if they decide to do it. a "pop news investigation." turns out your cat may be plotting to kill you. back to you. now, a study carried out by a uk umpbt and the bronx zoo proofs domestic house cats and the
8:19 am
they share contactist ix of aggression. both show tom nance and impulse i haveness. what is stopping fluffy from taking you out? simply her size, say scientists. the next time you sue fluffy licking her lips, it may not be because she's hungry for kibble. >> dan harris is not happy with you. he loves his cats. >> i think it's fascinating. cats look like they're smarter than us. >> like they're judges you. >> i hoped and wished as a kid that our cats were big like tigers. i guess not. >> i thought it with us a cool study. please address all complaints to the bronx zoo. alanis morissette in the next half hour. barbara walters as well. >> come on back. tt0w!t|%(q! el (;0, tt0w!t|%(q! ed (=2h tt0w!t|%(q% )8x-j-\
8:20 am
tt0w!t|%(q% kzx-wb tt0w!t|%(q% n-x-"+, >> >> this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: in everett high school football star is fighting for his life after he was stabbed. marvens fedna was walking with a group of friends saturday night, when he intervened in an attack. the state lottery commissioner is meeting today to discuss the future of fantasy sports in massachusetts. lottery leaders think the sites, like draftkings and fanduel, could be hurting lottery revenue. take a live look outside over the city. what a start to the day, the gorgeous sunshine it' s great. cindy: running in the lower 50' s. boston, 54. 37 in orange.
8:21 am
passing clouds beginning to go southward coming off some rain. bolinas he filtered sunshine as we come up into the low 60' s. at the rest of the week. bolinas be flirting with record highs in the 70' s. olessa: we are watching lots of volume if you are traveling 93 southbound to wilmington. eastbound on the pike, multi-car crash over on the nine. about 35 minutes out the 128. still heavy on the expressways. emily? emily: we' re back at 8:56 this morning.
8:22 am
to remind you of the mess you left [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. to "gma." alanis morissette. you oughtta know. it's not been 0 years since "jagged little pill." it cannot be. >> feels like 20 minutes. >> you'll be performing from that. and others. >> i got dressed up just for you. >> always a pleasure to have you. >> we're going to learn more that we didn't know about you. >> yes, i've been realizing things. i'm writing a book. there's a lot i'm learning about
8:23 am
my own self. >> what is the title? do you have it yet? >> no. it's part memoir. part what i like to think is we'll find out. today, thest the music. day. many women, you know, we hoard ore make our makeup. it may be time to throw out the stash of the old favorites you're holding on to just in case. yahoo! beauty editor in chief bob bobbi brown with the tips you need to clean up. >> the average consumer owns over 40 products. most women really use only about five to seven. fall is the best time to clean out your makeup drawer. everyone's drawer gets overloaded in the summer. here are my best tips. tip one, check expiration dates. get rid of all the makeup that's expired. most women hold on the old
8:24 am
even though they know it's expired. mascara only lasts from three to six months. ordinary than that, you're risking an eye infection. edit your products, make sure the colors are right for the season. fall, stick to colors a little richer in texture. you can never go wrong with a brown. tip three, only by product uy products that work with your lifestyle. if you don't want to spend an hour with your makeup, stick with easy colors. makeup. here's to a beautiful fall. >> are you going to confess? it's bad enough that we do that. >> we're going to stop it. sometimes i might give to it my daughters to play with. >> i've given to it my younger sister. >> which i won't anymore. >> it's over with. so many of us are guilty of that. george had chance to sit down with barbara walters just the here sit. >> so great to have barbara walters back here on "gma."
8:25 am
including the scandals and most controversial criminal cases in the country. she's shedding new light on them in barbara walters presents, american scandals. >> i committed adultery. that. >> reporter: they're some of the most memorable television interviews ever. the menendez brothers. >> just a nor tall kid. >> oh, eric, you're a normal kid who killed your parents. >> what's left to take? are you going to take my testicles and make earrings auto out of them? >> reporter: mark david chapman. >> i thought by killing him i would acquire his fame. >> reporter: barbara going back to the cases. she talks to gloria chapman. >> he calls and says he plans to kill john lennon. what did you think? >> i didn't believe him.
8:26 am
>> reporter: shares never before seen moments from her interview with jean harris. >> take those off when you -- >> i need them. >> fine. >> reporter: and a story that's taken 20 years to tell. what ever happened to kimberly mays, the baby switched at birth. she was 14 when barbara talked to her. >> don't you think when this is settled it will be better, darling? >> reporter: then she disappeared for years. >> there were reports that you were a stripper. >> yeah. >> were you? >> yes. >> tell me about it. >> reporter: it's a series you won't forget. barbara, lovely to see you. >> it is lovely to see you again. even though i'm talking about scandals. you want to tell me something? >> you tell us about the series. nothing to tell you now. >> it's a nine-part series. starts on monday. it is skal scandals that i have -- talked about before.
8:27 am
but we bring new material to it. jean harris, for example, remember her. the woman who killed -- >> the doctor. >> dr. tanauer. her sons said if she had behaved differently, she would vice president had to go to jail -- wouldn't have had to go to jail. and jonbenet ramsey. and they haven't found the killer. for a long time, her father was the suspect. >> the police were convinced of that. eventually, they were exonerated. you have a slip. >> jonbenet would have been 25 this year. that's hard to believe. do you think about what kind of woman she would have been? >> mostly, i think of her as a 6-year-old child that i remember. >> when you see, a 6-year-old playing in the park, do you -- >> it tugs at me. yeah.
8:28 am
a little bit. especially if they're a little girl, blond hair. yeah, it does. >> wow. so hard to believe she would be 25. >> she would have been 25. but this totally, he's remarried. happy, we hope. >> the killer never found. >> they never found him. he feels that the police bungled the whole investigation because the father. >> the story of patsy ramsey, so sad. >> she died of ovarian cancer. telling me she was looking forward to seeing jonbenet. he had a terrible time. he lost his house. went bankrupt. only in rekren years, you'll hear it, that his life has come together. it was one of the most terrible scandals. it still casts a had shadow.
8:29 am
long. tonight. that series begins. jesse and amy are here with me because we have a big on-set rivalry. gators. and amy, a huge, uga fan. >> yes. >> the big showdown this week end end. you had a wager. >> the loser had to wear the other team's jersey so -- >> so -- >> >> we can get rid of that. >> oh, i want you to understand how unbelievably painful this is for me. >> it's okay, honey. >> oh! amy, the orange and blue looks good on you. >> dogs, i still love you. >> can we see a little -- >> no, i did not agree to do that. go, dogs! >> now you know who won. >> next year. next year. >> you're on. >> bring that jersey. >> save it for next year.
8:30 am
arlington, new jersey, vikings. they're surrounding thus morning for the "gma" football countdown. the carolina panthers taking on the indianapolis coats. the coats. the colts. let's look at the weather forecast. charlotte for tonight's game, sponsored by nationwide is breezy. far from perfect. the kickoff temperature at 59. check out who the unsung cindy: good morning , we have some then cloudiness and lots of lower 50' s. should be 60 around lunchtime. we see the sun go down [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. george, we're having too good of a time out here. >> we feel your pain, amy.
8:31 am
coming up, stephen king here live. what scares the man behind your favorite horror stories. and his new project in just a minute. dear fellow citizen, pi get that it' s hard to say no pwhen your kids want toys, p because you' re saving for shoes. t and shoes. and shoes. p but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. r so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. psincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom
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8:33 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline test tex right now, i really love my job. because i am here now with the one and onld stephen king, the
8:34 am
here to tell us abhis latest book, "the bazaar of bad dreams." i'm beyond excited to be sitting with the master here. because, you know, i have told you, i won't say i'm your number one fan. we know how that goes in your stories. i'm one of your biggest fan zblps thank you for letting me scare the devil out of you. >> penny wise the clown, i'm never going the totally forgive you for that. >> the thing about pen any wise was i caught a whole generation with the miniseries, abc. tim curry as penny wise scarred a whole generation of people. i just love it. >> i know, i told you, you scared me. you said, good. this book is incredible. it's a series of short stories. i love how your describe. you're a novelist by trade. you say shorter stories can be invigorate ppg like a waltz with a stranger you'll never see
8:35 am
again. >> edgar allen poe said the ideal short story, the writer reads it in one sitting and the read reads it in one sitting pip think, you take a piece of short fiction and you can concentrate things, emotions, in that. i'm an emotional writer. i want to be confrontational. i want you to be mine. while i have that. so -- and -- with a short story, it's like -- distilling everything into a really potent mix. i love that. >> you have obviously so many classics. to many to name. >> let's name them. why not? >> why to do you think your stories have stood the test of time? you can go back and reread and are captivated like the first time. >> a lot of times, reads came to me in their teens or 0s. the books had a tendency to make
8:36 am
i think a lot of times, it was a question of, they got scared to death. and then they wanted more. so it is like the roller coaster. the they stand the test of time, that's a great thing. >> not if they do. they do. >> oh, amy. >> and 11-2-63, my favorite book of all time. i have agreed to let you interview me. we're going to do a reverse interview. are you ready? >> was the new york mar thoin? ments it was awesome. because i ran three miles of it. that's it. i wasn't a full marathoner. >> the b part of that question, did you gate blue blanket? >> i did not. like i said. i kind of cheated. >> well, three miles is three miles. kid? >> oh, you. thing. >> go me. >> you definitely. >> what in particular?
8:37 am
that's what you're good at. you're always -- there are no lox for the devil or the supernatural. you can't lock out a car that would eat you. you had so in creative ways to scare us that we couldn't protect ourselves from. >> a lot of this stuff is a time capsule thing. you read it in the daytime. you say okay. and then i get you at night. >> when i couldn't put an appendage out of the sheets. i was so afraid it would be chopped off. stephen king. thank you. >> amy robach, thank you. >> pick one up. it's out tomorrow. coming up, we have alanis morissette coming up.
8:38 am
[ duck quacks, wolf howls and wind whistling ]
8:39 am
but... the minx boot: t tested tough in the pacific northwest. [ wolf howls ] test text1 plain cc1 test message test text1 u i mean, this album changed a
8:40 am
lot of lives. alanis morissette's breakout album, "jagged little pill" the singer marking the 20th anniversary. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> gotta know. you to mind. the song that everybody talks about. you oughtta know. it's like carly simon, you're so vain. everyone wants to know who sit about? 20 years later, can you reveal? >> i wrote it for the sake of having fabt si revenge. not actual revenge. had it been real revenge, i would have had names and phone numbers. i'm not a fan of acting out of revenge. >> now kit be told. i've answered your we questions. what sit about the album that had impact? >> it was a wave of people wanting to hear what auz going
8:41 am
as a canadian, polite. but underneath, the emotions i wasn't allowed to feel. they came out when art was being written. >> what is your favorite? >> i love perfect on that record, actually. it still brings a tear to my eye. >> it does? that's wonderful. on the new album, you're doing some, i asked if you had new music. you said, new old. >> songs we wrote before jagged little pill. these are songs written leading up. i thought it would be fun to share them. >> i love that, robin. new music, old music. i bet there's a lot of the underbelly in there. right now, one top class of the classics. you're writing a book. you have an incredible podcast. conversations with alanis morissette morissette.
8:42 am
"you learn." hey hey oh oh i recommend getting to anyone oh, yeah, yeah i recommend walking around naked in your living room yeah swallow it down what a jagged little pill it feels so good swimming in your stomach wait until the dust settles you live, you learn
8:43 am
you cry, you learn you lose, you learn you bleed, you learn you scream, you learn i recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone i certainly do i recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at anytime oh, feel free throw it down the caution blocks you from the wind hold it up to the rays
8:44 am
you live, you learn you love, you learn you cry, you learn you lose, you learn you bleed, you learn you scream, you learn oh hey hey yeah yeah yeah wear it out the way a 3-year-old would do melt it down you're gonna have to eventually anyway
8:45 am
you live, you learn you choke, you learn you laugh you learn you cheese you learn and you pray you learn you ask you learn you laugh you learn oh, oh, oh
8:46 am
text2 test message test text1 underline how happy are we right now? how happy are we? >> such a great performance. >> thank you. >> you live, you learn. mgts i would love to. [ cheers and applause ] >>
8:47 am
this is the news center 5 eye-opener update. emily: i am emily riemer looking live over the boston skyline. temperatures pretty nice. cindy: definitely on the mild side for early november. the high clouds are shrinking southward coming off an area of south. we' ll see partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures come up to near 60 degrees by s by the afternoon hours. we are warming up into the low 70' s by the end of the week. emily: olessa, a tough commute this morning. olessa: eastbound side of the pipe, multicar crash by route nine, a 40 minute trip. if you travel northbound on the expressway, still heavy, 30 minutes. schedule. emily: police looking for these men and what they are calling a hate crime. the islamic center in burlington was spray- painted with graffiti
8:48 am
early sunday morning. this is the second time it was targeted in two years. the search is on from three puppies stolen from a shelter . the owner said the people came in asking about those puppies. join us for newscenter 5 at noon.
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