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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s newsletter, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. erika: good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i' m erika tarantal. emily: and i' m emily riemer. here are some of the stories happening right now. police officer is recovering after being broadsided.
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the people who vandalized an islamic temple over the weekend. emily: and an update on the f faro. but right now a local star football player is recovering, listed in fair condition at mass general. erika: he was stabbed on the newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live at everett high school with the latest on the investigation. todd: good afternoon. the classes are going on as normal at everett high school, but it is clear that the attack has shaken up a lot of people here. marvin is 16 years old, a junior, and highly respected by his coach and his team, the crimson tide. he was stabbed early sunday morning while walking home from a party. it happened at the intersection of broadway and chestnut. the coach said he was stabbed in the back and hand while coming to the aid of someone being attacked by a group of people. the superintendent said he did not know the attacker.
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the winning touchdown in their victory. he is now in fair condition following surgery yesterday. everett police say the investigation is continuing, but as of this hour note arrests have been made. -- no arrests have been made. erika: thank you. now to -- sky 5 over an accident in somerset that sent a state trooper to the hospital. a ford escort broadsided the police suv just before ten this morning, at the intersection of route 6 and brayton avenue. the trooper was taken to charlton memorial hospital in fall river with minor injuries. the driver of the escort was not hurt. police are investigating. new at noon, the fbi is now involved in the investigation of the disappearance of a weymouth man. 47-year-old norman lee vanished in march while snorkeling with his wife off grand cayman. his body was never found. lee was a comic book artist who worked on the avengers, spider-man, iron man and x-men. emily: right now, police are
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trying to capture these can' t -- these vandals caught on camera defacing an islamic center in burlington. police are calling it a hate crime and it is not the first time this place of worship admin targeted. two years ago the building was spray-painted. this time, we get a clear look at the suspects and their car. police say they sprayed "usa" on all sides of the building. the center president said he fears what more could happen. >> i am concerned about the safety of the people. what would be next? what will they do next? emily: and police are now looking for three men who were driving a white ford crown victoria. erika: we turn now to cindy and the weather and what a treat this weekend, right? cindy: i was going to say, it' s november? it doesn' t feel like it. it should be in the mid 50' s this time of year and notice the next several days, 60' s and even
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feeling more like september than november out there. around. we are sitting at 63 right now in boston. the wind is light, so we may see a seabreeze kicking in this afternoon. 61 employment. 58 currently in worcester. we had some high clouds and now they have shrunk back and are starting to filter up once again. the rain is trying to head northward, so it is running into high-pressure and it will not have much success getting in here. and notice as we go into the evening hours, temperatures falling back just a bit. the sun will be setting at 4:37 p.m. and temperatures will fall off a little bit after that. erika: new questions in the international plane crash mystery that killed more than 200 people this weekend in egypt. emily: abc' s elizabeth hur the
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possible bomb. elizabeth: a growing ministry in the egyptian desert, as investigators sifted through miles of debris, trying to figure out what brought down a commercial jet mid air. aviation officials say this too early to know whether it was an external force. >> perhaps it was a bomb that me to come apart, or perhaps it was some unknown structural failure where the airplane just came apart. that points one way or the other. elizabeth: it happened early saturday morning. over the next 20 they boarded to go home, the plane rose to 31,000 feet, but then data showed it climbing and descending several times, slowing to just 71 miles per hour before contact. out in the desert, investigators
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found the flight recorder quickly, but they may not hold any answers. >> this airplane came apart instantaneously, so they may not be any appropriate gate had show us what really happened on those lockboxes. the real evidence will be what the record shows us. elizabeth: 140 bodies, and grief stricken families must now go to the more to identify the loved ones. u.s. officials say right now there is no direct evidence of terrorism, but they are not ruling it out just yet. for the time being, several major airliners are rerouting their planes around the region as of a caution. erika: right now, the owner of the el faro cargo ship that disappeared last month has filed legal action i could block -- that could block legal action by families. it is saying it should not be held responsible for the tragedy.
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the families have already filed suit saying that the ship was not seaworthy. in the meantime, it may have been found. the navy is sending unmanned subs down 15,000 feet to get a closer look. one of board -- one woman of one of the men aboard -- one relative of the men aboard said she hopes it provides some insight into what happened. >> she knew the ship was sinking. if she had tried to figure out some way to save everybody on their, because that is how she was. erika: the ship will not be brought to the surface, but if remains are found in the navy will try to recover them. emily: this week the largest release of federal prisoners is expected to begin. drug sentences reduced under new federal guidelines allowing them to get out of prison early. 6,000 prisoners will be released nationwide. that includes 93 inmates here in
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massachusetts. about half of those people were convicted of heroin offenses. this afternoon president obama will visit an addiction new jersey. the trip is part of his recent focus on overhauling the criminal justice system. the white house is releasing a new plan to help former prisoners integrate back into the community. the new measures include eight million dollars in grants for education programs. and the housing department is releasing new public housing guidelines and issuing a grant to make it easier for inmates to find a place to live and reduce homelessness. erika: the state lottery commissioner is meeting today to discuss the future of fantasy sports in massachusetts. sites like draftkings and fanduel are under fire for so-called insider trading. state lottery leaders also want to know if the sites should be regulated. earlier this month, state treasurer deborah goldberg said fantasy sites could be hurting lottery revenue. local lawsuits have geico accused of avoiding medical claims from clinics in lower-income communities.
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the globe reports the insurer has sued local chiropractors and physical therapists, claiming they forced them into legal battles. most of those cases end up settling, with the practices promising to stop accepting geico clients. it' s meant to protect the company from fraud. the lawsuit strategy has been used in dorchester, roxbury, lawrence, brockton, and fall river. emily: northeastern university is going international. the school is announcing plans for a satellite campus in toronto next year. it would offer graduate programs for working professionals. northeastern has 3 other satellite campuses, in seattle, charlotte, and silicon valley. new at noon the show will go on. mayor walsh just announced the city of boston credit union will sponsor midnight fireworks at this year' s first night celebration. the credit union is donating $30,000 to allow the fireworks tradition to continue. it was in jeopardy with first night festivities being scaled back because of budget cuts.
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erika: in case you haven' t heard yet, the kansas city royals are the new world series champions. >> the inside corner. the royals, 2015 world champions. erika: they beat the new york mets in a 12 inning game that went past midnight. the royals pouring it on in the 12th inning, scoring five. this is their second world championship, but the first 1985. debate demands. republican candidates are teaming up, after last week' s widely criticized debate. the changes they' re now demanding. emily: the hunger games empire is expanding. the new attractions for fans in the works right now. cindy: above average temperatures today and they' re sticking around how close we get to record highs by the end of the week erika: we may still be seeing the effects of last year' s wicked winter. a mini baby boom that could be
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erika: and commitment 2016, this is the first t.v. ad for white house hopeful bernie sanders. the democrat is running the spot in new hampshire and iowa. more than 2 million dollars to days. running ads in key states for several months. emily: republicans are calling for changes in the debate format in the wake of the highly criticized the end -- cnbc debate. represented as for the candidate, including trump and carson, gather together to reshape their parties debate. here are the new guidelines they are suggesting. >> candidates have found something they can agree on. they' re calling for change after last week' s debate moderated by
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>> cap isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are called -- we are talking about fantasy football? >> it is not a very nicely asked question. >> even in new jersey what you are doing is called root. carolyn: the meeting did not include the republican national committee, but today the party chair set they have their support -- said they have their support. chairman previous: the debate over sanctioning or not is with the cnbc. >> should have moderators who are interested in disseminating the information about the candidates as opposed to, you know, gotcha. >> if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don' t get to moderate a republican primary debate. carolyn: the changes agreed to indict closed-door meeting
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include largely bypassing the rnc and coordinating with host. and equal questions for all the candidates as well as mandatory opening and closing statements. the letter will officially outlined the request in the coming days. emily: the city of boston is getting tough on indycar promoters ahead of a labor day race. the grand prix of boston is supposed to happen in september 2016. on friday, the herald obtained an email, showing the mayor wants indycar to finalize deals with state agencies in the next 2 weeks. mayor walsh has signed a deal with indycar that could put taxpayers on the hook for security and road improvements. erika: sprint is cutting jobs. more details are expected tomorrow, when the wireless carrier releases its second quarter results. but a spokesperson says the carrier needs to cut expenses by as much as $2.5 billion. that means some of sprint' s 31,000 employees will be laid-off. the company posted a 20 million dollar loss in the first quarter.
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ferry is in question this morning after a federal judge in maine ordered marshals to seize it. it comes after portland pilots, the company that provides services to the ferry, says it' s owed $200,000. this new trouble comes as the nova scotian government says it is ending its contract with nova star, in favor of another company. a spokesman for nova star says it will fulfill its obligations in the next few weeks. emily: it has been nine months since we saw the state buried in snow, forcing people to stay home. now some ambulance companies are getting ready for the arrival of so-called blizzard babies. there is a mini baby boom that some are expecting. he was born on wednesday in the ambulance outside his parents house. mom and dad said they could not get to the hospital and they are not alone. brewster said they have had five calls like this in just the past two weeks. >> here are some of the positives that are coming out of that storm, and i think there
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emily: base hit abel fichte to kids, regardless of what happens this winter. that it -- they say they will stick to the two kids, regardless of what happens this winter. erika: i hear you. cindy: it is just glorious outside right now. it is hard to believe a year ago on this day is actually snowed around here. we had 1.5 inches around plymouth county. 63 right now in boston. these are the forecast highs today across the country. in the lower 70' s, and the way our jet stream is configured this week, it is with a rich -- a ridge and as it lives to the north, and brings in some of the milder air. we will be running tend to 15 degrees or higher above the average for high temperatures this week.
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beverly on the north shore. s. fitchburg. we started out in the 30' s around or inch it is now 60 degrees. cooler in the higher elevations today. lower 60' on the cape. 63 right now in nantucket. we had these high-level clouds that have been very thin and filtering the sunshine at times. a few more will be coming in from the west. we will continue to see that here. there is rain to our south trying to lift our direction, but it is running into high-pressure. it will never get here, even though we need it. light winds along the coastline. i think we are at our high temperatures there now.
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the sun is setting at 4:37 p.m. the clouds are the biggest around the cape and the islands. sin out. it will be cooler tomorrow morning compared to this morning. s in boston down to the cape. s for the overnight temperatures. high-pressure is pretty much right on top of us tomorrow and will begin to make that slight shift to the east. that will allow a southwesterly wind to develop and that will cap into some of the warmer air off to the west. tomorrow. from the lower 60' s tomorrow. i see a lot of sunshine coming on tuesday. ms. 60' s through the merrimack valley. 60' 60' valley. a bit of a seabreeze developing
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the coastline, upper 50' s to near 60' s and warmer over the interior. record warm temperatures thursday into friday. the records stand in a low 70' s in boston coming up on friday. we will be very close to the numbers. it will be a chance of a spot shower during the morning hours as the clouds increase. we will have to watch how much cloud cover we have on friday to see if we can get close to that record -- to those records. as we head into the weekend, we will cool down into the 60' s on saturday and then a front comes in with highs only in the 50' s by sunday. a nice warm week to enjoy. erika: a pit bull has a long recovery ahead of her after she was found starving near railroad tracks in claremont, new hampshire. a shelter owner is now caring for hope. she says hope' s condition was one of the worst she' s seen in 19 years. and there' s no way it happened overnight. someone out walking their dog found hope last week.
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pounds, about half of what she should weigh. says that means someone not have been able to get there on her own. >> her condition when she was walked there. the vet said probably another gone. erika: sullivan estimates hope is between 1 and 4-years-old, and says she' ll need extra care for a long time. emily: katniss everdeen is getting her very own theme park. roller coasters and other rides based on the hunger games movie franchise will anchor amusement parks in the u.s. and china. the first park could open as early as 2019. the last of the movies in the hunger games series hits theaters next month. erika: pope francis is planning a long-awaited trip to mexico. he will arrive february 12 to the heavily roman catholic country. he is expected to address violence as well as migration. an impressive marathon runner completes a life-long goal.
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emily: a marathon runner from las vegas crosses a new threshold. erika: he completed running a marathon in every state, completing in new hampshire. a michigan woman achieves an and item at the top of her bucket list, getting her high-school diploma. margaret bekema is 97-years-old. she was forced to drop out in 1932 to take care of her younger siblings. last week, her high school presented her with an honorary diploma. happy, she didn' t know how to thank them. the can almost see their -- there, little tears. emily: a really great story. erika: the run walk and wheels took place yesterday. proceeds will help build an all s,
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and helped to inspire the ice bucket challenge and spread awareness more than ever before. emily: erika: that' s newscenter a really good crowd out there. 5 at noon. keep up with breaking news all afternoon on and our mobile apps. emily: we' ll see you back here at 5 o' clock. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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