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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 3, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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east coasters got step it up? very nice. turn a bad situation into something good. >> absolutely. >> emily: good morning. it's tuesday, november 3. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. breaking news on the eyeopener right now. a deadly shooting in boston's dorchester neighborhood. the manhunt underway right now. emily: a toxic trick found in a halloween candy bag. the warning to parents right now. philadelphia prompting changes the safety upgrade planned for the mbta's commuter rail. emily: we will get to all of those stories first cindy is here. temperatures dropped overnight. cindy: quite bit different as morning. we were in the 50's yesterday morning. starting out clear and 47 this morning in boston. there are lots of 30's though to the north and west. beverly 39. we are hovering just above freezing in jaffrey.
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and notice orange is at the freezing mark right now. south of town we're sitting at freezing in norwood with 30's down to the cape in falmouth on the vineyard as well. so it is a cold start but the skies are clear. clouds. a few rain and even snow showers moving this way. this is all trying to ease toward high pressure basically england this morning. it'sing if to give us a lot of sunshine here throughout the day so i expect sunshine from start to finish. sun is up at 6:20 this morning. temperatures will be running in the mid 40's on average. we do climb into the 60's this afternoon. in fact, about 65 on the cape. to the upper 60's elsewhere. looking for a high of 68 in boston. keep in mind an average high this time of year is about 56 degrees so another mild november ahead. right now though we get you out to the roads. olessa: a live look outside. a problem-free start if you're heading out along the pike. by allston/brighton looking good in both directions. let's get to maps and check the rest of that ride. overnight construction still in place.
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also as you travel south of there on 95 northbound side by 128. construction by great plain avenue. both sides of 128 and then along the pike by newton corner. your last project 128 southbound from 4 and 225 down to route 2 and so far we're expecting the trains and the buss to start the morning on schedule. randy, emily. emily: thank you. breaking news out of captain on. a stabbing there prompting a stand-off. randy: this all happening on washington street. police tell newscenter 5 one person was stabbed and taken to a nearby hospital. it's unclear how serious the injuries are at this hour. the stabbing then caused a stand-off. we are on the scene this morning. we'll bring you more information as we get it here on the "eyeopener." emily: breaking overnight. right now boston police are searching for a killer after a man was gunned down in dorchester. it happened just after midnight on shepton street. police say the victim was shot several timesand died at the scene. we'll bring you new information as we get it. randy: more breaking news.
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took place on board that russian plane right before it crashed in egypt. news agency inter-facts reports the crew was taken by surprise and had no time to issue a distress call. senior defense leaders say that an american satellite detected a heat flash at the same time the plane went down over egypt. u.s. intelligence analysts believe that it could have been an explosion caused by the fuel tank or a bomb. all 224 people on board were killed. emily: a suffolk county corrections officer is facing charges accused of attacking a teenager. police say jeffrey parillo confronted a group of teens sunday night at the norton reservoir. he told them he was a police officer but was not in uniform. an argument escalated, and police say parillo yanked a teenager out of the car. the teen's friends jumped in and pinned parillo until other officers arrived. he is now on administrative leave. randy: police are urging parents to take a second look at their children's halloween candy after
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the bags of two children. the poisonous cleaner was found in the candy bags of a 6- and 14-year-old. this was in hop kin tin. the kids don't know each other. they know who gave it to them. the kids don't know each other and don't remember who gave it to them, but police say they were both trick-or-treating along residential streets near the center of town. police in hudson, new hampshire, want to know who put this razor blade in a kid's trick-or-treat bag. the blade was not in a piece of candy but loose in the bag. the child's parent found it before it did any damage. emily: new this morning. a major change is in the works for the "t" commuter rail after this deadly crash, and it comes with a major price tag. the eye's todd kazakiewich is at south station in boston this morning. todd, this is all about safety? todd: we are, emily. we're talking about a new system installed on all commuter rail lines that would automatically slow trains down. that system, called "positive train control," is designed to
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back in may, an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia killing eight people. federal law already requires that safety mechanism be installed by this year, but congress passed an extension. installation on the commuter rail comes with a price tag of more than $451 million. federal loans are expected to be part of the financing. it would also require weekend shutdowns on the rails starting in march 2017. the "t" admits it does not have the money for this project. it also comes as they are trying to keep costs down without raising fares. reporting live from south station this morning, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new this morning, the family of an everett teenager stabbed while trying to save another person is calling the victim a hero. the eye's erika tarantal joins us as the victim shows signs of improvement this morning. erika: randy, that's right. good morning to you. marvens fedna has been upgraded from critical to fair condition following sunday morning's attack. his brother saying the teen was just doing what he always does-- help out.
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fedna was stabbed while trying to stop a fight after one group of boys attacked another on the street. his brother says he's not surprised, telling "the herald," quote, "that's the type of person he is. anyone who would be in that type of situation, he'd try his best to defend them or to help out someone who screamed for help and he was right there." on saturday afternoon, fedna helped lead everett to a playoff victory of st. john's prep. everett's mayor says police are determined to find the people behind the attack. emily? emily: erika, thanks. the massachusetts lottery is considering its own fantasy sports website. mass lotto says sites like draftkings and fanduel pose a threat to lottery revenue. so they want to build their own site to compete. lottery leaders insist they will not drive foot-traffic away from small businesses that rely heavily on lottery sales. that proposal comes as state lawmakers consider regulations the controversial keystone pipeline project hits another bump in the road. the company behind the project
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to halt its review. trans-canada says it needs more time to negotiate with the state of nebraska in the best route. the move comes before the obama administration was expected to reject the pipeline for environmental reasons. 4:37. are schools in massachusetts not getting the money they need? randy: the under-funding complaints against the state. a teenager wrongly charged with rape is going after his accusers. the lawsuit he's filing against his city after charges were dropped. erika? erika: following breaking news overnight. a stabbing investigation prompting a standoff right now in canton. plus a deadly shooting under investigation in dorchester. police are now searching for the gunman. cindy? cindy: another mild november day ahead after a chilly start. when we approach record highs this week. emily: bring your newborn to work? the extra help this little one
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>> it won't happen again. randy: an apology from one of two teenagers accused of vandalizing an islamic center in burlington. police say the 18-year-olds confessed to spray-painting graffiti on the building. they say it was a prank, but police call it a hate crime. surveillance video led to the quick arrests. police say the teens also threw eggs at the building and admitted they had been drinking. it's been rough. i mean your life is put on hold for two years. emily: a local teen is trying to clear his name after rape charges against him were dropped. this morning, he's suing his
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back. in 2013, galileo mondol was accused of raping a teammate with a broomstick at a soccer camp. he maintained his innocence and rejected a plea deal. last april, just days before his trial, an e-mail stated that the district attorney dropped charges. now, the teen is suing the city of somerville, including the mayor, to get his life back. >> if you were to google my name right now people who didn't know my situation would still think that there were some sort of charges pending against me because there's been no coverage and no real acknowledgment that i was wrongfully accused. emily: the mayor's officer released a statement saying, "the city disputes the facts as alleged in the complaint, and we fully expect that the legal process will reveal that this lawsuit is unfounded." still ahead this morning, google testing drones for delivery. randy: the steps the company is taking to make it happen. a bizarre mascot hits the polls in ohio.
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>> baby caden, just over a week old. this is his first weather-cast. we're going to go through this thing here. emily: a special guest at an oklahoma television station. a meteorologist brought in his newborn son to help him with the forecast. one-week-old caden managed to get through almost all of it but started crying when his dad warned of fog. and that was the end of that. caden draws the line at fog. cindy: cute, right. emily: can you imagine your kids
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cindy: no. they're seven and ten. they'd be very heavy, right? randy: at least no diaper changes. that's good. cindy: there you go, right. great weather. are you kidding me. yesterday was fantastic. today will be even warmer. take a look at the overall pattern. notice where the warmth is. it is in the middle of the country. that is still yet to move in our direction. we were warm yesterday. we're going to be on the mild side today but the core of this warm air really comes at us late in the week. temperatures going to continue to run above the average which is 56 this time of year. we're talking 60's, yes, and even 70's so well above average temperatures here for november. so it's a warm, dry pattern. we could be flirting with some the week. but it will turn cooler this weekend. last forever. we'll cool it down a bit for the weekend. it is in the 30's and 40's out the door this morning. boston 47. worcester 48. notice up on the north shore, beverly 39. we're right around the freezing
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also near freezing, norwood to taunton down on the vineyard as well. 34 degrees. 39 in falmouth. it's quite a bit colder out the yesterday morning when a lot of 50's. you'll feel the difference. notice how clear the skies are here in southern new england but to the north there are clouds even a few rain and snow showers traversing eastward here north of the canadian border into northern maine. this won't bother us associated with that push of warmer air starting to move on in. high pressure will dominate our weather today. it is sinking in, pressing this storminess to our south. farther to the south and east. we'll see less cloud cover than we did yesterday. it will be a mostly sunny day and mild on average we're coming in between 56 and 70 degrees with a southwesterly wind. our coolest spots today will be down on the cape. and that wind is going to be strong enough to keep the sea breeze away so marshfield, 67. boston 68. look at nashua, lawrence. so close to that 70-degree mark. upper 60's to near 70 today. you can see all the sunshine
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today. we're going to keep it clear overnight. so temperatures tonight are going to be dropping down once again into the 30's and 40's, likely closer to 50 degrees. coming up tonight in boston. high pressure begins to shift eastward tomorrow. and so with lighter winds tomorrow, i do think we'll contend with a sea breeze. look what happens as we get into thursday. warmer southerly winds take hold so i think the temperatures start to pick up here starting on thursday. sea breeze. mid 60's inland. upper 50's at the coast. and although thursday is going to be a warmer day, you'll notice more clouds around. not so much in the morning hours. i think we'll hang on to a good amount of sunshine through early afternoon but as we get towards late afternoon and the evening on in. but the timing of those clouds will determine how close we get to that 70-degree mark. i think we have the best chance of getting record high temperatures coming up on friday. you know the average high is in the mid 50's. look at these records. lower 70's boston. worcester the record high is 70. 72 in providence.
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we are going to be close to those record high temperatures coming up on friday. a front comes through on friday evening with some gusty winds and behind it there you see reality settling in for the weekend. upper 50's on saturday. upper 40's for highs on sunday. some of us are walking out the door with that right now. big changes by the weekend. olessa: until reality hits we'll make-believe. thank you. so far a quiet start on the roads for you this morning. a live look outside. there's the pike by moving away. ride. all that overnight construction is still in place. 93 southbound approaching the zakim bridge. we're also watching some roadwork as you get beyond that southbound. 95 north that construction still in place as well by 128. still watching the roadwork on 128. by route 9 out to great plain avenue. once again along the pike by newton corner. your last construction zone 128 south from 4 and 225 down to route 2 and so far we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. randy? randy: thank you. a new shake-up in commitment
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2016. another poll shows ben carson at the top of the republican race nationwide. carson surges to 29% in the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. donald trump follows with 23%. then marco rubio with 11. ted cruz at 10. and jeb bush with 8. it's the second national poll in a week showing carson in the lead. voters head to the polls today in communities across the state, including boston. the most closely watched contest is in district 4. that's where long-time councilor charles yancey finished second in the preliminary election to challenger andrea joy campbell. there are also mayoral races in play today including a new mayor for medford for the first time since 1988. current mayor michael mcglynn is retiring. polls open at 7:00 in boston, but other polling hours vary from town to town. emily: this morning state lawmakers are sounding the alarm over education costs in massachusetts. a new report by a special panel
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claims the state is underestimating those costs by at least a billion dollars a year. the budget review commission blames the shortage on the high cost of employee health insurance and special education. that forces schools to make cuts in other areas like books, technology, the arts, and counseling. randy: more fallout this morning for volkswagon. accusations of cheating on emissions tests. the e.p.a. says the automaker installed software designed to with three-liter six-cylinder engines. this new probe includes 2014-2016 models. volkswagon previously acknowledged rigging emissions tests for four-cylinder diesel engines. emily: tech giant google hopes to start using drones to deliver packages in 2017. the company is in talks with the federal aviation administration about setting up an air traffic control system for the devices. amazon is also working to make drone delivery an option for their customers. the f.a.a. is expected to publish final rules for
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commercial drone operation next year. asian stocks break a five-day losing streak overnight. new data indicating a turn in the global economy helped secure those gains. meantime, u.s. stock futures are down at his hour following monday's closing bell. the dow adding 165 points to close at 17,828. 4:51. a check of the stories trending on the eyeopener. randy: american pharoah has officially retired. dozens came out to keeneland, kentucky, yesterday to send off the triple crown winner. the three-year-old colt was escorted to ashford stud farm for his retirement. american pharoah won his final race, the breeder's cup classic, on saturday. emily: a new mascot is taking on the fight to legalize marijuana. he calls himself buddy. and he's drawing attention to an upcoming vote in ohio on whether or not to legalize the drug. today's ballot question will mark the first time voters will
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marijuana at the same time as recreational marijuana. randy: a legendary character gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. charlie brown's dog snoopy becomes the first animated beagle to get the honor. his star is located next to charles m. schultz, the creator of the "peanuts" cartoons. other animated characters along the walk include bugs bunny, mickey mouse, and the simpsons. a startling new study on teenagers and their devices. emily: just how much time they're spending with them. it will surprise you. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, get more out of your workout. the moves to make before you hit
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randy: it is 4:5. we're following breaking news overnight emily: boston police are searching for the gunman in a deadly shooting in dorchester. it happened just after midnight on shepton street. police say the victim was shot several times and died at the scene. also breaking one person is hurt after a stabbing in canton. that stabbing sparking a stand-off on washington street. it's unclear how serious the victim's injuries are right now. we do have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more information as we get it. randy: the navy confirms the wreck found deep in the water off the coast of the bahamas is the missing cargo ship "el faro."
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on finding the ship's "black box" which could reveal what happened before it sank during hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members were lost. three of them -- jeff mathias, keith griffin, and mariette wright -- had ties to massachusetts. emily: the f.b.i. is joining the murder case of a new hampshire woman, shot while out for a walk. denise robert was killed in august. a homeowner near the scene says she has signed a consent form allowing police to search her yard. a reward being offered has topped $42,000. randy: four men are on the loose accused in this armed robbery in worcester. you can see one of the suspects waving a knife at the clerk monday night. they stole cash and cigarettes from the edgemere minimart before ransacking the place. nobody was hurt. emily: the chipotle e-coli outbreak could be growing. a dozen more people in washington state are being tested for the illness. so far, 22 cases are confirmed. the company closed 43 stores in the pacific northwest as a
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precaution. investigators say most, but not all, of the patients say they ate at chipotle. having a family dog could help your kids breathe easier. a new study finds babies who had dogs in their first year of life had a 15% lower rate of asthma than those who did not. exposure to farm animals dropped the asthma risk 52% in school-aged children. randy: if you're a parent, this may not surprise you. teenagers are having a hard time disconnecting. common sense media is releasing a study today that shows teens spend an average of nine hours a day on various devices. the study shows two-thirds of teenagers listen to music every day, and 58% watch t.v. every day. researchers call the findings astounding and say more research needs to be done to determine the impact on kids. a connecticut hockey player gets the phone call of a lifetime as he prepares for the fight of his life.
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emily: eight-year-old beny berges needs brain surgery to fix a blood vessel problem that's been causing painful headaches for months. before he left to see doctors in arizona, his hockey team threw him a party and then the phone rang. >> it's pa treej bergeron from the boston bruins. his favorite player, his life-long hero. >> he said that he's glad i'm a fan and said he'd pray he'd cheer for me and i will cheer for him. emily: beny's fight has gone viral. people all over the country are tweeting their support. randy: good luck to him during the recovery. emily: and this morning another mild start in most places, right, cindy? cindy: temperatures will be warming well above the average by this afternoon. we got to 64 yesterday afternoon in boston. forecasting upper 60's for highs today. look at this. by the end of the week, we are going to be at or above 70 degrees in many areas so mild
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temperatures here for early november. you can actually see back toward toronto, it's 52. compare that to 39 in banger, maine. there's a warm front many boundary pushing in some of this warmer air. to the north, that has allowed a little bit of cloud cover. you can see here locally we're starting out in the 30's and 40's, even near the freezing mark in norwood. 32 in orange. it is colder out the door this morning. with bright sunshine we'll warm it up nicely through the afternoon. that warm frontal boundary lifts north ward. high pressure dominates our weather. we're talking about sunshine today across the northeast. we're only in the upper 60's. look at new york and philly and d.c. all in the lower 70's today and it's even warmer here in the middle of the country. that's the surge of warmth that comes our way by friday. we are going to be flirting with record high temperatures. record for worcester is 70 degrees on friday. it is 7 in boston. we are going to be close to those values so we're talking about temperatures warming up through the week.
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