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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 3, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." several breaking stories on the eye. a stand-off in canton. the attack leading to a swat team response. randy: a man killed on a boston street. the violent night that has police searching for a gunman. emily: new details on the cockpit recordings of a doomed passenger flight. the unusual sounds raising suspicions this morning. randy: a nasty trick hidden among halloween treats. the poisonous find in two candy bags. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning!
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"eyeopener." emily: 6:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning, at first glance you might not notice but that is not a diamond. the engagement ring taking a bite out of tradition ahead. you get it? do you guys get it? cindy: i get it unfortunately. i'm going to stop there. emily: good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. that ring is smiling at you. cindy: clever. there you go. out the door. so layers are key today because it's going to warm up wonderfully this afternoon. you can see the sun there starting to get close to the horizon. 6:20 officially the sunrise. the kids will want a jablght at the bus stop this morning. lots of low 40's. upper 60's though as they're getting off the bus this afternoon. lots of sunshine today. right now temperatures are in the upper 30's in beverly. we're 45 worcester. 47 in boston but look at orange. below freezing. norwood is at freezing.
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we're running in the mid 30's from new bedford down to the cape. the vineyard as well. plymouth at 37 degrees. it is keeled out there this morning. skies are clear here across northern new england clouds and actually aing bit of snow. up around maine right now this is associated with a warm frontal boundary. it's the leading edge of a push of warmer temperatures that will work on in. we don't need to worry about that. high pressure in southern new england is giving us sunshine. basically wall to wall all day long. the temperatures come up quickly. by 10:00 a.m. a lot of mid 50's. we're in the 60's here through the afternoon. a few towns may approach or even touch that 70-degree mark like waltham and framingham today. boston 68. nashua 69. mid to upper 60's here through worcester county. south of boston lots of upper 60's from brockton to bridgewater. norwood from the 30's now. you may touch 70 this afternoon. with a southwesterly wind about 10-15 miles per hour mid 60's for you on cape cod. it turns into a really mild november afternoon. let's get you out to the roads right now and see how that tuesday morning commute is
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shaping up. olessa: good morning. shape. somerville. southbound side just picking up delays. doesn't look too bad. to the maps. south of town 24 building volume out of brockton. 95 looks good. route 3 stop-and-go from route 18 up to the braintree split once you get there 25 min its the expressway into boston. 128. and 93 south some volume out of methuen. once again as you travel 93 down to spot pond from concord street. so far the trains and buses operating on schedule. randy, emily. emily: thank you. breaking right now an attack triggering a heavy police response in canton. randy: the "eyeopener"'s pam cross is at the scene with the new information just coming in. pam? pam: good morning, yes, it's starting to get light. you can take a look and see all of the police cars in the middle of the street. we are now learning that two brothers are involved. this apparently started with a stabbing.
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rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the other is inside barricaded in the house. police have tried to talk with him. we're told that police have not had luck reaching this individual yet. traffic though, it is commuting hour. traffic is beginning to pick up. washington street into canton is blocked between dedham and randolph streets. that's the situation here in canton about a block from the police department. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: pam, thank you. also breaking right now. boston police are searching for a killer after a man was gunned down in dorchester. it happened just after midnight on shepton street. police say the victim was shot several times and died at the scene. we'll bring you new information as we get it. more breaking news. the black box recordings suggest an emergency situation took place on board a russian plane before it crashed. news agency interfax reports the
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call. senior defense officials say an american satellite detected a heat flash at the same time the plane went down over egypt. u.s. intelligence analysts believe it could have been an explosion caused by the fuel tank or a bomb. all 224 people on board were killed. randy: it's five minutes after 6:00. right now, hopkinton police are trying to track down the person who handed out toxic treats to kids on halloween. that's poisonous toilet bowl cleaner that turned up in candy bags of two kids, 6- and 145year-olds. the blue disks still in their original packing. printed right on the back-- "keep out of the reach of children" the kids don't know each other and don't remember who gave it to them, but police say they were both trick or treating along residential streets near the center of town. residents shocked, saying it's hard to believe any one could be so malicious. >> i think it's inhumane to do that to like a six-year-old. >> it's pretty malicious that
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people are doing with such an innocent holiday that's supposed to be fun for the kids. randy: police here are interviewing witnesses. no one has been arrested or charged. right now police in hudson, new hampshire, want to know who put this razor blade in a kid's trick-or-treat bag. the blade was not in a piece of candy but loose in the bag. the child's parent found it before it did any damage. emily: new this morning the family of an everett teenager stabbed while trying to save another person is calling the victim a hero. the eye's erika tarantal joins us as the victim shows signs of improvement this morning. erika: marvens fedna has been condition following sunday morning's attack. his brother saying the teen was just doing what he always does-- helping out. fedna was stabbed while trying to stop a fight after one group of boys attacked another on the street. his brother says he's not surprised, telling "the herald," quote, "that's the type of person he is. anyone who would be in that type of situation, he'd try his best to defend them or to help out. someone screamed for help and he
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was right there." on saturday afternoon, fedna helped lead everett to a playoff victory of st. john's prep. everett's mayor says police are determined to find the people behind the attack. emily: right now. a suffolk county corrections officer is facing charges accused of attacking a teenager while armed. police say jeffrey parillo confronted a group of teens sunday night at the norton reservoir. they were hanging out in a car when parillo demanded one of them get out of the vehicle. witnesses say parillo told the teens he was a police officer, but they had no reason to believe him. that's when parillo allegedly pulled one of the teens out of the car. friends came to the rescue, pinning the officer down until police arrived. neighbors we talked to are in shock. >> i just know he's a nice guy from a neighborhood standpoint. >> he's a cop. you know all that. it just didn't seem to be in his nature. emily: parillo is now on administrative leave. today in communities across the
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state. that includes in the city of boston where members of city council are on the ballot. the most closely watched contest is in district 4. that's where longtime councilor charles yancey finished second in the preliminary election to challenger andrea joy campbell. there are also mayoral races in play today, including a new mayor for medford for the first time since 1988. current mayor michael mcglynn is retiring. polls open at 7:00 in boston, but other polling hours vary from town to town. emily: commitment 2016. another poll showing ben carson's popularity among g.o.p. voters in growing. carson surges to 29% in the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. donald trump has 23%. he's followed by marco rubio with 11%. ted cruz at 10%. and jeb bush with 8%. it's the second national poll in a week showing carson in the lead. a new push to find a republican to challenge new hampshire senator kelly ayotte in the state's primary. former new hampshire house speaker bill o'brien has scheduled a private meeting of
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conservative house members and activists. o'brien says time and time again, the republican senator has sided with the obama agenda. >> just as we were beginning to make progress, kelly ayotte joined the democrats to blow that progress apart. been scheduled for tomorrow night. when asked about the meeting by our sister station wmur, senator ayotte declined to comment. randy: there is a new setback this morning for the controversial keystone pipeline project. the company behind the project is asking the state department to halt its review. trans-canada says it needs more time to negotiate with the state of nebraska about the best route through the state. the move comes before the obama administration was expected to reject it over environmental reasons. emily: it is 6:09 this morning. a scandal at the vatican leading to the arrests of two insiders. randy: the men accused of betraying pope francis. and he was just 16 when a paper
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boston marathon bombing. now the teenager-- once known as "the bag man"-- is breaking his silence. >> there is a formula but it's not about numbers. it's not about what people think. emily: the foods choices you need to eat to maximize your workout. erika? erika: we are following several first to canton where there's a stand-off with police on washington street. we just learned it started when a man stabbed his brother in a home. the victim is expected to survive but the suspect is barricaded inside the home. our pam cross is on the scene gathering information. plus boston police say a man is times. it happened on shepton street in cindy. cindy: we are going to climb into the upper 60's today but we're not done there. it is going to get warmer as the week wears on. when to expect the warmest day of the week ahead. take a look at the temperatures as you're heading out the door this morning. 40's right now boston and worcester.
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. >> the boston college high school soccer team. we are proud to wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness
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good morning, "eyeopener." randy: good morning to you. the b.c. high soccer teams just wrapped up their annual fundraiser to fight breast cancer. very colorful. they also wore pink all month long to honor those who are still battling that disease. emily: we'd love to see how you're helping out your community. shoot a wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: if you're going to wear pink, wear a pink coat. at least this morning. cindy: you'll carry it this afternoon. it's all the layers. a chilly start but a really nice finish. we're getting spoiled here in the east. look what they're dealing with out west. it is november. so this is not unusual. a couple weeks early for them but heavy snow on mount hood yesterday in oregon. levels at 4,000 feet. the kids loved it. but it did accumulate. oregon not the only place getting snow. check out this swirl in the radar imagery right here.
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upper-level lows spinning snow through nevada all the way up toward montana. this is where all the action is. you look at the country. out west. everything is moving up like this. there's a big bubble of warmth in the nation's mid section with the jetstream sending that warmer air in our direction. today. notice it's a little warmer to will be here. so it's going to get even warmer here over the next couple of days. we're talking about temperatures running a good 10-15 degrees above average for this time of year. we should be in the mid 50's. lots of 60's and even lower 70's in your seven-day forecast. it's a mild temperaturate pattern we're in right now. the skies are. sun coming up officially at 6:20. chilly right now. 47 in boston. with light winds, the sun usuals have really cooled down. beverly. it's 35 in bedford. nashua 35 degrees. we're 45 at the airport in worcester but look at orange at 31. norwood 32. maybe a little frost down this way. we have mid 30's down to the south coast. the cape as well. even 5 on the vineyard this morning.
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it is a cold start. clear skies here to the north. new england. even some rain and snow heading into northern maine. that's a warm front. that push of warmer air starting to come on in. high pressure will keep a lot of that cloudiness we had yesterday away from us. so it is sunny and mild. by lunchtime we're coming up to 65 degrees. sunset at 4:5 as temperatures 60's. upper 60's boston to lawrence and nashua. mid 60's worcester. with that southwesterly wind low to mid 60's on cape cod. we're falling back tonight. mostly in the 40's. our coldest suburbs will be in the upper 30's. and tomorrow is a day that features a lot of sunshine. but with high pressure right on top of us, there will be light winds. there will be a sea breeze tomorrow. it won't be as warm as today. that will change on thursday. we'll get more of a southerly wind. that will eventually lead to more cloud cover. brighter skies today into tomorrow. it will be a little bit cooler. only 59 at the coast with a sea breeze. and then the trade-off for that 70-degree temperature on thursday, yeah, more clouds.
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i think the brightest skies will be in the morning. more clouds come in in the afternoon. can't even rule out a spot shower thursday nights into early friday. if we can sneak out enough sunshine on friday, we have a chance at getting to these record high temperatures. the record in boston is 7. on friday that was set back in 1959. i'm forecasting 71 so we will be very close to these record highs. front comes in friday evening with gusty winds and then bhind it, reality settling in for the weekend. olessa: we won't think about that for now. cindy: 40's and 50's is where we should be for november. olessa: thank you, cindy. fairly quiet start. we're watching two accidents just cleared on the expressway. you can see the northbound side head to go the top of the screen there already slow. from those two accidents. one near furnace brook. another by columbia road. both of those now on the shoulder but expect that volume. let's get over to the maps now ride. as you travel south once again there are those delays. lit cost you 30 minutes from braintree to boston. the pike eastbound still looks okay this morning. almost 20, 495 out to 128.
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southbound over on boxford by topsfield road. delays 93 south out of methuen and again approaching spot pond. trains and buses still running on schedule. emily. emily: thank you. the scandal surrounding leaks of classified vatican documents intensifying this morning. two members of pope francis's financial reform commission have been arrested as part of an investigation into stolen documents. and two books are due out this week detailing fiscal mismanagement and resistance to changes francis has tried to make. the vatican calls the books a quote "grave betrayal" of pope francis's trust. randy: a teenager in this area was wrongly accused by a newspaper of being involved in the marathon attack. this morning, that young man is breaking his silence. saladin bar hoom was just 16 when "the new york post" put him on the front page, labeled him a "bag man," and said he was being sought in connection with the bombing. the revere teen, who had nothing to do with the attack, sued the paper and settled.
6:18 am
state and trying to move on. reporter: is it over for you? >> yes. of course it's over. now all i'm trying to do is be successful in life and move on. randy: bar hoom plans to share his story with his classmates with a speech on campus later this week. emily: asian stocks break a five-day losing streak overnight. new data indicating a turn in the global economy helped secure those gains. meantime, u.s. stock futures are down at his hour following monday's closing bell. the dow adding 165 points to close at 17,828. more fallout this morning for volkswagon. the company is facing new accusations of cheating on emissions tests. the e.p.a. says the automaker installed software designed to defeat the tests on vehicles with three-liter six-cylinder engines. this new probe includes 2014-2016 models. volkswagon previously tests for four-cylinder diesel
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engines. randy: 19 after 6:00. getting the most out of your workout starts before you step one foot into the gym. erika is here with the secret being revealed this morning. that lays out what you should eat to maximize your exercise and you won't even need a measuring cup. your pre-workout meal is one of the keys to keep you from burning out mid-way through your routine, and there is a simple formula when it comes to fueling up before you exercise. all you need are three ingredients and your hand. >> a protein. you're simply going to use the palm of your hand. for a carbohydrate, you are going to use a cupped hand. and for a healthy fat, you are going to use your thumb. erika: for proteins, think eggs, lean meats, and fish. oatmeal, vegetables, or whole grain toast. and for fats, try nut butters or seeds. >> all of these principles are two to three hours pre-workout in the morning. a lot of times we don't have that time so you think about those same composition of
6:20 am
liquid like a protein shake. erika: like a combo of almond milk, ice, half a banana, a handful of spinach, a thumb-sized amount of peanut butter, and a scoop of whey protein powder. sounds good, right. the peanut butter adds to taste in the smoothies. that's the formula for women. for men you get to use two hands. randy: i was going to say. erika: i'm going to use your palm to measure mine. randy: erika, thank you so much. emily: still ahead, a future groom had to pull some teeth to get the right engagement ring. well, really just one tooth. we'll explain. randy: then new at 6:30. the teenagers accused of vandalizing burlington's islamic center have been arrested. what police say they did before spray-painting the building. emily: middle-aged americans are dying at a faster rate than the should be. the reason that goes beyond
6:21 am
todd? todd: a deadly train derailment in philadelphia is leading to some major changes here in massachusetts. the safety fix and the big price tag for the mbta. randy: we're following breaking news this morning in canton. police just have told us that the stand-off on washington street is over. it is starting with a stand-off earlier this morning or a stabbing earlier this morning. brother. the suspect was taken into custody a short time ago also with serious injuries. pam cross is there for us this morning. pam will have an update from the
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visit cindy: 6:25 on your tuesday morning. look at this. the sun is up over boston. the pink sunrise this morning. mainly clear skies. a beautiful day. 47 in boston right now. lots of 30's in the suburb. you want to layer up with that jacket this morning. certainly going to be able to shed it this afternoon. 65 to 70 degrees this afternoon. very mild for early november with a southwesterly breeze. keeping that sea breeze away today. a different story tomorrow. only in the upper 50's at the coast. more clouds on thursday, but look at those highs.
6:25 am
up around 70 degrees on thursday. emily. emily: sounds good. thank you, cindy. just about 6:26. time for eyepoppers with olessa. olessa: a new mascot is taking on the fight to legalize marijuana. he calls himself buddy. and he's drawing attention to an upcoming vote in ohio on whether or not to legalize the drug. today's ballot question will mark the first time voters will decide to approve medical marijuana at the same time as recreational marijuana. emily: he looks pretty happy. olessa: he does look very smiley. newly engaged a california couple went for non-traditional when it comes to the engagement ring. that's the guy's wisdom tooth in the place of a diamond. he had it removed when he was a kid, and his dad mailed it to him. the jeweler than made the custom ring. just for her. lucky girl. the couple got engaged on halloween. i know it's all about love and not about the ring. that right there is a good reason to say no, no! emily: disgusting. olessa: different and disgusting. randy: perfect for a colorful
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couple for sure. new at 6:0 this morning, the world's most expensive gas station is in afghanistan. but it cost american taxpayers big time. its jaw-dropping price. and a teenager once accused of rape is taking action on his own behalf. the powerful people named in a lawsuit meant to fix his reputation. breaking right now, an overnight stand off in canton has just ended. pam cross will have new information. we're learning about a stabbing that triggered this incident in the overnight p does neighborhood health plan cost less? yes. p is now a good time to remember your company didn't choose it just because it costs less? yes. welcome to world-class doctors, hospitals, and helpfulness. because neighborhood values
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> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: breaking overnight. boston police searching for a killer after shots ring out on the street. new details just being released the signs of chaos in the cockpit. randy: new this morning. big changes coming to the commuter rail. the big price tag all in the name of safety. on the eye. randy: we're following breaking news. traffic flowing in this area again right now. this is canton where a stand-off has just ended after a violent attack in a home overnight. pam cross is here. moment. emily: first take a live look at our traffic camera on the southeast expressway. things moving slower there at
6:30 am
olessa is keeping an eye on that for you. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy and olessa. emily: bright too. cindy: very pretty sunrise. a lot of pink in the sky. if you missed it, look at this picture. this is from james winthrop. a gorgeous sunrise this morning on what will be a really nice although chilly to start. the kids will want a jacket at the bus stop this morning. lots of low 40's. even a few upper 40's out there. sunny and mild getting off the bus into the upper 60's. start out though with just 38 in beverly and 35 in nashua. boston 47. worcester 45. we are at freezing in norwood. mid 30's taunton down to new bedford. even on the cape 36 this morning in falmouth. this is a cold start here but the skies are mainly clear. to the north it's actually snowing right now up in presque isle, maine. snow and rain showers here. high pressure on top of us this morning. it's going to give us sunshine pretty much all day long. so the temperatures do respond nicely.
6:31 am
low to mid 60's by your lunch hour. we'll spend the afternoon in the 60's. average high this time of year is 56. we're making a run towards 70 in waltham and framingham. 68 in boston this afternoon. mid to upper 60's out through the worcester hiltz. mostly sunny skies. enough wind to keep that sea breeze away. 67 in duxbury. 69 in bridgewater. and on the south coast and the cape, that southwesterly wind will hold you in the low to mid 60's today. so we are in great shape weatherwise. let's get you out to the road. getting busy out there, olessa. olessa: we're picking up those delays really quickly. a live look at expressway. two separate accidents cleared away on the northbound side. you can see the northbound side here doesn't look too bad. let's get to the maps. i'll show you what's been going on. an accident by granite avenue. another freeport street. both of those on the shoulder. 95 heavy out of sharon. delays on 24 from brockton route 3 from weymouth to braintree. the pike is about 30, 495 to 128 and then we're watching a crash on 95 southbound over by topsfield road in boxford. also delays on 93 south out of methuen.
6:32 am
down to spot pond and then once again approaching the leverett connector. trains and buses still running on schedule. randy: now to the breaking news we've been following all morning in canton. emily: the eyeopener's pam cross is live on the scene of a violent attack that turned into a standoff. pam is just getting new information. pam: good morning. it just ended. it took about four hours. it involved three people in a house right down the road. it ended with one of those people being stabbed and rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the other person who was in the house described at one point as being a brother refused to come out. police went in and got him, took him out. he also had puncture wounds. he was taken to the hospital and will likely face charges by the end of the day or tomorrow. at this point, police are not saying what caused the incident, but it is under control. reporting live from canton, i'm
6:33 am
pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. other breaking stories right now. a deadly shooting is under investigation in dorchester. right now, boston police are searching for the gunman who shepton street just after midnight. randy: also breaking overnight. the black box recordings suggest an emergency situation took place on board a russian plane right before it crashed in egypt. news agency interfax reports the crew was taken by surprise and had no time to issue a distress call. emily: right now police are trying to figure out who put poisonous toilet cleaner in the bags of two children in hopkinton. the 6- and 14-year-old kids did not ingest the chemicals. randy: new this morning. there is a major change in the works for the commuter rail after this deadly crash. and it comes with a major price tag. kazakiewich is live at south station. todd, this is all about safety? morning. we are talking about safety. we're talking about a new system that would be installed on the
6:34 am
trains behind me and on every train that is is part of the commuter rail. it would automatically slow down trains. train control," is designed to prevent crashes like this one. back in may, an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia killing eight people. federal law already requires that safety mechanism be installed by this year, but congress passed an extension. installation on the commuter rail comes with a price tag of more than $451 million. federal loans are expected to be part of the financing. it would also require weekend shutdowns on the rails starting in march 2017. the mbta freely admits they do not have the money for this project. it also comes as they are trying to keep costs down without raising fares. reporting live from south station this morning, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: this morning, an apology from one of two teenagers accused of vandalizing an islamic center in burlington. >> it won't happen again. emily: police say the 18-year-olds confessed to spray-painting graffiti on the
6:35 am
building. they say it was a prank, but police call it a hate crime. surveillance video led to the quick arrests. police say the teens also threw eggs at the building and admitted they had been drinking. right now a teenager is trying to clear his name after rape charges against him were dropped. this morning, he's suing his accusers, to get his reputation back. in 2013, galileo mondol was accused of raping a teammate with a broomstick at a soccer camp. he maintained his innocence and rejected a plea deal. last april, just days before his trial, an e-mail stated that the district attorney dropped charges. now, the teen is suing the city of somerville, including the mayor, over his blemished reputation. >> if you were to google my name right now, people who didn't know my situation would still think that there was some sort of charges pending against me because there's been no coverage and no real acknowledgment that
6:36 am
emily: the mayor's officer released a statement saying "the alleged in the complaint, and we process will reveal that this lawsuit is unfounded." randy: it's 6:36. dying at a faster rate than they should be. the health alert focused on the three causes raising concern this morning. plus a benefit to having dogs in the house. the health advantage for kids. emily: we continue to follow breaking news in canton. an overnight stand-off on ended. traffic moving along there now. pam cross with the new information we're learning about this situation in news to we thought we' d be ready. r but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. p i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. r our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. r you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. r will you be ready
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look yowlt side at the pike here by allston/brighton. east bound moving to the top of the screen. you can see those delays pick it up now. no accidents to report but that across the area there's sun glare. cindy: eastbound on the pike. look at the live picture up from worcester this morning. bright sunshine up over the horizon now. we're going to enjoy this from start to finish today. so although it is cold this morning, 30's and 40's out the door, upper 60's is where we end up this afternoon with tons of sunshine. bright and sunny tomorrow but a sea breeze will keep us quite a
6:39 am
more clouds but touching that 70-degree mark here thursday into friday. emily? the national death rate has been falling for decades, but rates are on the rise among right now. a new study is finding that not to blame. rather an epidemic of suicides, alcohol abuse, and drug overdoses including heroin and opioids. death rates for white adults between the ages of 45 and 54 have gone up by half a percent each year since 1998. teenagers are having a hard time disconnecting. common sense media is releasing a study today that shows teens spend an average of nine hours a day on their various devices. a big concern is the number of teens who feel comfortable listening to music or texting while doing homework. the study says two-thirds of teenagers say they listen to music every day, and 58 percent watch t.v. randy: having a family dog could help your kids breathe easier. a new study found that babies
6:40 am
who live with dogs in the first year of life had a 15% lower rate of asthma than those who did not. exposure to farm animals helped even more with the asthma risk dropping to 52 percent in school-aged children. the finding support the idea that an environment that is too clean can increase allergies later in life. updates ahead on our breaking news this morning. new information just in as a stand-off ends in canton this morning. new light on a deadly plane
6:41 am
emily: it is 6:45 this morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. pam cross with breaking news out of canton. she'll have an update. todd is in boston with the heavy price tag to make the commuter rail safer for passengers. randy: also on this tuesday morning, erika has the new message from the relatives of an everett high school football player stabbed over the weekend. cindy has the forecast. looking great out there. cindy: it is indeed. it's feeling more like late september than early november. near record highs possible here by friday and it will cool down weekend. chilly out the door this morning. lots of 30's here on the north shore. beverly 38. fitchburg 37. south of town we have mid 30's down to taunton and new bed for. a few 30's on the cape.
6:42 am
look at your 12-hour forecast. we'll jump up into the lower 50's by 9:00 a.m. and then spend the afternoon in the 60's with wall-to-wall sunshine today. unlike yesterday when we had those high clouds filtering the sun at times. it is mainly clear in southern new england this morning. there are clouds, rain, and yes, even snow showers heading through northern maine this morning. that's coming in with a warm front bringing in warmer temperatures. high pressure will keep that sunshine around today and help warm us up with a southwesterly wind. 5-15 miles an hour into the upper 60's in boston. going for a high of 69 in lawrence. we'll be in the low to mid 60's with that southwesterly wind on cape cod. we're down to the upper 30's to upper 40's. mainly clear overnight. tons of sunshine tomorrow as well but there will be a sea breeze so 59 at the coast. mid 60's over the interior.% as high pressure begins to slide eastward on thursday, that's when the warmer winds take hold. we'll see that southerly wind pushing temperatures to around 70 degrees on thursday but the trade-off will be more clouds around by then.
6:43 am
let's get you back out to the roads right now. solar glare. don't forget those sunglasses today. olessa: we're seeing it here on this shot. eastbound side move to go the top of the screen. you can see that sun doing a little bit of damage there as we start to see the brake lights lighting up. over to the maps. we'll check the rest of that travel time as you make your way south still slow on 24. delays on 95 out of sharon. route stop-and-go from 225 up to the braintree split and the expressway trip right now is about 30-35 braintree to boston. with two separate accidents cleared away. pike eastbound about 35, 495 out on 128. stays slow to newton corner. methuen. picks up that volume near dascomb road and stays heavy all the way down to the leverett connector. trains and buses still on emily, randy. randy: breaking news out of canton right now. a standoff has ended with two people hurt. emily: the eyeopener's pam cross is on scene with the new information. pam? pam: good morning.
6:44 am
traffic once again. it ended with one person being stabbed. they were rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. another person, a male, refused to come out. police went in and got him. he also had puncture injuries. he was taken to the hospital and he likely will face charges. the entire incident took about four hours. no one other than those individuals inside the house injured. reporting live from canton. i'm pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: breaking overnight. right now boston police are man was gunned down in dorchester. it happened just after midnight on shepton street. police say the victim was shot several times and died at the we'll bring you new information as we get it. more breaking news. the black box recordings suggest an emergency situation took place on board a russian plane before it crashed in egypt. news agency interfax reports the crew was taken by surprise and had no time to issue a distress
6:45 am
call. senior defense officials say an american satellite detected a heat flash at the same time the plane went down over egypt. it could have been an explosion caused by the fuel tank or a bomb. erika: the brother of the everett football player stabbed trying to help someone says that's just his character. marvens fedna is now in fair condition. he was stabbed in the back and hand coming to the aid of a boy who was being assaulted. it happened just hours after fedna helped everett high upset st. john's prep in the playoffs. his brother telling "the herald" "that's the type of person he is. anyone who would be in that type of situation, he'd try his best to defend them or to help out. someone screamed for help and he was right there." police are still investigating. todd, out to you. todd: erika, thank you. the "t" is about to embark on a commuter rail. it is called positive train control, and it's designed to prevent accidents like this amtrak train wreck in
6:46 am
philadelphia back in may which killed eight people. the safety system automatically slows trains down. now even before the crash in philly, congress had mandated that positive train control be installed by this year, but congress then passed an extension for systems across the country. now the mechanism should be installed on the mbta commuter rail by 2020 at a cost of $451 million. some of that will be financed by federal loans. reporting live from south station, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: election day. voters in a number of communities across the state are heading to the polls today. that includes in the city of boston where members of city council are on the ballot. there are also mayoral races in play today including a new mayor for medford for the first time since 1988. polls open at 7:00 in boston, but other polling hours vary from town to town. emily: the f.b.i. is on the case of a new hampshire woman murdered on the street. the agency is helping manchester police search for denise robert's killer. she was shot and killed while on
6:47 am
in august. a homeowner in the area says she has signed a consent form allowing police to search her yard. a reward being offered has topped $42,000. randy: four men are on the loose accused in this armed robbery in worcester. you can see one of the suspects waving a knife at the clerk monday night. they stole cash and cigarettes from the edgemere mini mart before ransacking the place. nobody was hurt. emily: governor charlie baker has signed a $328 million state budget. for opioid treatment and prevention programs. baker says that funding is critical given the state's opioid epidemic. the budget also includes more than $3 million for staffing at d.c.f. and training for adoptive and foster families. this morning, this brockton dog wounds. the three-year-old pit bull named "havoc" was stabbed at least seven times by a man walking his own pit bull down essex street. each other when the man pulled
6:48 am
out a knife. havoc is expected to survive. brockton animal control is investigating the incident, but no charges have been filed. randy: the navy confirms the wreck found deep in the water off the coast of the bahamas is the missing cargo ship "el faro." right now, the search is focused on finding the ship's "black box" which could reveal what happened before it sank during hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members were lost. three of them -- jeff mathias, keith griffin, and mariette wright -- had ties to outrage growing this morning after a stunning revelation. taxpayers footing the bill for this gas station in afghanistan, dubbed the world's most expensive. the department of defense spent nearly $43 million on the gas station in northern afghanistan and has been unable to explain why it cost so much. emily: the department of education says a school district in illinois is violating
6:49 am
student unrestricted use of a girls' locker room. the department's decision is the first of its kind on the rights of transgender students. the district has 30 days to change the policy, or risk losing millions in federal funding. randy: american pharoah has officially retired. dozens came out toe keeneland, kentucky, yesterday to send off the triple crown winner. the three-year-old colt was escorted to ashford stud farm for his retirement. american pharoah won his final race, the breeder's cup classic, on saturday. emily: monday night football excitement and not just because of the game. the carolina panthers taking on the colts at the bank of america stadium as two protesters rappelled down from the nosebleed seats unveiling a banner that read "dump dominion." the protestors speaking out against bank of america for financing dominion, a north carolina energy company, and
6:50 am
>> he said he'll cheer for me and i'll cheer for him. randy: a connecticut hockey player gets the phone call of a lifetime as he prepares for the fight of his life. patrice bergeron was on the other end from the boston bruins cheering on beny. eight-year-old beny berges needs brain surgery to fix a blood vessel problem that's been causing painful headaches for months. people all over the country are tweeting their support. we do as well. emily: what a sweet story. this is really sweet too. a new dad bringing a special guest to work with him. look at this. >> baby caden, just over a week old. this is his first weather cast. we'll go through this thing here. emily: he's doing a great job. this is at an oklahoma television station. a meteorologist brought in his newborn son to help him with the forecast. one-week-old caden managed to get through almost all of it but started crying when his dad warned of fog.
6:51 am
apparently caden doesn't like the fog. he's okay with everything else. randy: and fortunately didn't need a diaper change. olessa: he's lucky that's all that happened. snesm exactly. olessa: thank you, guys. good morning, everyone. a live look outside for you here at the pike. this is over by allston/brighton eastbound side moving to the top of the screen. as you can see that sun glare is becoming a factor for us. let's get over to the maps. if you're traveling south and north of town we're watching those heavy delays building 93 southbound. there is a crash by dascomb road. expect that heavy volume there. it stays that way down to the leverett connector. west of there the delays on the pike. sun glare adding to it. 30-35 from 495 out to 128. then we're watching delays northbound 95 also on 24 out of brockton and the expressway is about 30 braintree to boston. there are also minor delays on the green line eastbound. everything else is operating on schedule. cindy. cindy: olessa, we've got the chilly temperatures. if you are waiting for the train this morning, look at the sky though. it looks beautiful over boston right now. lots of blue. just a few, thin high clouds.
6:52 am
not going to see as many of those today as we saw yesterday. 47 degrees in town right now. the winds are pretty light. once you get into the suburbs, it is quite a bit colder. upper 30's in beverly. just 33 in orange. 37 in plymouth. a few spots on the cape have dipped into the 30's. 45 as you're stepping out in worcester. skies are clear over southern new england. we are going to enjoy sunshine all day long. by your lunch hour, we are coming up into the mid 60's. and the sun sets at 4:35 this afternoon. temperatures will start to fuel back through the 60's as we reach our high of 68 in boston. 65 in worcester. lower 60's on the cape today. a few spots could nudge toward the 70-degree mark today. high pressure will begin to slide eastward though tomorrow. that's going to allow more of a lighter wind to develop. i think we're going to deal with a sea breeze tomorrow. tonight our low temperatures falling back mostly into the 40's. as we head into the day tomorrow, yes, there will be a sea breeze. mid 60's inland. upper 50's at the coast. 70 degrees on thursday comes with a few more clouds in the afternoon.
6:53 am
you can see how those clouds are kind of creeping if during the afternoon hours. could be a spot shower around later thursday into friday morning. but we'll make a run toward those near record high temperatures on friday before we cool it down this weekend. emily: thanks so much for joining us. if you're heading out have the wcvb mobile app with you.
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