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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. announcer: from boston' s news leader, as is wcvb at noon. >> the state investigating the death of an infant and sandwich. >> the district attorney' s office says there are notes and -- obvious signs of trauma. >> to a standoff and a stabbing at this kitten home overnight, triggering a heavy police presence.
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>> are the reports describe the men as brothers. this was a violent confrontation. you can to the window over the garage working out. we do know they were mature. the fight was a month two men in the 40' s or 50' s. it ended with a suspect being whisked away in an evidence. trouble started at 2:00 a.m. please were called to this house on washington street. three people were involved. one man had been stabbed. house. >> we found one male with a puncture one in his chest from a knife. the injuries are serious but not life-threatening. >> officers were threatened by the mail who remained in the house -- officers were remained in the house. and
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took the suspect out. he also suffered puncture wounds. >> we have to take a look at the attempted murder or assault and battery. >> the suspect is unlikely to be in court today. he is receiving medical attention. >> boston police still searching for a gunman after a man is shot and killed in dorchester overnight. it happened just after midnight. the victim, who is in his 20' s, was shot several times and died at the scene. this webster man is under arrest accused of donning a screen -- a screen mask and robbing a restaurant used to work at. employees at the golden greek restraint him until police got there. he is charged with assault with intent to rob and armed and masked robbery. the high school football player stabbed want to examine and
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is improving. said it was sad sunday after try to stop a fight after one group attacked another on the street. his brother says he was trying to help end is not surprised, telling the herald that is a type of person he is. anyone who would be in a type of situation would try his best to defend them or help. someone screamed for help and he was right there. saturday, fedna helped lead victory. a hefty cybersex in marshfield. $30,000 were taken from a town that account is how that in july. the two does not believe any public was involved. the investigation is active. after crashing into a tree. this happened in the center this morning.
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there was a problem with the machine on the paraglider, causing the operator to crash land on his own property. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> major upgrades in the works to make the commuter rail system safer, following the deadly crash in pennsylvania last spring. todd is live in boston. todd: the price tag is nearly half $1 billion. it could save lives by automatically slowing down trains and hopefully avoiding situations like this derailment we saw earlier this year in philadelphia. it is called positive train control. engineers designed it to prevent train lacks like this 1 -- train wrecks like this one. eight people were killed. congress passed an extension. the installation will cost about
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the management control board approved the contract monday. federal loans are expected to be part of the financing package. the programs -- the project should be completed by 2020. it is no secret that the team does not have the money for the project. one official called it an unfunded mandate from congress. >> live pictures from boston. those gorgeous blue skies. above average temperatures on the way. the warm-up is sticking around. not too shabby. cindy: we should be in the mid-50' s this time of year. we are enjoying this while it is here because it will cool down by the weekend. take a look at the temperatures. 68 and austin. worcester, 65. lower 60' s.
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sunshine out there. also a southwesterly breeze. 10 to 15 miles per hour on average. that brees coupled with clear skies, you are looking for clouds. sunset at 430 -- sunset is at 4:37. will jump up another degree or two. clearing skies this evening. temperature settle into the 50' s later. high pressure on top of us today. west. this will come through and bring in slightly cooler air tomorrow. we' ll take a look at the day we temperatures coming up. erika: a teenagers try to clear his name after rape charges against him were dropped. in 2013, galileo motto was accused of raping a teenager at a soccer cap.
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last april just days before his trial, and e-mail stated the the charges. the team is suing the city blemished reputation. >> if you were to google my name, people would not number situation and think there is some sort of charge against me. there' s no real acknowledgment that i was wrongfully accused. >> them -- just days after confirming the wreck found deep in the atlantic, is the missing el faro cargo ship? the navy says it will attempt to look at their crew. all 32 people on board were lost, including three. research is focused on the ship lockbox which could reveal what happened before it sank new the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. several new developments involving this russian plane
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recordings suggest an emergency happened on board giving the crew no time to react. molly hunter tells us what an american satellite detected at the exact moment the plane went down. investigators are sorting through the wreckage at that crashed site. boxes is underway. the russian metro jet plane fell from the sky saturday. experts say the cockpit voice recorder could tell investigators what was going on in those final seconds. >> there was a bomb that went off. that bomb would be very clearly heard. if it airplanes came apart, even the bushing sad would be apparent -- even the whooshing sound would be apparent on the recorder.
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>> 14 years ago this airplane had a very hard landing in cairo to be repaired. he may want to go back and look at that repair and see if it may catastrophe. the pentagon says a u.s. satellite equipped with infrared sensors picked up what they call plane was over the sinai peninsula. u.s. intelligence officials worst quick to say they do not missile. the president is pushing back that terrorism brought the plane down. in moscow, they agree that there' s no evidence this was a terrorist attack. >> it is election day and communities across the state, including in boston. the most closely watched contest in district for where charles
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there are several mayoral races including in medford. >> donald trump losing ground, revealing new poll numbers involving the president of candidates. off discriminated. >> it is starting to feel at september incident early november. how long this wife is sticking around. just how long this record
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. >> the controversial pipes that -- pipeline project. trans-canada says it needs more time to negotiate with the state of nebraska on the best route through the state. the move comes before the obama administration was expected to reject it over environmental reasons. prosecutors appealing oscar
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pistorius is -- oscar pistorius' conviction. he should be convicted of murder, not manslaughter. he shot and killed his golf front in his home in 2013. he said she thought that he says he thought she was an intruder. last week the story was released on house arrest after serving nearly a year of his five-year sentence. a decision on today' s appeal is not expected for weeks. >> several passengers kicked off a flight and they say they were unfairly kicked off has their black. the plane was about to take off for dallas when the flight attendant and his seven travelers got into an argument that they claim was double booked. police ended up escorting through black couples off the plane. the wet -- witnesses say the couples were being disruptive. >> obviously someone was in his seat. he wanted them to move. i guess he went about it wrong. the stewardess got a little nervous.
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they wanted him to leave the plane. >> the flight ended up leaving without the seven passengers. as of last night, the passengers say they have yet to be rebooked. >> more trouble for donald trump. another national polls those -- another national poll shows ben carson pulling ahead. >> ripping into his republican rival once again. donald trump exclusively on good what america this morning says contender ben carson to that have experienced the president. >> i' m going to take care of the vets. then cannot do those things. >> ben is inching up in the polls. carson now has frontrunner status in the race for the republican nomination. these do numbers come as a gop candidates battle it out over
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upcoming debate rules. after last week' s debate hosted by cnbc. >> they cannot handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> president obama even weighed in. >> if you can' t handle those guys, you know then i do not think their chinese and russians are going to be too worried about you. >> the gop team falling apart with many campaigns saying it will not sign on that everyone agreed to last minute. trump says he wants to say out of the debate controversy. >> i just want to answer the questions and be done with it. >> also refusing to sign on, john kasich, chris christie, and carly fiorina. we may be about a year away from voting for president, but donald trump says he is already considering a few of his republican contenders as his future vice president.
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>> ohio residents heading to the poll today to vote on legalizing marijuana. it is a first-time time voters and a state election will decide whether to approve recreational and medical marijuana at the same time. if both measures are approved, the courts will decide which one takes precedence. ohio would become the fifth state to legalize immigration on marijuana after colorado, washington, oregon, and alaska. about two dozen states currently allow miracle middle wanted. >> the first lawsuit has been filed at the -- after the e. coli outbreak at chipotle. $75,000 after she got violently ill. fully recently closed 43 restaurants in washington and oregon after 22 cases of e. coli were linked to the chain. >> police in new york city say an italian man who vanished after passing the marathon
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finish line found. an off-duty officer noticed him on a subway train this morning. he had last been seen in central park with a group of winners from italy. only speak italian. from space. nasa showing off this picture of saturn' s largest moon shows two vast areas of demons made by hydrocarbons and. the image was taken by cassini. moons. >> to share. cindy: boston. that is the average high temperature for us at september. not feeling very november-like. i want to show you the current
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you can see where all the cold days. it is out west. have been getting snow for denver and up toward montana. you can see a spin in the clouds. if you look at the clouds bubbling up toward canada, there is a big ridge of high pressure developing with the jet stream. that is why it has been so mild that last couple of days. should be about 56 this time of year. we have been running about 10 degrees to 15 degrees above average. a lot of sunshine out there right now. where going to hang onto this for the next few hours. sunset is at 4:35. 68 degrees in boston. look at the dew point. the air is very dry. that southwesterly wind at about 11 miles per hour. close to 20 at times through the afternoon.
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look at fitchburg, slow very close to that 70 degree mark. we started out through a lot of 30' s. started out in the 30' s and norwood. it was actually below freezing. we have had a nice recovery due to all the sunshine. i want to take you up here north to northern maine. we had some rain. some snow breakout earlier this morning. if this was associated with a warm final boundary. you can see behind it there' cold front. it is just a week wind shift line for us. that is going to bring us some slightly cooler air. this afternoon, we stay on the mild side. look for a high this afternoon between 65 and 70 degrees. really, mild. really pleasant. overnight we was dropped down into the 40'
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s. 49 in boston. warm as today. lighter winds too. it is only in the upper 50' s to near 60 at the coast. mid-60' s. as high pressure begin to slide take hold. cover. week. as we head toward thursday, will notice more clouds around. a good amount of sunshine in the morning. partly sunny skies. can' t rule out a spot shower. if we get enough sunshine on friday, we could see our temperatures get very close to record highs for this time of year. boston' s record on friday is 73. you' ll notice a gusty wind
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it will actually feel like november. saturday should be in the upper 50' s. only in the upper 40' s by sunday. >> there is a new study that shows prescription drug use is on the rise in the u.s.. >> 59% of adults used a prescription drug and a 30 day. , up 50% from a decade ago. more people are also taking multiple medications , raising the concerns for potential drug interactions. because of the increasing obesity rate as americans try to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. >> a report shows teenagers spend a mind-boggling nine hours
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that does not include time spent using media at school or for homework. the study says two thirds of teenagers say they listen to music every day and 58% watch tv every day. >> the music is ok with me. that is about it though. >> it is not the kind of animal you would expect to see outside. >> when officer'
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>> starbucks is breaking out its holiday season red cups and drinks. the design is a two toned hombre style. the coffee giant started offering holiday beverages like eggnog latte, peppermint mocha. in canada, they' re going to do the same in the u.s. next tuesday. police have to deal with their fairest stray dogs. >> some officers in western massachusetts had to deal with this. that is a runaway goat.
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>> granby police responded to a call about the loose go to was chasing the family every time they stepped outside. the goat quickly transferred his affection to the officers, repeatedly licking the driver window of the cruiser. the go has been reignited. -- the goat has been regretted. he is very friendly.
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