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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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t tested tough in the pacific northwest. [ wolf howls ] randy: breaking overnight: a 2-story house in lowell goes up in smoke. the big questions firefighters have this morning. emily: philip chism back in court in a matter of hours. the scramble to seat a jury after a setback in the colleen ritzer murder trial. randy: governor baker with an opioid announcement today at the state house. the new glimpse into the problem it' s on the eye. >> good morning. emily: it is time to put on those dancing shoes. first thing in the morning.
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we will explain. good morning. randy: they heard cindy' s forecast. >> it has been feeling more like september than november. cindy: you are going to one of the jacket or the extra layer. off the bus this afternoon, 60' s although it will be cooler along the coastline. mainly clear right now. 38 in bedford. 50 eight was there. near 50 at cape cod. you can see how clear these guys are overhead with high pressure overhead. lunchtime temperatures around 60 degrees.
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the temperatures holding their 60 at the coast. framingham, 66. about 66 in fitchburg. mid 60' s brockton to bridgewater. another nice-looking day weather-wise. olessa: good morning. so far a fairly quiet start except with building volume in somerville. south 24, stopping go out of brockton. expressway is still in good shape, about 15 to 20 braintree into boston. delays into wilmington and more volume down to the connector. trains on schedule. randy: there was a raging fire
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home on baldwin street. the house was vacant. firefighters were chasing the hours. emily: a teenager is preparing to return to the courtroom. this the the first time we see halt. >> all eyes will be on the teenager and how he acts when he enters the courtroom this morning. he started to exhibit some strange behavior, like banging his head on a wall. that raised questions about whether he is confident to stand trial. prosecutors have said he is
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the judge ordered the teen to undergo a mental health evaluation. learn the results of that evaluation. you can follow live on as well as our mobile news app. randy: two people are recovering after being pulled from the water. a kayaker heard the screams and he paddled out to try the help the men who were in a row boat. shore. no word on why they were out on the water. emily: a new mother is recoveng after a violent crash.
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responsible for the crash. >> the woman and drag woman were forced off the road. this was in manchester, new hampshire, when they got caught between two cars. the couple' s saab was clipped. >> we are thanking the stars that all three survivors -- hj e was supposed to be due at christmas. >> police have not decided what charges to bring against the driver. emily: police are involved in this case. officers rushed to the home for the report of an unresponsive child.
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god hospital -- at cape cod hospital. there are several new developments in the growing crisis in new england. we are live at the statehouse with the move the governor will make. >> the governor kicks off a new campaign to try to take stigma out of addiction. it was developed with federal grants. a major reason why people are not seeking treatment. there was a campaign to inform parents about the risk facing teenagers. two people died from suspected heroin overdose just since friday. in april, five people overdose.
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that would be focused just on the opioid crisis. randy: thank you. better coordination when it comes to prescriptions for vets. the department of veterans affairs needs to work faster. the program records prescriptions written outside of the v.a. system. this comes after the deaths. those deaths were linked to overdoses. emily: a major shakeup on the city council th.e financial andrea campbell celebrated last night at a party in dorchester. she was a year old when dorsey
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first to office. she says it includes reshaping the discussion of charter schools. >> there are thousands of parents in this district who send their kids to charter school. emily: that wasn' t the only upset last night. stephen murphy is also out. the four at-large seats went to ayanna pressley, michelle wu, michael flaherty, who are all incumbents, and newcomer annissa george. represent brockton' s ward 6. 18-year-old jack lally won 58% of the vote yesterday, and will join the city council in january. the bridgewater state university student may be the youngest person to ever serve on the council. lally told the enterprise voters wanted young blood. he beat seasoned politician steve foote for the post. to the race for the white house, donald trump is making an important trip to new hampshire today.
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the republican will file presidential candidacy papers at the state house in concord. trump continues to maintain a lead in the granite state. a poll released monday has him with 26% of the vote. that' s 10% ahead of his closest competitor, ben carson. emily: democratic contender martin o' malley will make a campaign stop in boston today. he' ll host a leadership reception tonight at district hall for civic tech start-ups in the city. that reception will be followed by a competition with the groups. randy: right now honda is cutting ties. emily: the new move from the auto giant after a massive faulty airbag scandal. >> you' re heading to a windshield -- they want you to be the crash dummy. emily: 5 investigates goes behind the new parts on your car after a collision. the problems that may be happening if you use one of your s preferred shops.
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randy: sweating on a club dance floor before 9:00 a.m. the movement making its way to new england, and the message behind it. erika? erika: breaking news on the eyeopener. firefighters with questions after a house catches fire in lowell. "the lowell sun" reports no one lived inside this house on baldwin street. fire investigators are trying to figure out how it started. cindy? cindy: more sunshine today. maybe 51 in boston but out the door in nashua, look at the
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>> good morning! randy: good morning to you. nice moves. erika is going to have more on the new fitness and dance movement. emily: did you bring your dancing shoes? randy: we are going to bring out the disco ball. >> i am looking forward to that. we would love to see your moves.
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u-local section. cindy: stretching out the warmth a little bit longer. 73 yesterday in boston. more like september then november. we are not getting to 73 today in boston. look at the warmth factor in chicago and kansas city. cooler air in the southwest that is running above the border. overall the milder temperature pattern does continue. there' ll be a seabreeze today. record highs on friday and it will turn colder over the weekend. we' ll see above average temperatures next week. look at the temperatures at the cape and we'
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a cold pocket in taunton , 35. beverly, 40 degrees. lots of mid and upper low 30' s through the merrimack valley. also we see the white there is a little bit of patchy fog and down to a third of a mile and it will burn off pretty quickly. high pressure in control and lots of sunshine. a seabreeze will develop. we will see the temperatures, by lunchtime to about 60 degrees and then they fall at boston. that will be the case along the coastline. near 60 away from the ocean water. 63 in worcester. still above average for this
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time of year. around 50 degrees tonight and not as cold tomorrow morning. more clouds and partly sunny skies and more cloudiness around for the afternoon. toward friday we will see the risk for a spot shower and that will cross friday evening and cooler air is going to move in. the record in boston is 73. it depends on how much sunshine city. lower 70' s on friday with the risk of a spot shower. by midday the clouds will break for sunshine. a cold front approaches with a gusty breeze. we' re clearing and out and the
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but the temperatures are cooler. back to about 60 by early next week. olessa: so far no problems on not look too bad. you can see southbound cars screen. a heavy ride out of brockton. 228 up to the braintree split. about 25 minutes on the expressway. 93 south, you have some delays into wilmington. some more volume approaching the connector. randy: 5 investigates, digging into accusations that car insurance companies are putting their bottom line ahead of your safety. more than 100 repair shops around the country have filed lawsuits. and shops in massachusetts are about to join.
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kathryn spear says her insurance company told her they' d guarantee repairs done by one of their preferred or referral auto body shops. she says that shop replaced her original car parts with cheaper, after-market parts, and leaks from shoddy bodywork caused mold to grow in her car. many auto body shop owners say insurance companies pressure customers to go to one of their preferred repair shops, and then force those shops to cut corners to save money. >> they want the cheapest way possible. >> a big risk. randy: by law in massachusetts, you can take you car to be repaired at any registered auto body shop of your choice. the work will be guaranteed, and your insurance company will pay the bill. emily: honda will no longer use takata airbags in new vehicles. that announcement comes after the government hit takata with a $70 million fine for its handling of an airbag recall. the company admits it knew for years about dangerous defects
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but failed to tell regulators. those airbags are responsible for eight deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide. more trouble for volkswagen. the company discovered so-called unexplained inconsistencies in the carbon dioxide emissions of 800,000 vehicles. the result of vw' s internal investigation could cost the company more than $2 billion. vw did not say which vehicles are affected. this new trouble follows an emissions scandal in which vw admits it cheated. asian stocks are up today, with hong kong leading gains. u.s. stock futures are also up after energy companies rallied yesterday, boosting the dow 89 points. and investors will also be watching capitol hill today where janet yellen will testify on how the federal reserve oversees the financial system. randy: new trouble this morning for fantasy sports sites draftkings and fanduel. a texas-based gaming systems developer is now suing them for patent infringement.
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the sites have been using their technology without paying for it. it allows for real-time interaction between gamers and companies. draftkings and fanduel have not commented. emily: new this morning -- this might seem like last call, but it' s the first call for this group of all ages. randy: believe it or not, this is 7:00 a.m. on a wednesday in new england. erika is back with the fitness and health movement dancing its way to the boston area. erika: it' s called day-breaker and it' s all about creating a positive, sober environment to kick off your day. it started in new york city and has expanded to 11 cities around the globe. >> it used to be about dancing
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it got overrun by drugs and alcohol. erika: bartenders serving up vitamin waters and coffee. >> you can rank of it as an immersive theater experience it. there is poets, performers, dancers. erika: there is one hour of yoga. it is all about -- >> you enter this micro world and everybody is dancing. erika: back out into the daylight with new energy. [laughter] erika: everyone else stumbles in. they plan on making this a monthly event. we do have a link for you on lots of fun.
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randy: maybe we should start that every morning. erika: i am on board. emily: sounds great. this wall is getting a scrub down that is long overdue. the tradition that will continue after thousands of pieces of chewed gum are hosed off. randy: new at 6:30. the family of this man at a loss for words after his sister' s jeep is ransacked. his cremated remains stolen. the plea from relatives this morning. emily: and a big show of support for the islamic center targeted by vandals. the unusual way they' re fighting
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power.
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one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. p woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. p man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. p man: because this is where robotics is happening. p
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woman: here to express myself. rwoman: here because math is the language of the future. rman: to change the world through music. r man: here to unlock the adhesion power of the gecko. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good. -man: umass. -woman: here for a reason. cindy: what a glorious-looking sky this morning. 51 in boston. 30' s and 40' s and the suburbs. temperatures up to about 60 degrees and a seabreeze at the coast. a few more clouds tomorrow near
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warmth on friday. randy: thank you. time for eyepoppers. what do you have, olessa? olessa: a parachute, saving the day in arkansas. watch this. you can see a small plane gliding to the ground, with a parachute slowing down the descent. the plane did hit a pick up truck as it landed. but the driver was not hurt, and neither were the three people inside the plane. pretty remarkable. an iconic gum wall in seattle is about to get a scrub-down, for the first time in two decades. that' s 20 years worth of chewed, sticky gum, stuck to this wall at pike' s place market. the steam cleaning will start november 10th, according to a preservation group for the market. once the wall is cleaned, people will again be allowed to stick their gum on it. randy: i had dan to that mark -- i have been to that market. at least it is on the wall.
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olessa: if that is art, every classroom has plenty. emily: thank you. a new warning for dog owners. a tree that could -- a treat that could put your pet' s health and jeopardy. and take a look at this. gorgeous shot from our camera in worcester.
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randy: breaking overnight, raging flames in lowell. emily: a teen faces a critical hearing. >> what we can learn that could change everything in this trial. >> fighting back after vandalism. emily: a local mom goes to extremes. how a mission to help her little boy took her to mount everest, on the eye.
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this is newscenter 5 eye opener. randy: good morning. i' m randy price. emily: i' m emily riemer with cindy and olessa. what a way to start the day. cindy: we' re going to enjoy every second. the sun is up now. we will enjoy a lot of sunshine. 60' s as they get off the bus this afternoon and we are starting out with some 30' s in bedford and nashua. look at a cold pocket in norwood and a little bit of patchy fog. above any fog, these guys are clear. high pressure is going to dominate today. light winds and a seabreeze develops.
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the warmest temperatures will be away from the coast. 65 in framingham. near 60 at the coast line. near 60' s in worcester county. from the cape, lower 60' s today but very pleasant. let' s get you out to the roads right now. olessa: watching the eastbound delays on the pike starting to build. this is near 95. the rest of the area, picking up those delays. route three from weymouth into braintree. the pike east is about 20. 93 southbound you have those delays in place all the way down to the leverett connector. emily: thank you. breaking overnight.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused this raging fire in lowell. no one was hurt when flames consumed the vacant home on baldwin street. randy: right now two people are in the hospital after being rescued from the waters of quincy bay. weymouth fire says the men took a rowboat out late last night, but got into trouble. a kayaker who lives nearby tried to help them before police arrived. emily: right now the danvers teen accused of raping and murdering his teacher is getting ready to return to court for the first time since his trial came to an abrupt halt. a mental health evaluation was ordered for philip chism after he started banging his head on a wall, a table and his cell. randy: an act of vandalism at a burlington mosque, is getting turned into something positive. an event later this morning will bring together people of all faiths. emily: the eye' s antoinette antonio is live with the plan. antoinette: it has been a few
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the plan is to write over these vandalized walls with positive messages about islam and religious diversity. several local interfaith leaders are set to join the islamic center of burlington later this morning for the rally declaring "we are americans." police say the two 18-year-olds, cameron cappella and derrik demone, confessed to spray-painting the mosque on halloween night. their vandalism spree including tagging the building repeatedly with the letters "u.s.a." in red, and throwing eggs at it. they have been charged with malicious destruction of property. this morning, the graffitti will be painted over after those messages of diversity are shared. we' re live in burlington this morning. randy: the ashes of a woman' s late brother, stolen. and right now, she' s pleading to get them back. and whoever took them, might not
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s back to explain. erika: randy, whoever took those ashes may have thought they were stealing drugs. danielle correia' s jeep was one of several cars broken into in stoughton between monday and tuesday. her late brother' s ashes were inside in an unmarked pill bottle. now she' s devastated. >> i only have one brnther and he died. erika: the thief also stole money and credit cards from the jeep. one of her credit cards was found in town yesterday. emily: a tewksbury dog owner is warning others, after a treat nearly killed her puppy. this morning, walmart is defending the product on their shelves, saying there is a warning label. kelly pasquariello says she gave her dog a treat called the real ham bone. thousands of dollars in emergency surgery saved his life.
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pieces got stuck inside his small intestine. you google the story and so many pets needing emergency surgery. emily: the ham bone warning was issued 5 years ago, after pet owners complained. the company that makes the bone, dynamic pet, says it goes above and beyond safety requirements. veterinarians say pet owners should stay away from artificial bones. randy: purple heart recipients could soon have free access to state parks. members of the massachusetts house have until later this morning to support a bill, waiving fees. disabled veterans and people with disabilities can already get into state parks for free. emily: a massachusetts family taking legal action years after a bombing killed a loved one. randy: the country they are a new hampshire woman' s son inspiring her to take on mt. everest. the message behind the climb. emily: and ahead in news to go, a nasty fall for bruins forward
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chris kelly. the injury taking him off the ice for months. t on average, women need to work t an extra two hours each day, p to earn the same paycheck
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olessa: good morning and welcome back. no accidents to report right now but we' re watching that volume. cindy: so the glare -- solar glare clearly an issue this morning. a little patchy fog burns off. near 60 at the coast. closer to 70 tomorrow with more clouds around. year record warmth on friday before we cool it down over the weekend. randy: thank you. any mother will tell you she' d move mountains for her child. but one new hampshire mom climbed a mountain. specifically, mount everest. tonya dreher is back home in peterborough now, with her son, gus. the 10-year-old has duchenne muscular dystrophy, and is his mom' s inspiration. she decided to climb the world' s tallest mountain to raise awareness, and money, for the
6:37 am
progressive disease. at the end of the nine-day trek , she and a group made it to the base camp, where they unfurled a banner with the names of kids affected by the disease. >> saying their names out loud makes it that much more real. it was pretty emotional, especially saying my own son' s name. randy: dreher climbed to a height of 17,500 feet. and it was well worth it, the group raised for research. $50,000emily: a spencer girl hit by a car after getting off the school bus. the questions right now. also, a new weapon in the opioid
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randy: good morning. 6:44. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in salem, boston, and burlington. emily: and erika' s in the studio with the wild crash, forcing a mother to give birth early. but first cindy has your forecast. sunrises like this naked kind of -- make it kind of easier to get up. cindy: it has been sunny and warm for november. 73 yesterday. a little dip down today, into
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warming up again to the lower 70' s by friday. that dip down is a function of high pressure and we will see a sea breeze developing today. we are seeing a little bit of patchy fog in the western part of the state. a patch or two of fog. otherwise the skies are clear. 50 in worcester. 51 in boston. at the freezing mark in norwood. temperatures jump up to about 60 by lunchtime. along the coastline to near asked the. low to mid 60' s, another above average november day. tomorrow a warm front through
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up a little bit. the southerly wind is going to warm us up before the cold front comes through on friday evening. in the lower 70' s on friday. the record high in boston is 73. we get you out to the roads. olessa: we' re seeing the latest on the pike this morning. let' s get to the maps. south we have the volume on 24 northbound, also heavy on 93. rude 3 is stop and go. about 30, braintree into boston. we are watching an action blocking one lane. 93 southbound is heavy all the way down to the leverett connector. emily: thank you. breaking overnight,
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figure out what caused this raging fire in lowell. the flames broke out just before midnight in the two-family home on baldwin street. "the lowell sun" reports the house was vacant. firefighters were chasing hot spots well into the overnight hours. we' ll bring you updates as we get them. randy: the danvers teenager accused of murdering his teacher will be back in court today. emily: the appearance comes after a sudden decision delayed the eye' s sera congi is in salem with what to expect. sera: he underwent a mental health evaluation and we should learn the results at a hearing this morning. chism' s trial was stopped last month after he started exhibited odd behavior like banging his head against the table and floor of his holding cell. prosecutors say the teenager is faking those symptoms, but the judge ordered a full evaluation. chism is accused of killing danver high school math teacher colleen ritzer two years ago. today'
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competent to stand trial is scheduled for 9:30. >> this morning a new effort to fight the opioid crisis. there will be a new media campaign. the governor says stigma is one reason why addicts are not seeking treatment. two people died in new bedford just since friday, both under 30 years old. the situation is so bad it new hampshire that the government wants lawmakers to come back for a special session, focusing on how to deal with the opiate crisis. emily: turning an act of vandalism into a positive message here at this burlington mosque.
6:43 am
islamic center of burlington will hold a rally declaring, "we are americans." they plan is to write over these vandalized walls with positive messages about islam and religious diversity before painting over the grafitti. police say two 18-year-olds spray-painted the mosque with the letters "usa" on halloween night. they are charged with malicious we' re live in burlington this morning. rika: a new hampshire baby, due on christmas is born by c-section two months early after this near fatal crash, blamed on drag racers. >> we' re just thanking the stars that all three survive. rika: the father of brittany beaudoin expressing that relief. his daughter, son in law denis and now grandson aiden are doing ok this morning. they were just a block and a half from home when their car was sideswiped by one of two racers going about 60 miles an
6:44 am
their saab went airborne and flipped five times before landing on the roof. emily: two people are recovering after being pulled from the water off weymouth. a kayaker who lives near parnell street heard screams around 10:00 last night. that person then paddled out to try and help the men, who had been in a rowboat. the fire department tells us a quincy police boat arrived and brought the men back to shore. randy: a 12-year-old girl is expected to be ok after getting hit by a car in spencer. police say she got off the school bus at around 2:30 yesterday afternoon at the corner of hastings and cooney . "the telegram" reports she then took off her backpack and ran into the street. she was hit by a car and hurt her head and leg, but police think she' ll be alright. emily: a major shake-up on the boston city council. longtime city councilor charles yancey is out. andrea campbell beat him in the fourth district, 62% to 38%. campbell celebrated at an election party in dorchester. she was 1 year old when yancey
6:45 am
first took office in 1983. stephen murphy also lost his seat. another election note. the mayor lost his bid for a second term. he tried to bring a casino to something down. he was the field by just 117 votes. randy: a republican businessman who' s been compared to donald trump is the new governor of kentucky. millionaire investor matt bevin beat state attorney general jack conway 52.5% to 44%. his campaign focused in part on scaling back the state' s medicaid expansion. that was made possible under the federal health care overhaul. in ohio, a marijuana mascot couldn' t muster up enough votes to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana. voters rejected the first-of-its-kind ballot proposal yesterday, that would have allowed both forms of weed
6:46 am
about 65% of voters opposed the idea. the question was being watched as a potential test for the rest of the country. emily: a new national survey shows donald trump running neck and neck with ben carson. when you focus on new hampshire, the race is just as tight. trump has just a two -point lead over carson. chris christie has gained ground since the last debate. donald trump will make an important trip to new hampshire today. the republican will file presidential candidacy papers at the state house in concord. randy: a police officer killed himself. officer charles gliniewicz
6:47 am
radioed for back up on september 1st, saying he was running after three suspicious men. when backup arrived, they found gliniewicz shot. investigators determined that he died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. emily: a newton family, who lost a loved one in bombing in israel, has filed a lawsuit against iran, and three banks that funded a terror group. david lelchook was killed by the bomb in 2006. it was launched by the terror group hezbollah. his family claims the banks and iran provided support to the terrorists. iran already owes about $12 billion to the families of terror victims. randy: the presidents of taiwan and china will meet for the first time since 1949. the historic visit will take place on saturday in an attempt to improve relations between the countries. presidents on the two sides have not met since nationalists lost the chinese civil war to the communist group. the sides have been ruled separately ever since. emily: cape cod police have a new weapon in the fight against the opioid crisis. yarmouth police and the
6:48 am
barnstable county sheriff' s office have each purchased trunarc machines. the handheld machine allows police to immediately identify powders like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. otherwise, police need to wait months for confirmation. bruins forward chris kelly is undergoing surgery today after this nasty fall against dallas. he was only on the ice for three seconds when he slipped and fractured his femur. he' ll now be out six to eight months. the stars went on to win 5-3, thanks to a hat trick from former bruin tyler seguin. randy: parking in boston can get expensive, but one spot on beacon hill costs more than some city condos. it' s $650,000, and that doesn' t include monthly fees. the spot in brimmer street garage has its perks. it' s heated, no shoveling snow, and you can gas up.
6:49 am
that single parking spot, per square foot, costs more than a $37 million millenium tower penthouse. emily: is there a red carpet? weight gloves -- white glove service? >> do they wax your car with gold? olessa: there is a live look and you can see the volume building. let' s get to the maps. slow out of brockton. 95 seeing delays from sharon. the expressway is about 30, braintree to boston. you have volume on 495. there is a northbound crash. about 40 along the pike. through wilmington and stays slow through the leverett connector.
6:50 am
sun glare a factor this morning. cindy: we' re going to enjoy the sunshine all day long. not as warm as yesterday. near 50 on the cape. there are some pockets of 30' s out there. notice how light the winds are. they are going to shift around to the southeast under high pressure. as we climb toward lunchtime, around 60 degrees. the wind will hold us near 60 at the coast through the afternoon. 60' s for the high. back down to the 40' s and near 50 tonight. increasing cloud cover tomorrow, near 70. lower 70' s on friday.
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they could be an evening shower as well. near record high temperatures. the record in boston is 73. cooling it down for the weekend. upper 40' s to near 50 degrees by sunday. emily: thank since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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