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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 5, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EST

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emily: breaking overnight, a gruesome discovery in worcester. what responders found after they put out a car fire. randy: also breaking, a deadly plane crash with ties to new hampshire. the search this morning for what went wrong. emily: donald trump, not shy about insulting his opponents. but this morning, he' s denying a nasty slight, from his own twitter handle. it' s on the eye for this thursday morning. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: also on the eye this morning, dropping in on dinner. the surprise falling through the ceiling at a florida restaurant. it' s ahead this half hour. good morning, i' m randy price.
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m emily riemer. within the is here with us this morning. cindy: the 70' s are coming back at us today. a little bit of an ominous sky. the sun is out in the next 20 minutes or so. a little low cloudiness on the horizon. a southwesterly wind has kicked up overnight and brought in low-level moisture. fog around the south coast. we also see a dense fog advisory south until about 8:00. the white is where the fog is most pronounced. beverly visibility down to 2.5 miles. temperatures, 53, worcester. mid 50' s down to the cape. running in the 40' s north and west of town in colder pockets. we jump up into the lower 60' s
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time in the 70' s with the southwesterly wind. partly sunny skies. the wind is coming off the water. the cape holding in the mid-60' s. 70 five, nashua. warm, but not a record today. the record in boston is closer to 80 degrees. let' s get you out to the road. up. crash at the braintree split. left lane is 24 is slow out of brockton. on the expressway, 15 to 20, braintree to boston.
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93 south, heavy again, concord street to spot pond. minor delays on the green line, d branch. everything else on schedule. emily: now to the breaking news we are following this morning. randy: a disturbing discovery in worcester turning a neighborhood into a crime scene. the eye' s frank holland is there with what we know right now. frank: right now, investigators are trying to figure out grisly mystery. the scene up the road past this police car. according to the worcester telegram, this all started as a car fire near the 100 block of swan avenue last night. the car was off to the side of the road behind washington heights. after putting out the flames, firefighters discovered what appears to be a body. fire and police investigators blocked off the road shortly after. they searched for evidence up until almost midnight. >> we could hear voices outside. we saw the commotion going on.
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frank: this is an ongoing investigation. we' ll continue to follow this story all morning long and update you on air, online and on our mobile app. emily: breaking overnight, four people found dead inside a home in oakland, maine. that' s outside waterville. state police say multiple shots were fired around 8 last night at a home on belgrade road. investigators believe one of the people found dead is the gunman. a 4-year-old girl inside the home was not hurt but her parents were found dead. more breaking news, new details on this deadly plane crash with ties to new england. that crash sparking a desperate search in the water off new york. randy: the eye' s erika tarantal is following developments as they come in. erika: that search will resume today. the nypd called off efforts overnight due to low visibility, fog and rough surf. this all happening off the coast of breezy point, queens. late last night recovery crews
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believed to be the pilot and pieces of the plane, including the tail. that pilot is also thought to be the 57-year-old owner of the two-seater which is registered out of rye, new hampshire. shortly before it crashed, witnesses tell the new york daily news, the plane was being flown low and erratically. luggage found floating led police to believe for a time there may be another victim, but now police think the pilot was the only person on board. detectives are headed to new hampshire to confirm his identity. it appears the plane took off was en route to portsmouth when it crashed. randy: right now a deadly crash is under investigation in boston' s south end. police say two women were crossing tremont street yesterday when they were hit by a black suv. a woman in her 70' s was killed, another woman with her was seriously hurt. officers say that driver may have been blinded by the glare from the sun. ahead in our next half hour, why witnesses say this area is especially dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. this morning, three people are
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injured after another crash on route 20. sky 5 over the scene of the head-on collision not far from the scene where a mother and baby were killed in oxford last week. work will begin sunday on making that dangerous curve safer before winter. installing a guardrail in the middle of the road and widening it should make it safer in the short-term. major reconstruction is planned for 2025. emily: breaking overnight, russia is sending missile systems to syria to protect it' s military forces there. a russian general says they' re concerned fighter jets could be hijacked in neighboring countries and used to attack russian troops. that move comes amid new signs this morning that isis took down this russian commercial plane. for a second time, the terror group is taking responsibility for the crash. right now, cnn is citing a source who says someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport put a bomb on the plane. the source says that person was not a passenger who had to go through security, rather someone else on the ground who took advantage of the lax security. in the initial investigation, counter-terrorism experts
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thought the plane could have crashed due to a mechanical issue. now, it' s looking more and more likely that an explosion is to blame. >> investigators are looking for any explosive material in the debris they are finding. emily: investigators are looking right now to see if passengers have injuries from an explosion. that includes shrapnel in their bodies. all 224 people on board the jetliner were killed. randy: jury selection resumes today for the danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his teacher. a judge cleared the way for the trial by declaring philip chism mentally competent. the 16-year-old' s trial was stopped last month when he began behaving strangely, banging his head on a wall, table and floor of his holding cell. chism is accused of murdering colleen ritzer, his math teacher at danvers high school, two years ago. emily: commitment three more 2016. candidates running for the their party' s presidential nomination will file for the new hampshire primary.
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republicans carly fiorina and official today at the secretary of state' s office. new controversy for donald trump after a re-tweet causes a firestorm on social media. it' them. this morning, the trump campaign is doing damage control. it says the gop candidate did not see the tweet image and the re-tweet has since been deleted. trump was in new hampshire yesterday officially filing to be on the primary ballot. s now behind dr. ben carson in iowa and national polls. s janet wu s recent surge. janet: how confident are you that ben carson is not going to be you? mr. trump: what has he done? emily: trump is set to host weekend.
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accidentally releasing not for air promos featuring trump. mr. trump: mr. carson is a complete and total loser. mr. carson: presidency is a serious thing. i do not like making light of it. emily: that promo was quickly removed from youtube. hispanic groups protested outside of snl' s studios yesterday. randy: a somerville police officer, writing something other than a ticker after a traffic stop. the kind gesture going viral this morning. a plank goes through a windshield on the highway. how the driver survived. emily: new this morning, debit is not always the right choice. three situations you should always use credit. erika: breaking overnight, worcester police are investigating the discovery of what appears to be a body. the telegram reports firefighters put out a car fire on swan avenue just before midnight. once the smoke cleared, they saw what they think is a body. frank holland is on the scene
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the morning. cindy: we' s , but it will not last forever. the cool down coming this weekend, ahead. first, take a look at the
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>> amesbury. >> help us fight hunger. >> please donate food. >> good morning, eyeopener. randy says good morning to you. scouting for food. emily: they will pick up that food this saturday. you can find this information in the community section.
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cindy: you do not get 70' s that often in the month of november. it will be warm, but not record-setting. low lever moisture moisture coming in. wind returning. it is bringing up the humidity with the lower 50' s and has allowed fog to develop. we have a dense fog advisory. areas in white showing you the fog. a little bit of fogginess this morning. mid 50' s from boston, south.
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40' s hanging on. temperatures will jump up pretty quickly. the flow around that is bringing in the southwesterly wind. temperatures will come up. partly sunny skies today. not as crystal-clear as it has been. a little bit of sunshine. sunsets at 433 this afternoon. the temperature should be close to 70 degrees this morning. metrowest and merrimack valley, we could sneak to 75 degrees. the wind keeping us cooler in southeastern massachusetts. mid 60' s on the cape. the brightest skies to the north. overnight, you could get tagged with a quick passing shower. temperatures do not get below 55 or 60 degrees. it warm day tomorrow despite
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cloudiness. a lot of moisture off to the west. tomorrow, the record highs for the day, a little bit lower. low 70' s again tomorrow. we may set record high temperatures. this is our best chance of seeing a shower. during the afternoon, we may break into brighter skies. there may be a passing shower in the evening hours. that is about it. saturday down to the lower 60' s. upper 40' s, not too far from where we should be. olessa: a quiet start.
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let' s get over to the maps and check out the rest of the ride. route 3 picking up the leave -- picking up delays into the split. eastbound on the pike, delays getting heavier out of methuen. past that, in good shape. trained back on schedule. -- trains back on schedule. randy: new this morning, the driver behind the wheel of this car talking about the close call on interstate 91 in springfield. that' s a 4-by-4 post that fell off a truck and crashed right through her windshield. 67-year-old moonyean field tells the herald it was instantaneous. she says to think that if it had gone a little further in, it would have hit me in the face was just wow. i couldn' t believe what happened. state police are warning all drivers hauling items to make
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secure. a kind note from an officer going viral this morning. it all started with a not-so-routine traffic stop. emily: the eye' s sera congi is live in somerville with the surprise for one driver. sera: robin sutherland thought she was getting a speeding ticket when she was pulled over. but the officer had other plans. the officer sends these. these flowers. robin just found out her 90-year-old mom has to go into hospice care, and during the stop, she was crying behind the wheel. the officer decided to let her off with a warning. robin returned home and found these flowers. there was a note from the officer, saying she was sorry to hear about robin' s mother.
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who pulled you over. robin is now trying to find that officer. live in somerville, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: all citysports stores are closing. a month ago, the boston-based sports gear retailer declared bankruptcy and said it was closing some of its locations. this morning however, the company that bought citysports says it will close all 26 stores along the east coast. a going-out-of-business sale will begin tomorrow. emily: using your debit card is a good way to make sure you don' t overspend. but there are 3 situations when credit is the better choice. first, at restaurants. when you pay the card is usually taken out of your sight, leaving you vulnerable to fraud. if your information is stolen, you won' t have access to those funds while you fight the charges. that' s not the case with credit cards. the same thing can happen if your information is stolen at a gas pump. they' re easy targets for thieves who use so-called skimming devices to steal card numbers. finally, hotels. when you check in it' s not clear what your final bill will be, because of fees you might rack up. so the hotel will put a hold on
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a certain dollar amount, during which time that money will be tied up. go with credit. randy: jimmy kimmel performs on two stages at the same time. emily: how he did it, ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: a closer look at premature birth rates in the bay state. the women most likely to give birth early, and its broader implications. and a woman' s body, found bound and burned in bridgewater. the neighborhood sightings, that could help police figure out what happened. plus, the mbta, promising to do better this winter. 5 investigates with the tools, to avoid a service shutdown. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously?
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my stop&shop. >> good morning, eyeopener. randy: good morning, needham high school. the rockets are getting a high 5 for what mike lynch calls the catch of the year. emily: you can see it tonight on newscenter 5 at 6:00. check it out. cindy: it does not feel like outside. -- football. fog will be burning off.
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warm, but the record high is we may touch a record high tomorrow. randy: olessa is back with eyepoppers. olessa: a robbery attempt does not go as planned at a florida restaurant. you see the suspect in this surveillance video falling through the ceiling of the hibachi and sushi restaurant. tried to get away. they held him until police arrived. police say the suspect was trying to make his way to the restaurant' s office, where the safe is located. olessa: this is pretty cool. jimmy kimmel using a hologram to host his late night show at his hollywood studio and in nashville. he delivered his monologue and
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guierrmo also got in on the fun. randy: very neat. olessa: we are going to do traffic the same way. emily: a missing boy found safe, 13 years after disappearing. who police think had him, for more than a decade. and the mother and newborn involved in this crash are doing better. you can make their recovery even smoother. the help they need this morning. take a live look here at the bridge and the city skyline. a nice hard to the day.
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shaping debates and that -- the media is independent, even with the criticism, which is sometimes warranted.
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randy: a discovery after a car fire. emily: a tragic turn after two women are hit by a car. >> a traffic stop leads they woman in tears. what a police officer that has the driver stunned. randy: the grade massachusetts is earning that comes with a message for every mom. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: a gorgeous start of the sunrise. it makes getting up seem a little easier. >> maybe. we have been at for hours. emily: good morning. i' m emily riemer.
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along with cindy and olessa. cindy: at the bus stop , the kids can get away with a light jacket or a hoodie. lower 70' s as the kids come home. it will be another warm day. mid 50' s in the cape. we have a southwesterly wind that has developed. you can see rhode island, connecticut, socked in with fog. visibility, about half a mile in lawrence. partly sunny at times. by lunchtime, 70 degrees. speaking into the lower 70' s
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warm, but no records today. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: a few problems spots. the skyline looking great. delays from sharon approaching an accident. a crash still working by route 18. the pike eastbound, sun glare delays. 93 south, heavy from wilmington to 128. it stays heavy to the leverett connector. emily: breaking overnight, worcester police are trying to solve a mystery after what appears to be a body was found inside a burning car. this discovery was made late last night on a remote stretch
6:31 am
telegram. randy: also breaking overnight, a man is dead after a plane registered in rye, new hampshire crashed into the water off new york. police say the victim is tentatively identified as the 57-year-old owner of the single engine plane. emily: breaking developments on that russian plane crash. metrojet has just grounded its entire fleet of airbus 321' s for additional safety checks. this comes as cnn cites sources that there is evidence that there was a bomb on board the airliner that crashed over egypt. randy: right now, a woman is dead after she is hit by an suv at a boston crosswalk. this morning, police are zeroing in on a cause. emily: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is in the south end with what we are learning right now. antoinette: this is something drivers deal with in the morning and evening. police saying sun glare may have impaired the driver' s vision. it happened yesterday afternoon
6:32 am
at tremont and west brookline. boston police say two women were crossing tremont when they were struck by a black suv. a woman in her 70' s was killed, another woman with her was seriously hurt. witnesses tell us this can be a dangerous spot when the sun sets. >> that is what the lady kept saying. i could not see anything. mice -- the sun was in my face. antoinette: the suv' s driver was so distraught that she was taken to the hospital for chest pains. no charges have been filed at gainst the driver. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: right now, police are asking for the public' s help to solve a deadly mystery. a woman' s body found burned behind railroad tracks in bridgewater. this morning, police are trying to figure out how she died. witnesses tell newscenter5 they saw a black suv pull up near the oak street crossing tracks late tuesday night.
6:33 am
>> someone else in the neighborhood saw people in a mask -- in masks walking up the tracks. randy: when police arrived, they found the woman' s body, burned beyond recognition. they do not believe it was random. they' re asking anyone who saw any activity in the area tuesday night to give them a call. emily: five investigates following up on the push to make the mbta winter ready. the t' s chief is making a promise to riders, no shutdown this time. on the commuter rail new locomotives and snow fighters to clear the tracks. on the t a refurbished diesel snow remover better plows snow fences and an auger to blast away snow and ice. also, new de-icing equipment to start coating third rails even before a storm arrives. >> we have been focused on getting ourselves ready for a winter like we experience last year. we do not plan on shutting down unless we are told to shut down. >> our number one priority is to
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run each and every day. emily: and inside the mbta' s maintenance facility, dozens of spare traction motors, vital to keeping subway cars moving. randy: new information this morning in this crash that sent early. s erika tarantal s condition. erika: this morning, that mother and her baby are both listed in fair condition. this photo of brittany beaudoin, baby aidyn and brittany' s dad is on her gofundme page. it was earlier this week that police say brittany and her husband were in their car when it was sideswiped by one of two drag racers going about 60 miles an hour. surveillance cameras in the area went airborne and flipped 5 times before landing on the roof. there are no charges at this time but police tell the union ongoing. emily, randy? emily: things keep disappearing from cars in connecticut, because of the police. randy: the messages officers are stuff. premature birth rate in massachusetts. the women most likely to have
6:35 am
their babies too soon. emily: and ahead in news to go, a missing boy found safe, 13 years later. the move, that helped police
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southbound. a crash is blocking a lane. sun glare a factor for us this morning. cindy: we had quite a bit of dense fog on the south coast. lower 70' s today. weekend. s. emily: new this morning, new numbers released overnight give massachusetts a b when it comes to premature births. according to the march of dimes, 8.6% of babies in the state arrive too soon putting them at risk for death or a variety of health complications. boston, worcester, springfield statewide rate. only cambridge was highe
6:37 am
birth rate of 6.8%. the march of dimes is especially concerned about racial disparities that show higher preterm birth rates for women of color. >> we need to ensure women have access to care. that is important not only when they are pregnant, but or primary care. and only says aside from -- emily: aside from inadequate care, a host of factors can contribute to premature birth including the age of the mother and the use of alcohol or drugs. randy: the deadly mystery turning a worcester neighborhood into a crime scene overnight. and a deadly plane crash in new york. its ties to new england, ahead. plus, a local mom wins big at the country music awards. the hit song she helped create,
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randy: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in boston, somerville, breaking news in worcester. emily: and erika with breaking details in a new york city plane crash with new england ties. but first cindy has your forecast. cindy: it is going to be in the 70' s today.
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you know house knowing it was last winter. these are the snowfall amounts from the past 10 years. there were three seasons we had below average snowfall. 2011, 2012. what is interesting is if you look at the novembers, we had above average temperatures in november. warm november' s can lead to less snowy winters in boston. this is something a little for you. eight degrees above normal. a cooldown coming this weekend. it is temporary. it should lift north next week. cooler to the north and west. lawrence.
6:40 am
and up to 70 degrees. afternoon, up to 70 degrees. a little cooler along the south coast and the cape. shower. gusty wind develops ahead. the wind shifts north and west. spot shower risks. most of the day is dry. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: a look at route 1. very slow going. north, 93 southbound, slow to and over
6:41 am
andover. on 95 at 128 north. the accident causing delays back to sharon. expressway, 25, braintree to boston. frank: right now fire and police investigators are trying to figure out a gruesome mystery. according to the worcester telegram, firefighters found what appears to be a body, after putting out a car fire last night. the car discovered off the side of the road, near the 100-block of swan avenue here in the washington heights neighborhood. investigators blocked off the road and search for evidence until nearly midnight. -- and searched for evidence until nearly midnight. this is an ongoing investigation we' ll update you on air, online and on our mobile app as soon as we get new information. emily: also breaking overnight, four people found dead inside a
6:42 am
outside waterville. state police say multiple shots were fired around 8:00 last night at a home on belgrade road. investigators believe one of the people found dead is the gunman. a 4-year-old girl inside the home was not hurt but her parents were found dead. erika: more breaking news, detectives from new york city are heading to new hampshire. to confirm the identity of a man killed in a plane crash off the coast of queens. the search of the crash site will resume after it was called off overnight due to low the body of the 57-year-old man believed to be the pilot and owner of the plane, which is registered out of rye, new hampshire, was found late last night, along with parts of the two-seater plane. witnesses tell the new york daily news the plane was flying low and erratically before going down into the ocean. at this point police believe the pilot was the only victim.
6:43 am
to be blame mash -- a solar glare may be to blame for a crash that took an elderly woman' woman seriously injured. boston police say the two women were crossing tremont when they were struck by a black suv. the woman killed was in her 70' s. have blinded the driver. in fact, she was so upset she for chest pains. no charges have been filed at this time. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. sera: a big thank you to a somerville police officer for what' s being called a phenomenal act of kindness. instead of issuing a speeding ticket, the driver who got pulled over got these. robin sutherland had just learned her mother would need to go to hospice. she started to cry during the traffic stop, the police officer only gave her a warning. later that night, robin returned
6:44 am
note that was simply signed from the officer who pulled you over. now robin is trying to find that officer to thank her for the unexpected gesture. emily: police are asking for the public' s help, after a woman' s body was found burned near railroad tracks in bridgewater. this morning, police are trying to figure out how she died. sources tell newscenter5 a black suv pulled up near oak street crossing late tuesday night, and several masked people carried the woman' s body toward the tracks. police do not believe it was random. randy: new signs this morning that isis took down this russian commercial plane. for a second time, the terror group is taking responsibility for the crash. right now, cnn is citing a source who says someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport put a bomb on the plane. investigators are looking right now to see if passengers have injuries from an explosion. that includes shrapnel in their bodies. emily: the wife and son of a disgraced police officer are reportedly under criminal investigation. two months ago, illinois officer charles gliniewicz was found
6:45 am
dead after reporting he was chasing three suspects. investigators say he committed suicide. he was about to be exposed as an embezzler who stole thousands of dollars from the department. investigators believe other people could have been involved in the crimes. randy: lawmakers on beacon hill focusing on protecting veterans. the house passing two bills yesterday. one aimed at safeguarding grave markers, the other, stiffening punishments for people who pose as veterans for financial gain. emily: governor charlie baker will take part in a roundtable discussion focused on veterans and opioid addiction. the goal, to create better treatment solutions and lower fatal overdose rates. so far this year, 455 veterans have received or are getting treatment for opioid dependence. last year, more than one-thousand people died from opioid overdoses in massachusetts. randy: the government has rejected a request to stop a review of the controversial keystone pipeline.
6:46 am
transcanada requested the delay from the state department earlier this week. it was seen by many as an attempt to postpone a decision until after president obama left office. the president will likely reject the proposal. emily: today the state' s gaming board will hear from the company that wants to build a casino in brockton. mass gaming and entertainment will present its final proposal to the board. mge wants to build a 677 million dollar casino resort at the site of the brockton fairgrounds. the city likes the plan especially because the casino group will kick in 10 million dollars to ease traffic congestion. brockton voters narrowly approved a casino referendum last spring. superintendent brian hyde will face criminal charges, for an incident last month. the parent of a student says he showed up to her home, unannounced, and rifled through her daughter' s belongings to make sure she was a mashpee resident. hyde originally claimed he was invited inside. a judge ruled yesterday there is
6:47 am
probable cause to charge him. police in new haven, connecticut are using an unusual, new tactic to teach drivers a lesson. they are going in unlocked cars and taking valuables. officers leave a note saying items can be picked up at the police station. critics are questioning if it' s legal to remove the property. emily: heinz-cra kraft is closing seven factories in north america, over the next two years. that will cost 2600 jobs across the country, slashing the north american workforce by about 15%. the company calls the decision painful, but necessary, to continue operating effectively. the company formed from the merger of kraft and heinz earlier this year. randy: a missing child mystery solved. this was julian hernandez when he disappeared in alabama in 2002. this age progression photo shows what he looks like now. he and his father were located in cleveland, ohio. the father, bobby hernandez, was arrested after a tip was made to the fbi.
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emily: the celtics falling to the pacers on the road. but check out this inbound pass from the opposite end of the that' s jay crowder getting didn' t count though he was out of bounds. the c' s would fall to the pacers 100-98. they' ve lost 3 straight since their opening win over philadelphia. randy: a special shout-out to a massachusetts woman at the cmas. lori mckenna, a mother of five from stoughton, was one of three writers who won for their hit song "girl crush," by little big town. mckenna, in the purple dress, has written for several artists, including reba mcentire, tim mcgraw, and carrie underwood. emily: congratulations. olessa: some sun glare. hard to see with the sun in your face. let' s get over to the map. delays down to 128. once you get past that, it is
6:49 am
going to get heavy to the leverett connector. 495 out to 128. expressway almost 30, braintree into boston. trains and buses running on schedule. cindy: it will feel more like september. low clouds and patchy areas of fog. reducing visibility to half a mile in lawrence. mid 50' s to upper 50' s boston south. low-to-mid 70'
6:50 am
southwesterly wind will keep us cooler down along the south coast. we will hang onto cloud cover throughout the day. there could be a brief passing shower this way. a mild night, near 60. that may set the stage for record high temperatures tomorrow. 73, boston. record warmth likely on friday. a lot of clouds on the morning hours. behind the front, cooler air starts to settle in.
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emily: thank you. randy: if you are heading out the door, you can watch the emily: we will be back with you tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. sunrise
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