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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: sex assault charges against a gymnastics coach in new hampshire. how the owner of the gym is responding to the allegations. frank: an emotional win for the everett high school football team. wounded teammate. danielle: we're in store for but the cooldown won't last long. when the mild air returns. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." you. morning. thank you so much for joining us today. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. so glad you're joining us this morning. we're going to toss things over to danielle vollmar with a look at our forecast.
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good morning, danielle. danielle: good morning, frank and antoinette. take a look outside this morning. starting out at 62 degrees in boston. already above where we should be in terms of high temperatures for today. take a look back to the north and west. you see colder air over syracuse and parts of canada. all of that is headed in our direction. we do have a full front moving through right now. this is going to kick up those winds out of the north and west today. you will feel them. it will bring in more clouds as we head through morning hours and into the afternoon and may even bring a sprinkle or two to parts of nantucket. right now though it's all about the mild air. 62 boston. 61 on the vineyard. 62 on nantucket. 55 degrees in worcester and 55 degrees right now in keene. so it's a mild start. we have some brisk winds already. you're feeling them out of the west-northwest. at about 10-15. they're going to continue to be
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through the afternoon. temperaturewise, we may dip a couple more degrees before we go right back up into the low 60's through the afternoon. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies, well, mostly sunny to start but becoming mostly cloudy through the day. those winds continue to blow out of the north and west at 10-20. so for your high temperature today, we are going to warm up into the 60's. ignore the 70's. it's actually the lower 60's we will see through the afternoon but a cooldown is coming and then a major warm-up. we'll talk all about the temperature swings ahead coming up. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. right now a gym coach accused of sexually assaulting one of his students. police investigating a ninja gym in new hampshire. the incident allegedly happened frank: the eyeopener's john atwater with new information on the case. john: the allegations against those who run this obstacle training facility. a spokesperson says the sexual assault accusation stems from an scott tranchemontagne: a student was attempting to make a move on
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the rock-climbing wall, and the instructor reached out to assist because he thought she was falling. john: beaton was with two other instructors at the time coaching a class of seven students between the ages of six and eight, the company says. scott tranchemontagne: we were never notified by the student. we were never contacted by the parents that there was anything inappropriate about that session. john: at some point police launched an investigation, ultimately charging the 23-year-old coach with sexual assault at the u.s.a. ninja challenge facility. he turned himself in to police. scott tranchemontagne: we did a pretty thorough background check on this instructor. it's my understanding he has several years of experience. john: the company says it has policies barring coaches from being alone with students and has strict protocols for appropriate physical contact with kids. the gym responded by putting the coach on unpaid leave as police investigate. officer: he is ordered not have any employment or volunteer jobs that would involve interaction with minor children.
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that this is isolatessed. this morning that coach is back home until a court date next month. in hookset, new hampshire, john at water, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: right now, police are investigating an indecent assault case in south boston. the alleged victim, an 11-year-old girl. she was walking near gavin way yesterday morning and claims a man approached her from behind and grabbed her back-side. she says the suspect then anyone with information is asked to call police. frank: a man is dead after being the victim's sneaker lying in the middle of the road. the 55-year-old was crossing chandler street when it happened. the impact sent him flying into an oncoming s.u.v. both drivers stayed on the scene. no charges have been filed. police are still investigating the crash. antoinette: right now worcester police and d.c.f. are investigating after two young children were found alone in a police were called to pleasant street yesterday. they found a one-year-old and six-month-old by themselves. neighbors say they could hear the children crying.
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this morning both children are in state custody. frank: new this morning. d.c.f. is attempting to take custody of more children. records show the child protection agency filed 8% more petitions for custody between july to september than the same time last year. union leaders tell "the herald" they blame the spike on a series of high-profile cases. d.c.f. says the agency is putting new policy reforms into place to keep children safe. antoinette: another legal loss for aaron hernandez. a judge will not throw out key evidence against him in a boston double-murder case. the former patriots star is accused of killing two men in 2012 after a run in at a boston nightclub. the motion pushed to invalidate a search warrant that led police to seize a vehicle they say hernandez was driving the night of the murder. hernandez is currently serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. frank: bourne police are searching for the car that sparked a chain reaction crash on the sagamore bridge. police say a car merging onto the bridge cut off a pick-up
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cranberries causing it swerve into an oncoming box truck. the driver of the box truck was seriously injured. bins filled with cranberries spilled onto route 6 forcing police to close the bridge during a busy morning commute. >> i sat there for 40 minutes when typically the ride is five at the most. frank: the sagamore bridge re-opened after two hours. police do not have a description of the car at this point but are hoping any witnesses will come forward. antoinette: the steamship authority is looking to add service to nantucket from new bedford. right now travelers to the island catch boats out of hyannis, but that often means dealing with cape traffic. the steamship authority endorsed the new route this week, but it's not a done deal. the vote on the route that would run from may through september is set for later this month. adidas is offering to help high schools dump their native-american-themed mascots. the german sneaker company says it will help schools design new school mascots, and they will
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help pay for the rebranding effort. "the globe" reports there are about 40 schools that still use native-american mascots or logos that some people find offensive. adidas says so far 35 schools from around the country have expressed interest in the offer. an emotional win for the everett high football team and a teammate recovering from stab wounds. from near tragedy to triumph, marvens fedna and his team-mates are moving on in the playoffs. frank: there was just 14 seconds to go in the game against peabody when everett scored the game-winning touchdown. after the field celebration, they gave the game ball to fedna. >> great night. told you before the game after we win, we'll come back to the high school and get all the band here, all the players here, all the cheerleaders.
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game ball. frank: an emotional moment there. on halloween fedna led everett to a big win. that night, while leaving a halloween party, he saw a friend being attacked. he tried to help and was stabbed several times. we're told if everett can make it all the way to the super bowl, fedna may be well enough to play. good news for him. antoinette: absolutely. frank: right now half of a school in colorado caught up in a sexting scandal. antoinette: the secret apps kids are using to do it without parents even noticing. frank: read this receipt. it says tom brady's a cheater. the local store owner now fighting back to clear the q.b.'s name. danielle: mild today. not as warm as yesterday. but an autumn chill is on the way. my timeline for your weekend! antoinette: plus, a boston hospital offering employees a new way to relieve stress. the three things you can get out
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welcome back. colorado police say they have a student's cellphone containing several hundred nude pictures of teens. and investigators say it's the tip of the iceberg in a sexting scandal involving half the school. colorado police are trying to get search warrants in connection with the case. they're looking to identify the kids whose pictures are on that cell phone they've gotten their hands on. police are calling it a wake-up call to parents about the secret apps allowing it to happen. bret meuli, canon city high school principal: it's a photo vault. it's an app that is free. enter the right password and that's where your photo vault is. >> she said they trade nudes like trading cards. antoinette: canon city school officials say more than half of the high school's football team is involved. now the school is forcing the team to forfeit today's game. frank: an ohio bank manager and his family were held hostage for 17 hours, then forced to withdraw money from his own bank. brian mcconnell tells police his wife and two children were held hostage at gunpoint from 2:00 thursday afternoon until friday morning. the suspect forced mcconnell to
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withdraw more than $100,000. the family was released after the suspect received the money. >> he said that the guy (inaudible) frank: investigators are looking at surveillance video as they hunt for clues. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: okay. what can we bribe danielle with in order to keep the weather exactly the way it's been the last few days? danielle: i mean we broke records yesterday. we tied everything. you know, unfortunately no records today. but still mild. antoinette: okay. danielle: we won't be in the 70's so much today. but we will be in the 60's so no record warmth today. we are going to turn colder and breezy as we head through the evening and into the overnight. but don't worry. that is not going to last that
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long. we have a warming trend on the way for next week. so in terms of those records, yes, we did tie them both in worcester and in boston yesterday. in the 70's. tying records from 1978 in worcester and 1959 in boston. here is the temperature trend as we head through the next couple of days. notice, we're above average again for today. tomorrow we go below average just a touch. and then we're back up above average by monday. by tuesday we're already back in the 60's. so you see this. you know, we get a brief cooldown and then a warm-up comes. that cooldown is all because of this cold front that is moving through right now. behind it, these winds are going to pick up out of the north and west. you're going to notice them. we also are going to see more clouds begin to develop. and then we're watching some showers down to the south. some of these may make it and maybe impact the nantucket coastline. we'll show you this on the
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future cast. as we go through the morning, we start out with some sunshine. i notice about 7:00 or 8:00, more clouds starting to work their way in. by lunchtime, we'll have a lot of high, thin clouds out there for sure. more cloud cover the farther south you go. now as we head through the afternoon, clouds will begin to clear out from north and west. but south and east, you're still going to hang on to the clouds. there could be one or two showers around nantucket and the south coast, but that is mainly about it. it's nothing to cancel anything outside today. and then as we head through the evening hours, we're going to start to clear out, and we really do need that rain just so you know. we're down over eight inches now for the year in boston. down near seven inches of the year for worcester. and notice that area you see in tan there, that is under a moderate drought at this time. so it's all about the mild temperatures right now though. starting in the 50ings. 60's across the area. and for the day today, we're going to warm up into the upper
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50's and lower 60's. now for tonight, we're going to drop down into the 30's with mainly clear skies so be aware of that. sunday. with a lot of sunshine tomorrow, we're only going to warm up though into the lower 50's for high temperatures. and then as we head towards sunday and monday, we're still cool on monday but temperatures then start to bump up into the upper 50's. now tuesday we're watching an area of rain. it looks like it will stay farther to the south for us. pressure. it hangs along our coastline. tuesday night into early wednesday morning parts of southeastern mass may see a sprinkle or from this. otherwise just some clouds. then it is out of here. temperatures are still warm in the lower 60's through wednesday and thursday. thursday into friday though it looks like all of us get much-needed rape. we really do need it. for now let's take the mild temperatures. antoinette and frank. antoinette: we will take it, danielle. thank you. 5:16.
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happening right now. frank: prosecutors are calling the worcester man arrested for misleading investigators a suspect in a murder. police say thomas hogan lied to them several times when when he was questioned about the woman found dead in a burned-out car. investigators have not released the name of the adult woman found inside the car wednesday night. antoinette: two louisiana police officers are under arrest for killing a child, the officers said they accidentally shot a six-year-old autistic boy after his father chris few led them on a car chase. they say they opened fire on the car tuesday when few started backing up into the officers. six-year-old jeremy mardis was shot and killed and his father was wounded. frank: the supreme court will hear another challenge to the president's affordable care act. some religious groups object to the requirement that they offer contraceptive care to women at no cost. the groups argue that the mandate forces them to either violate their religious beliefs or pay, quote, ruinous fines. this new challenge will be the fourth to take-on the health
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frank: work can pose stressful situations. antoinette: we know about the deadlines here in news but calming your nerves can be just a lunch break away. the "eyeopener"'s emily riemer stopped by one boston hospital showing staffers how. >> checking in with our posture. emily: it's lunchtimality mass general and on their breaks these staffers are taking the word literally. breaking from their routine. >> we'll start by releasing tension. emily: using meditation to relax. and this woman with the institute says it has major benefits beyond this session. >> it's improving employer attention, manager, people are more creative. you're able to problem solve. emily: you can try it too. first, remind yourself to breathe. >> if you are in the middle of a business meeting, you know, the reminder to just pause and exhale before you make a decision can be really helpful. emily: second, know that every little bit counts. >> any time you turn on your computer you're going through the rebooting process, you know,
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it's turning on, that could be a perfect time for you to do some breathing. emily: if breathing isn't for you, try something else. >> and so you can also elicit the relaxation response with a word or phrase or part of a prayer. so maybe on the exhale, you focus on letting go. and you just repeat that to yourself over and over again. emily: the more you try this, the easier it gets to quickly slip into that relaxed state. it's like muscle memory for exercise. the benefit for you? less stress throughout the day. i'm he emily riemer, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the bruins got this capital idea started thursday night. the patriots will take on some washington insiders tomorrow. and the garden with a wizards last night. it can only be jared leading the way for the celtics last night. patriots safety devin mccourty court side for this one. he watched jarryd sul unger play
5:20 am
he led the charge. the celtics averaging 19 points in the first quarter this year start. they had 40 points in the first quarter. sullinger with 21 points overall. he had 16 most of his early. at the break. underneath. that was easy. crowder would leave the game late with a bone bruce to his knee. backside. a long pass to tom action. celtics with an impressive win. fast start. big finish. 118-98 the final. the celtics are off until tuesday when they play at milwaukee. the bruins will try to snap their two-game losing streak tonight in montreal. that's a look at sports. have a great day. frank: a seven-eleven store in beverly is in a war of words with a sister location in denver, and the topic is tom brady. this is what the denver 7-11 printed on some of its receipts, the words "tom brady's a cheater." that was too much for mike zotto who owns the beverly store. zotto put a different message on
5:21 am
brady is a football god." >> he's an interesting man, you know. he wasn't found guilty in court. let it go. frank: just to drive home the point, zotto put another message at the bottom of the receipts-- the pats play the broncos there in three weeks. antoinette: as they say, hater's going to hate so let 'em be. a boston company hits the big time scoring a coveted spot on oprah's annual "favorite things" list. and the more affordable options for these sweet treats. a live look outside this morning. still dark and early over the city of boston. but the sun will rise in not as late as its did last weekend, by around the 6:00 this morning. right now it's 5:21. 60 degrees outside.
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introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. p with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, r and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, p they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe. danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. starting off the day with mainly clear skies across the area and temperatures are on the mild side so enjoy. step outside the door if you want. 55 in worcester. it is 62 degrees current flee boston. 59 in nashua. and 67 right now in plymouth. now one thing you're going to notice is those winds are going to really start to rock through the day today. out of the west-northwest. we'll see them anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour sustained. just up to about 20-25.
5:24 am
today's high temperatures not record-breaking like yesterday. but still on the mild side. in the upper 50's and low 60's. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. this may be the biggest holiday ever for boston's 90-year-old candy emporium, phillips candy store. frank: oprah has picked their deluxe chocolate turtle basket as one of her 87 favorite things in 2015-- a list that always leads to a financial bonanza for those selected. the basket goes for $500, but owner mary anne nagle says they also have their special $90 version which has only 40 turtles instead of more than 200 in the deluxe basket. word seeped out yesterday. >> i couldn't tell anybody because we were sworn to secrecy. for two months, you couldn't say a word. i kept saying we're gearing up for something big but i can't tell you what it is because we started to gear up for it. we had to prepare for this because people would tell us that it's just-- it's not a small thing. frank: not a small thing at all. nagle said they had to rent hotel rooms to put the baskets
5:25 am
enough work space at the store to prepare for the expected demand. talk about a big deal. once oprah says it, everybody wants to get it. antoinette: now you know what i want for christmas. the $500 one not the $90. i mean, i would take either one. frank: talk to santa. coming up, sweating on a club dance floor before 9:00 a.m. antoinette: ahead this morning, the movement making its way to new england and the message behind it. taking precautions. the department of homeland security stepping up security for international flights after last weekend's plane crash in egypt. and the new evidence suggesting what may have caused the crash. frank: just how much would you pay for those thin mints and tagalongs? why some girl scout troops around the state are raising their prices. antoinette: chocolate turtles and then girl scout cookies. wow. look at that outside. it is windy out there. danielle has more on your
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: it's going to feel more like fall this weekend. just how cool it will get and
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how long it will last. antoinette: democratic presidential candidates trying to woo voters down south. their latest pitch in south carolina as the campaign heats up. frank: a local field hockey team gets a surprise from a patriots star. the personal message from gronk to students coping with a tragic loss. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's 5:31 on this saturday morning. hope your day is getting off to a great start. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with danielle vollmar talking about a mild morning. if you're heading out right now, what a great morning for a walk or a jog. danielle: anything you want to do outside. it's 62 degrees in boston right now. that is above where we should be this afternoon. so we will take that. in fact, if you look to the north and west though, you see syracuse checking in at 50 this morning. the 40's and 30's up through parts of canada. that colder air is also headed in our direction.
5:31 am
it's coming in the way of a cold front. you can see it here. and this is going to bring in some cloud cover through the day today. it also will turn up those winds out of the north and west so that you will feel them through the afternoon pumping at about 10-20 miles per hour. now right now just some high, thin clouds out there. showers. most of this is not actually making it to the ground. just to the south and east of nantucket. if there were to be a shower later today, the best chances would be on the coast of nantucket. 62 right now in boston. the 50's in worcester. , as we go through the next 12 hours we warm back up into the low 60's. a cooldown is coming tonight. then a major warm-up. we'll talk all about the temperature swings ahead. antoinette? 5:32. right now a new hampshire gym assaulting one of his young students. the gym in hooksett says the instructor reached out to help a student on a rock climbing wall who he believed was falling.
5:32 am
the alleged assault until the gym was contacted by police weeks later. frank: police in south boston are searching for a suspect who inappropriately touched a young girl, the 11-year-old claims a man approached her from behind and grabbed her back-side. she says the suspect then apologized and walked away. antoinette: worcester police and d.c.f. are investigating after two young children were found alone in a home. neighbors say they could hear the one-year-old and six-month-old crying. this morning both children are frank: growing evidence a russian jetliner was brought an explosion reportedly heard in recordings. homeland security announcing new security measures for some u.s.-bound flights. the eye's mary saladna with the changes to keep passengers safe. mary: bomb or not, the u.s. is taking no chances. the department of homeland security announcing new security measures for u.s.-bound flights from select airports in the mideast including expanding screening of items on aircraft,
5:33 am
reassessing security at certain airports, and offering security assistance to those that fall short. passengers will need extra patience. john cohen, national security expert: they'll experience searches, and their personal items will be swabbed. why swabbed? the screeners will be looking for explosive residue. mary: in france, where the airbus is made, media reports say the sound of an explosion can be heard on the flight col. stephen ganyard: they know what an explosion sounds like. they know what a bomb sounds like. they know what a fuel tank blowing up sounds like, and they know the sound of an airplane just coming apart. mary: a u.s. official also found on the bodies of the passengers. we do know that the metro jet was on the ground in sharm el-sheikh for one hour just before its 6:00 a.m. take-off. it was dark then. co. ganyard: it would have been very simple for somebody to walk out on that ramp and throw an airplane and put it in that cargo hold. mary: tom kinton is former director of massport which oversees boston's logan airport. tom kinton: the question is, was it an explosive device that an
5:34 am
amateur could have got past lousy security or was it something more sophisticated that they were testing at a nonsecure airport? if that's the case, then we've opened up a whole new chapter in this war on terrorism. matter: now the ripple effect of all this will be felt by passengers everywhere as we enter the holiday travel season. in other words, give yourself plenty of extra time to get through security. at logan, i'm mary saladna, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: new this morning. this man is facing charges after crashing into a police cruiser. hampshire, say 23-year-old justin goodwin crossed the center line and hit the officer's car last night. after the crash goodwin tried to make a run for it, but officers were able to track him down quickly with the help of neighbors, rochester police released this photo of the damaged cruiser. goodwin is facing dui charges and is being held on bail.
5:35 am
frank: two boston brothers have been indicted on hate crime charges for allegedly beating and urinating on a homeless man because they believed he was an immigrant. scott leader allegedly told police after their arrest in august that he and his brother, steve, were inspired in part by republican presidential candidate donald trump's views on immigration. trump later denounced the attack. the victim was treated for a broken nose and other injuries. antoinette: democrat hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley made their pitch to southern voters. they shared their views in msnbc's "first in the south presidential candidates forum." the candidates went one-on-one with rachel maddowat winthrop university in rock hill, south martin o'malley was first at bat. he addressed a number of issues, including climate change. martin o'malley: i think we've made a big mistake as a party when we talk about climate change because we're the party that actually believes in science. we rush to connect the dots, but it draws us all in a straight
5:36 am
line to hell. antoinette: next up, bernie sanders. he said he refuses to attack clinton. bernie sanders: i can't walk down a hallway in the nation's capital without people begging me to beat up on hillary clinton. attack hillary clinton. tell me why she's the worst person. i resisted, i resisted and i resisted. antoinette: round three, hillary clinton. she was asked about those, including sanders, who accuse her of being under wall street's influence. hillary clinton: anybody who thinks they can influence what i will do doesn't know me very well, and they can look at what i have said and done throughout my career. antoinette: the candidates will face off at the next democratic debate on november 14 in des moines, iowa. taxpayers in windham, new hampshire, will be picking up the costs for extra help when presidential candidate hillary clinton comes to town. the democratic frontrunner is planning a town hall meeting at the high school monday night. the town expects to shell out about a thousand dollars in overtime for extra police and
5:37 am
the board of selectmen may decide to send the bill to the clinton campaign. frank: dr. ben carson firing back after taking heat over his back-story. allegations that the g.o.p. presidential front-runner stretched the truth about his past. the republican presidential hopeful has said in the past that he was offered a full scholarship to west point when he met general william westmorland five decades ago. he said he declined and it never went further than that. now he's on defensive slamming media reports of his past calling them desperate attempts to tarnish him. ben carson: there's got to be a scandal. there's got to be some nurse he's had an affair with. there's got to be something. eric fehrnstrom: one of things we like about ben carson is his inspiring life story. if aspects of that story are called into question, you put at risk your popularity as a candidate. frank: right now carson and donald trump are within three points of one another, each trying to appeal to voters who want an outsider over a career politician.
5:38 am
antoinette: several g.o.p. hopefuls rallied up a crowd in the granite state, but it was former hewlett-packard c.e.o. carley fiorina that remained in the spotlight fresh off a feud with the hosts of "the view." fiorina went on the talk show friday morning after co-host michelle collins said fiorina's face looked demented during the last republican presidential debate. >> i've been called all kinds of things. i mean i've been called a bimbo from the time i was a secretary to the time i was a c.e.o. we are going to have to go up against the litanies of the left antoinette: fiorina and fellow g.o.p. hopefuls-- former new former virginia governor jim gilmore-- spoke at the red rally in dover. she says she's looking forward frank: commitment 2016. two more republican candidates taking an important step. ohio governor john kasich and christie both filing papers for the new hampshire primary yesterday. democrat hillary clinton is scheduled to file her papers
5:39 am
next week. antoinette: we all have our favorite girl scout cookies. frank: i got distracted. talking about girl scout cookies. but some of us will be paying more when the treats go on sale next month. why troops say they have to raise prices. antoinette: adding nightlife to your morning routine. the fitness and dance movement making its mark in the boston area. danielle: a mild start to your weekend after near-record heat, but temperatures will dip after near-record heat today, harvey says get ready for a cool blast. your [sfx:] all candidates' voices
5:40 am
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frank: all right. to the economy now. a mixed reaction on wall street to a strong october jobs report. the dow closed up 47 points at 17,910. the nasdaq adding 19 points. the s&p down less than a point. the bond market sunk with your electric could go up next national grid requesting a rate increase that would boost the bill for the average residential customer by about $9.00 per month. the massachusetts department of utilities expected to take about the utility company says it needs the money to cover rising operations costs. nissan the major car company
5:43 am
distances itself from takata. mazda and toyota made the same decision this week. faulty air bags devices made by takata led to the biggest auto recall in u.s. history. in the week ahead, the report on retail sales for october. many analyst believe a strong showing could push the fed closer to an interest rate hike, antoinette: the girl scouts are raising prices on their popular cookies. some troops are planning to hike the price per box to $5.00. still totally worth it though. troops in eastern massachusetts plan to raise the price when sales begin on december 11. the girl scout councils cited higher cost of ingredients, transportation, and storage as the primary drivers of the price hike. whether you're ready or not, holiday shopping season is here, and walmart is already offering specials. the company has started 10 online specials a day that will last for the rest of the holiday season. sale items include video games, electronics, and toys. the company also recently kicked off more 90-day rollbacks.
5:44 am
website. frank: this year's christmas tree on the boston common will come from a nova scotia man who has run the boston marathon. bill maceachern ran in the 100th boston marathon in 1996, placing in the top 5%. he and his wife andrea are donating this year's white spruce, a 72-year-old tree. the tradition started 43 years ago as a thank you to boston for providing emergency assistance when halifax was devastated by a wartime explosion. you can see the official tree lighting live on channel 5. "holiday lights" airs at 7:00 p.m. on december 3. antoinette: i know the sun sets a little earlier now. we've had that time change. it's still a nice morning out there. the sun comes up earlier. clear skies. bright and clear skies. danielle: you noticed as you drove in to work how the moon has all the bright stars around it. antoinette: it was bright. there was a lot of stuff clustered next to the moon. danielle: those are from planets. really neat.
5:45 am
danielle: astronomy, danielle. danielle: giving you a astronomy lesson this morning. you will notice a couple of bright stars. actually this star here, mars, will be in a reddish color. that is the planet mars, jupiter and venus. it's a really neat thing. you want to do that sooner than later because remember that sun is coming up earlier this time of year. at about 6:15. cold front moving through right now going to kick in some clouds through the morning hours. also kick up those winds out of the north and west. so you will notice them when you step outside the door. the other thing is you see a couple of these showers that are building up along parts of the atlantic ocean. some of these may impact the cape and the islands later on this afternoon. we'll talk about that in just a second. first the future cast for the day today. we're going to see sunshine to start but the clouds will start to build in by about mid morning. they're going to thicken up by about lunchtime for everybody. so it is a partly sunny day out there. but then through the afternoon,
5:46 am
out north and west. as you look south and east, we're hanging on to those clouds. there will be a couple of showers in the neighborhood. although i think the best chances, if we see anything at all, would really be on the coast of nantucket and really around dinner time or so before everything pushes off. and then we start to clear things out. with a northwest wind and clear skies, temperatures tonight are going to drop overnight into first thing tomorrow morning. so the temperature trend is still mild today, although not record warmth like we saw yesterday. in the lower 70's. starting though the day in the 60's. we'll finish the day in the 60's. now tomorrow we start out in the 30's and 40's. it's a chilly start. we only warm up into the lower 50's. we should be running around 54 this time of year. by monday and tuesday, we're back up into the upper 50's and low 60's so it's really one cool day and then temperatures start to rebound really nicely.
5:47 am
as well as in orange. 60's in boston. 60 on the cape. and through the afternoon we're really going to keep it consistent in the upper 50's and low 60's. so what you're seeing today and what you're feeling this morning when you step outside the door, that will be the case through the afternoon. and then tonight the clear skies drop temperatures back in the 30's through the merrimack valley and the worcester area. 40's though in boston. upper 30's, too, in taunton. and then tomorrow because we start out a lot cooler, we're only going to warm up into the low to mid 50's with lots of sunshine though. and we are going to be chilly again on monday. in fact, monday morning, take a look at these morning lows. starting out in the 30's and 40's. but we will rebound nicely into the upper 50's, maybe even pushing 60 in some locations. by tuesday, we're back in the 60's and notice i give it a little gray cloud out there because there could be a night shower especially along the south coast, the cape and the islands.
5:48 am
wednesday is dry for veterans day and then thursday into friday looks like we could see some significant rain. we really do need it. for now let'sen scwoi the mild temperatures. antoinette and frank. frank: mild temperatures sound pretty good. thanks a lot, danielle. 5:49. checking some of the other stories happening right now. antoinette: new findings after an investigation into a u.s. military helicopter crash that killed 13 people during earthquake rescue operations in nepal. investigators believe the likely cause of the crash was the crew's decision to use the most direct route to bring out the injured. taking the flight over unfamiliar terrain in bad weather. the u.s. relief mission began after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck nepal last april killing more than 8,000 people. frank: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is making another visit to washington in the week ahead. on monday he is set to meet with president obama in hopes of mending their fractured relationship. netanyahu's last visit earlier this year ended with a
5:49 am
congress. antoinette: the mormon church is updating its rules regarding same-sex marriages. church officials are making it clear they can kick same-sex couples out of the church. their children must wait until they are 18 and disavow homosexual relationships to be baptized. the church has a history of opposing same-sex marriages. frank: a big night for the celtics winning for the first time since opening night. jared sullinger leading the charge. the celtics-- averaging just 19 points in the first quarter this year-- had forty last night. celtics led by 15 after one and by 23 at the break. the c's end a three-game losing streak by beating the washington wizards 118-98. antoinette: this might seem like last call, but it's the first call for this group of all ages. believe it or not, this is 7:00 a.m. on a wednesday in new england. it's a new fitness and health movement dancing its way to the boston-area. it's called day-breaker and as
5:50 am
erika taranrtal explains it's all about creating a positive, sober environment to kick off your day! erika: it started in new york city. now day breakers has expanded to 11 cities around the globe. new england is its latest takeover. location: naga normally a night life hot spot in cambridge. >> it hits me about just dancing your face off. then it got overrun by drugs and alcohol. erika: you won't find any of that here. bartenders serving up violate min water and coffee. but these people don't meade the caffeine to get them going. >> you think of it as like an immersive experience in a way. you know, there are poets and performers and dancers. erika: before two hours of dance there is one hour of yoga with a degee, of course, then it's all about creating an incluesive day
5:51 am
life environment for everyone. >> everyone is dancing. erika: when the clock strikes 9:00 it's back out into the daylight with new energy. >> off to work? >> yeah, off to work. it's that time. erika: day breaker plans on making this a monthly event. the next one happens in december. we have a link to the day breaker web site and facebook page for you on erika tarantal, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: toaltal like a night out in las vegas. you walk out. frank: it does look like fun. antoinette: but it's much better for you. frank: everything that happen theirs probably doesn't stay there. people probably talk about that. coming up, a special message to one local team. antoinette: gronk's comforting words to heartbroken members of medway field hockey girls. frank: a live look outside right now. beautiful look at the morning sky right here. we can see the moon and i think those are planets. they're not stars, right, antoinette. antoinette: mars, venus and jupiter, as danielle was telling us earlier in our astronomy
5:52 am
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p good and healthy. hey, you know what? pwe should just go ahead and have this for breakfast tomorrow. r (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend your dog will love. p with whole grains, real beef, and accents of vegetables. danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. well, we are talking about a warm, mild start to your weekend. temperatures already in the 50's and 60's. and that is where they're going to stay through the day today. although we aren't as warm as yesterday. remember yesterday we did have
5:55 am
some record high temperatures. tomorrow though we drop back into the 50's. we have a lot more sunshine tomorrow. but it is cooler. so if you are headed out to the pats game, that is the wrong graphic but tomorrow it's a 1:00 p.m. game. they are actually playing the redskins, i believe. yes, they are. at 1:00. 50 degrees. it will be sunny and chilliment the winds will be brisk out of the north and west. antoinette and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. the heartbroken members of medway high school's field hockey team got surprise boost from a patriots star. antoinette: the team's been in mourning since last week, when 17-year old maddie lamson--the team's goalie--was killed in a car crash. they held a pep rally at medway high yesterday, a day after maddie's funeral. the rally featured a guest appearance, via video, by the patriots' rob gronkowski. rob: hey, medway, i know it's been a tough week for you guys and i wish i could be there for your pep rally. i want to say good luck in all the tournaments this week. also go pats. antoinette: a spokesman for
5:56 am
to attend pep rally in person, the pats limited him to making the video message. frank: the woburn high football team celebrating their coach this morning. win last night. the tanners beating wilmington 35-6. traditional on-field splash. nelson is in his 30th season coaching at woburn high. congrats to him. coming up, a wake-up call to parents in colorado. antoinette: half a school is caught in a sexting scandal. the secret apps keeping it all under wraps. frank: a local gymnastics coach accused of sexually assaulting a child. where police say it happened and what sparked the investigation. antoinette: and a live look outside this morning. check out this gorgeous sunrise. pink skies. a few clouds out there. not too bad of a start. 59 degrees right now.
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