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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: the family of a woman found dead and burned in bridgewater has a message for her killer. a mother's unexpected comments. randy: boston police officers dragged in the street. their condition and the crash that finally ended the high-speed incident. emily: real or fake? the new marking that'll help police figure it out. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: it's now 6:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning. a science-fiction classic with a brand new star. how a creative father turned godzilla into one cute monster ahead. good morning to you.
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emily: and i'm emily riemer morning. a cold start to the day. cindy: a cold start but a mild finish. layers-- the key word of the day. kids at the bus stop this jacket. lots of 30's at the bus stop this morning. getting off the bus this afternoon, sunshine up near 60 degrees so maybe just a sweat today. 44 in boston. up on the snort shore a lot of 0's showing youment beverly 38. lawrence 32. you get up in southern new hampshire, upper 20's in nashua. we've got 35 in worcester but 20, fitchburg back to orange. south of town from norwood to taunton waking up to some 20's. areas of frost out there. you may need a little tile to defrost windshield or do scraping this morning. 37 falmouth. we're below freezing in new bedford at 31. you can see how clear the skies are though. we'll enjoy the sunshine pretty much all day long with temperatures holding in the 40's through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. we're up into the 50's this afternoon with the wind turning to the southwest.
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the cape right around 50 in boston. cooler mid to upper 50's out through worcester county. i want you to look down the coast. you see this rain from the carolinas to florida. low pressure is going to move north ward tomorrow. that will bring us some rain late in the day through early wednesday. i'm not concerned with flooding but along the coastline there could be a period of stronger winds. we'll break down the timing on that for you coming up in just a little bit. let's see how we're looking on the roads. olessa: good morning, everyone. a live look at the expressway. a bit of good news on the northbound side. it was very slow just a few minutes ago approaching an tunnel. that accident cleared. traffic is now getting by at a pretty good pace. let's get to the maps now. we are watching a disabled truck eastbound on the pike. this is right by the allston/brighton tolls where one lane is blocked. you still have the heavy volume on the expressway north starting back at the braintree split. route 3 northbound has an accident blocking one lane. 128. as you travel 93 southbound road.
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at 21 and it stays heavy from concord street to spot pond. minor delays on the greenline. randy. randy: right now the grieving was found burned and dumped is sending a message to her killer. and it might not be the one you expect. emily: the eye's sera congi is live in bridgwater with the new details in this disturbing mystery. sera: emily and randy, the she wants people to know her daughter was a beautiful young woman who once dreamed of being an actress. 29-year-old ashley bortner's body was found bound and burned along the railroad tracks last week. investigators have said they believe the new jersey native was targeted, but they have not made any arrests or talked about potential suspects. bortner's mother says her daughter used to live in hyde park. though they haven't seen each other in three years, they did keep in touch. tamara pack tells "the herald," quote, "through god and his grace i have forgiven the person who did this to my baby. i have to forgive him or i
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pack says she's been raising bortner's 13-year-old son. the young woman's family is now asking for donations to help bring her body home to new jersey for a funeral. live in bridgewater, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: right now. two boston police officers are recovering after they were dragged by an s.u.v. in mattapan. the plainclothes officers stopped the nissan murano for going 70 miles per hour on blue hill avenue and stratton street. the driver attempted to get out of the s.u.v. and run but after a struggle with the officers hit the gas. he ended up going about 100 yards before crashing into a parked car. the officers have non-life- threatening injuries. that driver will be in court this morning. randy: four minutes after 6:00. right now police are trying to figure out exactly what caused a deadly crash in boston. brian archand and his girlfriend rebecca smith were killed when their pick-up truck plunged into the charles river saturday night. the rhode island couple was in the city celebrating archand's birthday.
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police say the truck ran a red light near the leverett circle before side-swiping an s.u.v. and crashing through a barrier into the river. right now boston is getting ready to launch a major crackdown on this growing problem. these are not real weapons but they sure look like it. the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in boston with the plan being put into place today. todd: randy, good morning. that plan will ban all fake or replica handguns in public spaces in boston. that's because they look so real, the city's mayor says they're putting lives in danger. under the new city ordinance being signed this morning by mayor walsh, police can confiscate any handgun that is not marked. fake guns will have a federally required orange or red tip on the muzzle. >> we've been lucky so far. it only takes one incident. with that ordinance, that's what we're hoping to avoid. todd: so far this year they've already taken more than 160
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streets. mayor walsh will make the crackdown official at 9:30 this morning. live in boston, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: new this morning. calls for change to the mbta's door-to-door van service for the disabled, the ride. the focus of an mbta board meeting today. "the globe" finds over the last four years complaints have more than doubled. more than 4,300 made in 2014. and from january to august of this year there have been nearly 2,900. data finds the number of complaints have sky-rocketed despite a decline in demand for the service. a meeting today will focus on changes to make this stretch of highway in oxford safer. this curve on route 20 was the site of last month's crash that killed a young mother and her baby. the goal of the meeting-- to make the curve safer before winter. officials have already made the middle of the road and widen it. hillary clinton makes it official today. the eye's erika tarantal with
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randy? randy: president obama meets today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. the relationship between the two leaders has been strained recently. back in march, netanyahu addressed congress and was very critical of the iran nuclear negotiations. and the appointment of a chief spokesman who suggested obama is anti-semitic and secretary of state john kerry should not be taken seriously has not helped ease tensions. today's meeting will focus on national security matters. emily: a curry college student will be arraigned today charged with illegally possessing a gun, ammunition, and drugs in his dorm room. the college says tips from students led them to darius boodoosingh last friday. he has been since been suspended from the school. 6:08. jobs with no one to fill them. randy: the training that could give job-seekers a big advantage in the coming years. with the help of a local start-up. the boston company urging employers to help pay that debt.
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emily: the patriots win but not before a player gets hurt. the injury landing dion lewis in surgery today. cindy? cindy: and it is a cold start to your monday but it will warm up later today. the sunshine ahead today and some needed rainfall on the way this week. the full timeline is ahead. first, take a look at what you can expect when you head out the door this morning. morning. 44 as you're heading out the
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t[ duck quacking and wind whistling ] [ clacking ] t - hey, jim. - hey, doug. okay. the new turbodown jacket: t tested tough in
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>> hi, i'm jeannet. >> and i'm helen. we're the stars of "sister act" at the north shore music
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good morning, "eyeopener." 5, 6, 7, 8. randy: how about that to wake you up? "sister act" is at the north shore music theater through november 15. emily: sounding great. you, of course, can sing. randy: we're singing in the background. emily: you can sing, you can dance, you can just yell loudly. just record a wake-up call. then post it in the u-local section of olessa: we want to see you hit that high note. cindy: we're all awake with that one. not quite awake just yet? then step outside because it's a little chilly out there this morning. it will be a beautiful day. the pick of the week weatherwise. lots of sunshine. a milder finish this afternoon. we do have some needed rainfall coming in later tomorrow into wednesday. some spots could pick up between a half an inch and an inch of rain. the heaviest will be over
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once we get past that rain, temperatures overall pretty seasonal this week. average high this time of year now is just 54. i know we had three days last week in the 70's so we're trending closer to average especially by the middle of the week. you can see it's pretty nice afternoon on the way. we're going to be up near 60 later today. make sure you have the jacket this morning. layers you can shed later on because look at this. 32 lawrence. 35 worcester. 31 in plymouth. hyannis 40 degrees. boston 44 but in between there are some 20's in the suburbs this morning. start. skies are clear right now. we'll have sunshine with us all day long. by lunchtime, we should be up into the mid 50's. sun sets at 4:28. it should still be in the lower 50's as you're heading home. looking for a high temperature today up near 60 boston. mid to upper 50's to the worcester hills. winds. well. we're in great shape today. high pressure in control. down the coast, area of low pressure coming out of the gulf spreading rain all the way up through the carolinas.
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some of this rain is heavy. also watching down near the bahamas this morning a tropical depression. this is td12 that formed over the weekend. it's forecast to strengthen into tropical storm kate. you can see it's forecast to stay off shore. some of that moisture may try to interact with that system coming up from the south. so let me play things out for you as i see them. as we look for increasing clouds overnight tonight. temperatures by tomorrow morning upper 30's to the lower 40's. not as cold when you're stepping out tomorrow morning. we'll watch that system spread in with rain moving in late in the day and really tomorrow night is the heaviest rainfall through first part of wednesday morning. as this low strengthens off shore there will likely be a period of northeastly winds coming up overnight tuesday night until about midday on wednesday where we could see 30-40 miles per hour especially on cape cod. i think the heaviest rain is really going to be focusing eastern and southeastern massachusetts where we could see close to an inch of rain. lesser amounts farther north and west. beneficial rain coming on in.
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i think the biggest impacts will be the tuesday evening commute and especially the wednesday morning commute. take a look at the timing here. no problems tomorrow morning. that rain initially spreads in late in the day tomorrow. heaviest during the overnight hours into first thing on wednesday morning which is of course veterans day. rain should be pushing off shore by about lunchtime or so. afternoon. another chance of a few showers coming up on thursday afternoon and then dryer but a little cooler by next weekend. only around 50 dises. 70's were nice. olessa: it's november. so far it's a quiet start on the roads for the most part here on the expressway we did have problems early this morning. northbound side we were watching delays into the o'neill tunnel with late-running construction. then an accident in that same stretch. we had pretty heavy volume. as you can see it looks better now. south of there though still watching a crash route 3 north by the braintree split. your delays back to weymouth with that one. the expressway is about 30 braintree to boston. also a disabled car by the allston/brighton eastbound on
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west of there about a 20-minute ride 495 to 128 and then 93 southbound heavy out of methuen. river road. heavy again as you approach the leverett connector. b-branch has minor eastbound delays. everything else on schedule. randy. randy: thank you. the pats are 8-0 this morning, came at a price. runningback dion lewis going down in the third quarter with this leg injury. he'll have an m.r.i. on his left knee today. that will determine just how long he'll be sidelined. the pats defeated washington 27-10. up next-- the giants sunday at 4:25. emily: paying back your student loans. it's often one of the biggest sources of stress. student loan debt in the u.s. totals $1.3 trillion. some payments can be $300, $500, or even $1,000 a month. boston startup "gradifi" has developed a program to help you pay it down faster. "gradifi" partners with major employers who then pay $100 a month that goes directly toward your student loans. c.e.o. tim demello says it's
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401-k. >> now you take someone who has an average of $35,000 in student loans which is the average number plus interest. that will grow to $42,000 in ten years. that will take 25% off that. someone who is 22 who needed to do it until they're 32 years old now only has to do it until they're 29. emily: price waterhouse coopers is one of dozens of companies that have signed on. they say it's a good way to recruit and retain employees. asian shares were mixed overnight following friday's stronger-than-anticipated u.s. october jobs report. at this hour u.s. stock futures are lower. randy: a new report to be released today projects severe industries in massachusetts over the next seven years. the findings from northeastern will be created in the state by 2022. will not require a bachelor's degree. and despite the wide openings in vocational jobs including health
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training resources to meet demand. a famous statue is starting to freak out the people who live near it. emily: the feature they weren't expecting ahead. erika? erika: then new at 6:30, tips from the local gym that got ben affleck ready for some big roles. and a disabled couple's van tagged by vandals. why they think they were targeted. todd? todd: medical schools developing a new line of defense in the opioid crisis. their new role in fighting
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for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop&shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: good morning to you. thanks to the thousand or so people who came out to celebrate heroes in greater boston, people who go the extra mile to help others. it's great to see everybody at the gala for action for boston community development on friday night kicking off a fantastic weekend. beautiful night. emily: a lot dedicated folks there. all right. great to see them. cindy, a cold start for us this morning. cindy: you've got it. all the sunshine we had yesterday that is sticking around for your monday.
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clear right now. 44 in town but notice the suburbs are running a little bit cooler this morning. worcester down to 35 degrees. 26 in orange. we're below freezing with some frost around the plymouth area. you get the idea. cold start. milder finish. sunshine today. up around 60 degrees. we have rain coming in late in the day tuesday. it will be with us into the first part of your veterans day. we do need the rainfall. there could be stronger winds along the coastline as well. randy? randy: thank you, cindy. olessa is back with eyepoppers. olessa: fears in one town that a famous statue is coming to life. this sheep statue in australia, nicknamed rambo, attracts tourists from all over. however, those glowing green eyes are new. and word of the addition hasn't spread to a lot of residents who believe the statue is possessed by a centuries old deity. the eyes were installed to coincide with a sustainable living festival. sticking its tongue out. making fun of everyone. and godzilla has never been cuter.
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one dad with a lot of time created this short parody of the movie franchise starring his toddler. she even breathes fire. pretty impressive. special effects there. here's the fire. watch out for that toddler. very, very cute. randy: that is the happiest godzilla. olessa: very smiley and cute. emily: thanks, guys. controversey over starbucks' red holiday cups. the design change that has some calling the chain anti-christmas. and a tom brady fan catches him off guard. the kind gesture from a little boy who impressed the quarterback. at 6:24 this morning, take a live look here from our camera in south boston. the sun is just about up but it is cold. as cindy has been saying, grab that winter jacket. sorry, kids, no shorts at the bus stop.
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general manager bill fine. bill fine: how can a teacher have an illicit relationship with a young student and not face criminal charges? in massachusetts, it's all about timing. this week, "5 investigates" uncovered the disturbing story of andrea clemens. when andrea was 14, a teacher, robert baker, befriended her and gained her trust. andrea clemens: i had been groomed for two years, and he didn't kiss me til like the week after i turned 16. that slow pace thing quickly turned into such an aggressive sexually abusive man that i was terrified all the time, and i had no voice to say no. bill fine: but because andrea was 16, baker's behavior wasn't considered criminal. sadly, baker targeted other students too until he finally pleaded guilty to charges in 2002 and is now categorized as a level 3 sex offender. but he never faced charges related to andrea. so how unusual is andrea's case? "5 investigates" discovered in recent years, on average, licenses of 15 massachusetts
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sexual misconduct each year. but there aren't always charges. when students are 16 years or older, by law, sexual misconduct amazingly isn't considered a crime. it's time the state toughened consent laws and recognized the obvious-- the teacher-and-student relationship is not an equal one-- and those in a position of authority can too readily exert power over young, impressionable teens. andrea is now working with advocates to change state law, making sex between a teacher and student a crime until age 19. age of consent bills have been filed on beacon hill and hearings are scheduled for december. it is hard to conceive of any reasoning preventing legislators from taking tougher action so stories like andrea's result in criminal consequences. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier by accepting most major health
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including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a woman's body burned and dumped. new this morning, her grieving mother's unexpected message to the killer. emily: a disabled couple targeted by vandals. >> i'm absolutely stunned. emily: the repeated attacks including something more disturbing than spray paint. randy: you may think tom brady has seen everything. but one act of kindness on the field took number 12 by surprise. emily: it worked for ben affleck and matt damon. the local gym with the secrets to help you train like a movie star. it's on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 6:0 on this monday morning. our live camera looking out on the water in south boston. a beautiful morning to be on the water. but you'll need your warm weather gear. good morning to you. i'm randy price. emily: and emily riemer along
6:28 am
with cindy. olessa, you will need that winter jacket. cindy: you also need the sunglasses. the sun is up on a monday morning. today will be a beautiful looking day with clear skies. yes, the chilly temperatures so kids are going to want a jacket at the bus stopment lots of 30's at the bus stop this morning. getting off the bus this afternoon right around 60 degrees. just a sweat shirt or a hoody likely good enough by this afternoon. 28 as you're stepping out in bedford this morning. same deal in nashua. boston 44. you see worcester at 35. fitchburg back to orange likely frost through metro west. norwood 26. taunton 28. we're below freezing in new bedford to plymouth with quite a few 30's on cape cod this morning as well. a cold start but clear skies this morning. sunshine all day long. temperatures recovering nicely up to around 60 degrees in boston this afternoon. mid to upper 50's through the worcester hills as the winds turn to the southwest. we'll be in the upper 50's on cape cod as well. so high pressure no worries for today weatherwise. you can see there is a storm down the coast here. this is the rain that will be lifting north ward and come in here by late in the day tomorrow.
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we're going to have the full timeline on this and tell you how much rain you can expect coming up in just a bit. let's get you out to the roads though. right now sunglasses require od a monday. olessa: a live look outside. a bright and sunny shot here of the expressway. this is by the gas tank northbound side. stop-and-go ride right now from braintree to boston. if you're heading south we're watching an accident route 3 northbound. this is by 228. another accident still clearing over by the braintree split. so a slow ride northbound on route 3. 24 heavy out of brockton. 95 delays from sharon. your trip on the expressway about a half-hour braintree to boston. but then an accident cleared near the o'neill tunnel. as you travel eastbound on the pike there's still a disabled car here by the allston/brighton tolls and then eastbound from 495 to 128, 20-25 minutes. north of town 93 south heavy with an accident cleared by river road but delays from methuen all the way down to spot pond and again approaching the leverett connector. most of the lines running on schedule. green line still has minor delays on the d-branch. emily. emily: thanks. right now the family of the woman whose body was found
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money to bring her body back to new jersey. 29-year-old ashley bortner's mother says she has a 13-year-old son and used to live in hyde park. randy: right now two boston police officers are recovering after they were dragged by an s.u.v. in mattapan. police say the plainclothes officers stopped the vehicle on blue hill avenue, but the driver struggled, then hit the gas. the driver is due in court this morning. emily: today boston mayor marty walsh will sign a plan banning all replica handguns in the city. the mayor says they often look so real they put lives in danger. new this morning. the state is getting ready to unveil a new plan of attack in the war on opioid abuse. randy: the eye's todd kazakieiwich is live in boston with the focus on schools. todd: randy, emily, good morning. the schools we're talking about are the state's four medical schools including here at boston university. today they're expected to announce a new iniative to stop addiction before it starts. as we've often reported, the misuse of prescription
6:31 am
road of addiction. the goal under this new agreement is for all 3,000 students enrolled at the state's medical schools to be taught the skills needed to prevent and control that problem. that includes a curriculum that focuses on evaluating risk before prescribing painkillers, treating at-risk patients, and managing abuse as a chronic illness. this is all part of governor baker's plan to battle the opioid crisis which claimed more than 1,000 lives in massachusetts last year. live in boston, todd kazakieiwich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: jury selection resumes today in the murder trial of a danvers teen charged with raping and killing his teacher. eight jurors have been chosen so far to sit on the jury in the philip chism trial. eight more jurors are needed. chism is accused of murdering colleen ritzer at danvers high school two years ago. a driver in new hampshire is facing charges after an alleged road rage incident along i-89 in grantham. the passenger in another car captured this on a cell phone.
6:32 am
you can see the driver in the green sedan tailgate another car, pass it, then pull back in front losing control, and crashing into the guardrail. state police say the driver left the scene but was arrested a couple miles down the road. >> we know that they're targeting us. randy: right now a disabled couple in derry, new hampshire is in shock after becoming the target of vandals not just once but three this month. the eye's erika tarantal is back with their frustrations this morning. erika: the couple should have been celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary sunday. instead, they were dealing with big damage to a rental car. the laughtons, who are disabled, have parked their van in the same assigned spot at their derry apartment for the last seven years. in the last week, they say someone has spray painted the van, rubbed dog feces on it, and put sugar in the gas tank. the latest hit to their rental van. keep paying the deductibles to
6:33 am
stunned. we've been here this long and our neighbors are great. erika: police are investigating but so far no arrests. slept in his car hoping to catch the culprits. randy, emily? randy: new this morning. inside tips on training like celebrities. emily: the local gym with the simple routine getting stars in shape. and controversy brewing at starbucks. how the red holiday cups are starting to offend people. randy: sky 5 live now. back-up on route 3 northbound. this is right before union street in braintree. delays caused by an accident by
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools,
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of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." watching a few problem spots south of town. route 3 heavy delays northbound out of rockland. crash by 228. another just cleared by the braintree split. if you're heading north it will be a slow ride. the expressway is about a half-hour braintree to boston. cindy: lots of solar glare headed eastbound this morning. lots of bright sunshine today. 44 in town right now. 20's and 30's still in the suburbs. it's the pick day of the week weatherwise. sunshine all day long. up near 60 this afternoon. rain comes in late in the day
6:37 am
tomorrow. it's heaviest overnight into first thing on veterans day. we'll dry things out. it does cool down by next weekend. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. new this morning. we're kicking off a week-long series revealing the fitness secrets of some well-known boston faces. including this guy. that's right. you can train like a movie star with the people who get ben affleck ready for his biggest roles. >> and time, bring it up. emily: at the institute of performance fitness, the director says their clients' success is simple. >> focus on the basics and do the basics extremely well. emily: it's a mantra that gets results for stars like ben affleck and jennifer garner. i.p.f. has worked with both of them. celebs start working out months before shooting starts; and once on set, they might have just 45 minutes a day to train. >> it comes down to how efficient you can be, working on exercises that produce the most bang for your buck. emily: try a chin-up. you'll work your back, biceps, shoulders and torso. >> chin on top of the bar and then full extension at the
6:38 am
bottom. emily: another exercise deadlift-squat targeting your lower body. >> head down a little bit in the emily: if i can't pick this up, don't laugh, okay? >> it's okay, everything's on camera. squeeze the bar tight, and stand up. emily: finally, a loaded carry or farmer's walk works your core. make sure to stand tall and look straight ahead. major factor in a star's training program. these actors are very consistent with their meals. they're not cheating at all. "looking the part" is, after all, their job. tomorrow morning on the eye, these guys really know how to kick it into high gear. the secret moves that keep the new england revolution in top form as we train like a soccer star. randy: i want to work out like a news anchor like the one i just saw. pretty impressive, right? we're all exhausted in here. ahead in news to go. there could soon be new rules on where to smoke in worcester. the restrictions on the table. and a cancer patient with a miraculous turnaround.
6:39 am
the breakthrough injection that could save lives. plus this is no act of nature. the source of this man-made disaster ahead. on the t woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. tman: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. p man: here because everyone deserves clean water. t man: here for the cool research. rwoman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. r man: because the oceans matter to us all. p man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
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emily: 6:44 this morning. the "eyeopener" team ready with your news to go in bridgewater
6:41 am
and boston. randy: and erika is in the studio with hillary clinton's but first cindy has your forecast. we kick off another week. a different one. cindy: the second week of november won't be like the 70's we had in the first week of november. in the month of november you don't typically think about the tropics. there's a new tropical depression forming over the weekend down near the bahamas. forecasted to strengthen to a tropical storm today. the name will be kate on this. it will stay off shore. however, you can see it lurking near the bahamas. some of that tropical moisture may try to feed into this system which is bringing heavy rain to parts of florida up to the carolinas. together these two features are lifting north ward. our chances for rain are going up late tomorrow into early wednesday which is of course veterans day. we are going to see some rain in here. we need the rain. beneficial rainfall coming on in. i'm really not concerned with flooding. there could be a period of stronger winds along the coastline overnight tuesday night into first thing on wednesday. that could lead to coastal surge as well. a few things to watch with this system coming in. this morning, it is just cold out there. 26 orange.
6:42 am
35 worcester. below freezing in plymouth. 44 right now in boston. temperatures recover into the upper 50's to around 60 degrees under bright sunshine as the afternoon. it's a beautiful day today. we're back down in the upper 30's to low 40's tonight. as those clouds come in. rain though cools off until looks like now late in the day on tuesday. as as the storm strengthens to our east first thing wednesday morning it will kick up those winds. we could see gusts 30 to over 40 miles an hour right along the coastline. in terms of the rainfall looks like the heaviest over an inch possible in southeastern massachusetts. so the rain comes in late tuesday. it moves out early on veterans day. notice temperatures trending down toward the middle of the week. lots of volume out there. how are we doing. olessa: watching lots of delays and sun glare as well. 93 in somerville. the southbound side we have the delays in place. let's get over to the maps and check the rest of your ride. as you make your way south route 3 heavy from 228 where an accident has just cleared. another crash cleared route 3 by the braintree split and also on
6:43 am
the expressway north near columbia road. half-hour braintree to boston. eastbound on the pike still heavy to the allston/brighton where we did have a disabled car blocking a lane. a half-hour from 495 out to 128. 93 southbound looking better out of methuen. an accident cleared by river road but it stays heavy down to spot pond and again approaching the leverett connector. some problems on the trains this morning. we're watching delays. d-branch green line and also red line have minor northbound delays. randy, emily. randy: the mother of a woman found dead on train tracks is speaking out. emily: the eyeopener's sera congi is live in bridgewater with her new message this morning. sera: emily and randy, the mother of the the victim found bound and burned on the railroad tracks says she forgives her daughter's killer. ashley bortner was a new jersey native and a young mother herself. her body was discovered along the tracks last week in bridgewater. investigators believe she was targeted. no arrests have been made. bortner's mother, tamara pack, tells "the herald" this morning, "through god and his grace i have forgiven the person who did this to my baby.
6:44 am
i have to forgive him or i wouldn't be able to go on." pack has been raising bortner's 13-year-old son. she says her daughter once lived in hyde park. in bridgewater, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. todd: a new effort to help prevent people from jumping the gun and assuming that replica guns are the real thing. this morning boston mayor marty walsh will sign a new city ordinance that bans fake or replica guns in public spaces in boston. also police will be able to confiscate any replica that is not marked with the federally required orange or red tip on the muzzle. thus far this year the b.p. has confiscated more than 150 replica or toy guns. live in boston had morning, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: hillary clinton makes it official today. she'll be in new hampshire to file paperwork for the presidential primary before a town hall meeting. on the g.o.p. side, frontrunner ben carson continues to push back against scrutiny of his
6:45 am
his autobiography. carson now saying he'll address any real scandal but otherwise plans to focus on issues facing the country. still it's bound to come up at tomorrow's republican debate. at his heels, donald trump is basking in the high ratings of his "saturday night live" appearance. more people watched that s.n.l. than any episode since january of 2012. randy: two boston police officers are recovering after they were dragged by an s.u.v. in mattapan. the plainclothes officers stopped the nissan murano for going 70 miles per hour on blue hill avenue and stratton street. boston police tell "the herald" the driver attempted to get out of the s.u.v. and run but after a struggle with the officers hit the gas. he ended up going about 100 yards before crashing into a parked car. the officers have non-life- threatening injuries. that driver will be in court this morning. emily: police are trying to figure out exactly what caused a deadly crash in boston. brian archand and his girlfriend rebecca smith were killed when their pick-up truck plunged into the charles river saturday night.
6:46 am
the rhode island couple was in the city celebrating archand's birthday. police say the truck ran a red light near the leverett circle before side-swiping an s.u.v. and crashing through a barrier into the river. randy: as state officials continue to discuss how to draw a grand prix-style road race to boston's seaport next year, we're hearing about complaints in other cities that have hosted similar events. for example, a brief experimentation with indycar in baltimore was shrouded in complaints, court action, and financial trouble despite reasonably strong attendance numbers. the inconveniences have been the subject of debate as boston discusses next year's event. emily: worcester residents will get the chance to weigh in tomorrow on the local tobacco control ordinance. city officials have re-drafted the ordinance that was approved back in june. among the new recommendations expanding the city's regulations to the sale of tobacco and things like e-cigarettes. tewksbury police are trying to track down this man accused of robbing a mobil station. police say he pulled a knife on an employee at the station on
6:47 am
andover street late last night. nobody was hurt. police believe the suspect was driving a black ford fusion. randy: governing members of the university of missouri will meet today to discuss growing racial tension on campus. students have staged walk-outs, and 32 football players have refused to participate in team activities until university president tim wolfe steps down. students are upset about how he's handled reports of racial slurs and a drawing of a swastika in a dorm bathroom. emily: investigators now say there is new evidence that the downing of a russian jetliner in egypt was an inside job. they believe isis likely recruited someone with access to the ramp at the airport in egypt to plant a bomb on the russian jet. all 224 people aboard were killed in the crash. some of the victims were found with shrapnel wounds, which could be an indication that the plane was brought down by an explosive device. randy: auto regulators are expanding on-the-road emissions
6:48 am
be more cheating. the tests come in the wake of volkswagen's admission that it installed software on more than 11 million cars to evade emissions standards. regulators in the u.s. and canada are now worried other companies could do the same for diesel cars. they're calling this a man-made disaster in meridian, mississippi. a massive hole opened up swallowing cars. that's a 30-foot drop down to the bottom of that hole. inspectors say a large drain that runs underneath the ground ruptured causing the cave-in. nobody was hurt. officials are now doing everything they can to make sure there's no risk of this happening somewhere else. not everyone happy about this year's red holiday cup at star bucks. a former pastor-turned-social- media personality says the company's decision to drop christmas-themed decorations on the cup is offensive. he's asking people to tell starbucks their name is "merry christmas" so it gets written on their order. starbucks says it dropped the christmas-themed look to create a culture of inclusion and
6:49 am
diversity. what do you think? weigh in our survey right now on the wcvb facebook page. a good night for the bruins. they snapped a three-game losing streak in brooklyn with a 2-1 win over the islanders. ryan spooner and patrice bergeron scored. but the star of the night-- tuukka rask made a number of impressive saves. his best game of the season. it's the first win of the month for the bruins. they're back at the garden thursday against the avalanche. randy: the pats are 8-0 this morning, but the win against washington came at a price. runningback dion lewis going down in the third quarter with a leg injury. he'll have an m.r.i. on his left knee today. that will determine just how long he'll be sidelined. the pats defeated washington 27-10. up next-- the giants sunday at 4:25. emily: a miracle cure for a baby girl battling leukemia. doctors in london decided to try a groundbreaking treatment on one-year-old layla richards injecting her with a donor's
6:50 am
engineered to attack her cancer. nearly two months later, layla's leukemia appears to be gone. the scientific breakthrough now inspiring doctors and cancer patients around the world. randy: closer to home, a young cancer survivor from watertown granted his biggest wish this weekend. the make-a-wish foundation brought little gabriel aljalian out to the field in foxborough where he got to play football with tom brady. and gabriel surprised him with an act of kindness of his own. he handed him $10 saying he wanted brady to take it as a "thank you" for playing football with him. tom turned down the $10 but did ask for a hug. gabriel is behind a whole movement called "gabriel's day of kindness" that encourages people to do small acts of kindness. he's touched a lot of people. tom brady included. pretty awesome moment there. emily: very, very sweet. olessa: love that story. good morning, everyone. watching delays eastbound on the pike.
6:51 am
allston/brighton. very slow ride there. they're approaching an earlier disabled car as well which is now off the road. let's check the rest of the ride as you make your way south. route 3. accident cleared by 228 heavy from rockland all the way up to the braintree split where there was another crash. 24 slow as well as you travel from avon northbound. expressway is about 30 braintree to boston. and eastbound on the pike again heavy into allston/brighton. west of there there's a 30-minute ride 495 to 128 and 93 south heavy as well from methuen connector. still watching problems on the red line this morning. there are minor delays but schedule. cindy, lots of sun glare out there. cindy: clear skies this morning, olessa. the sun will be sticking around all day long. it will warm us up from where we are this morning. it is about 44 degrees in town overall. but the suburbs are quite a bit colder. fitchburg. nashua as well. norwood down to 26. 28 in taunton. we're below freezing down on the south coast of new bedford. morning.
6:52 am
a cold, sunny start. you can see the cloudless sky here across the northeast this morning. sunshine through your lunch hour. mid 50 as those winds turn to the southwest we'll warm it up a little bit more. the sun sets this evening at 4:28. that's this afternoon, right? you can see the temperatures coming up to near 60 degrees. nashua 670. marshfield 60. upper 50's on cape cod today as well. all is quiet today. but down the coastline, you can see there is rain from the carolinas all the way down to florida with an area of low pressure that may interact with some tropical moisture near the bahamas this morning. that's a tropical depression. first we'll see clouds spill in overnight. first thing tomorrow morning it's still dry. rain comes in late tomorrow. initially it is light. gets heaviest during the overnight hours tuesday night and even some lingering rain into wednesday morning as well. there could be a period of stronger winds here coming up first thing on wednesday morning especially along the coastline. and then we'll see that rain kind of taper off on veterans day so there will be some rain around for the morning hours on veterans day for flag-raising ceremonies and the like but during the afternoon we should dry it out.
6:53 am
temperatures only in the lower 50's. kind of a damp veterans day and then another chance of some showers on thursday. so we need some rainfall. looks like we'll get beneficial rain here late tuesday into early wednesday. emily: cindy, thank you. that does it for us. if you are heading out the door right now, do have our wcvb mobile app with you. randy: thanks for joining us.
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