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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 10, 2015 2:37am-4:00am EST

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>> reporter: prime minister netanyahu didn't mention the iran deal. but spoke of shared goals. topics on the agenda, included the burst of middle east violence. a new agreement that could help israel. and the conflict in syria. netanyahu said he is optimistic for middle east peace. >> and i remain committed for peace, of two nations and two peoples. >> reporter: josh earnest expressed skepticism that middle east peace can be achieved while president obama is in office. >> it's unlikely that talks in pursuit of the two-state collusion will begin in the next 14 months. >> reporter: the meeting came in the midst of another controversy. netanyahu's spokesman calling president obama anti-semitic on facebook. vice president biden saying over
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tolerance for that kind of respect. >> megan hughes, appreciate it. in response to its scandal, volkswagen is giving what it calls a goodwill package. it is giving owners gift cards to regain trust. more than 40,000 owners in the u.s. will receive offers. vw is working on a fix for the vehicles. new development in the e. coli outbreak. health officials say they found no source for the e. coli outbreak, that sickened 40 people. they agreed to remove all old food and deep-clean the stores that were closed. your breakfast fans could be affected by protests planned at fast food restaurants this morning. organizers say that workers plan to walk off the job today in restaurants in 270 cities. today's demonstrations are the latest in a three-year effort
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the protests will culminate tonight at the republican debates in milwaukee. >> showdown in wisconsin. pizza hut is out with a new delivery box it says can make every day a holiday. it's the triple treat box. it has three drawers for your pizza, bred sticks and dessert. the triple treat box and everything that comes inside it can be yours for $19.99. we'll presume that some pizza was enjoyed during "monday night football," which brings up a brief episode of sports analysis that bob costas would love to entertain. sports with reena. >> thank you, sir. it wasn't a marquee match-up. san diego was um 19-14, when zach miller of the bears made this. hand-catch this before tumbling into the end zone.
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you see that? the bears, tackled on -- you have something to weigh in? you know what i'm talking about. that's a reenaism. it was tacked on by two-point conversion. that was enough to win it. chicago takes this 22-19. do you have something to say? >> it's a hand catch as opposed to what? a leg catch? >> a hand catch. like, got it with his hand. you're right. what's the term? >> just a catch. >> got to beef it up. >> a hand catch. >> a hand catch. i don't know. as opposed to his legislation s. one guy got it between his legs. >> he did. nutcracker. coming up, saving time on everyday tasks. grab your smartphone. it could make your life easier. >> the olympic athlete who got worldwide attention as a figure skater. and then, slid into challenging times. we're introducing you to a 17-year-old college grad showing off his smarts at his first job
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everything seem bigger than it is. look, mom. no hands. now, to the story of a former olympian, debi thomas, the figure stater that inspired so many young athletes. >> now, thomas has fallen on hard times. living in a trailer with her boyfriend, and unable to pay her bills. abc's linsey davis spoke with thomas. >> not all that long ago, it seemed champion figure skater-turned orthopedic surgeon, debi thomas, had the world at her feet. >> suddenly, you're like, i can't pay my phone bill. i can't pay this. i was said, our life is unmanageable. it's a reality show. >> reporter: the one-time u.s. and world championship figure skater, graced the cover of "time" magazine. the first african-american athlete to medal at any winter olympics. >> the more somebody told me i couldn't do it, the more i wanted to prove i could.
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olympian is broke, jobless and living in a once-bedbug-infested trailer with her boyfriend. pointing to an expensive divorce from her second husband and costly child support is part of her financial downfall. >> anybody can suddenly lose, you know, their money. anybody can. >> your drug of choice is alcohol. her chug of choice is you. >> reporter: the 48-year-old telling the story on "yama fix my life." opening up about her financial troubles. and her fiance's struggle to control his alcohol use and anger. >> he did punch me. >> in your face. >> reporter: now, debi says the relationship has grown stronger. >> we figured it out. do we still push each other's buttons? yes. >> i was feeling hopeless. i was hurt. and she helped me.
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>> reporter: the couple is now reaching out for help online, creating a gofundme page, sharing some of the hardest struggles. >> please, help if you can. >> reporter: hoping to chronicle their story so others don't suffer the same fate. >> god gave me a purchase to do something. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all right. gofundme page. they want to raise about $10,000. >> so sad to see. she was such an inspiration to so many young women. so many young, black girls who watched her and looked up to her in the '90s. and to see her fall from grace is very sad. coming up, time manageable through your smartphone. >> the latest ways technology is allowing you to move quickly through your day.
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ticking away the moments that make up the dull day wait the hours that go that way music is back in the morning. in all a world of time-saving apps, from avoiding the line at the coffee chain or at the post office.
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people skip the long lines. >> reporter: in the frantic, got to do it now world -- >> time is very important. especially in a busy city. >> reporter: consumers are turning to their phones to help with time, for that crucial cup of morning joe. starbucks added an order and pay feature on its mobile app. orders are ready the moment coffee lovers walk into the nearest store. no line, no wait. >> i think it's smart. you can get anything nowadays. the difference between two different stores could be how convenient is it is. >> reporter: starbucks is one of many businesses that are cashing in on convenience. if you have a smartphone in hand, you're a few clicks away from saving time. >> we can expect to see so many more of the apps in the future. people all about using technology to make their lives
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>> reporter: people are using ha hangra to get foot. uber keep meal options in bags. uber eats delivers curbside. >> we got a chicken biscuit and a sandwich. >> reporter: a currier will pick up your mail with a cost. >> we come to your location. we package them and ship them at the lowest available price. >> reporter: ship, in five major cities, including new york, is planning to expand into more cities in the future. the business and so many others, hoping your wait a thing of the past. kenneth moton, abc news. >> we don't talk anymore.
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2:55 am continuously eliminate rodors for up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy. let's hear it for the boy let's give the boy a hand let's hear it for my baby you know you gotta understand rockin' out to the greatest hits album from denise williams. >> our two boys in the back. and then, there's deb. wave for us, deb. she's doing all of the work around here. finally this half hour, let's hear it for this 17-year-old boy who graduated from college and landed a prominent job. >> that job is at nasa. this is one, smart kid. we're learning more about him in a story that only kabc can tell.
2:56 am
ordinary about this 17-year-old. by age 7, he was whizzing through trigonometry. at 15, he earned a bachelor's degree from ucla. he is almost finished with his master's degree. and for extra money, he works at nasa. >> i was quick to catch on to math. >> >> reporter: the minute he spotted moshe, he snapped him up. >> he had an application is. and he had software and mathematical algorithms. >> moshe worked with nasa engineers. >> i'm developing the automatic surveillance broadcast. it replaces radar, what air traffic control see on that
2:57 am
>> reporter: i found moshe to be humble. >> i don't often compare myself with others. i try to be the best that i can be. >> reporter: moshe loves martial movie buff. lot of respects. movie. >> what's next for moshe? getting a ph.d. of course. >> i'm going to get a ph.d. in computer science or mba. i want to start my own business in cyber security. >> reporter: leo stallworth, reporting for abc news. >> he is incredible. so impressive. i want to hear it for the girls of our staff. >> yeah. >> i missed one of them -- let's hear it for the girls >> reporter: geri, wave to them. she does a lot of the heavy lifting around here. >> what about me? >> and there's tony, right behind you. who does "atm," america this morning. >> that's coming up. that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news now," campus revolt over racial tensions. >> students, faculty and the football team demand changes at missouri. the top administrator stepping down. and the impact on campus. extreme weather. the floods in the southeast. and a snowstorm barreling through the west. the warnings from accuweather. under pressure. sweeping changes to seaworld's controversial killer whale shows. what the park is promising. and why activists say it's not enough. and tasty airplane food. you don't have to leave your taste buds behind on your next flight. an airline meal that's a
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memorable one, in a good way. that's in "insomniac kitchen" on this tuesday, november 10th. all right. we're almost halfway there. we made it to tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the show of solidarity that brought down a university president. the protest, the hunger strike, and the football players, united in the growing racial tension. >> the president of the missouri system stepped down under pressure, accused of being out of touch and indifferent to their complaints. we get more from abc's alex perez. >> reporter: triumph after winning a battle over racial inequality on campus. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. members of the football team going on strike, vowing no more games until president tim wolfe resigned. united as one. >> reporter: the coach who out.
3:00 am
and i would do it again. >> reporter: tensions on this predominantly-white campus, bumbling for month. payton head, posting on facebook, that someone screamed the "n" word at him. late last month, a swastika found in the bathroom. frustrated demonstrators said president wolfe wasn't quick enough to condemn the incidents. jonathan butler, going on a hunger strike. tensions flaring friday night. a student tweeting video to news organizations. >> this is because you don't believe you have the equal opportunity of success. >> you blame us. >> reporter: wolfe admitting that racism does exist at our university. i'm sorry, this is the case. but the apology wasn't enough. the next day, players beginning that boycott. jonathan butler has ended his
3:01 am
resignation, a step forward that students made possible. >> this is the mizzou community, the first time i've seen stand together. >> reporter: and forfeiting that football game could have cost the university more than $1 million. that game will go on as planned. alex perez, abc news, clom olumbia, missouri. >> $1 million is a lot to be losing. it's interesting to hear the criticism criticism. some folks said, removing the president doesn't solve all of the problems. other saying they admire that the students weren't rioting, their point. >> this is a game-changer. these athletes realize, they actually have power after all. this could have an impact on other schools all over this country. >> good point, kendis. >> if they're upset about something. parts of the south are cleaning up after thunderstorms and rain, in atlanta.
3:02 am
when he drove into a downed tree before dawn monday morning. his suv slammed under it before coming to a stop. the 50-foot tree was one of the many in the area knocked down by gusty winds and soil, that was saturated after a weekend of rain. and in atlantic beach, florida, near jacksonville, they are cleaning up after nearly a foot of rain flooded homes, backyards and roads. the volume overwhelmed drainage ditches and the overthrow washback. >> more water, than after debbie and fay. in the meantime, in the west, another storm system is on the move. california got much-needed rain on monday. >> and in the mountains, the steady snowfall, great for snowball fights. cold enough to make snow, too. cam tran explains this storm is going to get stronger. good morning, cam. >> good morning.
3:03 am
we have the storm system that's going to bring in widespread snow across the intermountain west. could see upwards of a foot in some spots. as the system continues to shift to the east, it's going to strengthen and intensity, bringing in dangerous conditions to eastern colorado, where we have blizzard watches in effect. two to five inches of snow for denver. and blinding snow out there with gusting winds of 50 miles per hour. and then, the system will continue to move to the east, bringing the threat for severe weather across the midwest, as we head wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. the biggest threat will be wednesday afternoon, for des moines, down to little rock, where we could see some gusty winds, as well as isolated tornadoes and even hail. back to you, reena and kendis. >> thanks to cam at accuweather. the republican candidates are poised to go head-to-head in debate number four. eight of them taking the main stage in milwaukee. the latest polls indicate donald trump and ben carson are neck and neck.
3:04 am
10,000 supporters at a campaign event in springfield, illinois, late last night. and he expressed frustration over carson's growing popularity, despite questions about his honesty. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> trump feels evan jell evangelicals a boycott of starbucks and their red cups. tune in for our post-debate insights. we'll go live to milwaukee and get analysis from our deputy political director on all of the big moments. the investigation of the crash of the russian passenger jet in egypt is pointing to an inside job. surveillance tape at the sharm
3:05 am
el sheikh airport is being krut scrutinized for someone who placed a bomb in the plane. and looking for a ramp worker that may have been recruited by isis. the attack in jordan on u.s. citizens will be taken seriously. two americans were killed and two wounded when an officer opened a fire on foreign trainer. martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: jordanian investigators are looking into this incident. looks like the shooter, a jordanian security officer who was in uniform, got into an argument with one of the american trainers. it escalated. and he opened fire, killing two americans, and three others, before he was shot dead by jordanian forces. two other americans were wounded, one seriously. all americans worked for dyncorp international. tens of thousands have gone through the facility without incident. jordan is one of our most
3:06 am
important allies in the fight against isis. this does not appear to be terror-related. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. president obama and the israeli prime minister have met for the first time in more than a year. the two leaders tried to downplay past tensions. president obama called it a narrow issue. and benjamin netanyahu didn't mention it at all. they were committed to the peace process even if it takes some time. >> i remain committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples, a demilitarized palestinian state and a recognized jewish state. >> it's unlikely that the two-state solution will be reached in 14 months. it's unlikely that talks will begin in 14 months. >> and speaking to a conservative thinktank last night, netanyahu said more needs to be done to fight islamic extremists in africa.
3:07 am
president obama has a new facebook page. it's been up for less than a day and has 500,000 likes. it shows the president walking around the south lawn of the white house. this is the first post? >> that's kind of neat. >> all right. during that video, mr. obama puts in a plug for his work fighting climate change. he mentions national international summit. wait. did i get that right. next month's international summit on the issue of climate change. >> okay. all right. that's great. you think he'll accept our friend request? >> probably not. and i don't blame him for not having facebook. when you have the cia to keep track of your daughters, you don't need to monitor them. that's why parents have facebook, to monitor their kids. >> that's true. my mom has one. this is a great story about a southern california boy who is being hailed as a hero. 5-year-old nathanial stocks.
3:08 am
firehouse, after saving his grandmother and himself over the weekend. >> nathaniel knew to get low and get out quick. he woke up his grandmother. and even their dog got out without a scratch. >> that's a great story. >> good kid there. coming up, in "the mix," could climate change cause a beer shortage? plus, a man bun for everyone. ahead, seaworld forced to make changes with its controversial killer whale shows. why activists say it's not enough. and later, satisfy your taste buds during your next flight. we're trying out gourmet airplane food. that, in "insomniac kitchen." and don't forget to like our behind-the-scenes pics.
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a 23-year-old woman in southern california had to be airlifted to safety. she shad been stranded on that steep slope for two days. no working cell phone. a search was launched when help. the woman ended up there after taking a wrong turn on the trail and becoming lost. treatment. a major change to seaworld in san diego.
3:13 am
its orca-themed shows next year. >> but the killer whales will be on display. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: after years of controversy and protests, seaworld is ending its whale show next year. >> we'll launch an all-new orca experience. >> reporter: the ceo said the orcas will remain on-site. and he did not reveal details about what this new experience will entail. >> it will be focused more on environment. and also, the natural behaviors of the whale. >> reporter: attendance has dropped, following the scathing documentary, "blackfish" and the boycott that followed. captivity. >> reporter: a california congressman introduced a federal bill to ban captivity of killer whales. >> we would phase out the
3:14 am
>> reporter: last year, seaworld planned to build larger enclosures. now, overhauling its brand, focusing more on conservation. it's what guests have asked for. animal rights groups are not satisfied because they say killer whales are in captivity. seaworld did not announce if changes will happen in orlando or san antonio. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> across the three different seaworlds in the nation, there's 24 orcas. 11 in san diego. seaworld, officials say this is it will affect their park. >> and it's big business for seaworld. it's been controversial. coming up, in our next half hour, shopping security. holiday deals. there's new ways the thieves
3:15 am
will look to play scrooge. tips from becky worley coming up. airplane food. some chefs are taking to the sky. we have a look at the gourmet
3:16 am
erline test text1 italics test text1 plain one thing. do you know what he had for dinner? >> we both had fish. why? >> it's nothing to be alarmed about. we'll be back to you quickly. >> oh, no. they ate the fish. >> you can't eat the fish on the airport airplane. >> 30 years later, in-flight meal options have improved. >> you might not realize how much work and preparation goes into giving you a meal that's fit for flying.
3:17 am
kitchen" as we check out what's cooking. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. >> when you think about traditional airline foods, most people, their opinions are not up in the air about that. well, now, one airline is bringing this sort of high-end dining experience to the skies. what are you doing, designing meals for an airline? >> it's an honor. we have a great partnership. i've been doing, working with singapore air for ten years. if you're going to design food for an airline, singapore airline is the airline you want to work for. they set the table, just like in a restaurant. there are challenges with serving food at 36,000 feet. >> it's different than this? >> slightly. pressurization in the cabin. and the humidity or lack thereof, of humidity, really impacts the way things taste at that altitude. especially if you're flying on a 20-hour flight and you had two martinis to start the flight. >> two?
3:18 am
>> just to start. this dish is on our menu. it's really a coq au vin, where the chicken is marinated for several days in wine. and it is cooked slowly in a circulator. you get a perfectly cooked, consistent chicken. >> and this one? this is a dish we serve at gotham. it's a halibut, with leak and pure. >> we have move into the gotham kitchen to see one of the meals you designed. you have them here at the restaurant. >> the gotham seafood salad. can i show you how we put it together. grilled squid. lobster. >> it really is a seafood salad, where there's several elements at play. >> we add a lilt shallot. the shallot would be in there, as well. fresh herbs. a lilt avocado.
3:19 am
>> one of my favorite things to eat. adding texture and color. we will season it with salt and pepper. >> they will season it up there. >> on the flight, yes. and the vinaigrette will be premade. and they add a premeasured amount. >> all of the colors that are popping out. >> have a taste. >> what i've been waiting for. like a party in my mouth. >> this is a perfect example of what will work on the aircraft. luxury ingredients, easy to produce. you've gone from tasting to eating. >> i'm sure at 36,000 feet, it's good. it's good right here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's buckle in. >> okay. >> dine up. >> all right. >> this is the flourless chocolate cake. and with ice cream that they do at gotham bar and grill.
3:20 am
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your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. okay. time, now, for "the mix." we start with some really fascinating video of pro see kier, ian macintosh. in what is one of the most terrifying crashes ever. it's all mic'd up. i hate to laugh. he dropped down into a deep, deep hole there, that was farther than he expected. 1,600 feet. once he thought he had regained his footing. >> like a human snowball there. kept going. he cartwheeled all 1,600 feet in under a minute.
3:24 am
>> that's scary. glad to hear he's okay. >> he's like, i'm okay. i'm okay. >> yeah. the second thing, can you imagine. breweries. apparently in belgium. it's climbed change to be exact. and look at this, in belgium. this is at cantillon brewery. and in belgium, they've cut the brewing season for their famous beers because of warm temperatures. and they're known for making somewhat sour beers. >> yeah. >> they decided one month, probably two months, if the global warming the way it continues. and this area doesn't want to use artificial refrigeration, they stopped the brewing process altogether. sad news for beer. >> climate change is real, people. groupon came out with this
3:25 am
the benefits of the man fun. channel your inner hipster, get a rescue dog and grab a man bun. it is a detachable and attachable man bun. and it lets you blend in with shop. and wear your plaid. you bought one. >> oh, yeah. rocking it. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. look at you. you have better hair than me. >> look at that. >> that's not allowed. >> it's a beautiful man bun. >> you rock that well. >> the ladies love the man buns. >> can i tell you -- you should walk around. oh, my goodness. you look gorgeous. >> and scare people with this. >> yeah. >> all right.
3:26 am
i may rock it for the next segment. >> you may rock it for the next show.
3:27 am
this morning on "world news now," forced out. top administrators step down at the university of missouri after a campus revolt. the stunning developments after a football team protest got worldwide attention. new this half hour, a dramatic police takedown captured on camera. >> the gunshots, the pursuit of a stolen car, and what officers had to do to stop the woman who refused to surrender. republican showdown. donald trump going after ben carson, just hours after another debate. what can we expect in milwaukee? and from the hospital to the ballroom. the emotional night on "dancing with the stars," as tamar braxton overcomes a health challenge to compete.
3:28 am
this tuesday, november 10th. to make it better and we say hello. hey. >> i do love "dancing with the stars" last night. there was some great tunes. but it was a lot of drama. >> so dramatic. especially the ending. there was a lot of tears. a lot of tears that kept going on and on. it was almost a little much. we'll have to get to that. >> yeah. >> a little in "the skinny." you'll have to tune in for that. we start with the sound of triumph from the students of the university of missouri. forcing the school president to step down after months of protests over a string of racially-motivated incidents. >> an open revolt by members of the football team dealt the final blow to the head of the university. now, new steps are being taken, including plans to hire a diversity officer.
3:29 am
elizabeth hur. >> reporter: cheers and chants from students, celebrating the resignation of university president tim wolfe. >> it's about getting equal rights. >> reporter: wolfe, announcing he is stepping down. >> we got frustrated with each other. and that's why i stand before you today. and i take full responsibility for this frustration. and i take full responsibility for the inaction. >> reporter: his decision following student protests, including jonathan butler, who went on a week-long hunger strike. >> please start focusing on the fact that the mizzou hunger strike itself. look at why did we have to get here in the first place. >> reporter: and more than 30 football players and the coach refusing to take the field until wolfe resigned. >> obviously, we have some problems. the good news is, we're going to fix them. >> reporter: wolfe had come under fire for his alleged mishandling of a series of
3:30 am
including a student being called the "n" word and a swastika on a tension boiling over at homecoming, when wolfe pushed his way through a group of protesters. >> please, please, use his resignation to heal, not to hate. governor nixon said this is a necessary step towards healing. and the football coach announced his team will be resuming practice later today. reena and kendis, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. the gop candidates are gearing up for their latest debate in milwaukee tonight. donald trump drew a crowd of last night. trump expressed frustration over carson's growing popularity, past. and he appealed to evangelicals suggesting a boycott of starbucks for its simple red,
3:31 am
ben carson is sticking by his story that he once tried to stab a friend. carson's request for secret service protection has been approved. it is expected to go into effect tomorrow. jeb bush will be among the eight republicans on the stage in milwaukee tonight. he spoke at a wisconsin charter school yesterday, reaching out to conservative latino voters. bush has long been a supporter of school choice. he says everybody gets better by giving parents the power to choose when it comes to education. and be sure to join us tomorrow morning for live coverage of the gop debate. we're going to take you live to milwaukee and have insight on all of the big moments. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have met face-to-face for the first time since tensions surfaced over the iran nuclear deal. the two leaders brushed aside those tensions, with president obama calling the disagreement, quote, a narrow issue. netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution to peace in the middle
3:32 am
east. we are told terrorism does the shooting death of two americans in jordan. it looks like the officer got american trainers. it escalated. and he opened fire. the shooter was killed by troops. the american victims worked for a private military contractor. turning to the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy in louisiana, allegedly at the hands of two police officers. there are new claims that the body camera shows the boy's father has his hands up when police opened fire. with more, here's abc's phillip mena. >> hi, jeremy. >> reporter: friends and family mourning the death of 6-year-old jeremy martis. killed by louisiana law enforcement officers, as he sat buckled into the suv his father was driving. >> he had a wonderful relationship with his daddy. he loved being with his daddy.
3:33 am
greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford, allegedly firing multiple rounds while working as city marshals at that suv, following a pursuit. the father was seriously injured. and according to investigators, unarmed. unreleased footage from an officer's body cam leading to the charges. >> it showed me things that disturbed me as the head of state police. >> reporter: the alleged killers had their bond set at $1 million each. outside the local jail, dozens gathering to express their outrage. saying the officers shouldn't be granted band at all. >> this child couldn't harm a fly. and his life is go. >> reporter: and jeremy's dad is still in the hospital, in fair condition. authorities will not confirm what the father's lawyer told the a.p., that the body cam footage shows him with his hands up. phillip mena, abc news, marksville, louisiana. a wild incident in oklahoma, caught by a police officer's
3:34 am
body cam. >> stop. stop. >> that officer firing two shots before being sent flying by the impact of the suv. the 41-year-old woman behind the wheel was uncooperative. so, officers tased her. one them went into the suv through the sunroof, you see there. the woman is charged with several counts, including assault and battery, and driving under the influence. the mayor and police chief, are so life-like, they could be mistaken as the real thing. the mayor is banning them and allowing police to confiscate them from children. this can be a very dangerous thing. >> federal law requires replica guns to be identified by a red
3:35 am
or orange tip on the muzzle. but they're often removed. boston police say they have taken more than 150 replicas off the streets so far this year. the university of virginia fraternity that was the focus of a debunked article about rape, is suing "rolling stone" magazine for $5 million. a freshman who claimed she was gang-raped. the details of her story proved not to be true. major developments in the e. coli outbreak that forced closure of chipotle restaurants in the northwest. washington state health officials say, they found no and that the restaurants can before reopening, though, chipotle has agreed to remove all old food and deep-clean the stores that were closed. your breakfast plans could be affected by protests at fast food restaurants.
3:36 am
workers plan to walk off the job at restaurants in 270 cities. today's demonstrations are the latest in a three-year effort for $15 an hour wage. the protests will culminate tonight at the republican candidates' debate in milwaukee. if you have a cause tonight, show up outside there. get a bit of attention. >> yeah. a lot of people will be there. and it's happened again. and it's in tampa. a large, unwanted alligator, way too close for comfort. there it was, hanging out right by someone's front door. it was spotted there early yesterday. >> is that real? >> that is real. >> that's a real alligator. >> apparently they say it's the second time in less than a week that a stray alligator has been found in a residential area. one late last week. more than nine feet long. it was ultimately put down. >> alligators usually decrease their activity in cooler weather. that hasn't happened in florida, where readings were in the 90s
3:37 am
>> ring and run. [ doorbell. >> the police department posting on the facebook page that someone forgot to tell that gator halloween was a week ago. tampa police department. yeah. talk about florida. coming up in "the skinny." skip the formal wear. a hollywood a-lister wore pajamas on the red carpet. now, we're talking. >> yeah. also ahead, a consumer alert. online shoppers take advantage of deep discounts before the holidays. stay tuned for vital advice. later, meet the newest victoria secret angels. the supermodels getting so much exposure. after a look at the forecast map. >> 45 degrees in milwaukee, where they're holding the debates. outdoor temperature. indoor, what do you think? >> were you a weathercaster in a past life? twhat do you got to offer us today? balance transfer that's my game r bank you never heard of, that's my name haa! t thank you. uh, next. p watch me make your interest rate... disappear.
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oh, there he is. black friday starts on thanksgiving this year. if you're going bargain shopping in macy's, target or sears. toys "r" us opens even earlier, 5:00 p.m. it could be a sign that black friday shopping frenzy could be a thing of the past. i find that hard to believe. >> i think it's already started. nordstrom is going against the tide. its stores will not be open on thanksgiving day. and there will be no decorations on the stores until the day after. yes. according to nordstrom, we like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. >> okay. when you're looking for a bargain online, beware of the holiday scams. >> becky worley has some tips at
3:42 am
time of year. >> reporter: brows, click, buy. it should be this simple. and fraudulent sellers, here are when you get an e-mail from a retailer promoting codes, don't click straight through. >> it's harder to tell on your e-mail is legit or not. you're infected and don't know it. >> reporter: fire up the browser and type in the company's e-mail address. you can refer to the e-mail promotion code and enter it directly during checkout. about checkout, 23,000 people will use a mobile payment service, like paypal, google wallet. and millions more will use those services online. but heads up- -- >> you want to connect to your favorite merchant to do online shopping in a secure, safe way. >> reporter: to fully protect yourself, make sure the payment
3:43 am
card, not a debit card. finally, protect your device. symantec identified more than 1 million apps that are malware in 2014. snag some deals and stay safe. becky worley, abc news, oakland, colorado. >> a sign of our times, having to make sure your iphone and everything is secured. >> pay attention to all of those things. especially the shopping i will be doing for renna, renna and renna. >> you're no grinch at all. you're here to spread the holiday cheer. >> i'm no grinch. but i'm broke. nice what? >> turtle check. >> you have to rock the turtleneck. with the man bun. that is a turtleneck. >> look like an elf. when we come back, pajamas worn on the red carpet. >> short. why do you have to talk about my
3:44 am
3:45 am
test text1 plain tt0w!tz'h3! %4@-hi4 tt0w!tz'h3! el@-bnx tt0w!tz'h3! ed@-dl< tt0w!tz'h3% )8h-$2@ tt0w!tz'h3% kzh-9]< tt0w!tz'h3% n-h-l40 tt0w!tz'h3% 0ph-rs( tt0w!tz'h3% s"h-b!h tt0w!tz'h3% ueh-ac8 tt0w!tz'h3% 7hh-]al skinny so skinny okay. one of the most suspenseful episodes of "dancing with the stars." >> and a comeback never seen before. earlier in the day, fans feared that tamar braxton would face elimination, when word got out that she was in the
3:46 am
one of the fan favorites and front-runners, doing the competition, was being treated for pneumonia. her first dance was actually judged by her rehearsal footage. >> then, in a stunning move you would only see on "dancing with the stars," braxton fought back, on to the dance floor, discharged from the hospital and heading straight for the live show. she made it just in time for her doubles dance routine and scored a 27 out of a 30. >> cindy irwin decided to blindfold herself, and a perfect 10. >> it came down to this. alexa and carlos pen in a pena penavega, husband and wife, in the bottom two. and in dramatic fashion, alexa was eliminated. and then, her husband, had been me. but i think he was crying guilt. in the setup package, he said he wanted to beat her. >> carlos, be careful what you wish for. connect to another guy that
3:47 am
woody harrelson. >> the actor wore his pajamas to work. he was on the red carpet in paris promoting the new "hunger games" movie. he was rocking flannel, gray pants and socks. >> he topped it off with a gray "t." he has the casual get ready for work look. his co-stars all look great, too. >> if the goal was to get publicity, woody, you did it. you succeeded, my man. >> don't get any ideas, kendis. >> i'm already there. '80s superstar taking his act to vegas. billy idol announced his stint in las vegas, performing at the house of blues in the mandalay bay casino. >> the show will be billy idol forever, and will feature songs throughout his career, including with his punk band fronted by idol, generation x. ticket prices go on sale this
3:48 am
week, at 80 bucks this week. and reena can hardly contain her excitement. the news about british actor idris elba. >> he is going to open up for madonna in concert. did you know he was talented? >> i didn't know he could sing. >> yes. she announced that he will be warming up the crowd tonight on her world tour. in addition to starring in film, tv, he's also a deejay, a producer, a rapper. he's -- here's a clip of him doing his thing. three four quick speed from you on the floor like g-string get you tore down like bra strap on him >> who are the ladies on him? i'd like to know. i like my idris elba with no women. >> maybe elba might get in on that action. >> ooh, wow. >> raunchy little tour there. >> i'm still, elba 007.
3:49 am
>> triple threat. he can rock the beats but -- i don't know. >> you have to get on the bandwagon for support for 007. >> daniel craig. >> he is the future.
3:50 am
p we've been changing things up with k-y love. oh yeah. rit's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in placesp we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... p dare to feel more with new k-y love. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance
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hello from the outside i've must have called a thousand times to tell you i'm sorry for everything that i've done isn't she incredible? >> she looks great. that's adele with her record-breaking hit. >> and bringing down the house, as she performed on tv for the first time in three years. in a carefully worded segue, her heavenly voice back for all of us to enjoy.
3:53 am
are guaranteed to shine. but the game glamour on the runway isn't all that it seems to be. >> it takes some work to get those wings. more, we're up all "nightline" with abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: mile-long legs. killer style. and that mill-dollar smile. these are the things victoria's secret angels are made up. >> everybody look up. >> reporter: it's not all glitz and glamour. the lingerie company released a new behind-the-scenes video, showing what goes into snagging a spot on one of fashion's most coveted runways. >> one thing i do all year long, is work as hard as i can, so i can be here. >> reporter: hundreds of models come to audition from all over the world. >> tanzania. >> india. >> holland. >> reporter: but only 47 make the final cut. >> thank you. >> reporter: one of the lucky few, gigi hadid.
3:54 am
the video shows the moment she was selected. >> what are you doing on november 9th and 10th? >> i don't know. >> why don't you come join us. >> really? >> yeah. >> she'll break in her first set of wings with supermodel pal kendall jenner, alongside returning stars like aidiana lima, candise and lily aldridge, who will be sporting the fantasy bra. ellie golding will light up the the show airs next month. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> did you know last year's show cost $20 million to produce? >> $20 million for what? there's not a lot -- the wardrobe budget isn't that big. >> more expensive than you think. >> i guess so. that was a good story, huh, brian? >> great.
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