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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 10, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this will bring in a period of showers probably during the afternoon hours into the evening hours on thursday. then we start to clear it out friday. the weekend looks dry but the rain comes in by this evening. it will impact the evening commute. we're going to break down the timeline for you right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: the man charged in a deadly d.u.i. road rage crash in court today. the pain for the victim's family as we learn more about the suspect's criminal past. erika: commitment 2016. back to the debate stage for the g.o.p.'s top candidates. the latest poll numbers showing randy: helping our nation's heroes get treatment for emotional wounds. the event in boston bringing >> you're watching wcvb, good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the i'm this morning at 5:00. the home team's fitness secrets
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train like a soccer star. randy: oh, boy. some of us could get hurt, right. emily: potentially, yes. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. a little rain moving in. cindy: when is it going to start raining? it will be the end of the day. it will move in from south to north. a lot of us aren't going to see much in the way of rain until much later on this afternoon. right now 30 degrees in orange. it is 44 in worcester. 46 boston. but already 52 on nantucket. clouds have been creeping in overnight. they're fairly thin this morning. a little bit of filtered sunshine for a while. here you see the rain closing in on new york city. the area is lift inning our direction. however, it's running into high pressure. it is slowing down the timing of things. as we go through the morning hours any filtered sunshine fades away to increasing clouds. notice about 3:00 this afternoon , just cloudy around the boston area with temperatures coming up into the mid 50's. but that rain does creep in by lunchtime in the form of a few
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showers here down along the south coast and the cape. by the evening commute the rain is spreading up north ward. along and south of the pike especially i think we have wet roads for the evening commute. rain gets heavier overnight and the winds crank up. we have a wind advisory along tomorrow. hour. talk about how much rain you can expect coming up. right now let's get out to the roads. we say good morning to kevin brennan in for olessa stepanova kevin: thank you, cindy. downtown we'll pick up all the work crews on 93, the tobin and the sumner tunnel. we have trouble on the mass pike to the west. let's check the maps right now. eastbound mass pike around the charlton ramp area got a crash. only one lane is getting by. we're seeing some pretty big sturbridge. now south of town all the work crews picked up. 95. 128 now a nice ride from dedham up through the needham stretch. 3, 93, 95 from the north are okay.
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ride on 93 here from 495 right down to the lower deck about 22 minutes. if you're taking the trains early on this morning, all lines are operating on schedule. mbta commuter rail as well as the subway lines. randy: kevin, thank you. right now a driver is preparing to face a judge charged in a deadly case of road rage. emily: and we've learned this suspect is no stranger to trouble. the eye's sera congi is live in foxborough where that man is being held this morning. sera: emily and randy, that driver allegedly drunk with his second o.u.i. offense. this morning the victim's family is speaking out sharing their grief. jarrad aronne of foxborough was an electrician on his way to a job when state police say 67-year-old michael hinds intentionally hit aronne's pick-up truck on 495 in mansfield. the two vehicles got off at an exit when a second collision caused aronne's truck to roll over. hinds allegedly drove off. police arrested him a mile away at his norton home.
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difficult for the victim's family to comprehend. >> it's devastating. first born. i expected him to outlive me. but that's not going to happen now. sera: it is still not clear exactly how this alleged road rage incident all got started. we do hope to learn more when hinds is arraigned later this morning in attleboro. again this is his second o.u.i. he is also facing today a motor vehicle homicide as well as leaving the scene of an accident. live in foxborough, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: a new hampshire fugitive behind bars right now captured outside a boston hotel. arrested on albany street last he's accused of being part of a burglary ring in new hampshire. his role in the 1997 murder of an epsom, new hampshire, police officer. his friend killed the officer, and paul shot at police during the chase that followed.
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fugitive charges today. boston police say a man jumped out a window to escape this standoff in roslindale. it happened last night at the archdale housing in roslindale. a suspect in a stabbing and robbery on friday was holed up inside an apartment with a relative and some kids. police say he escaped through a window. no one was hurt, but that man is still on the run. randy: this morning, the top g.o.p. candidates are getting ready for another presidential showdown. and you might see some changes this time around. following developments from the campaign trail. erika: the r.n.c. blasted the last debate hosted by cnbc so this fourth forum hosted by fox news will last two hours. candidates will have more time to speak but not make opening statements. the latest national poll shows donald trump and ben carson virtually tied. trump is on the attack as the press has focused on discrepancies in carson's autobiography. there are questions about his claims of getting a scholarship to west point and stories of
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turned around. carson says he's the victim of a media witch hunt. trump taking jabs; marco rubio coming to his defense. trump: newspapers say you didn't do it and you say, yes, i did i rubio: ben carson's story is like mine, would only be possible in a great country like erika: not on the main stage huckabee. they were bumped to an earlier debate with the other candidates who have been polling lower. emily? emily: erika, thank you. about 100 property owners will lose land in an effort to make this stretch of route 20 safer. it's part of a road-widening safety effort that was explained in oxford last night. a three-mile stretch of the highway is considered especially dangerous and is getting some fixes. signs and removing trees for better visibility. an s.u.v. recently crashed there shortly after a mother and baby were killed in nearly the same spot. >> they fought for you, now
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randy: country superstar reba mcentire in boston to raise awareness for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress. $1.2 million raise for the home base program. thanks to everyone who came out to show their support for this program. i really appreciated it. this is a partnership between the red sox foundation and massachusetts general hospital. this concert raises money make sure the post 9/11 veterans get the help they need when they 2.6 million men and women have deployed to the mideast, and one out of three have come home with some level of pt-d. "mission gratitude" helps save lives. home base helps save lives. >> that smile was-- it helped me. i was near the end. i honorly was. i finally got the help. it changed my life for the better.
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in the concert to support home base. i'll i'll be hosting the home base veterans day special which will give veterans a chance to share their stories and gives you a chance to help those who have given so much. that's at 7:00 tomorrow night right here on channel 5. emily: thousands of comcast the steps being taken to keep customer information safe. a police officer run down by a driver on the run. the close call before the suspect was taken down. emily: new this morning. train like a soccer star. we hit the field with the revs as they show us how they get in the best shape. cindy? cindy: changes are on the way. after dry weather, i am tracking some rain. you can see it to our south. the timeline on when it moves in, when it moves out and when
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>> we go to st. joseph's elementary school in needham. we'd just like to say good morning, "eyeopener." randy: good morning. why are these kids so excited? they got to learn about weather from cindy, of course. cindy: the guys were so well behaved. they were a great group. i had the pleasure of going out a smart bunch. had a good time. i think i generally had more fun than they did. emily: we'd love to see your wake-up call. get everyone together and record your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: we've got rain coming in. the evening commute will have a little bit of impact. tomorrow morning's commute not going to be so nice. snawl dry roads this morning. emily: get out there now. the rain will hold off until the evening hours. heaviest comes overnight into tomorrow morning. that's why the morning commute on wednesday, of course, it is
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is veterans day, is going to be impacted. we're talking about a half an inch to an inch of rain which is great. heaviest amounts likely in southeastern massachusetts. here is the rain here to our south. notice how far back to the west it goes. this is all lifting north ward in our direction. for the moment, it's running into high pressure. so all we've managed here is to bring in some clouds. these will be thickening up through the morning hours. temperatures are running in the mid 40's boston, lower 40's on the cape. some pockets of 30's in between. norwood one of the cooler spots at 34. north of boston, werfel at 41 but lots of 30's showing up in northern worcester county and into southern new hampshire. big bubble of high pressure again slowing everything down. so it's going to take some time this morning before we start to see things change. so clouds will be thickening up here after a little bit of filtered sunshine this morning. and before those winds turn in from the water, i think we'll manage temperatures coming up into the mid and upper 50's, closer to 60 by this afternoon down on cape cod. let's time things out for you. this is your lunch hour today. notice southern new hampshire, filtered sunshine.
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as you get down toward the south coast and the cape here we're seeing a few showers. the steadier rain will be creeping north ward. think along and south of the pike we're start to go get into the wet weather. overnight that rain will be filling in. the winds pick up. temperatures mostly in the 40's overnight. your veterans day tomorrow is going to start very wet. it's a windy and raw day with temperatures either side of 50 degrees so here you see that rain filling in overnight. by tomorrow morning, look at this. the area. perhaps some heavier downpours as well. that rain is going to stay fairly persistent through about lunchtime tomorrow and then it will start to move on out as we get into the afternoon but some drizzle may kind of linger. so here's a look at some rainfall totals for you. just one of our computer models giving you a really good idea of a general half inch rainfall. less to the north and west. a little bit more closer to an inch likely here in southeastern massachusetts but as this storm approaches and gets a little bit stronger off shore, the winds start to ramp up. so that's the other component with this system. overnight tonight into tomorrow, look how the winds along the
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coastline could be gusting 30, 40 miles per hour. we've got a wind advisory up and down the coastline here for that gust potential to about 50 miles per hour. that could be enough to bring down some tree limbs. we'll be watching for those impacts tonight and through the day tomorrow. so it is a wet, windy and raw veterans day. tomorrow. then we get into thursday could be a few additional showers moving on through. timing looks good though. friday looks mild. and then we're cooling it off but seeing a lot of sunshine here for the upcoming weekend. let's get you back out to the roads right now. kevin: overall we're in pretty decent shape. not too bad. the top end of the expressway looking pretty good. you are start to go seattle volume pick up between braintree and columbia road. no heavy delays yet. we do have troubles out to the west though. if you're heading into town from the west this morning, let's good to the map. we've got a crash out in the charlton stretch on the mass pike right near the charlton rest area. last check just one lane was getting by. eastbound delays are solid right back to route 84 so keep that in mind if you're heading in this morning. down or up to the north we're looking pretty good.
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93 new hampshire down into somerville same with route 3 and 95. south of town no troubles here on routes 3 or 95 heading up to 128 and 93. 24 northbound sounds like a new traffic pattern down in that construction zone by route 44 in raynham. already start to go see some slowdowns there. if you're taking the trains we're starting the morning on time. that's your traffic. i'm kevin brennan. are you ready for the roads and the rails? >> stop, stop. randy: dramatic body-cam video of a police-involved shooting in oklahoma. police say stacy bunsey led officers on a chase in a stolen car. she eventually rammed into a police cruiser as the officer inside fired two shots. neither hit bunsey but police eventually used a taser to get her into custody. bad news for some comcast customers. the company says the email addresses and passwords of about 200,000 customers were stolen and are up for sale on the so-called "dark web." those are networks that require
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special software and are not available over the public internet. affected customers are being told to reset their passwords and information. a new uber service is trying its first full week in boston and across the u.s. uber events lets event hosts buy rides for guests. uses have to go to the uber website not the app. they then choose an event code, and the host chooses a maximum the guest can spend per ride and the number of riders. emily: this morning, we continue our mission to get fit like the pros. today, how to train like a soccer star. we're on the practice field with the new england revolution to find out how they perform at their best. kelyn rowe, a midfielder for the revs, spends a lot of time on the move. kelyn rowe: we're attacking and then all of a sudden it's an 80-yard run and we're defending again. emily: endurance and agility are key. so a typical training day includes some time in the gym, then an extensive warm-up and activation exercises. kelyn rowe: on our hamstrings, on our quads, on our calves.
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to make sure everything is pretty much tight and ready to go. once you finish those, go across your body. emily: the team's fitness coach, nick downing, is also focused on their power and speed. nick downing: we do a lot of jumping, we do a lot of core exercises so any sort of plyometric stuff, any sort of resisted running, hill stuff. emily: and there's really no middle ground when it comes to "soccer fitness." >> that's just because their sport, soccer, is very high intensity or very low intensity. emily: but the best part of practice? >> we're like golden retrievers, you throw a ball in front of us, everyone is going to go attack it and start running around and have some fun. >> i'm not going to call you dogs in my piece, if you don't mind? >> thank you, thank you. your take away? try adding some high-intensity interval training into your routine. push yourself to the max for short bursts to build your stamina and power. tomorrow train like a figure skater. we're getting the fitness secrets from a world championship synchronized
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skating team. and that means working on and off the ice. randy: boy, we're really getting into is agility forms of exercise. emily: no, i'm not wearing ice skates. randy: i was hoping so. emily: i know you were. randy: that would be a great moment. we'd all watch, wouldn't we? a prank using the likeness of a well-known new york city rodent. emily: and unsolicited dance moves have police searching for two women. both ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: new at 5:30. a spike in the number of missing prescriptions in massachusetts hospitals. changes are coming to the way boston restaurants are inspected. the new move to make sure they make the grade.
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randy: good morning. you may have seen this pop up in your social media feed. doug meehan, a familiar face to many of you, is joining the newscenter 5 team and the eyeopener family. emily: doug has been working in phoenix but is coming home to boston next month to join antoinette antonio on the weekend eye. and, of course, you'll see him during the week, too, which has cindy pretty excited. cindy: yes. it's going to be great to have him back in boston. he, of course, grew up on the cape and he's coming home. so happy to be working with him again here. he'll be arriving in december. you'll see him on channel 5 on the weekends and here with us on the eye occasionally as well. notice to the south there is some rain that is working in our direction. it's going to take until the
5:20 am
evening hours for it to get here. it's going to move in from south to north. we're starting out dry. may see a little bit of filtered sunshine this morning. we'll come out of the 40's into the mid 50's this afternoon. that rain gets in here this evening. it's going to be with us into your veteran day so it is a rainy, windy, raw start to veterans day. rain lingers with some drizzle into midday. we will slowly dry it out here by the evening hours tomorrow but some wind and rain on the way. the full timeline just ahead. randy. randy: cindy, thank you. time for eyepoppers. erika's back with the video you have to see. erika: and it starts with some criminally offensive dancing. we're not kidding. these ladies are wanted for dancing on a man they did not know. this happened in washington, those women could be charged with sexual harassment. randy: oh, my gosh. okay.
5:21 am
(screaming). erika: you know the farmers market at union square in new york city. remember that beloved subway rat to scamper off with an entire piece of pizza? this one is actually a robot. some pranksters tried to replicate with what looks like a fake remote-control rat. people with justifiable fear of vermin were understandably freaked out. there is times square. you know, taking a tour. randy: probably new yorkers weren't responding. these are all tourists. erika: there are so many rats unfortunately. but being that close, it would scare anyone. randy: okay. emily: still ahead, a proposal to change how the mbta program that assists the disabled operates. the idea to get uber and lyft in the mix. only on 5, a high school football star back on the field after he was attacked. his message for those standing behind him. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: how can a teacher have an illicit relationship
5:22 am
face criminal charges? in massachusetts, it's all about timing. this week, "5 investigates" uncovered the disturbing story of andrea clemens. when andrea was 14, a teacher, robert baker, befriended her and gained her trust. andrea clemens: i had been groomed for two years, and he didn't kiss me til like the week after i turned 16. that slow pace thing quickly turned into such an aggressive sexually abusive man that i was terrified all the time, and i had no voice to say no. bill fine: but because andrea was 16, baker's behavior wasn't considered criminal. sadly, baker targeted other students too until he finally pleaded guilty to charges in 2002 and is now categorized as a level 3 sex offender. but he never faced charges related to andrea. so how unusual is andrea's case? "5 investigates" discovered in recent years, on average, licenses of 15 massachusetts educators are suspended for sexual misconduct each year. but there aren't always charges.
5:23 am
older, by law, sexual misconduct amazingly isn't considered a crime. it's time the state toughened consent laws and recognized the obvious-- the teacher-and-student relationship is not an equal one-- and those in a position of authority can too readily exert power over young, impressionable teens. andrea is now working with advocates to change state law, making sex between a teacher and student a crime until age 19. age of consent bills have been filed on beacon hill and hearings are scheduled for december. it is hard to conceive of any reasoning preventing legislators from taking tougher action so stories like andrea's result in
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randy: a deadly case of road rage. a family heartbroken. >> it's devastating. randy: what we're learning about the suspect's past as he prepares to face a judge. todd: major changes for a service designed to help the disabled. the possible price hikes and how uber could be getting involved. emily: a new threat in the growing opioid crisis. the trend inside hospitals that may be making things worse. randy: and he's the little boy that stole tom brady's heart. the promise this young cancer survivor got from number 12. on the eye. boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: underway for this tuesday morning now at 5:30 we're looking at traffic moving pretty decently on the southeast expressway. cindy: at least it's moving. kevin: give it a couple more minutes. randy: good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily emily riemer along with cindy and kevin in for olessa this morning. we have rain on the way.
5:28 am
cindy: but it will take all day for it to get on in here. by 5:00 areas along the pike are going to be dealing with wet weather. this morning not seeing the widespread 20's we had in the suburbs yesterday. lots of 40's, boston, worcester. a few pockets of 30's out there this morning. we do have high clouds overhead. on there may be just a touch of filtered sunshine for a couple of hours this morning before the clouds thicken up. here is is the rain down the coast. these areas with a little split in the middle. this whole area is going to shift just like this. this area off to the west is going to fill in. the rain will eventually catch up with us. for the moment it's running into high pressure. it's slowing everything down. a little filtered sunshine this morning. temperatures come out of the 40's to around 60 degrees by 9:00 or so. we should top out in the mid to upper 50's around lunchtime. notice through 5:00 p.m. in boston generally going to keep things dry. you can see by lunchtime there could be a couple of showers on the south coast and the cape. but then it takes until about 5:00 or so for that rain to reach up toward the city of boston so areas along and south of the pike may deal with some wet conditions for the evening
5:29 am
but overnight the rain fills in and the winds pick up. we have a wind advisory through your veterans day. could see gusts at the coast of 50 miles per hour. so wind and rain on the way. full timeline on how much to expect coming up. let's get you out to the roads while they're dry. kevin: they're getting busy especially along the expressway. the pockets are picking up from granite avenue most of the way up towards columbia road. maps. 128 southbound and 93 north getting a lot busier here. route 28 heading towards the expressway. slowdowns on route 3 now begin right around union street. 24 not too bad. brockton on up. further south though in that raynham stretch they have a new traffic pattern approaching 44. that's the ongoing construction zone. keep that in mind if you're heading out. good news on the pike. the residual delays are easing very fast. up to the north 93 is getting busier by 495 as well as 128. route 3 is a nice ride. 495 down to 128 take you about 11 minutes. emily.
5:30 am
emily: kevin, thanks. right now an alleged drunk driver is getting ready to face a judge charged in a deadly case of road rage. police say jarrad arrone was run off 495 in mansfield by 67-year-old michael hinds. hinds took offbut was later arrested. randy: right now boston police are looking for the suspect who jumped out a window to escape this standoff in roslindale. the man also a suspect in a stabbing and robbery on friday. no one else inside was hurt. right now the top republican candidates for president are getting ready for another showdown. held in milwaukee and is hosted by the fox business network. randy: it's 5:33. new this morning. big changes could be coming to the service designed to help the disabled and the elderly. kazakiewich is live in boston with many who depend on "the todd. todd: good morning, emily. good morning, randy. that says the mbta could save $8 million a year if they hike fares on the ride.
5:31 am
at a meeting monday, officials pointed out the savings if rates were raised from $3.00 to $4.20 a ride. back in 2012, the "t" tried to hike fares on the door-to-door service for the disabled but had to roll them back after pressure from advocates. there are other proposed changes that could also save the agency money. that includes allowing ride-sharing services like uber and lyft to transport disabled passengers for a savings of $16 million, more training to help disabled riders use the twhich could save $11 million, or reducing the service area for the ridefor $12 million. advocates say many who use the service consider it a critical lifeline. no decisions have been made. todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> i consider myself very lucky. i'm really happy to be here today to be standing here right now. emily: only on 5, the everett high school football player who was attacked while breaking up a fight is back out on the field. he spoke to newscenter 5's mike lynch last night.
5:32 am
and erika, he remembers the whole attack? erika: emily, that's right. marvens fedna was stabbed in the back and the hand on halloween night. he says he faded in and out of consciousness on the way to mass general and prayed the entire time. the incident followed a playoff win he led as everett's starting quarterback. now more than two weeks later, he's back on the field with his teammates at practice. he tells our mike lynch he doesn't know who stabbed him as he tried to help his friends in a fight. >> i felt it. so like my immediate reaction was to get out of there as fast as i could. i got my friend and we all ran. then once we were free, i just them call for help. erika: fedna still has stitches in his back and a healing severed tendon on his thumb. but he says he's very grateful to be alive and looking forward to playing football with his teammates again. randy? randy: an apparent tragic end to the search for a missing woman. a body found in the woods in chelmsford is believed to be that of 67-year-old elga crespo. the lowell woman had been missing since october 25.
5:33 am
signs of foul play. right now, manchester police are looking for this man who robbed the granite state credit union on elm street yesterday. the evening. this man was not armed. cash. manchester police say if you recognize him, give them a call. emily: newscenter5 on the opioid crisis. massachusetts hospitals. opioids and other prescription pills are going missing. the department of public health reports missing or stolen drugs are up 15% through august compared to all of last year. that's 863 cases of loss or the state is seeing gains in stopping the crisis. nearly 85% of physicians, enrolled in a program to track prescriptions. randy: it will soon be very easy to know if your favorite boston restaurants are making the grade. city inspectors will assign letter grades to rate the
5:34 am
cleanliness and food safety practices for all restaurants and food vendors in the city. they hope to launch a pilot version of the program in early january. new york has used a restaurant grading system for years, and newton launched a similar program last month. emily: new video of a dangerous confrontation during a traffic stop in boston. randy: the dragging injuring two officers. a local boy's meeting with tom brady goes viral. the promise the q.b. made to pay it forward. emily: and ahead in news to go, a church usher accused of stealing from the collection plate. the trouble he's in this
5:35 am
andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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kevin: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the "eyeopener." i'm kevin brennan in for olessa stepanova this morning checking your roadways and starting off up here at 93 southbound. delays building up approaching the downtown area. earlier crash on mass pike has cleared away out in charlton. that's good news. not too bad out there weatherwise but a little rain on the way, cindy. cindy: you've got it. that rain around the d.c. area creeping toward new york city. it's going to take most of the area. but by 5:00 this afternoon, i think areas along and south of the pike will be dealing with some wet weather. that rain spills in overnight. it is a wet and windy start to your veterans day. a raw day. temperatures only around 50 degrees. we should dry out by the evening. additional showers could come through on thursday afternoon. randy? randy: newscenter 5 is dedicating an entire day to our veterans
5:37 am
they face. join us for 5 on veterans all day tomorrow starting on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: this image at gillette stadium going viral this morning. a young cancer survivor playing football with tom brady. but it's what the first grader did next that's getting attention. we introduced you to six-year-old gabriel aljalian on yesterday's eyeopener. he was diagnosed with leukemia at age three and has finished up his final treatment. the make-a-wish foundation granted him a day of football with his favorite player, tom brady. he wanted to return the favor, and handed brady a thank you note with a $10 bill. >> in the mail someone gave that to to do something good. so me and my mom thought we could give it to him so he could do something good. emily: gabriel is behind the movement "gabriel's day of kindness," which asks people to do small acts for others. brady kept that $10.
5:38 am
how important it was to gabriel. the k.q. promised he would do something good. randy: new legal trouble for bill cosby. the new hampshire woman filing a lawsuit against the comedian. also amy schumer with an apology to people who went to see her
5:39 am
randy: good morning. it is 5:44. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in foxborough where a deadly road rage case is going to court. todd's in boston with a new way for the elderly and disabled to get around.
5:40 am
emily: and erika's tracking the next gop debate. and take a look at this. the prudential building lit up green last night to recognize a year of successful dialogue on climate change. cindy now with the forecast. and dry for now. cindy: yes. but we do need some rainfall. we have some on the way here coming in this evening. heaviest overnight and into veterans day tomorrow. look at our deficit in boston since the first of the year. more than 8.5 inches. closing in on 7.5 inches in worcester. we do need the rainfall here. we're talking about a widespread half inch to about an inch of rain. i think the heaviest amounts may tend to be closer to the cape and the islands with this system but we'll take just about anything. that rain right now is creeping up from the south right around the mid atlantic through d.c. closing in on new york city now. but it's actually going to take most of the day to get up here into boston because we have high pressure overhead this morning. and it's just slowing down the arrival here of this rain. there's still a lot of dry air in place. 44 out the door worcester. 46 in boston. a few pockets of 30's, but
5:41 am
overall not as chilly as it was yesterday morning. there could be filtered sunshine through 8:00 this morning as temperatures approach 50 degrees. by lunchtime we're in the mid 50's but a couple of showers on the cape. those by 5:00 p.m. could reach pike. here you see on future cast those few showers showing up on the cape around lunchtime. and then by 5:00 p.m., notice how that rain is just starting to reach up toward boston. the rain will fill in overnight as low pressure approaches. and that rain is going to be with us for tomorrow morning's commute. it will linger through at least lunchtime on veterans day. winds are going to pick up overnight as well along the coastline we do have a wind advisory. could see some gusts to 50 miles per hour. that wind is with us through veterans day. we'll dry it out by tomorrow evening. on thursday a few more showers could come in in the afternoon. let's get you out to the roads. they're dry for now. kevin been. kevin: they are right now. give it a little time. not too bad heading into downtown especially 93. those slowdowns off the lower deck heading into the o'neill tunnel.
5:42 am
on the tobin bridge, you're seeing slowdowns on the chelsea curve up to the work crews on the up ramp. now to the north. 93 southbound slowdowns coming up through 495. again at 128. not too bad on routes 3 coming down through that chelmsford stretch. if you're on 128, it will take you about 17 minutes now from route 1 right down to route 2 in lexington. south of town heavy approaching the expressway on 93 north. expressway itself, those pockets are filling in quickly now. about 14, we'll call it almost 17 minutes braintree to boston. if you're taking the trains, all lines are running on schedule. emily, randy. emily: thanks. a man is charged in what police are calling a deadly case of road rage. randy: the eye's sera congi is live in foxborough where the suspect is being held this morning. sera: randy and emily, this is michael hinds' second drunk driving offense. this morning the victim's father is sharing his grief. >> it's devas@ating. he's my first born.
5:43 am
and i expected him to outlive me. sera: jarrad aronne of foxborough was driving on 495 in mansfield yesterday when police say 67-year-old michael hinds hit aronne's truck not once but tbies. the second collision caused the rollover. hinds allegedly drove off. he was arrested later at his norton home. it's unclear what sparked this road rage incident in the first place. we may learn more when hinds is arraigned in attleboro later today. live at the foxborough barracks, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. todd: this morning we're learning new details about plans to fix the finances of the mbta's "the ride." one of those proposals includes a 40% rate hike from the current $3 up to $4.20. that would bring in an additional $8 million in revenue. other cost saving proposals include contracting ride services like uber and lyft to drive disabled passengers. that could save about $16 million and also training disabled passengers to use the
5:44 am
"t" could save $11 million. reducing the service area for the ride could save $12 million. no decisions have been made. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: it's round 4 for the republicans running for president. tonight's primary debate hosted by fox news will look a little different after complaints about the last one hosted by cnbc. candidates will have more time to make arguments but will not make opening statements. dominating the discussion of late, discrepancies in frontrunner ben carson's narrative of his life. trump, who the latest polls have in a virtual tie with carson, taking jabs as carson claims he's the victim of a media witch hunt. eight candidates will debate in prime time. others taking part in an earlier forum, including chris christie and hike huckabee, who've been bumped from the main event. trump: maybe we should boycott star bucks, i don't know. seriously. i don't care.
5:45 am
throwing out an idea on how to deal with starbucks' cup controversy. the chain has been facing backlash for changing its holiday cups to plain red, a move some see as a step away from christmas. trump added there's a successful starbucks in trump tower. randy: the president's plan to save about five million people from deportation has suffered a setback. a federal appeals court in new orleans has upheld another judge's injunction blocking the initiative. republicans had called that plan executive over-reach, and 26 states challenged it in court. the administration wants to defer deportation for some immigrants including that of kids who were brought to the u.s. illegally. emily: about 100 property owners will lose land in an effort to make this stretch of route 20 safer. it's part of a road-widening safety effort that was explained in oxford last night. a three-mile stretch of the road is considered particularly dangerous and is getting some fixes. an s.u.v. recently crashed there shortly after a mother and baby were killed in nearly the same spot. randy: boston police say a man
5:46 am
this standoff in roslindale. it happened last night at the archdale housing complex in roslindale. a suspect in a stabbing and robbery on friday was holed up inside an apartment with a relative and some kids. no one was hurt, but that man is still on the run. emily: look at the top left of your screen. you can see a boston police officer's legs hanging out a car window. he's one of two officers dragged by bryant gilbert sunday night. police say they pulled him over for speeding on blue hill ave. the officers reached into the car when gilbert refused to shut it off. he allegedly stepped on the gas dragging them both. he's now being held on $50,000 bail. randy: a new report out today from top watchdogs is finding the state is seriously unprepared for the next economic downturn. the report says lawmakers have raided $2.2 billion from the state's rainy day fund over the last three years. the massachusetts taxpayers foundation says the state needs about $3 billion more to be properly prepared. emily: a woman from windham, new
5:47 am
hampshire, who says she was raped by bill cosby is now suing the comedian for defamation. in a philadelphia magazine article, kristina ruehli said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1965. ruehli is now suing cosby in federal court here in massachusetts over a statement made through his attorney after that article. she says the statement called her and other accusers liars. randy: a federal judge has struck down two anti-panhandling ordinances in worcester, saying they restrict free speech. one of the ordinances prohibits panhandling within 20 feet of bus stops, a.t.m.'s and restaurants. the other prohibited standing on traffic islands. a similar panhandling ordinance was struck down in lowell last month. emily: russia's sports culture is under fire this morning over doping accusations. the world anti-doping agency claims the russian government allowed widespread doping and cover-ups by track and field athletes. the panel wants those athletes banned from international sports
5:48 am
olympics in brazil. putin's spokesman says accusations of state-sponsored doping appear to be unfounded. randy: the university of virginia fraternity that was the focus of a bombshell rolling stone article about a gang rape is now suing the magazine. the article described a woman's sexual assault by seven men at the phi kappa psi fraternity. but it turned out to be fake. this is the third lawsuit against the magazine. three individual frat members and the school's dean have already filed complaints. emily: this surveillance video has a volunteer church usher in trouble. police in florida say it shows a man taking about $350 from the collection plate. the man told police he was going to go to the altar with the money. he has been released on bond. randy: comedian amy schumer is apologizing for what she calls a, quote, "rookie mistake" at a show in maine. schumer shortened a show in portland over the weekend to accommodate a second show.
5:49 am
the second, a full hour. some fans of that first show are asking for a refund. emily: cindy, we are dry to start out but that rain is coming. cindy: rain on the way. we also have windy conditions coming up too especially overnight. it will take most of the day for the rain to get in here. it moves in toward the evening hours. heaviest though overnight into tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be impacted by some heavier rainfall. talking about a half an inch to an inch of rain with the heaviest amounts likely across southeastern massachusetts. you can see a good slug of rain right now to our south. that is going to be shifting in our direction but kind of favoring parts of southeastern massachusetts. it's taking a while to get in here. right now just some cloud cover. these clouds are thin enough that we may see a little filtered sunshine for a couple of hours this morning. 41 hyannis out the door. marshfield as well. worcester in the lower 40's. there are a few pockets of 30's in the suburbs right now. 46 in boston. notice up toward nashua it's near the freezing mark this morning so it's a chilly start. you may seattle bit of filtered
5:50 am
sunshine through late morning before the clouds thicken up this afternoon. again that rain is spreading up from south to north so we'll see our temperatures sneak up into the mid and upper 50's as the winds turn on shore this afternoon. and by lunchtime there could be a couple of showers on the south coast and the cape but by 5:00, that rain is just starting to reach areas along and south of the pike. so again it takes a wind chill for the rain to come in. rain fills in overnight. the winds pick up. temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow for veterans day it's a wet and windy start with temperatures coming up to around 50 degrees. you can see the rain filling in overnight. it's still raining pretty hard for tomorrow morning's commute. slowly but surely of a the tomorrow. look at the winds overnight throughout the day tomorrow. could see gusts to 50 miles per hour along the coastline. effect. your veterans day starts wet. we'll dry it out in the later afternoon and evening hours but it's a raw, damp day overall. we'll get a break in the action early thursday. but a few more showers come in in the afternoon. that's it. we're drying it out. friday looks mild. near 60.
5:51 am
cooling it down. lots of sunshine expected for the upcoming weekend. we do need the rainfall, kevin brennan, but at least it's holding off for this morning's commute. kevin: that is the good news especially along the mass pike. let's go to the maps though. new trouble spot here on the mass pike. we had an earlier accident out in the charlton area. that's long gone but now we're getting reports of a multi-vehicle crash. pike eastbound by route 9 in framingham. it sounds like two lanes are blocked. delays are building out there right now. not registering on my map but they are certainly getting big. keep that in mind if you're coming from the west. delays out of hingham slow here on 9 approaching the expressway. the expressway almost 20 minutes now, 24 delays out of brockton heading up towards that randolph stretch. further south though you've got a new lane pattern here. 24 north at route 44 in the raynham stretch. up to north 93 busy now pockets from andover most of the way down to the city. randy, emily. randy: thank you.
5:52 am
right now raising awareness and advocating treatment for our nation's veterans. the group helping our war heroes suffering from emotional wounds. new this morning train like a member of the revs. the fitness routine on the field keeping these guys in top shape. and at 5:57 this morning, take a live look from our camera in the worcester area. has a november feel to it. doesn't it? 42 degrees right now. another hour of the "eyeopener"
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