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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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michael hinds is accused of hitting a truck on 495 in mansfield yesterday. the driver of that truck was killed, another seriously hurt. phil: some wet windy weather is moving in. it could make a mess for your morning commute. j.c.: harvey leonard is here with the timeline. harvey: so far as we start this evening commute we are sneaking through without the rain. we cannot say that in can' t card -- in cape cod or providence or springfield. here are some elements that are moving across the cape. s moving through the northwest worcester hills. overspreads the region. it looks like the heaviest rain will be easily hours of the morning in the morning commute to about late morning or that is when the wind will be picking up as well. there is a winter advisories that does not going to affect
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until one p.m. tomorrow. 20 to 40 mile wind. strong wind will last the longest into early tomorrow evening. much more to come in a few minutes. phil: thank you. new at 5:30 charged with child porn and blackmailing little girls. tonight, this man from salem, new hampshire is behind bars. ed harding is in the newsroom with the website that police say he used to target young girls around the world. ed? ed: phil it' s a web site anyone can use so parents should be aware of it. it' s called and advertises itself as a place to talk to strangers and meet new friends. brian powell is accused of recording several chat and camera sessions using that website to entice the 8 and 9-year-old children to engage in lewd and sexual acts. investigators say he coaxed the victims to expose parts of their body then threatened to post those images online if they didn' t do more. it'
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s not clear if any of those victims are local but at least one i.p. address was traced to the u.k.. >> he had originally engaged them in some chat, and through the chest, they would open up to him. whether he was disguising himself as a like aged girl, he was certainly representing himself to be somebody he is not. >> investigators also combed through powell' s google history. it appears to show he was researching adopting a child of his own. tonight, powell is being held on $75,000 cash only veil. jc: new at 5:30, startling video from connecticut. a teacher is caught on cell phone video pulling a chair out from under a student. classmates say the student refused to listen causing the teacher to act out. that teacher has since been fired. >> i escorted that teacher off-campus with the other supervisors and the board of
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education. now the police department, because of the video, has begun a criminal investigation. j.c.: the teacher claims the video doesn' t show what led up to the incident. he claims the student, who wasn' t hurt, has a history of behavioral problems and had a meltdown just before another student started recording. phil: a tragic end to the search for a missing woman from lowell. a body found in the woods in chelmsford yesterday is believed to be that of 67-year-old elga crespo. she had been missing since october 25 and police were concerned because she has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. her death is under investigation but so far no signs of foul play. j.c.: 530, 3 men accused in staging a robbery have been arrested. sunday night, the clerks at the mobil mart and dunkin donuts on robbed at knifepoint. but police determined the clerks were actually involved in staging the robbery. two men are already under
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this man was still on the run but he has been arrested. phil: russia says they did not cheat in the london olympics. j.c.: but a new report says he' s lying. the accusations against the russian government, and the consequences they could be facing. phil: drunk at a mothers against drunk driving event. a florida police officer' s punishment and the advice he did not take. heather: and good news for chipotle customers in washington state. when they could enjoy burritos again after an e-coli scare. phil: and taking a look at first alert traffic. you' re looking live at the southeast expressway. moving just fine in both ways. rest of the area. several problems in and around the city. directions. once you get on 495, that stretch between mass pike and
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phil: new at 5:30 corruption and doping by russian athletes in the 2012 olympics being denied by russia' s president tonight. j.c.: but a new report claims the russian government was behind it, and russian athletes going forward could face the consequences. >> allegations of doping, cheating and bribing, according to russian president vladimir putin, are quote unfounded, . putin, firing back at the track and field athletes used drugs in the 2012 olympics. including the women' s 800 meters. >> this is one of the biggest scandals to rock international sport in quite some time. >> despite russian denials, the world anti-doping agency says its investigation revealed that the abuse was systemic, that the russian government, even russian >> it' s worse than we though t. unlike other forms of corruption actually affecting the results on the field of play. >> the agency is now demanding that the russians be stripped of their medals. >> i' m hoping we' re going to see the medals that are owed to me.
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>> which could mean american athletes like alysia montano coot earned a bronze medal. >> sometimes you wonder why are and it' s just such a natural human emotion to feel a loss. >> in addition, the agency is also calling for russia to be including next year' olympics, and that' s not all, sources say a criminal investigation has also been launched. fifa is monitoring the situation, with russia set to host the 2018 soccer world cup. j.c.: the international olympics committee will make the final decisions on any punishments. respond. phil: this man from ohio, accused of plotting to attack the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs and guns, will have a mental evaluation to see if he can stand trial. christopher lee cornell' s lawyers have said they believe he is mentally ill. the judge also set a deadline for lawyers to decide on the defense. the fbi arrested cornell back in january. he has pleaded not guilty. incredible video out of oklahoma tonight. jc: a wild ride ends with a
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cruiser. what set off this chase, and how officers finally took her into custody. phil: a comeback a decade in the making, why this year will be the best in toy sales, and what' s causing the shift back from electronics to toys. harvey? harvey: already raining in parts of the area. we won' t talk about the storm,
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>> stop. stop. phil: that is as intense as it gets. right now we are getting a first-hand look at body-cam video of a police-involved shooting in oklahoma. police say a woman lead officers on a wild chase in a stolen car. as you saw she slams into the cruiser making the officer fire his gun at her. the woman was not hit and police ended up using a taser to take her into custody. j.c.: showing up drunk to a mothers against drunk driving event lands a cop in florida in trouble. police say detective michael szeliga from pinellas county, florida was suspended for a day. the detective was seen stumbling around the hotel that was hosting the event, and he was even supposed to get an award. a police chief found him outside of his room, where he says the detective made some disrespectful comments. >> i asked if he would tell me his name and he said he would not. i said you do not want to be at
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a mothers against driving banquet while you are intoxicated. will not happen again. phil: right now a person of interest is under arrest in the judge julie kocurek was ambushed and shot in her own driveway on she' d been receiving threats after presiding over several controversial cases. a possible suspect has been detained on unrelated charges but police are questioning him in connection to the attack. j.c.: the fight is over for a star wars fan with cancer, whose dying wish was to see the new star wars movie. daniel fleetwood from texas saw the movie ahead of its release in theaters last week. his wife started a facebook page, asking disney to let fleetwood see star wars episode seven early. fleetwood' s wife posted today on his facebook page, daniel put up an amazing fight to the very end. he was only 32. musician allen toussaint has also died. toussaint had a heart attack after performing a concert in spain. emts revived him, but he stopped breathing in the ambulance. he' s known for working with artists like the rolling stones
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and elvis costello. toussaint was 77-years-old. phil: the toy industry is making a comeback. it' s expected to have its strongest year in ten years. sales are projected to go up to 6% more than previous, almost kids have been choosing $20 billion. electronics over actual toys, but high-tech toys and toys based on blockbuster movies are becoming more popular. if you need extra cash for the holidays, you' re in luck, more than half of u.s. retailers plan to hire seasonal workers this year according to a survey by career only 43% brought in extra help last year. retail sales are also expected to be an almost 4% compared to last year. j.c.: a little rain coming our way. a lot of rain, eventually. phil: a nice stretch so far. harvey: has not only been a nice stretch, but great weather for
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they are playing in new york, and it looks like it will be in the 50' s and the wind will be light as they start at 4:25 p.m. let' s get back to the current weather situations because we have rain on boston' s force -- doorstep. have your rate has been passing across the campus afternoon. now it is around chatham as you can clearly see. we have another area of rain around the field and hartford. boston and literature have yet to get into the rain area. i have a patch moving into chatham as i speak. the general area of rain that is off to the west getting into the worcester area and starting to ancient parts of metrowest. it is all part of the metro area that is coming up the coast. early tomorrow we get heavier rain bands as well as the gusting wind. the storm will be intensifying
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that is why we have a new and advisory all day long for the coast line tomorrow. here' s a closer look at the timeline. it doesn' t become what tonight and it becomes heavy at times in the wee hours of the morning through tomorrow morning' s commute. that will be a case for some of you for some of you it is a day off because of veterans day. somewhat for the late morning and mid-day hours. then the rain slides offshore during the afternoon. it ends in western areas first-hand accounts last. it will be busy along the coast all weekend long. the next weather system starts in on wednesday. exhibit anywhere half inch to an inch around boss and along the coast. lesser amounts when you do points north and west were there will be some have your veins of rain and you will andre will be higher, closer to the storm center along i-95 to the south and east.
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morning, mid-day. 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. then becoming northerly. gus of 40 miles per hour and 50 miles per hour. the cape tonight. boston is gusting around 20 miles per hours, gusts of 30 on the south coast. lunchtime is the strongest, approaching 50 on the cape. a slower and to the wind along the coast with the cape hanging on the longest. by thursday morning the wind are large -- is life in the region. it is likely to be medium impact from a meaning a few branches coast. low in terms of rain chances or
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coastal flooding, a chance of a vulnerable areas. week. p.m. drying out. there is your next seven days. tomorrow is wet and windy, and showers into the evening. a death of the telestrating friday night in the weekend will turn it chillier and we start to moderate again early next week. right now i have pretty confident that next week of temperatures above average for this time of the year. that is how november has been averaging out for sure. phil: thank you. just in time for veterans' day, a new book tells the moving story of a concord resident and his unlikely friend. j.c.: the two were navy pilots who served in korea. chronicle' s anthony everett says the book' s title, devotion, suits the story well.
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>> and was the 1950' segregation was the standard in many arts of the country. still the white upper-class new englander and the sharecroppers friends. >> he was just one of us. it didn' t make a big deal of it. >> when you think of how it turned out? >> jesse will lead to, tom what earth. >> the end of the earth was a mountain range in north korea. jesse in one plane, tom and another. jesse crashed in a heavily twice, flying his life into the flames. >> this is his intentional crash landing in north korea. they had never happened before. re playing to try to save a friend.
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note of the selflessness, awarding him the medal of honor. but his devotion did not end there. he paid for the brown to go to college. >> he was tongs wingmen. >> in 2013, at the age of 89, he travel to north korea, once again searching for his friend. s become of the also, an army ranger who helped rescue pow jessica lynch. plus, honoring the veterans of the greatest generation. five on veterans, at seven thirty on chronicle. phil: tomorrow, newscenter 5 is dedicating an entire day to our veterans, celebrating their service and shining a light on the issues they face. join us for 5 on, veterans all day tomorrow right here on newscenter 5. and we invite you to join us tomorrow night for a special hour-long event hosted by newscenter 5'
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the home base veterans day special will give veterans a chance to share their stories and gives you a chance to help those who have given so much. that' s tomorrow night at 7 right here on channel 5. jc: the department of education on her national blue ribbon schools today in washington d.c. they awarded five in massachusetts. the principal of amvet boulevard allergies goal is there and says her entire school is very proud. >> but that dedication into their work has made it very meaningful for them. when we announced that we won, the children felt a sense of joy and accomplishment that they were a part of something with the school that made it very special for everyone. j.c.: the schools are recognized for academic achievement cap. playing professional soccer phil: and tonight, we' re getting an inside look at how the new england revolution gets ready to
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hit the field. the key exercises the players do that can help you stay fit and their favorite part of practice. heather: coming your way, breaking news. as protesters march through the higher wages for fast food also new tonight, he' s stocked up on food and this new need it, since he' himself to his water slide. how he hopes it will help save his business. >> you' shipping container. why is this man drinking coffee in front of it >> ? heather: he really is unstoppable. competing in spartan races and tough mudders despite losing the use of his legs. his incredible story of determination new on newscenter
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phil: and you have what it takes to train like a pro? tonight some of the stars of the new england revolution are showing us what they do to warm up, stay in shape, and prevent injuries. jc: newscenter 5' s emily riemer hit the pitch with the revs to see how they perform at their best. >> a midfielder spent a lot of time on the move. >> we' re attacking, and then it is an 80 yard run and you' re defending again. >> a typical training day
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>> making sure we are ready to go. is focused on power and speed. any sort of played metrics, any sort of assistant running. >> there is no middle ground to what they call soccer fitness. >> the sport is very high intensity. >> the best part of practice? >> if he throw a ball in front of us, everyone is going to attack it and start running around and health cell phone that have some fun. >> your takeaway? try adding some high intensity interval training into your routine. build your stamina and your power. phil: i think i pulled something watching that. [laughter] they are in such good shape.
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phil: newscenter 5 at six starts right now. >> rain and wind on boston' s doorstep. when it moves in and when it will be here. >> the survivor of a deadly road crash shows what happened right before impact. >> living on his water slide. >> what will it take for him to come down? >> paralyzed from the chest down, still finishing tough going. what he is planning, next. >> from boston' s news leader this is the view cvb newscenter 5 at six. >> stormteam 5 is tracking heavy rain as they move into the area and harvey says it is going to morning commute. and wind the peaking around that time.
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yellow that there is some on the winter. areas of light rain getting into greenfield. here is we go through the night expected to get letter as well as getting windier. tomorrow morning both the rain and the wind will be with us. bearing the brunt of it. as to result in the early afternoon. area. tomorrow morning before the
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