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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. the republicans clash in wisconsin. >> governor, you should let jeb speak. >> the world is a stronger and better place. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody. >> trump in the crosshairs over immigration. >> it's a silly argument. it's not an adult argument. >> firing back. >> i don't have to hear from this man. >> carson deflects questions about his past. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> and jeb tries to turn his campaign around. >> i got about four minutes last debate. i'm going to get my question right now. >> our team breaks down the showdown this morning. breaking overnight, black students threatened at the university of missouri. security stepped up after alarming posts on social media and this man caught on camera
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racial tensions boiling over. buildings locked down. students fearing for their safety. look at this fireball as a jet crashes into an apartment complex going down just short of the airport. >> we have a plane into a house. heavy fire. we have a lot of wires down. >> flames and black smoke shoot into the air. killed. federal investigators on the scene this morning. under pressure and taking the plunge. how well do those cases that promise to protect your phone, how well do they really work? the companies that sell them are here accepting our challenge. our big live experiment only on "gma." and we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday, it is veterans day and there's a full crowd outside and we're just so grateful to all the servicemen and women and their families for what they do for us today and
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every day. >> we do. we've got a lot to talk about. the republican presidential candidates facing off as you know, the fourth time last night, the front-runners, donald trump and ben carson, center stage and the most talked about on facebook and google. hillary clinton weighing in on twitter again. her campaign tweeting this image, we will have full team coverage for you this morning. that is all coming up. senator marco rubio here too. but we begin with that breaking news overnight threats on the university of missouri campus. students fearing for their safety and alex perez is on the scene in columbia, missouri, good morning, alex. >> reporter: it has been an emotional few days on campus so every threat is being taken seriously as some students on social media overnight saying they just don't feel safe right now. this morning, students at the university of missouri on edge after a series of alarming and anonymous posts on social media overnight sparking fears for their safety. one user writing i'm going to
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shoot every black person i see. others posting these ominous messages. well, tomorrow mizzou will really make national news and don't go to campus tomorrow. this man caught on camera screaming racial slurs. >> you think not eating for eight days is hard. [ bleep ] take a walk to africa. >> aimed at mizzou grad student jonathan butler who had mounted a hunger strike in protests of alleged racial intolerance. reports of the kkk on site circulating. at these two campus buildings thrown into lockdown mode center. >> i'm getting a lot of messages about students feeling unsafe. >> reporter: several hours later officials giving the all-clear confirming there was no immediate threat. this incident comes just a day after racial tensions reached a boiling point. >> i'm resigning as president of system. >> reporter: president tim wolfe resigning monday over the handling of what students call institutional racism on campus. >> let this be a testament to
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all of the athletes across the country that you do have a power. >> reporter: and university offs say they are investigating those threats and working with law enforcement on all levels to keep the campus safe. robin, george. >> all right, alex, thank you very much. >> intense situation there. the other big story, the republican debate in wisconsin, the candidates facing off on the economy and immigration and abc's tom llamas was there for it all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the debate stage was smaller but there were still some big fights. no personal attacks this time. the disputes were over positions and it was a big night for senators cruz and rubio and jeb bush showing more energy. overnight, the republicans battling to be president making their case on the economy and national defense. a debate more policy -- >> marco, marco, how is it conservative -- >> reporter: but some pumps. >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military
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expenditures? >> we can't even have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical jihadists beheading people and crucifying christians. a radical cleric trying to get a new weapon. taking over the south china sea, yes, i believe the world is a safer -- i don't believe, i know that the world is safer and better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. >> reporter: all of the candidates rallying against the irs. >> there are more words in the irs code than there are in the bible. good. >> reporter: and dr. ben carson, a leading candidate, slamming the news coverage of alleged discrepancies in his life story. vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. >> reporter: on the economy, the retired neurosurgeon appearing to change his position on raising the minimum wage. >> i would not raise it. >> reporter: but back in may carson favored increasing it. i asked him about the change. so just to be clear are you in favor of raising the minimum
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>> i personally am not in favor of it but i'm in favor of having the discussion because i believe that the way you do something in a pluralistic society is you put it out in the open so that everybody understands what's going on. >> reporter: donald trump at one point playing referee criticizing carly fiorina for cutting people off. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> yeah. >> reporter: and fighting for jeb bush to get a chance to speak. >> governor -- >> you should let jeb speak. >> thank you, donald, for allowing me to speak at the debate. i really appreciate that. what a generous man you are. >> reporter: but later bush clashed with trump over immigration refusing to support immigrants. >> it's just not possible. and it's not embracing american values. and it would tear communities apart. and it would send a signal that we're not the kind of country that i know america is. >> reporter: what we didn't see last night, not a single candidate not even donald trump
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who was talking tough on the campaign trail going after dr. ben carson and so many people were talking about the bush/rubio rematch, that never happened. george. >> thanks, tom and one of the candidates, senator marco rubio joins us now. some more good reviews for you, senator, last night. you stayed out of that debate between jeb bush, john kasich and donald trump over immigration and trump's mass deportation plan. kasich called it silly, not adult. is he right? >> well, first of all, pie position on it is well stated and that is we have to deal with immigration in three steps. we can't do it all at once. tried to in 2013 and the american people don't trust the federal government so we have to begin by proving to people that illegal immigration numbers are down significantly. the second step would be to modernize our legal immigration system so it's merit based and after those two things we have to responsibly but realistically deal with people here illegally and as i said if you're a criminal, haven't been here very
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for everyone else you'd have to pass a background check, learn english, spay a fine and start paying taxes and you'll get a work permit for ten years. that's my position. it's been well stated for a long time and i think it's the only this point. >> a lot think ted cruz could be your toughest opposition. he seemed to send a shot across your bow taking on the issue of sugar subsidies of the you's gotten a lot of money from them in the past. that's drawn criticism. rubio and big sure. your sugar high is a new low a betrayal of conservative principles. how do you respond gentleman. >> i'm prepared to get rid of the sugar program. every country in the world that has one has a subsidy and when they get rid of their, i'm prepared to get rid of theirs. >> you know that's not going to happen, though. >> but i'm not going to wipe out an american industry that
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in florida by unilaterally disarming them. it has to be fair. they have huge advantages. they don't have an epa or labor unions in those countries so if we could just even the field, if they -- if other countries that we're competing against get rid of their programs i'll be the first one working to get rid of ours but i'm not going to destroy an american industry that employs people in my state. >> there was a moment off mike during one of the commercial breaks, you headed over to governor bush, jeb bush and just seemed to ice you. what happened there? >> oh, someone showed moo he that video last night. it made it look that way. we were fine. look, we're running for president of the united states and so -- but i don't take any of it personal. there was nothing behind it. i know it makes for an interesting vine video but it wasn't anything of meaning. >> senator rubio, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. thanks very much. all right, george, thank you. abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca
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checking a couple of big moments from the two front-runners and, rebecca ex at one point rand paul called out donald trump about a big trade deal. who is right? >> this was a really important question last night. robin, it was about why donald trump is opposed to the tpp trade deal and listen to what he says about china and how the other candidates respond. >> almost everybody takes advantage of the united states, china in particular because they're so good. this country. we are losing jobs like nobody's ever lost jobs before. i want to bring jobs back into this country. >> hey, gerard, we might want to point out china is not part of this deal. >> true. it's true. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> so you have kasich and paul, they're correct on this. china is not part of the trade deal. 12 countries are including japan and australia as well as the united states and what's interesting here, military strategists actually think what's vital to this deal is the
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part that economically speaking china is not a part of the deal and actually think the fact that china is out is it a big reason for the deal's success. >> we see all the countries that are. >> all of them right here. not china. >> not china. the debate began talking about minimum wage. they had protesters outside there in milwaukee and the candidates were asked about that and ben carson had something interesting to say about minimum wage. >> every time we raise the mimg wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> so is he right? >> so i talked to a number of economists on this. they're deeply divided on this question. not all of the time is there job loss when there are wage hike, however, there can be job loss associated with wage hikes and the university of chicago did a study of the 42 top economists in the country, they asked what would happen if the wages were increased, the minimum wage to 15. 40% undied. between the remaining 60%, they were totally split. >> so between the remaining 60%. >> totally split yes and no.
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>> thank you, guys, let's brake it down with jon karl, matthew dowd, are here. jon, a lot of substance. not too many fireworks. did it change anything. >> not really. rubio seemed to be the winner, not a huge win for him. had an assist from rand paul when challenged on foreign policy. good for ted cruz. jeb bush had his best bedate so far but not enough cho thank the dynamic. dynamic. you still have trump and carson doing nothing to move them from their front-runner status. george, we are almost at halftime when it comes to debates. four debates. four debates where donald trump has been the front-runner. he has not been significantly challenged. he has not stumbled and that means another win ultimately for donald trump. >> five-week gap until the next debate. >> i actually think this is starting to come into line like the college football playoffs where we're basically coming down to four candidates that are left in the race, trump, carson, rubio and cruz and i think if we had another debate where rubio and cruz did very well, if these were stocks, after this debate
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if these folks were stocks i'd put a hold on carson and trump because i think there's still some things missing there and put a buy on cruz and rubio and i'd pull a sell on jeb bush. >> still a sell. >> pretty low right now. >> i would get out as soon as you can because his 6% or 7% is not going up after the debate. he did better but not good enough to leap over. >> matthew dowd, jon karl, thanks very much. later i'll head to washington for an exclusive interview with president obama and we'll bring you that on friday. to you to that fiery plane crash in ohio. a small jet going down in a residential area killing at least two people on board. abc's david kerley is on the morning. good morning, david. robin. this morning crash investigators and may mass casualty team will be here where that small jet crashed. we have con fired that two have been killed but authorities are unable to confirm what the jet's owner and family members are saying that there were nine people on board this small jet.
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>> there's some sort of explosion on mogadore road. >> reporter: this is what they found. two homes ablaze and the remnants of a business jet. this morning, more questions than answers as to why a plane plunged into a residential neighborhood. >> we have a plane into a house. heavy fire. we have a lot of wires down. >> reporter: the small jet a hawker 25 can carry up to ten passengers, it was en route from dayton to akron but just more than a mile from its destination the jet goes down, authorities have not confirmed how many were flying on the aircraft. they do say they don't expect to find any survivors. at least two confirmed dead. the pilot and co-pilot. witnesses say the jet appeared to be having trouble before crashing. >> have you found the plane? >> yeah, i believe the plane -- it's in the brush. >> reporter: the shock and horror of the crash captured in this woman's face who says she was video chatting at the time. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: you don't think a plane would drop in a
7:15 am
residential area like this. this is crazy. >> reporter: beth montgomery is one of the residents. these anormally home every day but on tuesdays she has lunch with her son. >> if i don't meet my son on tuesdays, i would have been there. >> reporter: despite the devastation, she's counting her blessings. >> i have my life and that is most important. >> reporter: this morning, a new jersey woman who is driven to ohio says her sister was one of the passengers on board. >> between the siblings we started doing some detective work and made some calls and checked some flight plans and kind of put two and two together that it was her. >> reporter: abc news has learned there was no mayday call. there was no distress call. and there are only questions this morning, what actually happened to this jet less than two miles from the airport. why did it go down? robin and george. coming. thanks. we turn to the first blizzard of the season hitting the mountains hard. snow falling in denver right now and the storm is on the move.
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>> this veterans day storm has now moved from the mountains into the foothills so denver, 3 to 6 inches. it is going to be a wreck of a commute to matter where you are just east of denver especially because we're going to see blizzard conditions in eastern colorado, parts of nebraska and kansas. there are wind advisories and warnings from new mexico to new york. a wide-spanning fast-moving storm that will pummel the midwest this average with severe weather. i think anywhere from des moines to me peoria sees the best shot at damaging wind and an isolated tornado. chicago to shreveport, you're in it too later this evening and behind it it is windy and cold, serious introduction to winter. >> windy and cold here today too. thank you. those daily fantasy sports betting sites take a big hit.
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>> amy has the morning's other top stories starting with that crackdown on fantasy sports sites. >> that's right. new trouble, big trouble for daily fantasy sports sites, fanduel and draftkings. new york's attorney general say they amount to illegal gambling and ordered them to stop accepting bets from new york residents or face criminal charges. the companies insist they are running games of skill, not chance. and therefore shouldn't be subject to gambling regulations. new york's decision could pave the way, though, for more states to take action. well, more than 100 bikers have now been indicted in connection with this shoot-out between motorcycle gangs and police at a texas restaurant
7:18 am
back in may. nine people were killed. the bikers are charged with organized criminal activity. and in virginia, three men are accused of plotting to attack synagogues and black churches as part of a race war. they reportedly tried to buy weapons and explosives from undercover agents. overseas germany is imposing tighter controls on refugees crossing its border and it now wants to force syrians to apply for asylum in the european country where they first arrived. it's a sign germany's refugee intake may be reaching its limits. and encouraging news about former president jimmy carter's battle against cancer. doctors say he is responding well to treatment and they have found no new tumors. well, finally it's a sticky job but someone's got to do it. crews begun steam cleaning seattle's famous gum wall. for 20 years -- look at that -- people have been sticking their chewed up gum on that wall. an estimated 1 million piece, cleanup will take several days
7:19 am
and then gum chewers will have a fresh wall to decorate again, right? because are you really going to top them. >> why did they start doing it. >> they just started in the the '90s, people started throwing their gum there and the idea discuss stuck. >> i knew that was coming. >> i did ha for you. i'm here for you, amy. thank you. . more ahead on this veterans day and an abc exclusive, the skier seen plumbing 1600 feet down a mountain now speaking out. we'll talk about the air bag that helped save his life. also ahead, a murder mystery, a mcdonald's mogul's wife found dead in her home. we'll have the search for the "gma." challenge. it's begun. hundreds of dollars worth of plunge. will they survive?
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back on "gma," the picture that grabbed all of our attention. look at that. the cindy: good morning. i' m meteorologist cindy fitzgibbons. northerly winds. the status rain through the morning hours and we could see gusts up to wow tastes like vanilla we're just finishing it up introducing milkwise vanilla with 46% fewer calories, no artificial
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>> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. randy: good morning. i' m randy price. top stories. the results are in for the first parcc tests in massachusetts. nearly half the districts in the state took the test last year. other districts took the mcas. boston performed well below the statewide average. newscenter 5 is dedicating today to our veterans, celebrating their service, and shining a light on the issues they face. join us for 5 on veterans all day on newscenter 5. we look at it is a loony veterans day -- gloomy veterans day to start.
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30 miles per hour and the rain is out there. into the afternoon, the rain will taper off. we will see another round of showers tomorrow afternoon. randy: a lot of people off today. olessa: we are seeing a couple of problem spots north of town. there is an accident blocking a lane a 95 north. if you travel the pike, so far so good. 20 minutes braintree to boston. randy: if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile app. have a great since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at the snow falling in denver this morning. some treacherous driving, first blizzard of the season. some mountain areas getting three feet of snow already. many more americans on alert for extreme weather if this storm moves east. >> winter will be here before we know it. also right now, black students at the university of missouri threatened overnight with racial tensions heightened, security stepped up this morning after alarming posts on social media threatening to shoot student, one person is in custody this morning for making those threats. investigators on the scene of that plane crash in akron, ohio, at least two people were killed when the small jet went down short of the airport into an apartment building. we do say good morning, america.
7:29 am
on this wednesday morning. look who is here. michael strahan. >> i'm here, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm here and i'm inside. lara is outside, everybody. and she's outside with our big iphone case challenge and what's going on. >> i'm here with adrienne from motorola. we're putting two iphones in waterproof cases and dropping them in six feet of water, see how they do. ben carson, you might notice, is ten feet above me. he's going to drop a phone billed as the only one with a shatterproof screen. company says it's good for up to five feet and we'll double it and see what happens live. adrienne, are you ready? she's feeling confident. we'll let you know how it goes. >> that is some contraption up there. >> that is coming up. we begin with the murder mystery stunning an elite new york suburb. the wife of a mcmogul because found dead inside her estate and
7:30 am
linzie janis is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. this high society murder went down in a normally peaceful community dotted with mansions and horse farms. the victim found inside her home but police say there was no break-in. this morning, a mystery unfolding at this sprawling new york estate. the mate tri yashg of a prominent family found murdered. the victim, 83-year-old lois colley, the wife of multi multimillionaire eugene colley, mcdonald's restaurant franchises in the country. police responding to a 911 call just after 5 p.m. monday after a caretaker at windswept farm, colley's 300-acre hilltop estate discovered her body. >> she was found in the laundry room which is just inside the garage and she was lying on the >> reporter: police say the trauma.
7:31 am
tuesday searching for a possible weapon. the only thing missing from the home, a small fire extinguisher. >> at thisoint it's early on in the investigation and, again, we not ruling out anyone but, no, at this point we don't have any suspects. >> the town's supervisor calling colley a pillar of the community. >> they were very much involved in a lot of different things this noun. very nice lady. any time you met her she had a kiss for you, just a very nice person and my heart goes out to the colley family. >> reporter: police calling it a shocking and disturbing crime. saying there was no sign of forced entry. well, police say they've spoken with eugene colley who owns over 100 mcdonald's restaurants. suspect. the couple have four sons. police questioning everyone that knows the family at this time as they try to solve the mystery. >> right now no suspects. >> no suspects. >> okay, thanks very much. >> incredibly sad. we'll turn to that skier who
7:32 am
1600-foot fall down a mountain. we are seeing more of this incredible video captured on his helmet cam and abc's t.j. holmes, you got a chance to sit down with him for an exclusive interview. >> i just wanted to hug him when i saw him. not only a miracle he survived but he barely even broke a nail. you think how is that possible when you see this violent plunge 1600 feet? well, it turns out while he was falling he was thinking and he made a decision midtumble that might have saved his life. look and listen closely. that's professional skier ian mcintosh plummeting 1600 feet down a massive mountain. cameras and microphones catch every painful bump and grunt on his way down. >> it felt like eternity, man. it really did. i thought this is never going to stop. >> reporter: the 34-year-old was
7:33 am
on alaska's nicola mountain range when he mistakenly skis into a five-foot trench and wipes out. >> it surprised the heck out of me. i had no idea that was coming. i knew at that point it was game over and i was going for the ride of my life. >> reporter: that's the very moment you hear him clearly cry out. >> oh, no. >> it felt like i was getting hit by linebackers the whole way down the mountain over and over and over again like full sprinting linebackers. >> reporter: to soften those blows and possibly prevent major trauma, macintosh had the presence of mind to deemployee the air bag built into his backpack. he brought one of those to show me. just go ahead and pull that white handle for me right there. pull it. there's your life jacket for flying down the mountain. >> you're flying down the mountain in this. >> yes. unfortunately. >> after falling for nearly a full minute macintosh finally
7:34 am
comes to a stop. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: but aside from a few bruises amazingly macintosh was fine and undeterred. >> i don't want to die doing what i'm doing. i don't have a death wish. i'm not the type. but i do have a wish to live life to its fullest and get out there and live my dreams and this kind of stuff is what i dream about. it's what i lay awake thinking about. >> that air bag you saw there was actually meant, it was designed to keep people out of an avalanche. you let that out and keeps you on top. >> how did it work? >> it just on his back it cushioned him a little bit pounded. underneath. prevented some serious trauma and the mistake he made was not on the mountain during a bad turn but before he ever got on the mountain. they were in a hurry. they had about 15 minutes of daylight. he saw this line. he didn't study it like he normally did so missed that his life. >> that's all it takes. >> and two days later he was back skiing again.
7:35 am
>> okay. fairy tale. >> it was, it was. what do we have coming up. >> the worst selfie ever. a new dad, look at this guy, in the delivery room. we'll hear from him this morning. i wonder what his wife had to say. >> our phone case challenge live.
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plain cc1 test mes we're back with a live edition of "gma on the lookout" this morning. all about ways to protect your cell phone because let's face it we're all deing with fixing them and costs so much. >> americans have spent nearly $24 billion repairing and replacing those damaged smartphones since 2007 and two of the common mishaps that damage them, spilling something on them or dropping them in water. that's what we've done. you see them right there. take a look.
7:40 am
iphone 6s to the test. one, the lifeproof free that sells for nearly $80, the other is lifebox rugged that sells for nearly 36 bucks on amazon. both claim they can protect them submerged in water for up to an hour at 6 and a half feet. three, two, one. about an hour agent we dropped those cases into the water and now it's time to see how the phones work. live. all right. and these phones have been submerged for up to an hour now. so it's time to pull them out and i'm going to fish them out right now. we have reps from the company here and you guys are nervous. i see it. you're nervous, aren't you? >> a little bit. >> we're ready. >> you guys ready? audience. here we go. >> so, gio, you're going to call me on those phones. >> i'm going to call you on these phones. >> gio's got my digits. >> getting this off here. let's do this. we have the lifeproof. >> so far no ring.
7:41 am
>> give me a second. i'm down here. all right. so submerged for an hour. >> lifeproof. let's try the lifebox. here we go. this is lara's number. i'm calling you, lara. you're going to pick up. >> everybody, it's working. what up, gio? >> what's up? you hear me. lifebox. >> that was yours. >> so now i hung up. this one is a little wet. >> got to dry it off here. but it's on. it's on. that's a good start. >> it's working. it's just all wet. >> look at you, the confidence. look, it's on. >> gio, once again you're keeping me waiting. i thought we had a date. let's go. >> here you go. >> will it ring? >> once again, it's ringing. that's good to know that you can submerge these for up to an hour. gio, great to talk to you. >> you want whine? >> no, not yet.
7:42 am
>> you're happy with the results. it's kind of incredible. they've been in here 6 1/2 feet of water. >> we actually waterproof test every single case. >> it's nice for us to do for ow our viewers. it's fantastic. great job, gio. >> thank you very much. >> back to you guys. >> all right, guys. way to go. coming up a big health alert about childhood obesity and heart december. plus, that selfie that really delivers. michael is going to have that. >> yeah, i got it, all right, robin. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. after seeing this i guess this new mom probably has more than that for her husband. i don't think they're all nice we'll hear from him next in our "speed feed." look at you, saving money part d prescriptions. p r "carpe med diem." r "seize the day to get more out of life
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out how to save a little with one deposit checking. r so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. psincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen. test text1 italics test text1 plain it is time for "the speed feed," do you hear that? do we sound like extra loud? i hope not. echo, echo. here we go. what's the story. >> there's a new dad and, you know, a lot of couples whenever they have a baby they invite people into the delivery room but how about 2.4 million strangers because that's how
7:47 am
this about-to-be a dad selfie. look at this guy. it's a brave man. now, in "the speed feed" speed dial we asked the couple sari and gil solano about what made him take the picture just moments before the baby was born. >> what i tried to do and awkward situations is make her laugh and so i knew that would make her laugh. she is never really demanding at all but for some reason before we went into the room she said she really wants a picture of our faces of the reactions of our faces. >> but i meant when she was born. >> yeah. >> her face kind of says it all. >> what was be your reaction? sdmo into the nearly as sweet as hers. >> she liked it and she said that the one thing that she got a big kick out of whenever there were comments on the page a lot of people said are you single yet asking him that because they thought she would break up for him.
7:48 am
>> she was in labor for 12 hours when that picture was taken. >> i'm sure she could laugh about it now. at the time is doesn't look quite so funny. a good woman to forgive and laugh. >> uh-huh. >> the selfie is a selfless act. >> there you go. thanks, you two. when we come back at the top of the hour, surprising twist on "dancing with the stars." have you heard about this, tamar braxton back in the hospital. she's out. we'll have the latest on her
7:49 am
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back here on "gma," a funnel cloud seen in delray beach, florida, and we thought why not go into the atlantic and check on now hurricane kate staying far away from land. all that weather brought to you
7:52 am
text1 underline test text1 italics
7:53 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. randy: good morning. i' m randy price. we' re looking across a dreary skyline of boston at this hour.l cindy: the wind is going to be with us all day long giving us a very raw feel. temperatures holding steady throughout the day. the heaviest showers continuing through this afternoon on the cape.
7:54 am
after mid-day today. we try it out for the -- we dry it out for the weekend. olessa: we' re still seeing some delays, 93 south, a crash. there is an accident near commerce way. a crash blocking one lane. eastbound only about 15. about 20 minutes braintree into boston. randy: top stories. fantasy sports sites are trying to stay in the game after they were shut down in new york. boston-based draftkings is now promising legal action. the new york attorney general claims the daily fantasy game site, and its rival, fanduel, are part of a multibillion-dollar scheme to evade the law. newscenter 5 is dedicating today to our veterans, celebrating their service and shining a light on the issues they face. we invite you to join us for 5
7:55 am
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7:57 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and high school sexting scandal. students under arrest. at least 20 suspended over a sex tape. parents outrained. >> they have no evidence my son even received the video. >> school officials raise racing to shut it all down. a "dancing with the stars" shocker overnight. tamar braxton dropping out of the show back in the hospital. more ill than anyone thought. fighting blood clots in her lungs. her ballroom partner val right by her side. >> this is what it feels like. >> "gma" body proud. ashley graham and dr. jen ashton taking on size and your health. is a size 14 as healthy as a size 2?
7:58 am
reveal the results live. and what happened when michael met julia. >> did we just become best friends. >> yes, we might have. >> oh, my goodness. i kind of like it. >> what the superstar spilled about married life and being a mom and wait till you see the moment she turned the tables on michael. >> bless i didn't think i blushed. >> all ahead as we say -- >>. >> all: good morning, america. >> i do believe michael has a new bff. we do say good morning, america. and it is veterans day. and what a great moment to acknowledge our men and women in and present. >> look at all those service members out there in times square this morning. thank you all for your service. >> yes, we do. your father was in the service. your dad was in the service. >> yes. >> just one of those days. >> it sure is. also coming up on "good
7:59 am
undercover and maks and peta pulled off quite a surprise at a dance class. well, this morning we teamed up with andrea bocelli and, boy, did he give one couple the surprise of their lives on their big day. so many people stunned at their wedding. could you imagine? >> it is beautiful. i watched it ahead of time. stay at home. you want to see this but first to amy with the morning rundown. amy. >> good morning, everyone. and the big story this morning new tensions at the university of missouri. a suspect has now been arrested accused of making racial threats against students there. those threats were posted on social media overnight and police now say that suspect was not on or even near campus and there was no immediate danger. the threats follow the resignation of the school's president amid protests over racism on campus. well, investigators are trying to figure out why a small business jet crashed into this apartment complex in akron, ohio, killing at many as nine people. officials say there were no
8:00 am
which was only a mile from the airport. well, the republican presidential candidates stayed focused on the issues during campaign. donald trump came under fire for his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. ohio governor john kasich calling that plan silly and trump was booed when he napped at carly fiorina for interrupting other candidates. analysts say marco rubio and ted cruz had a strong showing defending their positions on foreign policy and the tax code. jeb bush may have had his best debate performance yet, but many analysts doubt it will be enough to revive his campaign. two teenagers in new york now facing felony charges over a sexting scandal. they're accused of making and sharing a sexually explicit video and now dozens of other students are suspended. abc's reena ninan has more. >> reporter: this morning two new york high schools embroiled in a sexting scandal. two 14-year-old boys from smithtown high school in long island arrested after police say one of them taped the other
8:01 am
allegedly having a sexual encounter with a young girl. both boys charged with a misdemeanor and two felonies. including distributing that video to other minors. now less than four miles away some of the minors that received the secretary video in hot water. >> they have no evidence that my son even received the video. >> reporter: administrators at kings park high school issuing suspensions for 20 students, some students suspended for failing to report the video, even if they did forward or view it. >> people that send it around, i understand that but people that just receive it and aren't even asking for it, it's really not >> reporter: outraged parents are demanding answers. >> it's impossible to believe that your son could get in trouble because somebody forwarded a video. he has no control over receiving it. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news kings park high school officials saying, they do not anticipate any further suspensions and that they believe the suspensions were made in accordance with the district's code of conduct. for "good morning america,"
8:02 am
our thanks to reena for that. in health news, an eye-opening headline about the risk of childhood obesity. a new study finds obese children as young as 8 years old can show signs of heart disease and researchers say it's possible the damage to the heart is permanent. well, finally on this veterans day we remember the heroes who sacrificed everything for their country to mark the date, several stars from the world of comedy joined forces here in new york for the annual stand up for heroes. bruce springsteen provided the music and a few jokes of his own. it raises money for the woodruff foundation named for our colleague bob woodruff injured in iraq. it provides resources and assistance for wounded veterans and we can't say it enough today, thank you to all those who are serving, who have served and their families who stand behind all of them. >> if you hashtag, handgungivetoveterans money will
8:03 am
go to their foundation, bob and lee's foundation. >> they've been doing it for years. it's done so much good. >> they do. to michael. >> thank you, george. can't do enough for veterans. i'm a true believer in that here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." tamar braxton's serious health battle. the dancing star is off the show and back in the hospital. her condition this morning. two models testing out whether a size 14 is as healthy as a side 2. dr. ashton live here to talk about that. plus, i'm going one-on-one with julia roberts, what she said to me that made me blush. i'm blushing still. all that coming up in "gma's" times square on this veterans day. [ cheers and applause ] one minute. hi. hi dad. we need to do this, yes.
8:04 am
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8:07 am
coming up, "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving. brought to you by walmart. share wonder every day. welcome back to "gma." everybody is getting excited. >> getting used to the couch. that shocker on "dancing with the stars" last night. tamar braxton drops out reveals a series health scare and mara schiavocampo here with that. hey, mara. >> good morning. what she thought might have been pneumonia actually turned out to be something. more serious and now even though braxton has left the show, she said she considers herself a winner, simply for being able to
8:08 am
>> reporter: overnight a shocking "dancing with the stars" elimination. tamar braxton posting this photo from her hospital bed with partner val chmerkovskiy saying with a heavy heart i regret to inform you that my season of dwts has come to an end due to blood clouts on her lungs. >> tamar and val. >> reporter: send to the emergency room before monday's live broadcast. >> she's really kick. >> she's in the hospital right now. >> just hurts. >> reporter: the judges forced to score her and val based on their rehearsal footage. >> 8. >> 7. >> 7. let her into your heart >> reporter: but then a shocking comeback. braxton making it back in time for the final performance saving herself from elimination. >> i'm amazed you're here. >> reporter: after seemingly regaining her strength and
8:09 am
earning her team a near perfect score. >> 9. >> 9. >> 9. >> i thought we were going to go and i was okay with that honestly. i was okay with that because i want her to be well. i'm just glad that she's okay and i want her to take care of herself. >> reporter: but braxton now revealing she returned to the er after that performance learning that she didn't have pneumonia like she thought but something way more serious, blood clots in both sides of my lungs. >> reporter: this is not the first health-related elimination to shock this year. kim zolciak suffering a mini ballroom. >> in the instance of illness or other health-related matters affecting their ability to participate in the game, they must withdraw. >> reporter: now, braxton's treatment moving forward likely includes long-term blood thinners which could limit certain activities like jumping, pulmonary embow limps are serious and can be life-threatening. i talked to dr. ashton before
8:10 am
the segment. she said this was not caused by the work of didn't. it's a very physical but that did not cause this. >> you have to address it right away. >> she said the symptoms aren't subtle. this is something that even if she weren't doing the show she would have noticed the symptoms associated with this. >> we wish her well. >> thank you. >> let's go outside to michael and lara. >> all right, george. out here doing a live edition of "gma on the lookout" and this morning, we're looking at ways to protect something that most of us use all day every day, our cell phones. >> wow. i mean not all day. >> i do. >> all right. so in the last hour you may remember we dropped two iphones in a takata of water to see how well the waterproof cases worked and they both did and now gio taking us to new heights. gio, what's the challenge? of heights. you're not joining me but we're going to take a look at a phone that claims to have the first shatterproof shatterproofscreen, the droid the company says it's designed
8:11 am
drop our phone by accident on the street there or the sidewalk. they say it won't shatter after a fall from five feet so we'll try it out right now. motorola gave us these two phones to try it out. we've got motorola standing by right now to watch it happen so here we go. on the count of three, guys, we'll drop it from five feet. three, two, one. ah. >> ouch. >> what do we got? >> it worked. it's still good. >> adrienne from motorola right here smiling feeling good. feeling optimistic. >> i never had a doubt. >> you're not coming down yet, are you? >> i'm not. let's go higher, guys. let's go up. we'll go up. motorola does not guarantee this. it only says the screen is shatterproof for drops up to five feet. we're going to go up to ten feet now, so let's get the audience to put on those safety goggles just in case. here we go. we're going to drop -- count with me. three, two, one. oh.
8:12 am
>> here we go. what do we got? we have a perfectly good phone, everybody. that's what we got. >> wow! >> it works. how about that? were you a little nervous. >> no, not at all. >> when you test it do you take it to greater heights? sfwle we put it through a lot of extreme testing and there's five layers of screen technology in there that is guaranteed not to shatter. >> i'm going to tell you right now you need to get a phone like this. i've seen your phone. it's a mess. it truly is a mess. >> it's not actually glass. >> no. no. it's not. it's actually a flexible display. >> like a plexiglas. >> well, it's -- >> top secret technology but it's really truly flexible so michael could fumble this and -- >> i never fumble. great job, gio. thank you. you passed the test and now we're going to take it back inside to amy. >> we have another test here in our series. "gma" body proud with model and body activist ashley graham. this morning we are challenging
8:13 am
be healthy by putting two models to a health test. they're the same age, almost exactly the same height but with one important twist. take a look. they are top models who behind every day in photos and on the catwalk. but we want to know is the size 2 as healthy as a size 14? we'll find out by putting them through fitness tests. first up ashley graham, age 28. stands tall at 5'9" and wears a size. 14. no history of diabetes or heart disease and exercises regularly. >> i do all kinds of cardio and weight lifting. i do classes. >> reporter: and abeba davis, size 5'10" and is a size 2. has diabetes in her family and exercise, not so much. >> i walk my dog a lot. >> walking counts. >> the two start their exam with our own dr. jennifer ashton.
8:14 am
>> we'll do some basic height, weight, check some basic blood work that's kind of like the barometer of overall health. which would be a nonfasting diabetes screen, a nonfasting cholesterol panel and then just kind of see where you are. >> good. perfect. >> questions? >> no, take my blood. >> okay. >> next up, abeba. do you think you're in good shape. >> no. >> i think physically i've been blessed genetically. >> don't be nervous. >> but that's not all. our models head to crunch for a fitness test. >> i heard you're going to put me through hard core regimen. >> yes, we'll get an assessment as well as a fit test on the treadmill. let's go. >> we'll get you five minutes of max. we're going to go ahead and do an overhead squat assessment.
8:15 am
i want you to perform a series of 15 squats. >> okay. >> and abbeba. >> if i fit test. >> okay. >> you're going to have both feet facing directly towards me and airports are going to be nice and long overhead. >> so which model is a picture of health? find out live right now. >> that's right and we have ashley with us and dr. jennifer ashton as well so dr. ashton why don't you tell us the results. >> the molt of truth. so first thing we did, we checked blood pressure. head-to-head, both in the normal range. ashley's is a little better than abeba and nonfasting diabetes test called the hemoglobin a1. c. both normal. you did a little better than abeba. cholesterol, ldl. both normal. this is where abeba did a little better than ashley. we want to thank quest
8:16 am
diagnostics for running these and put you on the treadmill and did a fitness test both passed pretty well. you are 28 but i want to be clear. weight is relevant. it's one thing that we look at. we want to assess that today. you both did great and also want to assess it down the road in the few fracture. that's why living a healthy lifestyle is so important. >> what do you make of those? >> i'm not surprised. healthy woman right here. >> i love it. >> yes, you are. >> you started at the very beginning of your day, what do you do each and every morning. >> i hike to start with hot water and lemon and do -- it's alkalines my body but i have agreen juice. keeps the doctor away. >> like a serving of vegetables. >> spinach, kale, apple, lemon, ginger. >> about 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day and get that in a nice juice in the morning. try to use the pulp so you get the 2350iber. >> a little sweet. >> it's great. >> you guys, you're already done.
8:17 am
>> then in terms of keeping your body fit. you are fit. you proved that today. what do you do? >> thank you, girl. >> squats, arms, i am always traveling, i never settle down. i don't know where i'm going to be. so -- >> just have my juice while you work out. >> arms are really important and i always like to go this way and then, doctor, sorry, i'll come forward and i like to go out and like to do it with a squat and make sure -- >> full body work ute. >> make sure that your butt is out like you're going to sit down and knees cannot go over your toes. >> anyone who follows you on instagram knows you're doing these every day. >> women to did weights. they need to do resistance training. as important as cardio and your form is on point. >> you keep working out. i'll keep drinking and ginger, i'll see you. >> i love the green drink. asia said some green drinks are good. not all. we have a lot of new faces. you are not in school. veterans day already. i didn't forget about the
8:18 am
veterans. we're so grateful for everybody and check in with them but first we have to check in on the snow still falling in denver. they should end up with somewhere between 3 and 6 inches. some of the mountain area, 8 to 15. you know what else comes with it, big-time wind, the gusts by tomorrow morning at davenport, iowa. 45 miles per hour. it will be coal and windy behind the system. this thing scoots through very quickly. and severe weather on the front end of it today, this afternoon. cindy: good morning. i' m meteorologist cindy fitzgibbons. we have areas of rain across the region and also gusting winds. a wind advisory until 7:00 this evening. temperatures in the 40' s to near 50.
8:19 am
i didn't realize the audience got the goggles too. let's get some "pop." >> we begin with this. remember word problems in math class. i don't know about you, kind of my worst nightmare. here's the story of one girl who completely schooled her teacher on an exam that included a word problem in which four groups of couples swapped dates for four different school events. students were supposed to determine which girl ended up with which boy at the next event. but fourth grader maddy douglas' answer is classic. she wrote on this paper, you can't read it, i can't answer this problem because my mom says according to girl code, you shouldn't date a friend's ex-boyfriend. >> that is great. >> i love it. >> she didn't get credit for the answer but her teacher did admit she made a very good point.
8:20 am
morning, i don't know about you guys how you felt getting up this morning. this otter's reaction, my producer will showed me this. totally nailed it for me. exactly. >> is that a pet otter? this that's a pet otter. >> so on the other hand, just like this turtle after a good shower hopefully you're all ready for twerk. twerking turtle makes yet another appearance in "pop news." this is and it's not the last. >> you can bring it back. >> the turtle could talk that would be a true fait accompli for me. playing "hot stuff" because, hot stuff is in the house. a very special pop-in. my pal kathy griffin is with us. oh. she's the cover girl, get over here, gorgeous. >> i was posing. i couldn't stop posing.
8:21 am
>> welcome. >> i was screaming, george notice me, notice me. >> you look great. >> kathy is the cover girl for the upcoming issue of "adweek." we have the exclusive. >> look at that picture. >> my farrow pharaoh lady. >> there i am in a golden swimsuit the way george pictures me every night, am i right buddy? okay. all right. that was barely left me hanging. robin had my back here. >> busy woman. these performing at radio city. >> no, carnegie hall. >> carnegie hall. thursday night, tomorrow night one of only five female stand-up comics to perform at carnegie alone ever. my third time there. pretty impressive. >>:00 and i'm excited doing 80 cities in my tour going to the real america as they would say. the real america everywhere. carnegie will be fab tass tick and new year's eve with anderson cooper.
8:22 am
we're on from 8 p.m. till 12:30. i think he's getting me back for all the things i've said to him that are love ingly teases. >> there's no way you can contain yourself. >> no. >> something horrible will happen. >> right here. >> i dough think it'll be fun in. come to see me at carnegie hall, keep in mind there will be cursing and negativity now like where we're clean and polite. >> listen, here's a little sampling of what you get. not so chatty cathy, i'll give you a topic. how you feel about number one man buns. >> i'm fine with jared leto. >> number two. >> last night's republican debate. >> didn't miss it. comedy gold. >> comedy gold in one more. millennials. >> have a work ethic. >> we will and right back.
8:23 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning. i' m emily riemer. top stories. the results are in for the first parcc tests in massachusetts. nearly half the districts in the state took the test last year. other districts took the mcas. boston performed well below the statewide average. newscenter 5 is dedicating today to our veterans, celebrating their service, and shining a light on the issues they face. join us for 5 on veterans all day on newscenter 5. and taking a live look outside over the city with a really rainy and wet day. cindy: the weather is going to be tough through midday. a heavier downpour approaching
8:24 am
temperatures in the 40' s to near 50' s. it is raw. heaviest rain until about lunchtime on the cake. it does look july for the weekend. randy: thank you. olessa: we have a couple of accidents. 93 south there is a crash in place. southbound side is stopping go. 128 northbound by route 3, another accident. another accident westbound on the pike. emily: thank you. we' re back at 8:56. if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5
8:25 am
[sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
8:26 am
welcome back. we have a big surprise for all you "star wars" fans. your first look at "entertainment week's" brand-new "the force awakens" collector's cover. some of our old favorites and new one. >> who is your favorite? when i was teacher j.j. abram was my student and now he's a big fancy director. >> he should cast you. >> we just talked. you're right. he should cast me in something. that's right, lara, spencer and george. >> he owes it all to kathy. the issue is out friday and the new "star wars" comes out december 18th. >> you know what we should cast you for doing this undercover series where we have celebrities surprise people. >> we should. >> jar jar.
8:27 am
the most popular character in the history of the franchise. >> how about this bride that you're about to meet got quite the shock on her big day. you'll take a look. >> andrea bocelli famed italian tenor, international recording artist and now "gma" undercover agent. the mission, deliver a surprise performance for an unsuspecting bride on her wedding day. >> my voice like a present. >> keeping the secret was probably the worst part. >> i was a little bit leery about if this was a true call. >> i said, ales, i am thinking it's a scam. >> something in my gut told me this might be real.
8:28 am
>> reporter: the venue ales and michele's wedding in new jersey. >> i knew it was coming up. i just wanted to focus at that time on my daughter walking down that aisle with her father. you. all the days of my life. >> mr. and mrs. ales dolinar. [ cheers and applause ] >> we thought it was a halloween prank. >> we didn't believe it. thought it was an impersonator.
8:29 am
shock to be honest. >> to have him come all the way out here to do this for us is memorable. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was the best wedding ever. >> i mean it's a good day to be on tv because we all got our >> exactly. >> so blessed and we're so happy that he was here to share this moment with us. >> i hope that they are happy, good luck and have many days [ applause ] >> bocelli did it best. his voice is a gift. >> i love the bridesmaids.
8:30 am
>> you know that had to kill josh groban. oh, that should have been my gig. michael bolton. they're all crying right now. only one bocelli. >> the ultimate wedding singer. carnegie hall. >> everybody. >> tonight. >> i'm coming to a town near you. >> you have been warned, michael. out to michael. >> thanks, robin. one of hollywood's favorites is back on the big screen, i'm talking julia roberts. she stars in the new thriller "secrets in their eyes." she plays a tough investigator who will stop at nothing to solve her daughter's murder. i got a chance to talk to her and she shared some secrets of her own. did we just become best friends. >> yes, we might have. >> oh, my goodness. it's hard not to smile when in the company of julia roberts. >> oh, boy. >> her signature grin lights up the room here at the iconic
8:31 am
she shot "pretty woman" 25 years ago. >> do you have any feelings that come over you when you come into this hotel. >> abject awkwardness especially when i go into the elevator because the elevators are exactly the same and have the little seats. and that's when i just walk in and kind of look around and everyone is looking at their feet. >> reporter: if "pretty woman" set the tone for the julia roberts we've all come to know and love her new film "secrets in their eyes" shatters that image completely. >> it's your daughter. >> what? >> reporter: as an investigator who uncovers the body of her own daughter. brutally murdered. help me. >> reporter: this movie, justice and revenge. how far would you go for justice and resaeng. >> i feel like part of my personality is ferocious and part of my personality is the greatest power you can wield towards an enemy is to ignore their existence. >> i don't have the stomach to
8:32 am
maybe we go about this a little less officially. >> the director said you said i i want to get in. i want to get dirty and from what i saw you did exactly that. at points i said, is that julia roberts? >> when you've been in the business this long and people feel they know you as well as they do, you want them to go and enjoy a movie and not think about who you are. >> did it help to have your husband the cinematographer on the film. did it help to have him there when you got out of a heavy scene. >> it helped in a couple of ways because, first of all, i try to impress him so much that really as much as i try to impress my director, i just think, is he -- okay. >> are you really trying to impress your husband. >> he's looking. >> oh. >> really. >> of course. he's my person. >> i love that. >> he's my person. and part of it is we would spend the whole day together. by the time we're home we're not talking about work, it's just all about the kids which was amazing.
8:33 am
>> you have any parenting tips for me? >> my daughter said to me last year we were talking about school, and she was having some frustration and she said, mommy, you just don't know what it's like and i said to her, guess what i'm going to do today, i'm going to sit in the back of your classroom all day today and understand what it's like. by the time the bell rang to go home, this is what i know, no child wants to get in the car and have their parents say, how was your day? >> because you sat there. >> the relentless pursuit of knowledge and then you get in the car with this new safe what did you do? tell me the whole thing. it's like, no. >> and there's something i hear you play at the dinner table called family dinner game in family dinner game. >> where you ask questions around the table. >> uh-huh. >> do you have questions. >> i have a few questions. >> i have questions.
8:34 am
>> anthony. hmm what is the first thing you look at when you see somebody. >> i guess, you know, your eye, your smile, probably your eyes. they're brown, they're twinkly. okay, thank you. >> that's when you say, oh, so are yours. >> you know what, you have this personality, sparkly brown eye, happiness. >> my gap used to be as big as yours then i stopped sucking my thumb. >> i never sucked my thumb so what's my excuse. >> i love it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> "secrets in their eyes" is in theaters on november the 20th and you can see. more of my interview with julia tonight on "nightline." ginger. >> thank you, michael. i'm going to go ahead and say you have sparkly hazel eyes. >> thank you. > this is alex. all the navy folks with us, also the coast guard. you know, i'm going to take your hat. we are celebrating all veterans today.
8:35 am
and this will just, of course, say that. we'll do a selfie with a sailor. first look at the veterans day cities, veteran, why home, 29, victory, michigan, 28. we made them since you were here and. colder by the weekend. morning low, temperatures dropping to freezing, some places below that number especially in the great lakes with all that wind. all right. cindy: good morning. i' m meteorologist cindy fitzgibbons. areas of rain out there this morning. it will be windy and raw with temperatures n >> all that weather brought to you by norton's. >> and coming up we're counting down to thanksgiving with our pals from "the chew." first, though, i am outside with members of the coast guard sector new york at staten island. hello, everybody. leap veterans day. we thank you for your service.
8:36 am
them it's veterans day and a sneak peek of "the finest incredible story of a coast guard rescue. >> we got maybe three hours and then we sink. >> mayday, mayday. >> pick yourself a crew and assist that ship. >> it's your job to go out, right? >> you got to go out. they don't say you got to come back in. live. the only way that happens is if we work together. >> i'm not giving up on them. >> we lost. >> we all live. we all die. hold on. >> "the finest hours." p it took alexis 4 years to earn her college degree. but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans.
8:37 am
college affordable. join the fight for alexis. i'm hillary clinton and
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text2 test message cc1 test message test text1 underline test text1 italics test te tt2w`t+o m4: bt@qj9h tt2w`t+o m4: "a@qz5, tt2w`t+o m4: bm@qq> tt4w`t+o m4:" dztq n\p
8:39 am
tt4w`t+o m4:" entq >x0 tt4w`t+o m4:" gzt& '_h tt4w`t+o m4:" hnt& 7q$ tt4w`t+o m4:" iztq ]8\ tt4w`t+o m4:" jntq oh< tt4w`t+o m4:" lzt& w%@ we are counting down to thanksgiving with our friends from "the chew" this morning. carla hall, clinton kelly, maria bartiromo, mike mario batali and michael symon. the idea of the big turkey, cooking it evenly. brilliant way to do it right here. >> i break it down because, one, you have less space it takes in the fridge and all the pieces cook evenly so i start with a brine, salt, sugar. august of these spices then i make a gremalato, lemon zest and chilies and put in under the skin then i start cooking it and
8:40 am
>> pan fried turkey. >> it is so good, george. are you smelling it. >> it smells so great. >> then do you put more on later on. >> no, that's it coming to the skin. you want to flip that. >> i will ahe try. you can do it. you can do it. go, george. yes. >> see. george can cook a turkey. >> get this out of the way. >> get that out of the way. >>. >> it is a great idea. so beautiful. how long? >> it cooks for about 35 minutes, 35, 40 minutes. >> so much better than three or veggies. >> yes, this is roasted acorn squash. we've seeded, sliced it into, you know, spears like this. pepper. put that oven for about a half hour and go on top we're making a cheese sauce. >> first you bake that. >> then the cheese sauce. >> cheese sauce, butter and flour and then milk and thyme and gruyere cheese in there.
8:41 am
>> do you have the recipe on the website? it's very good. >> we drizzle the cheese over the cooked acorn squash wedges. >> right. >> then the final touch which was such a surprise. is the macadamia nut. >> hazelnuts. >> actually. lovely, as well. >> use the nut of your choice. >> you see amy over there. >> yes, this is the big winner except let's pass it on because stuffing, this man knows stuff. everything. what's so special about that -- >> fennel sausage, chestnuts and apples cut into cube. this is chi bat s is c iabatto and save them in your freezer so it's virtually free so dump that over the dried bread. then you take some ear homemake chicken stock or even store bought chicken stock, a little
8:42 am
pack it into this dish and bake it for 40 minutes this for me is what i would rather have of all the leftovers, i'd rather have a stuffing sandwich than anything else. >> easy on the wallet. >> we have to have dessert, mike. >> two favorite desserts into one, chocolate pumpkin pie. and the tip here is because it is a loose custardy base and you can make the pie crist the day before you could make the custard the day before, it's just pumpkin, melted chocolate, a little cream, eggs, brown sugar and then the spice, clove, ginger, nutmeg and then you just take this, you bake the crust at 425 the day ahead of time. you take that beautiful custard and pour it in. >> soits >> it's so good. >> bake it at 350 for an hour. >> how do you transport it to grandma's house. >> i get a good box and bring it on over. >> all right. i thought there was a towel or something involved is there all on our website.
8:43 am
"the chew," every day at 1:00 eastern. >> must see tv. coming up we're celebrating 40 years of "gma" with some of our old favorite musical performances. wow. "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by
8:44 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain it's time to share the warmth with families and children in need. >> oh, wow. those look so good. >> go on, join us and tell them, michael. >> let's share the warmth by sharing some coats. >> go into any burlington tore to donate a coat and join our annual coat drive. >> we are celebrating 40 years of "gma." counting down to our big 40-hour live stream event marathon. that kicks off in just six days but this morning, a look back at some of the megamusic stars and performances that have taken
8:45 am
>> are you ready for this? >> good morning, america. and welcome to new york. hey good girl you got a heart of gold >> i love the music. who doesn't love music. >> we get to see some of the greatest artists in the world in their moment. >> all playing right here in times square and in central park. whoa show >> lady gaga coming in on a zip line. i mean, come on. rah rah >> and beyonce just thrilling. the entire crowd. whoa oh oh oh >> whoo! if you like it then you better put a ring on it >> pinch yourself moment. beyonce, i mean, i, of course, would like to be one of our backup singers. she didn't agree with that
8:46 am
prospect. i wish you were my first love because if you were first then there would have been no second seconds show them what you're worth >> the jonas brothers are taking >> one, two. >> there are new kids on the block. >> mariah carey has been called the pop cinderella of -- you treated me kind i'm every woman it's all in me in me >> i'm sure it was really patti labelle he peak experience to have robin and me, yes.
8:47 am
all. >> can't stay baby it's cold outside i got to go away >> rod stewart, what was i thinking? we like to party dancing with my lead doing whatever we want >> i remember the very first morning that we had this young singer on the show that was coming out with a big album. live without you you got to know when to hold on know when to foal them >> lady antebellum and their hit. take me downtown like you got anywhere better to be >>. get on the boat get on the boat people >> ever wore a purple suit.
8:48 am
it's my life it's now or never beautiful day >> yates. yeah don't stop the party >> in part of the legacy of "good morning america," the music. clap along if you feel like a room without a roof cause i'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth >> you guys, do it. >> why, why? >> reprise that dancing. >> please, we beg you to retire on this the 40th anniversary. >> doing that move. >> amy. >> i mean -- >> we must have -- >> america, we're going to take dance lessons and we'll be right
8:49 am
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired
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test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain all right, lara and amy. we'll show it again. we'll show it one more time. >> you know they're going to get you back for that. you know it. >> it's so worth it. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning.
8:52 am
m emily riemer. looking live over the boston skyline. there is the rain and winds. north shore. are seeing the heaviest rain so far. we are going to keep the wind the route the day. drizzle around midday and temperatures holding steady. tomorrow starts dry and then we do dry out for the weekend. olessa: as far as volume it is not too bad, but we are watching a few problem spots. the expressway is only about 15 from braintree into boston. still clearing, this accident by commerce way northbound. not causing any delays. emily: thank you. top stories. fantasy sports sites are trying to stay in the game after they
8:53 am
were shut down in new york. boston-based draftkings is now promising legal action. the new york attorney general claims the daily fantasy game site, and its rival, fanduel, are part of a multibillion-dollar scheme to evade the law. newscenter 5 is dedicating today to our veterans, celebrating their service and shining a light on the issues they face. join us for 5 on veterans all day on newscenter 5.
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