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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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was a dve for eight months. he was only fired after uber made a change to its background search parameters. >> bryant gilbert, a convicted felon, now behind bars again. accused of driving and dragging two boston police officers sunday night. he was also once behind the wheel of uber, company admitting an initial background check missed the six license suspensions and long record that included drug possession. >> if he was to be vetted as a boston cab driver is vetted, that would never have happened. >> the taxi industry has long regulated. >> uber driver, it's really easy. that's why there is some risk. >> we're not identifying our driver lift. license and -- that's all. >> it took about a week and uber okayed him to drive. he's shocked to learn gilbert also drove a short time. >> you think uber could
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do more to make drivers safe? >> yeah. >> boston police have authority to check every driver's record going back longer than 10 or 20 years. they have access to those records. uber does not. their process saying we're continuing to build safety into the uber during and after the trip including new technology enhancements and regular audits of our processes. uber uses two private agencies to do its background checks going back about seven years. on the website they say they do not always include all motor vehicle registration information. richardson. from boston police about so-called catfishing. singles. six people in the past five weeks have been robbed as they arrived to meet people they thought they were meeting on the dating website. police say the scammers set up phony profiles and then agree to
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when the victims arrive they are robbed bay man armed with a gun. this man is nation animal cruelty charges for killing neighbor's chihuahua that wandered on the lawn. they sold 66-year-old freddie swinging a baseball bat at the dog but an animal hospital says was shot with a b.b. gun. >> massachusetts attorney general says she reads it differently from her counterpart in new york when it comes to daily fantasy sports game. the new york attorney general is ordering draftkings and fanduel to cease selling to new yorkers calling it illegal gambling. healy says that's not her reading of the law. written before the industry started. instead she'll soon release proposed regulations to protect players and the public. >> you don't think the game should be taken away and shut down here in massachusetts? >> well, what i said is that i'm not going to use a several hundred year old criminal statute that was written at a time when this kind of industry
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was never envisioned. i would like to get beyond that and figure out for policymakers and lawmakers. here should be the rules of the road. >> they have five days to respond. a lengthy legal battle is expected to follow. >> the chief operating officer has been picked to sponsor the newest navy submarine. the response so is always a woman who gets the honor of christening the ship. the ship then takes on the sponsor's personality. she's the author of the book lean in, and the first time she ever used that phrase was during a lecture at the u.s. naval academy. >> ceremony is being held statewide to honor the nation's service members this veteran's day. military members gathered emotional service. remembering their comrades who paid the ultimate price. also recognized today, gold star families, through the sacrifices they have
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made here at home. [taps] >> the playing of taps for veterans who have passed on in salem today. this tribute finished with the unveiling of a new veteran's memorial. >> and back to our five on veterans coverage tonight. telling the stories of our state veterans and the challenge that many of them still face. there are more than 390,000 veterans living here in the commonwealth according to the veterans administration, the largest single group served in the vietnam era. veterans and state officials say the biggest challenges right now are post dramatic stress, homelessness, substance abuse and finding and then maintaining employment. >> vietnam veterans may hold back the most when i comes to facing what they have experienced, and they also make up the majority of the 1,200 veterans considered homeless here in massachusetts. jack harper has some of their stories. >> clearly vietnam veterans did
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most of our returning veterans do today. >> father patrick healy served two tours in vietnam and will never forget the brutal homecoming some men received. >> when we landed in san francisco, there were organized groups that wanted to harass the soldiers that were come back, you know. made them feel very despondent. >> some of the veterans at the chelsea soldier's home were absolutely certain the lack of support and outright hostility helped push many returning g.i.'s over the edge. >> the amount of alcohol and drug abuse is horrendous. >> i stayed at the shelter for a couple of months and was unemployed for almost 10 years. >> ray is one of thousands who spent time for homeless vets in boston. it's estimated on any given shelters or on the streets, and a majority of them, vietnam vets.
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>> out of the 200 or 300 people i kept in contact with afterwards probably 2/3 of them ended up getting divorced and it because of how we were. >> today's returning combat veterans are often helped with housing and employment. it's making a difference. >> they have learned so much. >> it's really, a lot of the vietnam veterans who have made this change for the current population that's returning. they wanted to make sure that this population wasn't treated the way they were when they came home. >> jim smith once skipped veterans day. >> not this year. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5, chelsea. >> the state has made tackling homelessness a priority here. of the 1,200 homeless veterans, only 29 remain on the streets and that's mostly by choice. the others are in shelters and transitional housing. >> to address the challenges of homeless veterans, brighton marine health center today established a $200,000 housing fund. it becomes part of the home for the brave initiative.
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veterans with financial assistance to ensure safe and secure housing. >> just a teenager and headed to a war zone. me to go. >> stories from world war ii. as our five on veterans coverage continues tonight. >> and former boston sportscaster bob lobel suing a local golf course. why he's accusing the club of discrimination. >> not completely done with one rainmaker and the next rain maker is not that far away. the timeline straight ahead. patriots midterm report. the offense gets an a, defense gets an a, belichick -- i don't care.
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>> this is new at 6:00, former sportscaster bob lobel is suing a newton golf course claiming discrimination.
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he says the club is wrongly denying him the right to use a specialized golf cart for the disabled. >> the golf club says there is more to the story and jack jack? >> bob lobel used to play here with friends three or four times a year, he would be invited as a club decided they didn't want him using that cart on their course. the club says it's not discrimination because no one can drive a cart on the greens. right now he's making this a federal case. this. i can move this seat all the way and when i do, okay, i can stand up and i can lean against -- move my back leg, okay, just a little bit. >> bob lobel's physical issues have upped his handicap from specialized golf cart lets him play the game he lovesut not at woodland golf club. >> they say you can't use the
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cart here. it wasn't that i couldn't play, if i got on another cart i could play but you can't use that cart here. >> woodland's manager says lobel can still play the course but can't use that cart in the bunkers, safety concerns, or on the greens because a test showed the golf cart caused significant impresses and tears on the greens during the test. >> it's lighter than mowers. i've been using this cart for six years at granite links. >> lobel was to have played today in a tournament with disabled vets. >> it seems like this allows people with disabilities to get out and play golf, where otherwise they wouldn't be able to play golf. >> i would never step on anybody's golf course with the intent to do any damage in any way, shape or form. >> the suit is looking for quarter of a million dollars in damages and changes in the rules at woodland. lobel says when a friend invited him to play there they ran into an
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>> is it worth going to court for an attitude? this is an attitude that was manifested in so many different ways. >> lobel has one of the biggest attorneys in boston, jeffrey dener, working this case. he says in his mind he seize a clear violation of the americans with disabilities about and he says he'll prove it in court if he has to. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> as controversial continues to brew for starbucks, take a look at the pictures. we have a picture, one alongside the other. done cans on the left, that says joy, word joy surrounded by holly and one on the right, starbucks, more festive. the one on the left, alternative to starbucks minimalist design. it set off complaint that the chain is making war on christmas. the company denied it and reminded customers that it's selling its christmas blend of coffee as usual. >> i saw evidence of that on facebook.
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bags of christmas blend. >> what you like you like. rain that's headed our way. -- >> you remember it as vividly today as did you when you experienced it in 1944? forget. >> local veterans and the greatest generation share their proud of today. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. can't be right?" can't be right's." seriously? opped on thousands more items. my stop&shop. treatment. not just today either the store has set aside two parking spaces exclusively for vets. marked in green paint. wal-mart as well as home depot have similar parking spaces at the country. quickly. the veterans from world war ii, 25,000 remain here in massachusetts right now. many were just teenagers, barely out of school, when they were
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sent overseas on a mission that would prove to be critical in our history. >> fear gripped the world. >> we were attacked here, and they responded. >> my folks didn't want me to go. >> norwood's jimmy m chugh. >> and boston's carl vickers. >> i wound up with the greatest group of men. >> don't know each other but together they are part of the greatest generation. >> did a lot. >> did a lot. >> both spent time in the pacific theater. >> this is my ship. you can see the markings, 10, 17. >> mchugh was on landing craft infantry. he transported troops. >> i studied and became a quarter master. >> he had a front-row seat and almost immediately started to sink. >> back in december of 1944 --.
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>> you can see some of the men are still on there trying to get off. >> when a japanese plane crashed into a ship right next to his they were able to save most of the crew. >> can you remember it as vividly today cause when you experienced it in 1944? >> something like that you don't forget. >> that ship sank into the strait in the philippines. >> elizabeth television's make second class. >> when you look back through history what are you most proud of? >> the fact i'm still here. >> vickers was stationed in hawaii. >> you're an important part of the greatest generation. >> his soft voice speaks volumes. they are both 90, both fought not for fame or recognition but because it was the right thing to do. >> for country. >> honestly this is what running through my head the whole time. they both go when they are 18 years old. fish. know. >> what they went through
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through, it's just -- it's just humbling. >> we invite to you join us tonight for our special event. hosted by newscenter 5's randy rice. the home-based veterans day special gives vets a chance to share their stories and it also gives you a chance to help those who have given so much. that's coming up tonight at 7:00. top of the hour, right here on channel 5. >> i was thinking they deserve to have a better today than today. >> actually this morning, i had an honor of speaking to the retired men's group in arlington and so many were veterans and it was really just great to be in their presence today. but, you know, in spite of the fact there was rain some places had close to a deluge and others had just like annoying rain and drizzle. look at this. austin, a little over 2 1/2 inches of rain. marshfield, almost 2 1/2. beverly, 3/4, concord, 3/4 of average. more examples of that almost two inches on the vineyard, over an inch and a half in new orleans
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and boston, a little over half average and worcester, barely .2 of average. still have light rain and drizzle on the south shore and a few bands of light rain around southern new hampshire. this should be coming to and the in the next couple of hours. the next system that's out in the middle of the country, which has produced some snow in nebraska and some severe weather in missouri is moving east. we'll get some of the showers but not in severe form later tomorrow into tomorrow night as this cold front makes an approach in our area. i city think we're going to link we are clouds tonight and early tomorrow awaiting the showers that will come in a few bands tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. then later tomorrow night and friday, we'll get some clearing in here. it looks like a very windy day on friday. not that cold. but it's going to be turning colder friday night, saturday, saturday night, and early sunday, and maybe a quick shower friday night as reinforcing cold air moves in. wind gusts along the coast, they were impressive. rock port over 50. a number of places, scituate and nantucket, between 40 and 50
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still gusty from plymouth down to the cape with nantucket the strongest but those winds will slowly but surely be coming down. in the 40s, won't change much during the overnight. tomorrow's temperature should jump up to about 50 to 55 many spite of much in the way of sunshine but you will need that umbrella later tomorrow into tomorrow night. there is your story tomorrow. some afternoon and into the evening showers with temperatures reaching 50 to 55. i mentioned friday being a very windy day. here's what i'm talking about. look at some of the gusts. likely to be over 30 miles per hour an possibly over 40 miles per hour around the south coast and the cape. even though it won't be that cold. windy on saturday, too, but that's a colder day as we find ourselves on the colder side of the jet stream. but you know what happens early next week? we bump up to the warmer side of the jet stream and the giants game, in the 50s, that's sunday's game. patriots at giants, looks like it will be in the 50s. and for us, we're going to be around 60 degrees for a fair
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part of next week for high temperatures, it appears, as temperatures will once again go into the above average category. that's how things looking right now. full update later on. >> meteorologist harvey leonard. reporter: the patriots are halfway through, they still have a chance to have a perfect season. the giants are standing in their way on sunday. bob has the team's midterm report card. midway point. it's clear, pits are the machine monsters of the midway. high marks all the way around. make? matter. would get would be for fantastic and as for the c plus maybe that relates to an eyeball test. eight games in and the patriots are the best team in the nhl.
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and they have a habit of improving as the season progresses. >> eight pluses and a gold star. >> i'm worried about beating the giants. i don't care about some mid season midterm grade. give me whatever you want. i don't care. >> you're getting an a but apparently it stands for apathy. others get an a as well. giants are the g men who, with 13 interceptions have made a lot of teams fail. >> if they -- they won't have any bearing this week or what the match-ups are. >> brady is 2-3 in his career 2-1 in the regular season and two losses. bob, newscenter 5. >> on this veterans day, joe, who is
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united states military. he graduated from the naval academy. when he's not practicing he works at the naval prep islands in newport, rhode island. >> you have done a very good job of balancing. how have you done it? >> showing up, doing your job, whether it's on the military or on the football end, showing up and doing your job ever single day and doing the best you can. >> i think he's done a good job of managing his time and, you know, working as hard as he can on the things he needs to improve on. which again is a big jump from what he did last year to what he's doing this year. >> where do you see yourself in five years? would you still active in the nfl and active in the navy? >> hopefully, i have taken every single davidly, you know, one day at a time. i'm very blessed and lucky to be here and have this opportunity. in five years, who knows where i will be but i guarantee that i'll be
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be, you know, in a good place. >> giants, tom against belichick. get this. tom coughlin, as a head coach, versus bill belichick as a head coach, tom, five wins and one loss. >> our team playing against their team, a very good team, it's exciting. let's face it. also, remember, they are undefeated. in this day and age being undefeated at this point in the season is quite an accomplishment in itself. >> as i was saying, two of the wins came when tom was coaching jacksonville and bell check was coaching cleveland and the others when they were coaching the giants and belichick the patriots. >> we're not talking pre-season games, real games. that's one way to look at it. >> i think we'll win. coming up at 11:00, a convicted sexual predator fights to get off the sex offender registry. how his victim is
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trying to stop it and why the law may not be on her side and look very closely here. that's a dog trapped at the bottom of an old well. the stroke of luck that may have saved his life and the complicated rescue for local firefighters.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change fighting for living wages, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader to give us a future to believe in.
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and i approve this message. >> look at this picture.
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in an effort to improve the red sox chances of winning the world series -- >> actually, new at 6:00, fenway park like you've never seen it before. on february 11 and 12, a 140-foot ramp will take over the field. >> that's awesome. >> it will be nearly four times taller than the green monster. that's just for perspective.
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