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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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as we head into ne week, the temperatures coming up once again. the jet stream lifting to the north. it is going to bring back milder temperatures. we're going break it down for you hour by hour now it is a eyeopener continues. randy: a mother heads to court today-- charged in her own daughter's overdose death. the powerful drug she may have made available to the teen. emily: an attack on the terrorist accused of beheading americans. why the family of james foley is not applauding the ambush on jihadi john. randy: and new information in the unsolved murder of a new hampshire woman. the indications that she knew her killer. on the eye for this friday morning. emily: also on the eye this morning. a spooky sight in canada. the natural phenomenon making the earth kind of move and
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buckle like that. we will explain. good morning, i'm emily riemer. and i'm randy price. randy: cindy: it is friday the 13th. windy one today. the wind is blowing in. some drier air. we're going to see some sunshine today. 50 in boston. lower friferts plymouth down to cape. 67 in beverley. you see the skies trying to clear out overnight. we did have some downpours overnight last night. we're watching a storm well to our north. it is bringing in cold r air for the weekend. this morning we're seeing sustained winds 10-15 miles per hour. look what happens towards lunchtime and the end of the afternoon. sustained winds are going to be 20-25 miles per hour. with higher gusts. gusts to 40 on the cape in the
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islands. these winds with us the next couple of days. here is a snapshot. the winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. temperatures in the upper 50's today in boston. mid 50's back to the merrimack valley. let's get you out to the roads now. the secondary roads have a lot of leaves on them. slippery. be careful. let's get to the maps. most of the construction picked up. at the zakim picking it up as we speak. again on the pike by newton corner. also picking up what is left of the croucks on 128 by route 2 a and the trains and buses are on schedule.
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developments. >> one source telling at-bats overnight this was a direct hit. the man known as jihadi john essentially, in their words, evaporated. the pentagon confirmed a drone strike in. his real name is mohammed emwazi. he is believed to be in his 20's and speaks with a british accent. diane foley said emwazi's death would be small solace. she called the strike a huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate when they can't make half that effort to save the hostages while these young americans were still live. we'll bring new any new information as soon as we get
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randy: isis is going to be the focus of a special meeting. the white house said president obama will meet with leaders of germany, the u.k., italy and france at an economic summit. emily: a mother is preparing to face charges in the drug death of her daughter. the drug fetanyl. sera is live where that mom will face a judge today. >> that mom, emily, was allegedly there when her daughter overdosed. 17-year-old evangelique tarmey was found dead inside a rochester, new hampshire motel room two weeks ago. her mother, jazzmyn rood, her boyfriend, mark ross and leslie aberle of salisbury, mass are in jail. prosecutors say the trio made fetanyl available to the teenager. her school, still grieving the
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loss, is opening a conversation about teens, drugs and addiction. >> we talked about additional education and training for students of all ages and how we do that and making sure that we intervene as soon as we can. >> overdoses have already claimed eight lives in rochester this year. fentanyl abuse, in particular, has exploded. last year, massachusetts logged the second highest seizures of the highly addictive drug in the nation. emily: thank you. right now another scandal rocking the secret service. a secret agent member accused of sending a nude picture of himself to what he thought was a
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prosecutors say he admitted to the charges in a recorded interview after his arrest. randy: commitment 2016. another republican with plans to fire for the first primary. rand paul is going to make it official today. meeting tonight. that will be in portsmouth. in new hampshire. at a town hall meeting in tuftonboro, he talked about dealing with congress as president and says he regrets comparing their work ethic to thfrench. >> congress has a french workweek schedule. it turns out i was doing the french a great disservice. i have written a letter to the french ambassador apologizing because the french apparently work 39.4 hours. randy: bush also talked about the economy, national security and immigration. he called donald trump's plan for deportation unreasonable.
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emily: the state education commissioner is pushing for a new version of the m.c.a.'s test for massachusetts children. the board of elementary and secondary education votes on the test next week. mitchell chester says the new test would most likely consist of material from the parcc exam. half of the school districts in the state took that exam last year as part of a pilot program. the results came back earlier this week. boston performed well below the statewide average. another setback for the indycar race set to hit the streets of boston. the herald has learned that hubspot has already secured the convention center labor day weekend of 2018. that means the indycar race, which plans to shut down streets in that area starting next year would need to relocate. boston has signed a five-year contract with indycar to host the race, starting next year. randy: right now, an investigation into how a malden teen died is just getting underway.
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were found washing ashore in plymouth yesterday morning. he was last seen by his family on october 17. foul play is not suspected. a new hampshire family struggling months later to find any leads in the murder of a loved one. denise robert was gunned down as she walked through manchester's north end on august 30. her killer still on the loose. police are trying to connect the dots with very little to go on. the victim's brother now tells our sister station wmur that the investigation started with questions dating all the way back to robert's high school years. >> murders essentially occur between people who know each other. they are not just random. randy: a reward fund now stands at $42,000. new evidence that may solve a brutal murder nearly 40 years ago. the victim still unknown. emily: five investigates with the give this woman a name, and and new this morning, train like
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boston ballet in top shape. randy: plus a close call at a car wash! the mistake that got one guy caught in a rotating brush. >> breaking news. the mother of a new hampshire journalist murdered by isis. the effort put into attacking the terrorists outpaced efforts to save her son james. he may have been killed in a drone strike. cindy? cindy: the outlook for a cooler weekend and a big change in store for next week. nems the 40's. worcester the skies have been
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>> we are second graders. good morning eyeopener! randy: all right. the second graders at the fay school -- getting us off to a great start this friday with that wake up call! cindy: they were very well behaved. not exactly that quiet. they was a bright bunch. it was a really nice time. keep those wake up calls coming! just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. we are all wearing purple today. it is national pan scrnch creatic cancer awareness day. you'll want to wear something warm today to keep you warm.
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the wind is going to kick up today. take a look at the winds in chicago. doing some damage out there. winds blowing across the lakes. very strong. not just in the chicago area but all across the great lakes here and into the northeast. these winds are going to be powerful. they are not all that strong just yet. they are steaped now by 10 perfect 20 miles per hour. but over the next couple of days, we will see gusts 30-40 miles per hour. gusty winds and they will eventually bring in cold r air for your weekend. it doesn't stick around. next week turning milder once again. starting out in 4050 in boston. -- in 50 in boston. look at this. the skies have cleared on out. so the sun is up around 6: 30 this morning and we'll see some for a while this morning. off to the west, more clouds. even some showers and rain back to new york state.
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cold front through overnight. there is a reinforcing shot of colder air. you can see how the rain changes over to snow. tonight. we'll manage in the mid 50's today. some will give way to building clouds. gusty winds will be whipping up. sun perfect set 6: 24 today. looking for a high of 59 today in boston. you have a wind advisory in effect this afternoon through tomorrow morning. here is where we could see gusts to 40 miles per hour. as this cooler air comes through overnight, the wind also shift to the west from the northwest. that is going to bring the temperatures down. overnight down to around 40 in boston. 30's in the suburbs and lower 30's, orange to pittfield where
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we could see a couple of showers and flurries out in the berkshires. otherwise the skies are partly with a good am of sunshine in the forecast for saturday. look look at the temperatures. knowledge the mid 40's. with the wind blowing, it will feel like the 30's. a good amount of sunshine. temperatures pretty seasonal in the lower 50's. another spell of above average temperatures. we are going to be running towards 60 degrees here by wednesday and in the 60's on thursday. so another mild stretch. emily: like the third week of november. thank you, cindy. olessa: all of our overnight construction is out of your way if you're heading out the door. here is a live look at the express way. as far as volume goes, not seeing any of it yet. construction at the zakim is out
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of your way. same story by route 128. there might be some residual delays. same story at the pike by newton corner. trains and buses on schedule. emily: thank you. 5 investigates with new attention to a decades-old unsolved murder in maryland. police are revealing details only to five investigates' karen anderson. the unidentified girl was found in baltimore in 1976, bound and gagged, her face covered with bandanas and a seed bag. that seed bag is one of the clues tying the crime to massachusetts. it was sold in just five stores, all in this state. and new high-tech pollen testing has all but confirmed the girl came from the boston area. rare pollens found on her clothes are believed to have come from the arnold arboretum. detectives hope the new evidence and publicity will prompt someone to step forward. >> take look at this photograph. this is a unique picture. call us if you think you know who she is. we are just asking for the
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public's help. it is time for somebody to step up to the plate and do the right thing and give us a call. emily: police collected two male d.n.a. samples from the scene, and continuously check the f.b.i.'s database. so far, no match. anyone with information should call baltimore county or boston police. randy: 18 after 5:00. topping economic headlines, asian markets fall sharply overnight as the u.s. government considers a interest rate hike before year's end. here at home, stock futures are higher after the dow plummeted more than 254 points on thursday. fried chicken to your door! that's the service k.f.c. is testing this morning. this pilot program is only in los angeles and san francisco and works through the door-dash app. k.f.c. plans to expand it to houston by the end of the year. emily: new this morning. they are the picture of poise and grace. and strength. erika's back with the secrets to help you train like a member of the boston ballet.
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erika: you know, it can be a grimace on the football field. a grunt on the tennis court. consider ballet and what it takes to make every move appear like it is effortless. they are a marvel. the boston ballet begins their day with company class. toe work at the bar. whirling across the floor. this is their one hour 15 minute warmup. >> it's like our bread and butter. erika: the exercise entre e? real rehearsal which can last dancer shelby elsbree explains on top of that, they work out. >> if it weren't for our cross training regimens, there would be a lot more injury. erika: for cardio, shelby likes >> i'll do maybe 30 minutes of laps. pilates and every day she does the "pilates" 5. five mat-based abdominal exercises. >> i'm good.
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i can't talk, but i'm good. erika: to compliment that a back and leg series. there you go. nice. that also can kind of affect your arabesque. head physical therapist at the ballet, heather southwick explains everyone benefits from a well-rounded routine. >> really the key is maintaining balance and keeping good strength throughout good flexibility. erika: here more like great flexibility. >> they are really amazing. they do work out all the time. you can get the full workout too if you're interested in ballet. they have classes for all ages and experience levels. we have a link on randy: thank you, both. umass soccer player punished for a twitter rant. the issue getting them into a
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>> a clear stance on the fantasy sports debate after giving draftkings a try. randy: and new statistics showing autism to be even more widespread than previously
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>> good morning, eyeopener! randy: thanks to everyone here that came out in boston last night to raise money for scouting programs. some young person will go to camp in my name. also i got a journalism merritt badge. emily: nice to see. cindy: while we were sleeping the temperatures come up a few degrees. we had our high in boston around midnight last night. it was 57. heading out the door now, it is still around 50 in town and on the cape. we are going to see some sunshine returning today with building clouds. a gusty wind is going to make temperatures in the upper 50's feel colder. the winds are quite strong with temperatures only in the 40's. a chillier start to your weekend.
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emily: thank you. it is 5: 24. olessa is back with eyepoppers. olessa: a bizarre sight in a nova scotia forest. take a close look. the ground is moving, almost like it's breathing! could this forest be haunted? actually -- the ground movement is caused by detached roots which move whenever the wind blows through the trees. to see is creepy. emily: yeah, that is really creepy. olessa: and a scare for a car wash manager when he goes for a spin! the hose he was using inside the car wash got caught in one of the rotating brushes. the whole ordeal lasted for less than 30 seconds. he had a few scrapes. he is laughing about the experience. so is emily this morning. he is saying despite the wash he took a shower that night! emily: i thought that was how you were supposed to do it. olessa: he is clean.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. r brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. terrorist. new details are in tonight after forces go after jihadi john. emily: a mother going to court in her daughter's death. this raises new concerns about
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randy: a lot of folks head ought this morning. the weather should not be a problem. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emiliy riemer. cindy: it is all about the wind. strong winds coming out of the great lakes. they are arriving near new england. the winds are ramping up. these are sustained winds. moits before lunchtime and through the afternoon -- notice before lunchtime and throughout the y the wind will be having an impact on your friday. lower 50's here down on the cape. worcester 56. lawrence 47. skies have been clearing. we're actually going to see a little bit of sunshine today. some clouds will build. colder air working down out of the great lakes.
5:27 am
see how the rain changes over to snow. ahead of that, the wind is very active gusting to over 30 miles per hour. the temperatures themselves coming up into the mid and upper 50's looking far high today of 59 in boston, 52 in buster. mid 50's in the cape. we could see gusts up to 40 miles per hour. let's get you out to the road now. olessa: a little bit slippery with all of those downed leaves. thank you. picking up some of the rush hour delays already. the rest of the ride looks quiet. all of the construction out of the way. south of town, problem-free trip for you on 24rks395 and the express way. the pike looking good. about 15 minutes 495 to 128. southbound route at the tunnel. maybe a little bit of a delay there. trains and buses on schedule. randy: a source tells abc news
5:28 am
an air strike targeting jihadi john was a direct hit. mohammed emwazi has been seen in videos where several men were beheaded. foley's family released a the same and said more should have been done before he and others were killed. emily: right now a new hampshire mom is getting ready to face charges in the death of her daughter. and there could be a turnover on fantasy sports after an admission from governor baker. >> he is making it pretty clear
5:29 am
fanduel and draftkings is legal. they have come under fire from new york's attorney general. he claimed the sites amount to illegal gambling. charlie baker said he played a draftkings game over the weekend and said the boston-based company should not be blocked here in maese. he said "it is a new enterprise. it is a new business. it is a new way of engaging people in these games of skill. maura healey is still investigating the sites, but has indicated that she does not think they should be banned. we will keep you posted. randy: thank you.
5:30 am
out of line from three players. they are facing disciplinary action. they waged a war of words against taylor twellman. they were angry at his support for limiting hersd for kids under the age of 11 as a way to reduce head injuries so they took to social media to harass him using expletives. >> it is important for them to understand the consequences of inappropriate use of social media. emily: the timing couldn't be worse. the team heads to the ncaa tournament this weekend possibly without those three key players. randy? randy: thank you. mark richardson is spending the next flea three weeks in jail. robert richardson is accused of
5:31 am
sexually assaulting a 13-year-old hockey player in the 1990's. he said he was trying restrain the suspect. not hurting him. emily: anger and outrage from famine and friends of those killed in a fire. 100 people died. band great white used flaring up the inferno. twelve years later, lead singer jack russell is suddenly talking about the tragedy. in a recent radio interview, he says he's making a documentary about his life and what happened that night will be his way of apologizing to victims and their families. but that apology comes too late for many. >> as a human being, the words i'm sorry would have gone a long way 12 years ago. >> the best thing for jack, stay away from rhode island. shut your mouth and leave us alone. emily: there is no word yet on when russell's documentary will be released. it is 5: 35 now. a viral outbreak at stonehill college.
5:32 am
randy: what students are being asked to do this weekend and a new study showing a spike in autism cases. a factor that could be overstating results. emily: tragedy in indianapolis.
5:33 am
olessa: a live look at the pike. so far it is a quiet start in both directions.
5:34 am
construction gone. luckily no accidents to report. cindy: the roads are drying out. the winds are picking up. look how strong the winds are gusting off to our west now. that wind is going to be here as the day wears on. gusty winds developing today. at least we'll see a little bit of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50's. quorlede that wind today. only -- colder with that wind today. it is going to feel like it is in the 30's during the daytime hours tomorrow. emily? emily: thanks. on the health alert this morning, a staggering statistic. a new government survey showing a big jump in the number of children with autism. more than 2% of kids across the country have been diagnosed. that's one in 45 children between the ages of 3 and 17. an increase from an earlier 1 in 68 children. researchers are saying doctors are changing way they diagnose
5:35 am
far more likely now to seek a diagnosis. surgeons at the cleveland clinic are hoping to become the first in the country to transplant a uterus to help infertile women women without a uterus or those considered for the surgery. the transplants will be temporary. the uterus removed after the recipient has had one or two babies. students at stonehill college in easton are battling a viral illness that has recently spread across campus. several students who have caught the sickness were sent to local hospitals for treatment, with abdominal pain, vomiting, or dizziness. students are being encouraged to consider going home for the weekend if possible. the school says it is working on sanitizing affected areas. randy: updates ahead on our breaking news. a grieving family's reantibiotics action to a retaliation against a tourist.
5:36 am
donnel trump mocks ben carson. the american flag flying high this morning.
5:37 am
randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready to go. ser sanch in rochester, nanch where a mother is facing charges
5:38 am
emily: erika has the story of the jihad jii john. cindy: it is going to turn milder again next week. it is 50 out the door in boston. look to the west. 30's, 40's and that is the air working in our direction. leading up to that cool down is this reinforcing shot of colder air. the other side of rain changes over to snow. that colder air is cominging in for weekend. it is a westerly wind bringing in drier air. the clouds have been breaking up. clear out there this morning. we'll see a little bit of sunshine with the sun coming up about 60. 40's at the cape this morning. lunchtime in the mid 50's. that wind is going to be active. sustained today out of the west 15-25 miles per hour. look at the gust by 3:00. gusting over 30 miles per hour
5:39 am
and that is going to be the case all afternoon long. the wind is going to make it feel colder. with that surface trough coming through overnight, it is going to bring in some colder air. in the mountains, a few snow showers and flurries and once that goes by, it is colder for your weekend. in the 40's on saturday. the wind chill will be in the 30's. lower 50's on sunday. it is going to be a two hands on the wheel kind of afternoon. olessa: here is the pike it is issue-free in both directions. we are watching one disabled truck southbound. expect a delay through there. pike looks great. 15-minute ride. trains and buses on schedule. randy: a family of a new
5:40 am
talking after a u.s. air strike targets his suspected killer. randy: the mother of james foley said the death of her son's killer would offer her really no solace. we just learned british prime minister david cameron said he is not certain that jihadi john is dead but a u.s. source tells abc news a drone strike targeting him was a direct hit. the man, mohammed emwazi was shown in videos beheading hostages. foley's mother called it a huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate when they can't make half the effort to go after these hostages when they were still alive. emily: erika, the mother of a new hampshire teenageer who died from an overdose is one of three who'll face charges today in the girl's death.
5:41 am
was found dead in a rochester motel room three weeks ago. her mother, jazzmyn rood and her boyfriend, mark ross have been arrested. they provided the powerful drug fentanyl to the teenager. police say the girl's mother was there when the teen overdosed. they are expected to be arraigned in course on a host of charges in connection with the girl's death. emily: governor charlie baker is taking a stance on those fantasy sports websites saying he is convinced that they are legal in maese. he said he gave draftkings over a try over the weekend around said it should not be blocked. new york's attorney general is trying to shut them down in that
5:42 am
illegal gambling. maura healey indicated she does not think they should be banned. the state house yesterday to lobby for recognition. organizers say there isn't a single elected official of muslim faith working at the state house right now. concerned about their communities, and disappointed by a recent incident of vandalism at a burlington mosque, the group was rallying for more political representation. randy: a prison chef in new hampshire accused of smuggling drugs. state police say 49-year-old charles hanson, is accused of bringing drugs into the northern new hampshire correctional facility in berlin. he's worked there for 11 years. he's accused of trying to smuggle in more than $67,000 worth of drugs. police say this investigation is ongoing and there may be more arrests. emily: two massachusetts doctors are paying big, accused of profiting off of patients addicted to opioids.
5:43 am
investigators say the doctors charged low-income patients who were covered by masshealth, for a drug used to suppress withdrawal and cravings. the patients should have been covered under the state's medicaid program. the doctors, one of whom works in dedham, the other in sharon and attleboro, must now pay more than $400,000 each in penalties. >> three plainville residents accused of stealing three puppies. warrants have been issued for their arrests. the break-in is still under investigation. thanks to an anonymous tip detectives were able to find the dogs. a vet cleared them for sale early they are week. emily: a former boston university hockey coach is back in court today for a pretrial hearing. robert richardson is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old hockey player in the 1990's. the abuse allegedly happened at richardson's dorchester condo. the case was not reported to police until last year. richardson has already pleaded not guilty to three charges of child rape.
5:44 am
officer who shot an armed man broken down on the side of the road has been fired now. he was working undercover, not in uniform at the time. he said he came across what he thought was an abandoned vehicle and thought cory jones who was waiting for a tow truck came upon him suddenly and was armed. his family is demanding charges now. >> a ruling sa that police were justified in shooting tamir rice. they concluded that timothy lowman was justified in shooting rice last year. randy: the police are searching for a gunman who killed a pregnant woman inside her indianapolis home. amandsa blackburn, the wife of a pastor, was shot in the head in what police believe was an early morning robbery on tuesday.
5:45 am
the time. there was another home invasion nearby hours before she was killed. emily: a texas teenager committed suicide by letting a snakebite him. it caused paralysis and recess pa torre failure and death. >> a lesbian couple was ordered to give up their foster child in utah. he cited research that children do better when raised by heterosexual couples. the couple asked for evidence but said they were provided none. emily: an aging mob terster acquitted for his role
5:46 am
lufftansa heist. he was charged in 2014 after his cousin implicated him in the $6 million robbery. one of the largest in history. his lawyers argued asaro was framed. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this? randy: donald trump there on a tirade ripping just about everybody especially his chief rival ben carson. he compared what he called his childhood path logical temper to an illness of a child molester. emily: this is what the new orange, green and red line cars will look like. that is a look at the red line winning design there. there is no word when you'll see these new designs on the track.
5:47 am
randy: the campbell soup company is recalling 355,000 cans of spaghettios. the company says pieces of red plastic were found in a small number of cans that could pose a choking hazard. the recalled cans have a feb. 22, 2017 date stamped on them, customers should return affected products to the store where they were purchased in exchange for a full refund. emily: the bruins lose again at the garden. this time against avalanche. the bruins scored 72 seconds in with a goal from zdeno chara. they led early, 2-0, but colorado gets the next three. 3-2 the final. and the b's could lose brad marchand. a cheap-shot knocked him over last night. but he gets up, and sucker-punches his opponent. the league is reviewing. marchand could be out a couple games. randy: a familiar face visiting children at mass general hospital for children.
5:48 am
the sox slugger, bringing smiles to many children's faces and parents. big papi has raised millions for pediatric care at mass general and in his native dominican republic. emily: who is ready for a parade? it is almost time for america's hometown thanksgiving in plymouth. you can join us. head to our wcvb facebook page. it includes a hotel stay, a restaurant gift certificate and a v.i.p. pass to the concert and the parade. it is really a good time. cindy: look at this. i know the sun is not up until 6: 3032 but that is light on the horizon. we are actually going to see some sunshine returning today. it is friday as you know.
5:49 am
a southwesterly wind this morning at 14 miles per hour. it is going to shift to the west and pick up. sustained winds over 20 miles per hour. gust over 30 throughout the day. we could see up to 40 on the cape and the islets. a wind advisory in effect through tomorrow morning. we are sitting at 50 in boston are lower 50's in southeastern mass. your 12-hour forecast give use lot of sunshine this morning but does build in some clouds here through the early afternoon. you can see that on the satellite imagery. mostly clear skies. off to the north and west, you showers. a piece of energy wrapping around this system is going to drop in tonight bringing in colder air. see how the rain change over to snow. colder air for the weekend. 59 a high the boston. that wind makes it feel colder.
5:50 am
lower 30's in the suburbs. look at this. could be a couple of snow makes the out through berkshires overnight. a cooler day coming up for saturday. mid 40's but with the wind, it is going to feel colder. less wind, more sunshine on sunday. early next week, things are changing once again. the jet stream will lift to the north bringing in milder temperatures. definitely a chilt in the air but we'll be back in mid 50's to lower 60's next week. the average high here is only about 52 this time of year. drying out those roadses that were depramp the overnight rain. olessa: so far route one looks clear. let's check the rest of the ride. 93 south, a little bit of volume. not too bad. watching this disabled trust by the lynnfield tunnel. eastbound at the pike, it is a
5:51 am
morning. from 495 out to 128. a little bit of volume. south of town wide open out of sharon. a little bit of volume picks up near avon. up the expressway that, portion of your trip about 15 minutes, braintree into boston. randy: thank you. right now the secrets service is dealing with another scandal. emily: the child sectioning landing one agent in trouble. -- sexting landing resolve to turn heads this holiday season. starting now with roc retinol. it's up to two times stronger than imitators. try roc retinol correxion night cream... after 1 week, fine lines appear to fade, 1 month, deep wrinkles look smoother... and after one year, skin looks ageless. make you roc retinol resolution today
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