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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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shootings, explosions, and right now a hostage crisis. the situation can only be described as chaotic. jc: john atwater' s following development at the breaking desk. john: this all unfolding in the last hour or so. 100 people have been taken hostage. we want to show you the live view from paris. police respond to three different locations. explosions outside the national stadium. new video from inside the hear the explosions outside. there. you can hear the fans reacting. stadium. everyone then going onto the field.
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a restaurant. killed at the restaurant. these different locations. president obama is scheduled to conference. security has been heightened. homeland security says no specific or credible threats to the united states. boston police are putting extra patrols here in our city in austin -- in boston. jc: we bring you details. harvey joins us. november has been unreasonably and unseasonably warm. jc: i will take it.
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starting to chill down some. waking up early tomorrow. there won' t be much of a temperature rise. a couple of sprinkles off the south shore. not amounting to a whole lot. here are the wind gusts. that has been the story. here is the deal as we go forward in time. boston is going to stay active as well as during the day tomorrow. when you factor the wind and cold air it is only going to feel at the 20' s and 30' s. it is the chilly us today so far and i let you know where we are -- and i will let you know where you -- where we are going. before a
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judge today. >> she admitted to stealing more than $38,000 from attack victims. live in boston tonight. >> this woman profited from the horror here at the finish line. she makes full restitution, she won' t be spending any time behind bars. the convicted artist issued no public apology. moments earlier she was forced to speak up. >> guilty. >> guilty on six counts larceny. she billed herself as a hero who ran toward the marathon bombing site and claimed she suffered traumatic rain injury, hearing loss, and vision impairment. she even showed up at her arraignment limping. today, no visible traces of injury. this photo uncovered by five investigates that her claim she
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as she knelt on the ground speaking to a man injured by the explosions, she ended up collecting 38,000 $500 from several funds intended for victims, even publicly insisting she was owed more. >> the $8,000 in -- >> she -- her attorney claims she did suffer ptsd. she admits she has problems. >> you are making a big apology when you are saying i did some stupid and that things. >> the prosecution wanted three years of hard time but the judge gave her one-year suspended ordering restitution and 300 hours of community service. everyone will get their money back, her mother taking the cash out of her own retirement account. wcvb newscenter 5.
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pleaded not guilty to charges that she was planning to steal drugs from elderly patients. she convinced three people in s to hire her for help with their medication. instead, she stole their prescription drugs and replace them with over the counter advil and antihistamines. fisher also allegedly swiped some jewelry and electronics. phil: the mayor of somerville is promising to fight a key part of the plan to build a casino in everett. wynn resorts wants to build a footbridge that would span the mystic river, linking the casino to the shops at assembly row and the new mbta station. somerville' s mayor who has long opposed the casino, says the bridge would not be a benefit to the city. wynn resorts is paying $$250,000 for a study on the proposed footbridge. jc: a convenience store clerk -- jc: we continue to follow the breaking news coming out of paris.
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explosion, and 35 people have been killed. phil: ants many -- as many as
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phil: it has been a horrific night of terror in paris. at least 35 dead. john atwater is following the latest developments. john: the death toll has risen in the last hour or so. live pictures from paris and police at three different locations in that city. and then that explosion just outside the national stadium. 100 hostages inside that theater. in contact with someone who was inside that theater who says there were six through eight hostage taker is going through that yet her, looking for people who were hiding. you can only imagine the fear inside that theater.
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you see in the pictures police is still trying to get a hold of the situation. we are expecting president obama to speak here from the united states. we will bring you that live. jc: moving on to a gas station clerk being hailed a hero. emily riemer shows us it was all caught on camera. emily: at first glance you may not realize anything is wrong here. you are seeing an alleged crime and crop -- alleged crime in progress. forcing her to withdraw money. a short time later they are seen on a surveillance video, pulling into a parking lot and walking into the store. the suspect gives a friendly unable to withdraw cash.
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the two go to the counter was a suspect uses the woman' s credit card to buy cigarettes. watch what happens next. the clerk comes from behind the counter and stops the woman at the door, physically putting himself between her and the suspect and tells her not to leave. the kirk -- the clerk it confronts the suspect . he eventually takes off in his carpet of the clerk gives the woman a bottle of water. she is shaken but unharmed. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: we continue to following -- we continue to follow breaking details in paris. it looks to be coordinated attacks. more than 30 people dead. >> the french authorities don' t have this under control right now.
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get out of the past. get fios. jc: three, what looks to be, coordinated attacks at it outside a national stadium. we are
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john: we are expecting the president to speak in a matter of moments. you are looking at live pictures here in paris. the police response to three different locations in that city, a shootout out at a restaurant and also at a the editor. that is where 100 hostages have been taken . there were possibly two explosions outside. the french president was at that soccer match when the explosions were heard outside. meeting. it was taken outside of that stadium. as you see, police swarming the streets. homeland security says the no specific or credible threats to the united states. boston police are putting extra patrols at the french costs --
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you can imagine the emergency as this is all unfolding. police are responding to all of these different locations. a concert was going on where at least 100 hostages were taken. almost three dozen people killed in paris tonight. we will go to the president now. president obama : i wanted to tonight. an civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france, but an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.
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provide assistance and france needs to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. stand with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. those who think they can terrorize people with france for the values they stand for our wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people' s commitment to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds
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only values that the french people care so deeply about but values we share. they are going to inter far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. bringing these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don' t yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we offer our full support. the situation is still unfolding.
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president hollande at this time. my expectation is he is very busy at the moment. by coincidence i was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. but i am confident i will be in direct communication with him in the next few days and will be coordinating in any way they think is helpful. this is a heartbreaking situation and obviously those of us in the united states know what it is like. we have gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. we can count on the french people to stand with us. they have been and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i' m sure we will learn
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exactly what happened and my teams will make sure we are in communication with the press to provide accurate information. i don' t want to speculate in terms of who was responsible for this. the dangers that are taking place as we speak until we know that the situation is under control and we have more information about it i don' t want to speculate. jc: you have been listening to president obama. 35 people dead. he calls it an outer ranges -- an outrageous attempts to terrorize. >> he called it an attack on humanity. of course america will stand strong.
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this is an ongoing terror attack. almost 100 people in that theater and shootings in two separate locations throughout president -- throughout paris. he is obviously busy dealing with this. the live pictures from paris right now. we will bring you the latest details. jc: we will take a break from this. want to get over to harvey leonard. he is following the weather for us. harvey: today we had a few light showers and sprinkles. some cases didn' t even reach the ground. some pretty rainbows. look at this interesting one in south boston. some very picturesque skies. high level in the atmosphere and ground-level.
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got some strong wind gusts. for the high school football games, dropping into the 40' s. the idea is the wind will make you feel chillier than that. because we are getting our air from the great lakes, we are not going to have a temperature rise tomorrow. only 45 degrees, even in the afternoon. it is going to feel like a chilly day. it will feel like the upper 20' s. all the area is breezy. could get a little sugar coating of snow as that cold air moves late tonight and into tomorrow. the arrival of the chilly air. we will see the milder side of this to some extent early next
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temperatures above the average. that means tomorrow during the d late -- -- during the daylight hours, some damp weather is possible. let' s get back to jc and phil. phil: a night of terror in that city. jc: 35 people dead, 100 different hostages where a
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and explosion outside when a game was going on. phil: details are coming in. john: in those live pictures, police are asking people to stay inside, stay in their home, stay wherever they are. three different locations and most urgently police are responding to that theater, where possibly more than 100
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that was one location out of three locations. and then an explosion outside the national stadium. the press -- the french president was at that soccer match, he was evacuated safely. the french president says the military is being employed around paris. an unprecedented response after the attacks claimed at least 35 lives. they are limiting travel as they on here. with their eyes focused. patrols out there.
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asking to be vigilant in this. jc: newscenter 5 at six starts right now. breaking news paris, dozens of people dead after explosions and shootings in several locations. there is also 100 hostages in a paris theater. phil: there is no known credible states. we are getting new information constantly. john atwater' s live at breaking news desk. john: the french military being deployed around paris. travel restrictions in place as police respond to these three different locations. we will take you live to the video as police stand guard in those streets, trying to react different attacks. and then possibly two explosions
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we have video that just came in where you can hear those explosions. terrifying as that explosion rocks that stadium. you see the fans they are leaving their seats going onto the field. the french president was at that soccer match. he was evacuated safely. french borders closed tonight. the french military now being deployed to the streets of paris. 100 people being held hostage as police still tried to get a handle on this situation in paris tonight. phil: within the last half hour president obama addressed the country saying america stands firmly with the french. president obama: we have seen an
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outrageous attpt to terroriz civilians.
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