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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> the
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#prayforparis. a cartoonist blending the eiffel tower with a peace sign. u2 front man bono practicing less than three miles away at the time of the attack. bono: the cold-blooded aspect of the slaughter is deeply disturbing. reporter: one of the legions of music stars hits close to home. >> it has been hard for me to get through this and not forget about what happened last night. reporter: big upset in the ufc ring. holly home pulls off a stunning victory against ronda rousey, knocking the champion out in the
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the first round. s the deal, ending her winning streak. >> new numbers this afternoon on thanksgiving travel plans. the holiday less than two weeks away. and 62% of americans are advisor. that is slightly lower than last year, but there is a small bump in the number of people planning to file. -- to fly. thursday. have a little bit of time. >> weatherwise, what you think? mike: it looks like the week maybe even some rain as we get to thanksgiving day. as of right now. tomorrow let alone two weeks down the road. check out these. nashua down to the 20' s.
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a chilly start to the day. there. what is been happening this weekend is high pressure in the north. yesterday that wind was howling. hour in nantucket. today they were busy. us but not as strong as what they were yesterday. that circulation is pushing tonight. keep us warmer. right now, boston at 53 degrees. most of the temperatures nicely into the 50' s. a few upper 50' s - upper 40' s showing up. this is not a bad day. it is just we are comparing it to what we went to her and that was such spectacular weather we had the first two weeks of november. a wind out of the west-southwest as 8 miles now. temperatures dropping off tonight as well as the wind dropping off. here is our forecast for the
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morning. the windchill index from morning not nearly as cold as it was this morning or last couple morning. here is the way the windchill index or how it feels at 6:00 a.m. most of the readings into s. so it will be colder because of the breeze but it will not be but it does mean you need to tomorrow morning. things up a little bit. by 10:00, -- by 8:00, we start to warm things up a little bit. . most cloudy skies tonight. 36-42 degrees for the overnight low p tomorrow, so morning clouds. they give way to sunshine in the afternoon and look at this -- a few places could flirt with a 60 degree mark tomorrow. here is that cloud cover. floating around out there. and early in the morning and maybe a just a little bit of it. as the afternoon goes on, it will go to sunshine. kind of the opposite of what we had today. today we had sunshine in the morning. tomorrow, we have clouds in the morning and sunshine as we head towards the afternoon.
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by the way, as you had to tuesday, looks like nothing but clear skies to talk about as well. so height of measures tomorrow will look like this -- 54-55 degrees. look around the burlington area, worchester should be 51 degrees. but look at this trend to a colder weather coming right back in on tuesday and wednesday. usually when you have cold weather, you are starting to talk about perhaps a rainmaker. not in this case. this is a backdoor cold front. let me show you what i' m talking about. as we break it down a year 7 day forecast pick tomorrow, sunday, 56. looking like a nice day. tuesday is where we have the frontal boundary. what happens is it' s sort of of the ocean. and that is a high temperatures on tuesday. 48 degrees. we rebound wednesday. but the real warmth starts to come back on thursday. on thursday, we are talking about a system coming in from the west. mild air surging up ahead of it. as a mild air comes in, this one will drag some way with it --
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by thursday night into friday, rain across the area. i will warn you that by the time we get behind the system, here is where the cold air starts to come back. upper 40' sunday. s relation. a week system. could see of a few flakes of snow. ed: we grabbed this a few seconds ago. sunset. heather: a lot of people tweeting their sunset. you would love to see them. ed: red sky at night, sailors delight. we have new clues that this all the decades-old mr. turner heather: uncovering evidence linking a baltimore murders massachusetts. we want show you how it can crack the case. ed: an unusual traffic stop. what happens when that google
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heather: in paris, the french defense ministry says that they have launched airstrikes in syria tonight. panic in paris as people heard loud noises. it turned out to be a false alarm. investigators say the airstrikes launched today involved 12
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ed: 5 investigates new clues in a cold case. a mystery woman battered body dumped in the woods. right to massachusetts. heather: karen anderson shows is carck this case. -- crack this case. >> this is where jane doe was found. karen: found here 40 years ago, she has no name. september, 1976, a young woman drug and gagged them dumped on an access road to a cemetery outside the city of baltimore. a van was senior the air. >> her arms were tied behind your back. there was a rope, 10-12 feet long, that was wrapped in tied around her neck. there' s holes cut out for the eyes. karen: this bag was over her head in a piece of it was stuffed inside her throat. >> which is one of the things that caused her to a
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asphyxiate. karne: they discovered that the grass seed was sold in massachusetts. the woman was carrying two keys, including this one stamped fitchburg. >> we have all the seven is from the boston area. karen: but the trail went cold until now. the latest clue from a specialized lab 1500 miles away. and it reveals another link to boston. >> every plant produces its own pollen grain. you can think of it like a thing different. -- a fingerprint. karen: he works for u.s. customs and houston. the same man who tested baby bella' s clothes. baltimore county detective sent him jane doe' s clothes. he vacuumed the pollen and began looking for prints. >> my first thought was, wow, that is different. karen: he discovered pollen from
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and he found they' re only grow together in two places -- the new york botanical garden and the arnold arboretum in boston. when you heard about the link to boston, what went through your mind/ the latest discovery jump started the case for baltimore county homicide dave jacoby. >> hos w she ended up down here is the mystery. this is what we believe she looks like at the time. karen: detectives sharing the details of the case with channel 5 hoping that someone will recognize the sketch and come forward to she was five foot eight inches and had a tattooed with the letters that look like jp. police created an image of what she may have looked like as a younger girl. >> i find this hard to believe that this is a person that had not done this to someone else. this person needs to be caught. karen: police connected -- collected two male dna marks from the same. so far no match.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of paris tonight for the suspect now wanted in connection with friday' s terror attacks. heather: i had at 5:30, boston' s tribute to the victims. the city' s message to the people of paris. ed: a 92-year-old that cannot be stopped. her mission is to raise some big money for her church. mike: a new wave of it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available.
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. heather: sunday evening, stay on top of several breaking stories. a security breach at an army reserve armory in worcester. it was broken into overnight. 5 investigates has learned in tutor came in through the -- we they took. ed: french has launched massive retaliation for the terror attack in paris friday. a french official announcing that to sites outside the city been destroyed. investigators in france are man in connection with the attack. he is the brother of one of the that was used in the attacks. heather: today the victims of the paris attacks were honored boston common. for the shore
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reporter: an emotional show support for the people of paris after the devastating terror attacks on friday, the 13. 8-year-old matthew and his mother among the hundreds at a vigil at the lafayette mall in boston common. many waving flags and holding signs showing solidarity with the french people. >> it means we are not afraid. we' re united. >> which means. heart is has been ripped out of you. i think everybody here feels the same. >> france is just -- america, we are behind anyone who is getting terrorized. reporter: senator elizabeth worn in attendance. marty walsh there as well. >> there was a connection because of what happened on marathon monday. i think we have a lesson to help france to come back strong.
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>> the consul general receiving condolences and flowers. reporter: those flowers becoming a makeshift memorial in front of a plaque for a french general who fought for the u.s. during the revolutionary war. >> it' s really great to be here today. reporter: they moved to boston four months ago. her family is in tears. she -- is in paris. >> american people are really support, super friends. and it' s, it' s really great for us to see that. reporter: as part of the national days of morning in france, the consulate will make monday. that book be sent to paris. heather: president obama meeting with world leaders today in the focus has shifted to the deadly attack. as erin mclaughlin reports, world leaders are working attacks can be stopped.
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have been darkened either have place in paris. erin: the g 20 summit got off to a somber start as leaders worked to develop a response. the turk' s president called for a one minute moment of silence as the summit began. of the conference, president obama said the summit has taken on new importance in the wake of the terror attacks. president obama: we stand in solidarity and hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice. erin: belgium is among the nations avidly working to hunt down the perpetrators. the belgian federal prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant for a man suspected of being involved in the attacks. one of three brothers suspected of involvement. according to the belgian foreign minister, at least seven people in belgium allegedly in contact with the paris attackers have been arrested. a second car believed to have been used in the restaurant
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attacks has been found in an eastern paris suburb. three kalashnikov rifles were discovered in the vehicle. among the victims is -- a 23-year-old student at cal state long beach. >> naomi was something of a star in our department. she was a shining star. erin: remorse to the victim had been created across the world from the united states to new zealand, memorials have been created. crowds have turned out to offer support to a nation in mourning. [bells] in paris, i' m erin mclaughlin reporting. heather: we encourage you to keep it here with newscenter 5 for continuing coverage of the paris attacks on air, online and on the app -- on the wcvb app. and david mui will anchorr world news tonight from paris. mike: a pretty decent day tomorrow. but you notice a big change on
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as far as rain goes, you have to wait for late in the week. right now 49 degrees and worcester. 53 degrees in boston. the high temperature despite the fact the sun went down a little before 4:30. we have the wind that has been very strong all weekend. today it is out of the west. these are the wines we are talking about. the wines will continue to settle down. tomorrow they will be back with us a little bit. not as bad as yesterday. it is going to be a bit of a breezy day. s and 40' s across the area. as we start talking about tomorrow, we start with a few clouds in the morning but look at the sunshine that comes back in the afternoon. s. some places could flirt with the 60 degree mark. watching this tuesday -- we will when it moves out coming up in a few minutes. heather: fan duel and draft kings are fighting against being labeled as gambling in the but it appears they are ok with it overseas. draft kings got a grandmother --
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a gambling license in great britain in august. fan duel has also applied for a lysis and that country. draft king says it does not change the issue in the united states but they are dealing with different regulations in each country. so far massachusetts officials have not taken action to shut down those sites as illegal sports betting. instead, officials say more regulation is needed. ed: police are invested getting the death of a child in alexandria, new hampshire the child was found injured inside a home, but no other details have been released. investigators have been working at the home, both inside and outside, since friday. to rhode island where police say they are searching for a man that witnesses saw leaving the building where a fire killed a pregnant woman and their unborn baby. police say they found alice inside her burning apartment friday. she was rushed to the hospital. she did not survive. they are calling her death homicide here but they say they need to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
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ed: in the paris terror attacks, international manhunt is underway for this man. the french defense ministry says he is the brother of one of the suicide bombers and rented a car
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according to french officials, he was questioned after the attacks but was let go. heather: the search for the person who swiped a jar full of a seven-year-old in need. the little girl and her mom are crime. adam from wmur has the story. adam: kr this year. >> it is just fun to drive it. adam: the seven-year-old has spinal muscular atrophy type ii. >> she was diagnosed when she was 16 months old. and it' s been a v ery tough process going through everything, but she is an amazingly strong little girl. adam: to raise money for a van they set out a donation jar where michelle works around the corner at the beaver street market. on saturday, a young woman grabbed the jar and ran. >> she asked the guy to make
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her sandwich and distracted him. i was very upset because it is morally very wrong. how do you steal from a child? and steal from a child with physical needs? adam: kira try to look at the bright side. the jar was not that full. >> it was not that bad because it was not like 100 something. it was only like at least 20 or 30. adam: for her single mom, every penny is meaningful. and the missing jar was a tangible reminder of community support. th next one will be fixed to the countertope. >> it stinks that you cannot trust people. ed: here is the story. google' s new self driving car getting away with just a warning after it was pulled over. a bizarre traffic stop. heather: there was no one behind the wheel when the officer walked up to the window during a
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the vehicle was pulled over for going 11 miles an hour under the speed limit. google says the car speed was capped at 25 for safety reasons. please. heather: i think it is interesting. ok, so cool and dry to start the work week. ed: tomb on facebook he is not today. he should not.
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heather: france strikes back. the country retaliating with airstrikes happening over syria. the french defense ministry says two jihadi sites outside the city of raca have been destroyed. the air strikes involved 10 fighters and 20 bombs. ed: 50 degrees. mike wankum, going to get a little colder tonight. mike: but this is pretty typical for what we expect this time of year. look at the statistics. we started the day one degree colder. we ended the day one degree warmer. we have to get used to it. over the city, a lot of clouds out there. still holding onto 53 degrees. because of that cloud cover, the temperatures were not dropped quite as quickly tonight. we get to enjoy a relatively mild evening compared to what we saw this evening. this morning, some of you got
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the winds and the west-southwest at eight miles in our. we saw yesterday. most of today was kind of breezy. you see the temperatures cooling s. s. towards norwood, 52 degrees. will not be dropping cloud cover. for the day. keeping in close to us. here or there. there is not anything going on with it -- you might find a sprinle here or there - sprinkle here or there..the sun comes back tomorrow afternoon. here is the way the map looks. the cloud cover we are talking about early in the morning. then it clears away as we had to the afternoon. in the clearing skies stay all the way through tuesday into wednesday. headed to the bus stop, sunny skies but a heavy jacket. kind of chilly with temperatures in the upper 30' s.
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by afternoon, sunny skies and a light jacket. temperatures will be into the mid-50' s at that point or tomorrow tied temperatures will look like this -- into the mid-50' s. bedford 54. to get there you start at 39 degrees. enjoy sunshine all day long. that allows the temperatures to warm nicely. high temperatures tomorrow right around 3:00 in the afternoon. worcester starts tomorrow morning on the chilly side, 40. all that sunshine will top off around 50 degrees at 3:00. the same thing through the south shore. we see temperatures here which may actually approach the 60 degree mark. in bridgewater, we start at 40. should be able to warm things up as we head to the afternoon. the cape will enjoy high temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper 50' s. again, pretty seasonable. here is why. as we talk about the forecast for tomorrow, lots of sunshine backdoor cold front. what happens is this cold air directions. so, instead of coming from
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east and that is going to push top of us. that is why you see the forecast degrees. wednesday we start to warm up. place. cooler air retreats, milder air starts moving back in. that is what we get to thursday, six he degrees. some rain moving in. well. so thursday night is wet. friday is wet and friday has a lot of win. once that system goes by, you see what happens. the temperatures cool down. a shot of cold air behind that rainmaker. it looks like we start next week with chilly temperatures as we talk about the thanksgiving week , yes, it will be starting out on the cool side. another weather update coming your way in a half hour. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike l.: patriots and giants kicked off an hour ago. brady, 80 yards in the first
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answered back. 10-10. patriots impressive 80 yard march. eli hit for an 87 yard touchdown pass. goals. with a minute to go in the first half, we are tied at 10-10. a couple of scenes from the meadowlands before the game. this is tom brady and jon bon jovi, a close personal friend of bill belichick. the old giants stadium. look at the guy on the right -- there he is. commissioner roger goodell with robert carft.-- craft. bon jovi may have to step in and be the official. this on tom brady' s facebook page. this is out of gulliver' s travels. the patriots are the lilliputians against the giants. need a full team effort to take down the giants. right now the patriots are involved in a fight. how about the green bay packers?
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rodgers cuts an eight point deficit to 6. here is the two-point conversion. it is batted away. onside kick. look whose arms it goes through -- megatron. green bay has it. mason crosby has a field goal attempt. it is hard to tell that was blocked. no good. it is the first time the lions have won in green bay in 24 games. in philadelphia, it is the -- a bounce. how' s that? for a touchdown. they were down 16-3. he' s in. he gets picked off later on. miami over the eagles 20-19, was the final. thanksgiving is coming up and i want to wear your school sweatshirt. give me a good reason. so, right now go to click on sports or my facebook or twitter account.
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school' s sweatshirt on our thanksgiving night show which is coming up a week from thursday. meanwhile, melbourne, australia. ronda rousey has lost. last night, holly holmes, 59 seconds into the second period. the kcik -- the kick to the head. holly home wins. 56,000 people in a stroller. patriots involved right now with the giants. 10-10, 20 seconds to go until halftime. tomorrow night. right here on foxboro and right here on channel 5. our pregame show begins at 8:00. monday night football -- rex ryan comes back to town as head coach of the buffalo bills. see you tonight at 11:00 and also and sunday sports overtime. ed: you are a busy man. go, go, go. heather: coming up next, our new heroes. artie: i will issue --
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heather: updating breaking news. an international manhunt is underway for this man, the french defense ministry says he is the brother of one of the suicide bombers. he rented a car that was used by the terrorists. french officials say he was questioned after the attacks but was let go. ed: we turn our attention to artie' s heroes.
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the hope is you do eventually find it. laura hogan found hers and it is the last thing she expected but it is what makes her tonight' s hero. artie: from a farm in kansas. during the depression, laura hogan had little more than her faith, but she learned how to raise money. >> we raised, believe it or not, at that time which was a lot of money, $5 million. this used to be the old church. enough. >> he said, what can you do? i said, what you want me to do? he said, raise money. artie: she remembers talking to an angry donor. >> may ia ask you a donor? why do you blame church for the sins of the human
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he says the d-a-r-n woman changed my mind. and it was a donation for $25,000. my cross i don' t did that in memory of my mother. artie: she is the oldest -- coordinator in the archdiocese. what are you to do with the next 90 years? >> i am not going to say. artie: its parish has increased its donor precipitation by 200%. you have a gift. >> well, i dont' say much. i just listen. artie: that is the secret. do not say much, just listen. stand by. curveball. heather: really? you' ve piqued my curiosity. ed: there is more to come tonight. news from france. the suspect wanted in connection
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with the attacks in paris. there is a manhunt underway right now pick ed: the false alarm near a memorial to the victims of the paris attack that had crowds running to the streets. heather: the breaking news where following an worcester. a break-in at an army reserve armory.
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>> a security breach at an army reserve armory in worcester. the intruders who broken. heather: a man with local ties wounded in the paris terror attacks. what his family is saying tonight. ed: the tight security that fans are facing a tonight' s patriots game in new jersey. >> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: a manhunt for a terror suspect and an airstrike against isis. france responding in the wake of the deadly terror attack. heather: the latest from paris in just a minute. but we begin here at home with breaking news. ed: we are learning more about a break in worcester. let' s get to rhondella
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