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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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looks like a gusty wind out there on saturday. we're talking about a high of 47. it will feel colder with that wind. cold enough for a few snow flurries possible on sunday. certainly not a big storm but something we'll be watching. we're going to break down the forecast for today right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: breaking overnight. france taking new action against isis extremists after the paris attacks. the steps taken this morning amid syrian refugee concerns here at home. randy: a new cancer fight for patriot nate solder. his infant son's diagnosis and the message from the pats star this morning. emily: a beverly man in custody accused of violently attacking his wife. the reaction from neighbors as the victim fights for her life. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: it's 5:00 a.m. also on the eye. erika gets in the kitchen with
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what are they making? the secrets he is revealing that will bring new life to your favorite dishes. making us all hungry. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon this morning. a big difference when you walk out the door. cindy: you're going to want a layer or two or maybe even three this morning. this is the difference walking out the door this morning compared to 24 hours ago. yeah, it's about 10-15 degrees colder in most spots. not quite as chilly on cape cod this morning. look to the north and west of boston. look at all the 20's from beverly to nashua back to fitchburg. 21, that is it in orange. we're 31 in worcester. below freezing for you. in boston this morning we're running in the mid 30 south of town we have 20's from norwood down toward taunton we're near the freezing mark. low 40's on cape cod. lighter north-to-northeastly winds has actually created ocean-effect clouds on the cape. those are holding up your temperatures just a bit. a big area of high pressure to our north.
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we'll see a lot of sunshine today with that cooler north-to-northeastly wind. the temperatures don't come up a whole lot. in fact, it will take us until 9:00 this morning to hit 40 in boston. wield hold in the afternoon mostly in the mid 40's. looking for a high today of 47. yesterday we got to 61. a lot cooler today. 45 worcester. 48 nashua. mid 40's on the cape today as well. so it's a cooler day. lots of sunshine. we'll talk about when this vein moves in coming up. let's get you out to the roads this morning and see how we're looking out there. good morning to you, olessa. olessa: good morning. a live look at the pike. not seeing any problems in both directions there by allston/brighton. let's get over to the maps arch check the rest of your trip which also looks good but that overnight construction is in the final stages. 93 southbound approaching the zakim bridge ols the expressway by the government center. and then once again approaching neponset circle. clearing that roadwork 128 by 95 and once again over by great plain avenue. as you travel the pike some construction picking up near newton corner and once again on 128 approaching 4 and 225. trains and buses starting the
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emily: thank you. russian authorities now say terrorism is to blame for this plane crash. security experts a two-pound home-made bomb blew up on board that metro jet flight on october 31. all 224 on board were killed. most of them russian. russia is promising a $50 million reward for information on those responsible and isis affiliate claimed it is behind that attack. randy: three minutes after 5:00. right now we are following several breaking developments overnight in the aftermath of the paris attacks. ground. all of this aimed at preventing further carnage. eye's erika tarantal. she's monitoring information as erika: first to that new air france carrying out more than a dozen new airstrikes in syria overnight. all of them focused on raqqa where it's believed friday's attacks were planned. airstrikes destroyed an isis command post and training camp.
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french police carried out 128 new raids around the country aimed at finding others responsible for the attacks. they are still searching for an eighth suspect who escaped after the killings. and this morning, president obama is in the philippines where a gathering of asian pacific nations plan to formally condemn the attacks on paris. on monday, the president -- we're also learning the french president will travel to washington next week to discuss isis at the white house. we'll continue to bring you new information as we get it. emily emily: right now there is growing concern over syrian refugees coming to the u.s. in the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in boston with a family with a different point of view. todd: they do have a different half of the nation's governors, including massachusetts governor charlie baker, now say they're against taking in refugees. something that worries one watertown family. amira elamri and her husband bassel are one of only 150
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in massachusetts since 2011. they say there was a long vetting process before they were allowed to enter the u.s. but word that one of the paris attackers had a syrian passport has some leaders concerned those checks don't work. elamri says that fear is exactly what isis wants. >> those communities do not really know what-- who are syrians? what they can do. they won't kill you. they will be people who can really contribute to their communities. todd: the u.s. state department says individual states really cannot reject refugees. once refugees have legal status in the u.s., they can go anywhere they want. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: and that is the subject of this morning's eyeopener now poll. do you think massachusetts should accept refugees from syria in light of the paris
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right now most of you say no. you can add your vote on the front of our wcvb facebook page. randy: right now this man is preparing to face a judge after estranged wife. and that turned a quiet north scene. the eyeopener's sera congi is in salem where that man is due in court this morning. with attempted murder and and his wife has critical injuries. detectives swarmed the inside and outside of this house in beverly last night. that's where police say sherer choked his wife. neighbors didn't hear anything but saw the huge police presence. >> i saw the paramedics run in and run upstairs. i noticed it was the whole living room full of police officers. sera: neighbors say the couple has two kids who were not home at the time. police are not commenting on possible motives for the alleged attack. we hope to learn more when
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sherer appears in court later this morning. live at if salem courthouse, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: a patriots star announces a tough struggle off the field. nate solder's four-month-old son, hudson, is battling kidney cancer. the offensive tackle made the announcement last night while speaking at a gala for the joe hudson has already started chemotherapy at children's hospital. solder himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year emily: governor charlie baker is preparing to announce new policies for the department of children and families after high-profile cases like the murder of bella bond. a series of reforms will be put in place including a new intake policy which baker says has not been updated in 12 years. criminal records checks, risk assessments, and a review of a family's history with d.c.f. will be added to the new policy. new information on the unsolved deaths of these people is expected today. those were 3-d images of an
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adult woman and three girls found dead in allenstown, new hampshire. their remains were found in barrels in 1985; the rest in 2000. the attorney general and state police will hold a press conference at 11:00 this morning to discuss any developments. investigators have been trying to identify the victims. randy: fantasy sports websites draftkings and fanduel have lost a legal round in their attempt to stay in business in new york state. the two sites were denied a temporary restraining order they attorney general. he ruled the sites engage in illegal gambling and told them to stop taking action. but a draftkings spokesman says the site will stay in the game in new york until a court hearing scheduled for next week. emily: it is 5:08. poor reviews for some of the largest banks in massachusetts. randy: the findings showing customers are not too happy. >> many veterans who really need help do not go there because the
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conditions are so bad. randy: concerns about what's happening inside a much-needed center for homeless veterans. "5 investigates" finds these heroes living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. emily: new this morning from his kitchen to your dinner table. the boston chef sharing some of his secrets. erika? erika: we continue to follow breaking news. russian authorities now say terrorism is to blame for the jetliner crash in egypt. security experts say a two-pound, home-made bomb blew up on board the metro jet flight october 31. also breaking. france carrying out more than a dozen new airstrikes in syria overnight. all while carrying out new raids aimed at finding others responsible for the deadly attacks in paris. cindy: it is a cold start but a clear day ahead for today. but there are changes on the way. my timeline for some rain later this week ahead. first take a look at the temperatures as you're heading out the door this morning. we may have temperatures at or above freezing in boston but look at nashua.
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." we're at the rising tide charter public school in plymouth mass, home of the thanksgiving parade. >> we hope to be seeing you downtown. >> if you get lost, remember this. come downtown. happy thanksgiving from rising tide charter public school. randy: thank you so much to everyone at rising tide charter school. and remember you can join us in plymouth on friday and saturday
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full v.i.p. treatment from us. just head to our wcvb facebook page to enter. i think today is the last day. cindy: what? randy: to enter. olessa: saturday is okay. cindy: dry and colder. compared to last year. but it won't be raining. that's a good thing. let me show you the big storm in the middle of the country right now. you can see it all wound up. severe weather from texas into the plains today. look at that snow flying around denver. blizzard watches are up through the rockies. this is quite a powerful storm but it will take a few days before it gets here. it will impact us in the form of rain here especially later thursday into friday morning. i think friday morning commute is going to be impacted by some heavier rainfall. so the end of the week is when we'll get into that. ahead of that system, it will be bright today but cooler than yesterday. we get to 61 in boston yesterday. today we're not getting out of the 40's. it stays dry and cool through wednesday. then some of that beneficial
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rainfall which we need around here comes in on thursday. in the meantime it's pretty quiet. you can see that system running into high pressure by is nosing out of canada this morning so this weng of dry air working on in. and a flow around that high is from the north and northeast. so what it's doing basically is generating these ocean-effect clouds over the cape this morning. that is why the temperatures down this way are a little bit milder. you can see the winds aren't terribly strong but enough wind with that cold air mass in place to generate those clouds. you can see the temperatures are holding in the low 40's on the cape. 43 even up to marshfield. once you get into boston mid 30's. worcester just 31. in between lots of 20's from norwood to bedford up to nashua. just 25 degrees in nashua right now. and out through the worcester area, temperature s are going to be holding near the freezing mark through about 8:00 this morning. by 11:00 a.m. we're in the lower 40's but despite the sunshine during the afternoon, we're going to keep our high temperatures in the 40's pretty much all day long. looking for a high today of just 45 worcester. 47 in boston. and even on the cape we're in the low 40's now its going to
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hold in the mid 40's all day long. it's a cooler day. back down into the 20's and the 30's but the skies are still clear tonight. we'll wake up to a lot of sunshine with high pressure still in control on wednesday morning. we're going to have mostly sunny skies throughout the day. notice by 5:00 p.m. just a few clouds starting to enter western new england but here comes this frontal boundary and the clouds are going to be increasing through 8:00 a.m. but notice on thursday it's a milder southerly flow so we're only near 50 coming up tomorrow. but we jump into the upper 50's on thursday. that rain really not a big issue for the morning hours. it takes all day to get in here. by 5:00 p.m. worcester on west i rain. the rest of us see that heavier rain come in thursday night and it's with us through at least the first half of the day on friday. now we've got quite a deficit going in boston in terms of the rain. we're about nine inches behind for the year. this system looks like it easily gives us about an inch of rain here by the time it winds down later on friday. could see a little bit more than that in some spots but we're drying it out for the upcoming weekend and cooling it down. mid 40's on saturday with the wind blowing it will feel colder
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than that. olessa: how about this morning? today was the first day i was like winter is coming. thank you, cindy. so far it's a quiet start. all the overnight construction is out of the way. if you're heading out the door allston/brighton. problem free both directions. let's get over to the maps. roadwork picked up on 93 south at the zakim on the expressway northbound as well. near the o'neill tunnel and then also cleared away that construction near neponset circle. good to go as you travel 128 by 59 and a problem free ride on the pike. that roadwork hassles cleared for the early morning hours. 128 by route 2a construction picked up there as well. so far the trains and the bus s are starting the morning on emily. a "5 investigates" exclusive. the new england center for for many homeless veterans in need. but some believe the center that leaving our soldiers behind. "5 investigates" obtained records showing hundreds of calls to boston police from the shelter involving illegal drugs, assaults, and illegal firearms. there were also more than 400
5:16 am
last year alone. center is infested with bed bugs. there are roaches in the kitchen, rats in the basement, and mice. records show 32 men who live or work at the center are registered sex offenders, most of them level 3's, who are considered the most likely to re-offend. >> many veterans who really need help do not go there because. conditions are so bad. >> if you look at the general condition of our living areas, you will see that they're certainly not luxurious. they're not palacial, but i think they meet standards of sanitation. emily: the center, which provides a variety of services to veterans, began a major $32 million renovation project in may which they say will address many of the issues raised in the "5 investigates" report. banks in massachusetts have the least happy customers. a research firm asked thousands of people about quality of service ranging from tellers to interest rates and mobile apps. bank of america-- the
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survey. the second-biggest-- citizens-- scored a 70. wells fargo came up with the top national score of 75. emily: when it comes to a cuisine everyone likes, it's hard to argue with italian. this week we're going into the kitchens of some of boston's newest and hottest restaurants. randy: erika is back now with seasoning secrets from the chef at "la motta" in the south end. erika: "la motta" is the newest offering by the aquitane restaurant group. the chef behind the roman-inspired italian spot cinquecento now going for a less formal feel and offering us some tasty tips. step into a "time gone by" in boston's south end. chef: it's the homey, family, "your grandmother is in the back" cooking. erika: actually chef justin winters is playing the role of grandma serving up tummy-warming italian. chef: some of the familiar flavors presented a little bit more elegantly.
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erika: up for sharing some secrets, we were welcomed into his kitchen to make some roasted cauliflower with a kick. the key here-- seasoning. chef: fried capers and golden raisins and some spicy bread crumbs. erika: fry the capers first, add cauliflower pre-roasted in the oven, then the raisins, salt and parsley. a tip-- it's not just for decoration. in fact, chef winters boasts the modest parsley is one of his favorite herbs. the prime ingredient to what he calls the perfect topping for fish. chef: you pick some parsley, a lot of it actually, celery leaves which are one of my favorite-- these guys right here really underused-- some chives some basil and it's one of the best things in the world. erika: back to the cauliflower. add the parsley, plate. finish it off with spicy bread crumbs, chili oil, and celery leaves. then voila! it's delicious. thank you. i love cally flower. it was really good. emily: who knew about parsely?
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erika: another thing about parsely, it freshens your breath. great for date night. emily: we can start munching parsely here on the eye. erika, thank you. has love run out in your relationship? relieve the stress of breaking up. that's ahead in eyepoppers. randy: new at 5:30. in minnesota shuts down a highway. the message from protestors. sera? sera: emotional testimony expected today in the trial of philip chism. the witness set to take the
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cindy: 5:24 on your tuesday morning. this sure is a reminder that winter is coming. when it was 61 degrees here yesterday, yes, it was snowing in albuquerque, new mexico. totals were 4-5 inches but still snowing out through the rockies today. denver picking up several inches. this stormy vent ally heading our way. it will bring in some rain but not until thursday afternoon. out ahead of that system, it is going to be on the cooler side with bright sunshine today. only in the mid 40's. near 50 tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. then that rain comes in with the milder air on thursday but overnight tonight into first thing tomorrow morning, you want to look up under clear skies. a meteor shower is going on. it might be 10-15 shooting stars
5:23 am
per hour. check it out tonight. randy. randy: cindy, thank you. 5:24 on this tuesday morning. eye popper time. olessa is here. olessa: breaking up is hard to do so let someone else do it for you. that's the idea behind the breakup shop. it offers a range of dumping services including a pack of comforting goodies for the dumpee. the worst might be the personalized text advertized as showing you "really don't care." prices range from 10 to 80 bucks, depending what you get. randy: paying to be mean. oh, my gosh. olessa: this is awful. and there's nothing like a slap in the face to wake you up in the morning. apparently a robotics enthusiast wanted to make getting up just a little more miserable. so she invented this device to slap her silly until she gets up. randy: give me the remote control. olessa: i would gladly do that for free for people. randy: depends on who it is. some people can really get into it. olessa: a clever idea.
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emily: what will they think of next? thank you, guys. a critical vote impacting thousands of students in the bay state. the test being weighed right now and when it could hit the classroom. we do continue to follow breaking news this morning. russian officials confirming a two-pound bomb brought down a passenger plane over egypt last month. the new information just coming
5:25 am
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>> now on newscenter 5's randy: several developments the new moves against isis from the air and on the ground. emily: more breaking news. russia makes a new claim about a plane crash that killed hundreds of people. sera: high emotion expected today at the murder trial of a danvers teenager. the move that will put a beloved teacher's memory front and center. >> oh, my god. randy: and wild new weather
5:27 am
video in overnight. the aftermath of this tornado. >> oh, my god. randy: on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 5:30 tuesday morning. we're looking at interstate 93 going through somerville. at this early hour. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa this morning. we are dipping down. you told us yesterday it would be a roller coaster. it seems like we're at the bottom. cindy: how great was yesterday? gorgeous. emily: it was nice. cindy: 61 degrees. about 10 degrees above average. it was the ninth time we topped the 60-degree mark in boston. cooler today and tomorrow. the temperatures come back up here on thursday. out the door this morning though, lots of 20's north of boston. on the north shore, beverly, you're 29. just 25 nashua. northern worcester county running in the lower 20's. 31 in worcester. near the freezing mark even in boston. notice norwood in the mid 20's
5:28 am
this morning as well. when you head down to the cape got lower 40's out there. we've got ocean-effect clouds that have been generated here on the cape especially closer to the canal. that's pulling the temperatures up just a little bit. this north-northeastly wind flowing around cool high pressure draining out of canada that is bringing those clouds and certainly some cooler temperatures today. but overall outside of the cape, it is a sun-filled day. we're going to be cool this morning not coming up to about 40 degrees until 9:00 a.m. we spend the afternoon in the 40's so no lower 60's like yesterday. 47 the best we're doing in boston. maybe 48 from saugus up to middleton, nashua as well. framingham in the upper 40's this afternoon. mid to upper 40's here out through worcester county and south of boston not much better. maybe nudging toward 50 degrees in taunton but still spent most of the afternoon in the 40's. 47 from duxbury to plymouth and mid 40's on cape cod today as well. at least we have the sunshine today. mostly sunny skies. in middle of the week, we'll talk about when rain moves in coming up.
5:29 am
let's get you out to the roads and see how we're looking out there. olessa: no problems in both directions on 93 in somerville. southbound side just a little bit of volume starting to build. the rest of the area is quiet. all the construction now gone. if you're heading into boston problem free. south of town you're in good shape on 24, route 3 as well. no problems on 95. the pike is wide open. route 9 nice and quiet. no problems traveling down 93 from new hampshire all the way down to the leverett connector. the trains and the buses also on schedule. randy: thank you. breaking overnight. russia now says a homemade bomb brought down an airliner over egypt last month killing more than 200 people. russian president vladimir putin vowed to hunt down the terrorists responsible. he's offering a $50 million reward. morning. french airstrikes hit more than a dozen new targets in syria overnight. french police also conducted more than 128 new raids in france looking for anyone involved in the deadly paris attacks on friday. randy: right now a beverly man charged with trying to kill his
5:30 am
estranged wife. police say axel scherer choked the victim so severely she's now in critical condition. emily: right now jurors are bracing for what will be an emotional day at the trial of a teenager accused of raping and murdering his teacher. randy: the eyeopener's sera congi is in salem to set the stage. sera: randy and emily. in just a few hours the mother of the beloved danvers high school teacher will take the stand and face the accused killer in court. phillip chism was 14 when even his own lawyers admit he attacked and killed 24-year-old colleen ritzer. his defense is laying the groundwork for an insanity defense arguing that he is mentally ill. but prosecutors say chism planned the attack and knew exactly what he was doing. a topsfield police officer says chism was unphased shortly after his arrest. >> he appeared to be staring off into the distance. >> yes.
5:31 am
dazed? >> he wasn't understanding. sera: chism has pleaded not guilty to murder, rape, and robbery in the 2013 attack. we will be in the courtroom bringing you updates as they happen. and you can watch live on and on our wcvb mobile apps. live at the salem courthouse, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: lawyers for the man accused of kidnapping and raping a girl from new hampshire are fighting to have the pornography he owned excluded from the evidence against him. nathaniel kibby will be in court for a hearing today. prosecutors say pornography gave him the idea to kidnap a girl from conway, new hampshire, two years ago. his lawyers will argue it's irrelevant and can't be used against him. emily: right now, police are thieves who carried out a well-orchestrated break-in at an army reserve facility. the worcester city manager says investigators are searching for one unidentified man. we've learned thieves got away with six m-4 assault rifles and
5:32 am
ten handguns from the lincoln stoddard army reserve center. federal investigators say the break-in does not appear to be tied to terrorism, but state and local officials call it a cause for serious concern. >> we're not sure if it's local or if it's something bigger than that. i think the timing of this breaking in to the arm ore was a difficult time particularly in light of what happened in paris. emily: a military official tells "5 investigates" a burglary of army's 5,000 stand-alone armories. randy: new this morning, a federal judge has ruled the boston police department discriminated against minorities while using a 2008 exam to select seargents for promotions. "the globe" reports the written portion of the exam was skewed in favor of white candidates. and it skipped over critical skills and abilities, including reasoning and judgment. just 5 of the 33 sergeants promoted to the rank of lieutenant over the last six years have been black. emily: right now state leaders are preparing to take a vote that will impact students across massachusetts.
5:33 am
is live at the state house with what's at stake today. todd? we're talking about a test that will be taken by thousands of students across the state. obviously it has major implications. it's been a huge debate in schools for the past year or should massachusetts replace the mcas with the new parcc test which is aligned with federal common core standards. some schools already used the parcc last year, and some reported problems and computer glitches with the test. today state education leaders will vote on a proposal to create a new hybrid test combining elements of both tests. it would take effect in 2017. but there are still a lot of questions including what the new test would look like and how much it would cost. for parents and students, this is an even bigger concern since the results of the statewide testing is used to rank school districts.
5:34 am
we'll keep you posted. as we get new details. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: the number of international students studying at colleges here in the bay state is at a record high. massachusetts ranks fourth nationally in the number of foreign students in the state, with most of them studying at northeastern and b.u. more than 32 percent of those students are here from china. administrators at those schools say they are increasing the number of foreign students intentionally as a way to prepare students to work in an increasingly global society. randy: a new jersey mall changing its tune after getting tons of public backlash. emily: the visit to santa that would have added up for parents. health alert. new benefits to that cup of coffee. the discovery from researchers at harvard. randy: and ahead in news to go, police officers off the job this morning after this video surfaces. the attack, their defense, and
5:35 am
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welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside. expressway by if gas tank. northbound side heading to the top of the screen. as you can see those delays already building to the morning rush. budget in that extra travel time. 515-20 from braintree to boston. much cooler this morning. cindy: 35 degrees. clear skies in boston but lots of 20's out the door in the suburbs so bundle up. we'll have a bright, sunny day but it's going to be cooler than yesterday. we hit 61 yesterday. only in the mid to upper 40's today.
5:38 am
near 50 tomorrow. sunshine continues. and then with some rain coming on in, it looks like it holds off until the second half of the day on thursday. it's with us heavy at times into your friday. randy. randy: cindy, thank you. the boston bruins had the night off but they were still busy making holiday shopping lists. the team aived at target in everett yesterday for their annual toy shopping trip. gifts to more than 600 kids at boston-area hospitals next month. a mall in new jersey is backtracking after it started charging families a fee to visit with santa. it was free last year but this year mall owners were charging $35-$75 just to see old saint nick and get a photo package of the visit. parents complained on facebook that the fee went against the holiday spirit so the fee is now dropped. emily: 5:41 this morning.
5:39 am
france taking new action overnight in the aftermath of also a new admission from russia in the deadly jetliner crash. massachusetts native james taylor. the distinction taking him to the white house. dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. randy: good morning. the eyeopener team is ready with breaking news starting with erika and new air raids after the paris attacks. todd's in boston with a different perspective on syrian
5:41 am
refugees. emily: and sera's tracking a domestic attack in beverly. first check out this huge funnel cloud in kansas. that tornado and severe thunderstorms brought damage to the western part of the state. randy: now cindy has the forecast here. cindy: still tracking severe weather this morning. look at this line of storms extending all the way up, yes, into places like kansas that saw already severe weather during the overnight hours. on the backside of this system, that is snow flying around the denver area. this whole system is working in our direction but running into high pressure that is now nosing out of canada. it's really slowing down. going to take until thursday or friday until we get in on the wet weather system. that north-to-northeastly wind flowing over the relatively warmer ocean waters creating ocean-effect clouds on cape cod where that flow off the water is keeping you in the 40's from plymouth down to the cape. it is 35 boston. 31 in worcester with lots of 20's showing up in the suburbs.
5:42 am
29 in beverly. just 21 in orange this morning. we're going to keep it in the 20's and 30's here through the morning hours. in fact by 8:00 a.m. still in the upper 30's. but by lunchtime, sunshine, temperatures in the mid 40's. and the sun goes down at 4. 21. we'll still be this that low to mid 40's. highs today only about 47 in boston. 45 in worcester. as warm as 48 in nashua but keep in mind many of us back into the lower 60's yesterday. it's a cooler day today. tonight we're back down in the 20's and 0's. tomorrow starts with a lot of sunshine. as we go through the day, skies do remain mostly sunny under high pressure. this frontal boundary approaches on thursday. out ahead of it, we'll warm back up. temperatures will jump up it looks like back into the upper 50's by thursday. but that rain comes in during the afternoon hours. it will have big impacts, i think, overnight and especially into your friday morning commute with wet weather likely slowing you down. as far as this morning's commute goes. no weather worries. chilly. olessa: thank you. a live look outside. here is a check of the
5:43 am
northbound side move to go the top of the screen. so far it's a quiet start. we're building that volume across the area. let's get to the maps. if you're heading south of that camera shot 24 building delays out of brockton. route 3 as well into the braintree split. your ride on the expressway 15-20 braintree to boston. pike eastbound still looks good this morning and 93 south some volume now picking up out of methuen. as you travel down toward wilmington and then again approaching spot pond. the trains and buses are on schedule. emily. emily: breaking news overseas in the aftermath of the paris attacks. security leaders say a homemade bomb detonated on board the flight over egypt killing all 224 passengers on october 31. russian president putin is vowing to track down and punish those responsible. an islamic state affiliate has claimed that attack. breaking news overseas in the aftermath of the paris attacks. randy: france launching another round of air strikes as raids
5:44 am
continue on the ground. the eye's erika tarantal has the overnight developments. we start with those new raids-- 128 in this second round-- focused on finding extremists and those responsible for friday's horrific attacks. french officials now saying the majority of those involved were unknown to french authorities. and the search goes on for the suspected attacker on the run since he was stopped at the belgian border then let go. meantime, the latest round of french airstrikes targeting the isis stronghold of raqqa, syria, destroyed a terror command post and training camp according to the french military. the french prime minister says a number of the 129 victims killed friday still have to be identified. we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them. todd: erika, thank you. in the wake of the terrorist attacks and the revelation that a syrian refugee was involved half of america's governors including governor baker now say they are against taking in additional syrian refugees. but the ones already here in massachusetts say there was a thorough vetting process to get in. >> there's no refugee entering
5:45 am
the u.s. without going through the long process of the background check that takes up to two years sometimes. todd: that woman and her family were among the 150 refugees resettled here since 2011. the state department says states really cannot reject refugees with legal status. back in september governor baker supported the idea of taking in more refugees. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. sera: this morning a beverly woman is dealing with critical injuries and her estranged husband is charged with assault to murder as well as strangulation. investigators were at the beverly home last night inside and out spending several hours there. that is where police say axel scherer allegedly choked his wife. the couple has two children. police say they were not home at the time. the victim hospitalized with critical injuries. sherer will appear in court later this morning. no word yet on a motive.
5:46 am
live this morning at the salem courthouse, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: a patriots star announces a tough struggle off the field. nate solder's four-month-old son, hudson, is battling kidney cancer. the offensive tackle made the announcement last night while speaking at a gala for the joe andruzzi foundation. hudson has already started chemotherapy at children's hospital. solder himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year and beat it. randy: governor charlie baker is preparing to announce new policies for the department of children and families after high-profile cases like the murder of bella bond. a series of reforms will be put in place including a new intake policy which baker says has not been updated in 12 years. criminal records checks, risk assessments, and a review of a family's history with the state will be added to the new policy. new information on the unsolved deaths of these people is expected today. those were 3d images of an adult woman and three girls found dead in allenstown, new hampshire.
5:47 am
the attorney general and state police will hold a press conference at 11:00 this morning to discuss any developments. investigators have been trying to identify the victims. emily: today the mother of a danvers high school teacher will face her daughter's accused killer in court. philip chism is charged in the murder of 24-year-old colleen the math teacher's mom is scheduled to take the stand at his trial. the defense admits chism killed ritzer but claims he was mentally ill. he has pleaded not guilty in the 2013 attack. randy: some legal losses for an associate of aaron hernandez. a judge has denied ernest wallace's motion to dismiss the murder charge against him finding a jury did have probable cause to indict him in the death of odin lloyd. his trial is set to begin in march. the judge also refused to throw out statements wallace made after he was arrested. she ruled wallace made the comments voluntarily without being interrogated. emily: republican presidential candidate carly fiorina continues her campaign visit to new hampshire today. she'll attend an event in
5:48 am
heading to a house party there. yesterday she spoke at an event in plymouth for the communities for alcohol and drug free youth. randy: democratic contender martin o'malley is making some changes as his campaign struggles to raise money. the o'malley group will shift its staff and resources from baltimore to iowa. the former maryland governor has been stuck in single digits in polls behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. emily: today actor charlie sheen is expected to announce he's h.i.v. positive. "people" magazine cites friends of the actor who say they've known for months. sheen lost his role on "two and a half men" after a meltdown back in 2011. he also recently parted ways with his long-time publicist. randy: two police officers in california are on leave this morning after this violent beating of a suspect. the officers are captured on surveillance repeatedly striking a suspect while he's face down on the ground.
5:49 am
led police on a high-speed chase, and rammed a cruiser. a lawyer for the suspect is asking for criminal charges against the officers. (chanting) emily: dozens of protesters hit the streets in minneapolis after the shooting death of a black man by police. protesters with the group "black lives matter" blocked the highway after jamar clark's death. he was killed in a scuffle with police over a domestic violence incident. the city's mayor is calling for a federal civil rights investigation. randy: drink coffee; live longer. we're going to get to 110 on the "eyeopener." that's according to a new harvard study. it links daily coffee consumption to a lower risk of death, and the results were the same for both caffeine and decaf drinkers. but researchers say moderation is key. the benefits were strongest for those who drank no more than five cups a day. emily: the celtics have no problem against the rockets in houston.
5:50 am
thomas, 21 from avery bradley, and had a 32-13 run in the third quarter. the celtics win it. 111-95 the final. randy: singer james taylor will receive the presidential medal of freedom at the white house next week. it's the nation's highest civilian honor for people who have contributed to national interests and cultural endeavors. some of taylor's fellow recipients include the late yogi berra, gloria estefan, steven spielberg, and barbra streisand. emily: a big deal. congratulations there. randy: a local hero. emily: absolutely. that will be great to see. cindy, this morning temperatures are a lot colder than yesterday. cindy: we've had a lot of red squares this month. really mild november. yesterday 61. last time we've been up over that 60-degree mark this month, the ninth time. we are running closer to seven degrees above normal. we're at 35 right now in town.
5:51 am
notice that wind is from the north-northwest. it's light but it's draining down cooler air from canada. lots of 20's out the door this morning here on the north shore. 23 nashua. you can see northern worcester county in the lower 20's. below freezing in worcester this morning. a little frost out there. 20's norwood down to taunton. it is noticeably less chilly on cape cod where it's in the lower 40's this morning. we've got that northerly and northeastly windfalling over the milder ocean waters. it's generated ocean-effect cloud cover this morning. outside of this area clear skies. high pressure going to give us sunshine today. here is the next system off to the west bringing rain close to chicago this morning. it will take until the end of the week before it gets here. lots of sunshine today. by 9:00 a.m. we're touching that 40-degree mark in boston holding in the 40's throughout the afternoon. just 47 today in town. 45 worcester. mid 40's on the cape as well. tonight we're back down under clear skies, calm winds. 20's and 30's for overnight lows. and tomorrow is a more seasonal day. temperatures either side of 50. and still mostly sunny skies as
5:52 am
high pressure is hanging on. we'll see some increase in clouds by wednesday evening. on thursday, here comes that frontal boundary out ahead of it. a southerly wind brings us milder temperatures. rain should hold off until the end of the day on thursday it's heaviest overnight thursday into friday morning. take a look at one of our computer models generating a widespread inch or so of rain across the area. boy, we could use it. some spots could see locally heavier downpours lead to go a little bit more rain. it gets out of here later on friday. behind that front, cooling it down but drying it out for the weekend. breezy, mid 40's on saturday. cold enough for perhaps a few flurries on sunday. yikes. olessa. how are we looking out there? olessa: we're in good shape. no accidents to report early this morning. saugus southbound side move to go the top of the screen. it's a quiet start. let's get over to the maps and check travel times. as you head along 24 that volume is building out of the brockton. 95 from kant often. if you're traveling route 3 braintree. expressway now almost a half-hour braintree to boston. and the pike eastbound still
5:53 am
quiet. 15-minute trip 495 out to 128. looking good on 93 south. some delays picking up out of methuen down into wilmington and then again approaching spot pond. trains and buses still running on schedule. emily: thank you. right now, one round in a legal battle lost for boston-based draftkings. randy: why they say they'll continue operating in new york for now. new this morning. kitchen secrets from one of boston's hottest chefs. the simple tricks to add big flavor and impress your guests. emily: at 5:57 this morning take a live look there at the boston scwie line. looking good before the sun comes up. just 28 degrees in our studios
5:54 am
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