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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 19, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: breaking news, new raids in belgium as isis targets new york city. the new threat and the response from city leaders. randy: a boston man charged in a violent attack on his mother. the confrontation with officers trying to take him into custody. >> we' ve got to knock the [beep] out of these people. emily: strong words from donald trump firing up a packed house in worcester. the controversy surrounding his latest visit to massachusetts on the eye. announcer: you are watching wcvb , boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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nearly two feet. this is kansas. working to clear the streets. this same system is headed our way but thankfully not bringing snow. good morning, i' m emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. no snow, but it is bringing something. cindy: we are going to see some rain. yesterday we had frost and it was in the teens and 20' s. look at the temperatures right now. a lot of 40' s. yesterday, it is a bit milder. 41 in worcester, 46 in boston. kids at the bus stop probably want a jacket. for the ride home, there could be a shower north and west of town as the kids get off the bus. rain to our west. heavy rain is going to work in our direction. a few showers may come ahead of it. we cannot rule out showers west of worcester by lunchtime. towards 5:00 p.m., rain moving
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in. in the 50' s throughout the day, 56 in boston. average high is around 50. a southeasterly wind bringing milder temperatures. the book of the shower activity hangs back to the west through 2:00 this afternoon. 4:00 p.m., a couple showers north and west of town. heavy rain into the evening hours. in terms of your commute and the impact of the rain , medium impact. tomorrow morning, bigger impacts with rain moving in. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: a look outside, especially at the gas tank, slow northbound. let' s get the maps, some couple times south of town, 24 northbound by route one in taunton . route three by route 118.
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delays up to the braintree split. delays out of brockton and 95 on 128 three canton. eastbound on the pike not bad from 495. delays from route 30, accident by the police barracks in weston. delays as you approach spot pond. emily: thank you. breaking news out of belgium. police there are conducting new raids linked to the paris terror attacks. randy: they' re looking in molenbeek and other areas of brussels for the entourage of a suicide bomber. his name, bilal hadfi. he' s one of three men who blew himself up outside a soccer stadium in paris last week. emily: we' ll track the raids all morning. right now new york is on alert after this new video from the terror group isis. that video appears to threaten times square but police are sending a different message this morning.
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randy: the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is following overnight developments. erika: the video meant to intimidate new yorkers less than a week after the paris attacks. the terror group released this video yesterday, identifying new york as a potential next target. it shows what appears to be an isis fighter preparing for a suicide bombing, with images of new york' s times square. new york' s police commissioner says some of the footage is old but they are always on alert. mayor bill de blasio urged new yorkers to go about their normal routines, and trust in police protection. will not be intimidated. we understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and distraught -- disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit to their wishes. emily: mayor de blasio went on to say there is no specific or york. just this week the city launched its new critical response command, a new elite arm of its counter-terrorism bureau. it will eventually have 500 members, part of the broader force of 35,000 officers.
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right now, a boston man is under arrest, charged in the stabbing that left his own mother the eyeopener' s frank holland is live in mattapan with the overnight developments. frank: and that arrest started with a tense showdown with boston police officers. this morning, 25-year-old matthew davis will face a judge as his mother continues to battle life-threatening injuries. newscenter 5 cameras were there last night as police searched the mother' s apartment on river street for clues. police say the 42-year-old victim was stabbed several times on tuesday night but was still able to tell officers that her son attacked her. officers found matthew davis in an apartment in dorchester last night. the son accused of stabbing his own mother reached for a knife tucked in his waistband as they tried to arrest him. they were able to get him in handcuffs before anything happened. davis will go before a judge facing charges of assault and battery later this morning. randy: thank you. a double tragedy for a local football legend. doug flutie' s parents both died yesterday, within an hour of
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each other. his dad, dick, who was ill at the hospital, died of a heart attack. shortly afterward, his mom joan also had a sudden heart attack, and passed away. the couple had been married for 56 years. flutie posted on facebook, they say you can die of a broken heart and i believe it. doctors seem to believe it, too. >> that is an apt description that has been used for years. the japanese describe this centrais elc braz broken heart syndrome. -- describe this years ago, the broken heart syndrome. randy: doctor richard nesto says the condition mimics a heat attack, with no sign of blocked arteries. doug flutie was too upset last night to talk about his loss. >> we' ve got to go and knock the [beep] out of these people. we' ve got to do it. [chanting] >> usa! usa! emily: a crowd in worcester getting raucus as donald trump
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vows to take out isis. the republican said he' d send ground troops into syria to wipe out the terror group. and if elected, he' d send back syrian refugees in the u.s. >> it could be the great trojan horse. we cannot take a chance that some people coming in are isis. emily: there were protesters and the crowd, some calling trump racist. it' s not clear what this man was saying, but trump had some strong words for him. >> it is amazing, i mentioned food stamps, and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy. emily: trump had insults for his rivals, too. he said hillary clinton doesn' t have the stamina to be president. he also called marco rubio a lightweight, and said jeb bush is quote, done. >> the u.s. should not be the world' s policeman. we need to be the leader of the free world. but for us, who? randy: jeb bush was blasting president obama' s foreign policy. bush telling new hampshire
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isis before we have been in the country to deal with. bush will file for the republican primary today. a plea deal is in the works for the new hampshire man accused of killing his parents and making a run for it. matthew dion is expected to plead guilty to two counts of second degree murder and arson. dion is accused of strangling his parents in their manchester home and burning the house in march 2014. he was caught in florida in june. emily: flooding, tornado, and snow. wild weather hitting much of the country. we' ve seen all of it. cindy: we' ve been tracking this, our turn is coming up but it is nothing like what they' ve been dealing with. washington state where , floodwaters are now being blamed for 3 deaths. a state of emergency is now in effect. tens of thousands of people are still in the dark after tuesday' s powerful system. in georgia they' re cleaning up after at least one tornado touched down yesterday. this is video in overnight from the atlanta metro area.
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fortunately no one was hurt. ,in kansas, this is a seen some of us may not be ready to see yet. 15 to 20 inches of snow fell in some parts of the state. the national guard was out helping to clean up yesterday. that same system is bringing rain later today. a timeline on that and how it will impact the commute as we head towards the later week. emily: randy? randy: thousands of airport employees, including some in boston are going on strike. , the demand prompting them to walk off the job. new this morning, do scenes like this give you the winter blahs? the tips to avoid seasonal depression. >> it is a community problem. when we identify a community problem, we can identify a community solution. erika: dramatic new numbers showing a spike in heroin use at one new hampshire high school. the action educators and community leaders are taking to get a grip on the crisis. emily? emily: breaking news right now out of europe, following the
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deadly paris terror attacks. authorities in belgium launching six raids in the brussels area trying to track down those
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>> good morning, eyeopener.hi, rn andy. looking forward to seeing everyone at america' s hometown parade in plymouth. it is going to be a great time. >> cindy is my favorite. thank you for the weather. >> your favorite is cindy because of the whether or because she is your type? >> because of the weather, i am married. [laughter]
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the coast guard in boston keeping us safe along the northeast coast line. we will see them saturday. they always do great things, flyovers and rescues demonstration. emily: tomorrow, we are announcing the lucky viewer who will be our vip guest for the weekend. the woman of the hour with the forecast. cindy: the weather looks good saturday. cool and breezy but no worries. great news. look at the sky, wow. sun' s up at 6:39. a lot of clouds, but in between a little light on the horizon. s going to get. overcast and rain on the way. look at our deficit in boston and worcester, over 8-9 inches. very dry conditions. we were talking about a widespread inch or so.
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it comes in late today and it is with us into first thing friday morning. the heaviest downpours come in overnight. there will be wet conditions for the morning commute, especially along the coastline. showers off to the west. the individual cells riding northward. the line is creeping eastward. we will be in clouds before showers move in. the blanket keeping temperatures up from where they were yesterday morning. this morning, 41 in worcester, 46 in boston. cold around plymouth. cloud and drive through 8:00, there could be a stray shower west of worcester. we are in the 50' s by 5:00 p.m., southeasterly wind pushing the temperatures up despite the fact that the rain is moving in.
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, by 3:00 or 4:00, a couple of those showers might sneak closer to boston. the bulk of the rain comes in after 6:00 tonight. cd the yellows, oranges, cannot rule out a rumble of thunder. this heavy rain is shifting by 5:00 tomorrow morning. exiting the cape between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. we will see temperatures hold either side of 50' the southeast. we could see gusts close to 40 miles per hour. winds shift tomorrow bringing in cooler air. by sunday we watch this system pass by with rain and snow showers on sunday. otherwise, the weekend is looking drive. let me break down one of our
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along the coastline is about half an inch to an inch of rain. the inch plus is likely going to be across the western part of the state. notice early next week, 40' s and drive. looks pretty quiet in the northeast. olessa: roads are dry but busy. there' s the expressway by the gas tank. northbound volume heading into the distance. lots of rake lights. south of town, 24 northbound an accident in the process of clearing bythe inch plus is likely going to be across the western part of the state. route 140. traveling north, delays from broxton to 93. in weymouth, clearing a crash. 20-25 expressways. eastbound on the pike, delays from route 30. north of town, 93 south stays heavy to spot pond. trains and buses are running on schedule. another crash on route one southbound.
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5 on the opioid crisis, with the startling impact of heroin on one new hampshire city. erika' s back with the community, determined to see change in berlin. erika? erika: randy, the numbers are staggering. administrators at berlin high school say the heroin use rate there is 93% higher than in other new hampshire schools. hundreds of people packed a meeting there last night, seeking a solution. the police chief says the problem spreads beyond the school. he says officers respond to two or three overdoses a week. he also noted burglaries are up 82% over this time last year, something he attributes to drugs. >> we are seeing a lot of thefts to the exchanged for drugs. that is not only affecting the victims of the thefts, it is affecting the persons families when they are arrested for these charges. erika: a new chemical-free prevention program at the school could be a starting but many say point, more help and resources are needed.
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randy: a new drug task force will soon get to work in new hampshire. yesterday, state lawmakers voted to create the 26-member force, which will get to work next week. this force is going to study substance abuse issues including insurance coverage for treatment, drug courts, and strengthening the state' s prescription drug monitoring program. emily: thousands of airport workers in major cities, including boston, are expected to strike today. for some the walk-out started last night. the workers are mostly cabin and airport cleaners who want medical benefits and a wage of $15 an hour. jetblue, united, and delta all use the subcontractors. jetblue and united have said service will not be affected. some l.l. bean customers will be disappointed again this holiday season. for the third year in a row, the maine-based company has a huge backlog of boot orders. l.l. bean added 200 workers and a new machine but still can' t keep up with the demand, according to the globe. last year the company was behind
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randy: experts say as many as 1 depression. emily: but there are ways to fight the winter blahs. first, change your sleep schedule. getting up earlier and going to bed earlier will maximize the amount of light in your day. also embrace winter workouts. , it might be cold, but experts say outdoor light is brighter than indoor light, even on a so you' ll get light exposure, burn calories, and increase depression-fighting chemicals. finally, don' t hibernate. staying social will keep you feeling happier and more productive. randy: combine all of those. emily: get up early for coffee. randy: watch the eye-opener. two basketball players hit the court and set a record. emily: how their height played a role in that, we will explain in eyepoppers. erika? erika: new at 6:30, the company bringing a casino to western mass is scaling back. the new look at mgm' s design for springfield. haunting video showing the final moments of a danvers teacher' s life.
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what we can expect today in the trial of her teenage killer. and new england patriot nate solder talking to newscenter 5 about his infant son' s cancer diagnosis.
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>> hi, we' re the quincy presidents. good morning, eyeopener. [cheering] randy: all right. good morning to everyone at quincy high school. they' re pretty pumped up. tonight they' re getting a high 5 , from our mike lynch. with the inspiring teen who' s really at the heart of this team watch that 6:00 p.m. tonight. some rain heading our way. cindy: i was noticing the blue sky on the wake-up call. not today, clouds moving in. rain to the west working in our direction. we are starting under the clouds in the mid 40' s. low 50' s by midmorning. we hold in the 50' s all afternoon. between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., showers.
6:23 am
brain heavy tomorrow morning. wind brings in a cool down for saturday. randy: thank you. time for eyepoppers. olessa, what do you have? olessa: giants among men on the basketball court. this is the tallest matchup in college basketball history. these two players are both 7' 6" inches tall. one plays for u.c. irvine, the other plays for central florida. irvine won the game, for you who care. randy: the little guys. olessa: the little guys are six feet tall. even the tallest of players wouldn' t help in this situation. the utah jazz were playing the rockets when trey burke took a shot, that got stuck behind the backboard. another player got a broom and knocked it down, right into the basket. the crowd was delighted but it did not count. you cannot use cleaning items to score. randy: combining helpfulness and cleaning ability on the court. emily: still ahead a rhode , island senator facing backlash after an email goes to the wrong
6:24 am
recipients. the message sparking major fallout. whitey bulger' s longtime girlfriend back in a south boston courtroom. the issue that will be front and center at today' s hearing. and at 6:26, take a live look at the sunrise. a beautiful way to start the day. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, caramelized crispy pepper bacon.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. snickerdoodle macchiato. announcer: now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: new york on alert. the message from police after a video from isis threatens the city. >> a boston man accused of trying to kill his own mother. the move that almost made his arrest violent. emily: whitey bulger' s girlfriend called back to boston. she will face tough questions about his killing spree. .
6:27 am
the little sleight that may have touched off this shopping attack. announcer: you' re watching wcvb , boston' s news leader. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: 6:30 thursday morning. worcester. pink skies, the sun just starts to come up. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price with cindy and olessa. nicer temperature in worcester. cloud cover. look how beautiful, light on the horizon among the clouds. yesterday we had teens and 20' s, this morning mostly in the 30' s. plymouth at 39. 46 in boston. not as cold for the kids at the bus stop. temperatures in the 40' s getting
6:28 am
55 degrees as the kids are getting off the bus. you can see the clouds. st eady grain to the west. by lunchtime, one or two showers. the rain starts to move in by 5:00 with temperatures in the 50' s. not a lot happening around lunchtime. towards 3:00 or 4:00, a couple showers north and west of boston. steady rain closing in by six caught p.m. in terms of the rain impacting your traveling, no big impacts through this afternoon. it is tomorrow morning that i think the rain will cause the biggest impacts on the road. traffic picking up. olessa: big problems along the pike. this is by allston brighton. west, there are three separate accidents. eastbound side of the pike, multicar crash by route 9 east
6:29 am
bound with delays at 495. another accident near framingham service area. a crash by the police barracks in weston. north, watching a crash on route one southbound. 93 southbound slow from methuen into andover. expressway north, 30. a crash, route three northbound by union street. 24 and route 140. trains and buses on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, raids are underway in brussels this morning targeting friends of one of the paris suicide bombers. bilal hadfi was one of three on the stade de france on friday. emily: right now, new york' s mayor is urging everyone to go about their day after an isis video appears to threaten the city. the city' s police commissioner says new york is already on high
6:30 am
potential terror target. randy: right now, boston man is stabbing his own mother. davis in dorchester last night where they say he went to pull his mother is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. right now the woman who helped , whitey bulger stay on the lam for more than a decade is about to head back to a boston courtroom. emily: the eyeopener' antoinette antonio is live at the federal courthouse with what to expect today. antoinette: the issue here is that catherine greig just won' t talk. she won' t say a word to a grand jury about who else might have helped the notorious mobster elude capture. greig pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned on contempt charges last month. prosecutors have upped the stakes against greig, threatening her with more prison t talk. but newscenter 5 legal analyst t expect that to work. >> i cannot imagine that at this stage that leverage will induce
6:31 am
kept for most of her life. antoinette: greig is already serving an eight year sentence for her role in helping bulger on the run. her lawyer has said repeatedly she has nothing more to offer and that she will not be used as a tool of the government to harass more people. bulger is serving a life sentence on 11 murder convictions. live outside a federal courthouse, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. this morning we are expecting , new details as the teenager heads back to the courtroom. the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is live in salem with what to expect today. time: good morning. more testimony from the cleaning crew supervisor who described for the jury the bloody aftermath in the danvers high school bathroom where chism allegedly killed colleen ritzer. surveillance video shows colleen ritzer walking out of her
6:32 am
philip chism is seen in the video checking to make sure the her in. they say he was in the bathroom for 11 minutes before he walking out. his hand appears to be bloy. prosecutors say he returned minutes later with a recycling bin, then dumped ritzer' s body behind the school. chism showed no reaction to the court. but he did talk to the judge after refusing to come into the courtroom on tuesday. >> do you want to give up the right to be present to confront and see the witnesses and see the cross examination? >> no. >> do you want to be present? todd: after some delays, the defense says chism is competent to stand trial. the trial resumes later this morning in salem. live, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: new details are coming out on the death of a new hampshire teenager as a third suspect is arraigned.
6:33 am
fentanyl overdose. leslie aberle is accused of giving her heroin, laced with the painkiller. court documents say she provided the drug so tarmey would calm down after not meeting an online acquaintance. they also say aberle told tarmey' s mother and her mother' s boyfriend, who are also charged in the death, to get their story straight for police. a rhode island state senator is under fire for an anti-muslim email she sent in the wake of the paris terror attacks. her name is elaine morgan. the email was apparently meant for a constituent, but was instead sent to other lawmakers. in the e-mail morgan says syrian , refugees should not be welcomed in rhode island because muslims want to, quote, murder, rape and decapitate anyone who is non-muslim. morgan says she meant to limit her characterization to fanatics. emily: new this morning, the new england aquarium is coming out strongly against a plan to redevelop the boston harbor garage. this is a rendering of the billion dollar proposal.
6:34 am
it calls for condos, a hotel, the aquarium says it' revamped garage but thinks this plan would clog traffic, hurt parking, and get in the way of visitor access to the aquarium and waterfront. randy: empty bottles of cough syrup left at a cemetery. emily: the mystery getting police involved. and a patriot talking to s cancer battle. how his faith is helping his family right now. randy: and ahead in news to go, a brawl in the aisles of walmart. what police say sparked the violent confrontation. we are following breaking news on the eye-opener. new raids carried out in brussels overnight to find associates of this man identified as one of the suicide bombers in friday' s paris attacks. we' ll bring you new information as we get it.
6:35 am
olessa: welcome back. big problems on the eastbound pike. out of 495, a crash by route 9 blocking several lanes. in the accident by the service area in framingham and again by the police barracks in weston. an hour from 495 to 120.
6:36 am
rain will come at us late in the day come overnight and tomorrow morning. we are seeking in a gorgeous sunrise. chris on twitter sent this picture of the sky in north attleboro. rain moves in late today and out tomorrow morning, setting us up for a drier and cooler weekend. >> we basically threw statistics out the window. it is likely hate statistics because your kid is not supposed to get cancer. emily: a patriots star opening up about his little boy' s battle with cancer. nate solder' s 4-month-old son is undergoing weekly chemotherapy at boston' s children' s hospital. that' s after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer last month. solder stunned the crowd at a fundraiser monday night when he made the announcement. the offensive lineman, who recently beat testicular cancer, sat down with newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill. he says faith is helping he and his wife through the tough times.
6:37 am
possibility of recovery and the grace that god can show you. that is the hope that we carry with hudson. emily: solder says hudson himself helps keep the family positive with his infectious smile and beaming personality. randy: boston' s mayor targeting young smokers and the city. his new proposal. also, protecting your social media account from your employer. the action happening at the state house. and, the t' s late-night service on weekends could be near its end. the high costs not matching demand. a beautiful morning.
6:38 am
randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with breaking news on an isis threat against new york city. emily: we' re also in mattapan, salem, and boston, where whitey bulger' s girlfriend is back in court. forecast. storm all week. inching east and now here. starting this morning as the sun with a beautiful pink sky. it is looking more and more gray, a fairly overcast day. morning. talk about a widespread inch or more of rainfall.
6:39 am
could be a rumble of thunder. the coastline. inching in our direction. a fair amount of clouds. wind with those and a southeasterly, it is not nearly as cold compared to the teens and 20' s yesterday. plymouth upper 30' s. we will see temperatures around 50 degrees by midmorning and hold through the afternoon with a southeasterly wind increasing to 10-20 miles per hour. between 4:00 and 6:00, showers working in. lunchtime, one or two showers may come in and shift eastward to mid afternoon. by 6:00, the bulk of the rain and wet weather is to the west. look what happened overnight. rain fills in and it comes down
6:40 am
rainfall rates could exceed .5 inch per hour, leading to poor drainage flooding. rain exiting the cape tomorrow morning. we dry out tomorrow afternoon. a breezy day, 50' s today and tomorrow and back into the 40' s but dry on saturday. let' s get to the roads. olessa: big problems. route one, this delay approaching an accident in malden. southbound. same problems along the pike. eastbound slammed from 495 to 128 with three accidents. a crash by route nine eastbound. another accident by the service area and framingham. barracks in weston. 45 minutes to 50 minutes.
6:41 am
more fully monday expressway. heavy out of brockton. an accident cleared by 140. trains and buses are on schedule. emily: breaking developments overnight in the aftermath of the paris attacks. police launched six raids in belgium targeting friends of one of the suicide bombers. bilal hadfi was killed outside the national stadium in paris. we are learning the french military has destroyed 35 isis target since friday. video has new york city on alert. emily: the terror group is suggesting times square would be a good target. erika has the message from that city' s mayor this morning. erika: that message, there is no credible or specific threat and trust in police. still, people are being urged to be vigilant and since the paris attacks, the nypd has quite obviously beefed up patrols , specifically at key transit hubs and so-called soft targets like theaters.
6:42 am
the city also launched new elite counter-terrorism teams. addressing that isis video showing images of times square and other landmarks, the commissioner of the nypd says it looks like a hastily compiled propaganda piece to him calling it a mish-mash of previously released video and really nothing new. its release comes just days after another isis video threatened washington, d.c. frank, over to you. frank: a mattapan mother is fighting for her life after police say she was stabbed by her own son. newscenter 5 cameras there as police searched the scene of the crime last night, the mother' s apartment in mattapan. 25-year-old matthew davis is charged with assault and battery. police say on tuesday night, he stabbed his own mother several times. the seriously injured mother still able to tell officers her son attacked her. police arrested the son in dorchester last night. they say during the arrest he tried to reach for a knife. davis will be arraigned later on this morning. here in mattapan, wcvb newscenter 5.
6:43 am
trial continues this morning here in salem with more , testimony expected from the cleaning crew supervisor who told the jury about the bloody scene in the bathroom at denver' s high school where chism killed colleen ritzer. in court wednesday, jurors saw this surveillance video, showing colleen ritzer walking out of her danvers high school classroom. chism follows her into a bathroom. he later emerges with what appears to be his hand bloody. the defense admits chism killed colleen ritzer, but claims he is mentally ill. reporting live in salem, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: whitey bulger' s longtime girlfriend, catherine greig, is expected back in court today. this comes as prosecutors try to get her to open up about who u.s. may have helped the notorious mobster elude capture while they were on the run. greig pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned on contempt charges last month. prosecutors have upped the stakes against greig, threatening her with more prison time if she doesn' t talk. greig is already serving an eight year sentence for her role in helping bulger on the run.
6:44 am
her lawyer has said repeatedly she has nothing more to offer and won' t be used as quote a tool of the government to harass people. live outside the federal courthouse in south boston, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> we' ve got to go and knock the [beep] out of these people. we' ve got to do it. [chanting] >> usa! usa! randy: a crowd in worcester getting raucus as donald trump vows to take out isis. the republican said he' d send ground troops into syria to wipe out the terror group. some protestors were among the crowd. emily: jeb bush is making his presidential run official today. he will file to be on the primary ballot in new hampshire. the former florida governor is on a campaign swing through the granite state. at a house party in bedford last night he called for u.s. ground
6:45 am
randy: this halifax man held without bail charged with , murdering a prostitute. police say he strangled the woman tuesday inside his home and then hit her body. police say the two got in a fight during an argument over money, and the man stabbed the woman. emily: a big change could be coming to boston. mayor marty walsh wants to raise the minimum age for buying any smoking products to 21. it' s currently at 18 in the city. the mayor says it will help young people appreciate healthy choices. needham raised its age limit to 21 ten years ago. several other cities, including new york, have done the same. randy: it could be lights out for the mbta' s late-night service. some members of the board that oversees the t say the extended hours on friday and saturday night are unsuccessful and too expensive. according to the t, only about 13,000 riders are using the late-night service on weekends. that compares to 1 million people who use the service during normal operation. the state senate unanimously votes to restrict the access schools and employers can have to people' s social media
6:46 am
accounts. the bill cleared the senate yesterday. it forbids employers from demanding that job applicants or workers share usernames and passwords for social media accounts. colleges and schools would also be barred from asking students for that information. the house still needs to vote on the bill. emily: mgm unveiling a new sketch of its casino plans in springfield. the company told city leaders it' s pumping $150 million more dollars into the project than first proposed. mgm says the casino would mean 5,000 jobs for springfield. an old proposal included a 25-story hotel that is no longer part of the plan. randy: an unusual problem at a smit terry -- at a cemetery in east bridgewater. volunteers at northville cemetery say they keep finding bags, full of empty cough syrup bottles. it' s been happening since the summer. cough syrups, such as robitussin, can have an intoxicating effect in certain doses. a wild assault at a walmart in greenville, ohio.
6:47 am
another customer, then throws her down by the hair. the victim was not seriously hurt. police say the suspect may have thought she was cut off in line, but her response was a crime. police are now looking for the suspect. emily: a little love for number 12. g.q. celebrated the 20th anniversary of its men of the year issue with tom brady on the cover. others will feature president obama. the magazine also has a feature on brady called tom brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. period. randy: you can catch the greatest quarterback and the patriots right here on channel 5 taking the field for monday night football against rex ryan and the buffalo bills. our coverage beginning at 8:00 with our sportscenter 5 countdown to kickoff show live from gillette stadium. emily: olessa, some trouble this morning. olessa: a couple problems. route one in saugus, you can see the delays all the way down to lynn street in malden. it is in the process of clearing.
6:48 am
let' s get to the maps it eastbound on the pike, not pleasant. from 495 21 28, a slow ride. another eastbound accident by the service area and training camp -- in framingham and once again by the police barracks in weston. your trip looking on little better. north of town, you just saw the backup. 93 slow out of methuen to the leverett connector. expressway 30 braintree into boston. delays 24 north out of broxton. still clearing northbound. trains and buses on schedule. cindy: it has not even started raining yet. it is milder than yesterday . 46 with a southeasterly wind. 41 and plymouth. mid 40' s on the north shore.
6:49 am
temperatures topping out in the mid and upper 50' s. a milder clouds day, i with us. -- a milder day, clouds are with us. not a lot happening at lunch. as we get deeper into the afternoon, showers through worcester county. the heavier rain, that comes in after 6:00-8:00 p.m. downpours overnight cannot rule out a rumble of thunder. rain along the coast guard tomorrow morning, which will exit the cape between 8:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning. rainfall looks to be close to an inch with higher amounts in the western part of the state. overnight we could seat when gusts 30-40 miles per hour. winds shift to the west tomorrow bringing cooler air. 40' s on saturday. we will be in plymouth for the parade saturday.
6:50 am
winds out of the north at 10-15 but it does look dry. a rain or snow shower sunday. big travel week next week. emily: did you say rain or snow shower? cindy: higher elevations. emily: ok. thank you for joining us. randy: meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company.
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