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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 19, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the very first images inside the terror attack. dramatic video showing the terrorists opening fire on a cafe, bullets flying, glass spraying. people running for their lives ducking for cover. miraculously, no one killed inside. and the new threat to new york. isis releasing a video with direct threats to times square. the very first interview with donald trump and his entire family. what his kids say about their famous father, his run for president and the side of him you don't know. barbara walters has the abc news exclusive. yeah >> and you can't stop this party. 40 hours of "gma." >> i've been up for almost 24 hours and i am getting delirious. >> live streaming nonstop from a
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perfect concert from one direction and check out these famous faces back together. >> are we ready? >> yep. >> here we go. >> it's all been building up to one epic, unprecedented live family reunion from our home to your, everyone you know and love from 40 years of "gma" is back right here live this morning. and good morning, america. what a special morning here in times square. look upstairs. we got a "gma" hall of fame upstairs, joan, charlie, diane walking in this morning. that's not all. there's sam and spencer. >> what's wonderful, they're excited to see ocho other. we're excited to see them. >> everybody up in the green room. >> we were almost late getting down here to the set. >> we got a lot of fun to look ford but like every morning for the last 40 we have to start with the news. >> we begin with that breaking news. the dramatic video from paris,
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our first look this morning at one of those attacks on a restaurant. obtaining the surveillance footage and abc's matt gutman starts us off with that in paris. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i want you to see how many bullets blasted through the facade of this restaurant. right across the street a second attack. people killed there. what that chilling video allows us to see is exactly how these attacks worked and why miraculously no one was killed here. this morning, the first terrifying look from multiple angles inside the terrorist attacks that shattered paris. it's just past 9:30 when the glass begins to spray. this video obtained by "the daily mail" diners duck under tables as that gunman in red moves methodically outside. that woman in the coat bolting back inside followed by that man lunging for cover.
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you can see the gunman shooting his kalashnikov rifle from the head spraying bullet, then he spots a terrify ied diner crouching in fear and moves in for the kill shot pointing the assault rifle at point blank range but something happens. his gun seems to jam. he jogs to that black hatchback then watch. first one woman rises, miraculously saved and bolts. then another. this was the fourth attack out of the six raking paris friday night and perhaps the most revealing and disturbing images since. a different angle shows the bartenders in conversation and then an explosion of glass. one of them heads for the basement as the bullets fly and glass shatters and watch this. that woman in the coat springing for cover under the bar, the female bartender there protectively covering her head. once the gunman has gone,
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the patrons into the basement. now, the man you see so calmly shooting that ak-47 from his hip, french authorities have identified him as salah abdeslam, the subject of that huge mann but french authorities say he could still be on the run, robin and george. >> oh, that is just stunning. >> when you see that footage, it does. >> boy, it sure does. police in belgium conducted more raids overnight hunting for more learning more about that massive raid outside paris wednesday that stopped another attack. killed two terrorists with dna tests trying to determine if one was the mastermind. abdelhamid abaaoud, "world news" anchor david muir on the scene outside of paris. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, robin, good morning to you and we have just learned that french authorities have been given broader powers, the state of emergency extended to moments ago to three more months which really allows them to go into the homes, search
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them and detain people if needed. that raid we talked about hatched just behind me and we are learning this morning belgium prosecutors confirming they have received dna samples. they'll be testing them and, george, as you alluded to the main question is did they or did they not catch the mastermind? this morning, a french prosecutor now says the daring and deadly raid here in this suburban paris neighborhood could very well have stopped another terror plot from unfolding. that paris prosecutor saying this offensive deep inside the saint-denis neighborhood before the sun came up was able to stop a terror cell in its tracks and had the weaponry and will to carry out another aing that. under cover of darkness s.w.a.t. teams of more than 100 officers zeroed in on this apartment building wednesday where cell phone recording and eyewitness accounts placed a man they considered the mastermind of the attacks here in paris on the third floor of this building, an
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man behind the plot. a fierce gun battle breaking out. by 4:45 police equipped with snipers, grenades and assault referrals storming through the reinforced doors they came upon trying to barrel into the apartment facing off with several suspects inside including the woman who investigators believe might have been related to the mastermind, abdelhamid abaaoud. she would blow herself up, detonating a suicide vest. terrified neighbors telling us they heard and saw the horror hidden and barricaded behind their own windows. what was it like listening to that. >> i was very scared. i considered the possibility that could be the end of my life. >> reporter: though police cordoned off the neighborhood we went to get a closer look climbing on to a roof across the street, the scope of the destruction in plain sight. not only is every window blown out but you can see the signs of impact against the cement wall there behind us. at least two terror suspects
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blew herself up and this morning forensic tests under way to determine if abaaoud, the man behind the plan according to authorities is one of the dead. a senior administration official at the white house telling abc news that the u.s. awaits confirmation from the french before commenting saying they will leave it to the french to make any announcement. and as you can see, robin and george, we were actually able to make it to that building climbing up on to that roof and can you can see the sheer essentially destroyed and windows blown out and one woman on the floor below said it was so loud she thought the ceiling would cave in on her clutching her baby in the bathroom and one final note from authorities here and it's chilling. they said they had the weaponry, the will inside that building, that cell willing to plan out another attack. they said neutralizing a possible terror particular in paris. >> we know you'll have much more tonight on "world news tonight."
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here at home, the threat here at home with isis re-releasing that video showing scenes from new york city. including right here in times square. officials quickly responding overnight and abc's brian ross is here with that, good morning, brian. >> good morning, robin. new york city officials felt compelled to go on the offensive after that newly released isis propaganda video praised the paris attacks and made a brief passing remark to new york city. as the rockettes opened their famed christmas shows and the holiday window displays went up at the big department store, the city's mayor and police commissioner hastily called reporters to times square late last night to say there is nothing to fear from isis. >> be aware but do not be afraid. the nypd will protect you. >> reporter: it was all a reaction to less than 20 seconds of scenes in a newly released isis video that showed a suicide bomb in times square. scenes that had appeared in previous isis videos and went
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but having made good on its threats to attack paris, every isis video now is given close scrutiny by law enforcement ofare with and now isis is showing off the bomb it says brought down that russian passenger yet. a misleadingly simple device with components costing no more than $50, a swept soda can packed with explosives, a tiny detonator with a blasting cap and switch and timer to set it off. >> close the switch and arm the and, boom. >> reporter: bomb experts say it powerful than the one in this government test. the russian jet blew up 22 minutes after takeoff. based on the location of the wreckage u.s. authorities believe the bomb was likely placed in the rear luggage hold of the plane by an isis infiltrator. in its online post isis boasted its smuggled the bomb onto the russian jet after it discovered
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a way to compromise the security at the sharm el sheikh airport in egypt and produced passports of some of the russian victims somehow retrieved by isis at the scene of the crash. u.s. officials say current screening machines should pick up a soda can bomb like the type used against the russian jet but their concern is the machines won't mean a thing if someone on the inside finds a way to put a bomb on the plane, robin >> that's a point. so chilling, they have the passports. >> really bad. >> thank you. >> robin, more on this now from our consultant matt olsen former head of the national counterterrorism center. we saw those videos in times square and washington but that doesn't mean there is an active plan in place. >> yeah, that is right, george. we've seen this over the past year from isis, this type of propaganda video. it doesn't necessarily mean there's any credibility behind this. the challenge is that isis over the past year has put out propaganda really advising, exhorting its followers in the
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individuals to try to car/out at least small-scale attacks and keeping counterterrorism officials on edge. >> we know the french officials interrogating those eight arrested yesterday. what exactly are they trying to determine and what will they be doing inside those rooms? >> in those rooms they're certainly asking the questions of those suspects, who else was involved? were there other plots? they're going through the cell phones, the other things they were able to get from the apartment because the key question right now is, are there other attacks? the counterterrorism officials in france right now are worried about other attacks that might be planned and that's the number one priority for them. >> the other key question we've seen especially in france with both the "charlie hebdo" attacks and now this one, the suspect, these terrorists falling through the cracks even though they had been identified as possibly dangerous by french officials. >> right, this just shows what officials in europe are up against. the numbers, thousands of europeans traveling to syria, it's just a huge challenge for these security services. much.
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>> all right, george. now we'll move on and talk about what's happening in iraq. that's where the fight is really being taken to isis and our martha raddatz is there with that side of the story. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these bullet-riddled humvees are all american made given to iraqi security forces when we left, they were then stolen by isis and recovered by kurdish forces. that's what's happening on the ground here in iraq while those air strikes continue. day four of withering air strikes on isis targets in syria, russian aircraft flying 65 bombing runs claiming to have destroyed numerous isis weapons depots, command centers and rows of oil tankers, the oil used to fund their war chest. this as the french aircraft carrier "charles de gaulle" coast. french fighter jets focusing their sights on isis training
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camps and command centers. here in iraq, where the u.s. has been conducting thousands of air strikes and in syria, the u.s. military expressing concern wednesday over russia's tactics, a military spokesman calling those large-scale missions with so-called dumb bombs antiquated suggesting the russian strikes show little regard for civilians below. the u.s. top military adviser general joseph dunnford defending the more discriminate national u.s. approach saying they're very careful in terms of civilian casualties and that he will not apologize for that. whatever happens with those russian air strikes, the forces here want all of the air strikes to continue and intensify. robin and george. >> all right, martha, thank you. both on the air and on the ground. >> we move on to that political backlash against syrian refugees settling here in the united states. house is going to vote on a bill
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screaming process is beefed up. it. >> reporter: the house is expected to defy the president by voting to temporarily prevent the administration from allowing more syrian refugees to come into the country. just one day after a paris aing thatter was pretending to be a syrian refugee using this doctored passport congress is voting to temporarily keep all syrian refugees out of the u.s. >> we can be compassionate and we can also be safe. >> reporter: congress wants the fbi not only to run background checks on all refugees, a process that already takes up to two years, but to certify that each syrian is not a threat, one syrian refugee family bound for the u.s. wednesday after three years of waiting was rerouted to connecticut after indiana's governor refused to let them in. >> i think they're happy to be in a place that at least -- at least the governor wants them to be in. >> reporter: more than 2,000
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syrian refugees already live in the u.s. none have any known ties to terrorism but now 31 governors say they won't accept more. overseas president obama slammed republicans for stoking fear saying they're "scared of widows and orphans." >> after the niche initial spasm of rhetoric, people settle down, take a look at the facts and we'll be able to proceed. >> reporter: ted cruz fired back on wednesday. >> mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. let's have a debate on syrian refugees right now. >> reporter: cruz is now proposing banning all muslim refugees from syria but listen to what he said just last year. >> we have welcomed refugees that -- the tired, huddled masses for centuries. that's been the history of the united states. we should continue to do so. >> reporter: speaking in the philippines this morning the president said that refugees don't pose any more of a threat than tourists. he said the notion that refugees pose more of a threat than
7:16 am
into the united states each year, quote, just doesn't jive with reality. george. >> and, jon, the president and congress both digging in hard right here. could this lead to another government shutdown? >> reporter: well, it sure could because right now the question is whether or not to have a pause but government funding runs out at december -- on december 11th and republicans are willing to push on this, potentially to say that they will not fund this program and we'll see what happens to the president's veto threat at that point. >> jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to the severe storms that moved across the country flooding in the southeast. tornadoes reported around atlanta plus millions on alert for a big winter storm. ginger. >> yeah, winter storm. we're talking about it. we're almost there. let's start with the pictures out of atlanta. those volks plowing through the water. rainfall rates of an inch or more per hour and then the damage to some of the homes in central georgia. all from potential damaging winds or tornadoes. those storms calmed down a lot this morning but moving to the north and east, mid-atlantic and
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northeast will see the rainfall from them and that winter storm is one of our big headlines from milwaukee back to sioux city, iowa. how much snow are we talking central iowa could see more than a half foot. just north and west of chicago has been some of the heaviest rain and snowfalls and i think milwaukee gets really close. so behind this, i'm talking teens, that's right. >> oh. >> teens. >> why. >> i know but i got to do it. george. i'll be back in a couple minutes. >> still smile ing smiling. an emergency landing in chicago. >> an american airlines jet bound for england was forced to return to o'hare airport after hitting severe turn bulence turbulence. two flies were taken to the hospital and passengers are being rebooked today. could be delays for travelers across the country as thousands of workers at seven of the busiest airports including both new york airports go on strike over wages and union rights. they include baggage handlers and cleaners. and tensions are escalating
7:18 am
in minneapolis with both police and protesters firing chemical spray at one another. demonstrators have been camped out since sunday when officers shot and killed jamar clark. they say he was preventing paramedics from helping an assault victim. protesters are demanding police release video of that shooting. and this morning, one woman's determination is inspiring meme everywhere. she was in labor at a hospital in georgia when she used her exam. she was not going to let a little labor pain, a lot of labor pain get in the way of passing her psychology class. with contractions three minutes apart she finished the test and girl. she passed the test by the way which was pretty awesome and says just because i'm considered a young mother doesn't mean i have to be considered a bad mother and wants that education to give her child a real shot at a great live. >> already setting an example for her young daughter.
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>> multitasking at a new level. >> you mean the test? >> no, no. >> thank you, amy. much more ahead this thursday morning. disappoint's children speaking out about their father and his run for president. it's an abc news exclusive. hoverboards flying off the chefs this holiday season but new questions about safety. is your child at risk. the reason for our big ever. so many familiar faces are here celebrating "gma's" 40th birthday bash that's all coming up. don't stop the party you look like a movie you sound like a song my god this reminds me of when we were young r let me photograph you in this light p in case it is the last time
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washington state, here's what happened in kelso, a landslide and new advisories that will slide in cindy: good morning. not nearly as cold. in the 40' s now and 50' s through the afternoon. clouds giving way to showers by 4:00. closing in on areas north and
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announcer: live from wcvb tv channel 5. randy: good morning, i am randy price. top stories a boston man is in , court today, charged with stabbing his mother. police say matthew davis stabbed his mother multiple times tuesday night. she' s suffering serious the longtime girlfriend of james boston courtroom today. catherine greig is facing charges after she refused to speak to a grand jury about who might have helped the notorious not a lot of sunshine, but a pleasant start. yesterday. rain on the way will have some impact on this afternoon' s commute.
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tomorrow morning is when rain will be heaviest. a couple showers by lunchtime into the 50' s this afternoon. showers moving in from the west. 4:00 this afternoon. rain lingering tomorrow morning. it will dry out tomorrow afternoon. 50' s tomorrow and 40' s this weekend. randy: let' s check on the commute. olessa: eastbound on the pike, route 9. another crash in the process of clearing by framingham service area. third accident cleared by the police barracks. 93 southbound heavy out of methuen to the leverett connector. crash on 128 north by route 3 and 24 northbound by route 27. 30-35, braintree to i owe about $68,000.
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i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
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hey hey back on "gma," take a look at our "40 for 40" express. we were worried it wouldn't get here in time going the speed limit. yes, going over the gw, the george washington bridge outside of the city. nick watt, so many on board headed for times square right now. a cappella group along the way, picked up hitchhikers. >> is there just one bathroom on the bus? >> i'm worried about that. >> then we had the streaming "40 for 40". that's bobby. doing the carlton. our technical director for 18 glorious years. and when sam came in, he surprised us and came in.
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streaming and became part of it. it was just -- >> one of those great moments. a lot of news. the first look at one of those attacks in paris. surveillance video obtained by opening fire on the cafe, people running for their lives. unbelievably, no one was killed in this attack. and millions of americans in the midwest on alert for the first winter storm of the season. chicago will get some, more than half a foot of snow expected in some areas. >> oh, boy. ginger will bring us up to speed on that. as we've been saying it's our 40th birthday celebration. michael is here hanging out with some very special guests, the green room has never looked better, michael. >> this green room is a party zone, robin. i really can't believe i get to sit here and do this. >> look at charlie. >> got charlie, joan, diane and you got sam. >> oh! >> and i got -- >> whippersnapper here. >> certainly not me. i can tell you that. . does anybody -- anybody want to
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>> no, no, i think you're doing great. >> i'm glad everybody is here. this is great. we got a huge performance that's coming up. you're not going to want to miss that plus so many more surprises and for me, i tell you, george, back to you. i'm just -- >> charlie is not that short. >> charlie. >> michael is not that tall. a lot of fun coming up. right now to martin sheen speaking out for the first time since his son charlie revealed he's living with hiv. abc's linsey davis here with that story. good morning. >> good morning to you, george. martin sheen calls his son's announcement a miraculous occasion unburdening himself of this secret comes with great relief. it's the bombshell admission rocking tinseltown and beyond. >> a many, in fact, hiv positive. >> charlie sheen coming clean tuesday four years after he says he learned of his hiv diagnosis. something his former live-in girlfriend bree olsen told
7:31 am
>> i could be dead right now because he didn't tell me that. >> reporter: in 2011 olsen was mansion. >> it was like playing russian roulette. it was like he was putting a gun trigger. >> reporter: but sheen's manager says the former "two and a half men" star only acquired hiv 2011. sheen insists he's told all of his partners about his status since his diagnosis and says that thanks to treatment, the blood. >> have you transmitted the hiv virus to someone else since your diagnosis? >> impossible. >> reporter: olsen says she got tested on monday after hearing the rumors about about sheen. >> i am hiv negative. >> reporter: a retch tiff for sheen's ex-wife brooke mueller also telling abc news she and the boys are not hiv positive. online an outpouring of support from several celebrity ies.
7:32 am
magic johnson tweeting me i hope he joins me in educating the world about hiv/aids. heather locklear posting a picture of herself with sheen writing, my heart hurt, prayers for charlie and his family. but it's a different story in "the national enquirer's's" report out on stands now saying their investigation uncovered two active lawsuits against sheen and evidence suggesting he did put several women at risk. >> multiple ex-partners of charlie sheen and in one case a video recording confirmed that they were exposed to hiv. >> reporter: but this morning both the lapd and los angeles d.a.'s office tell abc news they're not looking into sheen and that no one has reported anything to them about him. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new >> martin says he wanted to accompany charlie to the announcement but told him, no, alone. he hopes this will be a real turing point in his life. he said this had been something that had been discussed for
7:33 am
quite a while, that charlie might come forward and that he was hoping that he would have the courage to do it. and for different reasons he would back down but he was saying he's never been prouder of his son than in this time. >> charlie saying it could be a turning point, as well. >> says he don't want to be the poster child essentially for this but will speak out and his life going forward won't be so much partying but philanthropy. >> we'll see what happens. thank you. to that abc exclusive donald trump and his entire family sitting down for a revealing interview with our barbara walters. four of his children here talking about their famous father. >> meet the trump children, yesterday i sat down with the four eldest, don jr., ivanka, eric and tiffany. i need a quick show of hands. which one of you is most like your father? >> well, in fairness i think we're all like him in very different way. >> it's very scary and can go to thanksgiving --
7:34 am
>> we'll all answer the same question using the exact same words in the same sequence. >> trumpisms. meals. we can really sort of let loose. it is a show, i mean in and of it's funny. we have a good time making fun blast. >> do any of you make fun of your father's hair? >> well, i like not to because you never know what happens genetically. doing okay right now but -- >> yeah -- >> it is funny because it's the only hair we've known. people seem fascinated. it's the norm. >> my dad says i'm happy about your mom's hair, not my hair. qualities. people don't see that. it doesn't across on the news when he talks about serious issues but he's incredibly funny and incredibly practical person. >> how is it decided you would be the one to introduce your candidate? >> today, i have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction.
7:35 am
>> that's an excellent question and i don't know actually how it was decided but i was honored to do it and i feel like i was standing there representing our family. >> she did an amazing job, by the way. >> she's a great messenger. she has just great poise and the way ivanka delivered the message was perfect. >> barbara will be here tomorrow with more from the trumps and see her full interview tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central on "20/20." news coming in out of france. french prosecutors have confirmed the mastermind of those friday attacks in paris abdelhamid abaaoud has been killed. the dna tests did come back and they confirmed he's been killed and we're going to go to abc's david muir on the scene in saint-denis right now. hey, david. >> reporter: george, robin, good morning. yes, the french prosecutor just revealing that they do have the mastermind, that they did get this guy. you know, this was 24 hours ago right here in this paris suburb. we are north of paris, not far from the soccer stadium where those terror attacks began to
7:36 am
building not far behind me. the door was reinforced when they got here, a seven-hour battle. terrified neighbors waking up in the dark hours of the early morning, 4:20 a.m. and began the raid. they moved in, stormed into that apartment. traded gunfire. and what's been unclear the last 24 hours is if, in fact, they did get him. they have just confirmed moments ago that he was identified using fingerprints his body was riddled with bullets. we also know there was a woman inside that apartment who detonated her suicide vest during this gunfight. what's unclear at this point is her relationship to the master mastermind. there have been reports they were related in some way. we await word in french prosecutors on that detail. what we know about this man is that he had spent a significant amount of time in syria, in fact, he had been on many of those gruesome isis videos speaking directly to camera. he had been a well-known isis
7:37 am
cell phone record, conversations and people here in the neighborhood who witnessed him, they were convinced he was on the third floor in a safe house in that building and word this morning they got their man. george and robin. >> okay, david, thanks. of course, the eighth attacker, salah abdeslam still at loose they think in belgium right now but the ringlead ever, the mastermind has been killed. we'll be right back. the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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cc1 test message test text1 underline test text1 back now at 7:43 with "gma on the lookout" and alert for parents. hoverboards are the latest craze sweeping the globe, but new york city is reportedly banning them on the streets and there are new concerns about safety. abc's gio benitez has that for us. >> reporter: they're one of the season. that celeb from kendall jenner to lil wayne can't help but show off on social media. >> a status symbol like having a new iphone or something like that where if you have one, you're cool and have a certain
7:41 am
level of status. kids see this and want to have their vine or instagram riding a hoverboard like justin bieber. >> reporter: with social media packed with so-called failed like this worker wiping out. this woman -- >> oh, geez. >> reporter: and this guy with his dog all falling flat. another concern, potential injury, the consumer products safety commission says it's received eight reports of emergency room treated injuries related to hoverboards in just the last three months. >> i was surprised. i didn't think i would get injured that badly. >> reporter: xavier made a youtube video of his first hoverboard run. >> dude, this thing goes so friggin fast. >> reporter: he falls not just once, but twice. >> i scarred up my knee. brandy brandy giddens she tore the trying to get off.
7:42 am
you step off the front. that's really dangerous. >> it takes just that split second. >> reporter: this man performed surgery on a man who fractured his ankle falling on it on his first ride caught on this cell phone video. >> i really envision seeing injuries all throughout the body if the person is not wearing a helmet and sustains a big trauma to the head can get a traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: to stay safe experts say you should wear a helmet and even wrist and knee pads and if you're a beginner, consider having someone spot you. and we should tell you, we've looked at the manuals for these hoverboards and those that we saw all have safety warnings listed, so you've just got to be smart and robin and george, some wonder if banning them outright will just make people want them more. >> remember when we had those in the studio. >> we got one at home. i think it's going to the closet. >> number one thing on my daughter's christmas list. >> oh, okay. >> coming up, our "40 for 40"
7:43 am
event. the bus is going to make its way here. pitbull is going to be performing. it's a partee! come on back. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes
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essage cc1 test m
7:47 am
really earning their pay. it is bedlam down here. it's like herding cats. >> all reckless. >> oh, boy. know we're closing in. whole stretch of our "40 for 40" streaming celebration. in l.a. >> one direction. very intimate concert. >> what a great time. what a great experience and michael is eating. >> yeah. >> enjoying some fine food. >> uh-huh. >> didn't want to share it. nick watt has been on our "40 for 40" express and he's almost here for our family reunion. hey there, nick. >> reporter: hey, robin, we are on your island. we are on manhattan island, 1504 miles after leave chicago. it's taken two days and met some great people along the way and eaten a lot of great food. we have not slept very much but it's been really good fun. people singing "happy birthday" to "good morning america" and
7:48 am
and we're chock-full of coffee and we're heading your way. >> you better get here. >> be afraid, robin. >> we are because the party is about to begin. in our next hour celebrating with you our 40th birthday.
7:49 am
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7:51 am
back here on "gma." montague, winds gusted to 40 miles an hour and waves kicking up on the channel. business mark to chicago especially by sunday morning, teens.
7:52 am
test message
7:53 am
update. >> looking across the skyline of boston, a decent start to the day. cindy: our chances for rain go up as the day wears on. the biggest impact in terms of rainfall affecting the commute will be overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. we have clouds, temperatures in the mid-40' s. s this afternoon. by 5:00 a few showers around the heavier rain comes in overnight with downpours.
7:54 am
that rain will be with us early tomorrow and clearing skies, breezy in the 50' s tomorrow. cooler for the weekend. alyssa: we have three separate accidents early this morning one by route nine. he still watching a crash by the service area in framingham. 30 to 35 495 to 128. is slow on 93 south and the expressway is 30 to 35 minutes and buses are doing ok. >> expecting to see more evidence in the murder trial of philip chism. surveillance video of philip chism following colleen ritzer into the bathroom where she was killed. police questioning a man at a hit and run the killed a 19-year-old. so far, no arrests of been made.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
yeah yeah yeah good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. so are you ready for the biggest show we ever pulled off? 40 years of "gma." it's just amazing. than this. >> the greatest story, the un unforgettable moments. soon. >> yes, you will. >> and all right there with you, the greatest viewers, our true "gma" family. and wait for it? are you kidding me. >> wait for it. >> trip on a treadmill. >> are you ready? >> would you believe every one of your favorite faces from "gma" is back? we're jumping into our greatest family reunion ever and you'll
7:58 am
we have for you this hour right, pitbull? >> it's going to be the nonstop party. >> 40 years of "gma" takes over times square right now. yeah yeah yeah. >> "good morning america" continues live from times square with robin, lara, amy, ginger and michael. diane, joan, david and me, charlie. a reunion, 40 years in the making. >> oh, good morning, america. good morning, charlie gibson, all the stars and you knew it immediately heard that voice. charlie is back. this is our 40th birthday celebration right here in times square -- birthday or anniversary. >> either one. either one. it's a party either way you put it and our 40/40 express is make its way -- nick watt, so close, so close to joining our celebration. >> it is new york, a little bit of traffic bull he'll be here. a morning so special even president obama sent a special message. take a look. >> happy 40th birthday, "good
7:59 am
morning america." congratulations on 40 great years. >> thanks. >> he said birthday. >> so birthday it is. >> michael is outside with another big surprise. it's above and beyond do i understand -- >> it's reaching when i say new height, new heights. 13,500 feet above the ground, a big thank you to the u.s. army golden knights for this special tribute and performed a 40th for carolina. my father is a member of the 82nd airborne division with that man jumping out of airplanes and to you. >> i don't see ginger. she wasn't one of them, was she? happen. we have a lot coming up. we also have breaking news. that news out of paris, the ringleader of those deadly terror attacks is confirmed dead right now. let's go to amy with that. >> that's right, george and robin. the big story, the breaking news, the mastermind of the
8:00 am
paris attacks is in fact dead all according to french prosecutors who say abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in that police raid in suburban paris early wednesday morning and abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with all of those details just coming in right now, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we now know he was identified by his fingerprint, his body was so raid yesterday. the 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud had risen to rapid heights inside isis. he was part of their new global strategy to pull off well-organized terror attacks around the world. he had handpicked the aing thatters from his hometown in brussels for this attack in paris and sought him almost immediately thinking at first he was in syria. they then learned from a cell phone that was disposed outside that concert hall in paris that he was in communication with the attackers, they tracked him down yesterday in the suburb of saint-denis, opened fire and now they have identified him as being killed, a major victory for french police, amy. >> a victory, indeed. brian, thank you so much.
8:01 am
as we get them throughout the morning on "good morning america." george. >> thank you. now time for special guest. >> yes, indeed. they're here live in times square. and all started, what, 40 years ago. >> david hartman and nancy dussault. >> hi, nancy. >> hi, david. >> good morning, america. >> and hi, sandy. >> hi, david. good morning, america. >> and hi, joan. >> hi. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> and hello, charlie. >> joan. >> good morning, america. we were kind of the late '90s or mid '90s verse of the show >> and '80s. >> that's right then we get to the late '90s. lisa, charlie. >> how are you? >> kevin. >> charlie, lisa. >> both: good morning, america. >> then we graduated to the 2000 version of "good morning america." hi, darling.
8:02 am
>> good morning, america. >> ah. and it feels so good. we don't get cups. >> i'll take a blue one. thank you. >> i'll switch you. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> that went really well. in what a morning here. >> best laid plans. >> it's just getting started but you know what, something is missing. what would a morning show be without -- >> weather? >> yes, yes, so ginger is outside with some very special guests. ginger. >> oh, and i am here with weather royalty from "gma," let's get right down this line of umbrellas and reveal, yes, the very first weatherman john coleman, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, america. >> and next up spencer christian. [ applause ] just love that face. mike barz, my friends, oh, yeah.
8:03 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> hi, everybody. >> how does it feel, guys? feel good to be back? >> wow. i feel terrific. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you so much. >> how are you? >> good to see you. how are you? >> what are we doing? it is going to rain later. it is, i promise it will. robin, george, this is so special. we love being out here with the crowd where we all did and they have for so many years. robin. >> all right, amy. looking good out there. over to amy now. that was ginger, you're amy with the rundown. >> i might be standing alone here but not for long. i wanted to have all of the "gma" news anchors come join me behind the desk here. all of the anchors that came before me and we begin with steve, take it away, steve. >> abc news, i'm steve bell.
8:04 am
>> margaret osmer who is next. >> mike schneider. >> morton dean. >> elizabeth vargas. >> i'm antonio mora. >> and juju chang. >> and i'm robin roberts -- >> how are you? >> you came in here. >> i'm right here. >> are we in order? >> katherine, so nice to meet you. >> so sorry. and josh, nice to have you back. >> nice to be back. >> all of you back here. we're going to head back over to -- >> michael. >> michael. >> michael. >> lara and michael. >> we have no camera, though. >> hello. >> a look at what's ahead on "gma." it's a family reunion as you can tell. it is crazy out here. 40 years in the making and everyone is here from diane sawyer who is over there to my man pitbull. >> oh, yes. >> and a very special guest who's behind some door i'm supposed to show you. i don't know where that door is.
8:05 am
it's on the monitor perhaps and we'll let you know all about that coming up on our "gma" 40th reunion. 40 years at "gma." party p as our ocean spray cranberries. pyou can decorate with them, bake with them, even make holiday drinks, plike our cranberry punch we call the festive sparkler. mmm. festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... t"the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." t we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. pbut no one can tell them apart anyway. [ both chuckle ] go to were free... for the rest of your life. pat jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry... the one she'll wear forever... and it's waiting for you...
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8:09 am
oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. p guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. hey hey fabulous at 40. >> happy birthday, "good morning america." >> happy 40th. "gma." >> all our friends wishing us happy birthday here at "gma." what a special morning here in times square and it's so great to have everyone here. >> all those special messages and, yeah, i like to be referred to as 40, all of us here 40. we'll all take it. good morning, america, throughout our 40 years.
8:10 am
welcoming words. r 7 795 times. our family, they have just been -- just been here and filling us with such joy. we know that they've become your family, as well. diane sawyer, charlie gibson, joan lunden, david hartman, the man who launched it all for us 40 years ago, take a look. >> good morning, america. >> good morning. i'm david hartman. today is monday, november 3rd and we'll be joining you every weekday morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, again, everyone. >> good morning, america. >> hello, everyone. >> good morning. from planet earth. >> all of us come and go but the star is "good morning america." itself.
8:11 am
>> open up. >> going back to the first day, everybody shared a sense of responsibility. >> we want to troy to provide you with information that will be useful to you. pinch myself. >> you're learning stuff along with the audience. and you're their surrogates and that's such an unbelievable honor to be the person who gets to find out stuff on their behalf. >> i asked them afterwards i said why are you dancing. they said through a translator, we're celebrating life. >> having that chance to bring people that news firsthand, first thing every morning is an amazing privilege. >> that is a responsibility that when you come on the air, it seems to me that you're there not just to say what happened but to say we're together. we're together. >> boston police and some 400 national guardsmen -- >> ran as fast as i could. >> the president has been shot once in the left chest.
8:12 am
>> now the berlin wall is virtue wrally obsolete. >> yesterday draped in the royal standard diana's body was brought back to england go after a firefight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> a woman was at work when the quake hit on the third floor of that building back there. >> the first few seconds are, are we okay? are we safe? >> "challenger" go with throttle up. >> we had broadcast a number of launches and had met a lot of those people and so that was very difficult. >> it is thursday, april 20th and i am as you might expect in oklahoma city. >> we were standing on top of an abandoned building and they said to us, you've got to be very careful as you walk across the roof of this building because it may collapse. >> we just got a report in that there's been some sort of explosion at the world trade center in new york city. >> i think we both still look at
8:13 am
astonishment that this was happening. >> diane and i said to each other, if i start to cry, you've got to help me here. and she said the same thing to me. >> people handing out water. people handing out sandwiches and food. you pull together. >> good morning, america, from rome. >> live from venice, italy, >> this is one of the rarest things you can see in journalism. it's a visa into north korea. >> i wanted a career that would send me all around the world, all around this country. careful what you pray for. >> wherever history was being wedding. >> this is one of the spots along the route. >> whether it was coming down of the berlin wall or whether it was in washington at inauguration, you were just right there where history was being made. >> we went and did the 12-day trip to the soviet union back during the height of the cold
8:14 am
war and i came back from that ground. >> here with some of the men now of the 82nd airborne. >> the week before the gulf war, the first gulf war when we went to saudi arabia and bahrain and had a chance to talk to young kids who were about to go to war. >> you got the entire country. to them. >> i was inspired by that. >> i think by the time we were able to reunite a family. >> maya esther at an orphanage at port-au-prince at the time the earthquake struck. >> you found her. >> thank you so much. >> when you're able to give somebody -- a bit of ray of sunshine in a very devastating time, wow. whoo! >> you know, "good morning anything. it can report on the 2000 election or it can be that when an extraordinary little boy meets his hero, the former president of the united states. >> i think you'll find that he's
8:15 am
here and he'd like to meet you. >> so good to see you. >> so glad to see you. >> you're going to meet the man, the young man who gave you the gift of life. >> there's a lot of tough news we bring on the air, but these are the moments, are simply filled not just with hope but with reassurance about who we are as human beings. >> you just can't believe all the things that you -- that you've experienced and i pinch myself every day and just so grateful i've had these opportunities i hope i get my license one day. >> we bungee jumped off ang 18-story bridge. >> good morning, america. >> i did two bungee jumps, my first and last. moving on up >> it's a family. it's a team and none of us could do it without the other. >> being able to say good morning to america is a gift. >> "gma" has created life memories that i will never forget.
8:16 am
have the opportunity to say good morning, america. that never gets old. television. >> phil who hired me, he said be curious, have fun. and i did the program with that in mind for 19 years. >> so what a privilege it was, what a joy it was to do that every day. >> it was so personal, so personal to say we're all in it together. we're in this together. >> for those who are leaving us right now join us tomorrow morning for "good morning america." >> and we say good morning to joan, david, charlie, diane, you are our foundation and as you, as everyone else was watching that piece, i was watching you watching the piece and sometimes especially when the 9/11, i saw you and charlie grasp hands. what is it like for you, charlie, to see that and your body of work.
8:17 am
meaningful day ever that i had a chance to broadcast and i remember walking into the studio the next morning because we were on the air when it happened, and we went through it until peter jennings got into place, we were on the air for about 45 minutes trying to figure out what was going on, second plane came into frame, hit the building, saw the plane come out the other end, diane said, oh, my god, and i said, now we know what's going on. we're under attack but i think both of us wish we said what the other said. i had the reporter's action. diane had the human reaction but i remember walking to the studio the next day and thinking my entire life professionally was a preparation for this moment because this is the most important broadcast i'll ever do and we both said to each other we can get through this. we will get through this. and, and we had -- we put -- remember we put the table in the middle of the floor because we were at the breakfast table with everybody else in the country and we just figured tone that
8:18 am
>> and also honoring the searing stories that we were hearing for the first time live. that's what -- we just wanted to honor the people who were telling us about this moment and this country in this crisis. >> and, charlie, you said everything you've done up to that point, it prepared for. david, i want to throw that to you. in some ways nothing can prepare you for what you're going to face here every morning except being a human being. >> yes, that's right and the word i've used a couple of us have about the fact that doing this work is a gigantic privilege. and how many people in all of television has -- have had this privilege and this opportunity and this responsibility for two hours a day, five days a week to bring people information that they really can use in some constructive, positive way in their lives to help understand
8:19 am
who we are, what we are and what we need to do with our own lives to make not only our lives better but make the country better. that's the responsibility part and as charlie said, yeah, have fun and part of it is fun, but the bigger part of it is the privilege of being able to inform. >> and it's the way we feel today. but it's like charlie said, good morning -- it's a little bit of everything. it's like a newspaper. you know, you have the front page, you have the entertainment section, the sports section and, joan, you had your work cut out for you with mr. gibson over there when he first came on the scene because he was all buttoned up and everything. >> our first day was out on a beach in florida and there he was with his suit just like he was reporting in front of capitol hill and i walked over and i felt bad because, you know, i was so used -- i knew we would be in a hot climate so i wore something appropriate. >> there he he take off the tie. >> i said i think you need to take off your tie and i knew he was looking at me thinking, what did i get myself into?
8:20 am
>> i shower in a tie so -- >> i thought you were born in a tie. >> and i suddenly realized joan said this is not right and so she leaned over and she took off my tie. >> so, diane, did you ask yourself that question, what did i get myself into when you did cirque du soleil. >> i wish i had asked and so does cirque du soleil. part is just indenture. doing things you never dreamed you would do and taking people with you and i loved getting to show all of you what it was like and there i was doing their highly controlled experiment but at one point i got on a trapeze way above -- i don't know how many feet above but lots of feet above the arena and i kept trying to pull myself back up strength. they didn't have a ladder tall enough to shove me back up to the trapeze so as far as i know -- i could still be hanging there. i just want to say. >> but i remember your first it all. you've done it all and your first day at "good morning
8:21 am
america" and what did you do at the very end of the show? >> i sort of breeze in, i got this one. i got it all and i had no idea how much there's to do. at the end of the show. on the conveyer belt the whole time and charlie was laughing in his tie. >> sitting next to this blond mop all of a sudden. union. >> we did. and it was before the reagan/gorbachev summit in geneva, a month before, and how much did any of us know about the soviet union? and we thought as a program why don't we go over there and see if we can meet some real people and try to get an idea about what the soviet union is like? and the 12 days we were there was a life-changing experience for me. so many of us born and raised in this country do not appreciate what we've got, the freedoms of our country, the constitution,
8:22 am
me started, about that. but when i came back from the soviet union where it was so totally different from what it's like in the united states instead of -- in terms of freedoms and i came back and if you had told me that i was going to come back and kiss the driveway in front of my house i'd have said you were crazy. >> you guys remember -- >> i kissed the driveway in front of my house. >> we have to get to ginger for some weather. >> oh, you know what, so appropriate for weather. we have 25 seconds, guy, go. >> hi, i'm sam. >> hi, i'm mike. >> i'm spencer. >> i'm john [laughter] cindy: good morning. i am meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. 55th afternoon. it will take a while for the
8:23 am
the bulk of the rain comes in overnight. >> do you know what we do have time for? the most amazing weather sandwich ever. george. >> ginger is very, very happy right now. rightfully so. we all are. our anchors from "gma's" 40 years are here live and the party and pitbull just getting started.
8:24 am
emily: good morning. i am emily riemer. breaking news in boston -- on harrison avenue. authorities say a man had a product used to make meth in his possession. also, a boston man is in court today, charged with stabbing his mother. police say matthew davis stabbed his mother multiple times tuesday night. she is suffering serious injuries. take a live look over the city. gray and cloudy. the way it is going to be today. cindy: you got it. the chance for rain will be increasing. the biggest impact will the
8:25 am
overnight and tomorrow morning. showers off to the last. starting to creep in between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. closer to boston, but it is in the overnight hours where we will see the heaviest rain all. -- rainfall. breezy. emily: thank you. the commute. olessa: we have been watching problems from 495 east. an accident by route nine is gone. still 35-40 495 to 198 -- 128. emily: we are back
8:26 am
oh i wanna dance with somebody i wanna feel the heat with somebody yeah yeah wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me >> happy birthday, "gma." you don't look 40. you've had work done. >> yeah. >> love "dancing with the stars." very special welcome from "dancing with the stars" for our 40th birthday. a nice compliment from tom bergeron. >> he did say we had some work done. how dare he say that. how does he know?
8:27 am
we won't have a show of hands with that. all of times square is celebrating as you know the party is not going to stop because pitbull and a bunch of dancers are here. we've got to have music. we've got to have mr. worldwide. mr. worldwide. yeah, oh, and nick watt, he finally made it here. the "40 for 40" express. >> and ginger zee made it here too. >> it takes me longer to get around. >> and as always you're worth the wait, ginger. you're worth the wait. >> oh, nice. >> spencer. >> finally spencer that's my role now, the pun department. >> but the problem has been handed off as you can see the whole gang is here "gma" anchor, hosts, the medical team past and present. [ applause ] >> feels so good.
8:28 am
>> the doctor is in the house. >> don't do that. don't do that. now we'll look back at the moments over the years that, well, made us laugh the hardest. >> i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts, it's tuesday -- tuesday -- where am i? >> that's the weather around the naked. nation. your local forecast just 30 seconds away. >> shrimp on a treadmill. >> slip on a treadmill. wait. that's the worst intro i've ever had. george, george. is this it? is that it? >> it is a busy monday as well right here. just said hello to lara twice. three times. hello again, lara. >> yeah, am i in your shot? >> you see, see what i'm saying? >> this is a very interesting pair of shoes that we have on this morning. >> you get dressed in the dark. you try not to make up the family and sometimes you slip up. >> i just realized i had my
8:29 am
pants on backwards. >> the ugly sweater showdown. we take this really seriously. >> george clooney is going to be here live this morning. >> diane -- >> lighting up times square. >> a huge star. huge. >> he is also going to be -- >> george, george clooney is on. he's a huge star. where's diane >> ah. i sit on you we're expecting you >> come on, george. >> this is all you, george. the love boat >> there we go. >> sometimes you just got to dance, right? you just got to dance. >> that's what i say. >> move like this dance.
8:30 am
>> wow. a drop the mike moment. >> drop the mike. [ applause ] >> are we clapping for ourselves. wow, everyone here, everyone here, good morning. >> all: good morning. >> okay, let's do a show of hands. like charlie who's had a wardrobe malfunction on the air? raise their hand. yeah. >> okay and also raise -- who never listened to the control room when they said to wrap? >> charlie. right there. >> favorite too. >> we have a phrase we call it you've been gibson'd. >> exactly. >> take the earpiece out. >> who has had the six-minute spot that had to be 1 1/2 minutes because you followed him. diane can vouch for that.
8:31 am
>> you feel her pain, don't you, diane? >> sisters here. >> we had all our viewers vote on the funniest moment ever in the show. anybody want to guess on what it was before? >> huh-uh. >> it was a landslide. >> wasn't even close. >> take a look. >> here it is. >> over here the vanna white doll. here we go. see. whoops. sorry. sorry. sorry. i didn't even -- >> charlie. he could not stop laughing. charlie is still blushing. >> you know what, we do have an props. hey, sally, are you somewhere around here? billy, oh, billy, okay. this is the shrimp on the
8:32 am
present it to you. honorable mention. >> i'd like to thank you, george. >> we do -- >> sam, you had a couple of moments that had us cracking up. we could not put them in the show. >> oh, no. >> when it didn't work -- >> you used the audience. >> yeah, i was line you're cold. you're -- >> yeah. >> you were unfortunately pointing -- >> doing the best i could. >> right. josh. be careful. >> yes. yes. >> but you know, but wait. there's more. wait, there's more. okay, we have a surprise guest. it's a woman who paved the way for michael to run from "gma" to "live with kelly and michael" but when she did it it was called "live with regis and
8:33 am
the first one, kathie lee gifford is here. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. >> oh. [ applause ] >> hi. >> ah. >> kathie lee. kathie lee. >> yes. >> owes a lot to this show and to us, yes. because we were both on vacation, yes. >> on assignment. >> it was thanksgiving. >> okay, so we were -- >> you were home. okay. [ laughter ] >> sucking on a drumstick. >> yeah, on assignment. >> see. >> and frank gifford sat in for you and that is where you met. >> well, that's the first time we worked together but i met when i first came here, i also did commercials and i -- i was here at 4:00 in the morning to do an alpo commercial with a basset hound. there it is. >> i love it. >> hey, it's tough to get good
8:34 am
anyway, i'm walking down the hallway and i seen the greatest pair of buns i've ever seen in my life. i go -- anyway, leaning over a sink putting in contact lenses. now, i had just had something called radio keratotomy and i yelled out which is what i usually do and i said have i got an operation for you? to which the voice that belonged to the buns says with a fool on either end. that's how the 29-year-old marriage started. so anyway he heard from his doctor that only idiots get that. well, i'm the one with 20/20 vision so when is the idiot? great memories then when i would take over for joan when you were having yet another child. david was so great to me and i
8:35 am
you said to me, i don't know if you remember, on monday, there's only one thing you have to do, >> no. >> what is it? >> he said, just show up. which was very kind. it just put me so at ease because everybody else was like sit like this. when i took over for joan, quite a bit taller i was sitting in the seat and frank was in the building somewhere watching on a monitor and he calls me and he turkey? he says, get somebody to put something under the seat because, you know, you sink down there like that and you're still tall. you haven't shrunk at all. >> thank you. >> we're glad that everyone showed up for this very, very special morning and so -- >> thanks for having us. >> thank you, kathie. >> want to give us the weather? [ laughter ] >> as always. >> okay. in the southeast it's drying out and warm along the gulf coast
8:36 am
from texas to florida. highs in the 70s and 80s cindy: good morning. i am meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon. we have clouds out there now. temperatures in the 40' s. we come into the 50' s this afternoon. 4:00 p.m., showers move in. >> and you're on. >> this weather report has been brought to you by ocean spray, ginger. >> taking over. we have loved revisiting so many "gma" memories. so many fans sharing their favorite, thanks to blackberry priv and want to thank you for being a part of the "gma" family all these years. all right, now this is the exciting part. are you guys ready for it catching up with one of our biggest fan, judy byrwa, she's been traveling on our "40 for 40" bus all the way from michigan and first met judy back in 2004 when emeril surprised her with a breakfast in bed.
8:37 am
the way she reacted. we have an even bigger surprise for her this morning. joe hinrichs is here from ford. i know you have something special planned for judy. >> we're all inspired by judy's story and we think and unveiled a new ford escape with all new technology and we shui think she should be the first to have it. >> the future of ford is important. >> we've been having innovation as part of our key and now we'll make people's lives better just like judy. >> let's get out there. emeril and judy is out there. we have no idea what we're coming out to do for her. where are we? emeril, judy, it's great to see you. >> hi. nice reunion. >> gentlemen, indeed. >> my friend. >> what were we doing here? >> the best breakfast in bed. here. how are you? >> judy, we loved you so much. we want to do something special for you. we want you to turn around and check out a little something.
8:38 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> her brand-new ford escape. the crowd is going wild and we want to go wild too. judy, check out your new car. come up, do not stop. this party will not stop because all of our anchors are here for stay with us on "gma." [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
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8:40 am
this could be the happiest craziest day we've ever had here at "gma" and it would not be a party without pitbull. thrilled he's here now. >> here's he is with a medley and biggest fr "free.k." >> we're going to do it like this. yeah yeah yeah que no pare la fiesta yeah yeah stop the party just for me >> happy anniversary. girl
8:41 am
dance cause we can any time of day it's all good for me >> check it out weekend do a little freakin' go ahead and be the freak girl she's my type whew go ahead and be a freak girl teachers let your hair down take your glasses off teach go ahead and be a freak girl all my polish women that like it rough in the handcuffs whoop whoop let's freak girl my exotic dancers that ain't with romance go ahead and be a freak girl all my business women that ahead and be a freak girl all my real estate girls with their button down breasts out take it to the house you a freak girl now freak with me go ahead and be free baby freakaleak whoa i wanna freak in the morning and freak in the evening just like me i need a roughneck brother that can satisfy me >> good morning, america. we want you to be free and enjoy. just for me if you are that
8:42 am
>> everybody out there, good morning, america. i gotta freaky secret everybody sing 'cause we don't give a damn about a thing 'cause i will be a freak until the night until the dawn we have off for the night till the early morning you wanna know i'll take you around the hood do the gangsta lean 'cause we can any time of day it's all good for me i knew my rent was gonna be late about a week ago i worked my ass off but i still can't pay it though but i just got just enough to get up in this club have me a good time before my time is up hey let's get it now ooh i want the time of my life oh baby ooh give me the time of my life let's get it now >> pitbull, america. this is the last $20 i got but i'mma have a good time ballin' or out tell the bartender line up
8:43 am
she's on fire she's so hot i'm no liar she burned the spot look like mariah i took another shot told her drop drop drop drop it's like it's hot dirty talk dirty dance she a freaky girl and i'm a freaky man she on the rebound broke up with her ex and i'm like rodman ready on deck i told her i wanna ride out and she said yes we didn't go to church but i got blessed i knew my rent was gonna be late about a week ago i worked my ass off but i still can't pay it though but i just got just enough to get up in this club have me a good time before my time is up hey let's get it now oh >> let's have the time of our life, america. my life let's get it now
8:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax. the bright side of car buying.
8:45 am
ext1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain yeah yeah yeah >> happy 40th birthday, "gma." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, brad and carrie. i don't have to go to aerobics after that. back with our "40 for 40" so many familiar faces returning to the studio but there are so many behind the scene s s faces we want you to see. they've been with us and it takes a village. joanie, she's been here since day one. [ cheers and applause ] joanie, joanie. >> i started when i was 12. >> she started when she was 12. >> adriane, you've got the
8:46 am
jacket, as well, 39 years and one of the best name, not kidding, gene kelly, ladies and gentlemen, gene kelly right there but all that you see, margo, paul, it's just -- it does. we wanted you to see. we wanted you to see everybody that makes this happen. >> a lot of generations and we will be right back. [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods.
8:47 am
father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
8:48 am
t woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. tman: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. p man: here because everyone deserves clean water. t man: here for the cool research. rwoman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. r man: because the oceans matter to us all. p man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good. -woman: umass. -man: here for a reason. message test text1 underline test text1 italics
8:49 am
yeah yeah yeah que no pare la fiesta >> happy 40th, "gma." >> happy 40th, "gma." >> happy 40th, "gma"! [ cheers and applause ] >> a truly amazing morning. 40 years in the making. mr. worldwide, pitbull, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> you got new music coming out soon. >> "time to change." more than anything it's an honor to be here with amazing beautiful people. congratulations. i got to say 40 is the new 20. we only getting younger, baby. >> thank you, pitbull. >> how about this cake right here, our 40th birthday cake from our friend buddy valastro and carlos bakery. thank you. >> george, george, i love the fact that the beautiful people are behind him now. >> we're used to it, charlie. it's okay. >> how did we know that charlie gibson would get the last word in? love you.
8:50 am
thank you. announcer: live from wcvb
8:51 am
5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning. i am emily riemer. looking over the boston skyline. a great and cloudy day. cindy: great, but it s. by 4:00, 5:00 p.m., a few showers might be sneaking in toward boston. the main overnight. cannot move out thunder. coast line. s. s this weekend. emily: thank you. alyssa has the commute. olessa: quiet right now. pike. eastbound, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, much better. minor delays on the blue line. emily: thank you.
8:52 am
hazmat crews are on the scene at the police substation. four officers were taken to boston medical center as a precaution and a man was arrested. we are expected to see more evidence in the murder trial of philip chism today. yesterday, jurors saw surveillance video of chism following teacher colleen ritzer into the school bathroom where she was killed. join us for newscenter 5 at
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