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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> big interview with barbara walters and emily: good morning, it's friday, november 20th. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. breaking news on the eye right now: an assault investigation underway in boston. where police say they found the victim in this case. emily: a boston area teenager killed in a terror attack in israel. the search for answers this morning as a community mourns. randy: this vandalism investigated as a hate crime at harvard law. how some students are fighting back. cindy: a lot of green. a lot of rain for much of the state this morning. randy: absolutely pouring out there in spots, cindy. good morning. cindy: good morning to you both. we just had the heaviest band of
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it is offshore now but still affecting parts of the south shore and east providence more heavy rain. when you get to some of these yellows, the rain is falling at more than half an inch per hour. you can see the back end around the wus r area. that is -- wus r area, that is going to be moving eastward. it is right along the coastline that we're dealing with the heavier rain. it is going to hang on in seesh southeastern massachusetts through about 10:00 or 11:00 and then we'll clear out to skies this afternoon. the winds are active this morning. coming up out of the south. it is mild. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's now. 60 down around providence. we will hold the temperatures steady throughout the day. around lunchtime and the afternoon, we will get into some sunshine.
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it is making for a tough rite ride. olessa: not a pleasant commute now. budget in that extra travel time. so far, everyone getting by at a good pace. you want to slow it down. all of our overovernight construction was knocked out because of that weather. that is good news. the pike this morning, you just saw it live. doesn't look too bad yet. that -- trains and buses expected to start the morning on schedule. randy: we're following some breaking news now in mali. dozens of people held hostage. emily: americans beingarded to shelter in place. it is at the rad sunny hotel in the radison hotel. it is raising fears of a terror
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islamists took control following a 2012 military coup there. also breaking overnight. boston police are investigating a serious assault after a man is found at a bus stop on washington street in the city's south end. we're told the man was taken to boston medical center with life-threatening injuries. boston police have not reported any arrests. randy: also breaking, 11 people are forced out of their home after this 2-alarm fire in brighton. it happened at a triple-decker around 1:30 this morning on champney street, in the oak square neighborhood. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation. it does does not appear to be serious. emily: right now, horror and heartache after a terror attack kills a local teen in israel. randy: his lovered ones are grieving the loss this morning. grief, now searching for answers. reporter: there are two communities in mourning.
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as brookline where he graduated this year. he traveled there to give food to soldiers. ezra schwartz of sharon was one of five people killed in the attack yesterday. police say a palestinian man opened fire and rammed his car into a group of pedestrians. the teen's high school, still trying to grapple with the news. >> the whole school went into shock. the middle school and upper school immediately canceled classes and everybody came together to play. >> why this young, vibrant man. why was he cut down? really, at 18 years old. reporter: his rabbi says drawn to israel to study for a college. the rabbi is now calling on religious leaders around the world to step up and condemn any act of violence. randy: sera, thank you. right now we're getting new
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actions here at home after the attacks in paris. erika is tracking the story. randy: monitoring dozens of radicals here at home after isis released a video threatening attacks in washington and new york. they said they will target the white house specifically. fears turning political now. the white house vowing the ppt will veeth a new -- president will veeth a new measure just passed by the house to dramatically tighten security screenings of refugees from syria and iraq. a number of democrats splitting with the president on this one. >> we are operating around the clock. >> the u.s. stands ready to
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as president hollande intensifies attacks on syria and iraq. emily: a hearing will be held today for this man charged with stealing guns from a worcester armory. 5 investigates learning james walker morales was based at the army reserve center until his discharge in 2013. he was arrested in may on sex assault charges, and investigators say he was wearing a g.p.s. bracelet when he broke into the armory saturday night. blood stains matching his dna were found inside. he was tracked down in long island, new york wednesday night. randy: right now a hate crime is under investigation at harvard law school. students are fighting back. >> this morning students are turning the tables as campus police investigate who committed this hate crime.
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with messages of love and support. this one reads amazing professor, mentor and role model. this one, you are brilliant and loved. >> i think it is important to show students of color and everyone in the community. acts of hatred and racism won't go unresponded to. >> the dean has condemned the act, however students say the youth was slow to act and the faculty only responded after they were pressured to discuss this incident. >> it is a stressful and sometimes dangerous job of a corrections officer. emily: we look at the disturbing number of suicide and what is pushing officers over the edge. randy: a new endorsement for hillary clinton cindy: we are seeing heavy rains and winds now. the impact on your morning commute and when it all slows down, plus this sunshine in
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store. emily: we're following breaking news this morning out of mali. there is a hostage situation in the country's capital. americans there are urged to shelter in hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. r life is eating out of a flower pot. s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. rhoney, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to
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emily: commitment 2016. throwing his support behind mayor walsh is expected to month. clinton is scheduled to headline a rally at faneuil hall on november 29th, where walsh will give her his support. the mayor's ties to clinton date back more than 20 years, when he first got involved in politics. randy: you can see the exclusive interview with donald trump and his wife melania as they seth down with barbara walters on "20/20" tonight at 10:00. a new report released on global gender equality. emily: the surprising rank for the u.s. and who's at number one. superstar adele releasing a highly-anticipated album
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randy: right now at 4: 44, we're looking at stormteam 5 radar. you can see the heavy rains moving through the region. emily: it looks like it could
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olessa: the first few hours, we have seen the intensity pick up since midnight. over half an inch at worcester. some communities have seen about an inch of rain so far. you can see the heaviest rain now. right along the coastline extending back into rhode island. this is lifting northward. in terms turnover rain impacting your commute -- terms of the rain impacting your commute, it starts to taper off and winds down around lunchtime. we're starting out wet. the sun will be out this afternoon. a few showers possible on sunday. so saturday is the pick day of the weekend. we're going to be down in plymouth for america's hometown parade. the weather looks great. with the wind blowing, it will feel colder. it is mild this morning. running in the 50's. 57 in boston.
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55 beverley. worcester 54. south of boston, sitting at 60 right now. unbelievable. we have some mid and upper 50's in the cape as well. wind has been gusting, especially with heavier downpours. notice the wind sustained now at five to 15 miles per hour. there is again the heaviest rain. this area coming out of rhode island that is just getting into communities south of boston from foxborough to taunton. once this front crosses the coast, the rain is going to shut off quickly. behind the front, though. look at the temperatures. they drop to 50's, 40's, 30's, eventually the 20's as well. that is the colder air that works on for the weekend. starting out close to 50 this morning. we'll hold in the mid 50's this afternoon. by 10:00 this morning most of
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the rain shutting off. notice the temperatures, tonight we're back down into the 20's and 30's with mainly clear skies. we can step you through the rest of the weekend. your seb-day forecast. there is going to be an area of low pressure that tries to move up from the south. i think the threat for showers during the afternoon hours on sunday and then we'll watch that area of low pressure. it may keep the showers going on the cape into sunday night but clearing skies on monday. you can see the cool temperatures for next week and of course the big travel day on wednesday looks dry. thanksgiving looking dry as well. once we get past this rain this morning, nothing significant coming our way for the next several days. olessa: so far it is a quiet start for you deconditions on the roads.
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the zakim bridge. not seeing the construction we normally see at this hour. we are watching one accident. 128 southbound by walnut street. another crash cleared by 128. if you're traveling the pike this morning, you're in pretty good shape. no complaint complaints south of town. emily: an alarming trend uncovered by 5 investigates. high numbers of suicides amongst corrections officers at our state prisons. they help protect us from the worst of the worst. it's a stressful, sometimes dangerous job, as this surveillance video from inside the souza baranowski correctional center shows. an inmate comes out of nowhere, stabbing a c.o. over and over, leaving an 8-inch shank stuck in his neck. he's been out of work since then, suffering from physically and mentally. 5 investigates' found those are common issues facing men and women working at the state department of corrections.
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the past 4 1/2 years. investigative reporter kathy curran spoke with a correction officer who lost one friend to suicide, and was able to help another who was desperate and depressed. >> he said i have got a gun inside my nightstand and he said i really thought about using it a couple of times. finish myself off. i didn't want to live through another loss of a friend. >> the department of correction tells 5 investigates in a statement they're trying to better understand how the stress affects their employees, and how they can provide more support. randy: 11 minutes before 5:00 this friday morning. the u.s. falls again on a worldwide list on gender equality. america dropped to number 28 on report by the world economic forum. last year, with an overall score of .74. the drop is mostly due to the wage gap between men and women for similar jobs, and fewer women in high government
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the most equal country is iceland, with a score of .88. yemen was the least. emily: a warning from the nation's largest health care provider. united health says it may opt out of the national health care act after 2016. the move would force millions of people to find coverage some place else. united health offers one of the lowest cost plans in the country right now. the company blames the affordable care act for giving individuals too much flexibility in changing their plans. that, they say is resulting in the draining of insurer profits. randy: slow economic growth and the prospect of higher u.s. borrowing costs to help the asian markets hold on to their gains. u.s. stock futures are mixed this morning a day after the down slid 4 points to close at 17,732. emily: the f.d.a. giving genetically modified salmon massachusetts. aqua bounty takes the d.n.a. of a chinook salmon and the d.n.a. of an eel to create the fish. here you see a comparison -- the
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genetically modified fish much larger than your typical atlantic salmon. it's being called a game changer, the first genetically modified animal product for your dinner table. crops, the salmon does not have to be labeled. critics are calling it franken-fish and are calling for labels for consumers. a check of the stories trending this morning. another big artist is opting out of streaming her latest album. adele's "25" will be released today, but the superstar says she's not allowing it on streaming services like spotify and apple music. her label says they have an aggressive plan to prevent songs from being digitally stolen. randy: social media site facebook is trying to help you through a break-up. the company is testing a new "breakup protection" tool that saves users from constantly seeing their former partner's posts and pictures, as they scroll down their feeds. users would also be allowed to remove their names from posts
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linking them to their ex. emily: take a look at this: the world's second largest diamond has been discovered in south africa. it's more than 1100 carats. the diamond, the largest found in more than 100 years was mined up in a mine in botswana, owned by the lucara diamond company. the company's shares rose 32% after it unveiled the stone. it is huge! randy: apparently the value of the company went up $150 million. emily: still ahead, a unique half-time show is making the rounds online. then new on the eyeopener at
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randy: good morning. it is 4: 54. now. a hostage situation underway this morning in the country of mali. emily: americans are being ordered to take shelter per 170 hostages were taken. that is raising fears about a terror attack. islamic extremists took over in 2012 following a military coup. this man was found at a bus stop on washington street on the city's south end. boston police are investigating but at this point no word on any suspect or arrests. randy: loved ones are mourning the loss of this sharon teenager
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18-year-old ezra schwartz was killed by a palestinian man who opened fire and rammed his car into a crowd. emily: the first full day of testimony gets underway in the chism trial. a janitor also on the barrier is the reason he cleaned the bloody bathroom. chism is accused of raping and murdering the 24-year-old teacher two years ago inside danvers high school. his attorneys say chism was suffering psychosis at the time. a scare for former providence, rhode island mayor buddy cianci. he passed out during the unveiling of his portrait at city hall tonight. the 74-year-old was taken to the hospital. but he is now doing fine. in fact, here he is at a local restaurant tonight! at the ceremony, cianci joked about his past legal troubles,
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first time he's been framed! emily: lawmakers in rhode island are throwing some high heat at former red sox ace curt schilling. a subpoena ordering schilling to testify before the house oversight committee will be issued tomorrow. the panel wants schilling to answer questions about the collapse of his video game company, 38 studios. the state lost $75 million in a deal to bring that company to rhode island. the committee had asked schilling to testify voluntarily, but he declined. randy: a big win in massachusetts for daily fantasy sports sites like draftkings and fanduel. the sites can continue to operate in massachusetts - but they face tight regulations. attorney general maura healey is calling for a number of new rules tonight - including making the sites off limits for people under 21, banning athletes from contests in their own sports, and restricted advertising. emily: a big win for the bruins and an even bigger night for loui eriksson. he'd put the bs up 2-to-1 in the 2nd period last night against the wild. and just about 3-and-a-half minutes later... eriksson makes it three-to-one. but he wasn't finished. hats off in the third period. eriksson helps the bruins take it home, 4-2.
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bruins host the maple leafs tomorrow. a halftime show goes to the dogs, sheep and monkeys! this happened during monday's halftime game between the cincinnati bengals and the bills. the bengals just now releasing the "monkey cam" video. the monkeys, dressed in bengals gear, are riding the sheep herding dogs. and the crowd loved it! randy: can you tell emily loves stuff like this? really? emily: who thinks this stuff up? you know what would be a great idea for halftime? put a camera on them as well because that is normal. you know? i'm done. cindy: let's get you focused on what you're battling as you head out the door this morning.
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look at the rain coming down. heaviest from cape to the south shore and the rain is with us for the next two hours and then it will be tapering off. over nine inches in boston and eight in worcester. certainly this is welcome rain. it is not going to be with us the entire day. you can see again on live radar. once you get west of there, it is over. the rain is winding down. over the next few hours, we will continue to watch these almosts of rain right out ahead of a frontal boundary. starting out with temperatures in the upper 50's now. they will hold steady here through the afternoon as the rain ends and we get a little sunshine this afternoon. notice from new york down to philly and d.c., well up into the 50's as well. however off to the west, it is only going to be in the 40's in chicago today and the 30's in the dakotas. one more day in the 50's and then notice as we head towards saturday, only in the upper 40's.
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saturday is if brighteof the
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