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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it's monday, november 23. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. breaking news on the eyeopener right now at 4:30. a deadly fire at an animal shelter in paxton. the rescue attempts overnight, and the flames that claimed dozens of animals. emily: the former babysitter of a kidnapped two-year-old in court today. the charges she's facing and the new details we could learn about the case. randy: the countdown is on for monday night football. what to expect as the patriots try and recover from their last monday night appearance. emily: we'll get to all of that. first cindy with the forecast. cold this morning. cindy: sit on the chilly side and getting colder over the next couple of hours. looking at a couple of lingering rain showers right around the plymouth area and the south
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you see that pink area showing up, we have had a few reports during the overnight hours of some sleet pellets mixing on in, even a few wet snow flakes here. you can see what is happening. everything is pulling away. you have to head up into the state of maine to find any snow where it is snowing right now pretty heavily from banger to presque isle. off to the west there are clearing skies. high pressure will nose in as this storm pulls away. the winds are kicking up out of north at 10-20 miles an hour on the cape. that wind is bringing in colder temperatures. we're offering in the lower 30 worcester to orange. 39 boston. lower 40's on the cape right now. look at the next 12 hours, the skies clear out after about 8:00 this morning. notice the temperatures really go nowhere today. by noontime it's around 40 degrees. that is our high today. we are going to keep it in the upper 30's north and west of boston. so it is a blustery but much brighter start to the week. we'll step you through the rest of this big travel week coming up. let's see how we're looking on the roads.
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live look outside at the pike at allston/brighton. problem-free in both directions. let's check the rest of that trip. construction this morning. you're in pretty good shape heading into boston. if your commute takes you south of there doing okay on route 24, problems so far. pike and route 9 looking good. one northbound accident 93 by montvale avenue. one lane is blocked. but the trains and the buses are schedule. emily. emily: thank you. breaking overnight. tragedy at an animal shelter as forcing desperate rescue attempts. this morning, we know firefighters had a tough battle on their hands. randy: the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking information as it comes in. erika: such a difficult task, emily, randy, because when they got there, the flames had already engulfed the building. this was the scene overnight at the sweet pea friends of rutland animals shelter in paxton. firefighters and volunteers were able to rescue five dogs, but seven more were killed along with thirty cats. inside, volunteers did all they
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paxton's fire chief tells us when they saw the flames, they knew this would be rough. >> we didn't think we would save any of the animals. that was our first goal to do that. we were just trying to get to erika: the pleasant street facility is a non-profit rescue operation. sweet pea quickly put the call for help out on their facebook page prompting people from all over come with supplies. this morning, it's not clear how we'll bring you more as we get it. emily: other stories we're following right now. cameron met overnight with french president francois cooperation. belgium. 16 people taken into cussed to brussels is at its highest state subways and schools remain shut
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down this morning. randy: agents have released this new image of one of the terrorists who died in the paris attacks. they're still trying to identify him and are hoping someone will recognize him. the man was posing as a refugee from syria. emily: walpole police are looking for this man who tried to rob the east walpole package store. he threatened to infect the clerk with h.i.v. yesterday from some unknown object in his hand. the clerk grabbed a baseball bat, and the suspect ran. police say there was a witness at the store. they're asking that person-- or anyone who can identify the suspect-- to come forward. randy: 4:34 on this monday morning. the patriots are counting down getting ready to kick off another critcal game as they try to stay unbeaten. and when you're talking monday night football, you know all eyes are on foxborough. tonight it's rex ryan and the buffalo bills on this field in the monday night spotlight. and the glare has been harsh for the pats in the past. you no doubt remember their most recent appearance on monday night football. it was last september and a bruising 41-14 loss to kansas city. some declaring that night that they were past their prime, that tom brady was done. another super bowl ring proved that wrong. as for tonight, coach belichick tells our mike lynch one thing
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they'll be watching is the thermometer. coach: if it's cold the ball definitely won't travel as far. no question about that. mike: we're not talking green bay, the ice bowl or anything like that, but it's the first cold weather game. coach: any drop in temperature, we all know how that affects the ball and how it affects the distance on the ball. you know, that will be part of it. the wind conditions as the season goes on. randy: of course, in true belichick fashion, he was quick to tell lynchie that every game is important monday or not. you can catch the game right here on channel 5 tonight. coverage begins at 8:00 with our "countdown to kickoff." you'll see one-on-one interviews with coach belichick, rob gronkowski, and troy brown. emily: right now a two-year-old hamilton girl is out of the hospital after she was found miles from home, naked and hurt. her former babysitter facing charges. the eye's todd kazakiewich is at the district court in
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todd? todd: emily, good morning. that baby-sitter is 21-year-old abigail hanna of abduction and assault after her arrest on saturday. two-year-old lyndon albers is safe at home with her parents this morning. the toddler spent two days at boston children's hospital after she was found along a rural road in rowley, naked, and her head shaved. police say hanna broke into the family's home in hamilton to kidnap the girl. a couple found the toddler in a pile of leaves while on their way to work about eight miles away from the girl's home. hanna was arrested saturday morning after police searched her topsfield home. she will be here in newburyport this morning. and we're expecting to learn more about the case. as for little girl's family, still no comment. live in newburyport, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: charges against the beverly man who allegedly killed his estranged wife will be upgraded to murder. axel scherer reportedly confessed to choking edith black scherer in her home last monday.
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she was found unconscious with a pillow over her head and died from her injuries saturday. without bail and will be arraigned tomorrow. a sharon teenager is laid to rest after a deadly attack in israel. randy: the special tribute from the community after the sudden loss. billed as a legitimate government business trip, but it looks more like a paid vacation. "5 investigates" on who is picking up the tab. cindy: the sky s are in the process of clearing now making way for a brighter start to the workweek. kind of call. the warm-up though coming just in time for your holiday. emily: an image from space going viral this morning.
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randy: this update. firefighters were able to rescue five dogs at the sweet pea investigators are trying to emily: an emotional goodbye for a sharon teenager killed in a
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terror attack in israel. randy: nearly a thousand mourners turned out for the funeral of ezra schwartz at temple sinai yesterday honoring the life of a young man who died while serving others. the 18-year-old was killed while delivering food to soldiers in the west bank. many say they will always remember his devotion to his family and faith and his smile. >> i'm more frustrated than mad or upset because he had his whole life ahead of him. someone stole his life from him. they just took it away from him. he had so much more to give. randy: a spokesman for the u.s. department of state condemned the attacks that killed schwartz and called the continued attacks in the region outrageous. emily: a big announcement today from a major drugmaker. the merger heading overseas for the u.s. company. randy: and what it means for their bottom line. big changes coming to a popular airline. the company no longer allowing
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emily: the "eyeopener" team had fun this weekend. we attended america's home town parade in plymouth. it's a thanksgiving tradition for the town that just keeps growing. and a tradition for the newscenter 5 as well.
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randy, myself, erika, cindy, and olessa all part of the fun. and the weather was on our side. cindy nailed it. the forecast was amazing. cindy: not so great the day before or the day after but plymouth. randy: the sun was just radiant. cindy: really nice. certainly. got beneficial rain late yesterday and during the overnight hours especially in southeastern massachusetts. look at these totals here from the cape. harwich over an inch of rain. we had over an inch of rain down along fair haven, brewster, oak bluff and mashpee all coming in over an inch. lesser amounts north and west of town. boston area. the skies will be clearing out so it is a bright but a blustery start to the week. overall it looks dry for any holiday traveling that you have northeast. and a bit of a warming trend coming in just in time for thanksgiving. first things first. the last of the rain drops here around plymouth. scattered light showers on the cape as well. but notice what's happening off
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to the west. clouds are rapidly shifting eastward here so clearing moving in from west to east all the while still looking at not just rain but snow up across parts of isle. you see that blue color. that way. that is associated with the storm doing two things. it's getting stronger. pressure combines with high west. that's really increasing the winds so it's a little breezy out there now. but the winds are going to get stronger. tass winds strengthen, they're coming down from the north and they're pulling down this. north. colder than they are here. so the temperatures really today. you can see the winds already hour. it will be a blustery day here. and those winds are making it feel colder so we're right now sitting at 37 in fitchburg, 39 in boston. still in lower 40's on the cape. look what happens to the temperatures on the cape. they actually drop a couple of
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ends and the skies clear. we'll hold fairly steady through the afternoon. don't look for much of a temperature recovery today. looking for high temperatures only around 40 boston, holding in the lower 40's on the cape and north and west of town mid to upper 30's the best we do for highs today with that northwesterly wind 12-20 gusting higher. it's going to be a blustery feeling. that means if you're headed to gillette for the patriots game with the bills at 8:30 it's only going to be 29 degrees but with that wind it will feel like it's in the teens under clear skies. you're going to want to bundle up. overnight low temperatures in the teens and 20's. tomorrow less wind overall but a chilly day. upper 30's through the worcester hills. low to mid 40's elsewhere. here is the set-up the next few days. high pressure nosing in so all is quiet here in the east if you're doing some traveling tuesday into wednesday. the big travel day before thanksgiving. you can see here in the east it's quiet but storminess coming out of the west moving into the midwest. so if you have people coming in from across the country, some weather concerns from the midwest out to the western half
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of the country. look at that. day. friday we're up near 60 and then showers coming in on saturday upcoming week. olessa: i didn't think i would see another 60 up there. so far it's a fairly quiet start. this morning. a live look outside. allston/brighton. eastbound moving away. let's get on the maps and check out the rest of your trip. if you're traveling south and north of town a couple of little things here and there. northbound side there's an accident by spot pond. the pike looks good this morning. route 9 as well. and then here's a disabled car northbound on 93 by 95. not a whole lot of overnight construction to contend with this morning so that's good news and the trains and the buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. emily. emily: thank you. a 5 investigates exclusive. legitimate government business for everett city officials or a paid vacation? wine, food, and dancing were all in a day's work if you were part of the group from everett who jetted off to italy this summer.
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on board mayor carlo demaria and eight other city employees. it was billed as a government business trip, but according to documents and photos obtained by "5 investigates," it looked more like a vacation. there were just three working sessions on the itinerary, including a meeting to set up a student exchange program. >> it's something the ethics commission should probably look go. emily: the group stayed at hotels free-of-charge and enjoyed plenty of free food and drinks. in massachusetts, it's illegal for government employees to accept free travel costs unless it's for a legitimate public purpose. total cost to tax payers? $16,000 dollars plus regular pay for some city employees. the mayor says they built many important relationships on the trip. randy: it's 11 minutes before 5:00. a look at economic headlines. pfizer is expected to announce a major merger today. this will be one of the biggest ever. the drug maker has reached a $150 billion deal with allergan,
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the maker of botox. allergan-- who is technically the buyer-- has its headquarters in ireland. that could help the combined company lose its u.s. corporate citizenship and lower its tax bill. asian stocks mostly rose today following strong gains on wall street last week. u.s. stock futures are slightly lower after all three indices rose on friday with the dow gaining 91 points. investors are expecting the fed to raise interest rates next month. emily: delta is changing its pet policy. come march, the airline will no longer accept pets as checked baggage. animals under 30 pounds will still be allowed as carry-ons in all classes but delta one. other pets will have to fly as "delta cargo," but that has a hefty price tag. it can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000. a check of the stories trending on the eyeopener. a retired navy seal takes a leap of faith from 36,000 feet. andy stumpf geared up for the jump in a wingsuit.
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on his own. he surpassed the world record for absolute distance in a wingsuit-- more than 18 and a quarter miles. he did it to raise money for the navy seal foundation. announcer: one direction. randy: british boy band one direction takes home top prize at the american music awards. the band won artist of the year at last night's event. they also took home favorite group in the pop/rock category. emily: good for them. a photo taken from the international space station sparks an internet frenzy. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this photo from over india. people quickly noticed the object floating in the top right of the image. many claimed it was an alien u.f.o. there's been no official comment from kelly or nasa, but experts believe it's simply a piece of the space station. i mean, you would think if he was right there, he'd be like,
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randy: maybe part of his finger. emily: still ahead this morning, the patriots rob gronkowski gets candid about his commercial fame. randy: how he's tying his shoots to his success on the football field. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, having fun and learning at the same time. the inside scoop on the hot toys this holiday season that promise
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emily: 4:54 this morning. following breaking news in your early news to go. randy: seven dogs and thirty cats have died after an overnight fire at a shelter in paxton. this happened at the sweet pea friends of rutland shelter. firefighters and volunteers were able to rescue five dogs from the non-profit facility. it's unclear what sparked the flames.
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sweet pea is now asking for volunteers to help donate supplies. emily: at least 16 people were taken to the hospital after a shooting on a playground in new orleans. hundreds were gathered last night for a block party and music video shoot when two groups started firing on each other. this was in the city's 9th ward. 10 people were transported by ambulance. a 14-year-old among them had been shot in the leg three times. randy: a teenage girl is seriously hurt after she and a nine-year-old girl were struck by a car in brockton. it happened here on north main street last night. our partners at "the brockton enterprise" say a driver found the older girl lying in the street with a head injury. that witness says she was then run over by another car after he went to get help. that second car stayed at the scene. the nine-year-old suffered minor injuries, but it's unclear when she was hurt. emily: a danvers police detective will be back on the stand today at the murder trial of a teenager accused of killing his teacher. chism is accused of raping and
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murdering collen ritzer at the high school in 2013. last week, jurors saw hours of surveillance video that prosecutors say shows chism stalking ritzer. chism's lawyers plan an insanity defense. a catfishing scheme in boston. a man used addresses to lure people in. there the unsuspecting online daters were robbed at gun point. police say at least people have been victimized since october. they believe there are more victims. three of the guns stolen from a worcester armory have been found in new york city. a homeless man found them in a trash bag in a park in the bronx. the f.b.i. -- which is in charge of the investigation -- won't say which ones were found. but "5 investigates" has reported that handguns and assault rifles were taken in the break-in last weekend.
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charged in the crime. celtics on the road in brooklyn. they drop to the nets just two days after blowing them out by 25 points. the c's isaiah thomas and avery bradley both scored 27 points in last night's loss. but the nets kept on well into the fourth quarter. 111-101 the final. the celtics take on the hawks tomorrow night. randy: the patriots are gearing up for monday night football tonight. they take on the bills at gillette stadium. you can catch the game right here on channel 5. coverage begins at 8:00 with our "countdown to kickoff." if you are looking for "dancing with the stars" and "castle" tonight, they will air at their regular times on me-tv boston. over the air that's channel 5.2, and at the cable channels listed on your screen. >> what is it like when you do a commercial shoot? is that an all-day thing? more than one day? do you love it? >> no, it's really quick. i'm a one-shot taker.
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i don't got all day so i go in. it's just like football. you have one chance. on a play. emily: there he is. rob gronkowski opening up to sportscenter 5's bob halloran about his commercial stardom. you can watch the full one-on-one interview before the gronk takes the field tonight on newscenter5. our mike lynch will also have a one-on-one interview with coach belichick. he is such a goof ball and i love it. randy: always ready with one take. cindy: the one-take wonder in the business. fantastic. we are now into the last week here of november. you can see the temperatures have been so warm this month. mild overall. right now per day we're running about five degrees above normal. this weekend was a little bit cool. we didn't get out of the 40's in boston. today will be a chilly day. look to the north. see how it's 19 in ottawa, 30 in quebec city and 29 in syracuse. there is colder air to our north and west. that will be feeding in today as
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this storm that brought us the showers yesterday pulls away and strengthens. the wind is going to increase as high pressure builds in and clears us out. the best you'll get is chillier as the morning wears on. cold enough through the state of maine. those are snow flakes up toward banger, presque isle. there could be 1-3 inches accumulation before this pulls away. not a huge deal but just a reminder that, yeah, that can happen this time of year. we're clearing it out. it will be a mostly sunny, windy, chilly day. upper 30's north and west of town. to the lower 40's elsewhere. we're quieting down in the northeast today. lots of sunshine from new york down to d.c. the rest of the country pretty quiet today after snow this weekend in chicago. mid 30's. of the country. there will be some storminess developing out in the west that will slowly shift eastward across the country in the next couple of days. doesn't reach us until saturday so this week ahead looks dry with temperatures warming up a little bit by thanksgiving. but if you are doing some traveling here on wednesday before thanksgiving, notice it's rain through the middle of the country with some snow in the
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northern plains and the rockies.
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