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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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very best for a happy thanksgiving. announcer: from boston boston news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: we are following several breaking story. one person confirmed dead after a car goes out of control and a native parking lot. we have a live of eight. reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see the harbor freight tools business. the three men were coming out of that business. they did not know each other. one man was in his 70' s, the other were in their 40' s. one worked for an armored car business. they were coming out and were plowed into by and elderly female driver who went airborne. her white sedan hit a bunch of curbs and then went into an alleyway corner of the building. according to witnesses, they did
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she was stuck in her car, but there were three men lying motionless on the ground. you see police still at the scene on this hour. they are taking pictures of the alleyway. the car has been taken away but they were trying to get a sense of how fast she was going. we have no idea who was injured and to what degree. we just know one of the three men have since died. one man in his 40' s, two in their 70' s and the female driver is being treated for minor injuries. we will have more information on how this unfolded at the clock. it is a busy parking lot and people were getting ready for the holidays when suddenly this driver lost control.
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jc: also breaking tonight -- armed, dangerous, and on the run. police are hunting for this man in connection with the murder of a woman whose earned body was found in the water. jc: breaking news, chaos on 128 north after a box truck ran off a road and landed on a car. phil: that crash is causing some massive backups at this hour during the evening commute. look at all the lights -- it is bumper to bumper and traffic is down to one lane because of the cleanup effort. that' s not the only accident causing backups. jc: we' ve got more now on the drive times. they look pretty ugly. reporter: it is pretty much a parking lot behind me. the accident happened by exit 20 and only one lane is getting through. i will show you once again how
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the solid red approaching the crash and the delays are stretching beyond cap. it is a busy travel day so we have lots of volume. the expressway. up to westbound is where we have the heaviest volume. this stretch here is almost 45 minutes. s about an hour. time. the red line. through the window of a home and the man inside his lamia nearby gun club. they take safety seriously. investigation underway.
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s a bullet hole. reporter: while both stunned and scared, she called police and search the bedroom, finding this bullet. gunshots are the norm here, a a mile through the woods. this neighborhood seems to be it' s very concerning. reporter: the family fears the bullet came from the gun club. the gun club directors is one person fired bullets like this. the club has a 35 foot firm as a precaution and shows a video with more safety measures. >> the reason for the safety is so if the gun goes in any other direction, it is pushed back. i' m absolutely positive it did not. it would go up and come down. it could not hit the window like that.
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reporter: police are investigating. the gun club wonders if it is a hunter. >> there is a river that separates it and there hunting and shooting. it does not have anything to do with us. if by chance it would, we will do anything weekend to rectify the problem. phil: now to five on the opioid crisis. governor baker signed a bill criminalize the trafficking and distributing the powerful opiate often added to heroin. today' s hill creates a new crime which means those who traffic more than 10 grams could spend up to 20 years in prison. today was the first day of work for a new task force in new hampshire set to study substance abuse issues and will tackle topic like insurance
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tackling sentinel dealers. the task force is working to get lawmakers to act quickly when they return next year. jc: the chill continues to settle in at some of those numbers are pretty low. harvey: they will probably be low tomorrow morning because they are already pretty low. 29 and plymouth just to get the evening running. we will see of her teens, low 20' s and just below freezing in boston to start your day tomorrow. in and around boston, a tranquil day. temperatures will move into the 40' s during the course of the day tomorrow. no significant moisture producing anything around here. we have to go to the northwest part of the country before we see significant action and snow. we will talk about that and our temperature changes coming up
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jc: a big boost for the local housing market. sales for single-family homes soared more than 15% last month compared to last october. the group calls it the best market since 1987 and says the first winter caused buyers to hold up and now they' re making up for lost time. in rhode island, hearings into the deal with 38 studios. lawmakers were up eight on the status of the lawsuit. the chairman says the committee wants to find out what went wrong to prevent similar situations in the future. secretary of state john kerry is in israel today calling for call. phil: he was there when 18 was killed just last week. john kerry talking about ezra schwartz. jc: and a warning about toys
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jc: another look at 128. this is typically a busy travel day for massachusetts and it has only been made worse by an accident that have produced plays on the northbound side near the route nine exit. phil: more violence in the west bank as secretary of state john kerry is there for meetings with israeli and palestinian leaders. violence in the region has ike incident number and has not let up. 18 from israel was killed last week and kerry spoke about the challenges. secretary kerry: this is a difficult time. we know that. when citizens can be murdered like ezra schwartz, a citizen of massachusetts, driving in a car , on a mission to learn and share.
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civilized people and we all have a responsibility to condemn that violence and make it clear that no frustration, no ideology, no emotion justifies taking innocent lives. phil: he told leaders on both sides of the conflict that the u.s. will continue to support the peace jc: process. jc:the annual list of the most dangerous toys is out. hazardous toys include the 20 junior which contained rangers levels of chromium, the fairy wand made by green wire international which contains be that could cause a child to choke. the group says it is important tool for caregivers but the toy industry says they are highly regulated and parents should not he afraid to shop. >> our message is very clear -- we need to do whatever we can to protect our youngest consumers.
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reports can be frightening but all toys in the united dates must conform to strict. x safety requirements. phil: launching a rocket 300,000 landed safely back on her. jc: the man behind is showing off what his rockets can into orbit. phil: snow on the slopes as ski resorts open this week. harvey:
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phil: we continue to follow this traffic mayor -- it' s a parking lot on 128. there was an accident earlier on this evening where a truck wound up on top of the car and that act up traffic for miles on what is typically the busiest travel day of the year here in massachusetts with everyone trying to get out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. it is a mess all over the place tonight. jc: the two men accused of killing the pregnant pastor' s wife in indianapolis faced a judge today. they both pleaded not guilty. police say they killed amanda blackburn during a home invasion.
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their one-year-old son was home but not hurt. an fda review of the safety of an implantable contraceptive device is expected to be done in february. the fda says some users have reported chronic pain, leading and headaches. the implant has been available for more than a decade and comes with a warning. at a public meeting over the summer, women said the problems do not go away and some say they have had to have surgery to remove the device. phil: a successful rocket landing in west texas and what could be a step in sending more people into space. the test light was put on by blue origin. the suborbital rocket flew to an altitude of more than 300 thousand feet before making a vertical landing. the founder of amazon is the brains behind the company. >> over the next couple of years, we' re going to fly this
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vehicle many times and we are highly confident and we will start taking people into space with it. phil: several other companies are working on reusable rocket to cut down on the big cost of spaceflight. jc: bretton woods opened today and blue mountain is expected to open tomorrow. here in massachusetts , certainly cold enough to be making snow but none in the forecast for anyone interested. harvey: but look behind us -- they are making snow and we can show it to you there and there. if you want to get in the mood, you can get in the mood but the natural stuff is nowhere near us. in terms of the weather pattern, i don' t see a big threat coming
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nonetheless, you can get yourself started and with s perfect overnight hours. we have started yet another cold night around the area. re heading out tomorrow morning, we will be s and right around 30 in boston. tomorrow afternoon, we will moderate ever so slightly from today. however, we where the temperatures are quite a bit warmer. once we had to places like st. louis and cincinnati, chicago would be a lot warmer and so would detroit, but they have the snow cover on the ground. that' s why they are not able to warm up quite as quickly. temperatures around the country, almost any direction from the west, to the
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south, it is milder than it is here. we don' t have a lot of cold air and that' s why temperatures will be warming up. tomorrow night heading into thanksgiving morning will not be as cold as last night was or tonight will be. it will be close to freezing but above freezing by a wide margin in boston. look what happens as you start the high school football games -- you know how cold and raw it can be sometimes. many of us could see highs in the 50' s on thanksgiving day even if we don' t have that much in the way of sunshine. we are mainly clear overnight into tomorrow. as we go through the day, that southwesterly wind may bring some low clouds into parts of the area. that could be a problem during
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even though there could be clouds around, it' s going to be very mild. friday may be a little brighter, and that' s going to be the warmest day because we will be ahead of a cold front. eventually, way up in the corner here, that' s an area of rain that could come through overnight friday night and then temperatures will turn cooler after that. fine weather tomorrow in the eastern part of the country. friday, if you are doing some shopping very late thanksgiving night, it feels pretty mild. through. mind as the patriots are out in denver. there might be a bit of rain or snow with temperatures close to
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overall, back to normal temperatures over the weekend and clouds coming early next week. a quick reminder, tonight at 11:00, your winter forecast. you don' t want to miss that. catch that tonight at 11:00. jc: aren' t you scared of anything? phil: i' m not going to make the list right now. jc: some people say they are scared of spiders. phil: now and imagine -- now imagine this predicament facing residents in this trust tennessee neighborhood. they describe it as a horror scene with spiders creeping into their home from a nearly half-mile long web. while they may be annoying, they are not dangerous. jc: i don' t like anything en masse. i will take the little guy outside, but when they come in
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groups, i draw the line. t bring your friends. decorating, we have a warning about candles. phil: why experts say this one of the most dangerous times fires. reporter: a former chelsea police officer pleading guilty to needing a handcuffed person in custody. and we continue to follow breaking news in natick tonight. one person is dead and another critically hurt after being struck by an elderly driver. a local teenager' s home alone as someone breaks in. you' ll hear the dramatic 911 call. plus winter is coming -- the new tools boston has on hand to
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phil: dangerous fires caused by candles. this is the peak time of year jc: reporter: in chicago, flames and smoke engulfing the hancock tower. a police officer hospitalized for smoke inhalation from a fireball created by a candle in a residence department -- residents apartment.
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candle on a house note. dock going up in flames. dangerous. household objects, the fire could ignite in spread quickly. reporter: more than 9000 home candles every year, resulting in property damage. this video shows how a fire started by a candle quickly spreads to the curtains and engulf the entire room in less than 10 minutes. the lab showed just how fast the fire started by a blanket tossed onto a candle can' s bread. the fire, fueled by a room filled with petroleum-based products like a widescreen tv which can burn six times faster than natural materials. every second counts because you have just three minutes to get
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out. to stay safe? >> most candle fires because people put them too close to normal household items. reporter: they say keep loose clothing and hair away and never leave a candle unattended. jc: i love to put candles all over the house but i have started using the electric ones. phil: we are also following the travel nightmare out side. this is typically one of the worst travel days of the years in -- of the year in massachusetts. announcer: now on newscenter 5. phil: all it takes is one accident to cause hours of headaches. harvey: the timeline on the holiday warm-up and how mild it will get phil:. phil:the personal reason investigators think this man
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trapped in her bedroom, 18 hides in her bedroom. how her mother was able to help from miles away. announcer: from boston post news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. jc: a major mess that started just a few hours ago when this ox truck ran off of 128 north and landed on a car. phil: sky 5 is in the air and we are focused on 128 north hello route nine headed in a southerly direction. that backup is going on and during the cleanup. through. reporter: take a look at this parking lot behind me. only one you' re looking at. directions. if you are traveling
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