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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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emily: good afternoon and happy thanksgiving. i' m emily riemer. here are some of the stories we' re following right now. one man is dead, three others hurt after a shooting outside a bar near fenway park. boston' s mayor saying the violence is uncalled for. expect an increased police presence at one local shopping spot. security is being stepped up at the wrentham outlets for black friday. and tensions rising overseas right now.
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anti-aircraft missiles to syria after turkey shot down a russian warplane. >> is thanksgiving. we shouldn' t have these types of crimes occurring. emily: one person is dead, as many as three others hurt after an overnight shooting on boston' s yawkey way. boston police searching for the shooter right now. newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio has the latest on the investigation and the mayor' s frustration at the news of more gun violence. antoinette: boston police say it was a chaotic scene. hundreds of people fleeing this area when shots rang out overnight. in the shadow of fenway park, as families file in for a high school football game, is a crime scene. early thanksgiving morning, a young man shot and killed on yawkey way. the mayor visibly frustrated at the news of more gun violence. >> this is uncalled for, particularly on a day like today, thanksgiving, no mother should have to get a phone call that her son has been shot and killed. antoinette: the scene unfolding
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clearing out. the victim found dead outside of who' s on first. a bar that' s been on the boston police department' s radar, cited in september after two women were shot. in fact, officers has just inspected the bar 30 minutes earlier, and heard the gunshots from less than a block away. >> this one particular bar has been a nuisance and i think we will have to deal with the licensing board on what's the attraction, and cleaning up. antoinette: a gun and shell casings were recovered. but still no suspect, who was able to flee along with hundreds of other bar goers. >> it was a chaotic scene. several people, several hundred people fleeing and you couldn' t pick out who is whom. for god's sakes it's thanksgiving, we shouldn' t have these types of crimes occurring, but it did so we are going to need everyone' s help to help us out. antoinette: police are now reviewing surveillance video hoping to find clues as to who is responsible for this, and they are asking any of those hundreds of potential witnesses
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might have. emily: the shooting happening just steps away from fenway park as families file in for more high school football games today. those games making it back to the ballpark after an 88 year time-out... because of that crime scene, gates a and d were closed to the public... fans were only allowed into the park through gate b, causing for extra long lines this morning. the first game this morning... a major rivalry between wellesley and needham... today' s second game will be boston english against boston latin. an annual holiday tradition. thanksgiving day at pine street inn. mayor marty walsh on hand this morning to help carve out turkeys. hundreds of volunteers joined him to help serve meals to the homeless on this thanksgiving holiday. hundreds of runners starting this holiday with a little exercise. the franklin park coalition' s turkey trot kicked off shortly before 9:00 this morning in dorchester.
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the event supports seasonal programs at the park like concerts, volunteer days and woodlands restoration. they had a pretty nice morning for it. cindy: are you kidding me? they' re not even wearing jackets. it' s incredible how mild it is outside. we started out with some cloud cover this morning. that has been pushing the temperatures up. we have a southerly wind. look at the mess this is making in the middle of the country right now. chicago has rain. minneapolis has snow. the school system is very slowly pressing eastward. it' s actually going to get even milder ahead of it tomorrow.
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partly cloudy skies for the evening hours. there could be some fog overnight. 40' s, setting the stage for a mild friday. emily: new at noon, russia says it has deployed long-range missiles defense missiles at its base in syria. the move comes after turkey shot down a russian bomber earlier this week. officials said that bomber was violating turkish airspace. turkey has released new audio recordings of what it says are repeated warnings to the russian pilot before it was shot down. governors trying to block syrian t have a choice. the obama administration is sending a letter to states saying they cannot deny services s nationality or religion. several governors want to block syrian refugees from living in their states following the paris attacks.
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refugees are vetted. right now security is tight at logan airport and around the country. the nation on alert as a terror threat looms. and as abc' s lana zak reports, security officials at all levels say they' re doing everything possible to keep americans safe. lana: thanksgiving traditions.... >> gobble gobble. lana: from turkey pardons in dc... >> it is hard to believe that this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don' t. [laughter] lana: ... to the macy' s thanksgiving day parade. and through it all, an extra emphasis on security. >> we' ve increased the number of officers. we will have the largest number of them we' ve ever had at this event, over 2500. lana: among the thousands of ny police patrolling the parade route, 1300 counterterrorism officers. a record number of officers for a record number of revelers. they turned out in droves in ny, not willing to let the terrorists win. >> the people of new york are feeling safe & secure by voting
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being out here. the people of new york city are not intimidated. lana: and in his weekly address, the president remembered the first thanksgiving and drew a parallel to the debate over refugees today. >> nearly four centuries after the mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims - men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families. lana: and from washington to outer space, >> gonna have candied yams? they are delicious. lana: wishes for a safe thanksgiving for all. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. emily: according to the top security officials here in washington, there is no specific terrorist threat anywhere in the united states. something to be thankful for the is thanksgiving. emily: this is what you will see
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re heading to the wrentham outlets at midnight through black friday. wrentham police say there will be significantly enhanced security on the busiest shopping day of the year. similar to last year, there will be uniformed officers with long guns, undercover officers trained in behavioral observation and officers with k9' s trained to detect explosives. newscenter5 on the opioid crisis. massachusetts communities getting a deep discount on a life-saving drug. attorney general maura healey says towns and cities across the bay state can now purchase narcan at a lower rate, about $20 per dose. the drug reverses the effects of an overdose. a.g. healey says the holidays are traditionally a time when overdose rates spike. the new hampshire prep school grad convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old classmate says he' ll appeal to the state' s highest court. owen labrie was 18 at the time of the 2014 assault at st. paul' s school in concord. his lawyer says the trial judge shouldn' t have allowed a felony count of using a computer to lure the girl. they are also challenging whether labrie should have been ordered to register as a sex offender for life. a store in boston' s chinatown is
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shut down, its owners accused of selling counterfeit and stolen items. the owner and two employees of my tan fashion are the first arrests under a new law targeting organized retail crime. prosecutors say the owner would actually request certain items be stolen from other stores so she could re-sell them in her store. if convicted the owner faces up to 20 years behind bars. patriots fans scammed out of tickets they paid for. it cost them hundreds of dollars. but they managed to turn the tables on a craigslist scam artist. sean phipps was trying to take his son, who has cerebral palsy, to the pats game. once he found out the tickets were fake he had to spend another $700 to save the night. when he got back, phipps and his cousin helped boston police track down the bogus ticket seller by setting up another buy. >> fans are fans. we' re pretty much like a brotherhood. i didn' t want to see anybody
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else get taken advantage of. emily: police arrested 21-year-old shamorie washington of the bronx. investigators had been looking for the alleged scam artist for some time. tom brady lends a hand to help a sick new hampshire woman. the superstar q.b. took some time to send her a special message. >> hi jaclyn. happy thanksgiving. i just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and support and take care of yourself. have a great holiday. emily: brady posted the facebook message for jaclyn spotts. the 23-year-old is at beth israel with a heart condition and doctors don' t know how much longer she has to live. the family says hearing from brady has certainly lifted all of their spirits. >> tom brady, thank you so much. you have no idea how happy you made my family and my little sister. emily: the family wasn' t sure if brady would respond, but they are glad they took the chance. protesters in chicago outraged over the murder of a teenager. a look at the new video just released and the plans to disrupt black friday shoppers tomorrow.
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wild weather out west. cindy: a storm in the middle of the country pushing mild temps our way. how much warmer it gets tomorrow before we cool down for the rest of the holiday weekend . emily: the average thanksgiving dinner could set you back 4500 calories.
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>> urological newscenter 5 at noon. -- you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. emily: the murder of an unarmed black man sparking protests in chicago. those protestors planning to take their demonstrations to the city' s biggest shopping district tomorrow, as new dashcam video gives us a closer look at what happened the moment a police abc' s scott goldberg reports. the policeman' s squad car taken during the fatal incident. right here, you can see the van dyke' s suv carrying what appears to be a knife. 30 seconds after spotting the teen, the policeman gets out of the car and shoots the fleeing teen 16 times. in 15 seconds, we will not show you the entire video. van dyke' s past with the police department. according to civilian watchdog group invisible institute,
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citizens filed at least 20 complaints against him since he joined the force in 2001, including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. but so far, van dyke was not disciplined. abc news has confirmed 18 complaints. president obama weighing in overnight, posting on facebook, i was deeply disturbed by the footage and i' m grateful to the people of my hometown for keeping protests peaceful. >> shut it down! scott: the video sent shockwaves across chicago. demonstrators took to the streets last night. some were arrested for ripping lights off a city christmas tree. and now they are vowing to disrupt holiday shopping many are critical of local authorities, who investigated the case for nearly a year before charging van dyke with first degree murder.. >> the state' s attorney should have taken that same evidence she had 13 months ago, within two or three weeks, gone before a grand jury and asked them to indict. she did not.
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s defense argues he fired his weapon because he feared for his life scott goldberg, abc news, new york. emily: rough holiday weather out west. winds in california causing chaos at this flea market. people fleeing for cover, winds tossing tents and debris in the air 11 injured 3 taken to the hospital. first responders treating many on the scene. a different scene in northern nearly a foot of snowfall drivers. and in utah dust storms blinding drivers determined to get to their dinner destinations. a far cry today from what we saw here in new england this time last year. this is video from springfield on thanksgiving. thousands were left without power after that snow storm. i think i have blocked this from
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cindy: a lot of people on facebook saying, last year i was shoveling snow. that storm was interesting because it was spread out over a few days. we had more than two and a half inches of snow in boston and more than six inches of snow in the worcester area. there is some snow on the map but it is well out in the middle of the country. notice the pink showing up through western iowa and oklahoma. that is ice. that is a concern with this system. it is really creeping along. we have had a lot of sunshine the past few days. it has been chilly. temperatures have not gotten out of the 40'
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of blue skies as well. 56 degrees in boston. and average high now should only be in the upper 40' s. times. about 15 miles per hour in nantucket. later to the north. that flow from the south and east has boosted those temperatures up. we have the greatest skies right now -- brightest skies right now on the cape. you can see how the temperatures
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in detroit are in the mid-50' s. down to 31 in minneapolis. s the dividing line. s today under partly sunny skies. overnight clouds filled back in -- phi fill back in. plans are with us tomorrow morning. kind of a murky start. then we brighten up. tonight, low temperatures in the 40' s. tomorrow we will see those temperatures sneak up toward that 60 degree mark. that front stays to our north. tomorrow. we could see some gusts over 30 miles per hour. breezy and mild on friday.
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we watch that front shift southward overnight friday. by saturday morning, a few showers. not a widespread rain. the shower threat diminishes through the day and cooler air moves in. we will have temperatures in the upper 40' s. brighter skies on sunday. cooler in the mid 40' s as we head back to work and school on monday. emily: if you want to take advantage of these mild temperatures, head to a state park. it' s free. entrance and parking fees to parks and forests are waived from today through sunday. the department of conservation and recreation is also offering several black friday hikes, as a chance for families to get outside following thanksgiving. holiday shopping sales are already seeing a jump ahead of black friday. online shopping sales were up 21% over this time last year.
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are offering pre-black friday deals earlier leading to the uptick in holiday traffic. consumers are also spending more per order than last year. mobile and desktop shoppers have spent $5 more on average this season. a warning about holiday coupons that seem too good to be true. like this one, 50% off everything at target. people on facebook have been d but it' s really a scam to trap you into revealing your personal information in a facebook survey. the word diet is out the window today. the average american consumes 4500 calories on thanksgiving. so how can you knock that number down? first, don' t go to dinner hungry. pacing yourself throughout the day will stop you from over-indulging. follow the 50-25-25 rule. fill your plate with 50% fruits and veggies 25% protein and 25% grains. and manage your emotions. spending time with family can be
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stressful, triggering you to overeat. two lucky birds will live another day. just ahead, the turkeys avoiding the dinner table this year,
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emily: from potus to totus. president obama pardoning the turkey of the united states. a pair of gobblers named honest thanksgiving pass at the white house. though two turkeys were pardoned appear on camera. both birds will live out their days at a nearby virginia farm. there you go. cindy: he was quite vocal. the day will be very mild today and again tomorrow. emily: happy thanksgiving everyone. have a great day. >> our conversation shifted to
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when we watch terrible events unfold around the globe, our kept us safe at home. more people have entered into the heated national discussion on refugees. voices on both sides of the issue are being challenged. we celebrate the innovators that drive massachusetts making the commonwealth a true player in the global economy. a city that views nonprofit work as a vocation. local food banks are a powerful force all year but especially this week. we take pride living in a superb medical hub that not only leads the world in first but is complemented by a network of top-notch health centers. new england sports fans are always blessed and we offer a thank you toast to david ortiz. his announcement of retirement his leadership on the field and
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his colorful vocabulary set the tone for boston strong. the new england be loved elsewhere but here at home they continue to be world-class and we love that. and from everyone at wcvb to you
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p it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. z most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. p my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you rwho want to fight back. p the truth is you can't change a corrupt system r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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