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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we m have more rain coming in tuesday to wednesday. the patriots are in denver on sunday. there is a chance for some light snow for the game. the eye-opener continues. randy: the shopping madness has begun. black friday is here and the crowds are dashing for those big-ticket deals. new video in overnight. emily: steps being taken right now to make sure that shopping experience is a safe one. the safety precautions at some of our popular shopping spots. randy: police say he was an innocent bystander. what we are learning about the man killed steps from fenway park as police search for his it' >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: good morning. shopping underway across greater boston. a live look inside the toys "r"
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antoinette antonio is in the thick of it. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. we do not have to go out. cindy: absolutely. what a mild start. you barely need a jacket if you step outside. 51 in boston right now. the average high is in the upper 40' s. 49 in worcester. 50 degrees in plymouth. we also have fog. these are the areas of. it is here in massachusetts. there could be some fog reducing visibility. keep that in mind. you can see low clouds as well. we have a south westerly wind
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a little bit murky through the morning hours. brightening skies the afternoon. temperatures responding. wishes me a run into the low 60' s today. perhaps as warm as 64 in marshfield this afternoon. it is a warm friday. jeff: a lot of folks doing shopping. we have seen some traffic because of that. this is the expressway near columbia road. we are not expecting a rush-hour this morning. in terms of the mall traffic, delays in the past is then on 495, and we will keep a close eye on that.
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128 looks good and so does the mass turnpike. randy: thank you. right now extra steps are being taken to make sure your shopping experience is a safe one. this is the wrentham outlets, where you will see an increased police presence. it is one of the major locations where there is increased security this morning. emily: the eyeopener' s frank holland is there with why police say this is necessary. frank: good morning. the deals started at midnight. shoppers are being greeted not only with the bargains, but heavily armed police and bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the mall. it' s just part of the increased security measures this year following the terror activity overseas. police say the wrentham outlets carry a unique risk compared to other malls because it' s an international tourist destination. >> they have buses that run from airports from the hotels.
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it has a diverse crowd. it is the classic soft target. >> you feel more protected. you want to feel safe. frank: shoppers we' ve caught up with so far say they are not letting recent events take away from the annual tradition. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. big crowds in framingham are taking advantage of those black friday deals. that' s where we find the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio live this morning. how is it going? antoinette: it is going really well out here. there was plenty of parking spots when we pulled up. a lot of people have not quite arrived yet even though the stores opened at 1:00 morning. you have plenty of time to find a parking spot and do some shopping.
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plenty of room along the aisles. if you are heading out to shop black friday, you are not alone. 136 million people expected to shop this weekend. $80 billion between black friday and cyber monday. average shopper expected to spend $800 this holiday season. big items this year -- apple products and "star wars" merchandise. i have some they hear. legos are bigger than me right now. the classics are also very good. people are going with the classic crayola crayons. legos and "star wars." this has a bajillion
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i half to mention that there were doorbusters this morning at midnight. there also doorbusters coming up at 7:00 this morning. you have plenty of time to snag those deals. reporting live in framingham. emily: it is underway all over the country. new video overnight of shopping madness. this is at a walmart near atlanta. shoppers diving for merchandise. we can' t tell from the video what it is. people saying, "let' s get out of here." are investigating the city' s latest homicide. an innocent bystander shot down near fenway park early thanksgiving morning. that victim would have been today. as hundreds fled from who' s on first bar after someone opened fire. the 29-year-old was a conductor
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for the commuter rail. boston police do not believe he was the target. just moments before the shooting on yawkey way, boston police officers were in the bar, inspecting it. its license has been suspended multiple times. back in september, it was cited after two women were shot. as far as the shooting, no arrests. the former millis police officer charged with faking a shootout and bomb scare is dead. police were called to bryan johnson' s home around 3:30 yesterday morning. the 24-year-old was found by another person living there. there are no signs of foul play. johnson indicted last week on charges stemming from a false bomb threat at millis high school. that' s the same day he allegedly staged a shootout with a non-existent driver in september. emily: the white house put on lockdown after scare involving a fence jumper. the man you see jumping the white house fence will face charges. the secret service says joseph caputo got onto the north lawn,
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he was quickly caught. the secret service will not say where he is from or how he' s explaining himself. agents are looking into how caputo got over new spikes on the fence that were installed this year to stop this from happening. president obama was inside celebrating thanksgiving at the time. agents say nobody was ever in any danger poor guy. "i do not remember." emily: "the new york times" demanding an apology from donald trump. the newspaper saying the republican presidential candidate was making fun of one of its reporters with a disability. trump' s comments happened earlier this week at a campaign stop in south carolina. "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski lives with a chronic condition affecting his joints. it limits the flexibility in his arms. through his campaign, trump has been accused of offending mexicans, veterans and women. this morning, he is standing by
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mocking a flustered reporter. he tweeted, "if mr. kovaleski is handicapped, i would not know because i do not know what he looks like." trump wants "the new york times" and the reporter to apologize to him. he accuses them of using the controversy to grandstand. randy: a man they they say stole money meant for the jimmy fund. a new admission tied to the costco chicken salad e. coli outbreak. the supplier taking the blame this morning. emily: a band of brothers on and off the field in medfield. the heartbreaking losses for two football players, and the support they are getting from teammates. cindy? cindy: it' s a great day to be out and about with temperatures well above average, low 60' s later this afternoon. we do fall back this weekend. first here' s what to expect when you head out the door in
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>> good morning! whoo! randy: good morning to our friends at the 99 restaurant and pub in westfield. they just celebrated their grand opening on the 19th. emily: today, kids eat free at this location with the purchase of an adult meal. check it out. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: mother nature handing out free degrees today for everyone. we should be in the upper 40' s
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59 yes today, first average since the weekend. s today. through the rest of the weekend, temperatures trendy closer to the average. canada. ottawa, 55 degrees right now. they had some snow in bangor, maine. detroit, 60 degrees. west of chicago, 20' s. sharp foundry. that is a front -- sharp boundary. we do have some rain. a threat for a few showers on saturday. we had some low clouds out there. kind of a murky start. we also have areas of fog, we
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see the white. it is patchy across parts of massachusetts. the wind is picking up from the southwest. could see some gusts 20, 25 miles for our. the breeze is going to help push the temperatures up. low 40' s are ready on the tape. norwood, 51 right now. 51 in boston. if you are heading out to do shopping, notice the sunrise is going to be murky and mild. around 60 today it noontime. lower 60' s in a lot of spots. boston, 62. clouds through lunchtime. then they break apart this afternoon. overnight, lots of clouds.
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there could be one or two spot showers. the temperatures did not change a whole lot tomorrow. we will be cool and damp. these guys will brighten when we get to the other side of the run. a cool day on saturday, waking up to a few showers. nothing heavy, nothing widespread. it will stay on the cloudy side and and damp. dry weather on monday but temperatures in the lower 40' s. really warm today, but this is it. it is just about december. jeff: we have a nice commute. enjoy the ride. that is the leverett connector. in general a nice ride around
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the traffic is near the walls. in the past with handsome heavy volume on black friday around the north shore mall. it is not backing up onto 128. that is moving fairly well. through the day watch for heavier traffic around those exits. on the expressway, 10 minutes between braintree and boston. same story on the turnpike. emily: thank you. right now police in norwood are looking for this man. this happened yesterday . if you recognize him, call police. randy: there will be a protest march through black friday crowds in one of chicago' s busiest shopping districts today. demonstrators will protest the
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killing of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald by a police officer. dash-cam video shows the black officer jason van dyke last year. the officer is now charged with murder, and there are calls for for the state' s attorney to be held accountable, as well. >> the states attorney should have taken the same --that she had 13 months ago and within two grand jury. randy: there have been several tape was released tuesday. emily: economic headlines on this black friday. today retail stocks will be the center of attention when the thanksgiving holiday. so far trading overseas has been lower because wall street was shut down yesterday, and investors are still nervous about the tension between russia and turkey. a farm in california now says its vegetable mix is believed to be the source of the e. coli in
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taylor farms pacific in tracy, california, is recalling the mix of diced celery and onions. costco says it uses the one supplier for those ingredients in all of its u.s. stores. five people have been hospitalized so far. that number is expected to grow. randy: boston-based partners healthcare will soon be making money off of software it tests. according to a report in the boston globe, gene-insight is being sold to sunquest information systems next year. that company will then sell the software to other hospitals and partners will get royalties from the technology. it' s part a trend -- more boston hospitals are making technology deals, as more health information goes digital. governor charile baker has declared today green friday, and he wants you to go out and get a massachusetts grown christmas tree. there are nearly 400 christmas tree farms in massachusetts, which add $1.4 million to the
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economy each year. away. 15, 20 people over my house. emily: local high school players banding together after a season full of off-field tragedy. randy: todd kazakiewich reports this team' >> and the home of the brave todd: when the medfield warriors took the field for the thanksgiving game against dover-sherborn, it was the end of an incredibly difficult season for the warriors. two of the fathers of players died of cancer within weeks of each other. defensive tackle bryan carrabis is seen here with his parents at last year' s thanksgiving day game. bryan lost his dad, billy, back in september, and the team rallied around number 68. s more than football out here. it' s brotherhood. todd: the strength of that brotherhood was tested less than
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three weeks later, when the father of john and stephen williams also died of cancer, john: the day that my dad passed away, like probably 15 to 20 kids on the team were just like over my house. [cheers] todd: medfield scored just one touchdown today, falling to dover-sherborn 14-7. the medfield warriors end the season with a record of 3-8, but what is much more meaningful is their record of wins off the field, helping each other deal with a much more profound kind of loss. coach: i' m going to remember a bunch of guys behind this record that stayed together through the hardest thing that they may have gone through in their lives. cathy: the scoreboard, their record, 10 years from now, they won' t remember it. i will always remember how they supported me, how they supported bryan. noreen: they' ve dropped meals off. they' ve come over to our home, just to sit with us. bryan: certainly life is going
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to hit you hard, not as hard as, there, but you always got to moving forward because there' only one way, and it' s up. todd: in medfield, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: impressive. randy: you hardly notice the game when you notice the back story, friends coming together like that. dic donohue. emily: the announcement he is sharing on social media. new at 5:30 -- pope francis waking up in africa this morning. the huge crowd flocking to see him in kenya. emily: good news for patriots wide receiver danny amendola.
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>> 5:25 and look at the temperatures. cindy: it is a mild start for you. we do have a little bit of fog, reducing visibility. it is locally dense around the providence area. it should burn off after a murky start. breezy and mild into the low 60' s today. a spot shower or two on saturday. brighter on sunday. randy: in honor of the holiday ,
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on social media. emily: the mbta officer tweeted out, "thankful for the newest addition to the donohue family, set to arrive in april. #happythanksgiving. donohue, who was critically hurt in the shootout in watertown days after the bombing, and his wife, kim, are already the proud parents of a little girl. a new request from the owner of a docked ferry in maine. randy: the move to get the nova it' s what thanksgiving is all about. the tradition in lynn feeding hundreds of people at no cost. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: a live look where black friday shopping is well underway.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. emily: black friday is here and
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the shoppers are out and about. the deals, steals, and crowds to contend with. randy: hundreds of people getting turkey and all the fixings at no cost. the annual tradition in lynn bringing people together. emily: a big surprise in that pile of leaves for tom brady' s kids. the holiday message from number 12 on the eye. >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. randy: black ride a. thank you for joining us. m randy price. emily: i' m emily riemer with cindy and jeff larson in for olessa. the roads look pretty quiet. cindy: they have a sheen on them, though. low clouds and fog. it is mild. s of year. look at these temperatures.
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low 50' s in boston and that really and boston -- beverly. everybody above the freezing mark this morning. lower 40' s on the cape as well. a mild start but it comes with some fog. not such a big issue around greater boston. a dense fog advisory through 9:00 if you' re traveling in connecticut. we do have a lot of low clouds morning. it is a murky start. the clouds will break apart. it should get brighter as we get closer to lunchtime. temperatures in the low 50' s for many of us. noontime, temperatures around 60 and topping out in the low 60' s with sunshine. nice and mild today.
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changes up this weekend. jeff: quiet for the most part as folks get out and do their shopping. it is little bit busier around columbia road. on the maps we' re not seeing any problems. 10 minutes on 93 southbound. that is in fairly good shape. 10 minutes. word of a breakdown around granite avenue. most of the traffic will be around the malls today. in the past we have had delays 495. same story on 128 by the north shore mall. it could be some slow traffic around the mall. randy: thank you. stories we are covering right now -- boston police are searching for the person who shot and killed this man outside a bar near fenway park. jepthe chery would have turned 30 years old today.
5:28 am
police say the mbta commuter rail conductor was an innocent bystander. emily: charges are pending against this man who jumped the fence at the white house. he was quickly taken into the first family was home at the time. randy: and check out the madness at the walmart near atlanta. shoppers trying to get those black friday deals. it' be spent between today and cyber monday. shoppers in new hampshire got a jump on shopping. some of the diehard say they drive on the thrill of a sale. others want turkey day to be over. >> we go until his :00 a.m., take a quick nap. >> we'
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randy: about 30 million americans would be shopping on thanksgiving compared with 99.7 million today. emily: a feast of generosity and a taste of community pride in lynn on thanksgiving. the line was out the door at brothers deli on market street. a free thanksgiving dinner including turkey with all the fixings was available at the deli for anyone and everyone who walked in the door. the restaurant owner has been doing this for 22 years to give back to the community. >> [indiscernible] emily: george markos says he does this in memory of his late father who taught him that sharing is the way to give thanks. markos and a staff of volunteers served more than 800 people. a thanksgiving celebration in boston yesterday. hundreds of volunteers taking part in a holiday tradition, the thanksgiving day meal at the
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the mayor doing a good job carving those turkeys. randy: the owner of the nova star ferry will be in court next week to try and get the ship out of federal custody in portland, maine. it was seized by u.s. marshals because of debts by the cruise line that ran it between maine and nova scotia. but the "portland press herald" reports singapore technologies marine has been settling debts against the ship to try and get it back out to sea. lawyers for the company say there are other companies that want to charter the vessel. emily: there are new steps to keep impaired drivers off the road. randy: the crackdown being implemented this holiday season. friend couldn' t. the push to save the lives of local veterans in the name of one who lost a health battle of his own. emily: and ahead in news to go, tom brady with a big surprise what'
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jeff: good morning and welcome back. not much of a rush-hour to worry about. much of the traffic will be around the walls -- malls. cindy: we' ve had the full moon we have been watching the last two mornings. a little bit of a change of this morning. low clouds, fog, mild
5:33 am
temperatures. it will be a breezy, brighter afternoon as temperatures move up into the low 60' s today. cloudy on sunday. randy: thank you, cindy. a local veteran couldn' t finish his final mission. now his friends are stepping up and carrying on. justin fitch spent his final days trying to help veterans through their darkest times. emily: newscenter 5' s mary saladna reports cancer cut those hopes short. aaron: my name is aaron brown. i represent the first veteran to commit suicide today. think about the world without me. mary: it' s 5:30 a.m. on a november saturday. the marathon starting line in hopkinton. and it' s cold. 39 degrees with a stiff wind. but no one here is complaining. chris: when you knew justin and what he went through and what he did for this cause. getting out of bed early is not
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mary: this carry the fallen ruck march to boston, all 26.2 miles of it, is in memory of justin fitch. army major and iraq war veteran. we first met him last year. he had decided to dedicate his final days to combating not just his own cancer, but veteran suicide. john: the guy had stage-four colon cancer. and for the last 2 1/2 years of his life, fought, kicked, screamed, everything he could do to tell everybody that 22 veterans a day taking their own life is just a crime. mary: major fitch had had his own struggles with pts. so he decided to go out with a message. justin: there' s no shame in seeking help when things get bad. mary: and a mission -- raise enough awareness and money to build a military family retreat where veterans can go to heal the invisible wounds of war. chris: his mission is what got me out of a dark place, doing that march, bonding with the team. the camarerie. it helped me seek and find help that i needed. mary: justin fitch died this october.
5:35 am
but his legacy lives on. he chose friend and comrade aaron brown to carry the torch. aaron: i have his captain' s bars. he presented me with before he left. i carry them with me everywhere. he showed me the true definition of "selfless." he was on borrowed time and he gave everything to this. mary: i' m mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: a special request to find a baby abandoned in a nativity scene by a new family. also, new steps taken to stop the number of impaired drivers on massachusetts roads. big news for adele fans. she' s going on tour. the setback for her fans in the u.s. we are live in framingham this morning just one of the stores open at this early hour for black friday.
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randy: good morning. news to go. getting in on -- we are not sure. that the deals and the camaraderie of going shopping. cindy: they were bundled up but not a time for an outdoor shopping area.
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there is a storm in the middle of the country. warm air is surging up the eastern seaboard. it is going to be a breezy and mild black friday. cooler on saturday with a passing shower or two. sunday is the brighter day of the weekend. south of boston toward rhode island, connecticut, we do have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. even up into southern new hampshire. concord, visibility is 1/3 of a mile. 49 in worcester right now. 50 in plymouth. 40' s on the cape. starting out with low clouds and fog. the skies will brighten up this afternoon. temperatures into the low 60' s
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with augusta wind today. the skies will write this afternoon -- will brighten this afternoon. waking up to clouds and maybe a shower or two on saturday morning. the clouds will linger. saturday is shaping up to be on the cloudier side, kind of gray. s. enjoy the warm temperatures today. let' s get you out to the roads. jeff: traffic is fairly light around metro boston. no rush-hour to speak of as most people have the holiday off. there is some traffic around the malls. slower volume for travelers on the western -- the turnpike is only 15 minutes between 495 and
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heavier traffic on the ramps. 13 minutes from route 1. the expressway is only 10 minutes and there is a breakdown around granite avenue. randy: thank you. popular shopping spot for locals and tourists this morning. emily: the eyeopener' s frank move to increase a police presence. frank: shoppers are finding bomb-sniffing dogs. undercover units patrolling the malls on this black friday. police say the outlets carry a unique risk because they are an international tourist destination. despite security concerns, people are shopping for bargains
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>> we' s morning where black friday is full swing. antoinette: this is the best time to go shopping, when you will see smaller crowds. 136 million people are expected to shop this weekend, $80 billion between black friday and cyber monday will be spent. the average shopper expected to spend $800. the popular items are apple items and "star wars" merchandise. there are still some deals coming up at 7:00 a.m. some of those include these plato y-doh sets. that is the latest from framingham this morning. emily: boston police are
5:41 am
searching for the person who shot and killed a man outside a bar near fenway park. police say jepthe chery was an innocent bystander. he was an mbta commuter rail conductor and today would have been his 30th birthday. randy: the former millis cop charged with faking a shootout and bomb scare back in september is now dead. police were called to bryan johnson' s home around 3:30 yesterday morning. the 24-year-old was indicted last week on charges stemming from a false bomb threat at millis high school the same day he allegedly staged a shootout with a non-existent driver. police say there are no signs of foul play. emily: the white house locked down yesterday after a scare involving a fence jumper. the secret service says joseph caputo got onto the north lawn wrapped in an american flag. he will face charges. agents are trying to figure out how he got over new spikes on the fence that were just installed this year. president obama was inside celebrating thanksgiving at the time, but agents say nobody was
5:42 am
randy: today protesters in chicago will be in one of the city' s busiest shopping districts for a black friday march against the police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. dash-cam video showed officer jason van dyke shooting the teen 16 times. van dyke now charged with murder. mr. trump: you have to see this guy. "i do not remember." emily: donald trump is fighting back against criticism he mocked a disabled "new york times" reporter who suffers a chronic joint condition. trump claims he has no memory of every meeting serge kovaleski and says he was not making fun of him with his arm movements. randy: russian president vladimir putin says he' s ready to cooperate with the u.s.-led coalition battling isis two weeks after the paris attacks. putin made the comment after a visit with french president francois hollande in moscow. but putin is also standing firm,
5:43 am
al assad. the united states and france say assad must go. emily: a cautious sigh of relief as belgium remains on alert for a terror strike. the terror threat level in brussels has been lowered a notch. officials saying an attack is no longer considered imminent in the capital city. that alert now downgraded to possible and likely. the move comes amid more belgian raids that officials say are linked to the paris attacks. randy: a patient is recovering after their hair caught on fire during surgery at cape cod hospital. a report in the "cape cod times" says a piece of hot equipment started the fire on wednesday. hospital said staff members were able to put it out, but the hyannis fire department did respond as a precaution. emily: the mother who left her newborn baby in a church manger in new york city will not be facing charges. the queen' s district attorney says she followed the spirit of the safe haven law that allows newborns to be left with someone at a church, hospital, police or fire station. several families from the church
5:44 am
said they hope to adopt him. randy: an historic trip for pope francis, who is travelling in the pope' s six-day trip highlights the dramatic growth of the number of catholics in that region. earlier today, he visited one of the slums in nairobi, kenya, denouncing the conditions its many residents have been forced to live in, calling for more adequate and dignified housing. say they' ve tracked down a fourth person connected to the shooting of a state trooper that ended with a firey crash on a highway. police say they believe the man was a passenger in the car that was stopped by trooper before the shooting. the driver of the car is charged with attempted murder. randy: this holiday season massachusetts will be cracking down on bars selling to convicted drunk drivers. the sale to intoxicated persons program will be in effect until new year' s eve. the commission will be working with local police departments to identify high-risk locations in their communities. emily: former subway pitchman jared fogle is divorced.
5:45 am
before fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for trading in child pornography and paying for sex with underage girls. the paperwork does not reveal financial details, but contests a request by fogle to spend time with his two children. randy: patriots wide receiver danny amendola has been upgraded to limited participation after spraining his knee in monday night' s win over the bills. it is still unclear when he will be back on the playing field with the pats. they' ll be in denver sunday night. emily: for the first time in five years, adele is going on tour. but not in the state just yet. only in europe for now. she made the announcement on facebook yesterday. the 27-year-old' s latest album sold nearly 2.5 million copies in a little over three days, and it' s now the top-selling album of the year. randy: downtown crossing rings in the christmas spirit tonight with the annual tree lighting at macy' s. mayor marty walsh will be on
5:46 am
hand along with plenty of special guests and of course santa is going to be there. this year' s tree stand 46 feet tall and is a gift to the city from the department store. the festivities begin at 5:00 this afternoon. emily: we' re talking tom brady' s . not sure if he eats turkey, but it appears he played the role of a turkey for his kids. randy: he wrote on his facebook page, "so thankful for everyone' s support this year." hastag turkeytom. and he posted this clip. [gobbling] [laughter] randy: "i got to get out of here. i think i know him." emily: the little one -- adorable. cindy: the patriots are going to
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30 degrees under the cloud cover. a chance for some light snow. it is so mild along the east. over the next 12 hours, there could be snow around the denver area, and even in northern dallas. this is the system moving in our direction. we have some mild temperatures. mid 50' s all the way up into ottawa. dear 60 in detroit. 20 around minneapolis. a sharp temperature gradient. that is out to the west. right now we have moist air off the ocean. we do have some fog reducing visibility. down towards rhode island and connecticut, that fog may slow you down. 52 as the sun comes up.
5:48 am
lower 50' s under the clouds. by noon time, brighter and breezy and temperatures near 60. highs in the lower 60' s for most area. we are brightening up the skies this afternoon. showers southward first thing tomorrow morning. low temperatures in the 40' s. tomorrow we are not getting out of the 40' s. just a spot shower or two. kind of a gray saturday with nothing more than a few showers. take a look at the map. a couple of showers around, the best chance for late morning. we are going to see the cloud cover linger throughout the day. into sunday, we are going to brighton the skies -- brighten these guys. good news if you' re traveling on
5:49 am
sunday or back to work or school on monday. jeff: it is a good ride. not many people are going to work. light traffic at the leverett connector, very good shape. most of the traffic is in and around the malls. we do have word of a crash on 95 north. this ere is a ramp restriction. we are watching a lot of the mall traffic. 128 is going to be busy. emily: right now, money meant for the jimmy fund is missing.
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